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Found 8 results

  1. February 13, 2012, 11:30 p.m. “You’re gonna lose your shirt,” August threatened as they cleared the dishes from the late dinner. Her internship had her keeping odd hours, and fitting her workouts around the demands of her last semester was always interesting. “You say that every week, frail,” Declan chided her as he started to run the water for the dishes. “And yet, I always get my fill of the peanuts.” “This time will be different,” the woman insisted, shoving the sleeves of her shirt up her arms. The spaghetti and meatballs were long gone; August tried to make enough for leftovers, but every time they had a post-training dinner, Declan ate every scrap. “Washing or drying?” “Washin’,” he said and plunged his hands into the water. “I made it hot.” “You always make it hot,” August snorted as she grabbed a towel. A second later she blushed, then blushed harder as the werewolf unleashed one of his slow sexy chuckles. “Hey, you wanna get spanked, I have no problem delivering,” he told her, automatically washing the dish in his hands. He rinsed and handed the steaming plate to her, adding, “In poker or anything else.” August flushed again, taking the plate and drying it. “Not this time,” she vowed. “I’m winning tonight.” “Well, better hurry up and get to it then,” Declan said, doubling the speed of his dish-washing. They kept of the light banter as they cleaned the kitchen and wiped the table. Then Declan went to get the cards while August located the peanut tin. When the werewolf came into the kitchen, August was holding the tin and frowning. “We have a problem,” she said. “What’s that?” he asked, about two seconds before he remembered having a craving for nuts a couple of days ago. “No peanuts.” “No, three peanuts,” she said, smirking a little. “You ate all but three? Really? And put the tin back with three peanuts in it?” “I only ate what I wanted,” he defended sheepishly, racking his brain for appropriate stakes. August was thinking, too, but her mind was going somewhere different. “Alright,” she said, then drew a deep breath. “Strip poker it is, then.” She colored at the look he gave her and said faintly, “Unless you have a better idea? I mean, with two people, it’s gonna be a short game…” She rather hoped he didn't think of anything better. Tomorrow was Valentines, and being alone on that day was really pathetic. Sure, she, Oneca, Araida and Kaitlin would go picking up men, but that wasn’t the same. August didn’t want to pick up strange men for meaningless sex. She’d rather have meaningless sex with Declan. Hell, she’d rather have sex with Declan altogether. She knew it. He knew it. Only that little sliver of doubt was holding her back and on the eve of Valentine's Day, it wasn't enough to stop her.
  2. Moira's tolerance for cold could only stand for so long. She was immune to the ill effects of the cold due to a mixture of Olympian genes, that didn't mean she had to like it! Still, she was stuck here in New York... or was she? She remembered Puck telling her about his yacht that could go anywhere. She mused about somewhere warm. Her, Puck and Darrik on a whirlwind tour of anywhere but here. Reaching for her phone, she dragged both her new friend and her half-brother into the conversation and dialed.
  3. Things were quiet in engineering. Rebecca was studying the functions of the D-Drive that Yomiko's mother, Sakurako constructed. It's designs seemed similar to what she was seeing in early D-Drive prototypes her father was developing, but no prototype schematic looked like this. She made sure not to upset the zero-point generator's fragile equalibrium. The D-Drive and the reactor fed off of what would best be described as a paradox of existance. Somehow a stable, safe singularity forms when the D-Drive interacts with the dimensional tuners... Rebecca was shocked she could figure this out. The technology was way more advanced than she dreamed. It was a good choice to ask to come along. Rebecca wasn't a combat pilot at heart, she was a test pilot. An Engineer. "This ship just keeps in giving us suprises, right Tetsuko?" The android Tetsuko was still getting used to life at human scale. She happily cleaned the floors in Engineering, they sorely needed it. "It is a fine ship... odd someone with this technology just left it to their daughter." "There'll be time for questions once we get to..." A slamming lurch shakes the ship and Rebecca and Tetsuko slam into one of the bulkheads. Luckily the impact cushions activated before collision. "Damn... airbags too..." Warning klaxons start ripping through the halls as Rebecca looks at the console to the main drive. "Shit... crap..." She hits a com-link icon on the console. "Uh... guys... The computer just registered a... uh... "Class Omega Anomaly" and it is advising all crew abandon ship..." = The Bridge = Yomiko decided to watch the calming effect of the eddies of time and space surge past the hull of her ship. She was eating lunch with Daniel when the ship shuttered. "What... what do you mean abandon ship?!?" Yomiko looked at her bridge display and the same warning was coming up. "Shit... no that's not good. A Class Omega Anomaly puts off a fatal amount of temporal flux. This ship is about to jump through a crack in time and space and it'll kill us in the process if we're on board." "Rebecca... this ship has automated homing system. Once it jumps into time, it'll search out the first escape pod signal it can find. Get to the escape pod deck with Tetsuko." She adjusts her coat. "Damnit... there goes our vacation." Yomiko was strangely calm for the imminent disaster bearing down on them.
