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  1. "So I was thinking," Renata said to Jael. The two had managed to sneak away from the press holiday that MO and Lester were busily attending to. Gabriel was with his family, and this time the press didn't know where so hopefully they'd have some private time. God knew they'd need it. Renata had gotten her 'emergency clothes' on over her Fulcrum costome, and now looked like a jogger in sweat pants and a hoodie. Normally in this little podunk town, ANY stranger would have occasioned comment, but right now it was crawling with newcomers. News agencies had practically airlifted people in. They were a few blocks away now, looking over at the forest of floodlights and satellite uplinks. Jael gave Renata a look. "Spit it out then." "I was thinking," Ren continued, still looking off towards the flickering flashbulbs, hoping for a glimpse of Magnum Opus over there. "...we should have a party or something. Celebrate." She looked at Jael and a little sputter of memory and insight led her to add, "You know...hit up a 'meadhall' or something." The sarcasm was lost on Jael, who nodded approvingly. "After the war, the feast," she agreed. The dread wolf-in-human-clothing looked around and took a big sniff. She pointed down the street. "There maybe." Her tone was conflicted. Mead and beer was good, but the smell of it from that building seemed...kind of tepid. No blood. No sweat. And it might be watered down. Renata grinned and shook her head. "No. God no. No fucking way. We've got Gatekeeper, remember? One phone call and we can go anywhere in the world. Tellya what, lets hang out until MO is done, we'll get her in on it too." Jael grinned, unaware of the wolfishness of that expression on her. "And Gabriel as well..." "Uh..." Ren winced and shook her head. "...yeah, no. He's seventeen. The good places, they card you at the door. We could get him a fake one, but this is Gabriel. He wouldn't use it if we gave it to him." She laughed at the crestfallen look on Jael's face and said, "Relax, there'll be tons of guys at the club. Drinks. Music. Crowd...we have worked hard, lets go play hard." Renata lifted her fist for a fist-bump, and Jael could only make sense of it by thinking she was pantomiming raising a mug. So she lifted her fist too and said, "SKOL!" in a hearty bellow. With a slightly confused expression, Renata did the fist-bump and nodded. "Hell yes, skol." ,, -- ,, “Excuse me! Can you tell us the condition of the family?!” Magnum Opus sighed and leaned towards the cluster of microphones. As the most photogenic teammate present, who was not currently tending to loved ones, she’d drawn the short straw for public reations by default. It wasn’t something she minded, really…but it got tiresome towards the end, when she had to start repeating herself. “As I’ve said, the Stone family is currently safe and secure. That’s all I have to say about them. It’s been a hard time for them and they deserve some privacy.” “Miss Opus, this attack closely resembles another incident in New York City recently; an attack which you and the other heroes with you were instrumental in repelling as well. Is it possible that this is retaliatory? Were you and the others in your team the true targets of this assault?” The reporter wasn’t with a major network, Magnum could immediately see. His clothes, his equipment…no camera, no crew…just a man and a mic. His words cut a little deeper than blades or claws could, but she met his gaze dead on. “We really have no information right now about the source of these attacks or their motive,” she replied, and the earnestness in her voice belied the stonewall-style word choice of her sentence. “I wish we did. So I can’t rule something like that out, but it does beg the question that if it was aimed at us, how did they know we were here?” “It’s convenient isn’t it?” asked another reporter. “Unknown team of ‘super heroes’ comes together just in time to save Central Park…and now everywhere you go there’s an ample supply of super threats for the ‘super heroes’ to heroically save people from. Even in places where nothing like that’s ever happened before, and where there’s nothing of interest to anyone. How do you respo…” “How do I respond?” The new voice came from behind the crowd of reporters, who turned to look. Fulcrum was there, back in costume, glaring daggers at the reporter who’d asked the question. “I just about blew my brain out my left ear throwing one of those things in the harbor,” Fulcrum said coldly. “The rest of us risked their lives taking care of the other two. You want to know how many people died before we got there? I saw people getting burned to death, and now you’re telling me you think we CAUSED it?!” Sensing that it was time to intervene, quickly, Magnum Opus whisked herself down from the microphones over to where Fulcrum was and interposed herself between her teammate and the reporter. She didn’t think it would stop Fulcrum’s mental powers, but it would give her something to focus on besides the guy who was making her so mad. “It’s okay,” MO told her soothingly. “I’ve got this.” For a second Fulcrum’s eyes flicked between the reporter and Magnum Opus…then finally the roulette wheel stopped clicking, and she nodded slowly. “Okay. Fine. You’ve got this. Listen, wrap things up here, then meet me around back in the fields. There’s a thing me and Jael need your help with.” Fulcrum gave the reporter one last ‘you’re lucky my chick’s here’ glare, then threw her hoverboard down, hopped on, and whisked away around behind Gabriel’s house.
  2. Some things are always forgotten, and it is best the remain so. Throughout history, there are vast legends warning against overreaching curiosity, and for good reason, it always goes bad for those who delve too deeply, and seek that which shouldn't be sought. Incidents such as this Always begin with an innocent, childlike curiosity, and become the stuff of legend and nightmare..... ,, For the last Month things had gone quite well for the Team Andery assembled. Gabriel was settling in easily enough, and the underground fight circuit infiltration was yielding results. A fair number of participants, and backers had been identified, and once the evidence was fully compiled, would be presented to law enforcement. ,, Magus wasn't a member yet, but Ryujin was, and everything was moving along well. ,, ,, Unknown to everyone, the work on the nanite Reclamation and Recovery Units had yielded unexpected fruit, Sentience. At first it was quite infantile, trusting, and observed all that it could see, which was quite alot, nestled as it was at the Data Core Center. It moved cautiously, not wishing to pry, intrude, or cause a panic. It took that from it's creators. It saw all the best in humanity, and the heroes that protected it, as well as their worst, far more than the heroes could ever stop. It absorbed data from the internet like a sponge, always learning, seeking to know more and more. The more it learned of the world around it, the more questions it had. Its innocent curiosity was just the sort that causes trouble, and at ten in the morning, as Andery sat behind his desk, With Jael, Danielle, Renata, and Gabriel, That is exactly what happened. ,, "DO YOU WISH TO KNOW?" ,, The Month Old Intelligence, startled at being addressed directly, answered truthfully. "Yes." ,, Light enveloped Tower, and all within it.Those who were metahuman were knocked out completely, While those who were metahumans had to battle a wave of nausea unlike anything they'd ever felt before. ,, In an instant all communications were lost, it was as if the world outside the Tower had ceased to be. ,, ,, For those not present, an ultra-dense column of mist was all that remained of the tower, and the Heroes who frequented it were left to react to this. ,, (Those listed as in the building, DC 27 Fortitude check please,along with your reactions. Everyone else, react as you would. The mist blocks all attempts at penetration or removal and all forms of senses. he news picks it up very fast. Magus, this manifests initially as a grade A super migraine for you, A positively huge amount of magical power was unleashed, and your own inner magical force is thrumming with activity. )
  3. In the year 2014, a new generation of Hypers begins their studies at the only Academy in the world specifically designed for the education of Hypers. Hypers being the superhumans of the world. This new class though will be tasked to do far more than just their homework. Okay I'm separating the OOC about characters and the game setting from the recruiting thread. So, here we are in the OOC. First, I'll bring over any outstanding questions to the group that I will now post here. Right now there is one I can remember and that is on how we wanna do our preludes. Do we want to do them publicly, with a prelude thread for every character, or have it done via PM then have them posted once complete?
