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Found 18 results

  1. Some of you might remember how, a few years ago, Sprocket posted this thread. To summarize, he was working on and recruiting writers for an Aberrant fanbook centering around sex in the Nova Age. However, his free time has since run out, and the project lies fallow. However, I've talked to him about the project quite recently, and while he probably won't be returning to it anytime soon, he was okay with the prospect of passing the project to me to finish. So! Now that we're giving this thing another shot, I'd like to invite you all to contribute your own perspectives to the project. Some things to keep in mind, however: This book will be about sex, but it will not be a guide to writing pornography. This book is not going to be an extended dirty joke, like some other sex-related sourcebooks published for RPGs. This book will contain exactly zero sexualization of children. Yes, teenagers count as children for this purpose. The rest of the rules are flexible and amenable to some exceptions. This one absolutely is not. Now, some of you may be thinking, "It's all well and good to say you'd like our perspectives on the project, but how are we supposed to give those in a forum without seeing what's already written?" That's a fair question, and it's one I've been thinking about, too. Then it occurred to me to solicit character writeups. See, pretty much every Aberrant fanbook, and a few official books, have sample characters inside, along with a few paragraphs of bio. Obviously, this tradition would continue with Aberrant: The Sex Book(working title), and it occurred to me that pretty much everyone who plays Aberrant is able to write up a character sheet with a short bio. So, if you want to contribute, just PM me a character sheet and a writeup, with the understanding that I will edit your submission, and it probably will go into a freely-distributed fanbook. Some rough guidelines for character writeup submissions: Your writeup should feature a long Background section, talking about the character's backstory and history, a shorter but still substantial Roleplaying Tips section, describing the character's outward mannerisms, motivations, and other details necessary for understanding how they actually behave, and a short physical description. Also, obviously, a complete character sheet, with all of their stats filled out. Try to go for longer rather than shorter. If it's too long, I can just trim it; if it's too short, then I'll have to add to it, and that'll take longer, as well as risking me missing the point of your writeup and introducing something wildly inappropriate to the concept. The character described should be a person, first and foremost, not just a vehicle for your fetish. I don't want a writeup of your imaginary girlfriend. Write up a character who just so happens to have an interesting sex life, not a sex toy that happens to look like a person. Aaaaand that's about it. Any questions, comments, or concerns you'd like to share should probably go in this thread, or even if you've got a suggestion for a finished name that's better than Aberrant: The Sex Book. Currently, my only ideas are Aberrant: From The Streets To The Sheets and Aberrant: Behind Closed Doors, and I'm certain that someone here can do better.
  2. I'm sure everyone reading this has come across this sentiment before, the sentiment that a Mega-Attribute placed on a normal Attribute that isn't already at 5 dots makes no sense. It has some merit, but personally, I think it's wrongheaded, and if you'll indulge me, I'd like to tell you why. First and foremost, we need to accept that the rules of this game, of every game, are abstractions. How many dots you have in Strength isn't an objective, scientific measure of your musculature. Nor does your Intelligence rating actually indicate how smart you are. When you toss aside the glib descriptors for the dot ratings that comes with each Attribute(and you should, they're altogether not very useful), you'll find that what dots really indicate is how successful you are when leveraging a particular attribute or skill. Yes, in general your Strength rating is a good indicator of how physically strong your character is, but it might not indicate raw strength- someone who is a walking slab of beef who nonetheless chokes up when push comes to shove could have a low number of Strength dots, whereas someone with a very good working knowledge of leverage and only moderate physical strength could have a high number of Strength dots. All those dots really, truly mean is how many dice you get to roll, and therefore how likely the thing you're trying is to succeed. The disconnect I'm proposing is a slight one, that doesn't matter in most situations, but it is a useful one to keep in mind, I feel- dots have no "objective" real-world grounding. They're just a measure of how likely you are to succeed at certain tasks. Viewed through this lens, you'll see that Mega-Attributes don't necessitate maxed dots- someone can be Mega-Strong without necessarily being good at using their strength, which can describe more than a few character concepts. So, what's my point with all this? Well, basically, that yes, it does make sense for a character to have Strength 3 and Mega-Strength 3. You just need to be willing to ignore some of the flavor text to draw your own conclusions in its place.
  3. In Aberrant, Mega-Attributes, with the exception of Mega-Strength, allow you to either add your Mega-Attribute dots as dice to relevant rolls, or use them to reduce the difficulty of relevant rolls. What are the benefits of each approach, and when should you do one or the other?
