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Found 24 results

  1. I don't know if this will get used much, but this is to keep folks from posting stuff in the General Info thread, which I'd like to keep as more of an ongoing reference document for me, the very important GM-type person.
  2. Friday, October 28th 2011, 10:42 am. Rusty's Ranch, Thirty Minutes outside Lake City. ,, The last two weeks had been...interesting, to say the least. Finally given the chance to settle in properly, Lake City's new special deputies had clearly marked out their territory in the Clubhouse. Naomi and Sigil, freed from the constricting details of their earlier contract, were free to interact more peacefully, though it was unlikely they would ever truly be 'friends'. When he wasn't sneaking out with Val (capably covered for by Kiki, Bo and the two ECU detectives), Russ was visiting with Colby to work on his magical training; her deep knowledge of the occult and wry sense of humor made their sessions both pleasant and productive. As Halloween approached, colorful decorations appeared all over the city, and the team's HQ was no exception; with a designer's flair, Kiki made the sometimes drab old building into a homey place, complete with cardboard cut-outs of witches, vampires and skeletons, and glass bowls full of sugary treats. ,, Once everyone felt like they were finally settling into a stable groove, it was decided a visit to the team's unofficial 'training camp' was in order, so Bo and as many Exceptionals as he could wrangle squeezed into the Beast and hit the road. After about a half an hour, they exited I-94 at Summit Avenue, passing several small farms and quaint Midwestern towns before turning off onto a private gravel road. There were lots of trees on both sides, mostly maples that were aglow with the golds and reds of autumn. The air was crisp and the sky visible between the leaves somewhat cloudy. ,, At last they came to a high corrugated fence, topped with barbed wire, that disappeared off into the trees on either side; Bo pulled the Beast to a stop in front of a rolling gate covered in various 'Keep Out' and 'Private Property" signs, stopping next to a dull gray speaker mounted on a low pole. ,, "Okay", said Bo as he powered down the window of the massive Land Rover. The affable Texan turned to his passengers, his leather jacket creaking. "Rusty is a friend, but he's also kind of...well, 'tetched' is what they used to call it in the old days." He twirled his finger next to his temple. "Not full-on crazy, but plenty eccentric and let's be honest, prone to drinkin'." Bo sighed and then pointed at the females present. "Rusty's not very good with women; you might catch him lookin' at you funny, but he's too scared to do anything. Once we get out in the field, he's mostly gonna stick to himself back in his trailer." ,, The blonde mechanic reached out to press a button next to the speaker; somewhere beyond the fence, several hounds started to bay. "Just let me do all the talkin', okay?" After a few moments, a distorted voice comes out of the speaker. "-lo? Who is it?" ,, Bo cleared his throat before holding down the 'Talk' button. "Hey hey, Randy!The Bo-master is here, and he brought some friends!" ,, There was a short pause, and then the speaker blared again. "-ew XPs?" ,, The Texan nodded. "Yep, you bet." ,, There was a loud buzz, then the gate began to roll open; Bo cautiously nudged the Beast forward, following the windy gravel road into the depths of the compound. "Don't worry", he said as he shook his head. "You're gonna love this place."
  3. Sunday, October 16th, 2011, 12:03 PM. Detective Morena Colby's Studio in Wentworth. ,, From outside, the building didn't look very promising; a small former gas station off of Route 18, surrounded by chain link fencing. Russ double-checked the address Colby had given him on his phone; yep, this was the place. The witch had told him to call her cell once he'd arrived so she could come out and let him in. The surrounding neighborhood didn't look much better, no doubt due to the local glassworks shutting down in 2002; as the primary employer in the area, Wentworth Glass had supported hundreds of families, mostly of Polish descent, but when the plant went dark, so did a lot of restaurants, motels and and storefronts. The only only businesses that seemed to be thriving were small liquor and packaged goods stores, as well as a handful of strip clubs. ,, And this was where she chose to work her magic!
  4. And we are off! So the whole team can fit in the Beast with Bo, who would be the only other person in the vehicle.
  5. The young woman who called herself Valentine Malach rose on her tiptoes as she applied her lipstick. She couldn’t have said why she always did that when glossing her lips, but she did. Perhaps the elevation gave her a better image in the mirror, or more likely she was just a creature of habit. Dropping back onto the flat of her feet, Val studied herself in the mirror. Unlike most women her age, she didn’t see imagined flaws. Instead, she made minor adjustments to her hair, then bit her lip in sweet anticipation. “Damn it!” she snapped, releasing her lip and inspecting the damage. It wasn’t too bad, though she now had lipstick on her teeth. Using her finger, she rubbed away the stain. “Shit!” she muttered when she saw the clock and realized she was going to be late. ‘Traffic was bad’ was an invalid excuse when you could run as fast as she could. Of course, that would destroy her hair, which was why she had a taxi waiting for her. “Shitty shit!” she hissed as she realized the cab was probably waiting, racking up the fare as she dithered over her makeup. As she hurried—at a crawl for her—down to the waiting car, Val reflected once more that it’d be so much easier if they didn’t have to hide their relationship. They could leave together, instead of having to meet at the comedy club. It put her in a slightly sour mood as she slid into the backseat of the car and gave the cabbie the address. By the time she got to the club, she was sure Russ would be waiting. Anxiously, she paid the driver and turned, tugging her black jacket straight. As she scanned the crowd outside the door, she smoothed the red dress down over her curves. Was he here yet? Maybe he was getting their tickets. Her boots didn’t have much of a heel so she rose on her toes, trying to see over the taller people already in attendance.
  6. So this is sort of our State of the Union thread, which takes place at the end of the same week Early Bird did, which also makes it the Friday after they foiled a bank robbery on their first day as a team! Rachel can also arrive at this time.
  7. Friday, October 14th, 2011 8:25 am. Front office of 'KDP International' Detective Colby sipped her non-fat latte and sat iddy flipping through a magazine she'd grabbed off the low glass table in reception. "So let me get this straight: they still haven't chosen a superhero team name?" Behind her desk, Kiki nodded vigorously as she tore her eyes away from her Facebook page. "I know, right? I mean, you'd think that would be the first thing they'd come up with!" Sitting on the gray leather couch next to his partner, Detective Lisowski humorously sipped his black coffee like he was at a ladies' tea cicle and held up a finger.. "Ah contraire! A good team name is one of the hardest things to think up!" H set his coffee down and shook his head. "Think about it; first of all, most of the really cool names were taken years ago. Alliance? Taken! Guardians? Taken! Les Fantomes Patriotique? Taken!" And then he ticked off on his fingers. "Triple Threat, Pantheon, Interceptors, boom boom boom." He shrugged and spread his hands. "Let's face it, you've got slim pickin's after that; heck, even the New Guardians was already used!" The older policeman picked his coffee back up and shook his head again. "I do not envy these guys...and girls...mostly girls, actually." Colby frowned and pulled out her cellphone. "Speaking of which, where are the lovely ladies of the Special Deputy's Office and Russ?" Kiki waved a dismissive hand as she went back to checking the statuses of her friends. "They'll be here soon enough; Mike's been taking it easy on them this week, what with all the craziness that went down earlier this week..."
