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  1. Welcome to Hero High! A 3rd Edition Mutants and Masterminds Game The sales pitch! So, you want to play teen heroes? Great! But…why? For starters, all the adult supers are trying to tell you what to do and how to do it. They’re older than your parents, and they’re wearing tights! How gross is that? And speaking of your parents, they always ground you right before the big alien invasion. You also get blamed when your extra-dimensional pet wreaks havoc at the mall (nobody said feeding it french fries covered in nacho cheese was a bad thing—or maybe they did…you weren’t really listening at the time). Oh, and they still give you homework. Shouldn’t having powers give you a pass on certain things, like maybe high school? Yeah, you wish. Between the powers, the hormones, the homework, the rivals, and all the drama, it’s bad enough out there without throwing villains into the mix. Unless, of course, beating on the villains is your version of therapy, in which case, they’re the one thing in your life that isn’t complicated. And beating them down sure does put you in a better frame of mind.... Hero High is a Mutants and Masterminds game set in the Emerald City campaign setting at a West Coast campus of Claremont Academy or ECCA (Emerald City Claremont Academy). Emerald City's version of Claremont Academy was built to be an exact duplicate of the campus in Freedom City and was built in 2005, just four years after Duncan Summers, the original Raven, had finished remodeling the original campus in Freedom City. In the past twelve years the academy has been under the supervision of Lawrence Hunt and his hand picked faculty. Claremont Academy is a private school catering exclusively to super-powered teenagers. The general public is not aware that the Academy is for super teens only and Director Hunt spends a lot of his time refusing grants and endorsement from Emerald City's rich elite trying to buy their child's place within the halls of such an exclusive private school. So, what are the rules? Glad you asked. The rules are simple: characters are super teens from the ages of 15 to 19 and you may have any background except: Child of a God. You want to be a sorcerer? You got it. Want a battle suit? Okay. An android from an alternate Earth? Fine by me. Just keep in mind I approve what's acceptable. Your character should be PL8 and 120PP. I'm not a sticker so if you go a point or so over I'm not going to enter beast mode as long as you can justify it. Keep in mind the Claremont also offers College level classes, so older heroes are possible if you would prefer not playing someone too young. The tone of the game shouldn't change, after all, we're not trying to market a television show to Cartoon Network to appeal to a younger generation, we're playing a game. What Age are we playing in? This game will be set at the beginning of the school year, 2016 in the Modern Age. Basically the mélange of things, the Rocky Road of the eras. The age has a bit of everything, with a drive by some heroes to revisit the Silver or Golden Age ideals (but not their naivety). There’s a general distrust in authority, and many teens are not only coming into power independently, but also fighting crime on their own. Just as you might expect from modern comics, nearly every nerd and geek of Claremont are built like professional surfers, cleavage is rampant and there's never a short supply of leather, latex and spandex ready to be vacuum sealed to ones flesh while sporting heels no respectable teen should be caught dead in. Robots, guns, explosions, eye lasers, satellite space stations... it's all on the table. Modifiers and Benchmarks Abilities – There is no change to ability scores. Skills – Starting skill ranks may only as be as high as the PL. This is to reflect that as teenagers it is very unlikely that the characters will have extensive knowledge in any one field of study, especially professional fields. The exception to this rule are those characters where professional skills are part of their shtick. Budding engineers with battle suits, sorcerers with magical studies. Note that it says 'professional skills'. Amazons don't get to max out close combat simply because 'they like to fight' no more than the schools emotion manipulating hottie gets to max out persuasion because 'that's what she does'. Advantages may add to a skill totals per normal rules up to the normal rule of PL x 2. Advantages- Characters should have advantages appropriate for both their age and their shtick. Chances are you do not have Tony Stark money. Your parents might (which is how you built your battle suit), but the most they're giving you is a small trust fund or a weekly/monthly allowance to get the things you need. Powers – Powers are pretty much powers, providing they fit the shtick. As a rule of thumb, if I can not relate the powers you've created with one of the powers presented in the Power Profiles books then I'll ask you to change it. This game will be slated to start sometime by the end of the month, pending interest.
