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Found 4 results

  1. Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win. – Sun Tzu Early Saturday Morning, before ‘Unusual Request’ Gareth Bannon was still abed when Hank came by to pick him up for the weekend get-together. Jason had gone upstairs with a mug of coffee and woken his dad, then come back downstairs. There was no breakfast cooking today – the two men would be stopping at a place on the way to the militia campsite. And so he and Hank were hanging out on the porch as the dawn mist slowly evaporated over the fallow fields, lean youth and grizzled veteran alike nursing a mug of black coffee against the rail. “You got more honeys comin’ round?” Hank asked with a sly smile. “Or the same one, perhaps?” He glanced sideways at Jase, who sipped from his mug as his eyes roamed the dawn landscape. “I mean, whooo, I’d invite her around more than once – if I was twenty years younger.” He paused a beat. “Eh, mebbe ten years.” “She’d chew you up and spit you out.” Jase deadpanned, a faint gleam of amusement in his eyes. Not for the first time, Hank assessed the collected youth. Jason’s lips twitched as something funny occurred to him. “Apart from the head.” “She’s a spitter, then?” Hank prodded, trying to see if he could faze his verbal sparring partner. “I wouldn’t know. And if I did, wouldn’t tell.” Came the response. Hank laughed. “Good for you, kid. Good for you. Watch it, though. Girl like that – that’s a lot of trouble for a young man.” “Lot of trouble for any man.” Jase agreed, smiling a little. “I like her, though. She’s interesting. And jokes aside, we’re just friends.” “Just friends, or just friends.” Hank inquired as he rested both elbows on the rail. “I mean neither of us date, and we share some interests and a sense of humor. I’m not even sure if she likes me in the way you mean.” Another teen would have said that line with perhaps a downcast air – Jason stated it in the same way he would give a report that the weather was uncertain. “Eh. Friends is good, kid. No need to read more into it, or less either.” Hank shrugged his burly shoulders, then laughed. “Fuck, don’t listen to me anyhow. If I was an authority, I’d not be hanging out with your dad this weekend.” “Well, I do have four or so girls coming round later.” Jase stated with a sly sideways look. Hank blinked and looked at him. “Group project.” Jase clarified, smiling a little. “No hanky or panky. At least, not unless I’m completely reading them wrong.” “Guess the whole ‘take the brakes off, let the world see you shine’ thing is paying off, huh?” “Guess so.” Jase was silent a moment. “Hank, I need a favor. You going to be staying at the Sons camp, or at your cabin as usual?” “Cabin as usual. Some of those boys like to stay up late and drink and party – I like my quiet. Your dad will be staying at the camp though.” Hank studied the lanky teen anew. “What do you need?” “To talk to you about some stuff.” Jase stated calmly. “And, if you agree, training.” “What kind of training?” Hank narrowed his eyes, Jason turning his own gaze to meet the older man’s without any sign of hesitation. “The kind I’d only come to you for.”
  2. Friday, June 21, 2013, 21:30pm Minneapolis, MN, Uptown Neighborhood Buzza Building, Basement Level ,, The storm had passed. And it was a doozy. All of the people in the Office of Superhuman Relations in the upper floors evacuated into Ensign's HQ on the lowest level. All the while the parking lot outside flooded and trees were uprooted all over. By the time everyone had made it back outside or back into the office levels, the building was on emergency power provided by Ensign's lab and it's backup generators. ,, "Alright... damage report." Mary asked the person in charge for the shift, William Conrad. A 5 year employee of the office. ,, "Well, some of the top level windows were broke out by hail, and those floors have water damage, the main power is out to the neighborhood and all throughout South Minneapolis from Lake Street south to 46th Street practically." ,, Mary nods. "I'm suiting up, I'm sure that I'm going to get called in to assist in the initial damage assements soon." She said walking to her changing area." ,, "So... have you decided what you're going to use for an identity, Miss Masters, when you go out today? It's... been a while since well..." ,, Mary sighed from behind the modesty screen. "Say it." ,, "Since your Dad died. Captain Minnesota." ,, Mary shook her head as her clothes dropped to the floor as she started putting on a white bodysuit. "No... I'm not Captain Minnesota" ,, William leaned against a wall. "Still wearing the Ensign costume?" ,, "I've been... making some modifications. Well, since I stopped being "The Cadet" I've been upgrading." ,, "I remember that costume... you were like 8 or 9 when your dad came by Minneapolis and you were in that outfit... you looked cute. I have to admit I was your age and I was crushing on your bad." ,, Mary stepped out of the changing room, bespoke in her super-suit. "How I look?" ,, William's eyes widened, he whistled showing he was impressed by the technology before him. "Like a damn space sailor!" ,, Mary chuckled as her helmet closed. "I'm Ensign Minneapolis now... my city needs me." ,, William nodded as Ensign flew up, not before grabbing a large white dufflebag with a medical cross on it, logging into the emergency bands as she was trained. ,, "Attention all emergency response units. This is Ensign Minneapolis, Chief representative and Head of Crisis Response at the Minneapolis Office of Superhuman Relations. How may I be of assistance?" ,, ...To Be Continued