  8. Sigil Lady of Garlands, Warden of the Fey Marches, Once and Future Queen of Summer ,, PL 8/120 Abilities 30 Strength 0 Stamina 0 Agility 3 Dexterity 2 Fighting 0 Intellect 2 Awareness 4 Presence 4 Defenses 17 Dodge 8 (3 base + 5) Fortitude 5 (0 base + 5) Parry 3 (0 base + 3) Toughness 7 (0 base) Will 8 (4 base + 4) Initiative +3 Skills 11 (22) ----------------- Expertise: Arcana +8 (4 + 4 int) Expertise: Singing +7 (3 + 4 pre) Expertise: Law Enforcement +5 (1 + 4 int) (*only after getting training) Deception +10 (6 + 4 pre) Persuasion +7 (3 + 4 pre) Perception +5 (1 + 4 awe) Ranged Combat (Wand) +4 Powers ---------- Spells 25 Glamour - Illusion (Visual/Auditory, Independent, Area 2) +5, 22pp - AP Song of Spring - Perception (Sound) Area Affliction (Entranced/Compelled/Controlled,Concentration, Cumulative, Selective, Check required (Singing), Subtle 1) +4 - AP The Green Road - Teleport 2pp/rnk (Accurate +1/rnk, Extended +1/rnk, Only Extended -1/rnk, Medium -1/rnk, Increased mass 1pp) +7 - AP Swirl of Petals - Teleport (Accurate, Change Velocity, Change Orientation, Turnabout) +6, 21pp Spiraled Wand (Easily Removeable) 14pp (60% of 22pp = 13.2 rnded to 14) - Elfbolt - Ranged Damage (Accurate 1, Affects Insubstantial) +8, 18pp - AP Sleep Dart - Ranged Affliction (fatigued/exhausted/asleep, Accurate, ?) +8, 1pp - AP Disruption - Nullify (Any one magic, Perception) +6, 1pp - AP Masque of the Fool - Morph Attack (Continuous) 3, 1pp - AP Invisible Touch - Move Object (Perception) +6, 1pp 19 Ageless & Eternal - Immune to age, env cold, env heat, 3pp Unpierceable skin - Protection 7, 7pts Shielded from Sight - Invisibility (normal vision only), 4pp Faerie Sight - Super Sense (Vision - Counters Invisibility, Counters Illusion, Low Light) 5pp Mystically Sensitive - Super Sense (Mental - Magic Awareness, Extended 1) 2pp Advantages 6 --------------- Attractive 2 Animal Empathy 1 Ritualist 1 Skill Mastery: Deception 1 Taunt 1 Totals: Attributes: 30 Defenses:17 Skills: 10 Advantages: 6 Powers: 57 120/120 Experience Earned: 4 Spent: - Added Affects Insubstantial to Elfbolt (increasing array size by 1), 1pp - Increased Unpierceable Skin by 2, 2pp - Bought 2 more skill points, 1pp Complications Enemy: Octavia, Queen of Autumn and Winter, has taken power in Faerie and will act to try to keep Sigil out. Power Loss: Cold Iron - Iron nullifies any of her powers on contact. Unbreakable Oath: Cannot break an oath sworn by her name, or with her blood. Fey Lore: Has the limitations and vulnerabilities of classical fey-kind. Fish out of Water: Even when she was mortal, Sigil is from long ago...now she has no concept of technology above medieval levels.
  9. Per Mr. Hound's request, here's a dedicated OOC thread for the serial killer investigation, which is probably a good idea; we'll keep the other open for character edit discussion and the like, unless there is a ground-swell of support for locking it.
  10. Monday, October 10th 2011. 8:09 am. Lower Parker Drive. It was agreed by most of the team that taking the weekend off to recover from the stress and fatigue of dealing with the bank robbery was a good idea; the two detectives left the remaining casefiles in their care, and agreed to meet them the following Monday morning at the first crime scene. Since the team wasn't 100% comfortable driving the Beast yet, Bo cheerfully drove them out, wearing a giant pair of aviator sunglasses and a Dallas Mavericks cap. It was warm and pleasant in Lake City, though it was much cooler down by the river and below the surface street level where Lisowski (in his patented trench coat) and Colby (in her signature leather bomber) waited by their loaner prowler, sipping coffee and hovering near a large box of donuts resting on the hood of the car. Ragged police tape marked off a darkened corner nearby. Colby smiled and raised her paper cup in salute. "Morning, ladies and gents! Hope you guys enjoyed your time off."
  11. NAME: Rachel Fiore (aka Red Fury) ORIGIN: Biochemical Accident POWERS: Superstrength, Supertoughness and fast Metabolism THEME: Unstoppable Force of Nature. Physical Prowess TITLE: none yet. GENDER: Female AGE: 28 (Age indeterminable as Red Fury, but probably a very healthy mid-twenties PERSONALITY: Rachel has a somewhat dual nature ever since the accident. Her unpowered side remains the curious scientists mind and she abides by the rules and oaths she has taken. She can be even considered mousy at times, when she is deeply involved with her work. As Red Fury she is far more outgoing and direct. She revels in her powers and likes to show it off. The strength she possess makes her prone to powertrips and she has difficulties holding back when is is wiser to remain calm. POWER LEVEL: 8 APPEARANCE: Rachel is a dark-brownhaired attractive woman of half italian and half irish heritage. She has the good looks of her mother and a somewhat shrewd and sarcastic sense of humor inherited by her father. She seems to be somewhat oblivious of her looks, though. She seldom wears clothes that go beyond her usual business or work attire and her last date was when she was at college... Background: Rachel is the daughter of District Attorney Giovanni Fiore and Detective Siobhan Fiore. Both her parents have a strong sense of Justice and could be considered as good people as far as their personal backgrounds and taxpaying history is concerned. DA Fiore has the questionable reputation of being a hot-headed and stubborn DA who literally hunts down organised crime as if he was on a personal vendetta. His wife is a faithful Detective and while not as hot-headed at least as stubborn as her husband. Rachel could be considered the perfect combination of both their good traits but deep inside she also faces her inner demons which she very rarely is confronted with. Her dedication to her work and also the very passive nature of being a medical doctor who mostly deals with corpses is rather beneficial for staying out of trouble. At least the trouble of the physical/aggresive kind. This all changed a few months ago when Rachel had a rather lifechanging episode of the biochemically-induced accident kind. She was doing her old College Professor a favor who was no longer at University but following a project for the government which he could not speak of to her, but she could help him with some experiments without risking giving away what he was working on. As things turn out with these kinds of stories those experiments weren't as harmless as presumed and Rachel found herself exposed to a variety of chemical substances that altered her bodychemistry down to the DNA-level. Instead of dying (which all the rodents and rats did in their cages), the chemical compound changed Rachel, rebuilding her DNA and making some extreme alterations to her genetic code. The result was Red Fury - a hulking two and a half meters tall female juggernaut packed with muscles and bright red skin with fiendish looking yellowish glowing eyes. As Red Fury Rachel was capable of incredible feats of strength and could withstand all kinds of weapons up to Assault Rifle Calibre without even flinching. Fortunately she retained her intelligence and didn't devolve to a mad monster but the change still had an considerable effect on her personality. Soon Rachel found herself attracted to danger. She got more active in her research and tried to accompany her colleagues to the sites of crime, hoping to get another chance of unleashing the Red Fury and have a more active role in stopping crime. This had to draw some attention sooner or later and she was quickly contacted by the superhuman division to join their special forces Squad. At first reluctant, Rachel agreed to join the team, waiting for her first real encounter with criminals or villains who would challenge her unbelievable prowess and might.
