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Found 22 results

  1. Hey guys! This is the OOC. Feel free to kibitz!
  2. In the months after the Storm event on September 19th, 2019 Once the first tallies were made in the weeks following the Storm, the world had lost roughly ten percent of its population. Losses ranged from barely-hit areas mostly dealing with odd phenomenon that caused a bit of damage and a lot of panic, to entire cities wiped away to the last person and building. The new celebrities and real life superheroes of the world, dubbed Stormers in the media, have become social focal points of both hope and cautious awe. The appearance of such people in the Storm seems fairly evenly distributed around the planet in pockets. Firm numbers have been impossible to come by, but it’s suspected that there’s somewhere between two and four thousand Stormers total. Monsters are still a problem around the world, though most have been either destroyed or herded away from population centers and pinned in by military barricades that can’t seem to kill them but can keep them in place. Terrifyingly, new monsters have appeared since the Storm - as have a post-Storm supers. The rate of both has, thankfully for a bruised and battered world, been incredibly low. In the US Congress has passed a law affirming the rights of Stormers as private citizens and putting in place governmental support systems to protect the privacy of Stormers that do not wish to be ‘outed’ on their status. There are new bills making their way through both chambers currently in support or fear of Stormers. On the side of fear there are calls to expel Stormers from the country based on their assumed monstrousness, outlaw the use of Stormer powers on American soil, or requiring Stormers to be put on a public registry for ‘public’ safety. On the side of those that support Stormers laws are being proposed that would give incentives for foreign Stormers to immigrate to the US and would set up a separate Department of Supernaturally Gifted Public Service for Stormers to serve the government under in whatever manner their gifts would benefit the country. One law is sitting before the President that would fund a public initiative to study the Stormer phenomenon by creating a national Center of Nova & Psi Radiation Study. Across the Pond, Britain has taken the turning point in history to commit fully to Brexit, negotiating a leave that still puts Northern Ireland in a legally complicated position that neither side is totally happy with - a sure sign of a good political compromise. The island nation has been busy negotiating new trade deals; the Storm and the massive damage done has thrown the world economies into chaos and Britain hopes that securing new trade deals will help ensure the flow of resources now and a stronger place on the world stage once everything settles out into the new normal. Having only a dozen Stormers, the nation hasn’t yet put any new legislation in place regarding those individuals or their supernatural abilities, though many of the Stormers have been invited to speak in Parliament on their experiences. The two most well-known Stormers, now known in the media by their leaked code names of Einherjar and Valkyrie, are two of the most loved celebrities in the nation and Britain has fully embrace a world with superheroes in it. Britain is on the leading front of actively recruiting Stormers to the country, with occasionally mostly-friendly swipes at the US for “stealing” one of their Stormers.
  3. Template Picture(s) Here Legal Name: Alias: Eruption: Allegiance/Affiliations: Appearance: Not just physical appearance, but how the character moves and dresses. Temperament: Snapshot of personality here to help others know how to describe your character in posts. Known Powers: Powers you've used in public or described to the public. History: The history that is known or easily discoverable about your character. Think of it as a Wikipedia entry. Special Knowledge: What wouldn't be in a public wiki but things that those with particular allegiances or social contacts could find out about your character. Nova Templates: Psion Templates:
