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Found 22 results

  1. I'm considering an Alchemicals game taking place in the unusual city of Loran, the one farthest from the rest of the various societies, right where the pole of Oil and Metal metal meet, checking to see what kind of interest folks might have in an Exalted Alchemical game.
  2. It took weeks, months even, the far reaches of the realm of brass and shadow were dangerous and difficult to navigate. Meanwhile, the Solars and Alchemicals did their best to improve themselves, even as the solars went after Daiya and the Alchemicals continued to work for their city.. becoming more popular and well known to the populace as they did. What was more, the gateway to creation was almost ready to open.. less then a week remained and the Module would be fully installed, and Loran would be able to breach the way into Creation herself. Hearing of the strange individuals moving closer to the city, and both Vana an Director's desire to seek out the source of this strange story. The rest of the Alchemicals being either upgraded or out on missions, the Assembly agreed, and sent the two of them out together.. Meanwhile, somewhere not too fair away, the three solars reunited, with a single golden skinned.. orichalcum actually.. Alchemical having shown them the way, it had been a hard and rough journey, but at last they were together again.. "Daddy.. we need to move, it's not safe here.. I've been helping some people, we've been running from something that keeps pushing us this way.. I can't fight it, but I have been able to help them." Behind her, coming out of the darkened were about a dozen hermits of the far reaches, humans who lived a rough and difficult life outside of the cities.
  3. "The inhabitants of the Great Maker’s body call their world Autochthonia, and themselves Autochthonians. Autochthonia is a rough spheroid of unknown dimensions; no Autochthonian has ever pierced the outer shell of their world to attempt to measure it. The Machine God’s interior is much larger than his armored hull, in any case; his anatomy incorporates space-folding magic beyond the ken of any but the most erudite First Age savants. It is enough to say that Autochthonia is vast beyond imagining, that entire Directions of Creation could disappear into it without difficulty. Autochthonians live within the central core of their world, a region known as the Pole of Metal. The living body of Autochthon is a nightmare world of brass, steam, and darkness. There is no sun, nor any central source of artificial light to replace it. Where the Machine God’s body is not lightless, it is lit by vast coruscating arcs of electricity, or the roaring flames of the God Furnaces, or the weird glow of luminous minerals. The flesh of the Machine God is brass and steel and raw iron, hard-edged and unforgiving. His anatomy comprises countless miles of tunnels and corridors and crawlspaces, dotted with recessed chambers and foundries and maintenance docks. Sometimes catwalks and open floors make travel easy, but more often braided cables sprawl across the ground, conduits are stapled to walls and ceilings in thick bundles, brass plugs protrude from the floor to knee-height and valves from the ceiling at eye level, all at irregular intervals. Where it is not dangerously cramped, Autochthonia may open up to reveal cyclopean vistas—iron canyons which stretch for hundreds of miles, vanishing into darkness even under exposure to the most powerful lamps or anima flares. Open wells may run for miles, traversable only by narrow stairs built into the walls, or by ladders, or by no obvious means at all, forcing explorers to climb or seek another route. Silence is rare in Autochthonia; the Autochthonians claim that the Great Maker sings to himself in his sleep. If the leaking hiss of steam cannot be heard, it’s drowned out by the banging of pistons. Where lightning does not leap and crackle, there is the clanking cacophony of turning gears. And on the rare occasions when all of these sounds are absent, there is the ever-present creak-and-pop of Autochthon’s body settling on its great hinges and flexors.
  4. As Mei-Ying tried to see if these strange looking snake like folks could understand her, Saiya and his daughter stepped out on the opposite side of the clearing. The folks between them became somewhat agitated, but apparently didn't know the language Mei-Ying was speaking... though to Saiya is seemed like a very bastardized version of Old Realm... he couldn't make out but a word or two. At the moment, the little girl looked up at her father a moment, then back at the gathered individuals. "Forgotten the language too, daddy?" She said in well enunciated Old Realm. Click to reveal.. Old Realm and Low Realm are close enough that they share some words in common, they are different enough that it's very difficult to get what someone is saying, but close enough that some bits and pieces are the similar, like french and spanish, for example.
