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Found 3 results

  1. The Trailblazers of the Galaxy The Situation It is the year 2437, and Mankind has traveled further than it has ever done in it's existance. Discovering hundreds of worlds, and colonizing a few. Even meeting up with a few young civilizations around Terran space and making alliances. Eventually the space 300 light years around the Sol System was turned into a vast alliance of worlds, the Intra-Solar Alliance (ISA). As time progressed, the burgeoning young interstellar republic needed to expand to more colonial worlds, both for resources, and for places to live, so bold plans were placed underway to create a exploration fleet that can secure a planet and check their safety for other colonists. Formed of the best and brightest from each of the 13 systems, these new age explorers are genetically enhanced and sent off to explore the vast unknown past the shores of the fringes of ISA space. Yours is a team specifically chosen for their skill to survive, and their ability to persevere when the going gets tough. After all, can't get your own ship through just being curious, right? Expectations and Theme This is a story of exploration on the frontiers of space, facing danger, finding new and mysterious life forms, and fighting alien monsters and encountering evil empires. You know, your classic fast-food of Science Fantasy that all the kids like. Also note this will be a mix of tropes from Western and Asian science fiction... Although even though this system is called Big Eyes, Small Mouth, This won't be a specifically Anime setting. Think Mass Effect meets Halo meets Star Trek meets Galaxy Quest meets Macross... And they had a well rounded child they put through Harvard where they boozed up and still got their Doctorate in Astrophysics. Be prepared for Technobabble, Curious Androids, Space Fighters, Space Robots, giant monsters, and plenty of space pirates and moral dilemmas. Your group is rough and tumble, made tougher through cybernetics and genetic engineering to be better than the best and better than the rest. Each of the races in the ISA are human-like in tolerances and ability, and it seems bipedal life forms are the norm across the board, at least in ISA space. Although some have sensory capabilities better than human baselines. When creating your character, realize outside of genetic modification and cybernetic overhauling you are still mortal, and not superheroes or super-soldiers. But what you are is tough enough and trained enough to handle the rigors of exploring unknown space! All players must be able to post at minimum once a week or on their turn during combat. If you are AWOL for a week (that is not posting for any stated reason) you will be moved to the background. If you are AWOL for 3 weeks a horrible fate will await your character chosen by me. And it will assuredly be fatal. Character Creation House Rules - BESM Third Edition, 350 Points Here is the basics to know: Rolling Rules: 6,6 always hits and does double damage for PC's 6,6 is auto hit for anything attacking 6,6 auto defense for anything defending 1,1 always misses for attacks 1,1 always fails for power activation 1,1 always hit when rolled for defense Defender always wins Reduced to negative HP: Characters with regeneration regenerate all negative HP in one turn, regardless of how deep they go, so long as they do not die. The use of a healing power on somone in negative heal will always bring them up to at least 0 hp, regardless of how deep into the negatives they are. There is no limit on Tough, or Energy bonus. I am changing their costs to 1 cp per rank. Each rank gives you 10 hp or 10 ep. Starting HP and EP equal 300/150, regardless of body mind and soul. They can be increased through purchase of tough/energy bonus. Regeneration can be used for EP or HP, but must be decided at Character creation, You may have both kinds. Powerflux and dynamic powers are banned. If these house rules are familiar, it is because Justin is helping me with the rules, leaving me to focus more on the story aspects of the game. He will have a character in this, who will be assisting the rest of the group. So, if you're interested in the trip of a lifetime, shout out here. Also mention what you're thinking of playing. Note that anything that isn't something a human would normally have, it has to be explainable through genetic modifications or cybernetics. There isn't any paranormal powers at all in this game. No space magic, no psychic powers.
  2. A Long Vacation... Hello. Here is that idea I promised. ,, At some day in the near future... maybe a few days from now, your character is teleported to an island. It's a small island, but it seemingly has everything you've wanted in a private get-away. Also you feel different when you arrive. As if there is a new power within you... When you look up the sky seems to be in an eternal sunset as the sun is a reddish color, and you can feel the air is warm and the sea inviting. And somehow you know there are others at other islands around you... in fact you know where all the islands are and where someone could potentially be... but not who or why. All you know is, now you got a lot of thinking to do on what to do next... ,, The concept of "A Long Vacation" is to explore a mysterious world, or to meet up with others in this region you've ended up in, or simply live out a new life. It is obvious you are not on Earth anymore, and the sky and stars and sun are definitely not Earth's. But, you are indeed different now. You're stronger or smarter, or more powerful as a result of this. but what is the purpose of being sent to these islands? The Character Creation rules are simple. Power Level 10, Standard Points 1 power point for 3 skill ranks No Time Travel, Precognition, or Postcognition. No immunity to needing to eat, sleep, drink, or breathe, or otherwise need resources to survive. Note while you can start with any equipment (including vehicles) of your choice, if they break down and you can't find parts, it's gone. I require a minimum of 3 complications. 1 Motivation, and 2 others. I will advance characters slowly in this game... perhaps 2-3 PP a thread. I also want 1 post minimum a week from players. Also earned Hero Points carry between threads, and everyone with 0 HP resets to 1 at the start of a new thread. Once you make your character you and I will discuss what sort of surroundings your little settlement will have, as well as what is in the house and what sort of vehicle you will have (even if you can fly or swim). ,, As a bonus... here is a map of the area... You will get to select your island among the group. You may even start with a fellow player if you wish. Also if you wish you may start on a large yacht of your choice. You will have to know how to operate it, though. ,, One note, the very large island in the south islands... no one can start there.
  3. Finally got a concept down, got a system in mind, now before I start making house rules it is time to guage iterest. It is a space exploration game in the vein of classic 1950s-1960s space operas modernized. What I have seen by what I am going to run it'll be like Star Trek and invites Halo to take a vacation there. The characters will be members of an away team on ship, tasked with assisting the crunshier scientists and diplomats in terms of security and survival. Also, they handle piloting the shuttlecraft that go from the ship to the planet below (NO TRANSPORTERS!). The team will be expected to be ready for combat, but must have some diplomatic skill and social tact in the process. House Rules - HERE If you're interested, the USS Noble Endeavor awaits.
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