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Found 3 results

  1. So, I'm probably showing my roleplaying pedigree here, but I've been seriously hankering for a game of Nobilis. I have an idea for a game that I think could work, and could accomodate up to 6 players. Is anyone at all interested? I figured that considering so many people here enjoy the idea of playing gods of incredible power, that a few people here might enjoy the thought of playing such Gods without the whole superhero schtick around them! Anyone?
  2. This thread is for everyone to discuss what they want for their Chancel. Your chancel is basically your base of operations, a hidden place pinched off from the world where the rules of the world are changed, and you, as Nobles, have power. Chancels can be just about anything you want, and can have just about anything you desire - after all, Imperators make them, and will warp them into anything they desire. The list of Chancel Attributes are in the Chancels and Imperators chapter. For the moment, we don't have everyone's Character Sheets, so I don't know how many chancel points you get to spend - but for those still making characters, your Chancel points are equal to the combined Realm Scores of everyone in the group. With Drew's score, this gives us a current total of... 0. Unless the other two decide to become Realm King/Queens, this will probably mean that you won't have a lot of points to spend on things, so you'll either have to buy a few negative properties, or severely limit what your chancel can do. But, while we wait for everyone to finalise their characters, we can at least do the following: 1) Discuss what Chancel Properties are on the wish-list - what you'd like to get, and what you're willing to get to pay for them. 2) What sort of theme and general flavour you'd like your chancel to have.
  3. The Setting of the Game The story will revolve around the Nobles of two Imperators, forced together by outside circumnstance into a single Familia, and the impact of these Nobles on the world around them, both miraculous and mundane. The Nobles will have to navigate the fallout of such a momentous union, as forces great and small endeavour to take advantage of the new order. Further information is not quite Available, seeing as much of the story awaits the Nobles who are in it! Character Generation Character Generation will be as per standard Noble creation, with 25 Character Points to Spend. Domains, for the most part, will be quite unrestricted, with my final veto. A few notes: 0) In order to help me better understand how you see your Noble's Domain, I'd ask that each player provide me with three associations of their Estate, three concepts that they feel are bound most thematically to their understanding of the estate. 1) User created Gifts are encouraged, standard Gift creation system applies (See Gifts & Handicaps section for details). The "Uncommon" trait is in force in this game - Players may choose to make their gift common if they wish (and avoid the 1pt surcharge), but this will almost ensure that an NPC will have a similar Gift. You have been warned. Also, I can usually give advice for improving the effectiveness or efficiency of Gifts, so don't hesitate to ask if something can happen cheaper. 2) All Handicaps within the book are acceptable, and user-created handicaps are welcome, as always. Remember that Handicaps do not provide extra Character points, but provide extra Miracle Points when they cause impediments (for Restrictions, Affiliations and Virtues, each time it causes trouble, for Limits, as a permanent bonus to a Miracle Point pool). You do not need to add handicaps to your character if you do not want them, but do note that this will probably mean less miracle points in-play. 3) Unless you specifically wish not to have Anchors, please make sure to define each of your Anchors in your initial Entry (Remember, you can have a maximum number of Anchors equal to your Spirit Attribute + 1). Further, I will not be dealing with the entire Design system, mostly because it's a lot of effort for not much gain. Instead, I will simply ask that you choose the Flower of your Estate and the Flower of your Person as key words (ie, a Noble of Fire might have the Flower of Passion as their Estate Flower, and the Flower of Dark Desires as their Personal Flower). Finally, I will ask people to give a list of Bonds as per the rules system (20 points to distribute however you wish among your bonds). In my system, these Bonds will provide discounts on Miracles used to affect or defend them, equal to -1 Miracle level per two Bond Points. 4) If you have any issues with the system, do not hesitate to contact me. I'm a veteran GM of the game and can probably answer just about any question you throw at me. Chancel Generation Chancel Generation will be as per standard generation, with number of points to spend equal to the number of Realm points among that group of Nobles. Each of the two groups will create their own Chancel, after the prologue the two will merge, and any fine-tuning can occur then. Imperator Generation Imperator Generation will be as per standard generation, with 0 points to start, with all characters choosing the combined traits of a single Imperator. Only their affiliation will be taken out of your hands - all other properties will be chosen by committee. Character Advancement The usual system is 1 Dynasty Point per session and 1 Character Point per chapter. In lieu of the fact that there is no real session, The system will be 1 Dynasty point per Month and 1 Character point per chapter. Easy and simple enough.
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