  5. About an hour after Vanguard of Many Footsteps arrived, and two hours after Strategic Initiative Director took command of the cities defenses, the two of them found themselves outside the vats building, with Resplendent Emerald Dream and Aggressive Steel Heart arriving. Emerald approached her sister Vanguard and reached out to her. "I'm pleased to see you here, it's a pleasure to meet you at last, I hear you rescued a number of Oil Divers in the last few days.. I believe we are about to be joined by our fifth member now." Even as she looked toward the building, the door opened and a man made of orichalcum, with a young human woman walking just behind him, who each of you would recognize as the project lead on the Orichalcum part of Lorans Alchemical project and the daughter of Dr Fane, who was approaching a slower pace behind the other two. The young woman approached Vanguard, and gave her a smile. "Thank you, without those oils you brought, he would not be ready yet." Her attention then turned to the five gathered champions. Meanwhile, the Orichalcum Alchemical approached all four of you. "Greetings, brother, sisters, I am Shimmering Light of Inspiration, it is a pleasure to meet you all, but I understand the city is about to be attacked?"
  6. Name: Vanguard of Many Honored Footsteps ('Vana' for short) Caste: Moonsilver Alchemical Description: A quite attractive silvery woman who seems solid when she stands still and moves with the grace of liquid. Depending on the charms installed, she either has a matte-like finish across various sections of her body, or bulky leg assemblies and arm impellers. When disguising herself as human, she looks much the same, though her hair is red and her eyes a soft green and her skin the pale hue that one expects in Authcthon. Her anima is a swirling cloud of silvery fluid begins around her feet and swirls around her. Basic Information: The Vanguard of Many Honored Footsteps was created, first and foremost, to explore. To that end, her soul has been selected from one who has famously, throughout Loran's history, gone boldly into wherever there be dragons (so to speak.) This Alchemical is a potent martial artist, using an easily hidden unique weapon - a chakram composed of rotating interlocking razor-sharp gears. She is extremely tough and dexterous, and depending on present configuration is geared either for speeds and oceanic exploration, or disguise and infiltration. When she walks, it is as if a vial of silver fluid was pouring itself into each footstep. When she is still, it is as if she were a statue of cast silver. Character Sheet Click to reveal.. Charms: 5 General Slots, 4 Dedicated Slots Excellencies: - First Dexterity Augmentation: Essence Optimized - Fourth Stamina Augmentation: Essence Integrated Survival - Subcutaneous Armor Plating x2 Stealth & Disguise: - Integrated Artifact Transmogrifier - Husk-Sculpting Apparatus - Optical Shroud - Aura Dampening Component Speed & Mobility - Fluidic Impeller Drive - Personal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus - Parabolic Leap Overcharger Device Permanent Installations - Perfected Lotus Matrix Martial Arts Charms: - The Circle Screams - Gear Catches Gear Defense - Thousand Wounds Gear Form Code: Source Rank Gain/Spent Balance Backstory - +4 4 Picture - +1 5 Weekly XP [8/22/10-8/28/10] - +2 7 XP for August - +8 15 XP For Sept/Oct - +8 23 XP for Stunt (Dec. 8 2010) - +2 25 XP for December - +12 37 XP For January - +8 45 (Jan 29/11) General Charm Slot - -6 39 XP For February - +8 47 XP for Chapter Completion - +10 57
  7. Name: Aggressive Steel Heart Caste: Soulsteel Description: Wearing Synthetic Reinforced Leather Armor, Layered over her own armored body, and carrying an Onslaught Crossbow, Ash [she goes by this when a shorter name is necessary] is moderately attractive, but the grace and power of her movements indicate that her body is more or less enhanced to the limits of her capabilities. There is never a wasted movement in her, her every motion is full of grace, and power, and she seems almost tireless. ,,Disposition: As her name suggests, Aggressive Steel Heart, is not one for half measures, when it comes to battle, or anything really, she’s fierce, forward and direct… in fact sometimes she’s so aggressive that other members of her assembly have to step in to keep her from doing something rash. Fortunately, she’s not entirely foolish and can be persuaded to listen to those wiser then her, she just is completely lacking in restraint, and her assembly members certainly value her incredible courage. Also, though she may be lacking in wisdom somewhat, she is perceptive and quick witted enough to recognize when she’s overmatched, and will make a strategic withdraw. She isn’t the general that Strategic Initiative Director is, but she’s capable enough with regards to tactics that she trusted with a squad of soldiers on the battlefield. Indeed, in terms of battle, she’s sometimes directed by her Starmetal brother into just the