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Found 6 results

  1. Just a post to get the topic started. When I get some time I'll put up some info about Eden, and hopefully some stuff about events/attitudes since contact with the Upeo ten years ago.
  2. 5th January 2123 You all receive an OpNet conference call in the middle of the morning instigated by Apollo Millikan. "Good Morning to you all. This call has two purposes, one to inform you that I have chosen you to aid us in representing both our colony of Eden and ourselves as Novas on an approaching visit to Earth itself, and secondly to ask what your preferred method of transport to Earth would be?" "The options as I currently see them are: to accept the berths on a Levithan Jumpship that have been offered to us by the UN; to obtain a ship of our own which can be carried by the Leviathan; to ask a Ferryman to transport us by ship to Earth space; or finally to get an Upeo to Teleport us directly to Earthspace. In the latter two cases we would have to agree in advance with the UN what those locations would be." "Any opinions or observations?"
  3. Ok, guys, peoples backgrounds etc are getting lost amonst the Game propposal thread and the OOC Nova thread, so can we have two entires each here please. One is the actual character background, the other is the summary profile that has been given to the UN and/or the Earth Media. The UN are more likely to try to push for the actual background of course, but we'll need something to keep the Media happy, to begin with.
  4. And since we have a new forum we better have somewhere to discuss things of a Psionic or Order nature.
  5. Proposal for a new game, well sort of... Since I can't get enough Trinity players for Stepping from the light I'm going to move along the timeline to 2123 and ask for players for up to 4-5 Eden Novas to initially act as part of the first PR/liaison team allowed in Earth space. There will also be a psion team to act as escorts/guides/liaison that I hope the current Stepping players will stay on for, although I'm also happy to take on extra psions. These are to be built on the standard rules and books, but with 60xp and a max of Taint 6 (preferably much lower). I'll also allow things from Brainwaves, ABA, and Sprockets Aberrant Compendium. Please be aware that I don't have all the books myself (notably the APG), so you may need to provide details of some powers etc. Please use the Excel sheet and colour scheme from Blue Ninja's TransD game, I hope he doesn't mind!
  6. Ok, I'm going to try to run this joint Nova/Psion game, but I'm not an experienced Aberrant St and I don't have all the books, significantly the APG. And there is little chance of me getting it anytime soon. With that in mind I hope you guys don't mind me running some stuff I'm not sure of or not familiar with past you so I can get a better feeling for the Aberrant/Nova side of this. The first thing is something I have already decided on, but I wanted to see what you all thought of it. Limted Shapeshift: Only used to get Body Mods, reduced Lvl to 2, and (not relevant for this character) Q3?
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