  4. I am not sure this will be well received, so I appolgize if i clutter up things with this post. But I use this, have been using it for years, I like it, and so I wanted to share it for anyone else who might want it... With that said....... I have been running Aberrant since the day it came out, usually a 6 month long game once every other year or so. Anyway... since it came out the New World of Darkness (now Chronicles of Darkness) came out and we liked that lots, so we merged the two together - sort of. We use our own version of WoD rules that we think works far better than original. Anyway, long story short, I have massaged and worked the Aberrant rules into a working set that has successfully been used by us for years. I wanted to share this work i have done AND get feedback on it. With so many powers, not all of them have been vetted, and some of peoples great new ideas have not been added (or i don't even know about them). Additionally I have redone some of the rules, removed any ability to handle Aberration or hide them, and many other things to make the game much more of a World of Darkness, rather harsher/darker Aberrant... So here are the links... tell me what you think. They are a work in progress, as I am still adding content as best I can.... Cheers! My Base WoD Rules that Aberrant expands upon My Aberrant Rules My Aberrant Setting (very much work in progress) My Storyteller's List of Aberrant NPCs My Aberrant Character Sheets
  5. By now, most of you folks have likely read the interview piece I did with Matt for the release of Aberrant: Nexus. In that piece, I stated that there would be the possibility for new fanbooks to be released *IF* there was an audience for them. I also stated that I had another potential Aberrant fanbook project on my back burner. So here's the thing; back when I was wrapping up work on Aberrant: A Breed Apart over at the now-defunct EON Online site, several people asked whether that fanbook would also be covering the subjects of sex & pornography. Several posters began providing relevant & interesting ideas for Storytellers to introduce sexual/pornography related matters into their Aberrant chronicles. I said "no" to that idea at the time, due to the prevalent political & social climate back then. EON Online was also in a rather precarious state back then as well, & I didn't want to rock an already leaky boat. I denied that I had plans for such a book, and joked that someone might release a hoaxbook of that nature as a .TXT file. While I had written up some homebrew sex-related enhancements, bodymods, aberrations, abilities, merits & flaws strictly for amusement at the time, but that file went into long-term storage & was soon forgotten about as work resumed on Aberrant: The New Flesh. Flash forward to the present. Many of us are adults here, and a lucky few are parents. Would there be a large enough audience for a mature-themed Aberrant fanbook to be considered a worthwhile project? This hypothetical "Aberrant: Sex" fanbook should be short compared to Aberrant: Nexus (which was 190 pages, not counting the covers). Are there any Aberrant fans here on RPG Post that are interested in doing some gamebook writing and willing to contribute spare time & material to this fanbook? Matt has told me that he'd be fine with a mature-themed fanbook, provided there was enough of an audience for it & that it would be labelled appropriately for mature audiences only. He also that it should have no objectification of teens & children, a requirement with which I agree wholeheartedly. It will also have the necessary "common sense" waiver gray sidebars on that & other sex-related matters - "Safe, Sane And Consensual", "This Fanbook Is Not A Sex Manual", "Rape & Other Sick Stuff Is Evil", "BDSM 'Sadism' Vs. Real Sadism", "Beware Trigger Issues" and so on. Finally, this project should not be about writing pornography; it should be about allowing mature Aberrant gaming groups to add a missing facet of the human/nova experience to their chronicles. Also, I'm not looking to produce a pure parody book like "Exalted - The Scroll Of Swallowed Darkness". That's not to say there can't be some humor in it; the book as a whole just needs to be about all facets of Sex in the Nova Age - funny, exciting, terrifying and just plain evil. One good question is this: Why bother with writing these fanbooks when Onyx Path will be rebooting all three gamelines? My answer is that I certainly DO hope that all goes well with Onyx Path's reboot, but I'm far too cynical to bet money on it. I've seen way too many efforts (speaking in general terms) that I liked get flushed down the metaphorical toilet to trust that the folks at Onyx Path will 100% be able to deliver on their promise. And so, I'm still writing fanbooks at the moment. All that said, there's absolutely NO WAY that I will take on this project by myself, for several reasons listed as follows: 1: Single-writer projects - which around 90% of Aberrant: Nexus was - are horrendously exhausting ordeals to have to go through. I started that project partially for fun at first, but the unshared workload quickly quelled that. I have NO intention of going through all that on my own a second time. 2: As a topic, human (and therefore nova) sexuality is a complex one that requires multiple writers to provide a sufficiently wide range of viewpoints to do it justice. Otherwise I could've just adapted material from some of the sex-related RPG books, but the majority of those seem to be written solely from the male heterosexual (if not outright "frat brother") perspective. Can we do better than that here? Female & non-heteronormative viewpoints ought to be addressed as well. 3: Many (good) writers makes for light and relatively speedy work, especially on short books. I'm thinking *maybe* 50 pages as an upper limit, not counting the covers? We'd also have pieces of interior art here & there to pad things out. Since many reproduction-relevant topics were addressed in Aberrant: A Breed Apart, the overlap should cut down on some of the topics (pregnancy, fertility, etc.) that would otherwise be addressed in this hypothetical fanbook. So, that's my spiel about this project. If anyone's seriously interested in helping to write this fanbook, please either reply to this thread or PM me. I've got a rough outline laid out, but there's a lot of blank subject space in Chapters 1 (Sex In The Nova Age), 2 (Mechanics) & 3 (Storytelling) to be filled. Chapter 4 (New Items) also has space for additions, though since sex is such a small portion of the spectrum of nova capabilities I may have covered most of the possible ideas already. I don't think there will be any Appendices this time, unless someone wants to submit sex-related material for Trinity and/or Adventure! If there's no serious interest in the project, I'll just release the material I've written as a ZIP file for anyone of age who might be interested.
  6. Hello everyone im new to the forums. So i would just like to Hear any of anyones character ideas to builds that they've done that they have enjoyed or think would be neat, also i would like to hear in the long scheme of thing whats better to spend on powers on Characters,..ExI have 30 nova points and 50 xp if i wanted to buy powers and other things things which of the two would be more efficient to use to get the most out of it.
  7. Hello RPers! Its been a long long time since I've darkened this forums doors, but when I ran into an issue regarding an Aberrant game, I knew exactly where I wanted to turn. I have been running a table-top game for five players for almost three years now and the player characters have gotten powerful. All of them are Q6+ with a pair of Q8s that are causing the trouble. How the hell do I make meaningful physical challenges for these characters? One of them has the extra of mastery on his Armor and Elemental Mastery powers which, when combined with his mega-statistics, pushes his soak over 100! If I make an enemy that can actually hit that level of damage, it becomes a bad balancing act, where I need to do enough damage to be threatening, but not enough to vaporize the character (and the surrounding city) instantly. Said enemy would also be able to flatten the other PCs or most rank and file NPCs. A further thought is that I can only pull these mystery super-attackers out once or twice or it becomes fairly unrealistic that no-one else has heard of these guys, and their popping out of the woodwork with continent-slashing attacks. I have been pushing non-combat encounters, but there needs to be some change eventually. Another worry is that the physical ninja type character is rapidly being left behind in damage by all the blaster characters. Mega-strength and claws seem to only go so far against the Elemental Mastery/Quantum bolt hurlers and I am worried they will begin to feel somewhat under gunned. Any suggestions on how I can rectify this? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated!