right locations, sense he knows she’ll either hold or take whatever position he directs her too. Unlike her sister Alchemical, Vanguard of Many Honored Footsteps, Aggressive Steel Heart doesn’t practice martial arts, at this time; generally she doesn’t have the patience for it. Past Lives: In part her incredibly aggressive and heroic mindset is due to the fact that her lives have been one heroic stand after another, a warrior who held a single passageway against an army, until they died, but held just long enough for reinforcements, a member of the populate who sacrificed her life to keep the factory running, a message runner who delivered the message, but their heart burst at the end. Combat: Her charms further enhance an already tough and fast individual, while she likes to fire her crossbow from a distance at her targets, she quickly closes that distance, preferring close and direct combat to ranged combat, though she makes heavy use of both. Once she gets in close range, she activates her Transcendent Multimodal Artifact Matrix to turn her fingernails into Soulsteel Razor Claws, sharp and deadly, attacking directly. Additionally, sense her claws are soulsteel, they are particularly nasty when she attacks essence users, draining their motes away with each successful strike. She usually integrates a number of charms that enhance her toughness as well, allowing her to keep going even when others might drop. When installed, she often makes use of her rather nasty Array, Smoking Corona Strike, which if successful, tends to leave her foes nothing but a smoking ruin. Uploaded with ImageShack.us NOTE: Her face in the picture is a more steel grey, but otherwise the picture is about her appearance.
  8. After being allowed to roam around a bit, Vanguard of Many Honored Footsteps found herself back in the charm installation chambers, where Dr. Fane oversaw the installation of her Perfected Lotus Matrix and the initial charms associated with it. She was given the weapon she chose, the gyroscopic matrix, and allowed to give it a try or two. Soon enough, however, she was asked to prepare for her mission, and they had her in the vat's complex once more. "Ok, Vana, what charm loadout would you like for this particular mission?"
  9. Ash and Director were allowed a few days to get to know the city, and the troops that both of them were assigned. The Director was assigned a large unit, a full company, while Ash was given command over a squad of soldiers, some of whom were even enlightened mortals, though these individuals were mostly in command of the unit. Of course, both of them would need to select their particular charm loadout for the mission, which was elimation of a gathering group of gremlin's a few days from the city.
  10. I've been thinking about how I was going to do this, and this is what I've come up with. General XP: As long as one has at least 1 significant post a week, you get 8 XP a month, and by significant post, I mean at least a paragraph, not a one liner. Stunt XP: If I declare a post stunt worthy, you get as much xp as the stunt is worth (+2 stunt, also means +2 xp) Story XP: Writing fictions about your character, can net you 1 or 2 xp when the fiction is completed. In case it needs to be said, don't involve other pc's in your fictions without their permission. Please record Experience on your character sheet like this. Code: Source Rank Gain/Spent Balance Monthy XP Gain - +8 8 Story XP Gain (Story Name) - +1 9 Stunt XP Gain - +3 12 Raise Melee 2 -2 10 Buy Deticated Charm Slot - -4 6
  11. Somewhere within the Metropolis of Loran, the vats were being prepared, as the Five Magnificent Sodalities of Penultimate Truth and Intransigent Gospel got to work, to create Loran's first Alchemicals. The city herself had a small part of her attention on their work, having spoken with them though one of her Hologyphic nodes earlier. Over the last eight months, vast amounts of resources had been poured into the project, as the alchemical broth had been created and processed, maintained at the proper temperature and cycles, the implants placed upon each potential exalt, the flesh molded around their frames, and now, at last, the flawless soulgems had been carefully considered and were implanted on each of the exalts. The process was nearly complete, and hopefully would work to specifications, if everything was done properly. The leaders of each of the Five Solidarites were present, and carefully speaking with one another as the targets of the eight month projects were at last lowered into the vats for the final step. And outside the vats, several leading members of the Tripartrate assembly were making their way now, hopefully to greet their new champions as they left the vaults. Each of the five potential achemicals were lowered into the part of the vats prepared for them, as prayers and rituals having purified the last few impurities from their frames, and now they were energized, and the thaumaturge-technicians waited anxiously for results.