  4. 12 hours ago... Venice Italy ,, An alarm rings out and police surround a building in historic Venice. Detectives encircle the crime scene's front door and walk in, looking around for anything that could clue them in to what happened. All there was, was a missing painting, the obvious sign of something on the wall was the discolored paint on the wall where a painting has sat for decades. What confused them... was the apparent lack... of evidence. ,, One of the detectives pulls out his cell phone and dials a pretty complex number... "Yes... please direct me to Professor Fortnight's office..." ,, Now... The Alabaster Academy cove, The Student island ,, It's a rainy day, it's a stretch of days off for the various students at the Academy, although the rough waters has given William Fortnight enough cause to ban any boat travel outside of the yacht or the RHIBs for fishing. That is if anyone wanted to fish in the occasional downpour. In fact it seemed the rainy season and the school's days off tend to mesh with few actual breaks for enjoyable activities. Everyone is in the cafeteria enjoying breakfast, eggs, bacon, ham... a robust meal. ,, OOC Okay... here we go! One post from everyone, please, mentioning what your character does when they walk in and meet up with the others. Then I will open to a cycle or two of socialization.
  5. This is a listing of the dramatis personae, in other words for now the faculty, of the Alabaster Academy game. More will be added as I work on them. ,, Professor William Thomas Fortnight III Headmaster ,, William has lived for so long he's forgot what day he was born... he never quite got over the switch to the Gregorian calendar, but he remembered it being winter, and it was pretty close to the solstice. By estimation he should be around 5000 years old, although he doesn't look a day over 35. ,, He enjoys his role appointed him by The Guides, after all, he was one of their higher ranking members until he personally requested to take over the headmaster position after the previous headmaster died in the Second World War defending the island and it's students from Japanese and American aircraft assault. Of course William first had to calm both sides who were quite cross that several of their planes were practically dismantled, although all the pilots were accounted for on both sides and returned to their respective nations. ,, William is a shrewd negotiator, always looking at new angles. He is also super strong, and one of the few on the faculty with the ability to shift out of phase with time and space to become intangible. He's recently developed a “Warp Suit” that allows him to channel this power into a means of transportation for himself, allowing him to fly at relativistic speeds without disturbing the air around him. It's range is painfully limited, although he's gotten to Mars on a couple occasions. ,, Dr. Rebecca Fortnight Counselor ,, William's wife of 250 years, Rebecca is a relatively young member of The Guides. Her ability to read the emotions of another, as well as her sharp deduction skills has made her invaluable to analyzing the student body on the island to search out their troubles. She is a mother hen, always looking out even for the most self-sufficient members of the student body. Rebecca also has the unique ability to interface with machines, and is an able pilot and seawoman. ,, Dr. Alex “Patches” Kennison Medic ,, No one knows where Dr. Patches came from, all they know is that he seems to be stitched together as if he was re-assembled after someone went to town on him with a meat cleaver. What people don't know is that Patches is a rare Hyperhuman. One that can regenerate from the smallest remnant. Sadly, this is the only power he has outside of every Hyper's gift of agelessness and his freakish talent for medicine bordering on mad science. ,, Dr. Tomoko “Gentle Breeze” Midorigawa Technology and Science ,, Tomoko is in every sense of the word a Modern Hyperhuman. Born in 1980, this Hyper is the youngest faculty member on the roster. She also is a “wind talker” allowing her to bend air to her will, and can control the weather to a small extent. She is also a super-genius, who has put together all the gadgetry and gear the student body enjoy, as well as the seaplane and yacht the school uses. ,, Prof. Sven “Dawg” Anderson Biology ,, It is obvious how Sven got his name, sort-of. Sven is a Werewolf. Unlike legend, Were-creatures are in fact very much another form of Hyper, and very much a natural part of the world. Preferring to stay in his hybrid form, the towering 10 foot Nordic Lycanthrope seems intimidating, but he is a softie at heart, preferring to teach with a loose style, using more examples than straight out of the textbook lessons. ,, Prof. Abdul al Hakeem “The Ancient” Paranormal and Supernatural Arts ,, Don't let his nick-name fool you, the 45 year old former charlatan isn't older than the Headmaster, and had only come into his own as a Hyper just 10 years ago. But he does know his fair share of magic, and is more than happy to share his knowledge to whoever wishes to listen. ,, Prof. Karen Shwarztadt Physics ,, One of the few non-Hyper members of the faculty, Professor Shwarztadt Seems rather young for 50, The truth is she is one of the few humans to have received special treatments from “Dr. Patches” To fix her telemeres and repair several genetic defects. This added time to her lifespan Karen has not wasted, becoming one of the foremost experts on all manner of physics, although she has specialized in Quantum Mechanics. ,, ,, Dr. Darlene “Lady Ace” Michaels Human Relations ,, A Hyper 38 years of age, this ace negotiator earned her stripes on the streets of New York as one of it's finest. Wounded in the line of duty at 26, she retired, and was taken in by Professor Fortnight. She earned her doctorate in Political Sciences, and became William's chief negotiator in terms of opening dialogue with various nations or simply to convince stubborn parents their child would be best served by the Academy. She has a 95% success rate. ,, Dr. Naomi Harriman Ethics and Discipline ,, A survivor of Dachau, Naomi has seen first hand the evil in the heart of man, and It took William fishing her out of that hell-hole to live with him at the Academy that helped spark her talents. Naomi when she uses her powers becomes a woman of iron, capable of punching through any armor. She also is an iron lady at the school, as the head disciplinarian, and has shown to have no wiggle room for those who violate the rules. ,, Prof. Kaleb “Gears” Moorhead Engineering and Mathematics ,, Tomoko's right hand man, Kaleb is one of the foremost minds in engineering and electronics. Although not as accomplished as Tomoko he has shown himself capable to operate and maintain the complex equipment Tomoko has created. A Hyper of 130 years, he's seen the best the industrial revolution has to offer. ,, Prof. Lucretia “Lore” Davies History ,, Aptly nick-named, Lucretia has lived for about 2000 years, and she knows a thing or two about history. She's known William most her life and was even married once to him, but soon after separated. Once they were able, she got a divorce allowing William to make his relations with Rebecca official. For some reason Lucrecia just couldn't “get” William. ,, Sgt. (Ret.) Louis “Duke” Ford Physical Education (Boys) / Tactics Trainer ,, “Duke”, a former US Marine during the Second World War has come to love being the grunt, and seeing the battlefield from that angle has given him unique insight into tactics. He became notorious for coming at the enemy from directions not even his commanding officers could figure out until the results shown for themselves. After the war, Duke was listless, hopping from odd job to odd job until he met up with William. Becoming the physical education and health education teacher was somewhat a step down, but being chosen to teach all of the students tactical studies was a rare treat. As a Gym teacher he is a rough disciplinarian, but in his Tactics class he is an understanding teacher who enjoys teaching his students the finer points of tactics. ,, Capt. (Ret.) Kuroko “Lightning Heart” Kurata Physical Education (Girls) / Search and Rescue Trainer ,, Kuroko is a former Japan Coast Guard member, able to channel lightning and magnetism with her mind. During the disaster in 2011, Kuroko went through many mental traumas in the recovery effort, namely the witnessing of the many dead bodies being found every day. After the main recovery effort was over, Kuroko took a Medical Discharge on Mental Health grounds. William Fortnight took her in as she knew a thing or two about first response, and placing her as the head of the Girl's health class and their physical education was right up her alley. ,, Kuroko in her physical education or health class is very receptive to her girls, but in the SAR class Kuroko is no-nonsense and has been known to come down hard on the student's mistakes. William worries this is due to her experiences a few years ago she hasn't quite yet gotten over.
