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Found 9 results

  1. Tyanan House Rules System: D&D 5th Edition Genre: High Fantasy STs: Dawn, OOC Restricted Races: Dragonborne & Tieflings Restricted Classes: None from the PHB Setting At the heart of the Altherian Continent lies the Empire of Tyanan. The humans who hold this land have only done so for the last twenty years. Before that, the human lands were held by multiple kings. One king, Mael of Tyanan began a campaign that conquered each of his neighbors in turn. The new empire is ruled by an emperor, a senate of nobility composed of all the former kingdoms, and a popularly elected legislative body. The humans thrive under Emperor Mael’s rule as his reign of peace has started a supported a surge in industry and learning. Factories are starting to turn out cheap material goods which threaten to turn the dwarven trade in metalwork into a niche market for the rich. Elves find that human industry is starting to match and exceed their own arts and farming. The Halflings still trade a steady supply of mutton and wool from their highland slopes, but they are the only people who haven’t been impacted by human improvement. The human lands are open to travel and commerce which the other races grumble has improved the humans. In the last three years, Emperor Mael’s heir, Crown Princess Maelira has told her four younger siblings to find their own kingdoms; she will not tolerate a divisive civil war which will undo their father’s hard work. She has amassed resources to allow them to raise armies and hire adventurers to help them carve out territory in land currently held by pirates or goblinoids. History In the Primordial Age, magic was wild and untamed. During this era, the heroes of that time were able to gather power and magic into their bodies and ascend to godhood. It was a time of great progress and terror, leaving ruins that still exist to this day. As magic was trapped into the gods’, the magic faded from the land. The gods set limits and bounds on the magic, forcing it to follow rules. The Age of Order was born, and the Six Great Races began to create their kingdoms on the continent. The gods led and governed their people but not always wisely. The Gods War began when the powerful deities came into conflict. The nightmare that was the Gods War altered the land and magic once more. When the conflict was done, one of the races had wiped out of existence, and their pantheon died. The gods were horrified by their thoughtlessness and vowed to never make war on each other again. Those that remained put their castles and temples in high places, where only the most stalwart and valiant could find them. The Age of Separation was a time of peace as each other remaining Races withdrew from one another. They made their lands as it pleased them, creating nations and countries. Each of the Races flourished, and then humans were united by one of their kind, who then made peace with the other four Races. That was when humans started to exceed the others. It is the beginning of the Age of Humanity. The Races Humans Since being united by their emperor, the humans have started to explore their adaptability and capability. Emperor Mael ordered the construction of his capital on the Isthmus of Pentr. The city, called Maelston, blocks travel across the isthmus, and within its walls, he built the City of the Gods and welcomed all human deities to live in the temples he built in their honor. This inner sanctum of the city is home to priests and gods alike; while a given god or goddess may not always be in attendance in their house, their presence ensure that anyone who attacks the city will incur the wrath of the gods. Socially, humans are egalitarian, though only in the last generation so some old-fashioned views still exist in the older populace. The emperor has declared that right of succession passes to the first-born, regardless of sex. The race prides itself on the arts and innovation. There is a definite sense of competition with the other races. Human PCs need to decide if they’re from Maelton or one of the other provinces and whether your character supported unification or not. Your PC grew up during the middle and end of the war; some of you might have fought for or against the Emperor. Dwarves Regal and stoic, the Dwarves are not called the Stone People just for their superior masonry skills. They pride themselves on not being overly emotional, particularly the men. They live in the caves and mountains on the eastern edge of Altheria, working their tools and forges to create items of amazing craftsmanship. Once they had a great nation but a war with the Halflings left them homeless. They were almost wiped out as a people but one of their gods, Truanfor, saved them by finding the caves under the gnomes. Today, the dwarves live in peace with their gnomish neighbors and have regained their pride in their people. They now follow only Truanfor the Savior, having forsaken their other gods. The focus on a single male god has shaped their nation into a patriarchy. Dwarven