  12. I'm going to use this to indicate the charms available to Alchemicals, including the creation of new Alchemical Charms during play. New charms require Magitech of 3+ and access to a vat's complex to create. Presently Approved Charms: All in the Alchemical Main Book(of course), I'm also allowing all charms & Submodules found in the Ever-Cascading Torrent of Glory. And this, as more are created I'll add more: Efficient Integrated Memory Matrix Cost: — [1m]; Mins: Intelligence 3, Essence 2; Type: Permanent Keywords: Internal Duration: Permanent Prerequisite Charms: Any Intelligence Excellency As a primordial Autochithon can remember everything that ever happened to him, with this Charm, his Champions can shore up their own memories in a similar manner. This charm is a glittering star metal web that is layered around and through the Alchemical’s brain, sharpening thier memories, and their sense of personal location. It mimics the effects of the Eidetic Memory merit (Scroll of Heroes pg. 52), and also allows the Alchemical to navigate the reaches within, tapping into the maker’s knowledge of himself, as though they had the Internal Compass merit (Scroll of Heroes pg. 54). As long as the charm is installed, and the Alchemical meets the prerequisites, this effect is constant, and costs no motes to activate. Submodules: Creation Navigating Principles(1xp): This submodule extends the effects of the Internal Compass effects to creation as well, allowing a basic understanding of the workings of creation, it is not initially available until after the Alchemical has spent at least a month within creation. [Additionally, there are three other Submodules, that can be bought after this Submodule is purchased. Wyld, Malfean and Underworld Navigating Principles, respectively, and require spending a month or so within those environments, though it need not be all together. Wyld Navigating Principles requires special attention, it essence it allows the Alchemical to know what type of wyld region they are in(tainted, middlemarches, etc.), and what is the quickest rote back to creation proper] Eidolon Memory Impulse (Int 4, Essence 3): With this sub module, the Alchemical may draw on the experience of previous lives to enhance any intelligence based roll, after making the roll, the Alchemical may spend one of their eidolon activations to instead roll eidolon and add any successes they might make on that roll to the total. Heroic Memory Recollection (Int 5, Essence 3): Using this submodual, the Alchemical enhances his eidetic memory to involve previous lives, in essence, this sub module will enhance their rating in Eidolon by ½ their essence (rounded down), this can allow it to go over 5. As a training effect, the Alchemical may also spend 3 xp to increase their Eidolon rating permanently, an effect that remains even if this charm is no longer installed.
  13. As the ship into the harbor, the captain turned to his passengers, one of them an attractive young woman who had requested passage. The City of the Steel Lotus loomed before them, as they sailed into the docks. "Well, here we are Ma'am, though I'm not entirely sure about this, you insisted you needed to head south from here, so here you are." The captain shook his head slightly in regard to the driven young woman who had been a passenger upon his ship, and showed her to the gangplank once they were in the docks. Of course, if he knew entirely what his passenger was capable of, he would have been shocked. Carrying a backpack with several books and an important artifact inside, wearing her chain shirt under her clothing, and her bracers wrapped in silk, the young copper spider stepped off the ship into the An Teng Prefecture.
