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Found 4 results

  1. Personal Traits: Name: James Allen Winston A.K.A.: Aurelius Known Relatives: None Theme: Living Singularity ,, Physical Traits: Weight: 112 metric tons (123.46 short tons) Height: 6’3” D.O.B.: January 14th, 1982 Gender: Male General Appearance: James’ skin is a semi-translucent crystalline gold in color. It gives the impression of being comprised of a thin layer of pure crystal, overlaying a deeper layer of equally pure gold. His hair appears as though it’s made of glittering, spun gold and has the same crystalline quality as his skin. The net effect is quite beautiful, if also very alien. ,, Additionally, James has a “third eye” that sits on his forehead in the shape of a large, pearl-like structure. Both this and his two normal eyes also possess a semi-translucent crystalline appearance, only they are cloud-blue in color, rather than gold, and frequently give off a faint light that seems to come from within. ,, Powers, Skills, and Personality: Traits and Personality: James is a friendly and generally outgoing person, but he has spent nearly his entire life living on the fringes of mainstream society, living and working in places and conditions that could charitably be described as “harsh”, and that have often been downright unforgiving. On the other hand, James has also spent a significant amount of time in places most would consider paradisiacal or exotic (or both), and knows how to make the most of his time in these locales as well. As a result, he is a very self-sufficient individual, used to making his own rules and to relying on nothing other than himself for survival. Having spent his childhood on the edge of the societal grid, and the majority of his adult life almost entirely off of it, these traits have proved not only useful but absolutely vital on a regular basis. All of this can cause James to come across as somewhat anti-authority (and, frankly, he is) and as being somewhat “out of step” with the modern world; it also lends a hard-bitten edge to his personality as well as an “air of adventure” that many find compelling. ,, Abilities and Special Skills: James is skilled in the art and technique of boat-building, and knows a great deal about most forms of modern commercial fishing. Years of practice and hands-on application during his time spent building boats has given James a very solid grounding in general engineering principles as well. After having spent so much time traveling to and living in some of the wildest or more exotic places earth has to offer, James has also learned a thing or two about survival – both in the wilderness and on the streets. Finally, James was an amateur astronomer by hobby even before his eruption and has only become more proficient and knowledgeable in this area since his eruption. ,, Nova Capabilities: James Winston is, for all intents and purposes, a gravitational singularity possessing self-awareness contained within an extremely high-density and nearly indestructible carbonaceous shell that itself masses more than 100 metric tons. ,, How this can be is not something science can currently explain, but it is theorized that when the Baja Meteor (see Background entry, below) descended on Winston’s position and sparked his eruption, James not only used a significant portion of its mass to power the immediate transfer of himself and most of the meteor’s remaining mass and the energy from its air burst explosion out into deep space, he also somehow ‘merged’ with the meteor, using what was left of its mass after the transference to construct a new body for himself; one that could survive and function in the vacuum of space. Because this does not explain the apparent presence of a gravitational singularity within his body, it is further theorized that the Baja Meteor itself may have been hosting a so-called ‘primordial black hole’ – a low-mass gravitational singularity formed during the volatile period shortly after the Big Bang. The possibility that some such low-mass black holes might be hidden within asteroids is well-accepted in the scientific community, and James Winston’s eruption provides potential evidence confirming it. ,, Because of his wholly unique physical nature, Winston’s powers all revolve around the direct control of the four fundamental interactions or forces. (Technically, all novas control these forces; most, however, are limited in this regard through mechanisms that are not well understood and may in fact be psychological, and so can often only indirectly influence one or more of the four interactions and sometimes cannot influence one or more of them in any way.) James can directly influence such things as gravitational fields, electromagnetic fields and radiation, radioactive decay rates, and the quantum properties of atomic and subatomic molecules. However, his control in some areas is greater than in others, and so far he has (perhaps naturally) shown the greatest degree of ability in manipulating the gravitational forces in his surroundings. ,, The carbonaceous shell that makes up James’ physical body is extraordinarily dense, massing in at over 112 metric tons, and evidence suggests its makeup is highly complex. The outer (visible) portion consists of a