  8. So, I've been working on an Abbyhack that has become an Aberrant-Inspired new superhero game system. I've been doing this for a bunch of reasons, insanity being somewhat high on the list. I'm not done yet, but I'm close enough that I wanted to start the discussion on one of the two projects I've built this for: a collaborative writing setting (with very occasional, not promised at all, ST run plot) that is modern and superheros. I want people's input, but I also have two parameters that are already set: 1) Modern setting. The idea is somewhat like 200X, only with the idea that time will "bungie". This means we'll have a few weeks of "start all the threads!", then a period after that that is "okay, things are going on now, try not start up new threads", then I'll post an end date i.e. "wrap this bunch up, people!". After the end date, there would be probably around a week of "okay guys, really wrap up those social threads" while I compile a "how the world reacted" to everything in the that batch of threads. Then I'd post up news articles and such to show those reactions (and PMs to anyone on more clandestine/specific occurances). The next day in real life would be the "start" date of the new batch of threads. So, we'd have periods of high activity followed by a lull in everything as the world adjusted, then back into the high activity. I figured this would be a way to run a "real time" game without as many crazy timeline issues (there would also be a calender, because good god, that's an amazing help), and also some set points where the rest of the world gets to react and change according to what the players have been doing. Want to invent a cure for all diseases? Okay, you can do that and send it out into the world. That will have consequences that show up in the setting. Starting a new tech company because you're an uber-mind gadgetteer? Again, new inventions and solutions and problems from all of the will actually show up in the "living world." 2) Superpowers are new. There will be a concrete thing that causes them, whether an event or a new drug or whatnot. I'm open to ideas/suggestions from people, and the first IC post will be whatever I decide on happening. So, you all are going to be playing some of the first supers. There is no precedence for this in the game world. Your actions (and some from NPCs) will set the starting tone for how the supers are viewed by the world at large. So, what do you guys think? Questions? Suggestions? Oh, another note. I don't care if the Aberrant lexicon is what comes about in the game. It's easy shorthand for all of us that know the game. I'm also fine if you guys use different language. This is meant to be fun!
  9. Version 1.2


    Adapted rules from Adventure! for super science inventions and advancements in Aberrant.
  10. Recently discovered the Weakness/Strength "build kit" from the Aberrant: Player's Guide. I am loving some revamped powers. Anyone have some really cool powers that they've done, share them here please. Here is one from me. Healing Factor, there is already regeneration as an enhancement, so the regrowth of limbs is covered, but to get more healing, you'd need the Healing Quantum Power, but with some alterations. HEALING FACTOR Weaknesses Reduce range, to self (-1) Reduce Multiple actions to once per turn (-1) Reduce Healing Dice by one (-1) Strengths Apply the Burn Extra to the power. (Heals 1/2 as much, for [power rating] turns, after the first)
  11. Yes I can be Iron Man! Here is a rough draft of my idea for gadgets in Aberrant. It will allow for characters to be nearly as effective with gadgets as Novas are, and keep your character as a baseline, if you so choose. No need for mega intelligence to create gadgets, although it helps a lot. INVENTIONS M-INT Characters, are able to create new forms of technology at ease, as well as, improve upon existing technology, in ways that will make them far more efficient, than anything a Baseline human, may have ever thought possible. To represent this, we have the inventions section, for rules on creating or modifying technologies. Tools For modifying existing tech, your character may have the tools already. A mad scientist is bound to have a lab full of improvised tools, however, the more outrageous the tech is, that a player wants to create, the more time will be needed to make the tools to use on your new device. A standard success is enough for minor things that a player is prepared to build, where a 5 successes, represents the time needed to rebuild your lab entirely, to build the new tech. Successes here are the weeks needed to rebuild and modify your lab. R&D Complexity For inventions that are simply modified versions of existing tech, it is a standard success to achieve the desired results. However, if you are creating a super-science, this should take 5 successes. 1) Low/1 hour 2) Medium/1 day 3) High/1 week 4) New superscience/1 month 5) Complex superscience/1 year Streamlining A nova may be able to mimic the effects of a Quantum Bolt, in a weapon, but the technology may be a bit clunky and hard to handle. A standard success multiplier of 1 is acceptable for a vehicle mounted Quantum Bolt weapon. For each success multiplier added, beyond this, the player can reduce the tech's clunkiness. 1/8 hours Vehicle Mounted Weapon, Heavy, Bulky, etc. 2/16 hours Shoulder Mounted Weapon, perhaps needing 2 men to use it efficiently. 3/32 hours Portable and able to be effective with a single person working it, like an RPG launcher. 4/64 hours Portable and extremely efficient for single person use, such as a rifle. 5/128 hours Portable and concealable, such as Tony Stark's Repulsor Beams on his gauntlets. Additional Perks/Options A player may want more than a ray gun. they may want that gun to also have a range finder, or even a battery. A player may have as many mods on a gadget as he/she has in the related ability + specialty. So a maximum of 6 mods, can be placed on a device. Also, the mods should make sense for the gadget in question. Some times a gadget will have it's own dice pools, such as a mech or robot, however, a player may create a power armor, to enhance the wearers abilities. The player would spend one success on an attribute rating up to his/her own, but anything beyond that, would require more successes and XP to create. Also, some mods require different dice pools to use correctly. 5 dots in flight allows for the increased distance, you may fly/turn, but you would need a roll of DEX + Pilot, to make maneuvers, such as dodging. A player who created a Mech, would use a piloting skill to dodge, attack, etc. where a player with a power armor, would use the augmented dice pools (players dice pool, plus the devices dice pool) of the given abilities. Augmented dice pools are still restricted to the normal maximums. A player may not augment his attributes, abilities, or powers, beyond the standard 5 dots. Mods can be combined, however. If a gadget has Armor on it already and a player wants to add invulnerability, this does not count as an extra mod, but rather, an improvement on the mod. Here is a list of mod categories. Attribute and M-ATT- each attribute counts as a mod, but the associated M-ATT is an improvement upon the base Attribute. Powers- Usually, each power is a separate mod, however, some can be combined, such as flight and hypermovement flight Enhancements- An enhancement can be a mod (bought separate) or an improvement to an existing M-ATT. Abilities- Each ability is an improvement on an existing Attribute. Maintenance/Repair/Rebuild A player must perform routine maintenance, to keep a gadget running at full steam. Maintenance, is a roll of your related dice pool. Successes needed, are equal to the number of modifications plus improvements, on an existing device. Repair is equal to the number of health levels being repaired plus the usual maintenance. Each success needed, represents a base of one hour of work. If a character has a mod that represents a self repair, such as buying regeneration, as nano tech, then repairs are automatic, but weekly maintenance, is still necessary. A rebuild is the same, minus the Tools, Streamlining and R&D times.