  2. Time: Early Therendor, 998 YK (the month following Olarune) Places: Karrnath, Breland Steel Falcon "Thanks for meeting me on such short notice... 'Steel Falcon.'" Ezi smiled a bit at the name. "No, no, I'm not making fun! I like it." He hung up his coat at the rack that Lysa kept at the door to her quarters, then took off his hat. "So I have a lead. It's in Karrnath, and I understand if you don't want to leave the country with your legal status all - " He tilted his hand back and forth, then he took a deep breath. "It's about your father. I went off the descriptions of the other people you said were meeting with him and I may have something. One of them fits the description of one Benjamin Droth, a functionary who was caught with his pants down and that blunted his political fortunes, which is how the paper's Karrnath office found him. He is confirmed to still be alive as of the Day of Mourning, so I don't think he was in Cyre. "The thing is, ever since that incident he was rumored - nothing printable, but he was rumored to be mixed up with some more radical elements. He might have a connection to the Order of the Emerald Claw, the disgraced shock troopers and knights of the nation - since they were disowned and went into hiding they've become radicalized too. They're dangerous news, even for someone who fought Xander Troy's prototype warsuit and won. But it's the best lead to finding more about your father that I've found." Tobias Tobias told himself that nothing good was ever easy, and it helped as he and the priests and priestesses worked to establish the Silver Hearth. Korth was an ideal place to start, close to the border as it was and the capital of the nation. But it had taken extensive negotiation to even get a foothold, and even then, it was the Low District. Tobias didn't mind - the Low District was where help was needed most - but it did rankle some of the others. Currently he was using his powers to cure several particularly nasty cases of maggot fever, a disease that often affected the sick of Karrnath - the infestation taking root in the stomach and making it impossible for victims to keep any food down, letting them slowly starve in anticipation of the maggots' next meal. But the maggots were cleansed by the Silver Flame, and they were day in and day out the mightiest army Tobias had faced. As he tended to the victims of each in turn, one of the priests entered - a young half-elf man named Melv, who was steadfastly faithful but who tended to drink too much. He surveyed those Tobias was tending too, and shook his head. "Horrible. It's spread by bread that's been on the shelf too long. I wish they didn't eat it - no, I wish they didn't have to eat it. But I can't blame them." Faz Faz stepped off the platform of the lightning rail, the air still thick with the lightning elemental's discharge. He watched as other passengers fought to keep themselves from being stung by static lightning. Dr. K stepped out behind him, muttering as he adjusted his collar. "I swear that the damn elementals do that on purpose. Yes, I'm aware that they're little more than roaring bundles of instinct when bound to these things, let a man be mad at something. All right, let's see..." The doctor toted his bags further away from the platform. "Faz, do keep an eye out for pickpockets? I would rather not lose my identification papers while stranded in a strange land where they probably still collect corpses for the army. Now, ah yes, here we go." Dr. K unfolded a piece of paper that had a carefully illustrated picture of a halfling, dressed in leaves and bark, with a seed replacing one eye and an expression that spoke of the lack of mirth one found on a halfling's face only when House Jorasco informed you your coin purse was empty. "Well, he won't be hard to find. Where to?"
