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Found 7 results

  1. February 9, 1945 The Laura Keene, docked at Ellis Island, NY It was a sad day for the Five Families of New York City. Today, Charles “Lucky” Luciano was being deported from the United States. In exchange for his help coordinating the anti-Mussolini movement in Italy, his jail sentence had been commuted, but he was no longer allowed to remain in the country he had served. The party offered one last chance to thank the Don for his service, or to shake his hand. Wine flowed as freely as the pasta sauce, and the dining room on Laura Keene was filled to the brim. Jim Pagelli’s loud voice dominated the room as he laughed with Lucky over some joke. If Lucky felt hemmed in by the man, he didn’t show it. Instead, he was all grins as he slapped Jim on the back, sending the ‘made man’ stumbling a bit. Everyone pretended not to notice the stagger; Jim was well-liked and no one wanted to call attention to the foot he’d lost on some island in the Pacific Theatre. Along one wall, the consigliere Sandino picked through pieces of grilled swordfish before selecting a choice fillet. No one knew much about the quiet man, except perhaps Lucky. That might change, with the deportation of the Don. In fact, a lot was going to change. Antonio Luciano picked his way through the crowd, Tessa at his side. There was a stiffness to his moments that hadn’t been there before the cold New York winter; the man’s age was becoming apparent. Lucky was clearly troubled by his brother’s health; he’d been keeping an eye on him for the last year, watching and protecting. Tessa was worried about her father, too, particularly given the upheaval that was sure to follow his deportation. By the buffet, Crunchy stood next to Furio “Fury” Dramis. He’d made one pass through the delicious food, but knew he’d have to make at least one more to fill up. A body like his required food. Meanwhile, Fury was chatting on, the talkative man eagerly pointing out members of the family that Crunchy hadn’t met yet. “And that’s Sal Sangianone. Voice like an angel, you’ll see when he sings. Don’t bring any ladies you don’t want to lose around him. He’s a charmer.” Crunchy nodded as he watched the handsome man talking to the bandleader, coordinating music. Sal was nervous; this was a big deal for him. It was his first time playing for the whole family, and this kind of exposure could really open doors for him – or close them forever. Plus, this was Lucky Luciano, and Sal didn’t want to be the guy to ruin his farewell party. He glanced back at the quiet man leaning against the wall, wondering who he was. Sal didn’t know his name, but thought he’d heard someone call the guy ‘Sheets’. Mickey “Sheets” Toro was of a mixed mind. He knew that he should be putting on a good face for Lucky’s party, but he was angry that this was even necessary. He wanted to go find Governor Dewey and make him pay for his part in Lucky’s deportation and even his conviction almost a decade ago. He made an effort to shake all that off; there was a time to party and a time to fight. This was definitely a time to party.
  2. I am offering a small M&M Mafia game, no more than four players (I’ll have to pick and choice if more than 4 want in). This game will have a fairly slow pace. In part this is due to the size, in part it’s due to my inexperience running almost-‘normal’ games and due to my time constraints. However, this sounds like fun, so I’m giving it the old try. IC information: You have a choice; you can play a newly ‘made man’ or an Associate. Made men are those who have been fully accepted into the Mafia; this sometimes requires that you kill someone to secure your spot. Associates have less respect and protection, but more freedom. I will also accept unofficial associates – people related to the Soldato(s), like a brother or a girlfriend. You’re affiliated with the Genovese crime family, which is one of the “Five Families” of New York. It is 1946, and Charlie “Lucky” Luciano is about to be deported to Italy, his reward for acting as a go-between for the US and anti-Mussolini forces in Italy. Frank Costello, his Acting Boss since Lucky’s arrest in 1937, will be the Boss for real. OOC Information: PL 5, 75 PP – yes, that’s more than enough to build a normal person, with some left over for a knack. These are ‘special’ things that your character can do, but don’t go crazy; Protection, Concealment and Drain are all examples of appropriate “knacks” while Blast, Time Control and Magic are not. I will be the final decider on what is appropriate for the game, but most of you already have a pretty good idea of what I’m looking for. One or two knacks are about right for the feel of the game; one rank in twenty different things is not. This would be an A! game, if I knew how to run A!. Since I don’t feel comfortable with that system, I’m kludging this together with M&M. Therefore, be thinking about what the knacks in that game can do when you build your PC. PCs can be submitted to my Dawn, OOC Account; put [Mob] in the title somewhere to help me find stuff. Mood: The mood of the game will vary somewhat; while mafia do terrible things to their fellow man, they are also bound by a sense of duty and honor to their Family and their families. Their lives aren’t all dark and dreary. Sometimes they enjoy their jobs and have fun. Sometimes, they’re mopping up blood at 3 in the morning because their capo’s ‘talk’ with a snitch didn’t go well… for the snitch. Do I have any takers?