  12. Important news from the Onyx Path folks, eveyone! They've started a "What do the fans want" topic over at RPGNet.com: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?713234-What-do-you-want-to-see-from-the-new-Trinity-Continuum ,, As I've only ever lurked there (I've learned much more from reading other's posts there than I would have from posting), I though I should let you lot know about it ASAP if you didn't already. There's a lot of the usual really good & some not-so-good suggestions being made. Apart from my already-stated ideas (no nerfing the novas, no fixed metaplot & provide alternate methods of dealing w/ Taint than Teras/Chrysalis), two I can really get behind is keeping the books at digest/graphic novel size and forbidding the use of all handwriting (and other simliarly hard-to-read styles) fonts.
  13. So obviously, we have rumblings about how to keep the spirit of Aberrant and its style intact, but clean up all the mechanics issues by using a different system. Instead of Mutants and Masterminds, I'd go to a more narrative and what I consider more effective method: FATE Core. So the below are a collection of house rules and material allowing us to make novas, with examples at the end. All characters have simply been borrowed from Mutant High to use as an easy reference for the examples. Examples in practice: Curtis has the Always in the Lab (Mega-Intelligence) Aspect, reflecting not only his immense super-genius with science and technology, but his severe lack of of social skills and the associated reputation. This means there are additional ways to invoke or compel this aspect when it comes to social interaction.... Sonja has the Super-Barbie (Mega-Appearance) Aspect, referring to both her proportions and her corresponding nickname around the Academy. I personally have not figured out any additional invoke/compel uses, beyond the traditional Mega-Appearance list, but regardless, it helps make her character unique and flesh her out further. Example in practice: Alex can fire blast of solar energy with great power, chosen as a Solar Battery (Energy Projection) stunt....
  14. Hey there. I'm new to these forums, so I wanted to say my greetings. I've been running an Aberrant game on saturdays for.. about 3 years now? wow, time flies. Anyway, a player just this evening asked me about the rules for making super tech gadgets and.. I realized I cant find them anywhere. ,, I vaguely remember (have never really used those rules) that you need to copy a pre existing power, and that there is time involved to develop your gadget, but beyond that, nothing. ,, The problem is, I cant find the rules for technology anywhere. Could someone point me towards which book I should be checking, again? I've checked the core and the players guide, but no luck. Probably skipped them somehow since the index is ...less than useful
  15. Then ,, "Daniel, are you home?" ,, Carol frown at the living room of her dorm. The lights were all turned down low - unusual for mid-morning on a Sunday – but she could see Daniel framed by the window, sitting in the easy chair. She flipped the light switch, and caught Daniel's expression, and gently set her pack down. ,, "What's wrong?" ,, "Nothing. I'm fine." ,, Daniel didn't look fine. Beyond the soot and ash that everyone regularly seemed to wear since the attack, he clearly looked downcast, staring into the middle distance with a fretful expression on his face. Everything on the outside had changed with Daniel, to the point it rendered him unrecognizable, but Carol could still read his mood. She knew he was upset. ,, "Daniel..." She walked towards him. "C'mon." ,, "It's no big deal. Nothing worth getting upset over." ,, "Mmm." Carol nodded. She went into the kitchen, pouring herself and Daniel a glass or orange juice. She came back out and set the glasses down on the table, then took a seat on the couch. ,, "Well, tell me about it anyways. I like talking to you." It was true, of course. Carol did like talking to Daniel. She wasn't sure if she liked doing more than talking, but right now, talking was good. ,, "If you really want to know..." She sighed. "It's so petty." ,, "Tell me anyways." ,, "Someone groped me today." ,, Carol blinked. "What? Who?" ,, "Just some man. I pulled him out from the rubble and I checked him out and he had a broken leg, so I set him on a table and got ready for takeoff and that's when I felt his hand on my boob." Daniel shifted in his seat. "Granted, they're hard to miss..." ,, "Don't. Don't you dare blame yourself." ,, Daniel sighed. "Wanted to throw him through a wall, but he was dying. I got him to the hospital anyways. But dammit, I felt so..." He shook his head. ,, "You thought this was petty? You didn't want to talk about it?" ,, "Like I said, I could throw him through a wall. It's not like he could really hurt me. I have superpowers! I don't know anyone who has superpowers. It feels so small of me to whine about that when I'm not even hurt..." ,, "You're upset. You're allowed to be upset, even if you can fly. I mean, look what you did with that gift – you stopped a rocket attack and you're out there every day finding people who need help. I think you're allowed to get upset when someone pays you back like that." ,, "Even if that's the case, it's not anything women don't go through every day." ,, Carol leaned back in the couch, frowning. She sighed. "Well, you're right about that." ,, "I think I just sound like some... some privileged snob, whenever I complain about what you and Jenny go through. I mean, I can fly. Even if I'm a woman now, all that means is I go through what you were going through while I was too dumb to see. What do I have to complain about?" ,, "Well, when it happens to me? I complain. I vent. I talk about it with Jenny and we cuss that asshole out behind his back because we'd probably taste the back of his hand if we did it to his face and once I've cussed him out I feel better and it's a little easier. I don't tell myself that I'm lucky because there are starving war orphans in Europe, even if it's true. I just vent and I let off steam and I feel better." ,, "Have you ever cussed me out?" ,, "Not too often. I mean, there's the one time recently, before, you know..." She waved towards Daniel's body. "All this." ,, "Yeah. All this." Daniel closed his eyes. "Carol, today's the first day since the lab accident that I wished that 'all this' hadn't happened." ,, "Ah." Carol nodded. She took a drink of her orange juice. "You didn't before?" ,, "Well, I've been kind of busy..." ,, "Yeah, but I know you've had some quiet moments since then. I know you think faster. I'd have figured, well... well, if it had happened to me, I'd be freaking out." ,, "You'd freak out if you had bigger boo - " ,, "Not that way! If I was a super-powered guy." Carol