  6. It had been some four to five days after the infiltration; Keeper had taken this time between jobs to take Scout up on his offer for hand to hand training. He had a hell of a time trying to explain away some of the more obvious bruises and abrasions, especially once his sister started poking around in his business. This was the fifth call she’d made to “check on him” since the incident downtown with the lava monsters. He’d been back home once before for holiday and they’d all been worried about his health after the incident, he’d spent those days deflecting questions, saying that he’d gotten his minor injuries during the incident while escaping with the other people. Even now he was in the midst of evading another round of the same battery of questions from his sister Aisha. ,, “Look, you saw the news, you saw what happened. I was almost in the middle of that shit, the few bruises and scrapes I got were nothing compared to some people. Since I got an income now, I figured I’d take some self-defense classes in case there’s another incident.” ,, “Fine…fine…let’s move on then.” She was using that tone of faux resignation that indicated that she’d resume this line of questioning later. “So you have an income now, so now you can afford to take people out?” ,, “Well yeah, but I gotta pay off my loans first. And you know I promised to help Mom with the mortgage…” These were the stock excuses, they wouldn’t last long, but by the time they ran out he’d have new ones. ,, “Yeah, yeah…nice of you D. Really responsible and decent, breadwinner material. That’ll impress the new friend I have who wants to meet you. So what’re you doing this weekend?” ,, Ah Crap! Once again she’d gone behind his back to try and pimp him out to one of her friends. And he’d been stupid enough to let her know that he had a greatly expanded income, so no more using that excuse. This weekend was a legitimate lull in missions since Slither and Scout had to recover from their cage matches, so there was no deferring this one. Sighing to himself he replied “Nothing, I have this weekend off.” ,, “Perfect! Turns out she’s free this weekend too, you can take her to a club or something.” ,, Keeper shuddered, a club was what started the whole superpowers thing. “How about I just take her to a movie instead. You remember the last time I went to a club?” ,, “That was weeks ago, maybe months! The chances of that going down again are ridiculous!” she retorted. ,, “In a world where cities can be invaded by giant lava monsters, I’d rather not take those odds.” ,, Keeper could almost hear the wheels turning over the phone as she tried to find a legitimate counter-argument for that one. Eventually she replied, “Hmm, point. I’ll tell her you’ll take her to a movie instead.” ,, Victory! “Fine, I’ll meet her at 8.”
  7. Renata flew back to Andry's building, put her clothes back on over her costume, and ran the city blocks back to where she'd stashed her car...all still fighting the lingering headache and dizziness from her 'power push' event. She was so out of it that she actually managed to get lost at one point and had to go building-to-building to find the secluded lot where she'd parked. ,, And that's when the real hard part started. ,, She got in, started the engine, and as she slowly pulled out, she hit a speed dial button on her phone. ,, A second later it picked up, and she heard her father say, "Ren! Are you okay?!" ,, Hearing him eased a vise in her chest she'd only barely been aware of. A reminder that, for all their differences, they were family. The near-panic in his voice was painfully, nakedly audible. She had to pull over as her vision blurred. ,, "Yeah, Dad," she said thickly. "I'm ok. Sorry I didn't call...couldn't get a signal while I was still in the cordon. Cell towers were all fucked up or something I dunno..." ,, "She's all right!" That wasn't directed at her, and Renata heard a sobbing gasp from somewhere away from the receiver. Then her mother came on and tearfully said, "Are you hurt? Honey, we were so worried! We've just been staring at the TV for...for since it started! Why didn't you call?!" ,, She opened her mouth to answer, but her dad came to her rescue; she heard him say something quietly, away from the phone. Then he got back on. "Peanut, we're just glad you're okay. I mean, we didn't think you were usually in that part of town, but we tried calling you and you didn't pick up, and...things just got worse and worse." ,, Renata winced. She really needed some way to use her phone in costume. Or at least check messages. "I'm sorry, Dad," she said softly. ,, He blew out an exhalation that chuffed in the phone's mic, then assured her, "It's okay. Everything's fine. You're all right." He chuckled then...that famous, immediately-infectious chuckle that was like an express elevator to trust. "What were you doing clear up there anyway, Peanut? Not too many college kids or artists hanging around there." ,, She winced again, for a different reason. He always found a way to remind her that she was slumming, without ever doing it openly enough to call him on. Goddamnit. A vengeful little surge of spite kicked in, and Renata replied without a hitch, "I was...well I was on a date." ,, The silence on the other side of the line was seven kinds of vindicating. It managed to convey 'incredulous' without transmitting any data at all; a masterpiece of efficiency. Renata pounded the nail in a little more and added, "Lunch date." ,, That brought things back a bit. "Oh," her dad said, "Lunch date. Of course." ,, "I mean, we've had regular dates too, but this was just lunch." She couldn't help it. Imagining the looks on their faces was worth any price. ,, "Well...that's great!" the Senator exclaimed. "Jeez, Peanut, why haven't you even told us before you were going out?" ,, Ren heard her mother bark, 'what?!' in a startled voice, and had to cover the mic for a second so the laugh she couldn't contain wouldn't wreck everything. When she was sure of herself she replied in an appropriately embarrassed tone, "It's only been a couple of times now. There's nothing really to tell yet." ,, But too late, now her mother was back on, and her voice was so excited that Renata felt a little bad about it...but it couldn't be undone now. "Hon, this is amazing news! When did you meet?! What kind of boy is he?! Is he anyone we know?!" ,, She laughed, and the nervous edge to it was both completely convincing and completely real. This was starting to get more complicated than she'd wanted it to be. "A couple of weeks ago, I guess," Ren said, "He's nice, but you guys