  4. This thread is to keep track of current plots ongoing in WS. These can be the over-arching plots, such as the mysteries around Shelly and confronting the latest Big Bad, or they can be personal / interpersonal plot points like Lilly's unrequited Danger Zone-esque love for Jason or Devin's ongoing love affair with himself in the mirror. Seriously, I mean for 'minor' sub-plots that might need keeping track of in all the chaos. The other purpose is to keep tabs on who is doing what, so we as players OOCly know which characters are supposed to be dealing with a given plot point and to help Nina assign tasking rolls to those that need them. Please do not post in this thread. If you need something changing or adding to the current post, please PM myself or Nina, here or on Discord. Let's keep it tidy. Starting with Session III, Rainbow Connection. These are the current points needing tending / resolving. Rainbow Connection 1. Tail Chasing. Finding the tail number of the aircraft from the partial in the photo, then tracking down that aircraft and the airfield it flew out of so that we can get an idea of who, when, where. Current lead on the project is Sean, aided by Lilly. Tech wizardry, search algorithms and good old fashioned legwork have narrowed the tail number down to 3 possible aircraft, all Cessna 172's. One is reported crashed, the other two owned by Montana by Air LLC out of Cut Bank International Airport and Groggins Flight out of Toole County Airport. Further work will be needed to backtrace those two planes' histories. Status: Underway. The Fellowship are deciding what if any measures to take in order to find the information they need. 2. Secret History. Searching the history and records of Shelly and it's surroundings since the town's founding, looking for any and all anomalies which might lead to clues about the current goings on. Currently working on the project is Jase. After taking 4 hours to do 12 man-hours of top level research, Jase uncovered a number of anomalies about Shelly, from the high-tech med center to the spikes in violent crimes every 27 years exactly. Current theory is that an entity called 'the Dark' is responsible for the violence, and related to the dimensional anomalies which plague the woods on the reservation. In addition, it seems relatively obvious that powerful interests are keeping a close eye on the development of Shelly's kids, perhaps linked to the gifts some of them are starting to exhibit. Status: Complete. The Fellowship have the data, and a disturbing picture has been painted. Madness, violence, experimentation... and lies perpetrated by at least some of the adults in their lives. 3. From Quebec With Love. Etienne is currently suspected, with strong evidence, of being a spy. Who exactly he is spying on and who for is as yet unknown, but the tying to him of a VLF encoder / transmitter with GPS capability suggests that they are government. It's also plain that he has been to the Wright's residence without Clara's knowledge, as well as having been in Shelly a year before he was supposed to have moved here. Clara has been asked to maintain normal relations if she can to give the Fellowship an advantage. Charlie has been asked to coach her in acting to help her through this. Clara has decided she cannot go through with pretending romantic feelings towards one who has betrayed her, so another solution will need to be found. Update: After the meeting at Bunnee's in Ep 3: Rainbow Connection, Clara and Lona went to confront Etienne on their own initiative. They learned that he is indeed a spy, and that Clara's involvement was not initially part of the plan. Indeed, he seems to have developed genuine feelings for her, to the point of defying his handlers enough to allow the two girls to escape and trying to broker some manner of deal on Clara's behalf. Status: Complete. Etienne is a spy working for Doctor Cook, the mastermind behind the Shelly Project. His goal: to create humans with 'gifts'. To which end he has subverted the governance and infrastructure of an entire town for the last 40 years. 4. Where the Fuck Is Cody Sikes? Cody Sikes is missing. His friends are scared. The sheriff is asking questions, including the phrase "Break the rules, face the Tree", a made-up punishment concept put together by the Jauntsen Twins to keep control over the more rowdy elements in high school. But there is no Tree - unless someone believes there is and has now made one for real. The Fellowship, with a variety of motivations, are trying to find out what has happened to Cody and where he is. Devin and Sara have talked to Chet and discovered some disturbing news - Sara's gift revealed that none of the three boys who almost assaulted Coraline were acting on their own impulses, being driven by something darker than mere teenage cruelty. Whatever it was, it wanted Cora's death. Indeed, it wants everyone's death. Devin and Sara have passed this on to the rest of the Fellowship, leading to the theory of 'The Dark' posited by Jason. Cade has brought news that the Sheriff's department seem to think that Cody might actually be taking on the mantle of 'The Tree', perhaps to commit a mass shooting to 'punish' those who break the rules. Upon going to look for Sikes, four of the teens were flipped into a dark mirror dimension of our own and attacked by a hideously mutated beast. The others effected a rescue, helping fight the