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Found 1 result

  1. Blitz Personal Information: Public Identity: Valentine Adoree Malach Nicknames: Val, Valentine Real Name: Vala Adolpha Megele Occupation: Lake City muni-def Legal Status: American National (forged documents) Marital Status: Umarried Known Relatives: None Allegiance(s): None   Physical Traits: Weight: 135 lbs Height: 5'6" Apparent age: mid teens Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Caucasian Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Blonde Handedness: Left Age: 18* Appearance: Val is a cute teen, not overly so but definitely not ugly. She's slim and athletic, the former being due to her high metabolism. While on-duty, she dresses in red leather pants and top; the shirt has a logo of a missile firing from right to left across her chest. Off-duty, she dresses like most teen girls; clothing that is way too mature for her. Powers, Skills, and Personality: Known Powers: As a speedster, Val's been clocked at 1,000 mph. Her body is in overdrive and metabolizes everything, from poisons to food, incredibly fast. She also can move faster than anyone else and her body heals rapidly on its own. Her defenses revolve around being tough. While she can dodge with the best of them, she's also pretty tough. Various eggheads have seen tougher, but not in someone who is also as fast as she is. Offensively, she has small blasts that she can emit from her hands. The eggheads are not sure what these blasts are; Val calls them her missiles. Using them, she has developed three signature moves: The Jericho - named after a imaginary missile she saw in a movie, the Jericho sends out a flurry of small missiles from her outstretched hands. Rock'em Sock'em - this movement involves Val running in a straight line and hitting anyone who gets in her way. Simple and brutal. The Hammer - easily her most damaging attack. Val plants her hand in the victim's chest and releases a "missile". Abilities/Special Skills: Due to her associations as a younger woman, Val has a wide variety of skills, most of which involve her being somewhere she shouldn't be and getting there without being seen. Even her skill at climbing, jumping and other acrobatic talents comes from her days of remorseless breaking and entering. Personality: Val is a teen girl and acts it. She's a little more hardened than most girls her age, having seen the high price of villainy first-hand. While she can be silly and impulsive - and likes the Twilight books - she also can become serious when it is needed. Background (OOC - Part of her Secret Identity): This background is waiting on further information to update it for LCU; though pulled from the ECS game, this is still basically her history. Complications Secret Identity: Valentine isn't her true name, and should the truth come out, it's likely to be bad for her. Even worse would be the truth about her origins; while not something she chose for herself, what else could be hidden in her genetics? Power Loss: Val has to eat enough to fuel her body's prodigious metabolism. Without a high calorie diet, her powers rapidly fade. *Teenager: Teenagers are all a little crazy from their hormones. Additionally, it's hard for teens to make money without awkward questions arising. There are a number of difficulties related to being a minor without guardians. Blitz has gotten around these by providing paperwork (Benefit 1) that "proves" she's 18 but she still suffers from the issues that arise from being a teenager. Misconceptions and Misunderstandings: Val may have decided that villains suck but one doesn't overcome one's childhood indoctrination overnight. Secret Identity: Val would rather people not tie her to Blitz. The Razers are bound to recognize Blitz as their former Blitzkrieg and Val doesn't want to be harassed "off-duty". Motivation - Villains Suck: Losing her BFF made Val reassess her life as a villain. What had happened to Christina had hurt her and it had sucked. So she wants to make sure that no one else has to lose their BFF like she did.
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