  4. The Hikari Maru had come to rest on a beach near where Yokohama harbor would be, but all that was here was trees, warm beaches, and sand, and crabs. The orange and black body of the Hikari Maru rested comfortably on the beach as the front flap is unzipped all by itself, and a door behind it opens. Out stepping from the odd contraption was The Professor, wearing a yellow sundress, a wide-brimmed hat, and a beach umbrella under one arm and a innertube under the other. She also had a very large backpack on, one you would suspect for some sort of multi-day hike. Although The Professor was using it for carrying the gear for the base camp. She sets the pack down once she sees a nice flat stretch of beach and starts to unpack, after setting her umbrella into the sand and deploying it. It had sewed-in solar panels on the portion facing the sun, and she attached a battery to the umbrella shaft, after hooking up a device that looked like a surge protector into the shaft. She then pulled out a white packet that looked like it took up a third of the pack. She hooked a cord form the packet to the surge protector and hit a switch on the packet. The sound of a motor was heard as the packet expanded slowly. She playfully takes her pink innertube, and wears it around her waist and kicks her shoes off. Playfully, she runs up to the shorline and lets the water rush over her feet. "Well, the shelter should be fully deployed in ten minutes, and the battery should be charged for a night's worth of use by sunset." She turns to the ship disguised as a life raft and waves to it. "C'mon you guys! I owe you this little vacation! It looks safe to me!"
  5. Time Frame: April Participants: Sin Eater, White Rain, any Terat PC's who wish to be present Location: Sin Eater's Sanctum, somewhere deep under the earth Sense the last time Sin Eater left Chrysalis, she had found and worked at creating a place somewhere deep under the earth, miles and miles as far as anyone could be sure, enough that heat and moisture in the place that it was quite unusual, the cave complex was quite huge, with water and massive crystal formations, but little in the way of light, except that produced by the nova's within. Generally, that didn't bother many of the inhabitants, members of the harvesters who followed Sin Eater's lead, into a different kind of monster then those who followed Leviathan or the Apothecary's lead. There were three rules for the inhabitants.. Rule One, no hiding one's body from view, all appearance and flesh must be visible to all, that the glory and horror of each member of the one race might be enjoyed by all, eufiber was worn, but not to cover only to display. Rule Two, terat's only, no one else was welcome, Rule Three, Sin Eater's word was law. Unlike Levathan's crew who had a certain distaste for the beautiful, there was both beauty and horror here, Sin Eater had a broader then definition of what a monster was then the narrow view of some others, and she nurtured both, a good number of terats lived here. The largest part of the cave complex was where the Demon Queen held court, so to speak, and there were often beings she had summoned with her powers, demons and monsters who served her will within. Many spoke of this place as the hidden city, or the City of Sin, sense anything was allowed and explored, as long as it didn't interfere with another evolution along the path of teras. Light was gained here though terat's with the glow aberration or biolumescence power, while there were tools on occasion, it was encouraged that one rely on powers and so there were no mechanical lights or electricity here.. The grand cathedral was the place where Sin Eater herself was when she was here, a huge expansive cave within the complex, adjacent to a steaming underwater lake, a hot spring to make hot springs envious, great crystal formations gleamed with the light of glowing and biolumescent nova's as Meena entered this part of the complex, and extended her invitation to Chang, sending nova warper to open the way for her.
  6. Continued from Acts of Desperation Darrik rolled back up and radiated desire from his expression facing towards Puck and Infinity. "The dance was amazing, I agree. But I think we can top that here, can't we?" Now his voice was the Deadly Sin of Lust itself, his shirt already was melting downward- and when one hand began touching Infinity's thigh, the other sliding under Puck's shirt to feel his abdominal muscles... well, what Puck had been doing seemed like child's play. Infinity moaned at the trail of fingers up her thigh. “Oh, wow,” she murmured, managing to not call out to Mal. Pushing herself up on one elbow, she leaned over the reclined beauty and kissed him, giving permission by their privacy. Their tongues mingled in an exquisite dance, both of the experienced novas realizing that their partners had done this before. Darrik broke the kiss to lick and nibble a kiss down Infinity’s neck; the red-eyed Terat sighed with pleasure. Her hands explored his bare skin, even as her dress began to change. The black lacey material became a pair of black underwear with a matching bra. The thighs that Darrik were caressing became covered with sleek hose, held in place by a garter belt. Puck’s flicker of annoyance faded rapidly in the situation. Grinning, reached over Darrik and placed a single finger on the peaked nipple of Infinity’s breast. Pleasure sizzled down her nerves and the nova bucked against Darrik, one leg rising to cover his groin. This shift moved Darrik’s fingers between her legs and he realized her panties were crotchless. “I’m gonna get you for that,” Infi breathed to Puck, even as she ground her body against Darrik’s fingers, just a little. With one hand, she plunged her fingers into his pants and, lacking the quantum method of delivering pleasure, simply used her talented fingers.
