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Found 6 results

  1. In the year 2014, a new generation of Hypers begins their studies at the only Academy in the world specifically designed for the education of Hypers. Hypers being the superhumans of the world. This new class though will be tasked to do far more than just their homework. Okay I'm separating the OOC about characters and the game setting from the recruiting thread. So, here we are in the OOC. First, I'll bring over any outstanding questions to the group that I will now post here. Right now there is one I can remember and that is on how we wanna do our preludes. Do we want to do them publicly, with a prelude thread for every character, or have it done via PM then have them posted once complete?
  2. This is a listing of the dramatis personae, in other words for now the faculty, of the Alabaster Academy game. More will be added as I work on them. ,, Professor William Thomas Fortnight III Headmaster ,, William has lived for so long he's forgot what day he was born... he never quite got over the switch to the Gregorian calendar, but he remembered it being winter, and it was pretty close to the solstice. By estimation he should be around 5000 years old, although he doesn't look a day over 35. ,, He enjoys his role appointed him by The Guides, after all, he was one of their higher ranking members until he personally requested to take over the headmaster position after the previous headmaster died in the Second World War defending the island and it's students from Japanese and American aircraft assault. Of course William first had to calm both sides who were quite cross that several of their planes were practically dismantled, although all the pilots were accounted for on both sides and returned to their respective nations. ,, William is a shrewd negotiator, always looking at new angles. He is also super strong, and one of the few on the faculty with the ability to shift out of phase with time and space to become intangible. He's recently developed a “Warp Suit” that allows him to channel this power into a means of transportation for himself, allowing him to fly at relativistic speeds without disturbing the air around him. It's range is painfully limited, although he's gotten to Mars on a couple occasions. ,, Dr. Rebecca Fortnight Counselor ,, William's wife of 250 years, Rebecca is a relatively young member of The Guides. Her ability to read the emotions of another, as well as her sharp deduction skills has made her invaluable to analyzing the student body on the island to search out their troubles. She is a mother hen, always looking out even for the most self-sufficient members of the student body. Rebecca also has the unique ability to interface with machines, and is an able pilot and seawoman. ,, Dr. Alex “Patches” Kennison Medic ,, No one knows where Dr. Patches came from, all they know is that he seems to be stitched together as if he was re-assembled after someone went to town on him with a meat cleaver. What people don't know is that Patches is a rare Hyperhuman. One that can regenerate from the smallest remnant. Sadly, this is the only power he has outside of every Hyper's gift of agelessness and his freakish talent for medicine bordering on mad science. ,, Dr. Tomoko “Gentle Breeze” Midorigawa Technology and Science ,, Tomoko is in every sense of the word a Modern Hyperhuman. Born in 1980, this Hyper is the youngest faculty member on the roster. She also is a “wind talker” allowing her to bend air to her will, and can control the weather to a small extent. She is also a super-genius, who has put together all the gadgetry and gear the student body enjoy, as well as the seaplane and yacht the school uses. ,, Prof. Sven “Dawg” Anderson Biology ,, It is obvious how Sven got his name, sort-of. Sven is a Werewolf. Unlike legend, Were-creatures are in fact very much another form of Hyper, and very much a natural part of the world. Preferring to stay in his hybrid form, the towering 10 foot Nordic Lycanthrope seems intimidating, but he is a softie at heart, preferring to teach with a loose style, using more examples than straight out of the textbook lessons. ,, Prof. Abdul al Hakeem “The Ancient” Paranormal and Supernatural Arts ,, Don't let his nick-name fool you, the 45 year old former charlatan isn't older than the Headmaster, and had only come into his own as a Hyper just 10 years ago. But he does know his fair share of magic, and is more than happy to share his knowledge to whoever wishes to listen. ,, Prof. Karen Shwarztadt Physics ,, One of the few non-Hyper members of the faculty, Professor Shwarztadt Seems rather young for 50, The truth is she is one of the few humans to have received special treatments from “Dr. Patches” To fix her telemeres and repair several genetic defects. This added time to her lifespan Karen has not wasted, becoming one of the foremost experts on all manner of physics, although she has specialized in Quantum Mechanics. ,, ,, Dr. Darlene “Lady Ace” Michaels Human Relations ,, A Hyper 38 years of age, this ace negotiator earned her stripes on the streets of New York as one of it's finest. Wounded in the line of duty at 26, she retired, and was taken in by Professor Fortnight. She earned her doctorate in Political Sciences, and became William's chief negotiator in terms of opening dialogue with various nations or simply to convince stubborn parents their child would be best served by the Academy. She has a 95% success rate. ,, Dr. Naomi Harriman Ethics and Discipline ,, A survivor of Dachau, Naomi has seen first hand the evil in the heart of man, and It took William fishing her out of that hell-hole to live with him at the Academy that helped spark her talents. Naomi when she uses her powers becomes a woman of iron, capable of punching through any armor. She also is an iron lady at the school, as the head disciplinarian, and has shown to have no wiggle room for those who violate the rules. ,, Prof. Kaleb “Gears” Moorhead Engineering and Mathematics ,, Tomoko's right hand man, Kaleb is one of the foremost minds in engineering and electronics. Although not as accomplished as Tomoko he has shown himself capable to operate and maintain the complex equipment Tomoko has created. A Hyper of 130 years, he's seen the best the industrial revolution has to offer. ,, Prof. Lucretia “Lore” Davies History ,, Aptly