  14. Saiya stood with his daughter, as they moved north toward the An Teng prefecture, a weeks of travel and they should be on the coast, prepared to catch a ship to the Threshold, and from there, head to nexus. They had traveled from Gem, over the mountains this way, due to the caravan having several stops along the way in small markets, and target of reaching An Teng. They were traveling with the caravan, for safeties sake, and he was hopeful for the future. "What's that, Daddy?" The cute young girl at his side, pointed to the east, and the retired soldier looked up, and his face went slightly pale. The rising dust in the distance had to be caused by a marching army, and from the looks of things, there was another indication of dust in the east.. from the looks of things, they were about to to find themselves in the center of a battle. For a moment, the middle aged warrior felt a hint of fear, how was he going to protect his daughter in the middle of a battle? He didn't worry to much about the rest of the caravan, though there was a hint of concern there as well. But Saiya had never been a man without courage, reached down he checked his sword, and looked over at his daughter. In the next few minutes, a full scale battle rolled over the hills, one small army charging into another.. as he had feared, the caravan was on the edge of this battle, and it's presence was ignored. Within ten minutes, he was fighting to protect himself and his daughter, but his skill was not enough.. not quite... but he would not yield, or give up.. and a blade struck his forehead, causing blood to cover his right eye for a moment.. and giving him a terrible headache. In that instant, time seemed to stop, and the sun appeared to speak out to him, with a voice both beautiful and glorious. "Rise up, my warrior, I see your courage, and I anoint you a warrior against the darkness, bring light to the darkness and hope out of despair." Suddenly a golden aura surrounded him, and he remembered.. even as he parried every blow, without paying it all that much attention, with increasingly incredible ability, he remembered.. Another age, another time, a time of glory and splendor... a time that ended in betrayal and loss.. looking down, he saw a young girl, and he knew he cared for her, that he loved her, and fought to protect her.. but he knew nothing else.. his memories didn't mesh with what was.
  15. Ophelia was one of the most gorgeous woman in creation, though her beauty remained within human limits. Or at least, it had be within human limits, but the young woman was no longer bound by the same limits she had been. She had been chosen by the goddess Luna, pushed to her limits and survived what few would have cared to experienced. Luna had touched her, had called to her, and spoke to her, she had Exalted, reaching out to destroy those who had enslaved and tormented her for so long. The Silver Pact had caught up with her within a matter of days, but then, they had been watching the omens in the stars, and knew that another of their own would be chosen soon. They had watched her, put her though the tests, and had tattooed her, fixing her caste as Changing Moon. The Lunar elders in the area being who they were, taught her the basics of the silver pact, and then left her to her own devices, leaving her to make whatever mark in the world she might chose too.
  16. Name: Mei-Ying Gender: Female Age: 20 Motivation: Establish center of learning and magic that is open to all. Virtue Flaw: Heart of Flint (Conviction) Image ------ Mei-Ying is an attractive woman, not long blossomed from girlhood. She has a slim, pleasing figure and an oval face to which the last vestiges of childish roundness cling. Her hands have long, delicate fingers well-suited for flipping pages, or creating the complex mudras of sorcery. Her long, glossy black hair has recently been cut to an almost boyish length to help avoid recognition by roaming agents of the Realm. She tends to keep a low profile, posing as a lowly itinerant scholar of the Realm most of the time. Such are common throughout, taking census, analyzing crop outputs, and otherwise coming up with numbers for the great bureaucracy back at the Isle. Personality ------------ Her personality is cool and measured, her passions kept under firm control. She's very 'goal