creature off and somehow flipping everyone back to the Real world. Status: Underway. The Tree seems to be a manifestation of the Dark, at least at current understanding. Cody is still missing, but is presumed to be under the sway of the Dark. The mirror dimension is believed to be the home of the Dark, currently. Also, as of 'Atomic Aftermath' the arrival of a sinister stranger is adding a new level to the whole mess. 5. Jailhouse Rot. The night of the party, the night all the strangeness began for the Fellowship, there was a riot at the privately-run prison. Crossroads, the company running the prison, are covering up the riot and the deaths caused, as they have before. Cassandra has evidence and leads to reveal to the group, but how it all plays in to the strangeness around Shelly is yet to be revealed. Status: Underway. 6. Medical Necessities. Questions have been raised about the possible side effects of the gifted teens' powers. From Sara's nosebleeds to Charlie's involuntary manslaughter reflex, could their be physiological or neurological damage being done by the strange forces they are tapping into? It would be prudent to find out. Lilly's mom is probably the best way in to get imaging scans of the Fellowship's grey matter. Status: On Pause - Worries about the powers negative effects have receded in the light of fresh discoveries. At some point, imaging scans and other tests might be useful, but they no longer seem critical. 7. Readiness Check. So the teens have powers (most of them), but what can they really do? What are their limits? How do their powers work and are there self-destructive side effects? And on the more mundane side, what do they do when monsters come, or people driven mad by the Dark, especially those without powers to defend themselves? The answer? Training, experimentation, honing of their abilities, and even physical fitness will pay off in the long run. Status: Complete. Much has already been discovered and theorised about the teen's abilities, and most if not all of them are gaining a grasp on what they can do.
  5. Casting Call! The first extra XP project of the game is going to be helping me create a fun roster of NPCs. Each NPC I accept earns 1 XP and while you can submit as many as you want, you can only earn up to 5 XP total per character from this project. So, if you're running one PC, that's 5 XP for five accepted submissions - if you're running three characters, you can earn up to 15 XP, but you can only put a max of 5 XP on any given character. This also means that if you lose a character or decide you want to run more than one, you can come back to this project and submit more NPCs to earn the bonus XP. Also, while I reserve the right to reject NPCs, if there adjustments that could be made for the NPC to be accepted, I'll note it to you when I let you know I won't accept them as-is. Here's the rules for who you can make: Submit NPCs to me in a site PM to The Story Guide account with the title format of DR: NPC Submission. Include at the top a statement of which of your PCs you want to have accrue the bonus XP. Once your NPC has been accepted, add a line to your XP log that has Casting Call! X/5 to show how much XP you've earned from this project. Political figures are fine but stand a higher chance of rejection. The higher up the political food-chain, the higher the bar on NPC acceptance. This is true for just about any organizations of power - businesses, governments, criminal groups, religions, whatever. NPCs tied to your characters are a great place to start, but realize that by submitting them to me you're throwing them in the pot for use in plots and for me to have final say on their portrayal. If it's your PCs parents and you want them to be just so, don't submit them for this Project. If you want them put down on the thread I'll be making for notable NPCs (DR: The World At Large, I'll link here when the thread exists), but want to retain primary control, send them to me on a site PM with the title of DR: PC's Name NPC - Name of NPC. These NPCs are meant to be significant. Doesn't mean you can't make The Girl Next Door, but understand that she's likely to become The Girl Next Door Who Founds A Cult Against Supers. Or The Girl Next Door Who's Superpower Is Attracting Villains. Etc. These NPCs need to be interesting. Expect NPC deaths/removals as the game progresses. I may eventually have a bonus round of NPC creation if I find myself lacking inspiration and low on NPC fodder. You are allowed to make any kind of currently available character type, and toss whatever extra dots/xp to spend on them. Like with #2 above, the more powerful, the more scrutiny the submission will have and the higher likelihood of refusal or rejection with notes on how to change it for acceptance. Have fun!