  3. Age of Heroes Okay, this here is the official thread for my 3e M&M super hero game. To submit a character, please send it to this account in this format. (AoH Character) charactername As of this moment I have 11 players interested so I’m not accepting anyone else. My players should know who they are and I will post a list of you at the bottom of this post as I get your submissions. I would like both background and stats in the same PM thread. Taking a page from Carver’s playbook, I would like you to use a dedicated account for your character with an Avatar representing him or her and the character’s stats to be put in a spoiler box in your account signature. Game Proposal As stated in my original thread, the idea is that the characters are some of the first super heroes to appear in the modern world. An alien race has come to earth and is sharing its advanced knowledge of science and technology in exchange for the right to stay and Magic is rising in power, allowing mystics and wizards to perform fantastic feats of magic. Theme & Genre Age of Heroes takes place in the modern times but with somewhat shinier ideals. It can be classified as a “Modern Age” game. The game is set in 2012. Heroes are a new phenomenon , the first one appearing in 2007, and between their appearance and the technological improvements the Kal’shiir (a stranded Alien race) have brought, the general opinion of the average person is hopeful. The future seems to be getting brighter and better even with the appearance of super villains. Fights will be big and flashy but with little concern for collateral damage; it happens but isn’t really focused on unless a story reason draws attention to it. Heroes and Villains don’t kill normally, Heroes capture and Villains monologue and put people in “inescapable” death traps. You know, back when comics were fun! Location The location of the game is the greater San Francisco Bay Area. This includes the areas of North Bay, East Bay, Silicon Valley/San Jose, The Peninsula, Santa Cruz/San Benito as well as San Francisco proper. Alcatraz is being refurbished into an Ultra Max prison, designed to contain super powered criminals. While not slated to be finished until 2014, at least 1 wing is operational. The Kal’shiir, an alien species that crashed into the San Francisco Bay, has created an artificial island at the site for their downed ship as a refuge. Very few humans have had the privilege of being their guest. More details on the various districts will follow at some point and once I get comfortable with Google My Maps I will create one for the game Aliens There is only one known Alien race on earth (unless a PC is an Alien), although thanks to the Kal’shiir, the authorities of Earth know about a second race. The Kal’shiir: The Kal’shiir are a humanoid race of blue skinned aliens that follow some sort of caste hierarchy. This hierarchy is not entirely social as some obvious physical variances exist between the castes. There are 5 castes and each caste is responsible for different tasks and jobs in Kal’shiir society. No one on Earth is really sure what the Kal’shiir want or why there were in earth space to begin with but since they are willing to share the secrets of advanced science and technology with the world, the UN and America are willing to play host. The Valinoshi: Supposedly a humanoid race that looks very similar to humanity but more fragile and graceful. The Kal’shiir claim they are aggressive and violent conquerors that use their psionic abilities to power their fantastic technology. The Kal’shiir have stated that while they are not currently enemies of the Valinoshi, their relations with them are tense and hostile. Science & Technology With the advent of the human/alien science collaborative, Humanity’s understanding of science and technology has greatly increased. Everything from communications technology to new energy sources to personal electronics has improved. It should be noted however that while many advances have been made, most of them have yet to trickle down to the common person’s hands. Government and big business have played a major part of this stalling of technological advancement either because they don’t want things like ray guns, personal force fields and flying car in the hands of the general public or because having things like free energy or cures for diseases just aren’t profitable. That said, significant advancements that have been made available to the public include medical and computer technology, cybernetic prosthetics, more efficient vehicle engines, Cellular communication technology, incredibly durable building materials and so on. Magic Magic is an oddity in this world in that it’s always been there; it’s just not always been accessible to believers. Magic is tied to the beliefs, hopes, and dreams of humanity and ebb and flows with their collective faith in it. Magic has steadily been on the rise for several years now and with its rise, the creatures that go bump in the night have returned. To help combat the encroachment of supernatural evil and those people who would abuse the rising power of magic, a group of mystics from a variety of traditions have gather together to create The