oriented,' and is willing to sacrifice...be it herself or others...to reach her goals. Her methods are carefully chosen for the situation...using guile and manipulation whenever possible, but she doesn't flinch from main force as a tool when necessary. Mei-Ying believes in discretion, but is not foolish enough to travel unarmed or unarmored. Mei has a tendency to 'err on the side of caution' when her personal safety is at risk. In truth, she dreads the idea of dying before she can acomplish anything, and as such cannot be called the most valorous soul. On the other hand, her drive to succeed often places her in dangerous situations, so she often seems braver than she is. Or perhaps IS more than she THINKS. Mei-Ying's 'weakness' is magic. She feels compelled to acquire any scrip, any fragment or tidbit of spell, document, or other source of knowledge that might teach her more. Artifacts, she'll want to at least study and catalog. She's most especially interested by information and objects relating to the First Age. Click to reveal.. Charms Excellencies: Second Thrown Excellency, Second Dodge Excellency Dodge: Seven Shadows Evasion, Shadow Over Water, Reflex Sidestep Technique Thrown: Triple Distance Attack Technique Martial Arts: Striking Cobra Technique, Serpentine Evasion, Snake Form Occult: Terrestrial Circle Sorcery Spells Flight of the Brilliant Raptor, Invulnerable Skin of Bronze, Stormwind Rider, Hound of Five Winds, Peacock Shadow Eyes Code: Source Rank Gain/Spent Balance Background Award - +4 4 Stunt/ST Award - +2 6 Weekly XP [8/22/10-8/28/10] - +2 8 XP for Aug - +8 16 Spent learning Stormwind Rider - -8 8 Spent Adding 1 dot to Throwing - -5 3 Spent gaining 1 dot in Survival - -3 0 XP for October - +8 8 Plot Advancement XP (Oct) - +4 12 XP for November - +8 20 XP for December - +8 28 Christmas Bonus - +4 32 XP for January - +8 40 XP for February - +8 48 Bonus for Completion - +10 58 Raise Essence to 4 - -24 34 Raise Thrown to 4 - -5 29 Raise Martial Arts to 4 - -5 24 Buy Reflex Sidestep Technique - -8 16 Learn Hound of Five Winds - -8 8 Learn Peacock Shadow Eyes - -8 0 XP for March - +8 8 Learn Combo "Infallible Substitution" -7 1
  17. Seiya of the Shooting Star Age- 30 (looks 23 or so) Hair- Blonde Eyes- Red Height- 6-3 Mass- 95kg Caste- Dawn Motivation- "Restore the world to the Glory of the first Age." Intimacies- Daughter(love) Seiya is a peerless swordsman, having mastered the blade with skill only a Dawn Caste can muster. He lives as a blacksmith with his nine year old daughter, working diligently to recover the glory of the First age. His raw ability at both crafts and melee is nothing short of astonishing, and during the first age, his previous incarnation rivaled the skill of the Twilight caste regarding the creation of weapons and artifacts of war. Though he has yet to recover that level of capability, he can craft many artifacts and fix just about any with his bare hands, should he so chose. His First Age incarnation was one of the few Non-Twilight who protested the treatment of Autochthon and his Mountain Folk after the Primordial War. His past, who he was, what he'd done, all this was lost to him just after his exaltation, despite the efforts of his daughter. However, he remembers The First Age as if it were yesterday, and the depth of his memory allows him to know and remember things that have long been lost and forgotten. Due to this, he is a almost peerless Loremaster as well, indeed, in some ways, he knows things that the Savants of the Age of Sorrows would kill to know. Overall, Seiya is a Frightening Warrior, Incredible Craftsman, & Peerless Loremaster, but that can sometimes be a disadvantage, for occasionally he becomes so caught up in a project or achieving victory in battle that he becomes utterly relentless, doing whatever is necessary, and ignoring his own needs, to achieve completion of a project or victory on the battlefield. Charms EXP Anima: "Celestial Armory" When Seiya spends essence, A portal to elsewhere seems to open, revealing the pommels of weapons he'd made in his first life. This Culminates When every single blade emerges, as he spends prodigious essence, the pommels vanish, and the blades of themself begin to emerge, looking as though He is capable of raining down blows from each and every weapon upon his foes.