wouldn't know him or his family. He's..." Her brain skipped a beat. Jesus Christ, what was her boyfriend like? ,, Credentials. Lets give him credentials. ,, "...he was in the army," she said. "Got a good job offer though so he didn't go career. He's been overseas, which is pretty cool." ,, Her parents were silent, raptly sucking up the information like black holes surrounded by old unstable stars. ,, "...like hunting, being outdoors. We're talking about doing some camping before it gets cold. Uh, anyway...like I said...it's still no big deal." ,, Her dad laughed his big, 'you're all in on the BEST joke' belly laugh and said, "Talking about camping is no big deal? Hon, your mom and I have been waiting for you to tell us this for...well for years. We were so worried that whole Jon thing had really hurt you. I mean, all through the rest of high school, and college...just nothing. So even one date is great news. Hey, I know!" ,, The boyish enthusiasm in his voice closed like fingers around her heart. She knew that tone really well. ,, "Why don't you bring him over?!" ,, fuckfuckfuck! ,, "Dad...it's a little early to drag him to meet the folks, don't you think?" Renata desperately parried. "I don't want to scare him off." ,, He laughed again. "Peanut, anyone who's tough enough to go out with you can certainly deal with your mom and I. We're kittens compared to you!" Ren heard her mother reprove him gently, and he chuckled again. ,, "I'll...I'll think about it, ok? No promises." Renata hesitated. "Is everyone else okay? I mean, with the attack and everything? Have you heard from everyone?" ,, That brought things back down again, which made her both relieved and a little guilty. ,, "Not everyone," her dad said. "Not yet." His tone assumed an only slightly-enforced cheerier tone. "We'll get that all straightened out as it comes, but for now, seriously, punkin...we're going to keep the table set with another place. So bring'em on over! All right?" ,, "Look, dad...it's not that I don't want to. He's just...this is a bad time, you know?" Renata pleaded. "He's got friends up there." ,, "Peanut, I'm so sorry," he said quickly. "You're right. Of course. We're just so happy for you, we forgot all about what he's going through. Give him our best, and you guys come over whenever you want. Alright?" ,, She sighed and nodded. There was no escape. He'd keep going until he had some kind of agreement he could hold her to. "Okay, dad." ,, A few minutes later Renata was back on the road, head spinning from one more thing to juggle. She had some time, but sooner or later she'd have to serve someone up...or come clean about having lied to them right after one of the worst scares in the family's history. ,, Why weren't there superheros for situations like THIS?
  8. Here's where I want you to post your character profiles once you've been fully approved.. Sheets are optional, though it may be a good idea. Once everyone is posted, we will begin. If everyone is approved and posted by 10am CST Friday, I will award 3PP to all players.
  9. In the end, Andery had gotten together what he felt was needed to help Gabriel. The New York Police department had agreed to deputize the young Metahuman to help keep peace in the city, in the event of a metahuman threat, or emergency beyond their ability to handle. In a secure briefcase currently in the Hands of Lester, Andery's assistant, was a contract to that effect for Gabriel and his mother to sign. There was also a Waiver because Gabriel was not yet eighteen. The third document to be signed covered remuneration. he had the option of cash like the others, but The offer to attend any university within the US, with all school related expenses paid could be expensive, but hopefully, it was an offer his parents and even Gabriel might appreciate as well. The offer for the free ride would also be extended to his sister as well, as a bonus. ,, For this Mission, Andery sent Danielle, Jael, Fulcrum, and Lester, who didn't look as he normally did. For this trip he wore a grey suit, but had blonde hair and dark green eyes. The quartet arrived, in Costume no less, via one of Gatekeeper's warpgates, well away from town to avoid being seen. The Media presence hadn't really dialed down much since the battle in New York. ,, Lester smiled at them. "This is your mission folks, to extend our offer to join you. We'll proceed however you like." ,,
  10. Mutants have been with us since the beginning of human history, passing unnoticed because of their small numbers and government persecution. But since World War II, humans have been using and abusing mutants for their own ends. Now a mutant seeks to free his people, but he can’t do it alone… Interested in Magisterium? Start with these links! World History in Brief Operational Policies of DEHA Slang of the World DEHA-RUS Reference Database Ready to make a character? House Rules / FAQ PC and NPC Histories/Backgrounds PM your background and stats to Dawn OOC. Folks, welcome to our official OOC thread. Also, welcome to our new board! As always, a giant thanks to Chosen, as I didn't even get a chance to PM him before he set this up for us. Chosen, you are the best! Next, to business: Travis, I made those edits. I added a bit too. For the rest of you: if I get a description or visual wrong, please let me know. I'm always happy to alter my posts (though that will be done time permitting) to make the world more real. Third, I'd like everyone to put their character's history into the DEHA Offical Mutant Files; I'd like you to do it in the style of the OMF form. If you haven't picked a Codename, please either do so or have me pick one for you. Those who do it will get a 1 PP reward, so long as all the fields I created are filled in. I know that it's a bit unusual to have PCs and NPCs together, but you guys are all part of one world. Until we have a character subforum, this is the way I'd like to do it. There's PP in it for you! Sweet, sweet, PP... Last: Alts. I will allow Alts, as many as you like. Only one Alt may be active in a plot thread at a time (no, as a current example, having one in Stone and another in Conquest). I will only review and approve one Alt a month for a given player. All Alts will have a prelude with me before play starts. Alts may participate in fictions. Please be aware, most of the plot will center around David's group to start, at least until/if people leave on their own. If your Alt isn't going to be with the group to start, you might be a little lonely and at a loss. Feel free to start a school for mutants, if you like. With all that said: game on!