Conclave of the Arcane. This organization seeks to battle supernatural threats to the earth as well try to keep magic hidden from the general population. Naturally this is unknown to the general populous at large, who tend to believe that mystics are just crazy people with normal super powers. Character Creation Okay, the nitty-gritty. Characters are built on 150 points at PL 10. Most Origins should be okay, but please remember that the first Super Hero didn’t become publicly known until 2007 although rumors of his (and others) existence were floating around the internet as early as 2004. All character backgrounds and origins have to take this fact into consideration. If you want or need to have your character gain their powers before 2007, talk to me in private and we will try to work things out. If you are making an Alien/Non-Human we will need to discuss its place in the universe (or Earth if it’s from a divergent society). I am very open to input but just want to make sure things align with my vision of the world. For example – I don’t want a whole race of “Kryptonians” or other glodly powered race. Mystic characters need to decide on a “Tradition” of magic that they practice and this tradition will limit the types of powers they can take as a spell array. Being a mage is not an excuse to lump any old power into an array in this game. It is possible for Mystics to use the magic of more than one tradition; they have to treat those as separate arrays. Also, when it comes to mythological gods I have no problems with people being divinely powered; demi-gods, and godlings, empowered by the gods, or their Avatars and so on. However no one can actually be a God. That territory is off limits. Complications: As per the rules all PC are required to have 2 complications and one of these must be a Motivation for why your character does the hero thing. If your character is a “mutant” (Someone born with their powers) then you must have a physical mutation. This mutation can be related to you powers but doesn’t have to be. Also, we will need to chat about your background. Note: Time Travel is off limits. From a power standpoint this means Movement: Time Travel and Senses: Postcognition & Precognition cannot be taken by players. Time Manipulation as a powers theme makes me a tad uncomfortable but I will judge any character with it on an individual basis. NEMESIS! Okay sort of but not really. When making your characters I’d like you to think up a villain that is in your character’s rogue’s gallery. It doesn’t have to be the most powerful baddie of all but it should be something fun, cool, and useable. Maybe it’s a jobber you continually beat, the head of a small crime ring or gang of some sort, or a “wrong side of the law” rival. It can be a full on nemesis too; someone that hates you enough to keep coming at you. I’m trying to keep most of the top tier villain spots open (Like Dr. Doom or Magneto) but will still look at those types of suggestions. I don’t need stats for these villains, just a general concept and how your character has interacted with them in the past. House Rules So far I only have one house rule and it is regarding Hero Points. Collateral Damage: If a player chooses, he can have one of his character’s actions cause “Significant Collateral Damage” to earn a hero point. This is a big deal. Maybe bystanders get hurt, maybe a building collapses but it should be something more than the average “cracks in the pavement and uprooted lampposts.” By doing this, you the player are saying your actions in this battle have caused a lasting mark on the city and it’s people and there will be consequences. Obscure Power: Action: Standard, Range: Ranged, Duration: Sustained, Cost: A single sense for 2 points per rank, two senses for 4 points per rank, and so forth, with visual senses costing double (4 points per rank) and 10 points per rank affecting all sense types. Obscure affects a default area with a 30 foot radius (distance rank 0). Each additional rank increases the distance rank of the area by 1. So Obscure 10 has a radius of 2 miles, while Obscure 20 has a radius of 2,000 miles! - Okay, I think that is everything for now. As I add more information I will post it here or create a thread for specific information. So if you guys want to post you character concepts with some brief information here, feel free. This would be a good place for you guys to figure out who has ties to who and to ask me any questions you may have. Approval Process Approved Jameson - Talos Joani - Chance Jeremy - Psi-Warrior Dave ST - Crimson Spider Carver - The Unknown Archer Titan - Titan Salmonmax - Visage Kamiko - Charta Domina Long - Icarus AtomicWeasel - Neutrino Girl Awaiting Submission Moira - Unnamed - on hiatus
