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Found 8 results

  1. You've been living at the Complex - an apartment building - for some time now, after a difficult time in an eventful life. It's a place to stop, relax, and take stock of where you've been. It's situated on a peninsula where two rivers meet, and has a magnificent view of the fog-shrouded rivers and all the trappings of home. You'd love to have friends over to visit... ... except you have trouble connecting to an outside line. And trouble remembering phone numbers. You're not entirely sure how you got here. Or how long you've been here. Or when you last left. Or if you've ever left. ... and the other tenants on your floor aren't helping things. You're sure there were more doors in the hallway last week, too. And were you imagining things, or did you walk past the same floor twice when taking the stairway? And that's not even going into the strange smells, and how they make you feel, digging up memories you don't want to think about... ... but no, you're happy here. They promised and they delivered. You're happy here, aren't you? Well, aren't you? NO EXIT is a psychological horror game using the FATE Core system. The players play tenants of the Complex, which promises a nice place to get away and forget your troubles, and delivers all too well. Your memories are unreliable, and escaping the Complex whilst discovering the purpose behind it will require you to look deep inside your own memories, failings, phobias and losses, and to not flinch when they turn to look back. Inspiration for the setting and this game can be found in, of course, "No Exit" - the play about three men and women who discover that Hell is other people. Other inspirations include Lost, The Prisoner, the Paranoia RPG on its most serious settings, and the works of Phillip K. Dick at his most paranoid. I'm looking for four to five players. Familiarity with FATE Core is not a prerequisite, since FATE Core is a simple system and the act of telling me about your character will create the character. However, one thing I'm inflexible on is regular posting - at least once a week, if not twice. If you go a week without posting I will check up on you; if you go two weeks without posting I will retire your character. Slow posting (as in, over a month without posting) killed the last game I ran, and I'd rather not pour dozens of hours of effort into a game if that's going to happen again. If you've never heard of FATE Core, it's an upcoming RPG from Evil Hat Productions that leans heavily on narrative-based mechanics and story. It's very easy to learn from someone else, or if you wish, you can pitch one whole dollar into their Kickstarter's hat and get access to the full preview PDF. (More than one whole dollar nets you a lot of extras. FATE Core's Kickstarter might be the best value in gaming for the next week or so.) If I see enough interest from parties who don't have the money or the ability to pledge, I will add more details to the upcoming "how to create your character" post. Since horror is primarily based around the unknown, details about the special rules of the setting will be kept close to my chest and a level of trust will be required. I'll fill you in on how they work as they come up. Likewise, for anyone who has access to the FATE Core Kickstarter preview materials, I'd appreciate it if you kept your reading of No Exit to a minimum (I am of course going to change details.) Hopefully, people will know and trust me well enough to play fair (or as fair as anyone can in a game based around scaring players and their characters.) Besides, knowing all the details of the Complex is against the lease agreement you signed. You do remember signing it, don't you?
  2. Previously, on ,, It started out like any other day, but that changed in a hurry. ,, Through the fog of a half-remembered life, and the shock of meeting half-remembered acquaintances, you all left your apartments, in search of answers. ,, You saw things you can't explain, and things you could explain but that still set your hair on edge. You saw the residents of the Complex, half-alive, almost dreaming, and you saw the eyes of the Management hovering over everything. ,, The mysteries of the others beckon - the woman, Lana, who could speak in only a word at a time. Paul, who danced with a phantom. The caretaker Earnest, who knew where the bodies were all buried. But above all else, the same three questions haunt you: ,, Why can't I remember? ,, How did I get here? ,, And how can I leave? ,, * * * Earnest has left, his cryptic message sitting on the sign he was cleaning. Not far from the group, Uriel is waiting. Paul has wandered off, for whatever reason. So has the man known as Emanuel Francis. ,, What happens next is up to you.