nick-named, Lucretia has lived for about 2000 years, and she knows a thing or two about history. She's known William most her life and was even married once to him, but soon after separated. Once they were able, she got a divorce allowing William to make his relations with Rebecca official. For some reason Lucrecia just couldn't “get” William. ,, Sgt. (Ret.) Louis “Duke” Ford Physical Education (Boys) / Tactics Trainer ,, “Duke”, a former US Marine during the Second World War has come to love being the grunt, and seeing the battlefield from that angle has given him unique insight into tactics. He became notorious for coming at the enemy from directions not even his commanding officers could figure out until the results shown for themselves. After the war, Duke was listless, hopping from odd job to odd job until he met up with William. Becoming the physical education and health education teacher was somewhat a step down, but being chosen to teach all of the students tactical studies was a rare treat. As a Gym teacher he is a rough disciplinarian, but in his Tactics class he is an understanding teacher who enjoys teaching his students the finer points of tactics. ,, Capt. (Ret.) Kuroko “Lightning Heart” Kurata Physical Education (Girls) / Search and Rescue Trainer ,, Kuroko is a former Japan Coast Guard member, able to channel lightning and magnetism with her mind. During the disaster in 2011, Kuroko went through many mental traumas in the recovery effort, namely the witnessing of the many dead bodies being found every day. After the main recovery effort was over, Kuroko took a Medical Discharge on Mental Health grounds. William Fortnight took her in as she knew a thing or two about first response, and placing her as the head of the Girl's health class and their physical education was right up her alley. ,, Kuroko in her physical education or health class is very receptive to her girls, but in the SAR class Kuroko is no-nonsense and has been known to come down hard on the student's mistakes. William worries this is due to her experiences a few years ago she hasn't quite yet gotten over.
  3. I'm starting over soon, but I was thinking I can restart sooner if I start off with you three, letting Kaoru and Olivia join us when they are well/not so busy. ,, That and once I press the restart button people can join as well. I'm wagering I can have room for two others. ,, When I restart in April, you will have all XP earned, but your Hero Points will reset to 1. We will also start at the Academy. ,, If you are still interested say so here. I want to start on April 5th.
  4. In Game House Rules ,, NOTE: This thread is for me to post ONLY. ,, 1: Hero Points do not refresh at the start of a new thread. I may order a refresh from time to time, particularly if I see many Hero(ines) at 0 hero points. ,, 2: Hero Points earned carry over between threads. ,, 3: The game defaults to non-lethal, and any lethal force will be and must be announced. ,, 4: Common sense is in play, both in terms of players spotting errors and of characters that should know better. If a player thinks that their character wouldn't do something or should know something, bring it up. If by what your character has for numbers as well as a character having behaved in a way that verifies the player's request, accommodations can be arranged. ,, 5: Ask. Please. If you got questions, ask them. A player or myself can answer it. ,, 6: While I am the GM running things, this is a group game, and meant to be collaborative with some direction. If you got a suggestion as to where I could go next with the game, feel free to let me know in a PM. I look forward to it. This also includes how rules are enforced/ruled, and events in game. ,, 7: I am NOT a killer GM. But I will warn you, excessive stupidity may have your character meet an unfortunate end. Otherwise, the only way I will kill your character is by your permission, otherwise your character will just be very, very badly hurt. ,, 8: Let's have fun. If above all else, this is the operating procedure of the group. If we're not having fun, let me know and we can figure a way to change that. Again, communication is key. ,, 9: I am in chat most days of the week. If you need a roll witnessed, don't worry, if I am there consider it witnessed. If not, I am rather loose, but excessive good luck will be investigated. ,, 10: Don't be afraid if your character falls into a trope. TVTropes is a overrated site, but it can actually provide good hooks to hang a character on if used right. ,, 11: I would love it if people posted at minimum once a week when out of combat. In combat I want people to post within 24 hours of their turn coming up, otherwise they will be moved to last in the initiative order. Miss three rounds and you will be removed from a fight. A character who is inactive for a month will be moved to the background, and allowed to be picked up once the player returns to activity. I understand that people are busy at times, and will allow for such things. ,, 12: It annoys me when there is worry about overlap or infringing on “roles”. Be who you want to be, not what a certain role is supposed to be. There is plenty of room for two (or more) of a type in my games, although I will not obstruct any collaboration between players to develop a troupe with niches filled, as long as people agree to allow at least some overlap. ,, 13: Bad luck happens, but if I see an excessive amount of it, and I am going to be transparent here, I will loosen up or cut back until the streak subsides. Single players having bad luck may earn Hero points for muddling through and the player taking it in stride. Gutting it out will be rewarded. ,, 14: Advancement is as fast as the players can do things. I will follow the 15 PP = +1 PL advice, so when the troupe has earned 30 PP we should be at PL 10. ,, 15: If a player is not actively looking, something that they would spot is a roll I make. If they are actively looking they get to roll. Any meta-game on this will be monitored.
  5. I know I was going to post this tomorrow, but what the hey, I know I think I might have approved some of you, so feel free to post them here. When you post the actual numbers for your character though, place them in a spoilertag. Finally, I'd like to see everyone submitted by the 22nd so I can start preludes.
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