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Found 3 results

  1. Timeframe The Events of this story take place one week after Underdark Disclaimer Due to events that will play out, it is a reminder to all that this is a work of fiction. Any similarities to RL are either coincidental or used as "dressing" for this thread. The Macguffins are entirely possible. As such I need to remind everyone that NO, I don't know how such a thing could be put into action and even if it did, I don't have the resources to pull it off anyways nor have the reason to if I did. This is a game that uses much of RL in it's timeline. A game where we play the guys that stop the bad guys (hopefully). Now that this is out of the way, let's have some fun. -TG Morning 0800 Hours 60 NM from Pearl Harbor Kei walked about the flight deck of the USS George Washington, observing the waves and watching the Naval Aircraft that were being set up for take-off after refueling. Most of them Naval aircraft still on deck that needed to be transferred to some other ship, and a couple were emergency landings due to failed mid-air refueling. She stayed on deck wearing her flight suit that has become one-part costume, and one part safety equipment, with her cormorant vest on, making her look like another pilot, but with the design of the Devilion, it looked like she should be flying something that Connor would be acting in. She adjusted the vest, and looked up. She was expecting Karrie to arrive soon with the F-35N that was requisitioned for her use on this. She also wasn't used to not having May, her operator, present for the mission, as she was away in Japan working with her counterparts on later joint-exchange programs. That and May was doing leg-work on this mission on the ground, since the subject of the coming briefing was in regards to a Japanese cargo ship being Hijacked and Pirated from. She paced near the island, waiting for Karrie's arrival. The odd mix of blue jump-suited DSA crews prepping for KArrie's arrival intermixed with Navy crews in their gear was a jarring sight. But, Kei wagered that this would be the only way she would have ever been able to experience Navy life on a carrier or have a chance to be an aviator in the Navy. After all someone as short as her would be disqualified from most duties, or perhaps even be passed up for enlistment. She stretched out, and stepped back to watch a F-18 that was refueled take off on the catapult, the last aircraft to leave before the deck was cleared. Then it comes in over a loud speaker. "Attention Deck, F-35N #5 on approach, prepare for inbound VTOL..." Kei looked up and flew to the top of the island, and watched Karrie arrive. She had faith that she knew how to operate a high-performance aircraft for a Vertical Take-Off and Landing.
  2. September 2, 2011 0300 Hours Somewhere off the Somalia coast in the Arabian Sea... A streak goes across the water, a green phosporous trail behind it's wake like some kind of UFO. The water kicked up behind it a little as it screamed across the water at Mach 2. "Okay K, change heading to 50 degrees, 300 meters. We need a intel sweep of the area, any activity from boats and our own." "Roger that Skippy, going high." The glowing blue orb shoots skyward until it stops at the desired height. The blue orb fades revealing the startling form of a black humanoid form, hovering in place, clad in armor like a modern Knight with wings protruding from the legs. When the form stops glowing it reveals the armor looks just like a person and a jet had a daughter, her flight gear and suit seemingly part of the armor's coverage. She looks about her vision sharper than an eagle. "I see 3 tankers heading from the north, probably from the Aden route, three cargo ships from the west, probably heading east, some fishing vessels. There are 4 JMSDF, 2 Royal Navy, and 3 US ships in typical patrol pattern in this grid location." "Roger that, K. Return to the ship for debriefing and rest." "Inbound, ETA 30 minutes." Kei heads south to one of the US ships in the fleet, generally used for SEAL operations. Her minder, who she called "Skippy" out of a form of friendly banter waited on the deck, clad in what Kei liked to call her "costume", this time protraying a Ensign of the US Navy. "Skippy" is Kei's handler in the DSA, and is pretty much her operation's manager and "operator" on important missions. "So, K, nothing to report?" "Nothing of importance except what was reported over coms." "They're being too quiet. I talked with my contact among the Marines and the Navy here. They all agree the pirates that operate here are up to something." "Well at least I can get a few ours sleep and some food. When is