  6. THIS IS IMPORTANT, PAY ATTENTION HERE If you have anything in a thread that would raise the content from a PG13 movie rating put a trigger/content warning in a spoiler at the top. Some examples: detailed intense personal violence/torture, sexual assault, gore, self-harm, the discussion of any of the already mentioned things in more than passing. Your ST is someone that has really bad triggers on child harm, specifically. Realistic violence in visual media, but that's not nearly as much of a problem in the written format. I'm not saying you can't tell those stories, but if I check over a thread and end up with panic attacks, I can end up avoiding the game or site for an unknown amount of time. Not good for the game. Or I could be fine. Mental health issues suck and are at times kinda random. If there's a spoiler warning, I can gauge my 'can deal with it meter' and either opt-out (probably tagging in Dawn or someone else to read the thread, summarize it for me, and suggest XP awards) or decide I'm up for it and read. And this allows others with trigger issues the same option as well. Tag the smut just because there are those that have no interest in reading it but are following along with your character. It's polite. Character Creation Basics Each player is allowed to have up to three PCs. PCs may be Talents, Psions, Novas, or if you really really want for some reason, a baseline human. Superiors will likely be opened up for play as the game progresses, so rules have been provided. Players are allowed three PCs at max, divided up as Low, Mid, and HIgh characters. Because of the wide desparity between templates, I'm listing out the template bumps for each individual type. All characters begin with two dots in one of their two paths since we're not doing Society Paths to begin with. Also, there expanded or altered rules for the three supers types in posts below this one. Please look them over before building your PC as the rules changes may affect the build. Baselines Low Baselines begin play with the base human template. +80 XP Mid Baselines begin play with the base human template. +150 XP High Baselines begin play with the base human template and two dots of Paths. +275 XP Note: Baseline characters can, through the course of play, become any of the three template characters. If this is intended from the start, it might be better to just build on the rules of the intended template and hold the supernatural abilities of character in reserve for the right moment in the story. However, if you intend to just play a baseline and maybe have something happen later on, build the baseline off these rules. You may bank XP for future expansion of the character, but you may not spend more XP on the baseline's eruption than would be allowed by their Low/Mid/High designation as if they were a new character. Talents If you don't take a Society Path, the Talent gets two Gifts of their choice in the starting 4 instead of just one. Low Talents Steps 5 & 6 as the template listed in the book. +45 XP Mid Talents Steps 5 & 6 as the template listed in the book. Add a Facet and two Gifts. +105 XP High Talents Steps 5 & 6 as the template listed in the book. Add two Path dots, three Facet dots, and five gifts. +190 XP Superiors Low Superiors Step 5: no extra dots in their non-Forte Attributes, only one extra Skill Trick, 3 Forte Powers, and 2 other Powers. Step 6 as normal. +25 XP Mid Superiors Step 5 & 6 as written in the book. +65 XP High Superiors Step 5 as the template in the book, add two Attribute dots, 2 more Skill Tricks, two Path dots, 5 more Forte Powers, and 5 more other Powers. Step 6 as normal. +125 XP Psions Low Psions Steps 5 & 6 as the template listed in the book. +30 XP Mid Psions Steps 5 & 6 as the template listed in the book. Add two primary Modes dots and one Mode dot in each of your of your Favored Aptitudes. +75 XP. Psi cannot exceed 4. High PsionsSteps 5 & 6 as the template listed in the book. Add two Path dots, five Primary Mode dots, three Mode dots in one Favored Aptitude and two in the other. Gain three dots of Psionic Edges. +155 XP. Psi may not exceed 5. Novas: Low Novas Step 5 as in book, but no free Edge dot. Ignore Step 6. +75 XP Quantum rating may not exceed 3. Mid Novas Step 5 as in book, but no free Edge dot. Ignore Step 6. +150 XP Quantum rating may not exceed 4. High Novas Step 5 as in book, but no free Edge dot. Ignore Step 6. Add two Path dots and two dots of Quantum. +250 XP Quantum rating may not exceed 5. These numbers actually equalize out the XP gains from various templates so all the options are running at the same XP level. Clearly not the same Tiers, but let's see how this plays out. If necessary, adjustments will be made and post will go up on if or how to change already existent