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Found 1 result

  1. The Sideshow - PL 10, 180 PP, M&M 3rd Edition There was a time when the monsters under our bed and the powers of the mind and of the unknown were just a myth. But slowly those things in the shadows were drug out into the light during the Second World War as weapons against one another. In this world, the unleashing of supernatural forces became the "Manhattan Project". With the Nazis firmly in the lead unleashing twistic magic until America fought back with the creation of Psychics. Meanwhile all sides used spirits and vampires, half-were creatures and Cryptids to battle on the far-flung battlefields of the war. In the end, the genie was out of the bottle. People knew that monsters were now real, and powers beyond understanding existed. Now in the 21st century you go to a Priest to purge demonic influence on your house, or visit a psychic for a background check on your next babysitter. Your neighbor might be a half-werewolf who works as a wildlife warden at night stopping poachers with his Kitsune partner. Or perhaps a Vampire handles the night shift at your local computer store when your computer breaks down because a technomage cursed it. More than anything, in the 21st century, crime is crime. Just now people use these unusual gifts to their profit, monsters lose control, psychics invade people's mind and mages summon eldrich horrors. Most of all normal people are just as bad at times. The worst of the worst. In the 1990's Project Sideshow was created to be a special enforcement arm of Interpol with one mission. Given special clearance throughout most of the world to operate within their discretion to handle all sorts of problems that most countries could not. It takes a certain breed of criminal to flout the law, and The Sideshow was given one mission... remove it or catch them in the act. What was important was three directives. 1: Act as discretely as possible and not link anything back to The Sideshow. 2: Handle every assignment to the discretion of the operatives in the field in how to deal with a problem. 3: Murderers, Slavers, and Child Killers receive no mercy. Sanction 0. Now in 2015, a new Sideshow cell is brought in to the old WWII bunker in London England where it will be based, and begin their tour. Expectations This WILL be a combat game as much as roleplay. You will be expected to be just as social as your are fighty. You will use your mind as much as your fists. I am aware not all bases will be covered, and will expect that though. Also there will be times where combat is just one of a slew of options. I will leave it to the players on how to handle things. Overlap is fine, remember in M&M aiding another is a thing. I'm not going to have much regulation in what you can, or cannot do, but if it gives me a headache in management I'll ask to simplify the design. I'll let you know and we can work to simplify it. This can and will be a violent, sometimes graphic game. You WILL be suprised where I will go. This isn't me being Noblebright. Player Discretion Is Advised. I will pull some punches for common decency, but consider this game R rated. Oh, and Time Travel type powers are still banned. Notes on races... Vampires took the most effort to work out, but this should guide your creation of one. Info on Vampires... the short of it... 1: Vampires lose all their powers in daylight. (Take a Power Loss complication) 2: Vampires suffer a -5 to swim checks due to their denser body as they can't float, and can't take 10 when swimming. (This isn't represented on your sheet, it's one of those evil house rules.) Vampires negate this by holding on to something for support. A typical life preserver will work for a Vampire like it works for a Human. 3: Vampires have a OCD related complication, you get to choose what is your obsession. 4: Vampires have a weakness (complication) to Garlic, like an allergic reaction. 5: When Vampires get staked, they feel the pain and are paralyzed by it, this also causes them to quickly leak out their blood, and will send them to unconsciousness. This does not kill the Vampire. 6: Your Immortality is stopped if you are decapitated, but if your head is ever reunited with your body, you instantly start to revive (and you're awfully thirsty...) 7: Vampires don't show up on video cameras if mirrors are involved in the way the camera processes an image. Also known as...: Vamps (slang), Sharks(slang), Hemophages(scientific), Bloodsucker(derogatory) Info on Half-Werecreatures 1: Half-Werecreatures shift between Human, Hybrid, and Animal forms. 2: Full Werecreatures are too wild to be player characters. 3: Weres must take a vulneribility and weakness complication to a certain element (for instance Silver for half Werewolves). 4: Weres should all have Regeneration at some level. House rule: New Power: Alternate Form - 5pp Per Rank Grants 5 points per rank to assign to a form, or to multiple forms (with additional forms as alternate powers). The character can switch between forms in play using this power as changing between alternate powers in an array. The player can assign an increased duration flaw (increasing the change time from a free action to a longer action) to decrease the cost by 1pp per rank per flaw assignment. Also known as... Furries (derogatory), Weres (slang) Info on Psis Psychics are built almost like a standard superhero, but note as a house rule that on a roll of a 1 you trigger a complication tied to your powers. (Accident is appropriate). Psis are created by an ambient radiation that was generated at Roswell in 1941, which caused the Western US to be the first portion of the US to start creating Psis. Later as more Psis appeared, the noetic radiation spread world-wide. Now every corner of the earth is infused by Noetic radiation. Psis generally activate around Puberty, although they can be as old as 25... after that their brain isn't plastic enough to accept Noetic radiation outside of a rare circumstance. Any younger than 13 and a child may develop a psychosis from the experience. Also known as Psis, Mindbenders (derogatory) Info on Mages Like Psis, on a 1 when using their power, they suffer an appropriate complication assigned by the player in character creation. Psychics happen "in the wild" and only need training with the powers they develop more than learning a power in general like how a Mage operates. Also known as Magicians, Wizards (slang) Someone like a Cleric or Shaman is also built like a Mage, but with a seperate source of their power (Spiritual or Natural). Anyone can learn to be a Mage, but it takes talent. Note that the backlash complication is how it would be done as it happens so rarely (5% chance).
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