  18. Ophelia, The Black Temptress Birth Name: Ophelia Aliases: Titles: Age: She doesn’t tell. Place of Origin: An-Teng Gender: Female Height: 5’8” Weight: 145lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Amber Occupation: Assassin (currently a dancer in Loran) Background: Born a slave to a slave family in An-Teng, Ophelia grew up serving petty Gods and Dragon-Blooded. Fate was a cruel mistress when she grew to be one of the most beautiful women in the region, a beauty that rivaled even that of the Exalts and Gods themselves. It wasn't long before she was nothing more than a high-end courtesan for the Terrestrials and their Patricians, entertaining their guests and catering to their every need and desire. In short, she was nothing more than a well dressed whore. As noting more than a plaything, the gorgeous Ophelia was subjected to nearly every nuance of high-class etiquette and was schooled to please her masters in every art from dancing to love making, to fulfilling nearly an debauched intimate fantasy. When it was discovered that she seemed particularity gifted at loosening lips while her own were busy at work, she was afforded a measure of respect by Ragara Soras Jor, the Satrap of An-Teng. For a few years he made use of her skills in the bedroom, both personally and for 'affairs' of state. He set her, along with a small escort for some business and she never returned. Her guards were found slain and she was never found. Ragara Soras Jor has dedicated time and a lot of effort into locating his most prized possession, unaware that she has been exalted into something far more powerful than he. With anger in her heart and resentment burning like a hot ember in her breast, Ophelia seeks to destroy everything the Dragon-Blood have worked to create. Motivation: To cripple the Dragon-Blood’s operations in the Threshold by systematically removing their leadership. Intimacies: Solar Mate 1 Caste: Changing Moon Spirit Shape: Black Anaconda Anima Banner: A black anaconda wreathed in purplish fire slithers and coils around her body, looming above her head as if poised to strike. Tell: Snake eyes Click to reveal.. Knacks: Prey’s Skin Disguise, Subtle Silver Declaration, Deadly Beastman Transformation (Claws, Fangs, Enhanced Sense (Smell), Snake Scales, Tail, Large) Charms Stamina: First Stamina Excellency, Ox-Body Technique x2 Appearance First Appearance Excellency, Hide of the Cunning Hunter, Perfect Symmetry Code: Source Rank Gain/Spent Balance Background Award - +4 4 Stunt/ST Award - +1 5 Weekly XP [8/22/10-8/28/10] - +2 7 XP for Aug - +8 15
  19. Name: Strategic Initiative Director ('Director' for Short) Caste: Starmetal Description: The Starmetal Alchemical is average-looking, with long light blue hair and deep blue eyes, his limbs are graceful and dexterous. He also wears a great deal of blue within his clothing, including a cloak, but the one exception is a jade pendant bestowed by the Tripartite at his creation. His movements are smooth and precise, and his words often are too. Basic Information: When the City Tripartite Assembly of Loran came to the momentous decision to create the first batch of Alchemicals of Loran, there were certain requirements that had to be met, according to the Assembly. The isolated position of the nation-city meant that the metropolis was vulnerable to possible assaults from gremlins and other agents of the Void. In addition, the dangerous and fateful decision to open the Seal to Creation as well as extending an open hand to the Eight Nations meant there was a distinct possibility of open war with potential foes known or unknown. Not only did the Populat have to be prepared for battle, but there had to be a tactical adviser to coordinate, and even command them. This was the reasoning behind the specific design and creation of Strategic Initiative Director. Though Director had been given secondary diplomatic and scholarly functions- his past lives included Wize Moon, a mortal savant and companion of Loran on her journey- he remains first and foremost, a general and tactician. It was said when Director came to life that he instinctively sensed the growing sickness of the Maker, and horrified, vowed to do his utmost to heal the Maker and protect Loran. As part of preparing him for his duties as a commander, the Tripartite Assembly granted the Plot Weaver military authority over a field company, so that Director could test his skills and gain basic experience in the art of war. It was a major success. As befitting his name, Strategic Initiative Director had a natural grasp and excellence at strategy and tactics, and enhanced by select charms, he trumped every challenge sent before him. Fighting the odd gremlin raid has sharpened his skills, and Director coolly, but eagerly awaits the chance to enter Creation, as he believes access to a world's supply of trade goods and magical materials could be the basis for saving Loran and Autochithon. Character Sheet Click to reveal.. Charms- (Note: SID has 4 General Slots and 6 Dedicated Slots) Attribute Augmentations Second