characters. Advancement - XP Costs Universal Talents Superiors Path 15 Gift 5 Forte Superior Power 4 Attribute 10 Path Gift 4 Other Superior Power 3 Skill 5 Facet 10 Skill Trick 3 Psions Novas Specialty 3 Psi Trait 10 Mega-Attribute 10 Edge 3 Psi Trait 6+ 20 Mega-Edge 5 Path Edge 2 Primary Mode 5 Power Tag 10 Enhanced Edge 10 Primary Mode 6+ 10 Quantum Edge 5 Fav. Approach Change 15 Favored Mode 7 Quantum Tech 10 Favored Mode 6 15 Quantum Trait 15 Standard Mode 10 Quantum Trait 6+ 30 Inferior Mode 15 Quantum Power 10 Character Submission Send The Story Guide account your character submission as DR Character Submission: [PC Name]. Once your character is approved, create a thread with DR Character: [PC's Name] as the thread title. Post up the character sheet and the log for there character there. You can put background there, but there will also be a thread specifically for public knowledge profiles of characters. Please put your character's mechanics in your character account signature for easy access when writing. Buyer's Remorse Our characters can surprise us, and the mechanics of a new game can end up not doing what we thought they would when we built the character. For these reasons, for the first three months of play with a character, I'm giving players pretty large leeway to change their character's mechanics or alter their backstory. This still needs to be run through with me in case it snarls up stuff already in play, but most of the time it should be little more than a 'hey, I wanna switch this around' and 'Okay! Update your sheet/backstory.' Also, don't forget the rules for tweaking the character. I'll allow tweaks once between plot threads and for the showing off using the tweaks to be done either in the plot thread or in non-plot threads. XP Gains There will be a standard monthly 2 XP award for all characters that have been posted with. XP will also be awarded for completed free-range threads and an award for participants at the end of plot threads. Code of Conduct This is meant to be fun. Try to make sure everyone is actually enjoying it or try to work around personalities you find you clash with. If that's not possible because of some situation out of your control, contact me and I'll arbitrate. My arbitration is the final word on the matter. I don't want to ban people from the game, but if a pattern of disruptive behavior emerges I do reserve the right to do so. Hopefully this will be the only time it ever comes up. Feel free to suggest other rules or ask questions here. I'll edit this post to keep the Rules up to date and easy to find. General Rules Expansion Society Path Edges Path Edges with prereq's of setting specific organizations might be available depending on the background of your PC. Talk with me about how to acquire them if you're interested. Skill Specialties and Tricks You get one free Skill Trick at character creation that you can place wherever you want. When a skill hits 3, you get one free Specialty and one free Skill Trick. At dots four and five you may purchase an additional Specialty and Skill Trick. Appearance There is no more Appearance stat in the game, which is good in general but can creation some disconnects. Here's my quick-and-dirty rules as a guideline for appearance: add your regular socials together and divide by three, round up. This is your effective Appearance rating. If you have Striking, that effectively raises the phantom appearance by 1, and can flavor the look as ugly or attractive or just noticeable. Mega-App 1 is like another 5 dots of Appearance. MApp 2 is like +15, MApp 3 is +35, MApp 4 is +75, and MApp 5 is like +135 dots of more Appearance. Appearance 5, btw, is a Perfect 10 on the appearance scale. Those with App 5 and Striking have a "more perfect than perfect" appeal as they're sitting on a 12 out of a scale of 10 - and that used to be as beautiful as people could get. If you want your (or another) character's rating on that 1-10 scale, just double the number of dots of Appearance. I know this won't matter to many people, but it's a useful rule of thumb for who gets stared at first when people walk in the room. Or who gets remembered first if someone's making a report. Examples in spoiler.
  7. Hey guys! Sorry I blipped for a few days. My daughter just started teething and I've slept maybe three hours in the past couple of days until last night. She's still teething, but I'm learning how to get her to sleep anyways. Anyhoo! I thought we should have a monthly (after June) OOC so that we can easily find things discussed in the OOC as time goes on. I'll be working on character submissions today as well, though Carver is out of town so anything that requires Mid approval will still have to wait until she gets back (after Memorial Day). Thanks for the patience!