  3. Note This portion of the fiction takes place 1 day before Undernight Morning, Department 0 Headquarters Dr. Miyako Hitomi's office The good doctor was sitting in her office, looking over her case notes on Naomi Minami. She was a complicated individual, but one who has been through an extraordinary circumstance. Naomi had many feline quirks that had to be dealt with one at a time so that she could interact with people In a more positive way. Also if she ever had to interrogate, she would have to start learning to recognize her tells with her body language. Would be key in negotiations as well to hide emotional quirks. She also was worried that the woman who became "The Great Cat Detective" has lingering traumas over the disaster. In particular the loss of her Fiancee and the traumatic experience of her eruption. She understood most novas in Department 0 were more adjusted since they had been around for a while but Naomi was almost like the child of the group. She was 35, but Naomi has taken on some child-like behaviors after her eruption. Perhaps it was a defensive measure? She straightened her labcoat, emblazoned with a gold badge showing her as a member of the Japan branch of Psi-Corps, and then adjusts her white rubber gloves as Naomi walked in. "Doctor Hitomi... Nice to see you again." She said, seemingly semi serious as her tail flicked. "Sit down, Minami-Sensei. I'm glad you arrived." She said, gesturing to her couch. "How has the journal been coming along?" "I... I've not written in it yet." "I understand it's been busy, Naomi, but there is reason for my asking you keep one." Naomi sighed. "I'm... sorry." "No need to be, all of my patients before I joined with the department had a hard time starting off... that was until I gave them this..." She hands over what looked like a thick diary-like journal. It's covers were synthetic leather, it also had a lock on the cover and inlaid in perfect Kanji was "Naomi's Journal", stenciled with gold leaf. "I... Thank you... it's beautiful." "It's a start... when you begin, you must remember this isn't to be judged. Instead this is to understand yourself as much as it is for me to understand you." "What is there to understand, Doctor?" "More than you realize. You still have those Feline tics that happen every once in a while?" Naomi mewed. Her ears lowered. "Ah... Shiro coming out again. What if I told you that there is the possibility that what got stamped on your otherwise human brain was the memories, behaviors, and instinct of Shiro? He's not a part of you, you placed that on your experience. You loved that cat so dearly that it perhaps altered your development as a Nova." "Is there... anything wrong with loving something so innocent?" "No... we all love our pets, Minami-Sensei. And is it so wrong to consider that possibly you loved Shiro so much you became a bit like him?" Naomi blinked. "Naomi... you have to learn to let go of him... start coming to grips." Naomi looked away, thinking of her next response. "Naomi... what about Kyoji?" Naomi hissed and lashed out verbally. "What about him?" Dr. Hitomi nodded. "I see... Ever considered you hold on to Shiro in the belief you two merged as a coping mechanism?" She growled like a scorned cat. "I see I struck a nerve... Let me break this down..." She turns to the window and opens the shade. "When we walk outside every day we choose a mask. A facade. Something that is like a shield between us and the strangers around us. You have a second facade. This character you created. The Nekojin. I don't blame you, your abilities and skill only re-enforces your primary barrier. It doesn't help that the so-called "Quantum Template" that you developed caused such a dramatic mutation." She turns back to Naomi, her glasses glinting in the light while she was silhouetted by the light pouring in. "If you want to come to terms with yourself, you must start coming to terms with what you have lost. I can't even begin to unravel the complexes you have from the destruction of your home town." Naomi lowers her ears down, looking repentant. "If you want to start down this road, Naomi... you are going to have to unlearn what you have learned about who you are... even before your eruption. This is the future you have to build for. We can do this together. One with out baggage." She smiled and walked over putting a hand on Naomi's shoulder. "Let's travel this road, Naomi. We're both human."