  12. A Bargain Struck at Summer's End The view from the Icecrown was spectacular as Sigil mounted the weathered, frosted steps that wound torturously to the peak. From there one could see spread out like a tablecloth, all of the Marches…all the way to the sapphire sea and the distant crystal tower that was Whitespire. The Marches were close enough to the mortal world to have a sun and a moon; a day and night, though the timing of those things was far removed from the clockwork procession of hours fixed by heavenly courses and cosmic forces. The sun was rising now, casting golden light over the plains and forests, and lighting Whitespire itself up as if from within. It was a contrast to the barren moutains that surrounded her now; the last bastion of Winter in a land that had basked under Summer’s rule for many years. The Icecrown rose behind her now like a jagged, decayed fang in an old tom’s mouth. Black stone caked with white hoarfrost, it’s parapets empty, its carved and en-gargoyled windows staring hollowly. Around it were little piles of ice that lay in broken pieces, and one intact ice sculpture in the shape of a woman in a high-necked gown, face twisted in fury and hand drawn back as if in mid-strike. Sigil’s radiant green eyes were drawn inexorably from the vista to that sculpture. It pulled at her. Even frozen, Octavia had power. Not for the first time, she wondered why she hadn’t smashed the statue after her victory at Icecrown so long ago. She’d rescued the others from the ice, and stared up at Octavia’s frozen features…and left her there. Had she known somehow then that one day she’d be back? It would have been so easy to do. It would STILL be easy to do. A flick of the Wand to lift it, another to smash it down again, and Octavia would be gone forever. The temptation to do so tore at her like a sudden arctic blast of wind. The winter witch deserved it, and much worse, for what she’d done during her seemingly endless reign. The reality was that there were a LOT of entities in the Marches that could use a good smashing. She’d been too soft, as a Queen…the respect of the Unseelie would be won not by trickery and diplomacy, but by strength and the willingness to use it. In her mind’s eye she saw herself holding the turn of the seasons back. When the clouds gathered, she would put up great torches, fuelled with wood from the forests and coal from the bogs, to keep light and warmth in the sky. The Summer would last forever! And if the forests had to be stripped bare, and every sprite and boggart had to work the coal mines, she would see it done! She saw the Whitespire a lonely tower of ice amidst a snowy waste, surrounded by dead torches and statues of ice, with an eternally frozen sea stretching out behind it…and a part of her whispered, if that is what must be for me to rule, then so be it. Quickly, Sigil retreated to the center of her, the warmth of her beating heart, where she saw a locked box lay. In the box was the name given to a squalling newborn girl, so long ago that none alive still remembered it…save one. With infinite tenderness and some melancholy, she touched the name, and for that moment the Queen of the Fey Marches was gone, and she was just a frightened little girl, following the funny lights between the great stones again. The cold wind, both literal and metaphoric…was there a difference here…receded, and the clouds that had momentarily blown in front of the sunrise scudded on out to sea. Sigil looked down and saw another dead leaf at her feet. The fringes of the Mantle were a little browner than they had been yesterday; the curling tendrils and bright green leaves a little less vibrant. Time was short. Sigil lifted the Wand; a tapered, fluted spiral of polished ivory that looked like a unicorn’s horn, and concentrated. “Alastor,” she said. Before her, the stallion of the White Herd appeared, a unicorn of great size and unmistakable ferocity appeared…even though it was just a projection, seeing him again made her want to run and throw her arms around his neck in a feckless hug. Alastor had been one of her first friends among the fey, and his loyalty had never wilted, even when the Black Herd had surrounded him and all had seemed lost. He bowed his majestically maned head before her, though did not touch his horn to the ground…it wouldn’t be proper now that he was the first stallion. “My Queen,” he said in his deep, resonant voice. “Move the Herd,” she said. “Gather around Whitespire. The Winter is coming. The new foals will be of the Black.” Alastor’s nostrils flared at that, and his head tossed slightly. “What of you?” Sigil smiled. “I’ll be fine. I will be gone for a time, but I will return…and bring Summer with me, if I have anything to say about it. Don’t fight more than you have to. Save what can be saved, and fall back. Wait for the sun.” The unicorn stared at her shrewdly, and said, “I’d have followed you. Though the world froze, and my hide blackened, I’d have stayed by your side. Ninny and Lunk as well.” She sighed and rubbed her forehead. “You’ve been talking without me.” “We’re not blind, Queen Sigil. The days grow shorter. The Mantle changes color. Your rule has been long, but the seasons turn and always have.” “I can’t be the next Winter, Alastor,” Sigil said softly. “I won’t.” Alastor gave her an equine grin and bobbed his head in an approximation of a nod that made his silky beard wave. “I know. You never lost your heart, like she did. We will wait for your return.” With her eyes suddenly full of tears, Sigil moved to put her hand on the stallion’s nose…but he was already dissolving in a mass of wildly looping particles of light. Sigil stared for a moment at where he’d been, feeling more alone than she had in…she didn’t even know how long. Then she looked down at her fingers, adorned as they were with a single ring set with a wide diamond that had been ground flat and given a polished finish. She touched it gently and said, “You are now one of the heirlooms of the Throne of the Marches, to be passed from Queen, to Queen, by Queens, until the sky dims to Twilight, and the Marches are no more.” It glimmered, but nothing more. Now the moment she’d dreaded…the moment she’d come here for. Sigil faced the icy prison of Octavia and lifted the Wand again. “Queen of air and shadow; of ice and snow and hate, The death of warm, the oncoming storm, before which all good things flee. By powers vast and ancient, your spell I shall abate.” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “Break the ice. Set her free.” Thunder boomed among the dark clouds swirling just behind the mountains. Were they closer now? Another chill wind blew, and the ice of Octavia’s statue cracked suddenly, making Sigil jump back and raise the Wand. Her heart was stammering in her chest, and she felt she couldn’t breathe fast enough. Then the ice burst, peppering Sigil with little chunks, and Octavia was free. To her credit, she adjusted fast. For a moment she blinked, surprised that Sigil wasn’t still in her grasp, and wasn’t covered in ice. Then she saw the woman standing not far away and lifted her hand as if she still held the Wand…and paused when she realized she did not. Her eyes flicked up to the Laurel Crown on her head, to the leafy Mantle around her shoulders. The ivory Wand in her hand. She closed her eyes and lowered her hand, then laughed softly, bitterly to herself and brushed her black hair up out of her eyes where her violent exit from the ice had disheveled her coiffure. “What do you want from me?” the once and future Queen of Winter asked resignedly. Sigil took a deep breath. “To negotiate the terms of my surrender.” Octavia’s eyes were deep and black when they snapped open to regard Sigil angrily. “Is that why you brought me back? To toy with me?” “No. I will give you the Throne of the Marches, but only if you swear to some conditions.” Octavia narrowed her eyes and paced to one side a little, always still facing Sigil. Searching for signs of weakness. But Sigil had the regalia, and was Queen still. Without an army, and the force of the turning season behind her, Octavia didn’t seem to like her chances. “To spare your friends, I suppose?" she sneered. "Promise not to hurt anyone?” Sigil shook her head slowly. She'd considered that, but it wasn't in the nature of Winter to be able to make an oath like that. It would be like swearing not to breathe. “No. These are the conditions. First, you will not touch me with hand, nor weapon, nor curse nor spell for a year and a day from the moment the bargain is sealed. Second, you will stay in Icecrown during that time, not venturing forth into the Marches…” Octavia peered narrowly at Sigil. “I don’t have to agree to anything, do I?” She waved a hand at where the trailing edge of the Mantle dangled behind Sigil’s feet, now brown and red and orange. “The seasons turn. My time is coming. I could just sit and wait.” “You could,” Sigil replied, “But I can fight this for some time to come. I don’t have to make it easy for you. Or you can take the Throne now, today.” The other fey queen watched Sigil