  8. Alrighty, guys. It's officially July and after a month of game, we have a few things to discuss. First off: PbP as we've been doing it is simply not going to work for a game that is also tied to a LARP that advances in real time. Writing and going back and forth between people simply takes too much time to keep the forum game at all in sync with the live action games. It can work, but it takes people being online pretty much all day and rapidly responding to posts. I don't know about you guys, but I have this annoying, insistant thing called a life that gets in the way of posting every fifteen minutes. So, where do we go from here? We have a few options: Try to pick up the pace this month and keep going with the current set-up. I think this has a low chance of being viable long-term, but I am willing to give it a shot. Close the venue. <-- I will cry. I'm just sayin'. Try doing chat-based nights during the month and leave the PbP aspects for private scenes and solo character mood threads. Something else? If you have a suggestion, please speak up! If we go with the hybrid of chat and threads, then when and how often would people like to have chat scenes scheduled? My Thursdays are booked, and the third Saturday of every month is when I go to the nearest SPI LARP to me. As I'm in the Midwest, USA, so I'm in Central Standard Time (on Daytime Savings, because we're bad at practical change); that translates to -6 GMT. I have an infant, so my general schedule is 8-ish to 10-ish most days (so, 3 AM to 5 PM Zulu). I'm fine with running a once-a-month chat session up to a weekly chat session. The chat program here on RPGPost is great; we can have a dedicated room and there is the option for private PMs, and an in-chat script for die rolling. I know there are more sophisticated/complicated chat options out there and I'd be willing to entertain using them if people have a good suggestion or I find one that seems exceptionally well suited to our use, but the chat here will work just fine as well. Let me know what you guys think. I hope we can hash this out within the first week of the month and get going with whatever the new set-up will be quick enough not to lose a month of gameplay.
  9. Table talk for the Numenera game soon to begin. We're not recruiting at the moment, but if that changes I will update here.
  10. Please use this thread from now on for general comments and OOC talk for the game.
  11. Because it's becoming apparent that we need one of these. ,, At this point, if it was not made clear enough in the post (in which case, I apologize), between the members of the Band (Big B, meaning Heroes) both of Alex's meetings should be known. ,, The first, with the musicians, is mostly unimportant. They show up, sound checks, all that stuff, nothing terribly out of the ordinary unless someone really wants to put a few threads about silly mortals wanting to get a glimpse of the characters. ,, The second, with Alex, is with everyone else (though the musicians are invited also, being part of the same Band.). It's where adventures live. The introduction thread is to let characters get introduced and mess around for a bit. Alex is presently acting as the questgiver. He's there, in a not OOC-ly time sensitive manner, with "Stuff to Do" ™
  12. OK guys, please post up here with your current Pool totals and your experience. We'll use this thread to track as characters spend pool, take damage, and gain further experience.
  13. This is where we can talk and hash out setting-specific ideas and suggestions. Also, I have the Races of Navineh and The Nine threads locked as I don't want discussion posts or really any other posts beyond the official entries. As we flesh things out, just PM me or post somewhere like here what you'd like me to update. Personally, I'd PM me, that way I won't miss something in scroll. ,, The threads I'd love for you all to do to start with is individual threads about the starting culture, history, interesting non-crunchy bits about your races/proto-kingdoms. ,, Suggestions on other setting topics/ideas are also quite welcome! ,, We'll be using a lot of stuff out of the Monster manuals or bestiaries or whatever they're calling the creature books this time around, but I'd love to have some unique, Navin-specific flairs and twists on things, as well as any new creatures you guys would like to come up with and test out in the setting.
  14. Max and Abyss, you guys need to post in The Dark Side, please. It's been over a week and I'd like to move along, but I want to know that you two are still interested in playing, first.
