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Found 3 results

  1. Use this thread to discuss, brainstorm, pose questions and so forth.
  2. This is the dedicated combat thread where we can post initiative and actions. Once resolved it will be summed up back in the thread in which the combat is taking place.
  3. Hello all. I am back and looking to run a game using the "Batman Beyond" setting (nobody is playing Batman. Heh.) using slightly modified Adventure! and Aberrant rules. The PCs will be new, (most likely) young heroes coming together to try and make a difference in the dark, sunless streets of Gotham. Here are the basic character generation mods with more background info for those unfamiliar (or just rusty on the setting) to follow. It will be a slightly more dark/gritty than and cartoon aimed at kids was though. Character Generation mods... Keep in mind that characters are not actual "Novas" or "Inspired" as in Aberrant and Adventure! (respectively) Instead the PCs are pissed off/dedicated humans, splicers, metahumans, aliens, homo magi, amazons and so on. Mods for ALL characters: - ALL characters start with a dot in Computer for free. Mods for "nova build" characters: - 30 NPs - Quantum and Node are still used to reflect power level and such. Taint is still used though at times handled a little differently. - Eufiber is still possible with good reason/concept in the form of "Unstable molecules", "Dreamstuff" and so on. - There is a fairly firm limit on no Mega-Atts past 1 - Q5 max at creation - Players are strongly encouraged to flesh out characters and go for depth (skills, backgrounds) over simply lots of powers and M-Atts. - Only the core book and the other officially published books are used. For example, nothing from the M-Att books is permitted (at this time at least). Mods for "inspired build" characters: - Standard creation (though skills like computer are available) - The purchase of other archetype knacks are permitted (i.e. a Daredevil buying a Stalwart knack) as long as there is no double stacking (i.e. 2 different initiative knacks) and no powergaming (come on, we are all adults here) - Players are strongly encouraged to flesh out characters and go for depth (skills, backgrounds) over simply lots of Knacks - Super-Science Medical Experimentation options can be taken to reflect being a 'splicer'. In general, every two obvious non-human options impose a +1 difficulty on all Social rolls, except those that are specifically intended to inspire fear or loathing. Dealing with other splicers, aliens and friends may not impose this penalty. Background to follow!
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