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Found 4 results

  1. Date: January 3, 2049 Hour: 0930 Zulu Time (Also Eden Time), 0330 Chicago Time Location: Chicago It was early morning or late night in Chicago, depending which way you came at it, and relatively dark, though the street lights gave a good bit of light, and the rather numerous dinosaurs assaulting the city were easy to see from here, especially sense flocks of them were moving though the airport tarmac itself. Overhead, airplanes were attempting to dodge what appeared to be feathered pterodactyls, a few of them with riders. It was also cold, snow on the ground and icy conditions, the edge of lake Michigan on one side of the city and a feathered flock of about a half dozen T-Rexes were roaring on the tarmak, and just a little ways further, several were chasing down and attacking cars. In the distance, you could see a massive armored stegosaurus, with it's tail spikes going outward rather then up, with a rider on it's back directing it at ramming a large building.. Overall, it was a crazy scene, dinosaurs attacking Chicago.. in the middle of winter, some buildings were on fire, and the city itself was not in great shape. People were running on the streets and you could hear the screams and roars. In the midst of this there was a roar overhead, and Eidolon looked up, and the reptilian, winged and firebreathing creature in the air attacking one of the planes still in the sky could only be called one thing. "Dinosaurs I was prepared for, but dragons?" Then with a hint of curiosity in his voice. "How did she get the genetics to work?" He narrowed his eyes slightly, as though he was scanning the beast. "Hmm, well, looks like possible air sacks might hold hydrogen or helium, carbon nanotube for the armor might be possible, and the right chemicals within the beast could explain the firebreathing.. " He paused then looked at the rest of you. "Follow the plan where possible, and from there.. improvise, prioritize on saving lives. In the meantime, I have a few plane to save." He took off and his flight speed accelerated, heading toward the nearest plane as it was decending fast in what looked like it was going to be a crash landing.
  2. Date: January 3, 2049 Hour: 0900 Zulu Time (Also Eden Time) Location: Eden, Guardian's Complex, Paragon Division, Training Room It was morning, a couple days after the new years party and time for the team to begin training together, it fact, it was vital, Eidolon had some information that suggested they would be needed very soon, information he had yet to share with the others though those who had the perceptive and investigative ability would be able to discover that the Syndicate was on the move. Today, he'd gathered his choices in a rather large room, the floors, walls and ceiling were padded, and there was strange shimmering in the air of the room. "Welcome, folks, to the Echo room, created by our resident wizard, the Artificer , it's not entirely within normal space-time, and what happens here isn't entirely real.. it's somehow sustained in a state of quantum indeterminacy, creating a sort of realm where certain things are otherwise impossible, it is sort of a danger room and a holodeck. It can create any situation or circumstance, but while you can be hurt, the very nature of the room will keep any damage from being deadly. It won't stop it from hurting, so I recommend against just standing and taking anything.. our initial training sequence is a obstacle course.. but with a twist. You will be facing a reflection of yourself, who will be trying to stop you.. you are free to use whatever tactics you like to deal with the problem of your alternate. " As Eidolon spoke, space seemed to expand, and a huge three-dimensional obstacle course appeared between them and the other side of the room, and a reflection of each of them also appeared, in opposite colors. "This is a test of tactical ability and teamwork as well as anything else, people, begin."
  3. Date: December 31, 2049 Hour: 2000 Zulu Time (Also Eden Time) Location: Eden, Guardian's Complex, Paragon Division. Eidolon looked over the gathering, the last year had been an intense one, gathering the various folks that he was inviting to join the new division of the Guardians, the one he had given the name, Paragons. The name was an indication of both goal and purpose, something he had begun planning for shortly after the appearance of the first Conflagrations. His choices for his team members had been more careful then it appeared, he'd chosen not just from those who were powerful omega's, but ones with considerable potential for compassion, the difficulties in their own lives made them more likely to understand the frailties of baseline humanity. He had also spoken with Miriam, her advice had been invaluable, though, if if wasn't for the fact that omega's were rare, Puck's addition to the team might have caused some accusations of nepotism. As he entered the activation party, he let his eyes drift over the gathered team members, some were support staff of the paragons, but the main team members were quite a draw.. especially the more beautiful and charismatic of them. His self-control was considerable and powerful, and he was more resistant to such things then most, but even his eyes lingered a moment on the most beautiful of those gathered, before moving on to inspect each of his recruits in turn. He then moved to the raised dais, stepping up onto it to make his address to the gathered nova's and baselines. "Ladies and Gentlemen, and I use the term in the broadest sense, in a few hours, our charter is fully active, and we officially become the Paragons. Committed to the defense of mankind and earth from this day forward, from all threats, within and without. Look around, mingle and introduce yourselves, you will be defending and aiding each over the next few years, so getting to know your allies and team mates is a good idea."
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