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Found 1 result

  1. So I know there is a wide range of opinions on the Exalted 3e coming out, especially fueled by the Kickstarter still with 11 days to go as of the time of writing. Having decided to back it, enough to obtain a PDF of the final Core Book (plus all the free material that seems to be cropping up with stretch goals), I've been going through various tidbits they have put out, and I figured I'd lay down some thoughts for you guys. ,, Front Page Public Tidbits ,, This is the obvious place to start, and there are several things that grab my eye. ,, Expanded Locales: This part is the first thing of note... it is stated that there will be a great deal more description of pre-existing but less 'classic' locations like Port Calin, as well as new locations. The example: Medo, a region of tundra, snow and coniferous forests and inhabited by a barbarian warrior culture locked in strife with the Realm. Which leads me to thing Two... Maps: Also on the front, public page, Onyx Path literally gives us a map of the 'new' Creation, one that is being updated over time. Currently, we are in Stage 2, which has the natural landscapes more or less completely marked - but no place names of yet. What IS undeniable, is that Creation is gargantuan now. The East has doubled in size, the South tripled, we now have a massive arctic expanse leading up to the Pole of Air where there were just fringes in 2e... don't ask about the Western Ocean. Much more space to play around in. Intrigue & Mystery: Hints of plot changes and story revamps. I'll get to that later. Exalted Types: There are three, count em, three new Exalted types promised: "The Getimian Exalted, drawn from stillborn destinies to serve as agents in one man’s war against Heaven. The Liminal Exalted who stand at the border between life and death, humanity and monstrosity. And finally, the “black market” champions of forbidden gods, made with divine power stolen from the hand of the Unconquered Sun." If you're wondering about that last line, there's material from later updates that clarify stuff. I'm of mixed feelings. On one hand, they all sound interesting, but do we really need so many Exalt types? Then again, we have much more space for them to interest. Expanded Character Creation: The whole spiel about being able to create richer and more fleshed out characters. Nothing new, except the wording seems to say they will be giving the same space to mortal heroes already afforded to the Solars by default. Merit System: Well, they don't say much on the front, but I dove into one of the first backer updates - and it seems Backgrounds are being replaced more or less by the Merit System ala New World of Darkness style. Examples are given of the revamped Familiar Merit, and a new Merit. I approve. Magical Equipment: New artifacts, new weapons, new armor, more detail... what this Evocation thing? Apparently, you'll be able to gain Charms and other possible powers from being attuned to specific artifacts. Very intriguing. Combat System/Charms: The last two elements are the promise to revamp the Charms sets and combat system... which of course is a given - the question is, will there be improvements? Judging by the Merits, which may be a stretch, but they may be shifting towards the nWoD angle maybe? Because this is an unholy wall of text, I'm going to pause this post here. More posts will be coming, with more updates. Just need to breath.
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