  7. Prowling his own quiet backyard or asleep by the fire, he is still only a whisker away from the wilds. ~Jean Burden (Continued from Chapter 9) All was quiet for some minutes after the heavy wooden door shut behind Renata, bar the crackle of the fire and the faint moan of the wind outside the shutters. Mari found herself focused on the boy (Boy. He's a boy, not a panther) in her arms, her small hands caressing the solid muscles through the beautiful midnight-black pelt as she rested her head against his shoulder, draping herself over his form. Ravi was rumbling softly, content and at peace with his massive head on her lap. The angelic girl was struck by how different he was, moment to moment, hour to hour. This complicated, mercurial young man with a violent dark side she'd seen several times in the last week, the raging fiend who'd killed an expert warrior-woman in the span of seconds, the boy whose fervent, delightful kisses in the movie theatre had become a stinging bite and who she'd caught tormenting another pupil with malice and rage in his gleaming eyes was the same person who made her smile with his words, who lifted her little heart simply by being around, who sauntered through the hazy minefield of high school adolescence with a bold, devil-may-care attitude that was as inspiring (in it's independance) as it was scandalous (in it's irreverence). He's all kinds of the wrong sort of boy she thought to herself with a small smile. Was that it? Was it the 'bad boy' thing Yani had talked about? Mari didn't think so. All the 'bad boys' she'd seen back home were kind of silly, posturing kids playing at being men who still jumped when their mama said 'Boo'. Ravi could stand up to the scary Ms Dorn and defy her - he probably wasn't a mama's boy. You're gonna hurt her, kitty-cat. Hector's words to Ravi came back to her then, and she felt a small chill. Until tonight, she wasn't sure she'd believed that. But Yithaja had tackled her out of Ravi's path like she knew the enraged panther would go through anyone between him and his foe. What had she said? "...when some Beast-Skinned slay their mates in unknowing rage, they end their own lives. Ravi's people are far too few to allow one to die thusly..." Would Ravi have killed her, then killed himself? Mari wasn't stupid - the creature she'd seen in the tavern (and how she wished she hadn't) was out of control, full of rage and frustration, a trapped and angered animal. "I was worried about you." she said quietly into the thick fur of his shoulder. "When you killed that woman, I was so scared they'd put you down like you had rabies. I was scared that you'd hurt us all... hurt me." She felt the panther shift position a little and clung to his neck. "Wait." she urged, feeling him still again before she continued. "I know you wouldn't want to hurt me. But that wasn't you in there... Was it?" she asked, drawing back a little and looking into the large eyes. Ravi looked back at her, the clear intelligence of his shimmering gaze a counterpoint to the madness she'd seen in the drinking hall. He sighed, a great gust of a sound, and sat up. Mari noted the wound in his side had almost disappeared now, shrinking to a scabbed cut that didn't look much larger than her hand. Ravi regarded the girl with a pensive air, the words he wanted to say dancing on the inside of his head, trapped by the form he wore. He wanted to explain, to tell her how it was to be beast and man, but this shape, so suited to many endeavours, was not very good at cross-species communication. He sighed again, blowing out the last of his defensive wariness, and feeling the urge as he relaxed some parts of his soul, he went with it and Changed. To Mari, it was as though his outline blurred, the fur receding all over the great body as it shrank. The process was as fast as it was smooth, and in a few eyeblinks it was Ravi sitting in front of her, the firelight playing over his coffee-coloured skin and turning it bronze as sparks danced golden in his green eyes. He was dirt-smudged and bloody, dried blood on his upper arm under the wound, but he was human, or at least human-shaped again. He drew Mari to him, feeling her lithe arms wrap around his neck as she gratefully hugged him back, and he buried his face in her wealth of dark hair, breathing in her scent. "I'm sorry." he murmured. "Sorry I scared you. Sorry I made you fear for me. I'm sorry I lost it like that. It was like a berserk fit... It was like the whole world slowed down and became white-hot, and my whole being just wanted to hurt the person who dared to touch you like that. It was like with Kurt, but a dozen times stronger." he sighed, his face still hidden in her hair. "But it was me, Mari. I'm not going to dodge the responsibility. I was in there, and I wanted to hurt that woman. The urge to fight for you might be stronger because of what I am, but the feelings are mine. I'm not going to try and claim 'the devil made me do it'. If Yithaja hadn't saved you... I hope that I would have been strong enough to steer myself like I did when I first Changed. Thanks to her, we didn't have to find out. I owe her." He hugged her tighter for a moment. "Please... don't do that again. If I'd hurt any of our friends I'd be mortified, but if I hurt you..." he left that hanging as he relaxed his grasp a little and straightened enough to look into her eyes. "Well... Just be careful. For me. I'm different now, and I need to learn how to control that." He glanced at his wounded shoulder and made a face. "I wish my family had told me more about being... well, what I am. Maybe there's a trick or secret to controlling the darker impulses."