breakfast?" "0500 hours." Kei deactivates her armor, revealing a black flight suit with olive drab flight gear in the form of a tactical vest and holster for a side arm and a PFD in a collar around the neck. "Well time for a cat-nap." "Don't let any of the officers catch you up to no good. I might have a rank equivalency from my time in the Navy, but you're nothing more than a fancy civilian here." "I got a spot. Over behind the island on deck." The ship was a small helicopter carrier designed to also carry assault craft under the deck. It was perfect for SEAL operations and just what was needed for the mission. "To be honest, Skippy, today was a good change from the mission in Japan for the last few months. I've seen enough dead bodies to last me several lifetimes." Skippy puts her hand on her shoulder. "I know... all you've had is nothing but training and you've not had to use any of your skills int he field. I'm sorry it was all recovery... I should have moved you to helpign assess damage over recovering corpses." "That... that's alright May. Those families needed closure." She starts walking over to the island to lean on the bulkhead and catch some shut-eye under the stars. "Remember! 0500!" May says. "Don't be late." May adjusts her glasses as she heads back in. =To Be Continued
  3. MK-III Devilion Suit with combined Cormorant MK-II vest Kei Nakano Codename/Callisgn: "Sea Eagle" Other Codenames: Umiwashi (海ワシ) DOB: January 8th, 1992 Age: 20 Height: 4'11"/150cm Weight: 105pds/47.6kg Hair: Short Black (Dormed), Long Black (Active) Eyes: Dark Brown (Dormed), Sky Blue (Active) Armored form: F-35-like plating with DSA markings. Attack Manifestation: hand-fired blue laserbeam Legal Status: Native Nova, US Natural-Born Citizen, Single, Department of Metahuman Affairs Operative. Birthplace: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America Early History Kei always dreamed of flight. At an early age she gave no end to stress by jumping from her bed or hopping from trees (and promptly breaking an arm) or other dangerous and costly behavior. As she got older she stopped the craziness, and started learning how to fly... as in airplanes. At Fourteen she started her lessons and by 16 she was about ready to get her licence. One day while flying with her instructor, out over the waters of Lake Superior, their Cessna had an engine failure. Now this wasn't much of a problem since the Cessna itself was fitted with a Ballistic Recovery System, but a plane mounted parachute did no good in the cold, late october waters of Superior. Once they hit water it was a mad dash to ditch the plane. Made harder with the fact that the Instructor broke her leg. They managed to ditch and get their single-person rafts deployed, and they both were sure rescue would arrive. What complicated matters though was Kei's raft got pricked and was slowly losing air. The one thing that could save her from a quick death was betraying her. Then Kei's Instructor did the unthinkable, she falls out of her raft and starts to swim away with whatever stregnth she could muster. She was damn set in seeing Kei survive and use her raft. The stress was too much for Kei. At that moment something snapped in her mind and within moments she had dashed out of her raft, flying under her own power, grabbed her instructor, and made it to shore. After setting her instructor down safely, she collapsed, with blood dripping from her nose. Within 20 minutes a US Coast Guard helicopter was overhead and rescued the two pilots. Kei had her beacon with her and it was a bit of confusion as to how they survived getting there. Until they found out Kei was a Nova. The next day some men in suits showed up. "So... another Native Nova... We're with the Department of Superhuman Affairs. We would like to offer you an opportunity to join our organization. I can understand this is all sudden, but your country needs you, and the world as a whole. Are you ready yet? You will be trained, of course, to your ability set." Kei thought only for a few moments before she stated her answer. "Just no spandex." Personality, Appearance, and Quirks Kei Nakano is 20 years old, with dark brown to near black hair, with brown eyes. She tends to wear her usual flight gear when doing her flight work. When not doing so she generally is wearing nothing more than Jeans and a T-Shirt of some meme that is popular at the time. She seems to still be having a bit of a childhood, living her dream of being able to fly, and would rather not hurt anyone unless it was necessary. Then again, if made necessary... she will bring hell. Ask some pirates in Somalia and the Japanese cargo crew she saved.
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