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Found 4 results

  1. November 30, 2012 Hideyoshi Residence Morning Naomi rested lazily on her mattress, curled up as best she could with her stomach showing more and more of her new passengers. The Quint litter was coming along nicely, and already it comforted Naomi that the gestation pattern seemed to match the Human baseline in development. It's been 3 months since their conception, and the well wishers from Department 0 have been showing up from time to time. But something was of dread in her life. Naomi slipped up. She snuck out last month to get some snacks from a local convenience store and a paparazzi got a photo of her and it was evident she was starting to show a "baby bump". The press has been on fire. Department Zero has, of course, been doing damage control. Congratulating the new family, assuring the public that everything was perfectly fine and deflecting conspiracy theories and outright crackpot assumptions. In a way, Naomi felt guilty she foisted this on the people of Japan. She felt she should have at least said something to the people... to give more transparency... but with her now on 24 hour surveillance and being practically on house arrest... that seems a distant wish long gone. She heard Ryu stepping about, training, cooking, and generally being his tiger self... she would have it no other way, but she felt she was taking him for granted. Ryu was the light of her life yet... She heard Ryu was in a nearby room or hallway. She opened a eye from her restful stupor and with a ear drooping she mewed. "Ryu-saaaaaan.... What's going onnn..."
  2. Tokyo, Japan Morning Naomi dressed as best she could. This was a formal occasion, and The Great Cat Detective had to deliver the appearance of Department 0's premiere Nova. Already her action figures were selling like hotcakes, the proceeds for her "S&R Gear Naomi" going to disaster relief and towards improving Japan's Search and Rescue efforts. And the first Manga about her exploits was being penned. She was still considering a call from the BBC, seems that they want her to star in a episode of Doctor Who as one of the cat people they introduced during the 10th Doctor's Run. She looked puzzled as she tried to decide on wearing a navy blazer or a simple brown waistcoat with her signature light tan raincoat with a brown epaulet-like collar and trim on the cuffs. She decides to stick with the vest. "Okay Naomi... calm down... it is just one of the greatest stars of one of the legendary Mecha franchises ever... some days I wish I was a kid again... I would be just... squealing." She meowed in delight as she stepped out of her apartment in Jinbocho down to her electric car plugged into a recharging stand. The stand itself powered by some solar panels on the roof of the converted office building she purchased. When she pulled up to the Hotel, she stood outside her car, waiting for Connor to step out of his Hotel. "Remember, he's American... think American..." She thought as her tail flicked nervously.
  3. Naomi Minami Department 0 Consulting Detective Status: Deceased Background History Not every Nova on the planet has a average eruption, nor a peaceful one. None exemplify this than Naomi Minami. A former Schoolteacher, 35 years of age and a fan of detective novels. She grew up in the Japanese ocean town of Ukedo, a shipping and fishing port on the northeastern coast of the main island. She wanted to be a schoolteacher like her English father and Japanese mother. And she did well enough to finally achieve that dream. She taught at Ukedo Elementary School for 10 years as a Math Teacher. Two years prior to her eruption, she adopted a cat named Shiro. A Calico kitten who grew to be an inquisitive, intrepid soul. Naomi loved him greatly, and when she could, she took Shiro everywhere. On March 11, 2011 though, everything changed. For her town, and for her. When the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, she was at School, preparing for her lessons. She knew from some of the physics she knew, that a Tsunami could happen, and fast. So unlike everyone who went for a higher level of the school, Naomi rushed to her home to save her Cat. The school wasn't too far of a trip, and most people were heading inland to avoid the coming wave. But Naomi after finding her scared cat stepped outside and saw the rushing water of the Tsunami about to crash into her. She held onto Shiro and said. "I'm sorry... don't hold your breath... it'll just prolong the inevitable." The wave hit and Naomi's world went black. She came to in the ocean, she was swept out to sea with her town's wrecakge. She scampered on to a fishing boat that somehow miraculously got washed out. It was starting to sink from it's hull damage though. But the radio had power. When she tried to speak though she felt her lips were strangely shaped, it was harder to talk. She thought she was injured severely, so she immediately found a mirror and looked... She looked... like herself and Shiro! She ran up to the radio again after grabbing a life vest that was still on board and tried radioing shore again. It was a day before a JMSDF helicopter arrived. The boat had already sunk and she was holding on to a piece of driftwood while floating by the life vest she found. The bewildered look of the crew onboard was muted when a woman peeked from behind the hoist operator. A odd woman with dull pink hair and wearing a white labcoat under her life preserver vest. "I'm Aiko Nakamura. Head of Department 0, and Nippontai, a emergency team currently operating in the area... Are you alright, dear? Although I wish this was on better circumstances, welcome to a new world." Naomi fainted. When she came to the next day she was wearing a comfortable, loose-fitting full-body suit. She looked in the mirror and saw her tail, and wondered what happened. Then the memories came... and she could only think of one thing her father taught. Something in regards to Quantum Physics where two objects cannot be in the same place and time in Time-Space. Whatever happened... violated that rule and now she is here... changed. When she realized that she somehow understood completely what happened she had no choice but to accept Aiko's offer to train in the use of her new gifts, study her body's changes, and to adapt. What she discovered is that she has a natural aptitude and innate understanding of the process of being a Detective. In a matter of a year, she was ready for her first assignment. ,, Cause of Death Death after Child Birth complications.
  4. Date: July 18th, 2027 Location: Tokyo Shopping District, Japan Partisipants: Dan Hawkins, Sarah Hawkins, Others It starts with a single burning bootprint in the middle of a Tokyo road, one and half feet long. It continues with corner of the eye glimpses of something large and human-shaped that passes through some obstacles but vaulted over and around others, a blur of brown and black with a yellow head, a trail of the burning footprints marking it's path through the shopping district. And it ends with a bang and a flash of sparks as something, or rather, someone came sprinting through a ragged hole in the air that sealed behind her. ten and a quarter feet of blonde female nova hit the ground and imediately came into difficulties over the fact that wherever she had been running, there was a distinct lack of oncoming traffic. She tried to dodge, turning on booted feet to avoid the first car only to careen into one in the adjascent lane. The impact sent it careening into it's neighbors and her back into her original lane to impact a second car. Horns and chaos ensued as the small chain reaction settled, leaving the blonde giantess leaning against one of the vechiles she had wrecked, it's driver stunned within among a nest of airbags, breathing heavy and eyes wide with shock but quite unhurt herself. She gulped in a few breaths of air, one hand numbly checking that the hilt of an equally massive blade was still secured, stareing about her at the neon lit roar of Tokyo and the crowds of watching people as if it was something rare and wonderous. Sarah Hawkins froze though as she spotted a man hustling a young girl away from the scene by air, her voice a breathy whisper, "Dan? Is that you?"
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