  3. I'll use this post for major NPCs, particularly ones I make up (as opposed to those based on historical figures). Feel free to post your character below when approved. Character sheets are optional.
  4. Chicago - Mr. Cellophane More to come can when I can find jazz/40's music I actually like.
  5. Mob Information The Commission Formed in 1931 in Atlantic City, NJ, The Commission is the Board of Directors for the Mafia. The heads of the Five Families sit on the Board, and they meet every five years or as needed to settle disputes between the families. It was formed by Lucky Luciano, who had to kill Salvatore Maranzano and Giuseppe "Joe the Boss" Masseria to make it happen. Though Maranzano had named himself "Boss of all Bosses", Lucky wasn't interested. Instead, Luciano realized that the best solution was to let the families run themselves, but establish a central organization for settling their differences without bloodshed. This would preserve family control, prevent warfare, promote their business interests, and keep the mob away from public and law enforcement attention. Bonanno Family Boss: Joseph "Joe Bananas" Bonanno Underboss: Francesco "Frank" Garafolo Dealings: Gambling, loan-sharking and racketeering Territory: Various neighborhoods over New York City This is a close-knit and traditional Family; their closeness is due to most of the family being from the same small town in Sicily, Castellamare del Golfo. At the creation of The Commission, Bonanno was the youngest of the bosses, at age 26. They are strongly allied with the Profaci Family. Mangano Family Boss: Vincent "The Executioner" Mangano Underboss: Phlip Mangano (Vincent's brother) Bealings: Extortion, Union racketeering and illegal gambling (horse races, running numbers and lotteries) Territory: Various neighborhoods over New York City, and other areas including Long Island, Augusta, GA, New Jersey and Sunny Isles Beach, Florida Though Mangano was an old-school Mafia don and therefore unpopular, he was tolerated due to his ties to Emil Camarda, the vice-president of the International Longshoremen's Association. The family largely controls the waterfront of New York and Brooklyn through this connection. Profaci Family Boss: Joe Profaci Underboss: Joseph "The Fat Man" Magliocco Dealings: Racketeering, conspiracy, loansharking, money laundering, murder, extortion, gambling, hijacking, cigarette smuggling, counterfeiting and fraud. Territory: Various neighborhoods over New York City Another old-school don, Profaci managed to survive the purge of the old-school and retained his power base. To date, this overbearing boss has remained in control, but rumors are always circulating about a coming coup. His ties to the Bonanno Family are surely part of that retention. Luciano Family Boss: Lucky Luciano (outgoing)/Frank Costello (incoming) Underboss: Guarino "Willie" Moretti Dealings: Racketeering, conspiracy, loansharking, money laundering, murder, drug trafficking, extortion, pornography, Prostitution, bookmaking, and illegal gambling Territory: Various neighborhoods over New York City and New Jersey Lucky is considered the father of the modern mafia; his influence and power, even from prison, has made the Luciano family incredibly powerful. Acting Boss Costello has made the last few years incredibly profitable for the family and they are looking to expand outside New York. Reina Family Boss: Gaetano "Tommy" Gagliano Underboss: Gaetano Lucchese Dealings: Racketeering, Assault, Bookmaking, Burglary, Cargo theft, conspiracy, Contract killing, counterfeiting, Cigarette smuggling, drug trafficking, extortion, fencing, fraud, illegal gambling, hijacking, Labour Racketeering, Point shaving, loansharking, money laundering, murder, Robbery, and Sweatshops Territory: Various neighborhoods over New York City and New Jersey Gagliano is the quietest boss in the Commission; he is rarely seen, usually sending his underboss to meetings. He's seen how closely the other four families work together, so he keeps his head down and avoids media attention. Little is known about him outside the family.
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