diamondoid matrix that is yellowish in color and semi-transparent, overlaying a deeper substance of unknown properties that is opaque and is the color of pure gold. What lies under this opaque golden layer is unknown, but the sheer density of the shell as a whole would mean that internal temperatures and pressures may be sufficient to induce a superionic state, or possibly even a full-fledged fusion reaction in the matter closest to the shell’s center. Regardless, it can be observed that this shell generates its own, surprisingly potent, magnetic field, which James Winston has demonstrated conscious control over. The shell’s extreme density alone is sufficient to impart it with significant resilience, but in combination with the highly stable diamondoid makeup of its outer layers it becomes nearly indestructible. ,, As a fascinating addendum, when James Winston mimics normal human movement by moving this dense outer shell, he does not do this by “reshaping” the shell and rearranging atomic bonds, but rather by initiating a dynamic change of quantum state in those particles involved, such that their relative positions and whether they are “real” or “virtual” cannot be determined with certainty. The net result of this is that at no time does the shell enter a fluid or otherwise non-solid state during any motions Winston might put it through, which allows the shell to retain its maximum resistance to physical trauma at all times. ,, The singularity contained within Winston’s outer shell is estimated to have a mass of somewhere between 1013kg and 1018kg – a very low mass for a singularity – and an internal temperature of approximately 100 billion Kelvin. Its Schwarzschild Radius would measure only 1.5 x 10-14 meters in diameter, however, which is three orders of magnitude smaller than that of a hydrogen atom. It is believed that James’ ability to deliberately alter the singularity’s charge and angular momentum allows him to hold it in place using powerful internal magnetic fields and complex gravitational interactions, as the singularity itself would otherwise slide unimpeded through most matter. ,, Background: James Winston became a ward of the state of California in 1985 at the age of only 3 years, after his parents were killed during the crash of Delta Flight 191 at Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Like so many other children orphaned past the age of infancy, James was never adopted and spent the next fifteen years in and out of various orphanages and foster homes. Court records show that he ran away on three separate occasions during this time, and was a victim of physical abuse at two of the various foster homes he was placed in. ,, Shortly after James turned 18 and reached the age of majority he left California and travelled to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, attracted by the promise of earning large sums working the various fishing jobs available. Winston secured work on a seining vessel during his first summer in the region and was able to use the experience to gain a spot on a crabbing vessel later that same year. Crabbing typically pays extremely well, and Alaskan boat captains nearly always pay in cash or with a personal check (meaning that accurately reporting income to the IRS for tax purposes becomes an ‘optional choice’ that many fishermen choose not to make), and so James suddenly found himself with a very comfortable amount of padding in his bank account. For the next three years James Winston would travel to Alaska in the winter to take part in the crabbing season, then travel to other parts of the world – usually Hawaii or Mexico – for the rest of the year, taking the occasional odd, usually part-time job to further bolster his earnings. ,, While on a crabbing vessel in 2004, however, James injured his back and was unable to complete the season. Suddenly without his primary source of yearly income, he began looking for other means and, after a few very financially tight months, managed to land a job at a boat-building company that specialized in laying the fiberglass molds used in many small to medium-large boats. Even though the monthly income was nowhere near what he’d earned while crabbing – and even though the job actually required him to show up for work all year round – the yearly income was nonetheless better, and James was surprised to discover that he truly enjoyed his new job. So much so that, in early 2005, he left Alaska for Seattle, Washington so that he could enroll in classes for a specialized two-year course on wooden boat building and general engineering principles as they applied to the wider boat-building industry. James was still in attendance when the Refugees came through the Stonehenge gate later that same year, causing waves of psychics and superhumans to spring up all over the world. ,, James Winston didn’t erupt when the Refugees came through their gate, however, and the next three years were normal years for him (not including the fact that the world now had genuine super-powered beings in it). He completed his schooling and returned to the Kenai Peninsula so he could get back to work. In the winter of 2008 he even took a position on a crabbing vessel again, the resulting payoff for which seriously augmented his bank