closely, try to see what the game was. "You're in such a hurry to be deposed. I wonder if you feel it now. If you understand now. The seasons aren't just about snow and sun here. The Queen is the land, and the land is the Queen." Sigil nodded slowly. Octavia's smile was unpleasant. Pretty, but unpleasant, like the rest of her. "Not such a crusader now, are you? Giving the land to your mortal foe, just so you don't have to sully yourself. What's worse, I wonder? Being evil...as you call it...or being a coward?" Sigil just shrugged. She didn't know the answer to that herself, for all her scheming. "I have conditions of my own. If I’m to be trapped here, then I won’t have you rampaging around, preparing for war. For that time of a year and a day you will be banished.” “Fair enough. The Elder Kingdom then. Deep in the Twilight.” “No. The mortal world.” Sigil’s eyes widened. She was a good actress. “But…the Ways are closed…” “You’re bound by blood; follow that tie through the Mists.” Octavia grinned unpleasantly. “Or don’t. Get lost forever. I’m fine with that too.” “If I’m that far away, then this should be more than a year an…” Octavia leapt forward, getting in Sigil’s face. “No! This is the bargain! It’s this, or I will watch you slowly decay and wither, as I gather my forces and grow strong! You will give me the three implements of the Regalia, making me Queen again. You will be banished to the Mist, and may not return here for a year and a day from when we make this accord. In return I will not harm you by hand or deed or tool or spell for that time, and I will personally remain in Icecrown for that time.” She smirked. “Though my influence will spread regardless.” Sigil bit the tip of her tongue in her mouth. Almost done. Almost. “I’ll give you the crown of laurel, that will turn to thorns on your head,” she said. “I’ll give you the Mantle, which will be as raven’s feathers for you.” Octavia folded her arms, a triumphant sneer on her lips. “I’ll give you the third implement of the regalia; the power that turned you to ice…” Sigil looked at the Wand, remembering how its bolt had struck her polished ring and bounced back at Octavia at the last moment… “I will be banished from Faerie for a year and a day from the time this bargain is sealed. In return you will not harm me by hand, deed, tool or spell for that time, and will be bound to Icecrown until that time has gone.” Heart heavy, Sigil extended her hand. Octavia quickly flicked it with one of her sharp nails, drawing a pinprick of blood, then did the same to her own. “I swear by my name,” they said in unison, locking eyes. “By my blood. So mote it be.” There was a deep vibration in the earth, like something immeasurably huge settling into place. The dark clouds began to swarm forward, overtaking Icecrown immediately. They funneled down around Octavia, lifting her hair up as she laughed. The Mantle reared up and outward, like a pair of wings, and flew from Sigil’s back to gather itself around Octavia’s. Dead leaves spun out of it wildly, leaving black feathers in their places. The crown of leaves and vines and flowers lifted from Sigil’s head and turned black, sprouting long, vicious thorns that only curved upward like tiny horns. It whisked across to sit atop Octavia’s head. Already her skin was paling, her lips and eyes darkening, assuming her old power again. Octavia held out a hand. “The Wand.” Sigil took a deep breath and held up her hand…and pulled off her ring. It floated across to Octavia and nestled in her hand. She looked at it. She looked back at Sigil. “What is this?” “That is what turned you to ice.” “It is not of the regalia! And it…it’s not! The wand does that!” Sigil shook her head. “The wand struck the ring, which took the power into itself, then spat it out again…but copying that power was IT’S power, not just the wand’s reflected. And I made it part of the regalia moments before I awoke you.” “You swore an oath! You owe me the Regalia!” “I swore to give you three items of the Regalia. It’s not my responsibility that you didn’t know there were four now.” Octavia’s face twisted from something coldly beautiful into a mask of fathomless, bottomless rage. She threw herself at Sigil, clawed hands reaching for her throat… …and stopped as if on a leash, less than an inch from her target. Octavia keened inhumanly, trying vainly to find a crack in the oath she’d sworn not to harm her. Her bones fluoresced under her skin, gleaming greenly visible in her fury. “I will desecrate everything you have ever loved, that you’ve ever done, and make every last friend, every ally, every mean thing that has ever blessed your name look on you with terror and loathing!” she screamed. “There is no peak high enough, no hole nor ocean deep enough, no castle with thick enough wall to hide you from me!” The Mists began to rise around Sigil as the world itself bent to the force of their oath, and Octavia’s rant began to fade in volume, if not in earnestness. “Take your year and day, and spend them well! The very hour, the very MINUTE that time is gone, tilt your head and hear the Horn! Hear the baying of the Hounds! You will not know a moment’s peace and I will ride you to every Hell and back again before I let you diiii….” Then all was grey, and cool, and quiet. The Mists were all, and everywhere, blanketing sight and sound and mind. Everything was indistinct, even the feel of her own body. She knew that the Wand was still in her white-knuckled grip, and she was fairly sure she was either screaming or sobbing. The wrath of a fey queen was not to be trifled with…and facing that as her own power was stripped from her… Now she was lost in the Mist. Once there had been silver paths linking the worlds…the Ways of the Moon that had made the Fey Marches very important to the fey. Then the Ways had dwindled and vanished; the circles of stone grew quiet, and the Marches were largely ignored now. But Octavia had been correct, and Sigil had already planned on this. She’d been born in the mortal world, by mortal blood. It was HER world. She held up the hand Octavia had pricked for the oath, and closed her eyes. It pulled ever so slightly…and with an effort of will, she flew in that direction as fast as she could. The Mists were far from safe. Even with her tie to show her the way, this was a big risk. There was no guarantee she’d be able to move from the Mists to the world. There would have to be thin places…she just needed to find one thin enough to breach in her weakened condition. If not, all she’d accomplished was buying her friends a little time before the end
  13. OXYGEN RING OF ORBITAL STATION ONE. October 7th, 2011. 2300 UTC Dr. Genesis Li yawned as she walked into the dimly-lit embarkation chamber, and lazily ran her fingers through her purple Mohawk as she drained the last of her vending machine coffee. The young Asian physicist wore a special armored suit with several attachment points at the shoulders and hips; something of a rebel, she'd had it custom airbrushed with a repeating motif of purple lightening bolts going up and down her limbs. Sleepily rolling her shoulders, she stared out the observation port into the vastness of space, the bright blue Earth hanging there like a beach ball out of some dim memory of childhood. "Space will always be lonely", she muttered to herself. "Hmm? Is that you, Gen?" The speaker was Assistant Director Ditra Fifty-Five, the highest ranking Nameless agent on OS1; she was standing in the gloom at the far end of the chamber, apparently staring off into empty space. The shell she'd been using while on base was quite lovely, tall and graceful with pale green skin and short green hair, and the dusk gray Alliance uniform fit her like a glove. "Yeah, it's me, Ditra." She paused, then cocked an eyebrow. "Are you...are you playing AO on your uplink again?" The AD nodded, her bright green robotic eyes still unfocused. "Yeah; my team has been trying to finish this mission for over an hour, but our stupid Powerhouse can't keep the aggro off my Zapper's back." She shook her head in frustration. "Sorry, it wasn't supposed to take this long." Gen grimaced and waved a dismissive hand. "Nah, don't worry; I'll just take over the ops teams while you and the rest of the bugs on base play massive multiplayer games on our server." Ditra sighed, and her eyes actually focused on the physicist for a few seconds. "Don't be like that, Gen; we're a hive species, and sometimes it's hard to stay connected on OS1. Alliance Online is a fun way for us to maintain a sense of community, and it promotes teamwork between the Allied races." She grinned as she returned to her quest. "Plus that Golden Age expansion drops next month, and it looks like it's gonna be *sick*; new 'kicks, new powers and a whole new cityscape. I cannot *wait!