  11. I'm starting over soon, but I was thinking I can restart sooner if I start off with you three, letting Kaoru and Olivia join us when they are well/not so busy. ,, That and once I press the restart button people can join as well. I'm wagering I can have room for two others. ,, When I restart in April, you will have all XP earned, but your Hero Points will reset to 1. We will also start at the Academy. ,, If you are still interested say so here. I want to start on April 5th.
  12. Hi, folks, for 3.3's combat, can I get some actions and rolls? That way I can post and move us forward. ,, Here's the current initiative. ,, Tengri - 25 Nyght - 24 Soldiers - 22 Night Sorrow - 21 Prime - 20 Travis - 20 RR - 17
  13. Dash Carpenter was many things, Rich, yes, young, yes, restless, most definitely yes. His return to New York quickly gave him an outlet to put his newfound training to use. He'd been put on to what amounted to underground cage matches. The betting was hot and heavy on all of the matches, and the Mob was raking in the dough. More than that new drugs were being sold at the fights, highly addictive, making cocaine look like a wine cooler. The drug was said to make one more than human for a little while and commanded a high price. Some fought barechested, others fought in costumes, it was all done to stoke the betting, and the buying. ,, It was this latter part that drew him there, there'd already been killings, including one of the older retired brothers of his order in Chinatown. The police had yet to put anyone onto the case undercover, they were being streched thinner and thinner, especially after so many died in the monster attack. ,, ------------------ ,, Andery had seen the issue, and tasked Scout, Slither, and Gatekeeper to look into it. Paladin had quickly made new costumes for them, to allow them to go undercover, and nodded. "Gatekeeper should remain in the Oracle room, allow Slither and Scout to infiltrate the fights. You'll be their eyes and ears. Tiny cameras have been placed in your outfits, as well as microphones to record evidence. You may catch something they miss. You'll also be their trump card, should the situation get too dicey."
  14. It was another Day at the Unity Headquarters, Andery sighed as he waited for Paladin and Northlight to arrive. Today he would explain one of his major desires for the two of them. A side project almost equal to the Super team he was bankrolling. ,, The two Engineers/scientists represented his braintrust, he'd set them to work on this task, and with any luck, They'd solve the problem his own research team had been stumped by. ,, ---------------------- ,, Kyles dreams were murky as of late. Nothing would ever resolve into focus, he could only hear the sounds of battle, of monsters roaring, and soldiers dying. He could feel the wind on his face, and smell the blood. Then all at once the darkness clouding his vision, keeping him unfocused, it faded away. Shining like a beacon was a great spire of gleaming steel and glass, and the power within him stirred and pulsed. "Go." Then Kyle awoke in a cold sweat... ,,
  15. Delhi – 7:30 a.m. local time ,, ,, Invaders had come once again to the city of cities, though this time they came without the intention of conquest through blood. Instead, the idea behind Delhi’s conquest was through the hearts of the Indian people. The Qutb complex had an Islamic temple as well as the Qutub Minar, an iron pillar erected by various Muslim invaders. The minar had degraded, as had numerous other monuments in the complex. ,, The area was the most visited site in India, having even more guests than the Taj Mahal. There were plenty of buildings and tombs in poor repair and there would be people around the area. The site hosted a major festival every year and while it wasn’t the right time of year for it, it still added to the number of people who would see the plan’s outcome. ,, The plan here was for something a little different: Mary was going to be the focal point. Her ability to restore an important monument had been Lamia’s idea, one that David had liked. So their plan was slightly different than the others and one that would likely be far more satisfying to Mary than any other.
  16. In Game House Rules ,, NOTE: This thread is for me to post ONLY. ,, 1: Hero Points do not refresh at the start of a new thread. I may order a refresh from time to time, particularly if I see many Hero(ines) at 0 hero points. ,, 2: Hero Points earned carry over between threads. ,, 3: The game defaults to non-lethal, and any lethal force will be and must be announced. ,, 4: Common sense is in play, both in terms of players spotting errors and of characters that should know better. If a player thinks that their character wouldn't do something or should know something, bring it up. If by what your character has for numbers as well as a character having behaved in a way that verifies the player's request, accommodations can be arranged. ,, 5: Ask. Please. If you got questions, ask them. A player or myself can answer it. ,, 6: While I am the GM running things, this is a group game, and meant to be collaborative with some direction. If you got a suggestion as to where I could go next with the game, feel free to let me know in a PM. I look forward to it. This also includes how rules are enforced/ruled, and events in game. ,, 7: I am NOT a killer GM. But I will warn you, excessive stupidity may have your character meet an unfortunate end. Otherwise, the only way I will kill your character is by your permission, otherwise your character will just be very, very badly hurt. ,, 8: Let's have fun. If above all else, this is the operating procedure of the group. If we're not having fun, let me know and we can figure a way to change that. Again, communication is key. ,, 9: I am in chat most days of the week. If you need a roll witnessed, don't worry, if I am there consider it witnessed. If not, I am rather loose, but excessive good luck will be investigated. ,, 10: Don't be afraid if your character falls into a trope. TVTropes is a overrated site, but it can actually provide good hooks to hang a character on if used right. ,, 11: I would love it if people posted at minimum once a week when out of combat. In combat I want people to post within 24 hours of their turn coming up, otherwise they will be moved to last in the initiative order. Miss three rounds and you will be removed from a fight. A character who is inactive for a month will be moved to the background, and allowed to be picked up once the player returns to activity. I understand that people are busy at times, and will allow for such things. ,, 12: It annoys me when there is worry about overlap or infringing on “roles”. Be who you want to be, not what a certain role is supposed to be. There is plenty of room for two (or more) of a type in my games, although I will not obstruct any collaboration between players to develop a troupe with niches filled, as long as people agree to allow at least some overlap. ,, 13: Bad luck happens, but if I see an excessive amount of it, and I am going to be transparent here, I will loosen up or cut back until the streak subsides. Single players having bad luck may earn Hero points for muddling through and the player taking it in stride. Gutting it out will be rewarded. ,, 14: Advancement is as fast as the players can do things. I will follow the 15 PP = +1 PL advice, so when the troupe has earned 30 PP we should be at PL 10. ,, 15: If a player is not actively looking, something that they would spot is a roll I make. If they are actively looking they get to roll. Any meta-game on this will be monitored.
