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Found 1 result

  1. The Sideshow Episode 1: SMILEY The following is based on a real life urban legend modified to a fictional phenomenon, any similarities to people living or dead is unintentional and accidental. The Canvey Island HQ... Somewhere on the Thames April 30th, 2015, 9:50pm Lucretia was a bit... pissed off. Cell 1 decided to boot the group from their location in London. This wasn't that bad, the new location on Canvey island had a few assets with an underground base and a hidden hangar for their helicopter and a hidden shack for their vehicles and air assets. In fact it looked like a large farm plot with many secluded fences and other things. Many residents of Canvey Island think that the HQ is a secret MI-6 or something base, or the home of an eccentric billionaire, and Lucretia most of the time fit that bill. It had been empty there though until Cell 13 moved in, sans two recruits. This was what was pissing Lucretia off. Cell 1, the team handling London and the North Sea region took two assets Lucretia knew would be of use. This frosted her, although her superiors at Interpol just weren't hearing her complaints. So she sat in her chair in the HQ's library inside one of the surface houses, grumbling as she read one of her old books. Waiting for her team to come in. She had to talk to them... For everyone but The Countess You may enter, as you have been summoned by Lucretia. Meanwhile... Near the mouth of the Thames... A Harrier fighter jet made a vector towards Canvey Island, a silver colored pod under-slung under the fuselage, but the plane itself looked like it had gone through hell. The twin-seat plane just got done with a dogfight with a dragon. Although the angered shapeshifter was calmed down with careful negotiation by one of The Sideshow's new assets, a gun witch from the French Navy, riding behind Cell 13's house pilot. Inside the pod was an important item to return to The Sideshow. Youko looked over her shoulder towards Camillie, sighing. "Well, whatever you did back there, thanks... I think I can hold together this girl until we get home... although I don't have a return beacon to London... wait... Canvey Island? What are we doing there now?" She adjusted her seat restraints. "Sorry for the slow trip for a plane like this. The engine's beat up. But I think we'll be okay. At least at the new location I could dump our cargo into the water near the pier before making a landing. You know that little pill-bottle with the large red pill? If I tell you to take it, do so. It'll save you the spinal damage if we gotta eject. It grants a momentary regenerative push for your body. I'm sure with your military experience everything else once out should come to you like second nature." Youko gritted her teeth a bit. She didn't want to lose her second plane, and this one was a beauty. Served in the Falklands, and even a stint in Iraq before being signed over to The Sideshow when it was retired from active service. It's red paint job with other color markings reminiscent of a fox made it a unusual sight to the fishermen below... "And... thanks. I think you fished my butt out of the fire there. I wasn't wanting to be a Dragon snack. When he heard I was from the Inoue clan... a group of notorious Dragon slayers during World War II well.. he sorta lost it. Dragons have pretty looooong memories." For The Countess Feel free to converse! We'll be taking it home soon!
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