  15. Alright as a favor to potential new players I will compile all the pertinent information in regards to character creation. This will include the base IE rules and the CN variances. Main Rules for Infinite Earth Gadget Rules CN World Information (Constantly Under Construction) Backgrounds over 5 Backgrounds over 5 Clarification + Sanctum Sanctorum CN Modifications for the main rules... Cosmos Nova: All rules for IE not overridden by the custom CN rules are still in play.No nova built for CN can go over Q6.Q6 cannot be "unlocked" until One RL Year after the start of the game.Novas start at Q5 with no taint and 50 base QPNo Mastery at startNo Q Supremacy everCharacters are built/advanced with the "In Theme/Out of Theme" NP/XP cost rules from CoQF (Out of Theme Powers/Mega-Attributes are allowed).Only original or inactive characters allowed(no active copies from other games or versions from other IE universes)(Mech is cleared since his character was established before this rule was placed in effect, and is starting to look like an integral plot hook.)No backgrounds over 5 at creationNo gadgets over 5 at creationAberrant Companion Heavily Regulated.All core books and the three mega attribute books are fine.No Starting Terats or Qi Meng, both philosophies are incredibly difficult to find in game.Same for EufiberAny irregular power from another source need approval.Custom Powers/Enhancements/etc allowed only through CN Group collaboration first.Free enhancement with every odd Mega Att dot (1,3,5)Generation Modifications (Thanks to Quantum Fire(Modded for IE:CN))The below costs for In theme. Quantum Pool: 1 NP per 5 (Max 100 at start) Mega-Attributes and Enhancements – 2 NP per dot/enhancement You get a free Mega Attribute enhancement at every odd (1, 3, 5) dot of Mega-Attribute Powers 1st Level - Cost: 1 NP per 2 dots 2nd Level - Cost: 1 NP per dot 3rd Level - Cost: 2 NP per dot In Theme Body Modifications – 1/3 normal cost. XP Cost Modification In Theme Trait Increase Cost Mega-Attribute CR x3 Quantum Power (Level 1) current rating x 2 Quantum Power (Level 2) current rating x 3 Quantum Power (Level 3) current rating x 5 Quantum Power (Level 4) current rating x 7 Quantum Power (Level 5) current rating x 9 Quantum Power (Level 6) current rating x 12 New Trait Cost Background 1 [Attunment and Node Only] Body Modifications (1/2 cost) Enhancement 3 Mega-Attribute 3 Quantum Power (Level 1) 2 Quantum Power (Level 2) 3 Quantum Power (Level 3) 5 Quantum Power (Level 4) 7 Quantum Power (Level 5) 9 Quantum Power (Level 6) 12 Out of Theme Attribute current rating x 4 Ability current rating x 2 Background current rating x 2 Mega-Attribute current rating x 5 Quantum Power (Level 1) current rating x 3 Quantum Power (Level 2) current rating x 5 Quantum Power (Level 3) current rating x 7 Quantum Power (Level 4) current rating x 9 Quantum Power (Level 5) current rating x 12 Quantum Power (Level 6) current rating x 15 Willpower current rating Initiative current rating New Trait Cost Ability 3 Specialty (max. 3 per Ability) 1 Body Modifications (Normal) Background 2 Enhancement 5 Mega-Attribute 6 Quantum Power (Level 1) 3 Quantum Power (Level 2) 6 Quantum Power (Level 3) 9 Quantum Power (Level 4) 12 Quantum Power (Level 5) 15 Quantum Power (Level 6) 18 Quantum Costs Quantum Pool 2 per dot Note regarding Quantum: All novas start @ Q5 with no taint (You get taint for tainted powers or node over 2 at start as normal)
  16. Hello Everyone! This is the OOC for Episode 2! When we last left, The Professor had just recovered from her regeneration, and now... she has the experience of visiting a strange world, but now she's returned home only to find that Sarah's father is dead and news of other royal bloodlines being snuffed out is hitting the airwaves. The Professor, Chris, and Sarah must endeavor to stop this quickly, or all will be lost! Can they do it in time? Will the world ever be the same?
  17. First post is up, I'm giving you guys fairly free reign to set up your characters and we can engage in a little RP while we work out the bugs.