*" Gen couldn't help but laugh at her boss's enthusiasm as a tech began to attach bunjie cords to the attachment points on her suit, while another gently pressed an electrode cap onto her shaved scalp; she winced as the cold saline gel touched her skin. "Ooh! So how many pick-ups do we have tonight? And why so damn late?" With practiced ease, she sank her crumpled coffee cup into the wastebasket by the control console. "Yes!" "Nice shot. We're hitting a lot of different time zones, and the Director chose this time because it was equally inconvenient for everyone, Here's the list and coordinates." She held out a print-out, which the junior tech took and passed on to the curious scientist. "Think you can handle it?" The Caltech grad and mathematical genius snorted derisively as she quickly scanned and memorized the details of the list. "Please! With the psi-net this base is packing, a few hundred million miles is the same as crossing the street." The AD nodded. "Good to hear. Oh God damn it!" The others in the chamber looked alarmed, but Ditra merely waved her hand in annoyance as she dropped out of her uplink. "Sorry, we blew the mission again. The guy has two brains and can't seem to use either one; Zappers need protection, people!" The young physicist gave her boss a look. "You know, you actually *are* a member of the Alliance; you don't have to *pretend* to be one online." The Nameless blinked. "Yeah, but I can't fly in real life." "Um...okay, good point; I guess no matter how cool you are, you always wish you were cooler." She gave the junior tech a nod and he popped in the mouthguard, which made her look like a tiny Mohawked boxer. "You ready for a little inspirational music, Doctor?" Gen nodded and gave a thumbs up as the puppet harness lifted her up and off the floor; like most portal weavers, she tended to kick and thrash a lot during her sessions. Ditra turned to the senior tech and gave him a nod. "Hit it, maestro; lay down some beats!" The man behind the console have her a quick nod as he activated the internal MP3 player and Guadalcanal Diary's 'Lips of Steel' started pumping through hidden speakers in the chamber's walls. Li loved her obscure psychedelic rock; as the drums and bass line hit her nervous system, she felt the presence of the fifty Nameless agents on-call in the Methane Ring come online, and they welcomed her into their hive-mind with open chitinous arms. *Hiya, fellas; ready to rock and roll?* *YES MA'AM!* *Then let's DO this freaky thang!* *FUCK YEAH, MUTHAFUCKA!* Like a rocket, the group consciousness launched itself out of the base, with Li's mind at the point of the spear; this rush, as their merged senses zoomed toward the distant Earth while the music thumped and pounded and her mind-mates writhed with glee, was better than any drug or any sexual experience she'd ever had; she hoped to God she never had to give it up, because the withdrawal was going to be a *bitch*. Back in the embarkation chamber, Ditra and the session crew bobbed their heads to the music as purple lightening poured out of Li's twitching body and ripped through the air, as she danced and wove a series of portals for the new arrivals...
  14. FBI Special Agent Gerald "Gary" Samson Assignment: Special Attachment to the Lake City Special Deputy Group (or whatever the rest of you are called) Area(s) of Expertise: Gerald has high end telepathic and mental psionic abilities, and is trained in Investigation and Profiling techniques. Sex: Male: Height: 5' 11 Weight: 147 lbs Hair Color: brown Eye Color: blue-grey Age: 27 Appearance: Pleasingly bland. Gerald doesn’t so much as stand out from the crowd as he does stand near the front of it. Aside form his blue steel eyes he possesses no characteristics that set him especially apart from the norm. Mentally however he is stands out as extraordinary. His intelligence is greater than the norm (testing in the 94th percentile), and he is possessed of a strong will and intuition that, combined with his mutant psionic abilities, makes him one of the more powerful psychics on the planet. In this way his strength of self shows through his eyes, which are fierce and intelligent, but also display a degree of self assuredness and wisdom seldom seen in one his age. Background: Son of Senator Randolf Samson (R, Maine) and his wife Corrianne; Gerald was far from an ordinary child. His intelligence showed early and would have dominated his early life if it weren’t for the manifestation of his telepathic gifts just after his tenth birthday. Gary’s parents were fortunate to have already instilled a strong sense of moral and ethical behavior in their son. His abilities first manifested when he fell from a tree in the forest behind his home. Well outside of the range of his voice, and with a broke leg, Gary felt something change as he cried for his mother. With her image fixed firmly in his mind he found himself able to speak directly to her, through his thoughts and into her mind, back at their home. Curious about this strange gift Gary explored his powers and quickly figured out how to reliably send his thought to others, and read people’s thoughts back. Later he found that he could even push past other people’s mental defenses and read their minds without permission, a trick which got him in trouble when he ruined an intended surprise for his 11th birthday. Gary was often tempted to use his abilities, but his father explained that because he had powers others did not he needed to use them responsibly. The memory of his first experience with his powers led to Gary volunteering for search and rescue duties as a teen and through high school. Helping find lost people in the mountains and forests fostered a desire to help people in other ways and use his powers for the greater good. To that end Gary studied criminal justice and psychology both in college and, with the proper strings pulled, and favors obtained by his father, enrolled in the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Gary recently was promoted from a Provisional Agent to a full Special Agent. Because of his status as a psychic mutant however he was assigned to liaison with the Lake City Special Deputies in order to get him “out of the way.” Complications: • Motivation: Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity. Gary genuinely wants to help people and fight crime, and to do so while using his powers in a morally and ethically sound way. • Power Loss: Gary’s psionic/psychic powers can be nullified using anti-psi technology that is available to those with enough money or the right connections (good or ill). • Relationships: Gary’s actions reflect on his father’s career. Gary is also aware that some criminals might go to the extremes of hurting his family to get to him. • Prejudice: Gary is a psionic/psychic mutant which closes doors more often than it opens them. ABILITIES STR +0 • STA +1 • AGL +1 • DEX +0 • FGT +0 • INT +2 • AWE +8 • PRE +1 ADVANTAGES Benefit (FBI Special Agent), Connected, Contacts, Equipment 1 (O-Suit: Protection 4 (Subtle) • 5 ep), Ultimate Effort (Will checks), Well Informed SKILLS Expertise: (FBI) 3 (+5), Expertise: (Psychology) 3 (+5), Insight 4 (+12), Investigation 4 (+6), Perception 6 (+14), Persuasion 4 (+5) POWERS Telepathic Powers: Array (28 points) • 34 points · Mental Blast: Perception Range Damage 7, Resisted by Will • 28 points · Mind Control: Perception Range Cumulative Affliction 7 (Resisted by Will; Dazed, Compelled, Controlled) • 1 point · Shared Sensory Network: Remote Sensing 13 (30 miles, Normal Visual, Normal Auditory, Mental; Subtle 2, Limited to other people’s senses) • 1 point · Mind Diving: Cumulative Mind Reading 8 (Insidious, Subtle 2) • 1 point · Psychic Phantoms: Resistible Illusion 7 (All senses; Resisted by Will) • 1 point · Alter Memory: Perception Range Cumulative Affliction 7 (Resisted by Will; Entranced, Compelled, Transformed (memories altered)) • 1 point · Cloud The Mind: Concealment 10 (Limited to beings with a mind) • 1 point Comms: Mental Communication 2 (1 mile; Subtle 1, Rapid 1) • 10 points Telepathic Combat Awareness: Enhanced Advantages 4 (Defensive Roll 2, Evasion 2); Enhanced Defenses 8 (Dodge 4, Parry 4) • 12 points Advanced Mental Senses: Senses 10 (Radius (all mental), Acute (all mental), Ranged Mental Awareness, Accurate Extended Range Detect Minds) • 10 points DEFENSES DODGE +9 • PARRY +8 • FORTITUDE +5 • TOUGHNESS +7 • WILL +10 POWER POINTS Abilities 26 + Skills 12 + Powers 66 + Defenses 14 + Advantages 6 = Total 124/124
  15. IC Info provided: First post OOC info provided: Grimalkin - A former Baker County Special Deputy turned vigilante, the 'Mistress of Mystery' is a wily and dangerous foe; a skilled shapeshifter and trickster, she is wanted for her role in the death of suspected crime boss William 'Nuke' Carmichael, who was killed in the process of her undercover investigation. Since Carmichael's death, she has been targeting respected local businessmen in a campaign of harassment and public humiliation that has lead to five lawsuits, three criminal investigations, two filings for divorce and one failed suicide attempt. While some citizens have been vocal in their support of her actions directed at these so-called 'fat cats', her methods are undeniably criminal, if only because she is pursuing her own brand of justice after her special deputy privileges have been revoked.