account. Having some extra cash to burn and feeling a little stir crazy after a long winter (a common enough experience for those living through the Long Night of the upper two degrees of earth’s latitude), James and three of his friends decided to put their summer to good use and take a vacation to Cabo San Lucas. The decision proved to be their undoing. ,, On July 27th, 2008, the Baja Meteor exploded over the waters of the Bahia San Lucas, resulting in several thousand injuries and four deaths; the bodies of those presumed dead were never found however. Those four individuals were James and his three friends. ,, The Baja Meteor itself constituted a long-standing mystery, as its estimated mass and the height at which it exploded both indicated that the damage on the ground, along with the total number of injuries and deaths, should have been several orders of magnitude greater than they were – possibly on the order of a global-scale disaster. The event caused a great deal of alarm in the period following, as the meteor’s approach had remained entirely undetected until after it had entered earth’s atmosphere. ,, James Winston knew nothing of all this, and would not hear the details of his eruption event until more than five years later. The meteor’s explosion had not killed him, as was assumed by authorities at the time, but had instead caused his eruption. In fact, it is highly likely that his eruption as a nova at that precise moment in time was the ultimate cause for the relatively benign explosion of the Baja Meteor, and may have saved the lives of hundreds or thousands of people living in the surrounding region. It nonetheless cost James’ three friends – Tom Kerry, Sam Harris and Fred McHenry – their lives. ,, The events surrounding James Winston’s eruption have yet to be adequately explained, but it has been theorized that, in the instant before the Baja Meteor’s impact, he somehow utilized the potential energy stored within a significant portion of its mass to power the instantaneous transference of himself, his three friends, the small fishing boat they’d rented, and a large quantity of seawater across a distance of more than 15,000 astronomical units. The sudden exposure to deep space as a result of this would have proved almost instantly fatal to Kerry, Harris and McHenry, but Winston’s eruption altered his physiology so that he survived, and was eventually able to return to earth. ,, For reasons that remain as mysterious as the mechanisms responsible for the events of James’ eruption, or for his current physical nature, the newly erupted nova was unable to generate any similar “teleporting” effects after his initial eruption. As a result, he found it necessary to make the journey back to earth through unassisted flight. Detailed records of this journey can be found elsewhere.
  2. Personal Information: Identity: Katrina Ralene Price Names: Kitty Occupation: Actress/Humanitarian Legal Status: American National by birth Marital Status: Umarried Known Relatives: Jacob Forester (father), Jenna Price (mother), Harley Price (sister) Allegiance(s): Family, Career Physical Traits: Weight: 121 lbs Height: 5’10” Apparent age: early 20's Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Caucasian (very) Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Blonde Handedness: Ombidextrous Appearance: Gorgeous. Stylish. Sexy. These words and more have been used to describe Kitty Price. Other words include: heart-breakingly beautiful and impossibly perfect. More than one journalist has refused to even try to describe her. Kitty is, in the simplest terms, a blonde bombshell with curves in all the right places and glorious blue eyes. If one isn’t into blondes, this is not a problem; Kitty can look like any woman, so long as that woman is impossibly attractive. Powers, Skills, and Personality: Known Powers: Feline modifications, being gorgeous and a great actress Abilities/Special Skills: Acting is Kitty’s forte, the one skill that she has that sets her above the rest. She’s won awards for her acting that have put her above the rest, making it impossible to claim she only gets jobs for her pretty face. Though she’s not had as much chance to show this off, Kitty is an incredible dance. She was a dancer before her eruption and tried to break into acting. Her desire for this shaped her eruption and gave her many gifts that helped her in Hollywood. Personality: Kitty is nice. There’s no other way to describe her; she’s a gentle-hearted woman who wants to see the world smiling. She can have moments of jealousy or bitterness, but they are generally reserved for mean people. Due to her kind nature, she’s made friends out of women who would otherwise utterly hate her, and can turn men down so tenderly they don’t mind. Background: Kitty was born to a single mother, Jenna Price. Jenna worked as a waitress at a roadside diner in Sitka Alaska. Her father wasn’t around much; he worked as an ice road trucker and was gone often. Her parents never married, feeling it wasn’t necessary. Instead they lived as a common-law couple until their breakup after her sister Harley was born. For a long time, Kitty blamed her sister, though that childlessness passed before Kitty left for Hollywood. The young girl, already a looker, grew up