  8. (This fiction contains graphic and terrible violence. If you do not have the stomach or desire to read about atrocities being commited against the helpless and defenseless, please stop here and read no further.) The old school was not what it had once been. Nestled in the Colorado Mountains it had enjoyed a rich history and reputation, well-earned, for producing well-mannered young men and women with strong educations in the arts and humanities. It had been a place of wealth and privilege. It had been a place of learning and growth. It had even been...a place of mystery. The school was none of those things now. Now it was a broken place; the litter of decades old buildings bore witness to where the school had once stood. Grass grew over the empty classrooms; weeds pushed up past tile floors. Mangled desks and chairs lay strewn about like the discarded toys of an angry titan. The athletic field was a tangle of scrub bush and mud, marked by a burned black pit that stretched twenty feet in diameter at its center. There remained only two clues to the school’s former glory. The first was the church. The big red brick building still rose tall and proud, casting a long afternoon shadow across the overgrown paths of the quad. A wall had been built around the church, twelve feet high. It was a mess of brick and rock and chunks of concrete, sloppily assembled. The cement had been poured over it liberally, like glue, and topped with crushed glass of all different sizes and colors. The entrance was nothing more than a sliver, barely wide enough for a man’s shoulders, and blocked on the other side by a filthy rusted school bus. The second clue was more telling. Dangling from the broken chain that had stretched across the archway at the end of the winding mountain road was a sign; the lettering was faded, the polished oak cracked and chipped, but it could still be read: The Trevor Dalton Academy. Inside the church building a young man sat in a high-backed black leather executive chair. But for the youth’s disparately colored eyes—the right eye brown, the left a red and gold color like fossilized amber—there was little remarkable about him. He was smooth and baby-faced, somewhat short for his age, and brown-haired. His face and limbs were well-formed, the whole of him decidedly attractive, but in such a boring and conventional way, that he might have been plucked from the pages of any Seventeen magazine. He wore blue jeans and a plain white tee shirt that was tight enough to reveal an unexceptional and modestly athletic physique. He had a good smile, bright and friendly, and the boy was smiling now. Before the youth, there lay an altar of stone. It was covered with a curtain serving as a table-cloth. Centered on the table-cloth was a paper plate, and on the plate there sat a microwaveable bean burrito—easily identifiable as such by the empty wrapper that had been carefully placed alongside it. The burrito was steaming hot. “We pray our great Lord Skyler is pleased with our offering!” The voice came from one of the twins kneeling at the altar, girls of thirteen or fourteen at most. The boy could never tell which was which. He rose from the chair and strode to the altar. He took the burrito in hand. He bit into it. “I’m very fucking pleased.” The boy announced. The girls beamed at one another and then at him, watching with broad smiles as he took another bite. “How...did you do it?” The boy asked, sucking hot cheese from the folded tortilla. “Well, it was actually pretty cool!” The twin on the left began to explain, “we steamed it,” the other twin cut in, almost seamlessly, “but it wasn’t really just steaming, it was like a...like a...” she looked at her sister “How do you say baño Maria in English?” The sister nodded her head, thinking, “like, like...a double boil, like...like heated ba--” “I guess I don’t really care.” the boy interrupted. He absently patted the twin on her head, moving past her, and praising her as one might praise a favored pet. “You did good.” He was halfway through his burrito when the air in front of him became a roiling black circle, an emptiness in space that seemed to yawn into eternity. From that utter darkness stepped a man, wearing Keds and sunglasses. The twins behind the boy mewled with terror and prostrated themselves on the ground. The man barely glanced at them, bemusedly. Then the man turned to the boy, who was looking at him expectantly, still munching the burrito. The man smiled and placed a fatherly hand on the boy’s shoulder. “We have need of your,” the man paused, thought it over, “talents.” “No shit?” The boy crammed the last of the burrito in his mouth, chewed industriously, and wiped his hand on the leg of his jeans. The boy was smiling now. “No shit.” Han agreed.
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