  16. October 7th, 2011 5:00 pm The corner of 27th and Blackwell is pretty famous in Lake City, since it's been associated with the Ramblers Baseball Club since 1933; Calumet Park's favorite sons first went to bat against the Chicago White Stockings on a rainy April afternoon in old Springer Field, losing to Chicago 14-6, setting a trend that would last for decades. The American League's 'lovable losers' would struggle for years to achieve some sort of respectability, and things stayed pretty much the same once they switched to the National League in '96. Across 27th stands the former Augustus Steinmetz Piano Company, a solid five story building with thick oak floors and heavy masonry construction dating back to 1889; Kolansky Development Partners, the current owners of the block, did extensive remodeling when they purchased the building in 2004, the same year ground was broken for the new stadium. Four remarkable individuals have been invited to head to the third floor this day; they find the remodeled lobby to feature dark wood paneling and antique brass lighting fixtures. There's a single metal reinforced door with a peephole and security buzzer, and an old fashioned elevator, complete with the wrought iron grate. On the wall is a sign: DIRECTORY FIRST FLOOR - MARSH ELECTRONICS SECOND FLOOR - KOLANSKY DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS THIRD FLOOR - KDP INTERNATIONAL FOURTH FLOOR - KDP INTERNATIONAL FIFTH FLOOR - SUNDANCER YOGA STUDIO ALL DELIVERIES GO TO REAR DOCK There is a slightly musty smell in the air, laced with hints of furniture polish and hot solder.
  17. Greetings! My name is Heritage and I haven't been active here for many years, but I want to learn more about M&M 3E and help develop a world for a writing project. The setting is Lake City, Wisconsin, a sort of stand-in for Milwaukee, and the players would be PL8 special deputies with limited law enforcement powers. The world is obscenely detailed but still needs work, and like Dora the Explorer I need your help! Look for much more info in the days ahead!
  18. LAKE CITY UNIVERSE TIMELINE The Ancient Past - Various transdimensional entities mix their blood with humanity's, beginning the seven great mystical bloodlines. 1786 - French fur trappers set up a trading post on the future site of Lake City at the mouth of the Fulton River near the shore of Lake Michigan. 1804 - Fort Chapman is constructed across from the trading post. 1813 - Fort Chapman Massacre. Thirteen Indian families seeking shelter from the harsh winter are killed by order of the base commander Captain Jonathan Strick just outside the gate; shortly thereafter, the fort is burned to the ground, leaving no survivors. 1836 - Lake City is founded. 1873 - William Walcott opens his first department store in downtown Lake City. The 30s - First appearances of costumed crimefighters; most are merely highly-skilled or have the money or resources to procure innovative gadgets. Sadly the world also witnesses the rise of fascism. 1931 - Prohibition-era Lake City sees the appearance of the first costumed crimefighter, known only as the Whistler; with the aid of his lovely sidekick Echo, the 'Man in the Mask' makes the streets safe again. Within two years, more masked men and women inspired by his example appear in several major American cities; a few crimefighters operate overseas, but mostly it seems to be an American phenomena. 1939 - Germany invades Poland. The Whistler and Echo cease to patrol Lake City. Several crimefighters from around the globe join forces to fight the Nazis; this informal team will eventually become the Guardians of Justice. Among their number is the Amazing Al-Kazar (Ira Silbermann), a professional magician and escape artist. The War Years - It is rumored that both sides are using unusual strategies and technologies; some of these stories are later confirmed, but the wildest theories are still speculation. 1945 - After VJ Day, the GoJ officially form, using the tower of the Walcott Building as their base. Al-Kazar prefers to remain an auxiliary member, allowing him to focus on his pursuit of escaped war criminals. Relations cool between former allies the US and the Soviet Union. The 50s - The Cold War dominates humanity's thoughts; exceptional persons and technologies, the fallout from WWII, are snatched up by the superpowers. Anti-Communist fervor sweeps the US, but the Guardians deftly negotiate this political minefield. XPs play little role in the armed conflicts of the decade. 1952 - First use of the term 'exceptional person' in a Defense Department memo; use of the term quickly spreads outside of the military. 1957 - A bizarre plot to replace key political figures around the globe with robot duplicates is uncovered; the perpetrators are never publicly revealed, though Russia is of course blamed. The 60s - Heroes become more and more numerous and are gradually accepted as part of mainstream American culture; episodes of such popular sitcoms as Bewitched, Gilligan's island and I Dream of Jeannie feature superhero themes, and Andy Warhol does his famous silkscreens of Winged Victory. 1963 - Black Eel first appears in Lake City; originally he focuses on protecting the lakefront, but over time he ventures further and further inland. 1967 - Ira Silbermann goes missing in Bolivia while on the trail of ex-Nazi occultists. 1968 - The remaining Guardians mysteriously disappear; to date, no explanation has ever been determined. Black Eel is left the only crimefighter in Lake City. 1969 - Congress passes the Exceptional Persons Regulatory Act, outlining the rights and responsibilities of XPs engaged in public service. The 70s - With the Guardians gone, public dissatisfaction with superheroes hits an all-time high; Watergate, Vietnam and economic woes further sour the American mood. 1972 - California eccentric Dr. Chester Conklin claims aliens will come to Earth in forty years and begin a new golden age; he starts the Foundation for Human Enlightenment in an Encino storefront in preparation for their arrival. 1975 - The Alliance, the first superteam to seriously challenge the Guardians' legacy, is founded in New York City. Vowing to protect all of humankind, they operate globally wherever they're allowed. 1977 - Black Eel battles the Naked Monstrosity on the McKinley Bridge; he is able to defeat the gigantic menace, but not before dozens of innocent bystanders are killed. Ashamed, Eel retires from public life. The 80s - Heroes cash in; renewed interest in XPs leads to a glut of cartoons, toys and breakfast cereals. 1983 - A new armored hero calling himself Tank-Top announces his presence in LC; he actively pursues merchandising tie-ins. 1985 - A youthful superteam calling itself the New Guardians makes its home in the city. 1986 - Stating that he's 'no longer needed', Tank-Top retires from crimefighting with a very public ceremony; many residents are critical of his perceived self-interest. 1987 - 'Spacegate' scandal. The Alliance is revealed to be merely one branch of an interstellar organization known as the 'Alliance of the Great Wing', which has been kept secret from the rest of Earth's population; since the team is based in the US and only the President is allowed to sign treaties, a full Congressional investigation takes place. Mankind learns that it is not alone in the universe. The Alliance is asked to leave their Manhattan base and begins construction of a massive complex across the Hudson in the New Jersey Meadowlands The 90s - The 'Interstellar Era' begins as the Internet begins to emerge into the public consciousness. 1990 - After three years of intense negotiations behind the scenes, the other member races of the Alliance appear before the UN and on live television, watched by billions; the UN formally recognizes the Alliance. Construction starts on Orbital Station One, while plans for a second station are drawn up. 1992 - Alliance, a dramatic television show set on fictional Orbital Station Three, premieres on NBC's Thursday night schedule; at first seen to be blatant propaganda for the team, it will soon become extremely popular, with several successful spin-offs. 1995 - D-List actor Joshua Brody claims to have been contacted by the same aliens as deceased crackpot Chester Conklin; others soon come forth with similar stories. The Foundation for Human Enlightenment, once a SoCal cultural oddity, starts to receive press coverage; Brody and the Foundation's leadership claim the Alliance is withholding the truth about the benevolent creatures they call 'the Light'. 