in her little town, learning to boat and fly, as they were the only ways to leave Sitka. She also learned to ski and how to use a dogsled. It was obvious that her first and greatest was acting, and she starred in her high-school play twice. Her sister was the dance-fanatic, but Kitty took classes too. The sisters gained a minor reputation for their dancing in Sitka. At eighteen, Kitty left Sitka for Hollywood. Her sister Harley felt betrayed and didn’t talk to her for two years; the two reconciled when Harley joined her in L.A. In a twist of fate, Harley got a role on a minor cable show and Kitty was making her rent by dancing, mostly backup and in music videos. Though the two wanted to swap, they were stuck. When the Refugees passed through, the sisters were together. Harley could only watch in shock as Kitty underwent an incredible change. When she was done, Kitty was the hottest woman in the world. There was again a period of adjustment for Harley, but gradually Kitty was forgiven. Watching her sister struggle with having a cat’s tail made it even easier for Harley. Despite her tail, Kitty leveraged her new beauty and acting skills into a supporting role in a movie. She utterly stole the production, to the point where the main actress stormed off the set and refused to shoot anymore. Kitty talked her into returning through sheer niceness and did everything she could to make the other actress shine. That reputation made her desired by directors tired of divas. In combination with her beauty, which would have gotten her work anyway, Kitty’s team-player attitude made her highly sought-after. A brief relationship with Connor Fortenot ended with them remaining friends. Kitty has everything she’s ever wanted, save perhaps Connor – in short, her life is perfect.
  3. Personal Information: Identity: Karen Nascha Dineh Names: Karrie, Coyote Occupation: Engineer/Inventor for Department of Superhuman Affairs Legal Status: American National by birth, Navajo National Marital Status: Umarried Known Relatives: Joseph Dineh (father), Tonya Dineh (mother), Michael Dineh (brother), Hana Dineh (sister), Ruth Dineh (sister), Simon Dineh (brother), dozens of aunts and cousins [father's sister, Ally Dineh and mother's brother Nathan] Allegiance(s): Family, DSA Physical Traits: Weight: 134 lbs Height: 5’6” Apparent age: early 20's Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Native American Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Handedness: Left DOB: 16MAY1990 Appearance: Coyote is best described as “cute”, a word which she has come to hate. Why do so many call her cute? Yeah, she’s not beautiful, and her hips are sometimes called 'birthing hips', and there’s that tendency to nerd out at the drop of the hat, but why do people have to call her cute!? Surely there’s a better word than cute! She can do sultry, but it does take a lot of work to put on all that makeup. And there’s sexy, but she can’t really wear lingerie – it doesn’t go with grease stains very well. So maybe there’s no great word – but she knows she’s not cute! Powers, Skills, and Personality: Known Powers: Being Really Effing Smart Abilities/Special Skills: Coyote, in addition to being a killer at ME3 and being able to tell you the differences between the RX-77-3 and the RX-77-4, can build a car engine out of legos, or so her file claims. While these may be an exaggeration, there is no doubt that the girl is almost insanely smart and has a definite quantum-knack for building things. She’s not bad at doing it on the fly, either, as she’s demonstrated before. Personality: Coyote is a massive extrovert. Worse, there are few thoughts that enter her head that don’t get said. She’s maniac and loud and generally quite likeable, for those who enjoy those kind of people. She is a classic ENTP personality. Some people do find her abrasive and annoying. To those she counts as friends, there’s no task too big or anything too much to ask. Part of this is seen in her finances; she makes quite a bit of money every year, but there are a lot of poor relatives on the reservation, and there’s always someone needing a new car or bail money. Coyote never begrudges them a ‘loan’, even knowing that it’s unlikely to be repaid. Growing up in a large family means that she can share and she as an altruistic streak that surprises many. The darker side of this is a cruel condemnation for those who ‘cross the line’. This might not be so bad, but for Coyote, the line is only generally defined and can change. Her trickster nature makes her justice particularly harsh, and she doesn’t forgive or forget. She’s willing to wait for vengeance, nursing a grudge with dark patience. Her relationship with the Navajo Nation is interesting; she’s taken the name of a Trickster god, but she’s female. There are some who believe she is Coyote, but most prefer to only pretend as a joke on the White Man. It seems like something Coyote would approve of. Coyote doesn’t see herself as Coyote, but rather as a source of hope for her people. If nothing, it’s a funny joke. What she finds really funny is that she hasn’t disclosed her powers to DSA. She’ll get around to it – at some point. Background: Karrie was born to a large Navajo family. Her father worked as a mechanic, but like many on the