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Found 1 result

  1. Kenzie paced the office, glancing out occasionally through the floor-to-ceiling windows down onto the gathering area below. The invitations had gone out and all had been received. Many would not be coming, many would, and she ticked over the list of official rsvp’s in her head one more time. Behind her, a tall man, his suit finely tailored and immaculately pressed, with an amused smile. “You’re going to wear a hole in the floor, Kenz,” he said after a few minutes. “The floor is made of metallic glass,” she retorted dryly. “It’ll survive.” He closed the distance between them and placed his hands on her slender shoulders. “Then relax. Everything’s done but for the party now.” She leaned against him and tried to take deep breaths. “What if no one shows up?” “Several already have,” he reminded her. She frowned and tried again, “What if someone blows up?” “Then the room will get very messy.” He squeezed her shoulders, careful not to disturb the delicate lace and beading of her dress. “And you’ll still have to give your speech.” She made a face and pulled away from him, rubbing her arms nervously. “I can talk to heads of state and dignitaries all day long. Why is one little speech making me feel like some preteen before prom?” “Because these aren’t some petty politicians or noisome officials-“ “Aren’t you basically ‘some petty politician and noisome official’?” She interrupted with an arch question. He chuckled, “Yes, and you don’t have a problem talking to me, now do you?” She smiled, just a little, then sighed and stepped over to the windows again. “But really, Joseph, what if no one agrees? What if they all just leave afterwards?” “Then we’ll make a new plan. We’ll find others and we’ll keep moving forward.” He stepped up behind her again and peered over her shoulder, down to where the banquet tables were glittering in the morning light and the service teams were busily putting all the finishing touches on the grand hall. “Look at this place, Kenzie. Look at everything you’ve done in just a few short years. A city on the sea. Our Elysium. You did this. Remember that, when you’re out there talking to them.” “I didn’t do it alone, Joe,” she said softly. “And you won’t be alone out there. We’ll be there with you.” He kissed her on the temple, an almost fatherly action even though they were less than two decades apart in age. “You can do this.” She nodded, finding that inner core of strength that had seen her through the years of silence in Japan and then the whirlwind of changes that the Hadron Collision had brought. Her shoulders straightened and she lifted her chin up. “I can do this.” Let's Begin! This is an open group fiction to help kick off the Alpha World game. Kenzie Grace is the head of state of new micro-nation city built in the sea about ~450 miles off the coast of LA. She has contact nearly all the known supers in the world and invited them to a large gala event at her city. These invitation were made by a person, not just a card or random email, and are for the costumed identity of characters. The gala is for supers to meet (in their masks) and to discuss the changes the world has gone through since the Hadron Collision. I'll leave specifics of how each PC was contacted up to each player, but Kenzie is thorough and determined, as are her messengers. The city's name is Elysium, it is built on the ocean floor and juts up a little over three miles, the top-most parts soaring above the surface of the ocean. It is the only nation currently with a working teleportation system, and Elysium's trade and travel rely heavily on it. There is limited docking and landing space around the above-water portion of the city as well, but the teleportation system is generally much more convenient. Kenzie is the head of state, formally known as the Keeper of Elysium (teehee, see what I did there?), and owns...well, the whole thing. Elysium's been about for nearly two years now and is currently petitioning for recognition by and inclusion in the UN. PCs can get to the city however they choose (most convenient choice is again the teleporter) and they will be given nice rooms to stay in, accommodations as needed, and be guided to the Azure Hall for the gala at the appropriate time. This can be done in your initial post, or all I'll have a 'everyone gets gathered up' summation in my next post from Kenzie. I wanted to give people a chance to post before I moved straight to the gala, so if PCs arrive early, want to poke about the city, or otherwise describe getting there and settling in, there's room to do so. Azure Hall: A grand hall in shades of white, blue, and turquoise. It is set right at sea level with large windows along two sides for viewing. There are tables to sit at, a large buffet set out, and a podium at one end (one of the sides with windows behind it). If you have questions or want to organize something, either PM this account or catch me in chat (Malachite). Have fun!
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