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Found 11 results

  1. The Premise- All the Northern Cosmos gathers once a year, on Earth for the Grand Intergalactic Martial Arts Tournament. This is the largest in the quadrant, but not the only one by far. Most worlds of sufficent advancement hold tournaments, and you the players will probably go to more than one. The players Represent Fighters Invited to participate. It is two hundred years after the events of Dragonball GT, and the Dragonballs are utterly unknown in this era. ,, Old Namek, and Planet Vegeta have both been wished back into existence, as well as the Seiyan race. This time around, the Seiyans are still an arrogant warrior race, but they are beholden to no one, and with time, have become far more noble, in that they no longer conquer and sell planets. ,, This game will entail the rediscovery and potential use of the Dragonballs, and a chance to play characters of a power level that goes beyond any I've allowed before in BESM 3e (the system used) ,, Your characters may be any race, any gender, and built with 1000 points. (not a typo)(This is roughly equal to Vegeta at his first visit to Earth) ,, some familiarity with Dragonball/Z/GT will help, but isn't necessary. ,, This is a game meant to be comedic, and hotblooded. Your character should be capable of working together with others. There will be hijinx, tons of action, and whatever else you the players bring with you. ,, My full houserules will be in effect. I am NOT going with Spirit commands. ,, (Special rules) First, I reserve the right to say no to something I don't like. ,, Body Mind and Soul scores to 7 are purchased at 10 cp a point. 8-10 are 20 cp a point. beyond that, 30 cp a point. ,, Each Character will have a Special ability for free, generated by me. This may be a Racial ability (Namekians, Humans, Seiyans) or one unique to the character. You will have one or the other, not both. ,, I expect combat values of 15-20, no more than 22. ,, Dynamic powers is not allowed. ,, Powerflux and Skill flux are not allowed. ,, I am allowing the Brutal combat technique to be bought up to 10. I am changing how it works as well, making the weapon rank equal to the rank of Brutal. ,, Also Every attack will have an Energy point cost equal to its total damage divided by 10. you get no points back for this, this is just part of the game. ,, Any questions/ if you need help at all, PM me, and I'm likely in chat. ,, I look to start when I have at least 4 players, and not before next thursday at the earliest.
  2. With One Dragonball in their posession Dende set about telling them where the next dragonball was being kept, Far to the North amidst the Arctic Tundra at the North pole. With the time of year, abnormal energy fluctuation blocked Genichiro's Instant transmission technique, meaning they would have to fly there. As the intrepid team came to the snow covered pine forests of the North, They could feel a strange weakening, Withn a mile of the great forest's borders, Everyone had been forced to the ground, their powers of flight no longer functioning. More than that, all contact with GPS was cut, and they had only their voices to rely upon, and their ability to sense Ki, though the latter was greatly inhibited. On the advice of Dende, who likely had known something of this, they had dressed for the cold, though they lacked any form of shelter. As sun began to set, Genichiro nodded. "We should seek shelter of some kind. A Cave, or at the least work together to build a lean to to keep the snow off us. I can easily make a fire for us, but we should be about it quickly. It looks like we will be here overnight at least." He took the loss of his transport powers well, not particularly worried by it, even as he began to gather up wood for the fire. (everyone is free to post, flight, teleport do not work, though leaving the forest restores them at 1 rank per hour. I would like a Mind/Body which ever is highest plus wilderness survival roll from everyone, DC is 14. I will be in chat to tell you what you get all day today.)
  3. I just watched a show where they parodied DBZ, hard. The main Character is a super masochist, and called a pervert for this, he's given a belt that turns his perversion into a super power.... So he insults someone who precedes to beat the holy hell out of him. he uses this to become the Ultimate Masochist (Super saiyan) and win the fight with an attack called the Hentai-ha. Then the evil genius brings out a final machine and he (the hero) has to gather the perversion from across the world (The Pervert (Spirit) Bomb) and uses it to beat the evil machine about to turn all the world into perverts. my brain hurts, and in the words of Chris Rock, "I have just been violated....."
  4. Genichiro looked at Tetsuko and smiled "Just go with it. Make a lot of racket, and SLOWLY move towards the castle through these things, taking them down as you go, and honestly Tetsuko, try to have some fun." With nothing more than that, he dashed forward the crowd of zombies, taking down several just in his first foray. As the tigers had found, they were not hard to knock down but they didn't stay down long, unless you tore them apart. "Hell this is almost fun."
