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Found 3 results

  1. Shortly after Night and Day at this point... ,, Curtis swallowed nervously as he approached the door. The requisite background research as recommended by Alex had been completed adequately to Curtis' understanding. All the usual structures of relationships or at least the attempt at such now led to this point. ,, Well, Caitlin had been friendly for certain, but would she display any interest in his advances? Curtis had no doubt the similarities to his sister, the sheer vibrancy and the... lure of her appearance had him hooked. But this was the sort of thing he'd never considered himself initiating, and prognoses were not on the face of it, promising. ,, But no hypothesis could not be confirmed without testing, Curtis reminded himself of the basic scientific procedure, and confidence boosted in that manner, knocked at the door to Caitlin's room.
  2. Timeline: Not long after Lion, Wench and the Warzone ,, This council in Jericho Drumm's office was a tripartite one: Eileen Gomez on one side of the desk, Denise Childs sitting to her left in a quiet and inscrutable fashion. And in the big chair across from them, the man himself, Director Drumm. Though he had been quietly listening to Eileen, the women could detect the subdued optimism hidden within Director Drumm's face. No matter how bad it got, Jericho always had hope. ,, "So right now then, Caitlin should not be in classes then, Eileen?" He summarized her past several minutes of talk. Eileen nodded soberly, "The body may heal, and hers quite fast...but that... animal put her through immense physical pain and trauma several times over, along with the psychological effects of a near-death experience. Add to that a measure of self-loathing... she's close to being like a trigger, Jericho." ,, Director Drumm nodded, his face tightening for a moment at the mention of Primal. For all his calm in the face of the Jungle King, he'd had a ringside view to their clash, and it had sickened him more and more about the sadistic mutant hunter serving the government. That and the reminder of his own family - recovery came slowly and not easily. ,, "Well, seeing as we can't ignore the matter of academics, I think I have the perfect tutor in mind, the least volatile of our super-geniuses." ,, Ms. Childs looked a bit like the devil's advocate for a moment at this pronouncement. "You sure you can get him out of that lab?" Director Drumm smiled a little. "Denise, you're asking that after his participation in Gold's rescue? When push comes to shove, Curtis will help his fellow peers in great need." ,, "However reluctantly." He then allowed. ,, OOC Feel free to fast forward to the actual tutoring, Vivi.
  3. Birth Name: Curtis Shane Nick Names: None Aliases: None Calling: Tech Expert Known Relatives: Jesse Shane (Parent), Jeff Shane (Parent) Age: 24 Gender: Male Ethnic Background: Caucasian Nationality: American Height: 5’ 8” Weight: 160 lb. Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Dark Blonde Handedness: Right Distinguishing Marks: None. Background Curtis was adopted as an infant by Jesse and Jeff Shane, a gay couple in Omaha, Nebraska. When in 5th grade, anti-gay attention angered Curtis, who drew away from others mostly, and focused on his hobbies of computers and electronics. The only exception was working at Jesse's auto shop, where he got along with the other employees. Arguably, it was because in order to prove wrong the 'sissy-man' insults and similar taunts, he joined the military. With his technical expertise, it was not hard to secure a place in the technical ranks of the Air Force. Unfortunately, his admitted hopes of avoiding direct combat were smashed when he was maneuvered into joining the Air Force Tactical Control Party courses and subsequently posted to Afghanistan. That proved to be a difficult time- nay, near catastrophe when a RPG attack downed his helicopter and the unit was under severe attack by a Taliban force for more than a day. Curtis had to indeed shoot and kill for his life, and the experience felt almost more than he could handle. Thus as soon as he could, he finagled a transfer to Material Command and away from the front lines. Then with his technical expertise in full bloom and demonstration, he was tapped for SGC, and admittedly excited to be dealing with alien technologies. Eventually, he was transferred to Atlantis, the biggest joy yet. When he completed a hookup system that allowed the Expedition to interface Ancient computers with laptops, he knew he was in the right place.
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