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Found 4 results

  1. Ok, so Im starting this thread to get an idea of who is interested and to get some opinions on the kind of games people want to see run... Some options - Project Utopia (as actual good guys) Elites (the not so invulnerable psyche of a killer) Teragen (the less bold early days of the movement) Directive (watching the watchers is a hard job) Other (XWF day to day lifestyles, Government Sponsored Novas, Devries but not military, Independant Organization, Corporate Disney/Viasoft/Coca-Cola Novas, etc...) Anyone interested is welcome to leave some input/suggestions
  2. The setting African sun glints red and amber off the large golden statue of Atlas holding up the world in the gardens of Addis Ababa. In the background, U2 begins the first few powerful chords of "Where the Streets Have No Name" and the crowd cheers loudly. Slightly outside the crowd sitting in the amphitheatre at the center of the garden, a ring of reporters, cameramen and media types snap countless photos and video clips. Underscoring the sights and sounds, a play by play commentary buzzes on, aimed at all four corners of a world glued to their screens. "... by special guest performer U2 at this spectacular event in the beautiful gardens of Addis Ababa..." "... to honor and celebrate the induction of the newest members of... "... the most highly televised event since..." "... a media ploy in the wake of the death of Jennifer Landers..." "... where several new members of Team Tomorrow will be officially inducted into its prestigious ranks..." Back stage, awaiting the end of the performance and their unveiling to the world, several novas pace back and forth uncomfortably...
  3. A Brighter Tomorrow is about two things... One one side, what kind of person chooses to devote their life to the ideal of a greater world? To become a public symbol of all the hope our future holds even in the light of great adversity and darkness even from within? The other side, the side off cameras, is the human side of these heros. What does a world protector do on their day off? Who do they love? What quirks do they hide? Who would be their friends? What skeletons do they hide in their closet? This is a game that explores both the heroic side and the human side of the heros of Project Utopia, their successes and failures, their loves and losses and their day to day life, both heroic and mundane.
  4. Ok, here are the rules for general posting. First, at the top of your post put the specific location, general location and time in bold. For a location, give me a general and a specific. Just to keep things easier for me and most people, state eastern standard generally or, if you are communicating with someone in a different timezone, state both Use the template as follows... Amproom Private Back Room Ibiza, Spain March 14th, 2008 3:36 am Second, while this isnt going to be graded, I have a particular pet peeve of idiotic spelling and punctuation. I am not a technical writer myself and make the occasional error. Those same occasional errors I will accept in others. What I will not accept, however, are pieces of writing with incomplete sentences or simple lack of care and eloquence. This is a game of communication and detail. Let us do our best to keep the standards hight. Third, I am going to make efforts to post ever day or so. I know, however, that this will not always be a possibility. While this may not seem like a problem to someone who keeps posting anyhow, it is to someone who needs to read 25 back posts. If you posted an action, beyond conversation, and I have not posted yet... wait. I wont be far behind and will be infinitely happier with only 4 or 5 posts than with a ton. While this is a game of creativity and story telling, I do not want to read a novel every time some people post and read a memo for others. If you have alot to say, its your job to figure out how to do so in a way that is not dominating a thread. I wont limit creativity unless its becoming a one-man show. I am going to keep this game moving. This means that when I force others hands, it is in the interest of the game. No whining that you couldnt continue a huge conversation. I am happy to hear suggestions and thoughts, please do not make demands of me though. If I listen and disagree, that is how I am running my game. In the past I have seen games torn apart by mutinous crews. I am happy to work with players but I simply wont work against them. If an issue comes up, It will be dealt with quickly before there is another issue. I am fair but am also in change of a potentially frusterating situation. Use courtesy and respect when dealing with other players ALWAYS. If you take an action IC that makes the game not fun for another player, think VERY carefully about whether or not its worth it for the game. Ask before you make any large changes to anything in the game such as important purchases, changing locations, major power usage, meeting with politicos, etc.... NOW I very much encourage GAME JAMMING in which you can mold little details, flower sellers, resturant menus, awed admirers, stray animals, record stores, etc... around what you want to do. If you want your character to stop at a record store on the way to somewhere and buy a CD, you can arbitrate that yourself. If there is any question or potential conflict, however, ask me first. Last, dont post IC till your char is DONE and APPROVED in case any changes are made. ~Zero
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