rolled her eyes. "Thanks for reminding me how jealous I am, by the way." ,, "Any time." Daniel managed a smile. "No, I freaked out, but people needed help, and I put it aside and did what I could. And when I got some quiet moments, I went back over everything that happened and I realized that I was mostly okay with it. I mean, yeah, fine, it's a big, big change. But it's a good one in a lot of ways. I think more clearly now. I see things differently. And flying? My God, Carol, we should go do that sometime. When I'm up there I feel more free than I ever did in my life. Compared to that, most of the time, being a woman now is nothing more than humbling. I can handle a little humbling. Most days." ,, "Just not today." ,, "Nope." ,, Carol nodded. "I'm sorry he did that to you. He's a pig." ,, "He was." Daniel looked out the window. "Didn't deserve to die in a rocket attack, though." ,, "Nope." ,, "You said that this happened to you?" ,, "Oh! Yeah. It was before we met. A cop chased me. Grabbed me right here." She pointed to her left breast. "I didn't say a word. I just cried, and everyone thought I was crying because I felt guilty about stealing a candy bar." ,, "... wait, is this the story you told me about how you stole a candy bar?" ,, "Yeah, but I think a cop grabbing my boob is worse than me stealing an Aero." ,, "Now I remember. This was just after you moved here from the U.S., right? You were addicted to Aero bars and didn't have any pocket money left." ,, "You ever had an American candy bar? Aeros are like an orgasm in your - " Carol laughed as Daniel turned beet red. "I'm glad I can still do that to you, at least." ,, "Yeah, I'm not really ready to talk about orgasms yet." Daniel loosened his shirt a bit. "I feel a little better. Thanks." ,, "You know, I was about to head to church. You should join me. You might like it." ,, Daniel refrained from rolling his eyes. "C'mon, Carol, you know I don't go in for that stuff..." ,, "They're doing a service for the people who were hurt in the attack." ,, "I'm glad. I really am. I just don't do the whole church thing. I'm agnostic." ,, "I know, I know. Come with me anyways. Do that thing with the glasses. I'll lend you some nicer clothes. You should meet more people than just me, Jenny, Conrad and Doctor Neufeld." ,, Daniel pursed his lips, then dug around in his pocket for his glasses. "Okay. Because you asked, and because you listened to me whine about being a woman. I'll go." ,, * * * ,, So Daniel put on his glasses, and pulled in on himself, and Carol went with "Danielle" to Knox United Church, in the downtown core of Calgary. ,, There was a collection plate, the totality of which was going towards the victims of the rocket attack, and Daniel found himself putting his last forty dollars in the plate. He didn't really need to eat any more, and other people did, and that was all there was to it. ,, Then the priest – or pastor, the man of the cloth, Daniel could never keep the nomenclature straight – asked everyone to bow their heads in prayer, and give thanks unto the Lord. Because Daniel didn't want to stand out like a sore thumb, Daniel lowered his head, closed his eyes, and spent the time thinking. ,, Okay, all right. What are you thankful for, Daniel Finn? ,, The prayer commenced, and Daniel mouthed along, while his thoughts turned to other matters. Well, I'm grateful for the few years I was allowed to be openly agnostic without everyone whispering about I was a godless slut. I guess I'm thankful for that. No, I'm actually thankful that Carol doesn't drag me to these things most of the time and is fine with me not being sure about God. ,, Also, I'm thankful that I was able to save her. And Conrad. And Jenny. And everyone else, really. ,, I'm also thankful that I can fly. I'm thankful that I can lift a car. I'm thankful that I can see so much more of what something is, just by looking at it. I'm thankful of how wonderful the world looks to me now. I'm thankful that I can go up far enough to see the curvature of the Earth. ,, And I'm thankful for... Daniel paused, unsure of the confession, even to himself. ,, Well, I don't know if I'm thankful for being a woman. But I'm thankful for a chance to learn what it's like to be one. I'm thankful for the past ten days and how eye-opening they've been. I'm thankful that I can look back on who I was and wince in embarrassment because I think it means I'm better than that now. I'm thankful I lived through the accident. I'm glad I got a chance to be a better person. I'm glad that Carol thinks I've grown. Maybe it means I actually have. ,, The prayer concluded. Eyes opened, and backs straightened, and a few minutes later, the service concluded. ,, "Feel better?" asked Carol, as they struggled into their winter coats. ,, "Yeah. Actually, I do. Thanks." ,, "Are you ready to accept Jesus Christ as your – just kidding." Carol held her hands up as Daniel raised a finger, ready to pontificate. "I'm glad you came anyways." ,, "Me too. Ah. Carol...?" ,, "Yes, Danielle?" ,, "What're you doing tonight?" ,, ,, * * ,, ,, Now ,, "What are you doing?" ,, She looked up at the sound. The man was a little bruised and bloody, but conscious, in contrast to the other dozen men lying around the makeshift base. The woman held in her hands an assault rifle, pointed at no one. Moonlight was the only illumination left, and it shone through a window. He'd pulled himself into a sitting position, but wasn't about to risk more than that. ,, "I didn't know you spoke English." She pressed her hands together, crumpling the gun into so much scrap. She tossed it on the pile, then picked up another. ,, "I speak a little." The man wore a German army uniform. He admired her as she moved - she had a body perfect in every way, including blonde hair and blue eyes – popular features where he came from. He was far from home, out in the countryside, away from all the pretty girls he'd never see again. Despite knowing he was about to die, the soldier couldn't bring himself to hate this angel of destruction. She smiled a lot. ,, She crushed another gun into a paperweight. "You should have spoken up. You could have surrendered." ,, "Did not think you would take me alive." ,, "Well, good news is you were wrong." ,, "How did you find us?" ,, "By accident, believe it or not. I saw the tank treads from the air. I was on my way somewhere else." ,, "Where?" ,, "You know I can't tell you." She crushed the last of their rifles, then started in on the pile of guns. ,, "What is with this pile of scrap you are making our guns into?" ,, "Well, I can't let you just walk out of here with your guns and going back to killing Allied soldiers, can I? And I'm a little too busy to haul you all back with me to a POW camp like I'd normally do. So I'm going to leave you with this - " She pulled a bayonet off