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Found 1 result

  1. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Name: Autumn Winter Summers Nickname: Spirit [she refuses to answer to her given name, a friend starting calling her Spirit in Elementary School and it stuck] Code Name: Shimmer Powers: Speed and Agility, she can run at super sonic speeds, throw hyper accelerated punches, act with near perfect precision, balance and accuracy, and possesses hyper aware intuition. Her natural dexterity is superhuman, and her code name is an indication of just how fast she can be, so quick all you see is a shimmer where she was. Nationality: USA Background: Her father was a Captain in the US army, he had served in world war II with distinction, and his wife was a Jewish immigrant from Germany who married him and returned with him to the U.S after the war. Autumn was born November 1st, 1920, the day after Halloween, in Washington D.C, where her father was serving in the pentagon, and was the eldest child, her name was chosen as a sort of compromise between her parents, though she would eventually chose not to use it at all. Her two brothers were born over the next 8 years or so, but she remained the eldest, and though her parents were protective and loving there daughter, they also expected her to be responsible and a good example. The great depression did not affect her family as bad as it did some, as her father was still in the military at the time, though he had been thinking of retiring, he stayed in, as much to insure his family was provided for as for the fact he enjoyed his work. It did have them moving around a lot as her father was posted in different locations thoughout the USA. In the late 30's, Autumn was going by Spirit at this point and spending a lot of time with a native America Shaman who went by Bright Eagle, and she was somewhat interested by the idea of a spirit quest and a totem animal, and when she was 18 she underwent a spirit quest of her own. A nova himself, his powers expressed themselves though his shamanic focus, so when she became a nova in the process of going though a guided spirit quest, he was surprised but supportive and remains a able mentor in her new capabilities. It was here that she found her Totem was the Horse and that her powers awoke, just as world war two was about to begin, and her sense of responsibility was such that she thought she should try to make a difference in this war.. it was at this point that she took on the hero name of Shimmer, and began to look for ways to use her superhuman speed and dexterity to help the Allied powers. ,, She really is close to the fastest and most agile person alive, which makes her useful in rescue and retrieval operations, as well as insertions into enemy territory. Besides her physical speed, she can read and do mathematical calculations at high speeds now, though her intelligence remains just barely on this side of human.. for now. ,, She is an incredible athlete and martial artist, and has begun study of more military skills and tactics, in part due to her father's insistence and assistance, though he initially resisted, when he realized she was going to assist in the war with or without his support, he got her training, arranged to get her a suit of experimental Aetherfiber, and has worked to persuade Colonel Ryan Hawke to take her on as part of his special corps, ,, Stats ,, Strength 2; Dexterity (Graceful) 5 [Athletics 5, Drive 1, Gunnery 1, Legerdemain 1, Martial Arts 5, Melee 1, Pilot 1, Stealth 1]; Stamina (Healthy) 4 [Endurance 3, Resistance 3];, Perception (Intuitive) 4 [Awareness 3, Navigation 1]; Intelligence (Discerning) 5 [Academics 2, Science 1], Wits (Iron Nerves) 5[Rapport 2, Tactics 1], Charisma 3[Etiquette 1, Perform 1], Manipulation 3[subterfuge 1], Appearance (Exotic) 5 ,, Backgrounds Aetherfiber 5, Backing 1, Mentor 2 (Bright Eagle), Node 5, Influence 3 (Some of this though her father's contacts), Resources 1 ,, Merits and Flaws Speed Reading, Lightning Calculator, Overconfidence, Phobia: Claustrophobia ,, Powers ,, 'To Outrun the Wind' [Hyperrunning 5] - Shimmers greatest ability, she can litterally run faster then sound itself, in fact she can actually run at twice the speed of sound [MACH 2 = 2450.88 kmh], outrunning even the wind is pretty much possible for her. [Mechanically: adds x 30 to movement modifiers, -5 to hit her when this is active, using sonic boom effect she can do damage with Thunderclap enhancement in her wake using Hyperrunning dots in place of Mega-Strength, Can make the hyper speed special maneuvers in combat. Out of combat allows her to run at 2500 kmh, equvalent of Mach 2.] ,, 'Lightning Strike' [Claws 1]: Moving her punches and kicks at hyper accelerated speed, she can do lethal damage fairly easily to others should she choose too. [Mechanically: Physical Combat does lethal damage, add dots in claws to damage rolls] ,, 'Hyper Awareness' [Intuition 1]: Shimmer's mind has yet to fully catch up with the speeds her body can move at, but on an unconscious level she is aware of things often before her conscious mind is, a super human awareness of her surroundings allows her to react to personal danger at a speed even faster then her conscious reaction might be ,, Mega-Attributes ,, Mega-Dexterity 5 ,, Backgrounds Enhancements ,, Enhanced Movement (Dexterity): While Shimmer can also run at impossible speeds with hyper movement, with this she can take it even further, multiplying her speed by 6 [Mega-Dexterity +1] for single turn with 1 quantum, or for a scene with 3 quantum. In the case of Hypermovement, this should be applied after all other calculations. This can be applied to her normal movement also, but with hyperrunning, theoretically she could reach speeds of Mach 12 for short periods of time. ,, Other Quantum 5 Quantum Pool: 40 Taint: 2 ,, Willpower 6 ,, Movement Walk: 7 meters - With Enhanced Movement: 42 Run: 22 meters - With Enhanced Movement: 132 - With Hyper Running - 312 - With Both: 1872 Sprint: 50 Meters - With Enhanced Movement: 300 - With Hyper Running: 350 - With Both: 2100 ,, Initiative: 15 (Note: Automatically wins Initiative unless opponents have Mega-Dexterity or Enhanced Initiative Enhancement from Mega-Wits) ,, Soak: 4 Bashing, 2 Lethal Aetherfiber: Adds 5 Soak to the above when fully charged (And she rarely drains it) ,, Health: Bruised, Hurt, Injured, Wounded, Maimed, Crippled, Incapacitated, Dead Point Costs
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