Four Corners Reservation, he scrapped by. Her mother waited tables when she could, supplementing their income enough to feed their children. ‘Their children’ didn’t mean just their five, but any number of cousins and relatives who needed food as much as their children. No one in the extended Dineh family ever went hungry. It was this ‘open door’ policy which led to Nevada’s Division of Child and Family Services to remove the Dineh children from the home. The social worker who made the call deemed that the environment was unhealthy to the children. Her brothers were kept together, but the girl each went to a different foster family. Karrie was placed with a very nice family who treated her well. Her foster brother Baxter became a close friend to her and he introduced her to something wonderful: anime. Anime became the gateway to other types of nerd-dom, and by the time the Dineh’s got their children back after seven months, Karrie was thoroughly hooked. This obsession would remain with her for life. Her father attempted to offset this weird ‘white-man’ stuff. He assumed her interest in these ‘Gundams’ was because she was interested in engineering. He was close and she began to help him in the garage, working on cars with him. Unfortunately, Karrie had learned another obsession with her foster family: high-fructose corn syrup. She’d had it before, but in moderation; after hanging out with Baxter, that moderation was gone. She’d gained twenty pounds, and would add to her weight until she was about fifty pounds overweight at sixteen. At a medicine man’s urging, she went on a spirit journey into the desert. And shit got weird. Karrie was fasting, and at some point, she knows that she collapsed. Like many Native Americans, she was less tolerant of sugar than white people, and the sudden change resulted a drop in blood sugar. She passed out, only to wake up surrounded by coyotes. At first she was afraid; then she realized that she was coyote. Figuring it was part of the vision quest, she rose to her feet and made friends with them. Together, they went foraging for food and Karrie was sure that was going to be end of it. Only it wasn’t; it was the start of a very long week. During that time, she struggled to figure out what had happened to her, but the struggle to survive was all-consuming. Karrie found herself hungry all the time, and had to work nearly constantly to find food. Sometimes, she scrounged in human garbage; other times she ran down rabbits. Once, she realized that a group of people walking the desert were looking for her. She tried to approach, only to get shot at by one of the searchers. After a week, she woke up in the coyote den, only to find them milling nervously outside. She followed, only to realize she was human again. The coyotes ran from her, leaving her behind. Unsure which way to go, she began to walk in a random direction and ran into the Old Man. He told her that the last week had been real; that she was one of the special people. At the moment that Karrie had been on her quest, the refugees had arrived. He advised her to hide her secret for a time, coming out only when she was ready. Then he told her how to get home. She walked away, only to look back and see he was gone. Karrie walked home, where the entire community turned out to stare. She claimed not to remember what had happened in the desert, and most people assumed she didn’t want to talk about her quest, which was respected. There had been some unmistakable changes in her. She was deeply tanned after a week living ‘wild’ and had lost all of her excess weight. No one was quite sure what to make of her, but she was welcomed home. That night, she couldn’t sleep so she went out to the garage and began to tinker on her father’s broken Jeep. By morning, she’d completely rebuilt the engine, improving its mileage and nailing down the oil leaks that had plagued the old vehicle. When her father came out, she had a long talk with him about what had happened. By noon, they had a plan. Karrie was too young to join the Army, but she and her father went to talk to them anyway. The plan was simple: Karrie would present herself as a savant who wanted to serve her country as a consultant; Joseph would facilitate this, if the army was willing, by being the consultant on paper. The recruiter was doubtful, but he had been told to watch out for things like this, so he sent the request on up. Three days later, Karrie and Joseph were visited by a government official, and the next day, Karrie quit high school. Over the next two years, she got her GED while doing high level work for the military. AT this time, DSA approached her. At first, Karrie turned them down, content to continue her work. When they came back the second time, it was her father who urged her to accept their job and make herself a career rather than creating a fake one for him. Though sad to leave her family, Karrie took their offer and moved to Washington DC to their research lab. While some of the new people became known as national heroes or stars, Karrie worked in relative obscurity. She’d taken to calling herself Coyote, just to mess with the white people. They were all picking ridiculous codenames – why shouldn’t she?
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