one rifle, and set it on the ground. "And you're going to head back that way. You have enough rations in what's left of the tank - " ,, "What's left of the tank?" ,, "I kind of tied it in a knot. But if you need more you can hunt with that. You head back the way you came. You can lay low until the war's over. Or you can re-enlist and hope the next Allied company doesn't kill you before you kill them." ,, "You are joking. You'll kill us while we sleep." ,, Danielle shook her head. "No." ,, "You'll kill us while we walk, or starve us out - " ,, "No." Her voice was firm. "I don't joke about something this serious. You have a second chance here. I would hate for you to waste it, because you successfully lied to yourself about my intentions." ,, "If I was an ubermenschen I can tell you, I would kill you." ,, "Well. Hopefully someday you'll change your mind about that." ,, "Why are you doing this? At least tell me that." ,, Danielle thought for a long moment. She stole a glance out the window, looking out at the gorgeous moonlit night, and remembered another one like it, not too long ago. Danielle – well, still calling herself Daniel, and still thinking of herself as himself – and Carol, the latter in all her warmest clothes, flying high enough to kiss the clouds. She thought of what she'd been thankful for on the day leading into that perfect Sunday evening. ,, "Take it from me." She knelt, meeting him at eye level. "There's nothing more precious than a chance to change your mind. If you're dead? Then that's it. No more chances. And call me a softie, but I don't like taking that away from anyone." ,, "You are a softie." He chuckled, his gaze drifting downwards. "Very softie from where I'm standing." ,, "One chance." She held up her finger. "Nothing more than a chance to be better. That's all I can spare tonight. When I come back this way, I'm going to take anyone still left behind into a POW camp. I'll remember your faces, don't worry about that. If I see you again and you still have that uniform on, I'll have no sympathy left at all. It's just a uniform. It's not you." ,, Knockout stood up. She picked up the pile of guns-turned-scrap. "Going to go throw these in the ocean. Don't be here when I get back." She turned towards the window, and without a further word, flew through it. ,, The man stared at the open window for a long time afterwards, waiting for her to come back. He thought of what he'd say to the men when they awoke, of what they would do next. He compiled a list of who would opt to keep their heads down and who would go back out to the front. He wondered with weird fascination just what a Tiger tank would look like tied into a knot. ,, But mostly he thought of smiling faces, and realized just how much he wanted to see them again. ,, (EDIT: References to Danielle's codename edited out.)
  16. "Carol! Wait up, hon." ,, At the sound of his voice, the young woman stopped in mid-step, and sighed, hunching her shoulders. She pulled back the hood of her winter coat to reveal short brown hair, pale skin with freckles, and light green eyes. The man running after her across the snow-covered university grounds was equally fair skinned, as Canadians often were in the wintertime. ,, She turned around as they young man closed the distance. She folded her arms. "I have nothing to say to you, Daniel Finn." ,, "C'mon, Carol, don't be like that..." ,, "Don't be like - " Carol bit her tongue. "I have to get to class." ,, "C'mon, Carol, what'd I do wrong? It was just a joke!" ,, "A joke." ,, "Yeah! Me and the guys, we're just having fun." ,, "You made mooing noises at Jenny! She put on less than twenty pounds, in winter, and you and the rest of those jerks you pal around with still make fun of her weight! In the middle of the cafeteria, in front of everyone!" ,, "Well - well - " Now it was Daniel's turn to bite his tongue. "Come on, we didn't mean nothing by it..." ,, "Daniel, she cried all night. I got no sleep at all because I was sure she was going to kill herself. I'm pretty sure she's sticking a finger down her throat again." ,, "She – what?" Daniel turned pale. "Carol..." ,, "And I have a really tough class, so please. Drop it." ,, "I – okay. All right." Daniel blew out through his lips, and ran his fingers through greased blonde hair. "Still don't think that it's something to break up over..." ,, Carol didn't say anything. ,, "Did you really think she'd try to, you know?" ,, "She tried it once before. Her brother used to – well, she got good at covering up bruises." ,, "He what? I – that son of a bitch. Is he living here in Calgary? I'll lay him right out - " ,, "He's not. It wouldn't do anything." ,, "Why didn't she talk to her mom and pop about it? Wouldn't they, you know, put a stop to it?" ,, "She did, Daniel." Carol look at her watch, and sighed. "But it didn't do any good. So she tried to jump off a bridge." ,, "Why didn't it - " ,, "Because you know us girls, Daniel. We like to make up our little stories. We like to talk behind your back and spin little lies about where we got the bruises and why – and why we cry over nothing. She told them. They didn't believe her. Because guess what, Daniel, most of the time you put a man's word up against a woman's, people will take the man's word. They'll take him at his word and go right back to telling her she should wear her hair down more or try and lose a couple of pounds." ,, "I didn't know." Daniel involuntarily took a step back. "Carol, doll, believe me, I swear I never would have said a word if I'd known - " ,, "No, you didn't know. I know. But Daniel, you still hurt her. You can still hurt someone without even thinking about it. You know that, right?" ,, "Yeah. Carol, believe me, I really am sorry." ,, "You should apologize to her in person. And Daniel? Maybe you should think about what it's like to be a woman for just one day. Just think about it for one day. If you're serious about why you want to get into the law, then you're going to have a lot of women clients. You should think about what it's like for them if you're going to represent them. And more than that, you should just think about it more, period." ,, Daniel said nothing. Carol looked at her watch again, and sighed. "Now, I don't know if you remember, but there's a war on. I need to get to class. We need nurses out there. We need doctors too, but I was three percentage points shy of the 90% I needed on my admittance exam, so nursing it is." ,, "Can – can we talk later?" ,, "I'm still mad at you. But... we'll see." Carol sighed. "I have to go. Bye for now." ,, "See you later." Daniel watched her go, light gray parka blending into the snow-filled landscape of the college grounds. ,, He replayed the events of the cafeteria in his head all the way back to his dorm, and they didn't leave him for the rest of the day.