1997 - Silver Sorcerer unintentionally accesses dark energies and becomes the villainous Penumbra, who kills the rest of the New Guardians when they try to save him. The Alliance finally captures him, and he is currently confined at the federal megamax prison in Marion IL; before he is subdued, he does extensive damage to the city's infrastructure and kills 83 people. The 2000s - America's War on Terror and economic challenges define the decade. The Orthi are openly criticized for not sharing more of their advanced weapons technology with humanity, though their communication technology changes the world. 2001 - 9/11 terrorist attacks in NYC and Washington DC; with alarming foresight, al-Queda planned the attacks to coincide with an Alliance peacekeeping mission overseas. After the attacks, several new Alliance bases are announced, to be built in Brussels, Tokyo, Buenos Aires and Johannesburg. Being unable to prevent 9/11 is seen as the team's greatest failure to date, though their efforts at Ground Zero after the fact are considerable. The Orthi Corporation debuts the O-Sound, a sleek MP3 player that changes the way we listen to music forever; Apple later releases the similar iPod, which is never as successful. 2002 - Orbital Station Two is completed; it is primarily used as a shipyard and manufacturing facility, taking advantage of microgravity and a fully controlled environment to make more advanced computer chips. The Orthi Corporation debuts a home video game console called Imagine; it soon rivals the PS2 and Gamecube in popularity. 2004 - Orthi Corp buys out struggling Apple for $3.5 billion. Alliance Online, a massive multiplayer game that allows 'anyone to be a hero' debuts, soon rivaling World of Warcraft in popularity. 2005 - The Imagine 3000 game system is released. 2006 - Stalwart makes his presence known by leaving a gift-wrapped crime boss on the steps of City Hall. In a press conference that stuns the world, members of the Alliance admit an invasion may indeed come to Earth early in the next decade, but maintain that between Earth's military resources and their own fleet, the outcome is not in doubt. 2007 - The first O-Phone is released in time for Christmas, and sales skyrocket. Humanity's first star-faring vessel, the Da Vinci, is completed at the OS2 docks. 2008 - Barack Obama is elected president of the United States. 2009 - Stalwart is joined in his war on crime by the energetic Grimalkin, the self-styled 'Mistress of Mystery'. The 2010s - Many of the previous decade's challenges still face the world, though the threat of possible planetary invasion now looms. 2010 - The O-Tablet, the newest alien technological breakthrough, is another huge success, pumping more cash into the Alliance's coffers. 2011 - While working undercover, Grimalkin kills suspected crime boss William 'Nuke' Carmichael as he's being transferred from the Baker County Correctional Facility to appear in federal court. Disgusted over the actions of his partner, Stalwart becomes the second sanctioned crimefighter in Lake City to resign in disgrace.
  19. NAME: Volt (secretly Jason Garman) ORIGIN: Alien (technologically evolved ancient humans, he keeps this secret) POWERS: Space Time Folding via Evolved Bio-Energy Metabolism THEME: High Energy, hence VOLT. His powers tend to look a bit electrical, even if they are not – and given their exotic origins going with the ‘look’ as an explanation works for him. TITLE: Defender? Guardian? GENDER: Male AGE: 18 (looks 20-ish, but he still gets carded once in a while) PERSONALITY: He has gotten by on looks and athletc talent, but has a good heart. He is not ready to be a leader, and is still a bit overwhelmed by who he has become POWER LEVEL: 8 APPEARANCE: https://sites.google...inetemplar/volt COMPLICATIONS: - Motivation: Responsibility – Trying to live up to the people who have inspired / raised him – those people who are gone, those who still watch over him, and those that someday he will watch over and hopefully inspire. - Motivation: Doing Good – This is the moral code that his adoptive parents and uncle Uri have impressed into him. - Identity: Secret Identity as Jason Garman, Orthi Corp ‘researcher’ - Lost Culture: He has a strong desire to uncover the history of his people, of his ancient family ABILITIES: 52 PP STRENGTH 9 (18 PP) [10 enchanced] - 25 tons AGILITY 4 (8 PP) [5 enchanced] FIGHTING 5 (10 PP) [6 enchanced] AWARENESS 0 (0 PP) [5 enchanced] STAMINA 9 (18 PP) [10 enchanced] DEXTERITY 0 (0 PP) [0] INTELLECT -1 (-2 PP) [-1] PRESENCE 0 (0 PP) [1 enchanced] DEFENCE: Dodge 5 Parry 5 Toughness 10 [impervious 5] Fortitude 10 Will 7 OFFENCE: Unarmed +8 Damage +10 TRADEOFFS: AGI -2 / STA +2; FGT -2 / STR +2 SKILLS: 7 PP <59> - Acrobatics 1 (+6) - Athletics 5 (+10) - Insight 1 (+6) - Perception 1 (+6) - Stealth 3 (+8) - Unarmed Combat 2 (+8) - Vehicles 1 (+1) Not very experienced, Jason was not eligible for a more central Alliance team – even with eight months of extensive training. He is secretly relieved, since he feels that being a guardian in Lake City is a better starting point for him. This feels like a way he can learn more about the role everyone expects him to fulfill. ADVANTAGES: 10 PP <69> - Uncle Uri – Benefit 2 (status related to the Orthi, reflecting the fact that Uncle Uri is family, and the Orthi have a vested interest in him) - Improved Grab 1 (tentacle training) - Luck 2 - Uncanny Dodge 2 (a subtle manipulation of time for self defence) - Hide in Plain Sight 1 (a slight bending of time affecting perceptions) - Attractive 2 Lucky, very attractive, in large part raised by Uncle Uri, and trained by him in some ways of using his powers over the last 8 months … but again just 18 and not very accomplished in too many ways. POWERS: 51 PP <120> - Enhanced Traits (4 PP <4>) - STRENGTH (1 rank) - STAMINA (1 rank) - Extra Limbs (Extras: Projection, Affects Insubstantial 2) (1 ranks / 4 PP <8>) - long tentacle(s) with 'suction points', all made of dynamic looking electric-blue energy that originate from the small of the back and extends in roughly the same sphere as his arm reach, usually 'resting' in body cavities just behind the upper glutious maximus. In lab conditions at Orthi corp he has been able to produce two extra tentacles by 'pushing' more energy into the tendril cavities (extra effort). - Elongation 2 ranks (Limited - Tentacles only) (2 ranks / 1 PP <9>) - when he wills it, the tentacle(s) can really stretch out to about 30 feet ... In lab conditions, extra energy devoted to his tentacles(s) can allow for longer extension (extra effort). - Features (Temporal Inertia) (ranked 1 / 1 PP <10>) - His people were masters of time, and it is part of their bio-energetic essence to be unchanged by timeline shifts. - Immunity (Life Support, Aging, Critcal Hits) (ranked 10. 