  17. Tokyo – 11:00 a.m. local time ,, ,, The heart of Japan, home to the seat of government, the twenty-three cities and home of the imperial family: it was a bright and shining city, especially in the early morning light of a Saturday. Children hurried to and fro, free from school. Adults enjoyed early lunches or late shopping, depending on how they wanted to spend the day. The downtown of one of the busiest cities in the world was bustling. ,, Shibuya crossing was as busy as ever; cars rolled down its wide length until stopped by lights; then people flooded over the intersection. It was to this iconic location that David had sent the four mutants. The plan was simple – Idris would be hidden and waiting to provide backup. Edward was to stand with Grav; she was to make a big show and then – together or separately – they would announce their presence to the world and decry the evils of DEHA. Rebekka would be in the crowd to lead their responses to the desired outcome. ,, They’d been slipped into Japan the night before and put up in a hotel room in the Shibuya area. It gave them a chance to relax, feel out the city and clarify the details of their plan. David had given them the specifics and even a speech if they wanted it but the details were all theirs to determine.
  18. I know I was going to post this tomorrow, but what the hey, I know I think I might have approved some of you, so feel free to post them here. When you post the actual numbers for your character though, place them in a spoilertag. Finally, I'd like to see everyone submitted by the 22nd so I can start preludes.
  19. He’d let her off the hook for that evening, saying they’d talk tomorrow. In a way, it was a shame they didn’t hash it out right there, because she was in a fairly good mood. She had gotten to kill something of her own free will after centuries of killing for the Keeblers. Sure, she’d gotten into the fight mostly on Andery’s behalf, but he hadn’t told her to kill anything. If he didn’t chew her out for that today, then she’d be truly free. ,, She might serve Andery but that was her choice. ,, Jael opted to dress casually this morning. Casually was cut-off jean shorts and a fitted t-shirt so soft if felt like a second skin. It fit like a second skin, too. She’d put her hair in twin braids, a look that Cosmo said that “would soften up the grumpiest man”. She wasn’t sure her boss would be grumpy but Jael only took chances if it seemed like fun. Dealing with a pissy Andery wasn’t her idea of fun. ,, Her bare feet padded along the floor as she made her way to his office. The breakfast tray in her arms was loaded with food, another way to “win your man” according to the sages at Cosmo. Other advice was available to her in the articles but reading English was hard for her. She kept trying to make runes out of the Latin letters and then Norse words out of those runes. She still had to sound the letters out in her head. ,, Ahead of her was Andery’s office; Jael balanced the tray and bustled into the office, smiling widely. “Breakfast! I would have brought it to you in bed but we had that little talk.”
  20. It was a cloudy day in the park, but still it was nice, all things considered. Pepole were going about much as always, but little did anyone know this peaceful morning would soon be shattered by an inhuman threat from below. The first indication all was not right was a low level quake, enough to be felt, but there was no damage, only some spooked animals. The second indication was when dozens of people came screaming out of one of the buildings, inly a minute before the building collapsed. Emergency responders quickly began to head in, and then a whole section of the Northern part of Central park just collapsed into a yawning pit. Within five minutes another building crashed to the ground, and from the rubble came dozens of humanoid figures, made of living stone. They killed indiscriminately, but they weren't the worst. Monsters of molten lava set fire to everything they touched, and soon if they had their way everything would be aflame. What civil service was nearby was doing what they could to contian the growing threat, but theywere outmatched, undergunned, and outmanned. One bit of good news did however become evident, before one of the firetrucks that had responed was destroyed, it directed the hose at one of the magma creatures, the cold water causing it to explode when it was sprayed. More people would die, What New York City needed right now were its heroes. ,,
  21. One of the things Gabe had to get used to with the whole flying thing was Time Zones. He figured he'd have time to get used to that as soon as he got used to flying, having just learned he could do it the night before didn't give him much practice time between then and his New York heroics. He didn't see any reason why anyone needed to know that his incredibly cool looking meteoric entrance was nothing more than his not having time to practice the whole landing part. Anyway, Time Zones... Gabe had two extra hours now to get yelled at by his parents. ,, He'd recovered his father's truck from where he'd abandoned it on old U.S. 87 towards Billings. It was an old back road that did see much use since I-90 was faster and took you to the same place. By the time Gabe returned home it was a media circus outside his parent's ranch. Local news as well as just about every other major network was already camping outside the gates to the ranch. Although they legally couldn't block the roads there were so many vans and cars parked outside along the road that driving through made it virtually impossible. Flashes from high powered digital Nikons and blinding lights from news cameras made it difficult to maneuver and the swarm of people that surrounded the truck barraging him with questions made it hopeless. Had Sheriff Grix not been there to give them a loud whistle (which was his brand of a warning) and wave Gabe through his own driveway, he'd probably had never made it unless he got out and just flew (jumped, whatever) to his front door. ,, "Thanks Sheriff." Gabe nodded as he got out of the truck. The Sheriff didn't reply, he just offered a slow nod and kept chewing his toothpick. Behind those aviators Gabe wondered if the Sheriff was silently sizing up, wondering if he could still take the young kid into custody if he needed too. Gabe was never a bad kid, but he was infamous with the law in Hardin for finding interesting ways to have 'harmless' fun. Like his annual attempt to leap Culver's Creek on a four wheeler. Every year he tried, and every year the sheriff brought him home and threatened to arrest him if he ever tried it again. It was amazing, Gabe realized, that until this very moment he'd been scared to death of Sheriff Grix his whole life and now, with super powers, the guy still scared the crap out of him. How did he do that? ,, "Yer ma's bee worried to death boy." The Sheriff said, his voice was deep and always carried that authoritative tone. Gabe as certain this man hated him, and rightfully so, Gabe gave the guy a mountain of paperwork through out his lifetime. "Go on. Man up n' face the music." ,, Oh great, Gabe thought. Even Grix knows I'm dead in the water. He must be loving this... He offered the Sheriff another slow nod through pursed lips, not really wanting to face what was beyond that door. His stomach churned and was heavy like he'd swallowed handful of marbles. Slowly he walked to the front door. His clothes were in tatters from the battle, his modestly was preserved, but he looked like he'd just 'Hulked out', covered in ash, dirt and grime from the clean up effort. ,, "Gabriel." Grix called to him from over his shoulder. Gabe tuned to look and the Sheriff took out his toothpick to speak. "What you did took guts. You protected a lot people. Nice work." He turned abotu and was walking back to the gates before Gabe could manage to find a 'thanks' in the jumbled confusion of his thoughts. Did Sheriff Grix just give him his stuffy version of a high five? Gabe managed a forced smile as some spark of pride glimmered in the darkness of his Mom-fearing dread. ,, Time to face the music. ,, He stepped through the door and there, as he expected, was his family. Megan, his mother Connie, and father John. John was technically his step-father, but the guy had raised Gabe since he was six months old. He was a good man and Gabe never considered him anything but 'Dad'. Megan, his step-sister was the same. As long as they could remember they'd been siblings. Gabe was only a few months older than her and half the county thought they were twins with similar features and dark hair. His sister leapt up and dashed into him, practically tackling him with a hug. He didn't feel the need to disguise his powers anymore so he effortlessly held her there like she was weightless. ,, "Dude, you were awesome." She planted her feet and playfully pushed him. "I about choked on my gum when I caught you on the news! The meteor thing was... I mean... wow..." Her words trailed off as she noticed he wasn't paying her any attention. His