  17. The year is 2040 and the second generation of novas are coming into their own, shouldering the legacies of their parents and forging their own futures. A House Divided Setting: Aberrant history up to 2012, current game set in 2040. Rules System: Mutant and Masterminds, 3rd Edition - PL 10, 150 PP Game Style: Storyteller driven. (Dawn and Malachite) Game Focus/Themes: This is a look at the Abberant world through they eyes of the second generation of novas. They have inherited the world wrought by their predecessors and parents; they must come to terms with the legacies left by the past while looking towards the future. Game Factions: Utopia/DeVries (making 1 faction combined and in the Human Sphere of Influence (Earth, Luna, and Mars)), or the Teragen (further out in the Solar System) Character Generation Specifics: All characters are made as per the standard M&M 3rd Ed character generation rules, with final approval needed from both STs. Each character will also have at least one 'special snowflake' quality; this can be a background tie, particular rare power or situation, etc. A character may have more than one snowflake, but such characters will have higher expectations on the players the more snowflakes they have. All snowflakes must be approved by the STs. All character are second generation novas and at the start of the game no player may have more than one character. Extra character slots and types may open up as the game progresses, but this is at the sole discretion of the STs. Characters will begin play in one of two factions: the Teragen (based outside of the H-SoI (Human Sphere of Influence), which currently contains Earth, Luna, and Mars) or as a member of Utopia or DeVries (based inside the H-SoI, though any native Martian would have to be less than 16 years old). A character will have been raised either within the Teragen, Utopia, or DeVries; having any upbringing outside of this is a major snowflake and will require substantial background development for the STs to consider. Known world history, new terminology, new tech, etc., will be provided to players depending on the faction they start with. Initial House Rules: INITIAL! Clades and Factions will bestow minor bonuses on a character, which I will post as soon as I'm done building them. This will not exceed 6 pp of bonuses and is on top of standard character creation. A character may be of the opposite Clade for the norm of their Faction (a True raised Terat or a Terat raised by Utopia or DeVries), but this will count as at least a minor snowflake. Terat Clade Terat Clade - Diehard, Extraordinary Effort, Fearless. True Clade True Clade - Beginner's Luck, Inspire, Luck. H-SoI Faction Utopia - Backing 1: Security Clearance (UN Utopian Peacekeeping Agent), Connected (Utopia), Teamwork. DeVries - Backing 1: Wealth (DeVries Salary), Connected (DeVries), Teamwork. Teragen Faction Teragen - Backing 1: Status (Teragen), Connected (Teragen), Contacts (Teragen). Native language is Vox Deus, this is not a free language but simply the language all those raised by the Teragen will have learned. Attributes over 5 must be taken as 'Enhanced Attribute' powers. This represents that they are beyond the capabilities of any baseline. Attractive may only be taken inside the Enhanced Presence power at one rank at Enhanced Presence 1, and one more possible rank for every 10 levels after that. A character gains a +2 circumstance bonus, allowing the character to go about the PL cap, for every rank in Attractive. Other such advantages may be adjusted to follow a similar pattern, but this is all we have so far. Power max is now an Extra Effort option that grants (PL) Power Points to spend on the power it is applied to for that turn, replacing the Extra Effort option in the book that confers 1 extra rank. On the roll for the effected action, if the player rolls a 1 they gain a permanent aberration; if they roll a 10 or below they gain a temporary aberration for the next 24 hrs. A Hero Point may be spent to reroll the action, but only the actual roll (not the roll +10) is used to determine if a Complication: Aberration is gained. Even if the power does not require a roll, a character must still roll a d20 to determine if they gain a temporary or permanent aberration from the power max. A permanent aberration may be taken (this requires ST approval) in addition to the roll; doing so will allow the power effected to break PL cap for that action. Note: We understand the concerns that have been voiced about this potentially being too powerful for the game. We are going to give it a try and re-evaluate after the first couple of combats it is used in. Terat Clade characters must begin play with two Complication: Aberrations. Quantum Rating, Quantum Pool, Node, Taint, Chrysalis, and Aberrations: As there is no 'power stat' in M&M, nor an equivalent system for Taint or Chrysalis, we are instituting new ways of representing them. Quantum Rating - No longer relevant nor needed. PL is somewhat indicative of this, but really, it's just not needed since M&M powers aren't reliant on a power stat. Quantum Pool - This has been removed after some discussion, as we realized that the last time either of us had ever run out of qp in a game was a TT game Dawn was in in 1999. Taint - It's been removed as a scaling stat in the game. It's still in the game fluff-wise, but the effects are handled through Complication: Aberration. Node - Removed from the game as it doesn't matter in M&M. Node 'pinging' can still be done via the Senses power. Chrysalis - This has also been removed as a scaling stat in the game. For game purposes, Chrysalis is defined by Clade. Any time a Terat Clade enters "apotheosis" or "chrysalis" (represented by their PL going up), they will have the option of changing out their mental aberrations for physical aberrations. For True Clades that learn Chrysalis or any other time for Terat Clades, Chrysalis may be entered to alter aberrations as before, but will take one in-game week per aberration modified. The number of Complication: Aberrations at the end of the Chrysalis must match the number the character began with. Alterations to aberrations will always require ST approval. Aberrations - All aberrations are now Complication: Aberration and work as per the normal complication rules. There is no cumulative social penalty or such, just the normal M&M rules for