1, 2 / 13 PP <23>) - His people, while human, have a Bio-energetic physical form ... a step along the line toward evolving into beings of energy that lay dormant during his childhood until released by his mental contact with parents ‘orbs’ from the distant past - this also completed his apparent biological development so he looks more early 20s than the 18 he really is (Yes they had much cooler orbs, having been ancient and wise before they sacrificed themselves). - Impervious Toughness (5 ranks – 5 PP <28>) – he is tough due his bio-energy ‘aura’ which infuses his human biology and tends to operate like a sort of natural always on force-field. This field is an Impervious Defence – as a cosmetic effect, it also protects clothes and personal items like his teleport does. - Regeneration (1 Rank / 1 PP <29>) – From his demi-human Bio-energetic nature. - Power Array: Time-Space Folding (6 PP <35>) Primary Power - Flight (3 ranks) – bending the fabric of space, but not folding - Teleport (AP - 1 rank - Extras: Extended +1, Safe +1, Easy +1, Change Velocity 1) – 3-D Space Folding - Dimension Travel* (AP - 3 ranks – Portal +2, Selective +1, Feature 1 – Distracting -1, Increased Action -2, Inaccurate (Quirk) 1 – Linked with 1 pt appropriate Dimensional Sense) – N-Dimensional Space Folding to open a portal that looks into other dimensions. - Time Travel* (AP - 3 ranks – Portal +2, Selective +1, Feature 1 – Distracting -1, Increased Action -2, Inaccurate (Quirk) 1, – Linked with 1 pt appropriate Temporal Sense) – Folding Time to open a portal that looks into other times. - Summoning** (AP - 6 ranks – Increased Action -1) – Drawing in orb(s) from the myriad unrealized timelines … where they are potentially present and reality is merely lending temporal energy to make them temporarily real. Folding other time-spaces into this one. * His temporal and dimensional travel powers are very dangerous to use because he has no experience with them … not only are the senses in these areas very undeveloped but his control over the powers themselves needs a lot of work. The one use they do have is that he can instinctively sense how to get ‘home’ (the Feature extra). The senses 'bundled' into the power are embryonic right now, but will expand over time - they are linked as they are part of the same AP. In the case of these portal powers, the inaccurate is a quirk that means these powers lead to places the plots wants to go, not so much the character. Extra effort thus far has served to sharpen the associated senses. The IC explanation that Uri has offered is that the powers are largely being directed by Jason's subconscious ... a tricky thing indeed. ** See Orb descriptions for more, but as he is beginning his career as a public guardian he can only summon the orb which holds the ‘shadows’ of his ancient mother and father. The orbs are living technology, tied to him and growing with him – providing ever increasing variants as his control over time-space folding increases. Much of the 'research' that Jason ostensibly does at Orthi corp as an 'intern' (which is not much, he is far from being a scientist) involves the use of this power, and having Uncle Uri analyse it. Sending probes to other dimensions, usually at random - and scanning through the portals. Jason and Uri speculate that many of his people did not use some of these powers due to the difficulty of their use, though the issue could also be a lack of proper training methodologies from that age. - Power Amplifier Side Pack (16 PP <51>) Remvoable Ehnanced Traits - AWARENESS (5 ranks / 10 PP) - PRESENCE (1 rank / 2 PP) - AGILITY (1 rank / 2 PP) - FIGHTING (1 rank / 2 PP) Senses (2 ranks - 2 PP) - Ultra Vision - Ultra Hearing Will Defence +2 (2 PP) Savings From REMOVABLE side-pack item (4 PP) This item which was developed by his people millennia ago during the invasion. Because not everyone develops the same abilities but military team work benefits from some uniformity ... this is a prosthetic that works with the body and mind to provide any missing capabilities and round out the individual. The belt and left side pack are just for carrying things ... and to provide important / realistic looking decoys in case items are targeted … an idea from Uri. This is actually 'living' technology made of blue crystal alloys (about as tough as 'super-alloy'), ‘seeded’ for him by the orbs he first summoned and then nurtured by own his bio-energy over weeks … he even gave one to Uncle Uri and seeded a new one just to see how it works. This is the way that all of the ancient technology of his people was made once their culture matured … and the same technology that is used in the orbs. ORBS: Stats Coming Soon …The only orb he can reliably draw in at the moment (without more training) is that imprinted with the shadow intelligence of his ancient mother - an AI created by the same super scientist who saved him as an infant.
  20. Blitz Personal Information: Public Identity: Valentine Adoree Malach Nicknames: Val, Valentine Real Name: Vala Adolpha Megele Occupation: Lake City muni-def Legal Status: American National (forged documents) Marital Status: Umarried Known Relatives: None Allegiance(s): None &amp;amp;nbsp; Physical Traits: Weight: 135 lbs Height: 5'6" Apparent age: mid teens Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Caucasian Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Blonde Handedness: Left Age: 18* Appearance: Val is a cute teen, not overly so but definitely not ugly. She's slim and athletic, the former being due to her high metabolism. While on-duty, she dresses in red leather pants and top; the shirt has a logo of a missile firing from right to left across her chest. Off-duty, she dresses like most teen girls; clothing that is way too mature for her. Powers, Skills, and Personality: Known Powers: As a speedster, Val's been clocked at 1,000 mph. Her body is in overdrive and metabolizes everything, from poisons to food, incredibly fast. She also can move faster than anyone else and her body heals rapidly on its own. Her defenses revolve around being tough. While she can dodge with the best of them, she's also pretty tough. Various eggheads have seen tougher, but not in someone who is also as fast as she is. Offensively, she has small blasts that she can emit from her hands. The eggheads are not sure what these blasts are; Val calls them her missiles. Using them, she has developed three signature moves: The Jericho - named after a imaginary missile she saw in a movie, the Jericho sends out a flurry of small missiles from her outstretched hands. Rock'em Sock'em - this movement involves Val running in a straight line and hitting anyone who gets in her way. Simple and brutal. The Hammer - easily her most damaging attack. Val plants her hand in the victim's chest and releases a "missile". Abilities/Special Skills: Due to her associations as a younger woman, Val has a wide variety of skills, most of which involve her being somewhere she shouldn't be and getting there without being seen. Even her skill at climbing, jumping and other acrobatic talents comes from her days of remorseless breaking and entering. Personality: Val is a teen girl and acts it. She's a little more hardened than most girls her age, having seen the high price of villainy first-hand. While she can be silly and impulsive - and likes the Twilight books - she also can become serious when it is needed. Background (OOC - Part of her Secret Identity): This background is waiting on further information to update it for LCU; though pulled from the ECS game, this is still basically her history. Complications Secret Identity: Valentine isn't her true name, and should the truth come out, it's likely to be bad for her. Even worse would be the truth about her origins; while not something she chose for herself, what else could be hidden in her genetics? Power Loss: Val has to eat enough to fuel her body's prodigious metabolism. Without a high calorie diet, her powers rapidly fade. *Teenager: Teenagers are all a little crazy from their hormones. Additionally, it's hard for teens to make money without awkward questions arising. There are a number of difficulties related to being a minor without guardians. Blitz has gotten around these by providing paperwork (Benefit 1) that "proves" she's 18 but she still suffers from the issues that arise from being a teenager. Misconceptions and Misunderstandings: Val may have decided that villains suck but one doesn't overcome one's childhood indoctrination overnight. Secret Identity: Val would rather people not tie her to Blitz. The Razers are bound to recognize Blitz as their former Blitzkrieg and Val doesn't want to be harassed "off-duty". Motivation - Villains Suck: Losing her BFF made Val reassess her life as a villain. What had happened to Christina had hurt her and it had sucked. So she wants to make sure that no one else has to lose their BFF like she did.
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