  4. Anne stood face to face with challenges before. But nothing like how she felt regarding this. The boy she called Raptor. A Senior and the club president of the Aviation club. Someone she soon regarded as a bad influence on the club and a worse sportsman. Many of the underclassmen were behind Anne. The only underclassman behind Raptor was a brown-noser named Rattler. Anne refused to even acknowledge him by his actual name. He was a snake and the technical genius that probably arranged the sabotage of the simulators during the last free-for-all. She already got dressed for the occasion. She ran home and got her flight gear on. She loved getting into character, and she noticed that Raptor took it serious too. But unlike her, she loved the game, loved the duel. He was nothing more than a dominator. They chose neutral ground, but Raptor changed one aspect of the battlefield that Anne wanted. He didn't want anyone from the school outside of the club watching this. Anne wanted this more than anything and acquiesced. She was sure Mayumi and Aoi would record every part of the battle. They wanted to see Anne win fair and square. "So... the Nugget has returned?" "Yeah, Raptor. And the Name is..." "Nugget. You'll always be a Nugget. I don't care what sort of rep you picked up in the UK or anywhere else. You're in Tokyo now. This is my skies." "Well don't talk... prove it!" They stepped into their simulators. Miho and Aoi stood next to her as she got strapped into the simulator and got her helmet on. "Go get him, Anne!" "Yeah! You got his number now!" Anne smiled. "Well... hopefully that is the case, guys." She lowers the hood on the simulator and it comes online. Raptor went through the same process, only watched by his few of the people who lived in his shadow forming his cult of personality. "You understand the stakes, Nugget? It's all or nothing here. I win, you quit the club. You win, You become president." "And you stop calling me Nugget." "That wasn't part of the deal." They both were in F-35s chosen by the shop owner. He also made sure the fuel levels, ammunition, and even systems were properly loaded and set up. Okay, I want a good, clean fight. Ace, you are flying the north aircraft carrier. Raptor, you are flying south aircraft carrier. Stay in the engagement area. The fight begins when you cross the threshold. Understood?[/code] "Copy that, Airboss. Ace is on the Tarmac now. Systems are hot and all reading green." "Copy that command, Raptor is ready for action." [code]Very well, happy hunting you two. They took off at full speed, screaming into the fight in a matter of moments. Then the two pilots crossed each other... something that has become a tradition between Raptor and Ace. Then the battle began. The two birds of prey danced and dodged, swooped and parried, but the first blood was Raptor's as Anne heard the plinks of Raptor's cannon on her aircraft's armor. "Dammit! Get off me!" Anne fired her missiles, unfortunately Raptor's countermeasures took care of the shot. She peeled right but then felt a rattle as a missile exploded near her. Her countermeasures distracted a quickly fired retort from Raptor and she immediately saw her fuel levels begin to drop. Actual damage... She turned quickly, facing down right into him and opened up with her cannon in a fly-by but it was a distraction as she had fired another salvo of missiles. again, she missed, and his cannon once again plinked into her. Her turning became sluggish and she was hemorrhaging fuel. Anne gritted as her plane rocked. Her instinct to eject now was starting to come to the fore, but she had to win. She spun to the side and faced him head on for one more pass, but at the last second she flipped to her back and fired every missile she had at near point-blank. It worked. Brilliantly. He couldn't even eject. Confirmed Splash and Kill, Ace! You won! "You'll never get back to base, Nugget." Raptor said. "Yeah, you know the bylaws, you gotta get back to base to make the kills count!" Rattler said. "This was a duel, You two, you never mentioned..." "Rules are rules." Rattler said. Anne leveled out and pushed her plane back to her friendly carrier. But her fuel runs out 5 kilometers from the ship. She had no choice but to eject or lose her profile. She opens her cockpit after the ejection logs her out, and she sees her avatar slowly drifting down to the ocean. "Looks like it's a Draw, Nugget." Raptor said, grinning. "I got you Raptor. I own your profile and I own you." "Nope... and you know what... as Class President... I'm kicking you out." "WHAT?" All the underclassmen were in shock. They knew what was about to happen. They had planned it. "Really?" Anne said with a smirk. "Man... that's lame she got him..." Aoi walks up next to Anne. "I believe I speak for all the underclassmen when I say to hell with your technicalities. Ace is our president, not you." "This isn't a democracy." Rattler said, getting into Aoi's face. "Well it will be." Miho says. "I took the liberty of getting the paperwork set to form a new aviation club. Your club now, since it only has 3 members is under the quota for a viable club. Since the deadline is tomorrow for reviewing club sizes before the next festival, you're done. We'll refile for our club when registrations open up in a few weeks. You use technicalities, so will we!" "You can't do this!" Raptor shouted. "We just did." Anne smiled. "Let's go gang. dinner is on me! At the noodle shop!" The underclassmen cheer as they march out of the shop, leaving a fuming Raptor behind them. "I'll get you for this, Anne Aceworth!" "Oh, you'll need a new profile first, Nugget!" [FIN]
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