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Found 12 results

  1. With Griffin eagerly leading them out from Lounge Amanda had to remind him that they were meant to find Cheryl first. A quick text had her emerging from a nearby toilet on the concourse, struggling with both her own and Amanda's carry on luggage. This inevitably reminded Sakura that she needed to go back to the plane in order to get her own bags. So it was towards the plane that the group headed while Amanda introduced Cheryl to Sakura.
  2. Rebecca was waiting outside the Lounge for Millie, but just opposite the doors when the Black party including the two Taylor women left. Eyes following the ex-military bodyguard type she spots the barely suppressed shock/horror? on the face of the well dressed man coming up the corridor as he passes Viktor Black and his associates. The man stops a little way down the corridor, but Rebecca was still able to hear his side of the conversation he has after activating his blue tooth headset. "Yeah, its Gregory." ....... "No, not yet. Look I just arrived here to collect her and I just saw Viktor Black and entourage leave." ...... "Yes, of course I'm sure it was him. I had checked earlier and found he was on the flight." ......... "No, I can't be sure, but even if it's just someone close to him it's not going to be good news for us is it." ........ "Yeah, I'll be in contact later." With that he gives Rebecca a sharp look as he pushes off from the wall where he was leaning and walks past her into the Lounge. Millie emerges seconds later and together you head down onto the concourse and catching a member of staff passing by for directions you head back toward the plane to collect Millie's things.
  3. Hi all I've got a couple of ideas for a game with Psions as the main characters. 1. Trinity based after the return of the Upeo, with at least one character as an Upeo (could be NPC), likely to be Star Crossed. Aim is to head towards the New Order in Africa and perhaps beyond. 2. Modern day, something happens to turn less than 1% of world population into Psions, but about 10% of population dies in the process.
  4. Desmond quickly signed the requisite form after glancing over its brief contents and grabbibg one of the business cards in passing headed out of the lounge and onto the concourse. Finding his way back to the plane to get his carry on luggage proved more difficult and Desmind was forced to ask for directions from staff several times. However once he had collected his things, and noted that the few other peoples effects were being boxed up, it was easy to follow the signs to Baggage Reclaim. The large hall seemed quiet with just the passengers from his plane present, the other 5 carousels sitting emoty and still. Some of the people seemed to be in shock and some openly grieving, which reminded Desmond that not everyone had survived the process in the cocoons. With his new found senses he could pick out the other psychics from the Lounge amongst the crowd.
  5. Griffin dropped Sakura off at her hotel and made sure that someone helped her with her bags before saying good bye and returning to the car, Amanda and Cheryl. Inside the staff at the reception desk where very helpful and reassuring that the room was still booked, and smoothly handled the outstanding paperwork and whisk her up to her room.
  6. Activating his smart glasses Philip dived in the internet, only to be met by alerts from 5 of OBI's facilities that he had enhanced the defences and firewalls on before entering the cocoon. A brief examination of the alerts revealed that although 2 had had hacking attempts against them they had survived intact and the attacks seemed to have been called off. The other 3 were more serious in that the attacks were still underway and that the physical site of the facilities was under assault as well. Two of these sites were in America while the 3rd was in western Africa. Philip was good, but even he could not work effectively on more than one site at a time, so he had to chose what order to tackle them in.
  7. 19:00 New York JFK airport and Terminal 7 is bustling with passengers and staff making their way to and from the numerous Gates. Gate 5 was quickly filling with the World Traveller passengers, while the Business and First class passengers loitered in their respective lounges. Viktor Black made a minor swirl as he arrived at the Concorde Room with his entourage, but that was more for the surprise at the teenage girl in the midst of the usual beautiful women, business executives and obvious security with him. She certainly peeked the interest of the daughter of one of his business rivals seated in the lounge chatting to a friend as they arrived. Down at the Gate 300 people slowly drifted in, struggling to find seats, somewhere to stand and balanced takeaway coffees on top of carry-on bags. Dotted around the Gate screens displayed CNN's Today programme with Amara Walker. Outside a few streaks in the sky from the new meteor shower are almost lost amongst the blaze of lights across the airport. 1930 A voice comes over the tannoy: "Flight BA0116 for London Heathrow is now boarding at Gate 5. This flight is scheduled for a departure at 20:00 EST and due to arrive at London Heathrow at 07:55 GMT." Those at the Gate start to gather their belongings and form a rough couple of lines while the rich, powerful or corporate backed make their way from the lounges and are escorted aboard first. While walking on to the plane Zoe receives a call on Viktor's work phone: "Miss Taylor, it's Steve Pang at Carbon Research I need to report an incident to Mr Black." "I'm sorry Mr Pang, but we're just about to board a fllight. I'll ask if he can speak to you, otherwise I'd suggest an email. He'll be able to pick that up and perhaps call you back after take-off." Putting him on hold, despite some odd background noise she took a few faster steps to catch up to her boss. Behind her, her daughter barely noticed the gap widen between her and her mother, after all they were just following the corridor to the plane. "Mr Black, I have Mr Pang on the line from Carbon Research, he has an incident to