women are expected to tend to the home while her husband provides food for the family. Women who step out of their place must leave their lands. Many live with the gnomes, and the rest go adventuring. When young men come of age, they pledge themselves to a guild that oversees their interest. Every aspect of dwarven life is overseen by the guilds, which have the real power in the Stone Kingdoms. It’s said that the guilds must agree before the crown is set on a dwarven head. When choosing subrace, the player needs to keep the following in mind. The Hill Dwarves subrace lives closed to the surface and interacts with gnomes and the outside world the most. The Mountain Dwarves live deeper, and are usually the ruling class. They pride themselves on never seeing sunlight. Elves The Fairest Race divide themselves into sharply defined roles based on subrace and gender. Their deities are the divided the same way, based on the sacred space where the god chooses to live. Of all the races, the elves have endured the previous ages the best, holding their native northern lands. They are fanatics when it comes to holding their lands. Their cities are part of the land - buildings that flow with the plains and that are built around trees instead of removing them. Their gods dwell in remote, sacred places, tended by small gathering of powerful clerics. The elves believe in three pillars: warrior, priest and allmen. The genders have their own tasks within the pillar but all sexes are seen as equal. The warriors keep the peace within and without their borders, as well as hunting and any other task that requires them to pick up a bow. The priests tend to the gods as well as the spiritual needs of the people, offering comfort and guidance alike. The allmen tend to the remaining needs of elvin society, including leadership. Young elves choose their pillars as part of a magic ceremony at puberty; during the ceremony, they are mystically changed to the appropriate subrace for that pillar. Elves who change their pillar after the ceremony can do so but they are considered exceptions. Exceptions and those who do refuse to do the ceremony are strongly encouraged to go adventuring so they can ‘grow up’. To play an elf, you’ll have one of three subraces to choose from: dark elves (they are not subterranean), light elves and wood elves. Dark elves are priests, light elves are allmen, and wood elves are warriors. You don’t have to align your class to your pillar; you could be on your walk about for a few decades until you mature. Gnomes Of all the races, the gnomes are the least understood. Their culture prefers to focus on magic and science, the Naturalist Academy and the Engineering Academy, and is run by clades. As a people, they don’t waste time with pretending to have leadership; they let the clades do everything in society, freeing an individual to follow their interests, hopefully to enlightenment. Gnomes don’t worship gods; they aspire to become one themselves and believe that each reincarnation is a chance to come closer to that goal. Their gods are seen as Perfected Archetypes, gnomes who already reached that pinnacle. They don’t form family blocks; instead a gnome who gives birth turns the child over to the Child-Rearing Clade. The child is reared in blocks until their first Test, after which they are placed with other children of similar intellect to their own. As they grow, they experience more and more Tests, each designed to steer them to their appropriate Clade. Rather than denying the child the right to choose, this system is designed to ensure that the child finds the place where they are happiest. Gnomes can go through an appeal to retest if they don’t like the results of their final Placement Test. Gnomes who seek jobs in a lower Clade than they qualify for are seen as lazy and work is harder to find. As a player, when you choose subraces for your gnome, you’re determining what Academy your gnome was raised in. Use the forest gnome subrace for those raised in the The Naturalist Academy and the rock gnomes for PCs raised in the Engineering Academy. Adventuring is a perfectly normal avenue for gnomes, who see curiosity about other places and Races as a normal drive. Gnomes view adventuring as a type of field work. Halflings The other Races may call these people the Smallest Race, but their name for themselves in their language means the Mightiest Race. Fierce and hardy, the halflings carve a hard life on their high plateaus, herding sheep in the cold, damp crags. They ride the strongest of their rams, even in battle. They do not like sheep-fucker jokes, often reacting with a knife to the knee of the comedian. Their gods are intensely personal, with each clan and family picking a patron god. Clans and families build cairns for their gods to live in. The gods vary from clan to clan and family to family, even those with the same names. While they are generally weaker, when the halfling clans go to war, their gods go with them. Socially, the Halflings align themselves in Clans, led by a matron. In the society, the men are viewed