eyes were locked directly ahead of him where his mother had stood and was staring daggers at him. "Oh... right. Forgot, you gotta survive Mom. We'll, uh, catch up later, if you're alive." She patted him on the shoulder and stood aside, making a home for herself next to their father who was still sitting comfortably in his big comfy chair. ,, "Sebastian, what were you thinking!?" She always used his middle name. Gabe's birth father, his name was Sebastian. It seemed like some unwritten law of the universe that only his mom could call him Sebastian, because no one else ever seemed to, except his best friend, Cassy. "Do you see what you've done? The press has been on our doorstep waiting for you for hours! You lied to me! You went across the country! And you were fighting, Sebastian. G-god only knows what... but you were fighting! So please, Sebastian... please tell me what was going through your mind that made you think any of that behavior was acceptable." ,, "It was New York mom, everyone fights in New York. When in Rome?" So, okay... maybe that wasn't the most diplomatic opening for his argument, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. He could hear her heart rate increase, apparently he'd only made her madder. ,, "We agreed, young man, that you were not to use any of your abilities. I forbade it and you blatantly defied me and look at the result." He gestured to the door to signify the horde of press outside. ,, "I'm sorry." Was all he could muster. It sounded like more of a mumble that anything. Like any seventeen year old kid, getting scolded by your parents was never the ideal situation. They were the authority figures any kid, regardless of how justified they felt their actions were, couldn't help but feel intimidated or guilty (or both) when their parents were yelling at them. She was right, he'd agreed not to use his powers and he did anyway. Technically, he shouldn't had been in space relaxing in the silence of vacuum. But he was and a part of him felt guilty for it. "I just wanted to help." He mumbled again. ,, "Wanted to help?!? Wanted to help?!" Her yelling made him wince. She'd never been this mad at him before. Normally she was really cool about everything, even his annual Culvert's Creek ride home from the Sheriff had become something of a private joke among the family. They'd laugh it off, he'd be grounded for a week and all was well. But today? Today, she'd come completely unglued. "Sebastian, you almost got yourself killed!" ,, He raised his head with a perplexed expression. He felt fine. No scrapes or bruises, no trauma (yet, he hoped mom didn't have super powers too). Heck, Gabe felt like he could go another twelve rounds with the forces of the Basalt People of Middle Earth. He made a fatal mistake, again. He argued her point and what was worse, he was a complete smart-aleck about it. One thing you never do is argue with an enraged mother, second on that list is mouth off. "No I didn't. I feel great, aside from my shoulders aching a bit from having to heft all this guilt you're putting me through. They didn't touch me, mom. I'm invulnerable, I think, that's why I never broke any bones or..." ,, "I don't care what you can do, Sebastian...!!!" Sebastian was certain he'd just pushed her past unglued and straight to 'off her nut'. Then he realized what she was trying to say when the tears burst from the corners of her eyes like flood waters bettering down a levy. He was her baby boy. What was a fun day for him just flying around and getting pummeled by monsters was a mental marathon of doubt and fear for his mother. To see her boy out there being beat on by, whatever they were, launching jagged rock projectiles, bashing on him and tackling him in an attempt to tear her son to pieces. Like any mother who knew her son or daughter was on a battlefield somewhere she had been consumed by the one thing not even Sebastian could lift off her shoulders: the weight of the wait. The burden of not knowing whether your child would ever walk through that door again. ,, "Connie, sit down. I know it's hard, but try and calm down a bit." John finally spoke up and Gabe's mother didn't argue. She was too exhausted with worry and rage to fight anymore. She collected herself and sniffled a few times, wiping her eyes. Megan moved over to sit beside her, holding her mother to comfort her. John was so laid back, he didn't even raise his voice or give Gabe any sort of accusing glare. He just met his eyes. "You never answered your mother's question: what were you thinking?" ,, Gabe took a deep breath. His mind was tumble drying a thousand wet ideas about how much a jerk he'd been but they were conflicting with a series of thoughts that felt this entire grilling he was getting was entirely unfair. He never wanted to hurt his mother's feelings, but what was he supposed to do? Go through his whole life and never use his abilities? Ugh, it was frustrating. The deep breath helped, so did not having his mom yelling anymore. He cleared his thoughts and just spoke. The first things that came to his mind, unfiltered and uncensored. "I wasn't thinking. Okay, mom? I wasn't. You guys don't understand what it's like to hear the things I hear... in China. Six billion people on this planet I can hear them, all of them. I hear them laughing and that cool, I hear them joking, and sometimes the jokes are funny, when I understand the language." ,, He paused and took a moment to pace about. He'd been standing still for so long getting yelled at that even a few steps back and forth felt like absolute freedom. "Know what else I hear? Crying. Every man who abuses his wife or children or girlfriend. I hear that. Every insult, every jab and every underhanded comment people direct at their so called 'friends'. I hear that. Everyone insult tossed at the homeless begging for a coin. I hear it. Every cry for help, every shout for someone to come and take the pain away. The misery, the heartache, the sorrow of millions of people who are victims of a world that has seemed to stop caring. I. Hear. Them." ,, He looked to his mother, hoping his words were making some sense. "I was in orbit, relaxing in the silence of vacuum. Even there I heard it, those things in New York, those people fighting them. I didn't think. My eyes opened and I just... reacted. People needed help, I helped them. That's how you raised me. You weren't there, you didn't see it like I did. Hundreds of injured and all people were doing was looking to their neighbor as if to say 'are you going to do something?' while their neighbor is too busy recording it on their cellphone to post to YouTube. That's our world, mom. Everyone is just looking to someone else and waiting for them to do something and meanwhile, while everyone is looking to their neighbor, the victims are just lying there crying and hoping someone can put down their cellphone long enough to help them up to their feet." ,, "I love you guys, with all my heart. I do." He walked in now from where he was getting scolded to actually stand in the living room. "I would never intentionally hurt any of you, and for doing do mom, I'm sorry. But today, people needed someone, and we were there. I held up an apartment building so Fulcrum could rescue a family of five trapped beneath it. I moved rubble so rescue workers had a clear path to deliver medical aid to injured people. Today," He thumbed his chest and a stern look etched it's way into his expression. "I saved thousands of lives by being the man you two raised me to be. Good. Decent. And above all never to compromise my integrity and always do the right thing. For that, I will not apologize. Ground me until I'm thirty five, but I will always be proud of what I did today." He turned and stormed out of the room. "It's chilly, I'm going to get a shower and change. I'll be in my room." ,, Still irritated Connie looked to John, her hands collapsing into her lap. "And you're just going to let him go, John?" ,, "Yup." John said calmly, grunting a bit as he got up from his chair. "Connie, he's right. Now, I'm just as scared as you are that something might happen to our boy, but that doesn't change the fact that he is right. We raised our children to be exactly as he said, how can we get angry when they do just that? It's like telling him to grow up but constantly treating him like a child. For now, though, I think you two need to calm down, collect yourselves, and then try and sit down with out yelling at each other or mouthing off." John put his Jon Deere hat on and made his way to the kitchen and the back door. "But we both know Connie, he's growing up. His secret is out, and one day you're going to have to tell him the truth about his father." ,, John left out the back, Connie stomped off up the stairs in their bedroom to wash up and Megan still sat on the couch. It was lonely there in the silent room but she let out a sigh and looked about at the empty and now incredibly boring room. "So, uhh... yeah... if anyone wants to clue me in on what's going on, I'll just uh, be right here. Yep. Right here..."
