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Found 3 results

  1. Things were quiet in engineering. Rebecca was studying the functions of the D-Drive that Yomiko's mother, Sakurako constructed. It's designs seemed similar to what she was seeing in early D-Drive prototypes her father was developing, but no prototype schematic looked like this. She made sure not to upset the zero-point generator's fragile equalibrium. The D-Drive and the reactor fed off of what would best be described as a paradox of existance. Somehow a stable, safe singularity forms when the D-Drive interacts with the dimensional tuners... Rebecca was shocked she could figure this out. The technology was way more advanced than she dreamed. It was a good choice to ask to come along. Rebecca wasn't a combat pilot at heart, she was a test pilot. An Engineer. "This ship just keeps in giving us suprises, right Tetsuko?" The android Tetsuko was still getting used to life at human scale. She happily cleaned the floors in Engineering, they sorely needed it. "It is a fine ship... odd someone with this technology just left it to their daughter." "There'll be time for questions once we get to..." A slamming lurch shakes the ship and Rebecca and Tetsuko slam into one of the bulkheads. Luckily the impact cushions activated before collision. "Damn... airbags too..." Warning klaxons start ripping through the halls as Rebecca looks at the console to the main drive. "Shit... crap..." She hits a com-link icon on the console. "Uh... guys... The computer just registered a... uh... "Class Omega Anomaly" and it is advising all crew abandon ship..." = The Bridge = Yomiko decided to watch the calming effect of the eddies of time and space surge past the hull of her ship. She was eating lunch with Daniel when the ship shuttered. "What... what do you mean abandon ship?!?" Yomiko looked at her bridge display and the same warning was coming up. "Shit... no that's not good. A Class Omega Anomaly puts off a fatal amount of temporal flux. This ship is about to jump through a crack in time and space and it'll kill us in the process if we're on board." "Rebecca... this ship has automated homing system. Once it jumps into time, it'll search out the first escape pod signal it can find. Get to the escape pod deck with Tetsuko." She adjusts her coat. "Damnit... there goes our vacation." Yomiko was strangely calm for the imminent disaster bearing down on them.
  2. Yomiko Hino "The Traveler" Yomiko is the daughter of Sakurako Hino and the mysterious Nova known simply as Chris. Her childhood was short, only a year, and soon after that, her life changed further when she inherited the Hikari Maru on her Parents leaving the continuum. Yomiko now wanders on in her Mother's stead, continuing her efforts in protecting the Continuum. Appearance and Personality: Yomiko appears as a 20 year old asian decent woman. She has long black hair, blue eyes which is strange for her lineage, and an almost razor sharp understanding of the world around her that shines forth in her demeanor and insatiable curiosity.
  3. Yomiko was dismayed. "Three! This is unacceptible!" "I'm sorry... The drones need maintenance..." "I've had three different technical teams in here upgrading every aspect of the ship from three different universes and all you can say is you need maintenance?" She crosses her arms. "What am I going to do with you?" Three blushed as The Librarian... the new captain of the Hikari Maru made her way through Trans-Dimensional space. "I don't know, Ma'am." The Librarian quirked an eyebrow. "You... didn't call me mistress..." Smiling she nodded. "Looks like I'll get to work on that hard-light projector drone for you then." Three blinked. "Really?" "Just one thing, Three, have you picked an actual name yet?" "Sanko... Sanko Hino." Yomiko nodded. "Good... you're ready then, Sanko... right now though we need to get to the bridge. I'm sure Daniel will be waiting there. We'll be..." Yomiko seemed to pause in a fugue. "Scratch that... I think something is up... you feel that? The ship? It's moved off course... just slightly..." Sanko nodded. "That is correct, we are off by exactly 3.141592653589793..." Yomiko blinked. "Sanko, That is PI... that is a artificial course correction... Secure the ship and go to condition yellow. Meet you up at the Bridge." Yomiko burst out of engineering, her labcoat all dusty from trying to clean. The ship had been in storage on Brittanian Earth for 3 months. She bursts on to the bridge, with Sanko appearing beside her in a white bodysuit with blue trim on the "seams" with her bespoke pointed ears. "Daniel!"
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