as eternally children, free to live without much responsibility. The women run the clan and the families without much help from the males of their race. When they go to war, the men go as well but never in leadership positions. If you want to play a halfling, you need to know that Stouts high on the plateaus and are the main sheep farmers. Hill halflings live in the lower lands and process, weave, and sell wool cloth and yarn. They also arrange the sell of raw wool, mutton, and other sheep products to the outside world. Halfies Humans can breed with any sentient race (there’s rumor that they could do it with animals, too, but no one has admitted to or produced proof) and produce a half-breed. Humans tend to view these admixtures with interest or disdain, according to personal beliefs. As a whole, humans see them as being without a true people or heritage. The dwarves generally give their half-dwarves to the gnomes, either out of shame (if the dwarf parent is a woman) or convenience (if male). Gnomes see no issue with their half-blooded kin, so long the children Test and join an academy. They do note after much observation over the years that half-humans tend to not be as smart as their gnomish equivalents. Elves raise their half-breed children with sorrow, knowing that they will have the tragedy of watching those children grow old and die far too soon. The children are also excluded from the Pillars, leaving them as forever children in the eyes of their society. Halflings view their half-human kin one of two ways: if the child’s father is a halfling, then the child is human. If the mother is a halfling, then the child is halfling and part of the clan. Halfies Stats Half Dwarf Ability Score Increase: +2 to Constitution, +1 to two other abilities. Dwarven Resilience (Advantage against poison and resistance to poison) Dwarven Toughness (+1 Hitpoint each level) Skill Versatility: Gain proficiency in two skills of your choice. Half Gnome Ability Score Increase: +2 Int, +1 to two others. Size: Medium Speed: 25 ft Darkvision Gnome Cunning Skill Versatility: Gain proficiency in two skills of your choice. Half Halfling Ability Score Increase: +2 to Dexterity, +1 to two other abilities. Size: Medium Speed: 25 ft Lucky Brave Skill Versatility: Gain proficiency in two skills of your choice. Character Creation I’m going to ask people come to me with a broad concept and we’ll work together to fit the concept into the world. Don’t put mechanics to paper until we’ve hammer out what you’re playing, please. Follow the stat generation from in the book. Don’t roll stats until I’m in chat with you to see you roll them. I will put up a poll in this thread asking people which route they want to talk at the start of game. You will be adventurers hired by one of the nobles to help them secure a new kingdom. The choices are three: follow the eldest son (second child) to the Wild Islands to carve land from the pirates; follow the second son (third oldest) south into the goblin lands; follow the youngest daughter by boat to circle around the goblin lands and see what’s on the other side of their territory. A map of all of this will be forthcoming.
  2. The seven adventurers had received their first summons by their commanding officer, General Saka Whu. The slim Othinan woman bore heavy scars from her days in the Imperial artillery. She’d come up through the cannoneer ranks in the early days, when they were still developing the procedures for handling the dangerous weapons. “You are all special forces under my direct command,” she said briskly, turning to the massive table in the middle of her tent. “The goblins tribes near the border near that we’re coming; even they should be able to recognize what the amassing of troops along the border means. They have been grouping up together, as goblins do when faced with invaders. “However, the other way they prepare for invasion is to sacrifice to whatever god they’re currently worshipping.” Gen. Whu gestured for them to join her at the map on the table. On it, the isthmus they were currently on was clear, as was the Wall. The details south of the goblin’s lines weren’t as detailed. “Somewhere here,” she tapped an area about thirty miles south and west of the Wall, “is an old, desecrated temple to Thultok, a dead Ultgar god. He was the god of peace and was killed during the Gods War. This temple was his tomb; it’s at the bottom of a steep ravine and was considered nearly unreachable without being a Hero of Old. “The goblins gained access to it after a landslide and dedicated it to their god of war, according to a paid informant.” Whu smirked. “Yes, the goblins have traitors among themselves much as I’m sure we do. The mission is for you guys to follow the traitor to the temple and gain the inside. Free any human prisoners you find, kill any leadership, secular or religious, loot the premises, and leave. Religious texts, such as they might be, are to be brought to us for study but any valuables you find are yours, as per your contract. “And if your ‘guide’ betrays you, feel free to put her down.”