  4. February 9, 1945 The Laura Keene, docked at Ellis Island, NY It was a sad day for the Five Families of New York City. Today, Charles “Lucky” Luciano was being deported from the United States. In exchange for his help coordinating the anti-Mussolini movement in Italy, his jail sentence had been commuted, but he was no longer allowed to remain in the country he had served. The party offered one last chance to thank the Don for his service, or to shake his hand. Wine flowed as freely as the pasta sauce, and the dining room on Laura Keene was filled to the brim. Jim Pagelli’s loud voice dominated the room as he laughed with Lucky over some joke. If Lucky felt hemmed in by the man, he didn’t show it. Instead, he was all grins as he slapped Jim on the back, sending the ‘made man’ stumbling a bit. Everyone pretended not to notice the stagger; Jim was well-liked and no one wanted to call attention to the foot he’d lost on some island in the Pacific Theatre. Along one wall, the consigliere Sandino picked through pieces of grilled swordfish before selecting a choice fillet. No one knew much about the quiet man, except perhaps Lucky. That might change, with the deportation of the Don. In fact, a lot was going to change. Antonio Luciano picked his way through the crowd, Tessa at his side. There was a stiffness to his moments that hadn’t been there before the cold New York winter; the man’s age was becoming apparent. Lucky was clearly troubled by his brother’s health; he’d been keeping an eye on him for the last year, watching and protecting. Tessa was worried about her father, too, particularly given the upheaval that was sure to follow his deportation. By the buffet, Crunchy stood next to Furio “Fury” Dramis. He’d made one pass through the delicious food, but knew he’d have to make at least one more to fill up. A body like his required food. Meanwhile, Fury was chatting on, the talkative man eagerly pointing out members of the family that Crunchy hadn’t met yet. “And that’s Sal Sangianone. Voice like an angel, you’ll see when he sings. Don’t bring any ladies you don’t want to lose around him. He’s a charmer.” Crunchy nodded as he watched the handsome man talking to the bandleader, coordinating music. Sal was nervous; this was a big deal for him. It was his first time playing for the whole family, and this kind of exposure could really open doors for him – or close them forever. Plus, this was Lucky Luciano, and Sal didn’t want to be the guy to ruin his farewell party. He glanced back at the quiet man leaning against the wall, wondering who he was. Sal didn’t know his name, but thought he’d heard someone call the guy ‘Sheets’. Mickey “Sheets” Toro was of a mixed mind. He knew that he should be putting on a good face for Lucky’s party, but he was angry that this was even necessary. He wanted to go find Governor Dewey and make him pay for his part in Lucky’s deportation and even his conviction almost a decade ago. He made an effort to shake all that off; there was a time to party and a time to fight. This was definitely a time to party.
  5. I am offering a small M&M Mafia game, no more than four players (I’ll have to pick and choice if more than 4 want in). This game will have a fairly slow pace. In part this is due to the size, in part it’s due to my inexperience running almost-‘normal’ games and due to my time constraints. However, this sounds like fun, so I’m giving it the old try. IC information: You have a choice; you can play a newly ‘made man’ or an Associate. Made men are those who have been fully accepted into the Mafia; this sometimes requires that you kill someone to secure your spot. Associates have less respect and protection, but more freedom. I will also accept unofficial associates – people related to the Soldato(s), like a brother or a girlfriend. You’re affiliated with the Genovese crime family, which is one of the “Five Families” of New York. It is 1946, and Charlie “Lucky” Luciano is about to be deported to Italy, his reward for acting as a go-between for the US and anti-Mussolini forces in Italy. Frank Costello, his Acting Boss since Lucky’s arrest in 1937, will be the Boss for real. OOC Information: PL 5, 75 PP – yes, that’s more than enough to build a normal person, with some left over for a knack. These are ‘special’ things that your character can do, but don’t go crazy; Protection, Concealment and Drain are all examples of appropriate “knacks” while Blast, Time Control and Magic are not. I will be the final decider on what is appropriate for the game, but most of you already have a pretty good idea of what I’m looking for. One or two knacks are about right for the feel of the game; one rank in twenty different things is not. This would be an A! game, if I knew how to run A!. Since I don’t feel comfortable with that system, I’m kludging this together with M&M. Therefore, be thinking about what the knacks in that game can do when you build your PC. PCs can be submitted to my Dawn, OOC Account; put [Mob] in the title somewhere to help me find stuff. Mood: The mood of the game will vary somewhat; while mafia do terrible things to their fellow man, they are also bound by a sense of duty and honor to their Family and their families. Their lives aren’t all dark and dreary. Sometimes they enjoy their jobs and have fun. Sometimes, they’re mopping up blood at 3 in the morning because their capo’s ‘talk’ with a snitch didn’t go well… for the snitch. Do I have any takers?
  6. I'll use this post for major NPCs, particularly ones I make up (as opposed to those based on historical figures). Feel free to post your character below when approved. Character sheets are optional.