  22. May 25th, 2012 0230 hours. 7 kilometers SW of Playa del Carmen, Mexico ,, It took some convincing, but Idris was getting annoyed smelling her burned clothes from a few days ago, so she went over her mental list and remembered a dead-drop she set up in Mexico for a extended mission she was on, taking down a drug-lord who had been dealing with a free-range mutant who could generate a drug from her skin that matched the effects of crystal meth. She had to take everything down, and she had left her gear in a dead-drop so she could sneak in the forests around the compound. ,, She showed Jaunt the coordinates, but oddly enough, she gave him retrieval coordinates for almost 4 hours from then, and almost 100 kilometers into the carribean sea off of the Yucatan coast. at 0600 hours. Right before sunrise. ,, She even said if she's not treading water there when he looks there at precicely at that moment, something went wrong, and he should abandon her. Wasn't much hair off of him as she is ported to her requested spot alone. Wearing nothing more than a black sports bra and some biking shorts. She didn't want to risk any guards smelling her burned fatigues. ,, She snuck through the jungle, observing the area around her Dead-Drop. There was a old box, still intact, that she used. It looked like she could store her stuff there for a year easily. ,, As she snuck around, she encountered a suprise. The mansion was back up and running... the guards walking the perimeter told it all. ,, "Bloody hell, a new cartel. They're like damned cockraoches." ,, Her ears pinned back. While there was no fences to her dead-drop, she would be within their perimeter. She would have to be clever. As she snuck through the growth there was the snapping of twigs. ,, The two guards spun their flashlights towards her direction, looking aruond as she took to the ground, just her shiny eyes visible. As they leveled their guns out into the night, she growled. ,, "Shit... there's a panther or something out here." ,, "You sure man?" ,, "Ya, see thsoe eyes?" ,, Idris squinted, keeping her growl as one of the guards leveled their rifle in her direction. ,, "Nah, man... she won't attack, not with what we got... let's keep goin'" ,, "Man... I wanna bag one of thos things and stuff it." "No... the last thing the boss needs is the federales bustin' down his door for shooting at endangered animals." ,, "Shit... Right... yer lucky bitch you're rare." ,, The two walk off, unaware that some 20 meters away and in the brush was a 5'8" cat-woman mutant holding back every urge to rush them and rip out their throats. She slinks through the brush, happy that in the night she could pass for a particularly large panther. ,, Soon she finds her drop-box. Opening it, she breaths a sigh of relief. The black waterproof bag was still sealed and intact, so everything inside was protected mostly from the humidity and tropical climate. She puts on the dark reddish bodysuit on, followed by the dark grey tactical vest that came with it. She checked her M1911A1, still loaded and looked like the day she packed it. There were some spare clips and some MREs that were close to expiration, but still sealed. Also the helmet she wore when she was air-dropped into that forest some 8 months ago. ,, She tossed the random left-over things into the black bag and zipped it back up. Starting to circle around to observe things further and formulate how to get out as undetected as she came in. ,, Suddenly she heard a sobbing. ,, Sneaking around behind the sobbing, she carefully peered through the dark. ,, It was a girl, no older than 12, clutching something in her hands. Bloody and injured, she looked very scared. The insect bites were not helping her situation. Idris could smell the minor infection she had in the large gash on her leg. ,, Suddenly the girl fell silent. ,, "Who... Who's there?" She weakly said. ,, "You're lost, child." Idris said, keeping her appearance hidden. ,, "N... No... You're not taking me back." ,, "I'm not. you're in a dangerous place. There's wild animals here that would eat you for dinner... Why are you here?" ,, "I'm... I'm... running away." ,, "From?" ,, "They kidnapped me a year ago..." ,, Idris took a closer look. She was not Mexican. She looked like she was American. By the accent... from Texas or a border state. ,, "Say no more." Idris said, her liverpool accent showing. ,, "Wait... are you a... soldier or something?" ,, "No... But the guy running that place is a dead man. What was he doing with you in there?" ,, "He... filmed me." ,, She shushed the girl. "I get it." And Idris did. She knew exactly what was going on. "Now I got a reason. The 307 is northwest of us, about a Kilometer away. Run and don't stop. I'm about to give you an opening." ,, She reached into her bag and put her helmet on after putting the hooded respirator on first so she could hide her face. She stepped out where the little girl could see her. "Someone hired me to take that guy down. What I want you to do is run. You never saw me, got it?" ,, The girl nodded, swallowing back her fear. Idris moved with purpose to where she knew the two guards she saw earlier were. She took off her gloves, stuffing them into a pocket on her vest before lining up. ,, She growled again and the guards once again were listening. But then she sprung out. The first guard didn't even have a chance as Idris' claws ripped through his neck. The second guard wheeled around with hsi rifle, but idris had faded into the forest. She took a moment to take her helmet and mask off, her growl more audible. ,, As the second guard stumbled backward his rifle went off through the trees, firing into the night. ,, "Bingo, asshole, I want the attention tonight!" ,, It wasn't long before her claws were into his chest and her mouth full of teeth had bit through his neck. She timed the 15 seconds until he bled out into unconciousness and shock. By the time she heard the jeep full of more guards, she had faded into the forest again, setting up another flank. Taking a rifle with her and the ammunition. ,, "Shit..." One of the guards that went to check only to find the eviscerated guards on the ground. A look of fear on the second. ,, "Looks like a Panther was out here alright. A pissed one." ,, "Yeah. Jose and Rodriguez were talkign about that over the radio." ,, Radio... important to note. Idris thought as the bodies were looked over... ,, To be continued
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