  3. It started as just another day at the Westmarch living complex. The fog off the river bank was thicker than normal. Not that there was ever a day the fog was thin, but on a relatively clear day, a resident in one of the higher floors could see the shoreline of the adjoining coast. Not today, however. Despite the fog, the air was only just crisp enough to invigorate those who lived there, not cold enough to chill. It was an okay day. Most days were okay. For most of the people at the Westmarch living complex - just "the Complex" as it was commonly dubbed - okay days were all they needed. They'd had one too many of the bad. Okay would do for a while. The Complex came with all the amenities the body and soul needed. If you needed something, it was ordered in, from the kiosk in the foyer. If you needed food, you could eat on site, at the coffee shop and restaurant that cooked just about everything and where the nice girl with the sad eyes put a happy face in the foam on your coffee if you looked distracted or depressed. There was an onsite doctor, there was the helpful operator on the other end of the telephone, a beautiful view, and plenty of time to think. Or just relax. Mostly relax. Everything you needed was right here. Why would you leave? Why would anyone? * * * OOC How about a little light music? * * * Emanuel Francis Emanuel's apartment was on the fifth floor. He had the windows open, because the thermostat was broken again. He found himself doodling on the back of an envelope, to pass the time. He'd ordered in food, and sipped his drink... not too quickly, because it was the time of day when the voices in the hall were raised, and he could hear them with a bit too much clarity if he was in the bathroom. He gladly paid the extra charge to have food delivered, because he found himself hurrying a bit too quickly at times when he had to walk down the hallway. He was sure that the last time he'd done it (yesterday? Last week?) there was bright yellow police tape across a door and a red stain on the carpet. But he'd looked through his keyhole, and no, everything was fine. People looked through their keyholes a lot on the fifth floor of the Complex. As he took another sip, the mail slot flipped open, and deposited his mail on the carpet. The mail was typical. Bills, bills, bills. The last package through, however, was a brightly colored envelope, that caught his eye. He found his gaze drawn to its cover. He'd seen it before. Westmarch Living Complex! If You Lived Here You'd Be Home By Now! You Won't Leave Here Unhappy. We Promise.™ He'd seen the brochure before, and that was enough to rouse suspicion, because why send him an invitation to live where he already lived? But that wasn't what drew his attention. What drew his attention was how the cover of the envelope was defaced. Words blacked out in felt pen, with little X's. Westmarch Living Complex! If You Lived XXXX You'd Be Home XX XXX! You Won't Leave Here XXXXXXX. We Promise.™ The envelope, like all the others, was sealed. The others, however, were sealed with glue. This one had been cut opened and taped shut. * * * James Duncan James Duncan didn't know if he had the best apartment in the Complex or not, but he liked to think that he did. A very tasteful couch that he took care not to spill anything on. A very tasteful poster of two women kissing - hey, it was art. A very tasteful bed with room for one (but fitting in two was twice the fun, wasn't it...?) James had an eye for art, and he wanted that painting from out in the hall, the one with the creature with the head of a man, the paws of a lion, the body of a dragon and the tail of a scorpion. Every time he'd tried to buy it, however, the Management, that guy from the Management, what was his name... it wasn't important, the Management had politely declined. James sometimes opened up his door to stare at it. He liked looking towards the door, because he could swear that when his back was turned was when the whispering started. People didn't turn their backs on their doors a lot, on the seventh floor of the Complex. Today was the day James was going to get some writing done. Right after he took in the view, which he did. And read a few old Emails, which he did. And sorted through some old documents, which he was doing, and that's when he found the slip of paper, sticking out at an angle from one of the folders. He pulled it out, and unfolded it, and stared at the picture of the wedding band, printed on the page. It was 18 karat gold. It had a large inset diamond, finely cut. It was valued at roughed $1,250 - up to $3,000 with its mated pair, since it was typically sold in pairs. He felt uncomfortably aware of the weight of the ring on his finger, which wasn't the picture on the page. The picture on the page was the ring that belonged to DON'T THINK ABOUT HER To someone. To someone important. It was appraised as a wedding band which didn't fit because... no, it fit. It fit, because YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU THINK ABOUT HER Because he could feel one half of the set on his finger, and the other one was in his pocket. Where he'd put it every day since the JAMES! OH GOD JAMES I James felt the paper slip from his fingers. It drifted gently down to the floor. He knew, without looking, that the door to the hallway was behind him. * * * Uriel Arcadia Uriel passed the time by breaking into his own apartment in his head. It would be difficult. There wasn't much to hide behind. Uriel kept the walls clean and bare. Nice and boring. He liked boring. It was easy to hide in "exciting," but boring let you see it all... all little there was. The hardest part would be getting inside from the outside. Forget a second story man, you'd need a sixth story man. Uriel had wanted an apartment on the