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Found 4 results

  1. The Professor almost felt like everything was returning to the Paradigm she was used to. Sarah was now the Empress of the entire Earth in the Brittanian Universe. Mary left back for the Phoenix Universe to find herself again. Yomiko, Sakurako's daughter was taking over Sarah's duties with a deft command of the ship. Even Three was enjoying Yomiko's company. After all they grew up together. Sakurako walked into Chris' quarters. Perhaps this part of her paradigm was the one she enjoyed most. "Chris-sama! I'm home!" Sakurako said, her tone one of anticipation. Of course she was home... the Hikari Maru always is home. No matter what properties she owns in the Phoenix or Brittanian universes. "We've been working our butts off the past year... up for something I promised you?"
  2. The Professor paced on the bridge, the dark bluish smoke of trans-dimensional warp moving past in a spiral before her on the view screen. It was going to take a bit to get to Brittania. The D-Drive was still recovering and The Professor didn't want to go over half-power. "Three... status report." "We are approximately 3 hours out from Brittania, Professor." The Professor was dressed in her familiar outfit that Brittania was used to seeing. It looked like the girl's uniform for when she was teaching her children, except she had a normal white shirt and a red tie, also she wore black slacks and wore her labcoat over it all. Yomiko walks in wearing something similar, but kept the uniform blouse with the white sailor collar and bow and the skirt. She had Martin's overcoat on. "Something wrong, Professor?" Sakurako scratched her chin. "Just that signal... the nobles on Brittania agreed to name Sarah the new Empress... Something smells... it was over a year since Sarah started her overtures, but this is... too easy." "So I and Chris are going in to investigate?" Sakurako adjusts her brown vest. "No... the best show to put on with Sarah's arrival, is to have her back. Chris alone is a intimidating factor. This is gunboat diplomacy, unfortunately." Yomiko grumbled. "I don't like it." "I know... not my style." "No... this smells like a trap." The Professor turns, and hugs Yomiko with a smile. "That's why it's fun. you've learned well enough to have my sixth sense in regards to such things." Yomiko grinned. "I've read your diaries enough."
  3. 21 Days after their birth... Sakurako was tired. But happy. Every hungry mouth required her attention. She was perpared. She had a schedule where two at a time could be fed by her over the course of an hour. She believed in a natural feeding, so she faithfully scheduled her day around the new lives under her care. In between she had everyone on deck. Chris handled the heavy lifting in regards to getting food and supplies. Mary helped with caring for their health, and Sarah loved cleaning and caring for them with The Professor's help. Three monitored their every heartbeat and cry as a digital Nanny. And Sakurako knew it wouldn't last. She sensed it, their Quantum was starting to surge upward. She felt their movements. She knew Yomi was already talking and some of the other babies were already expressing powers, although in very subtle ways. As she fed Kamina, it happened. He started to glow at his last feed, and he grew. The others grew one at a time soon afterward. Yomi being the last to have a growth spurt. Sakurako sighed as she noticed they were starting to grow teeth and were starting to seem they wanted semi-solid food. She wondered why their growth was like this, but she realized that their childhood wouldn't be long as she surmised. They will only be toddlers for a few months. Adolescents in the same way. It would be a year before they were full adults. She sat in her office and cried after taking a break. "I'm... going to have to enjoy every moment... aren't I?" She picks up her communication unit that looks like a antique phone on her desk. "Tokyo command, yes this is Sakurako. I'm going to have to take a year's time away... right... Yes the younglings. Oh good everything is in order? I've seen my Mother is handling her duties as the Chancellor very well. She's already dropped martial law and has started the mechanical things required for Democracy across the planet. She's more suited for it..." She sits back. "I'm... okay... Just I gotta enjoy every moment of my children now. Tell Mother when she is able thank you for everything." She hangs up and sighs. Before standing back up and stepping out. Her children are starting to figure out how to walk. And somehow with her perception... it seems even for it's evanescence it was... just right.
  4. The Professor was a flurry of activity. This was the end of her first week of gestation and her new-found awareness of her body is causing her nothing but problems when she finds out that her body when she reaches near her 7th week, she is really going to be waddling. So she was modifying one of her heat-resistant models of her suit so that instead of filling with gel, it used it's expansive mode to accommodate her growing body. Of course she kept the heat-resistant function intact so that she can use the gel in an emergency... although she calculated her already limited mobility the longer it goes, the percentage drops drastically. She wagers a week 9 deployment would only allow a very slow waddle indeed. She sighs, resigning to the fact her safety was more important. She'd been working on it and now was trying it on for the first time. She tests it with a bio-foam buoy that slowly expands to a size roughly near where her stomach should be when it is at maximum size. When she looks in the mirror and sees a preview of her future, she sighs. She opens her suit and sets the buoy next to the mirror and closes her suit, letting it tighten back up to her current frame. "Well, no avoiding it... I am going to have... to just deal. She makes sure the life support features of her suit are functional, and puts a helmet on that has a slide-back visor. She thinks that she should use as little quantum during this time as possible as a safety consideration. She cannot "dorm" because she might cause internal damage to herself and her children, particularly later in the pregnancy. She does a quick check of her inventories on ship via her computer to make sure it was properly stocked with safety equipment. Other than the lack of one escape pod, the whole ship was suitably safe and sound. She decided a while ago to park in the Pacific, and let the ship float for a while. She wasn't going to stay in space where a power failure could mean doom. She steps out of her quarters and leans against a bulkhead and sighs. "here we go."
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