  5. There was an explosion of light as The group of warriors appeared at their destination. Heavy woodlands surrounded them, and mountains rose all around them. In the distance, roughly 5 miles out, backlit against the setting sun was a grand gothic style castle, Something seemingly out of place in the world, yet here, standing before them it was. Genichiro grunted at the exertion of so much power, hating how inefficient it was to bring so many.Still, in a race against the clock it would work nicely. "We go on foot from here to avoid attracting attention. "
  6. So I've decided that we're going to celebrate Halloween in gamer fashion. What I offer is this. Each player will roll 2d6 in my presence. A Result of an odd number is "Trick" which gives 3 cp. A Result of an Even number is "Treat" which gives +1 rank in any attribute currently on your sheet. Also, A second roll, and second chance IS available. You may submit a canon/non-canon story in this thread that involves your character and is Halloween themed. If i like it you will get another roll. Submissions must be posted by 2pm CST tomorrow, Nov 1st. Happy Halloween!
  7. The tournament went quite well for the host world, Earth. Though they'd not won out, four of the final eight fighters were from Earth, and one of them would fall in the Finals against the previous year's champion, Garlon, a Namekian of great skill. Those fighters not in the medical ward of the tournament grounds stood in the stands watching as Garlon was crowned with the championship laurel again, and to the surprise of many a red pillow, holding a small golden orb, with one red star on it, was brought out and presented to him. "This treasure is a reward for Superior excellence in arms, and the sportsmanship shown by our glorious champion. May it bring you good fortune All of your days, as it has done for the it's previous owner." In the midst of a group of defeated warriors, A young man couldn't contain his surprise. "A Dragonball, after all these years..." He had a sword on his back, something he'd not used in his matches. The ground began to shake just as he spoke and began growing in intensity. The crowds in the stands began to panic but crowded as it was they were slow to exit the arena. When over 2 dozen energy blasts and twice that many missiles landed amidst the crowded arena, the carnage was beyond anything those present had seen. Half the weakened fighters present were taken out in that first barrage. From the smoke eight large bipedal robots took shape, each bristling with missile and gun ports, looking very much like alien monsters made of metal, spewing forth death into the crowds. Down on the main field dozens of armored troopers came out firing into the fighters and the crowd killing even more. What truly started the panic though, was the trio of unarmored seemingly normal looking humans who surrounded Garlon, and in a brutally short exchange, stripped him of his prize, and his life, leaving his bloody limbless corpse in the center of the ring, before there was flash of blue light and all the robots and troopers, and the unarmored trio were all gone,leaving the cameras rolling, to fully capture the screams of the suffering and dying. The young man
  8. Post your character profiles here, sheets should not be posted.
  9. Where they arrived in the northern wastes was on the steppes, mostly barren land all around, the site of a great series of battles in centuries past. Only the howling wind made sound around them, and Genichiro smiled. "I've trained here, or at least in the wastes abit. It gets a little cold, but we shouldn't be here too long." Already it was only about ten degrees Celsius, and he pulled out the dragonradar. A few clicks, and it Got the direction. "We're about fifteen miles South of the area where it is, not to bad for such a long transmission." ,, He nodded "Get your bearings and we'll set off." ,, (once agan another disorienting long distance teleportation, and a broken blasted landscape, with only the wind to greet you. COnsidering what earth looks like in most other parts, this looks like some lifeless alien world. There is no water anywhere around.
  10. The Intergalactic Grand Tournament promised Great glory, wealth, and honor to whoever won. Beings from across the cosmos fought, but in the end only one could win. ,, To make it to the quarterfinals put one among the top sixteen fighters in the competition. This is where Everyone watching was surprised. Many first time competitors were among the top sixteen, though only one managed to get into the top eight, though he lost there. ,, Still for, Serrana, Vela, Kelage, Datura, Darrik, and Tetsuko, They'd done well for their first time. The One first timer to get beyond, though he lost in the next round, a man from Earth named Genichiro, smiled as he neared where the others were, having recovered after their bouts, at least enough to watch the semi finals and the final match. ,, Genichiro was an unassuming looking man, someone who worked out, and could use Ki efficiently, but he lacked Darrik's stunning good looks, though He did smile at the other human fighter. ,, "This could go either way." ,, On the battlestage, two fighters leaped around firing energy blasts of varying intensity, all the misses being absorbed by Capsule Corps' Audience defense shield, using the power to power it. They seemed evenly matched, and more brute force fighters. one they hadn't fought, the other, Serrana had fought, and lost too, but only barely. ,, "What do you all think?" ,,
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