  7. Chicago - Mr. Cellophane More to come can when I can find jazz/40's music I actually like.
  8. Mob Information The Commission Formed in 1931 in Atlantic City, NJ, The Commission is the Board of Directors for the Mafia. The heads of the Five Families sit on the Board, and they meet every five years or as needed to settle disputes between the families. It was formed by Lucky Luciano, who had to kill Salvatore Maranzano and Giuseppe "Joe the Boss" Masseria to make it happen. Though Maranzano had named himself "Boss of all Bosses", Lucky wasn't interested. Instead, Luciano realized that the best solution was to let the families run themselves, but establish a central organization for settling their differences without bloodshed. This would preserve family control, prevent warfare, promote their business interests, and keep the mob away from public and law enforcement attention. Bonanno Family Boss: Joseph "Joe Bananas" Bonanno Underboss: Francesco "Frank" Garafolo Dealings: Gambling, loan-sharking and racketeering Territory: Various neighborhoods over New York City This is a close-knit and traditional Family; their closeness is due to most of the family being from the same small town in Sicily, Castellamare del Golfo. At the creation of The Commission, Bonanno was the youngest of the bosses, at age 26. They are strongly allied with the Profaci Family. Mangano Family Boss: Vincent "The Executioner" Mangano Underboss: Phlip Mangano (Vincent's brother) Bealings: Extortion, Union racketeering and illegal gambling (horse races, running numbers and lotteries) Territory: Various neighborhoods over New York City, and other areas including Long Island, Augusta, GA, New Jersey and Sunny Isles Beach, Florida Though Mangano was an old-school Mafia don and therefore unpopular, he was tolerated due to his ties to Emil Camarda, the vice-president of the International Longshoremen's Association. The family largely controls the waterfront of New York and Brooklyn through this connection. Profaci Family Boss: Joe Profaci Underboss: Joseph "The Fat Man" Magliocco Dealings: Racketeering, conspiracy, loansharking, money laundering, murder, extortion, gambling, hijacking, cigarette smuggling, counterfeiting and fraud. Territory: Various neighborhoods over New York City Another old-school don, Profaci managed to survive the purge of the old-school and retained his power base. To date, this overbearing boss has remained in control, but rumors are always circulating about a coming coup. His ties to the Bonanno Family are surely part of that retention. Luciano Family Boss: Lucky Luciano (outgoing)/Frank Costello (incoming) Underboss: Guarino "Willie" Moretti Dealings: Racketeering, conspiracy, loansharking, money laundering, murder, drug trafficking, extortion, pornography, Prostitution, bookmaking, and illegal gambling Territory: Various neighborhoods over New York City and New Jersey Lucky is considered the father of the modern mafia; his influence and power, even from prison, has made the Luciano family incredibly powerful. Acting Boss Costello has made the last few years incredibly profitable for the family and they are looking to expand outside New York. Reina Family Boss: Gaetano "Tommy" Gagliano Underboss: Gaetano Lucchese Dealings: Racketeering, Assault, Bookmaking, Burglary, Cargo theft, conspiracy, Contract killing, counterfeiting, Cigarette smuggling, drug trafficking, extortion, fencing, fraud, illegal gambling, hijacking, Labour Racketeering, Point shaving, loansharking, money laundering, murder, Robbery, and Sweatshops Territory: Various neighborhoods over New York City and New Jersey Gagliano is the quietest boss in the Commission; he is rarely seen, usually sending his underboss to meetings. He's seen how closely the other four families work together, so he keeps his head down and avoids media attention. Little is known about him outside the family.