seventh, since it'd be safer, but the voice on the other end of the phone insisted that he was on the right floor, and in the end Uriel decided that the sixth was safe enough. Even then, he was sure someone had been in here. He'd kept things as bland as possible to ensure that there was nowhere to hide a mistake, and he didn't see any mistakes. there was no evidence of any mistakes, no signs of entry, but still: Uriel knew that They had been in here. He just knew. People said "I just know" a lot, on the sixth floor of the Complex. Uriel walked past the carefully arranged pile of New Age brochures, pamphlets asking him to accept Christ as his savior, along with similar pleas for received salvation from Allah, from Cthulhu, from Santa Claus and from Superman. He kept them in such a way next to the door that a careless intruder would spill them. They'd never been spilt. He was sure they'd never been spilt. But still. He just knew. He just knew. When his celphone buzzed, he about leapt out of his skin. He pulled drawers open searching for it (why was he searching for it?) He dug it out of the junk drawer, and checked its screen. You Have One (1) New Message Uriel used his phone every day, didn't he? Except not any more. That's how they tracked you. He'd gotten one with a detachable battery and he swore he'd taken it out. He just couldn't remember when. The voicemail message light blinked atop the phone, and with a slightly trembling thumb, Uriel pressed the green button. "Mmmm, hey, Uriel - " Uriel all but dropped the phone, but he kept his grip on it. The woman's voice continued. "Just calling you back. Just a casual callback. No pressure. But still. Last night. Mmm. You bad, bad boy. So I guess you know who this is, don't you? So listen, if you want to meet up again, you just call me up. Or maybe I'll call you. Maybe next time you can show me that thing you did with my handcuffs... oh, shift's starting. We'll talk later, okay? Ciao." A "new message." Except he hadn't seen her in... in... In forever. Uriel stared at the phone's screen. (DELETE) (CALL BACK) (SAVE) * * * Charles Volcov Drip. Drip. Drip. Charles was in the middle of one of his experiments. He was testing the hypothesis: just how much was a good night's sleep worth? He hadn't slept well. He tried relaxation therapy. He tried looking out the window at the relaxing view of the river. He tried, to his own personal shame, meditation, humming to himself like an idiot. None of it had worked. He had tried stuffing the door to his bedroom with spare clothes and sheets to fill the cracks. No luck. People didn't sleep too well, on the seventh floor of the Complex. He'd gotten into an argument about the leaking faucet, again, like he'd done an infinite several times before. The voice had been patient at first, and then firm. And then, so firm, that he found himself growing quiet at her tone, finding himself asking if they could please come fix his faucet. Drip. Drip. Drip. They'd set someone up earlier today. The repairman was the nice fellow who walked in and out of the front gate with his lunch in hand every day. He'd smiled the whole time, while Volcov found himself at a loss. Usually he was a good judge of character and what hidden phobias lay half-covered in the shallow grave of someone's psyche. Not with the repairman. Not with Earnest, the elderly black man with white hair who always smiled. That smile was all Charles could read. "I guarantee, Doctor Volcov - " Earnest always called Charles by his full title. "That's the last time water's going to drip out of that faucet." He was lying. Charles couldn't prove it, but he knew it. He could feel it. He lied and he smiled and Charles shook his hand before he left. Earnest walked down the hallway, whistling as he went. Not a second after Charles shut the door, the whistling stopped. He went back to organizing his research. Science marched on. The world needed sense made out of it. And there were so many mysteries to the mind left to unravel. So Charles pulled out his pen, and sat down, and - Drip. Drip. Drip. Charles about snapped the pen in half from squeezing it. Drip. Drip. Drip. It hadn't even been thirty seconds. The lying son of a bitch promised - Drip. Drip. Tak. At the sound, Charles stopped. He looked towards the kitchen. Tak. He stood up. He walked slowly towards the sink, feeling tingling along his skin building with each step, the hairs standing up. Tak. He reached the sink, and looked in, and didn't believe what he was seeing. In the midst of the small puddle formed by a few drops of water, sat three small white pills. His hand only shaking slightly, he reached out and picked one up. He looked at the half-melted lettering stamped into it. Loxitane. He'd seen the name before, though it was called "loxapine" when he'd written it out, because that was the generic drug name, and he always wrote the generic name when prescribing a drug. It was an anti-psychotic. The kind of pill you gave to someone who was prone to holding a knife to other people's throats. Tak. Another pill fell out of the faucet head. It was the case that had made him famous, back when he could do no wrong. * * * OOC You are now partially awakened, and are in control of your own actions. For all the good it may do you.
  4. From the album: No Exit