  3. The Queen Ascendant groaned to a stop at the end of her anchor, the rest of the Princess’s fleet spread out behind her. All of the ships bore the signs of last night’s storm, which had tested both the ship builders’ and the crews’ prowess. The nigh-eternal party atmosphere of the Queen had been ruthlessly quashed as nobles had finally given up and hunkered down through the miserable weather. The sun was bright and beautiful in a cloudless sky now but the party still hadn’t resumed. Everyone was too excited by the sight of the first major landmark past the known edge of the map. A horseshoe bay spread before them, the shore a gentle slope down to the water. The golden sands bordered the thick jungle beyond, hiding further discoveries from sight. Elena herself had emerged from the tent, the sun shining on her dark hair as she peered at the shore of the wide bay. “Oh, it’s beautiful!” she squealed, clapping her hands together. “Oh, I must have it. Reggie, go and get it it!” Lord General Reginaldo Farro heaved a sigh and scanned the shore with a more practiced eye. “I will summon the adventurers to survey into the jungle for us. There’s a fresh water inlet over there and I see fruit and wild animals; we can replenish the stores while we wait on their report.” “Yes. Lord Alexander!” Elena turned to the noble on the fridge of the crowd, her fan fluttering in the air and her eyes batting at him. “Please gather up all the adventurers on my ship and take them ashore to explore.” She giggled softly. “I almost rhymed there, didn’t I?” Her fan snapped shut sharply and she tapped him on the arm. “And do try to not get yourself killed? I’d be so upset if that was the way my grand kingdom started.”
  4. Prince Nicoli The second son of the Emperor, Nicoli watched his father conquer the human lands but not the non-humans. The prince was public in his confusion as to why his father stopped there. When Maelira made her announcement, he was quite pleased that he'd have a chance to find his own kingdom and do things his way. He is stern and practical, to the point of draconian. Yet even his detractors say he can be very fair. Princess Elena The coddled youngest child of the Emperor has long relied on her status as a royal baby to get by in life. Once she found out she was going to have to leave and find her own place in the world, she sulked for days. Since then, she's come around, getting excited by the prospects before her. Her father's parting gift to her was competent advisers who will help her find her way. Brayden be’Megalos Bray is not Alexander’s brother but the two have grown up together. Bray is a half-dwarf whom Alexander’s father brought home and raised in his house. Just over five feet tall, he has light brown skin, with black hair and eyes. His human parent must have been Othinan, because he bears the fold on his inner eyes typical of those people. Bray knows very little about his birth family, only what Alexander’s father told him: that he was found on the steps of a Truanfor temple by the then-young human lord. The dwarven clerics in the temple made an off-hand comment about giving the baby to the gnomes. Alexander’s father had once had a dwarven friend who had saved his life, so the human noble claimed the baby and named him after his favorite tutor. He brought Bray home to his new wife, who fell in love with the baby. Alexander had just been born and the two were raised together until Alexander began his knight training and Brayden started smith training. When Alexander went to war, Bray went with him, repairing his armor and keeping his weapons in shape. Of all of his companions, Alexander knows he can trust his smith. Fatima Born during the Invasion, as the Ultgar call the war with the Empire, Fatima was the youngest child of six. Three of those siblings died in the conflict but by the time she was an adult, the conflict was done. Indecisive, Fatima wandered through a couple of professions before receiving the call from Kywin. Her family have long been followers of the god; her father's prize possession is a pair of shoelaces made of the god's hair (or so he claims but no one in the family wants to disprove it and upset him). Since that time, Fatima has studied as a