Attribute Augmentation (Intelligence) Second Attribute Augmentation (Wits) First Attribute Augmentation (Charisma) Sixth Attribute Augmentation (Dexterity+Melee) Sixth Attribute (Manipulation+Socialize) Sixth Attribute (Intelligence+Lore) Tactical & Combat Tunnel-Fighting Tactical Omnibus Implant {Close-Quarters Vector Compensator} Strategos-Command Synergy Circuits Imprinted Data Cluster (War- Tactics, Socialize- Discern Motivation, War- Strategy) Integrated Arsenal System (Straight Sword, Mechanized Crossbow) Accelerated Response System (Dodge DV) Accelerated Response System (Parry DV) Aim-Calibrating Sensors Piston-driven Megaton Hammer {Integrated Charm Dynamic} Social & Cognitive Interpretive Syntax Emulator Perfected Union Patterning Patriotism Provoking Display Efficient Integrated Memory Matrix Unobtrusive Repartee Baffles Code: XP Log: DATE ITEM GAIN/LOSS BALANCE 8/19/10 BG Award +4 4 8/19/10 Fic Award +3 7 8/23/10 ACS Charm -6 1 8/28/10 Weekly XP +2 3 9/2/10 CQV Compensator Submodule -3 0 9/7/10 Monthly Experience +8 8 9/21/10 ARS (Parry Config) Charm -6 2 10/2/10 Story Advancement XP +4 6 10/2/10 New Charm Slot (Dedicated) -4 2 11/9/10 Monthly XP +8 10 11/16/10 Megatonhammer Charm w/submod -7 3 12/21/10 Monthly XP +8 11 12/25/10 Christmas XP +4 15 1/10/11 Monthly XP +8 23 2/1/11 Monthly XP +8 31 3/16/11 Chapter XP +10 43 3/16/10 Dexterity 5 -12 31 3/16/11 Essence 3 -27 4
  20. Autochthon Uploaded with ImageShack.us 2-D slice of the 3-D realm of Autochthon, Loran is right there at the edge, between Metal and Oil.. and it's big.. really, really big, to give it a sense of scale.. vast crystal forests and crystaline mountain ranges exist within the pole of crystal.. you could most likely fit all of Asia and then some within. Creation Uploaded with ImageShack.us To better give this a sense of scale, there's more land area on this map then on the entire planet earth.. so yes, there's lots of room. Underworld Uploaded with ImageShack.us As for the other three Major regions/worlds.. The Wyld and Malfeas aren't really mappable, except for certain regions.. and Yu Shan is simply a city of the gods, the size of the Blessed Isle. However.. for those of you wondering.. this is what Creation used to look like, before the Usurpation, Great Contagion, and Balorian Crusade of the Fair Folk. And yes, that huge island in the west no longer exist, but then neither does about 40-50% of what's on this map, the raw Chaos that is the Wyld has dissolved most of it. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  21. The Metropolis of Loran, a gloriously beautiful city of Moonsilver Domes and Spheres, connected by flexible tubular scaffolding. Rising in certain key points are Spires along which many oil diver's dock at, as it extends partway out from the pole of metal into the pole of oil. Loran is also, Exalted, capable of creating Avatars, and protecting her people, and for the last 500 years, the city herself has been the only Exalt of the nation of Loran. Only in the last hundred years has she at last advanced to essence 9, growing significantly as she did so.. and she has a present project of installing a new municipal charm, the Fluidic Traveling Metropolic Grand Impeller Drive, something she devised with considerable collaboration with her Tripartite Assembly. This will allow her to move from one location to a better one, with better resources, but it will take another decade, especially sense the project has been put on hold to build the gateway into creation. Loren has avoided that final step to Clarity 10, holding around the 8-9 range, even as low as 7 at times. She doesn't avoid it out of fear, so much as out of a measure of compassion for her people, for in her day, she was a being of great compassion. She knows, has seen what clarity 10 means, and that all that will matter to her at that point, is the depth of her motivation, and her compassion is such that she believes that it is better for her people that she care for each group within her city.. while she still can. Meanwhile, she waits and watches the new Alchemicals, hoping and believing that with them, she can at last turn her attention to full union with the Great Maker, and her motivation to become unique and mobile city upon the sea of oil, and turn the more physical and emotional needs of her people over to the new champions. She will find the existance of non-Alchemical Exalts interesting, especially lunars, sense she is Moonsilver herself. The following is how Loran appears when she sends forth an avatar from her Avatar Launching Silo, or manifests an appearance at any of her Hologylphic Projection Station Nodes. It should be noted she is a living city, who possesses a number of defenses she can bring online when she needs too.. Uploaded with ImageShack.us NOTE: Loren is an essence 9 Alchemical Exalt who is a 4-5 dot mentor, depending on how much interest she takes in your life. Selecting her as a Mentor would mean she has developed an intimacy toward you as her student.
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