complications. Terat Clade characters must begin play with two Complication: Aberrations. General Setting Information: Most of the setting information will be contained in the Factional Knowledge write-ups, which will be PMs that character accounts are invited to; please talk to Dawn or I if you need more information before choosing a faction. That said, we are advancing the setting in all major areas (technology, culture, and politics) to account for the advancements of the Nova Age. We are keenly interested in having players contribute thoughts, suggestions, slang, whatever , to this development, though we do reserve the right to yea or nay any particular idea. We have already outlined the major political events of the timeline, so we would encourage players to focus primarily on the technological and social advances they are interested in seeing added to the game. General Game Information: All characters will require unique character accounts and avatars that closely represent the character's general appearance. A House Divided Timeline This is a brief timeline of events that all characters in the game would know. So far this holds only the political actions of time. Scientific and social advancement will be added as we get to them, and as they're suggested/approved! The End of Projects May of 2012 The Aberrants release proof of Slider’s death at the hands of Project Proteus. The Aeon Society reveals themselves and places blame at the feet of a recently deceased Director Thetis and several of her cohorts, disbanding Project Proteus. June of 2012 Project Utopia removes itself from the Aeon Society, Project Pandora soon follows suit and the Society is effectively disbanded. August of 2012 The Deadaelus League permanently leaves the galaxy. The Aberrants disband after apathetic response to their proof. The New World Order Jan-18 Utopia, facing critical resource shortages, a loss of personnel, and the stigma of Aeon/Project Proteus in the media, approaches the UN for patronage. Feb-18 The UN accepts Utopia's proposal and becomes a true world government. May-18 A schism occurs in the Cult of Mal, leading to the death of Clarion and removing the Apostle from favor in the faction. Jul-18 Several novas entrenched in the Australian government complete a legal coup and remove the country from UN membership. Tariq and the Companions follow suit, declaring a Teragen nation inside of Saudi Arabia; this prompts immediate UN retaliation, as oil is a critical world resource. This sets off the “Nova War”. The Nova War August 2018 Israel is phsyically separated from the mainland, and Jerusalem is likewise moved even further into the Mediterranean by a young Japanese nova hoping that the physical distance will lead to a more peaceful region. The Apostle betrays the Teragen, releasing information on the location of the Harvesters, including Heartland, and the location of the Nursery to the UN. Leviathan dies due to the Apostle’s betrayal; Geryon dies killing the Apostle; many of the Teragen are reported dead or missing by the end of the war. Attempts are made to terraform the moon, but fail. Plans are made to colonize the satellite anyways. The Aftermath September 2018 National teams are still allowed, though Team2Morrow Peacekeeper Agents are considered to have priority in jurisdiction. Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan, and China have formed the ‘Nationalist Bloc’ in the UN that resists Utopia intrusion in their nations. The Directive is disbanded by edict of the UN. DeVries diversifies after new laws regarding Elites as mercenaries in the world are passed by the United Nations, now an effective and powerful world government. Anna DeVries leverages this expanded market control into political power with the UN, giving her practical power equal to that of the world government in return for support in expansion in space and maintaining control over UN territories. DeVries Elites are paired with United Nations Utopian Peacekeeper Agents throughout all UN territories in mixed teams to promote 'peace, prosperity, and stability'. This has become the motto of the new Peacekeeper teams: Pacem, prosperitatem, stabilitatem. Sin Eater leaves the Teragen, partially due to disgust of the events in and leading up to the Nova War, and partially to maintain a legal identity and business in India. The Teragen relocate, officially, to Australia. Orziaz maintains his Spanish citizenship despite the new laws passed by the UN outlawing any affiliation with the Teragen. A female nova by the name of Melinoe takes over Nova Vigilance. April 2020 The moon is colonized, and after Earth-side complaints, laws are eventually passed to restore the traditional look of the Earth-side of the moon. Feel free to ask questions, however some knowledge will only be made available once a player has chosen a faction for their character. Come talk to either one of us if you need any specific details in order to make that decision. Feel free to suggest social and technological changes or advancements to this timeline; changes that occur after this will be faction-specific and should be sent via PM to Dawn and Malachite. Please submit characters to Dawn and Malachite with the title [A House Divided] 'Character Name'. Thanks! Current player and character rosters: Players that have submitted characters - Dash "Golden Tiger" Carpenter, H-SoI (DeVries) Samantha Austin, H-SoI (DeVries) Sean "Chaos" McCline, H-SoI (DeVries) Nora "Sunny" Sun, H-SoI (DeVries) Caleb "Renaissance" Bonner, H-SoI (DeVries) Iris, H-SoI (Utopia) Roxanne, Teragen Julian, Teragen Helen, Teragen Argent, Teragen Players that have discussed character factions - OTN (Surtr, Teragen) Cent (Panoptes, Teragen) Quintessence, Teragen If I've missed you, please let me know!
  18. Just wanted to let anyone who's interested in helping make Aberrant: Nexus (aka the Book of Aeon crossovers) into an existing fanbook that I've started work on that in the Aberrant RPG Forum. If you'd like to contribute material to the work or even perform peer review, your opportunity is here. I've already hammered out a generic timeline covering all three games plus an assortment of new toys & traits that need to be peer reviewed before being "set in stone", so to speak. So if you've an interest and have the time, feel free to join in on the effort!
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