report." Viktor half turns and holds a hand out for the phone as he walks, "Unusual, Steven is not one to be easily fazed." "Hello, Steven. What is the problem? ... Steven?" Viktor turns back and returns the phone to Zoe, "No one there. Call him back once we are safely off. Perhaps he got called away." With that the passengers started to board the plane... Game Info Zoe has booked Viktor, herself, Temp, 2 other Execs and 2 of Viktor's security in First class. The other 4 execs and the various pa's and partners are in World Club (Business) along with the other 2 security. Amanda and her friend Cheryl are in First of course. Rebecca and her brother are also in First. Philip, Darksol's character whose name eludes me right now, and Marco (I believe) are in Business on lower deck. Evo, his mother (?) and Millicent are in World Traveller behind the business section on the lower deck. Mala, I can't remember whether Sakura was going First or Business class? Feel free to mingle/chat a little while boarding and pick seats if you wish, I'll post a seating plan on the Links/Newsfeed thread. Let me know on the OOC thread when people are ready to move on...with take-off and later events
  8. Leaving the First Class Lounge, the group head down the corridor and out on to the concourse, passing a couple of guys heading back in towards the Lounge. The better dressed of the two seemed to recognise Viktor and to get a bit of a shock about seeing him there as well. As they walked besides the shops, trying to find the way from the departure side to the arrival side and hence the baggage claim area, Viktor says to Zoe "I gather this will be a trying time for you with whatever changes there have been to you or abilities given to you so I don't want you to be worried about work at a time like this. You look after yourself and Tempest, I'll get someone from the London office to cover for you until we return to America. We may stop here longer than originally planned and I might take a detour to check on my family in German before we head back." As they stop briefly in a WH Smiths Zoe and the two men are all slightly bemused by the huge stack of glossy magazines that Temp picks up, although Cookie less so than the others. As the other two turn more to there own choices - Viktor the business, science and technology, Zoe the sports/workout/health sections, Cookie leans over to Temp and whispers. "I can guess what your doing, you got the shifter stuff as well didn't you? Yeah, so did I. If you wanna chat about it sometime just give me a call or an IM." So saying he slips a business card to her before drifting towards the history section. A few minutes later as people are taking their choices to the till the four bodyguards that Viktor had on the plane arrive with his and the Taylors carry on luggage, laptops etc. Josh hands Zoe's things over to her with a smile then announces that the way to Baggage Claim is down the 2nd corridor on the right, down a flight of stairs then 1st left. New purchases and hand luggage in hand, or towed as the case may be the enlarged group sets off and soon reaches the Baggage area which is eerily empty but for the one carousel with people from your flight collecting their bags as they go around.
  9. Donald gladly left the Lounge and headed down on to the concourse. It took some hunting, but he eventually found someone who could point him back towards the plane. Once there he had to get past some of the other passengers leaving the plane to get back to his seat, only to find that his mother and his stuff had already gone. It felt strange to see all the seats with the remains of cocoon propped up on them as well as the few that still were intact and presumably occupied. The cabin crew were able to tell Donald that his mother was fine and had gone on to Baggage reclaim as far as they were aware. She had been told that you were fine, but just needed a while of medical observation as a precaution and would be able to meet her there. Finding Baggage reclaim is easy from the plane and for the most part Donald just follows the stream of passengers ahead of him. On the way Donald rings his cousin Eddie, who is fine, but doesn't have any of the cool new abilities that some people woke up with. Now they are being release Eddie will drive on down to the airport and meet them in a restaurant or something. It will take him about an hour to get there.
  10. Character Generation Attributes (Std) 7/5/3 [This is post activation you'll actually have gained 2 dots from 6/4/3] Abilities = 25 [because there is no Allegiance stuff and I felt like rounding it up from 23], TPG update except for Linguistics. Backgrounds = 7 Primary Aptitude = 3 dots spread across its Modes Secondary Aptitude = 1 dot in one Mode of each Secondary Aptitude Other things as std until we come to Bonus Points Bonus Pts = 20 and use of Merits/Flaws from TPG where applicable, check if unsure. Variant Bonus pt costs Primary Modes = 4 Secondary Modes = 5 Tertiary Modes = 6 Alternate Mode dot = 2 I will allow a Primary Mode to start at up to 4, but expect to have dysfunction effects creeping in unless you have also developed another Mode to at least 2. Think a bit about how your characters skills/background/life might have contributed to the Psi they developed, but remember (especially with the Secondaries) that it might just have been chance/luck or random subconscious things that determined it.
  11. Hi Peeps Due to popular demand, a place to show off your character making skills. I may even get around to putting some NPC information here.
  12. Ok people, the biotech as written in Trinty is just not going to fit this setting, after all how long do you think it would take to get any biotech past FDA, animal rights and public perception ("It's alive? That's gross!") to get to market. So any suggestions for alternate methods of Psi tech? That is tech that either uses Psi to power it, duplicates a Psi power and/or enhances a Psi's use of his/her powers. Also up for debate/design are such devices, good ones that might get introduced later into the game could earn people XP!
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