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Found 1 result

  1. Okay guys, something I want to ask: How nasty do you want it? I will Offer up two options. 1: Low Lethality Attacks default to non-lethal, PCs automatically have and high-level NPCs may have Diehard, killing blows may only be done against unconcious characters. 2: High Lethality Attacks default lethal, Diehard is banned for use in game, an attack has a chance to one-shot even undamaged characters. Also I offer something that might make things interesting... "Flying the death flag" If you guys want this rule, the way it works is a fight can start non-lethal until a PC decides to go lethal, at which point they "fly the death flag" and welcome lethal attacks against themselves. NPCs can also fly the flag, leaving it to the discretion of the PC(s) to follow suit. If a player decides to start combat flying the death flag, they will receive 1 PP for surviving the battle (if victorious). It'll be interesting to see everyone's responses. In the case of a tie, I will step in.
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