    © 2013 Evil Hat Productions, LLC

  5. Charlotte

    No Exit: The Complex

    From the album: No Exit

    © 2013 Evil Hat Productions, LLC

  6. Charlotte

    Fifth Floor Sign

    From the album: No Exit

  7. All the currently available FATE books are available for hardcover and pay-what-you-want PDF here. ,, This selfsame page also lets you kick a few bucks their way should you have happened upon the PDF and think it's worth said few bucks. You can also download the PDF of the rules from them at no cost. ,, Their recommended payment amount for FATE Core is a dollar. That might be the best deal I've seen in gaming.
  8. In No Exit, when you have encountered someone from your Phase Trio and spend sufficient time together, the experience you shared - positive or negative - strengthens your memories, and gives you Clarity. Clarity is a custom skill used in No Exit. It is advanced independent of the skill pyramid via special circumstances in play, but it draws its Stunts from the same Stunt/Refresh ratio that other Stunts draw from. ,, ,, Clarity represents the ability of a character to spot the illusions crafted around them and spot the inaccuracies of deceptions perpetrated by the Complex. Each player begins with Clarity at +1 to indicate that they are conscious of something odd occurring around them. However, any advancement in Clarity must be earned ingame through confrontation with the mysteries of a player's past. Overcome: You can use Clarity to face down the mind-bending obstacles of the Complex. When presented with a never-ending hallway, or a staircase that loops on itself forever, you call upon your Clarity to see through the illusions and see what is really in front of you. Create an Advantage: You can use Clarity to place aspects on yourself that indicate your ability to see past individual components of the Complex's lies (example: you do not feel the vertigo on the roof). Attack: You can channel your Clarity into an attack that destabilizes the Complex's hold on you through sheer power of disbelief. Defend: Clarity is used to Defend against the mind games of the Management, such as attacks of Deceit, Rapport or Intimidation. Stunts: It's Not Real! With the expenditure of a Fate Point, use Clarity to Create an Advantage so that another player may see through the lies of the Complex. I Remember Now! With the expenditure of a Fate Point, your character may delve into their memories to dredge up the use of a Skill they do not have on their character sheet. The character only has as many ranks in that Skill as they have in Clarity and may be used for the remainder of the scene. Clarity Is My Weapon When combating an agent of the Complex, you may use Clarity in place of Fighting for your attack. The player must be utilizing one of their Touchstones to focus the attack. How Clarity is Gained To increase Clarity to +2 and to +3, you must confront your own worst enemy: yourself. The longer your character has been at the Complex, the less Clarity they have about their own memories. These memories and their power are what gives players the strength to face down their demons and fight against the crushing atmosphere of the Complex. Only through focus on their memories can characters explore the pieces of their past that have bogged them down and grant them the strength to face where they are now. How does that work in game play? Well, remember your Phase Trio? One of those memories was designated as inviolate - this is where your +1 rank in Clarity comes from. (Before you were jolted awake by whatever did the jolting, you had Clarity 0 - but this memory was still inviolate.) The other two memories from your Phase Trio, by contrast, happened... but they may not have happened exactly as you remember them. You have forgotten details. Important ones. During play, when you Invoke one of the Aspects tied to these other two memories to Create an Advantage or to Overcome, I may - or may not - give you the option to forego the boost that FATE point gave you, in favor of increasing your Clarity by 1 rank. If you accept, you will be PMed an extended flashback detailing the truth behind the Invoked memory. Whether or not you like what you find out about yourself or what you've done in your life - well, can't help you there. This is a horror game. Once the flashback resolves and the player faces down the demons of that memory, the associated Aspect is changed into a new one via Revelation. This new Aspect can relate to the memory, or to your reaction to the memory - you may come out with a determination to do the opposite of what you remember doing, or with a redoubled dedication. It must change in some way, however - and this is the only way in which your Aspects in this game can be changed. For example, Melinda may change her Aspect to I Know Todd Tried To Kill Me, if she's not about to let that sort of thing go - or she might decide to Let Bygones Be Bygones instead. A Revelation about your own memories is one of the most important moments your character will experience in this game. So don't tread lightly. Sacrificing Memory and Loss There will be moments throughout play, however, when a character might desperately need to Overcome a situation or create a serious Advantage to beat an obstacle thrown at them by the Complex. To do this they may choose to sacrifice a single Touchstone (and its associated memory) to create a major Advantage or Overcome something serious. However, in doing so, your character is literally relinquishing that memory to face down the situation. The Touchstone associated with it is destroyed - the vase shatters, the lucky rabbit's foot falls from your hand down the drain - and the Aspect associated with that memory is also now gone and cannot be replaced with anything. Your character gave up an important piece of themselves in that moment, never to be reclaimed. You also lose a corresponding point of Clarity. Characters may sacrifice multiple Touchstones and Aspects should they deem it necessary. Upon the loss of the third Aspect and associated Touchstone, they gain an immediate Severe Mental Consequence that should reflect their now nearly total amnesiac state. These characters are considered lost. They become empty versions of their former selves, content to remain in near mindless solitude at the Complex forever. ,, You may do this with an Aspect you have discovered the true nature of, should the memory be too much to bear. Once it's gone, however, there's no getting it back. Do you toss away memories you can't endure any more - perhaps playing into the Complex's hands - or do you hold onto them, even if the whole reason you came here was because they led your life to pain and ruin? ,, I can't answer that. The choice - and consequences - are yours.
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