cleric. She's a little surprised at how much she's enjoyed being a cleric, though she still hates bereavement counseling. Nariv The son of a Ultgar noble who refused to submit the empire, Nariv grew up in a modestly wealthy house. His mother was a resident of the Wild Islands who caught the noble's eye, and became his mistress in exchange for security. That ended when the noble ran afoul of pirates in a bad smuggling deal. The noble was killed, his mistress disappeared beyond the Western Isle, and Nariv was on his own. Rather than a life on the street as a suck-boy or thief, he joined a pirate ship. There he earned the name Nariv the Bloody, reputedly for his horrible treatment of prisoners. No proof exists, so when Elena's call to her banner went out, he went to Maelton and joined her expedition. Olivien Tosk A younger man with too-fair skin and untameable blonde hair, Olivien is nonetheless a ladies man. He’s quick-witted, which no doubt helps him but has also gotten him into a lot of trouble with his father. Lord Domimin Tosk is an old-fashioned man who expects that his second son would behave more properly than Olivien does. Six months ago, the teen ‘borrowed’ his father’s warhorse and lances to go participate in an unsanctioned tournament put on by other noble youths. Olivien technically won the conflict but in the process broke the warhorse’s leg. Lord Domimin had to pay for a costly cleric spell to heal the poor animal and decided to squire his son with the most honorable knight he could find. Thankfully for him, the squire of a war hero had been elevated to knight, and Lord Alexander was looking for his replacement. Lord Domimin hopes that Lord Alexander will be able to set his boy straight. Yethea Ravipi Yethea, or Thea as she allows Alexander to call her, is a young human woman with hazel eyes, copper-toned skin, and fine features. She’s petite but surprisingly strong. She comes from Iskandar and was serving Princess Elena when the Nazar goblin tribe tried to kidnap her. Alexander remembers that Thea was the one who got Elena into a closet and shut the door, standing outside and guarding it. After the mess was cleared up, Elena gave Yethea’s service to Alexander. Alexander attempted to decline the ‘gift’ as Yethea wasn’t something that could be passed around, but the woman seemed all-too-happy to go along with it. “It makes her happy,” was Yethea comment on the matter. For all that she was oddly acquired, Thea has proven to be competent, almost frighteningly so. It took her only a week to figure out the ins and outs of serving him and it has gotten to the point where he almost never has to ask her for something - it’s out and ready for him. She’s mostly quiet but she has a wry sense of humor when she does speak.
  5. If you want to share your recruitment stories, you can post them in this thread.
  6. Total Experience by PC Alexander 100 Aridha 100 Diero 50 Dru 100 Evan 100 Felix 50 Foral 100 Krugar 50 Magda 100 Seraphania 100
  7. I am using the Renown System from the DMG (pg. 22). If you're not familiar with the rules and need help with them, please see me. Renown within the expeditions is based on your race, your position in the Empire, and whether you're a noble. The Empire rank is based on your background and can vary accordingly. The top rank in the expedition that you'll have is 7; if you're not a noble (or a noble who isn't trusted), then its lower from there. All PCs will have at least a 3 within their own expedition, as they are considered higher than soldiers but not quite officers. Adventurers with military rank earned through honorable military experience will be higher than they would have been otherwise. Ways to earn Renown: do stuff. Seriously, even if you act against one group, you'll likely gain renown with another group. Current Renown Empire Alexander 10 Aridha 0 Diero 4 Dru 5 Evan 0 Felix 8 Foral 1 Krugar 4 Magda 0 Seraphania 4 Nicoli Alexander 4 Aridha 1 Diero 4 Dru 5 Evan 3 Felix 6 Foral 2 Krugar 3 Magda 3 Seraphania 5 Elena Alexander 5 Aridha 3 Diero 2 Dru 2 Evan 1 Felix 5 Foral 4 Krugar 5 Magda 1 Seraphania 2
  8. Please post your full character profile once it is approved by me here.
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