  9. Wind wherein seas and stars are shaken Shall shake them, and they shall not waken; None that has lain down shall arise; The stones are sealed across their places; One shadow is shed on all their faces, One blindness cast on all their eyes. In the morning the city woke. The wind started blowing. Swansea was a Modern Marvel, a Triumph, a Social Experiment (well, not really) that had come into full fruition. It was a city where crime had been all but elimited. The reason for this was simple, obvious, and very strange: Swansea had more metas than any city in Washington state; hell, in the world! Why? If anybody knew, he, she, it, they, hit, ey, e, or we are not telling, and it seemed that nobody did. Those metas spoken to could really give no rational explanation for their presence in the city. When had anything about metas ever been rational? Is there something in particular they wanted? Sure, but most of the time it was a personal sort of thing that would not appeal to metakind as a whole. Ones geriatric relatives, while doubtless worth a king's ransom to you, are not a big draw to crime-fighting superheros and other related wannabes. Was there something very agreeable about the city from a meta point of view? Well, it did have some of the laxest power-related laws in all of the increasingly-less-centrist United States, but that could be an effect of the high meta population as much as a cause. Did they feel some strange calling to the city? No. No, they didn't. And the issue remained an intriguing but ultimately frustrating mystery. And so on August 12, 2008, in the city of Swansea, at about five o'clock in the morning, something very amazing happened. Or a series of very amazing somethings amazingly happened around something like five o'clock. Or something. The first thing was this: at precisely 4:59 a.m. twelve glowing squares appeared directly over the Alms Building, the headquarters of a semi-prominent charity, hovered for 26 seconds and then disappeared in a flash of light and an audible buzz. This was not without precedent, of course; strange unidentified lights in the sky were a pretty well-documented phenomenon with all sorts of explanations of varying believability. What made this different was that the squares appeared about twenty feet above the roof and actually warped the glass windows of the building and blackened the roof with the intense heat. Later radiation tests revealed an unhealthy number of gamma rays having been shed. Creepy. The media had all sorts of fun with it, of course, as fast as they were able, and by about 6:00 they were offering many elaborate, unconvincing explanations. This was pretty clearly Fortean phenomenon. And that was just the beginning. From 5:00 to 5:10 it rained fish. Goldfish, to be precise. Silver ones. They didn't seem to mind, and thoughtfully did not splatter on anyone. A few hours later they vanished. From 5:00 to 5:05 geometry stopped working for a small family of carnivorous mutant fungi in the subway, but nobody really noticed until several days later, when an outbreak of allergy-causing shadows on the walls resulted in a purge of all fungi and bacteria by the local vitakinetic and computer nerd, Symbiosysop. From 5:15 to 5:45 the sun turned a very unbecoming shade of puke green. From 5:20 onward the city's boundaries curved in on each other...the rest of the good ol' US of A seemed to vanish. Travel through one end of the city and you end up at the other end of the city. Pretty inconvenient. And from 5:30 to the rest of the day people were rather concerned.
  10. This is the premise. The last few months have been hectic and borderline apocalyptic. It started small enough: a yeti here, a haunted house there. Things acccelerated. Unexplainable lights in the sky. Rains of fishes. Meteor showers at all times of day. Strange animal behavior, especially in migratory creatures. Shorter days (oh, the scientists assured you they were still the same length, but...somehow they seemed to go faster). It started slow, the next big thing, but gradually people all over the world began to develop...abilities. Not many of them; maybe no more than 6,000 in all, but that's still a formidable number, and there's been a very slow but steady trickle since. Some people gained abilities straight out of comic books, shooting laser beams from their hands or eyes and flying around. Others gained intelligence beyond the capability of most men. Still others raised the dead, developed acid for blood, gained 'magical' powers...the list goes on. Science has no explanation. These things seem to happen to random people, sometimes for somewhat understandable reasons (stress, life-threatening situations) and sometimes for no discernable reason at all. The world is changing. Quickly. Too fast, some say. Specifically, the members of the Paranormal Regulation Agency, whose job it is to enforce the recently-passed Paranormal Regulation Act, requiring all American paragons of all stripes to register their abilities with the United States Government (most other countries have similar laws). Some do so willingly, detailing their powers in great depth to garner trust, even working with the PRA to help them accomplish their near-insurmountable task. Other's don't. In this game it's assumed that you're a don't. It's also assumed that you all inhabit the same general geographic area; probably a fictional city. Your powers may be mystical, cosmic, technological, whatever you want. Consult the Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Edition corebook for details, and the Paragons book for more. If you don't have Paragons, you don't really need it, but it's nice. Characters will start at PL 8. The main themes of the game will be surival, paranoia, and enterprise. You're in a world that fears you and is in awe of you in equal measure. You can easily shape the future if you dare.
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