  18. Hello! Here's me, taking another spin. This time though I'm working from the ground up with something I've had in my collection of notes I've had gathering dust. I am proposing a M&M 3rd Edition game, set in my town of Mill City... well you can't really call it a town, more like Minneapolis gone Metropolis. And in this town there are supers. Metahumans as they are called. And a philanthropist has formed a new academy for young Metahumans to learn not only academics, but also learn important superheroing skills and at the very least about their own ability. I'm looking for 4 to 6 players starting, for a ongoing game. Update 11/22/11: One slot has opened. UPDATE: Game has been revived! read the last couple posts! It will be a PL10 game. The students selected were selected as "prodigys" for their age. All power types are welcome. The characters must be of high school age (between 14-18 year old by US educational standards), although if I see the concept I will allow younger characters. Once the team is assembled, they will have to decide on a academic uniform (proper for school) and uniform for "public duty" as a hero team. I will start adding particulars as recruitment begins. I do have some requests though. This game will be semi-4-color. That means things take a more "Noblebright" than "Grimdark" world view and things try to work out. This is for the fun of everyone. Before the campain begins I'd like to collab for things like NPCs, city locations and what not to really flesh this place out. I like ideas too. This is a bit of a training run for me. I REALLY want this to work this time and I can use everyone's help that's in the game. As such I welcome all assistance and request patience. DO NOT POST ENTIRE SHEETS HERE! ONLY BACKGROUNDS! Send your character sheets to me. Once we move to play you may put up your character in a seperate thread. As for the city you're in... Mill City, MN - Population 6 Million Mill City was incorporated from the major cities and suburbs of Hennepin County after a tornado outbreak devastated the area in 1977. The city is still blossoming and has formed unique sectors of appearance compared to the homogeneous forms of other cities around the world. There are 3 places of note in Mill City. New Downtown New Downtown takes up most of the footprint old Minneapolis had. It's tall buildings, and just as massive green spaces, don't suggest it is a massive metropolis. Designed by metahumans and built to the finest detail, this area is the pride and joy of the region. The main arcology, the first of it's kind, takes up the footprint of Old Minneapolis' downtown area, rising like a metallic pyramid, visible to all for miles. The number of parks and lakes near old Uptown forms the area where the Mill City Metahuman Academy sits. Boomtown Boomtown is a massive residential and commercial district in the borders of old Bloomington. This is where most people live, and either drive into old Minneapolis, or take the network of automated tramcars that service the city as a mass-transit system. Bubbletown Built a short time after the 1977 disaster, Bubbletown is a series of inflated and solid domes that look like a large martian colony was planted there. In fact the domes originally were designed by the builder to be just that, but the emergency in Minneapolis required a fast-deployed and permanent solution. Bubbletown sits on the southeastern quadrant of Minneapolis, and is the industrial and commercial juggernaut of the city. Suprisingly enough pollution is low to almost nothing since Bubbletown is also home to Minneapolis' (and the first) Fusion power reactor. There are several more now in the district, but it's claim to fame is that. It's industry is based around high-tech firms incuding the founding corporation: Hino Advanced Innovations and Applications. It's current CEO, Sakurako Hino is a transplant from Tokyo, Japan and moved the corporation there to help in the reconstruction efforts and to have a change of scenery. She is also the philanthropist behind the founding of the Mill City Metahuman Academy. She is also a genius Metahuman in her own right. I will add more in regards to the academy itself in a little bit. Mill City Academy & William Fortnight Sakurako Hino's Profile Game Info and Secret Plots Student Roster Profiles Villian Database
  19. Greetings! Welcome to the Out of Character Chat (OOC) area. Feel free to discuss whatever you like here. I would suggest you using this area at the start of the game to discuss your character concepts.
  20. Hello gang, with the new site software and the ability to create our own tags I would like to gather some "standards" to make filtering easier and to create reasonable tags. I would like to create a list with tags that should be used when new topics are started and I want to prevent the creation of different tags for the same kind of thing (like Fic and Fiction for example). I will start with a list of tags and kindly ask for your participation to add (or remove unnecessary) tags to the list. OOC IC Fiction Profile Combat Tracker House Rules Background Mechanics Mature (although this one should also be included as we used to in the Topic Title) Participating Character Names Story Bueller?
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