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Found 1 result

  1. Sunday of Atlantic Nights, early morning, well before sunrise. Kei was ecstatic. The weather balloon was all tethered up and set to fly. She had all the rigging she needed sitting on the aft helicopter deck of Connor's ship. He watched from the exposed deck of the flying bridge of his yacht, waiting patiently with the other members of his party that decided to watch the event. Kei herself started strapping up, getting everything in place. She waited for Nate to show up as she watched May fill the balloon further. She'd been at it for a little while, making sure it got to the right fill for their weight. Too much and they'll go up to quick and burst at too low an altitude. Too little and they'll not go anywhere. Then all the in-betweens. She knew the right amount, but she was also worried that Nate was a new skydiver. It was a Tandem flight, and subsequent decent, so the chute chosen was picked to slow them to a safe fall velocity at a high altitude for a long, scenic decent. The cloud cover was perfect, and they should start coming down right after sunrise. She also had a spare all set up too, one for each of them to wear on their backs. One pull and they both would open and they would be under two smaller chutes. The choice of life preservers were simple airliner vest models. Kei was already wearing hers, over the sailor outfit she'd been wearing since the trip started Friday night. To be honest it was for ease of retrieval than any safety consideration. Then again knowing Kei she would have herself and Nate fly back to the ship after splashdown. Also knowing Kei she might convince Nate to enjoy some time in the drink for "survival training purposes", and that was what she feared. Not that anything improper might happen, it probably would. Last thing May needed is the paperwork on a sexual harassment complaint from a relatively new DSA agent... that would be Nate, not Kei. "Are you sure you want to wear that particular outfit, Kei?" "Oh May, don't be a buzzkill..." "Okay..." May sighed. "...T-30 minutes to launch." "Great! Come on, Nate! This'll be slower than my usual, but oh so much more fun for the scenery. We'll be using a Tandem chute rig today. You and me will be strapped and geared up together, I'll handle all the parachute controls and stuff though since this is your first time most likely. Leave the hard stuff to me!" Kei says with a laugh. "Also, on your back will be a spare chute, it'll have a connection with my chute with a line, and when I pull that lanyard here, they both will open... hopefully... of course that is if the primary chute fails. It's based off of the designs used on space capsules, but more for our size." She adjusts her life vest around her neck. "Of course if you've been on a commercial plane you recognize the inflatable life vest... more for technicalities since we probably both can swim and can probably breathe water. I'll also have a two person life raft, packed and anchored between us, in case we want to take a breather after the ride. It has our pick-up beacon. To be honest why should we be in a hurry after splash-down, right?" She stretched out and looked up at the balloon. She was getting giddier by the moment. It won't be a filmed flight, but it will be fun. To her, this was her idea of a date. Strapped to a fragile air bladder filled with helium, at altitudes no normal person could survive without more equipment. The quiet of the upper atmosphere... the beauty of the curvature of the earth creating a sunrise like no other... The sudden realization you're falling from 100,000 feet... "Now, we are both adaptive? If not there might be a delay as May grabs the oxygen tanks, pressure suit, and the re-breather rig. I have to ask... DSA liability stuff."
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