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Found 524 results

  1. The day after the chaos of a transport carrier attacked by pirates and two days until opening ceremonies and Base Commander Dove Hawke has called a Command Staff Meeting. Also invited is a young man with a gift for prophesy. Just as the day's first shifts begin Command Staff files, yawning, into a meeting room, various breakfast pastries sit on a tray in the middle of the table and beverages are on a side table. Dove stands beside her chair at the head of the table, her head barely even with the top of the tall backed chair. Her short blond hair stirs a bit under the ventilation system's breeze and but her eyes are steady and serious.
  2. Zarathustra Race: Droyne Age: 15 years after his second birth Description: About 3 ½ feet tall draco form with two small wing that if they are used for flight they would have to be on a low g world with a thick atmosphere. His body (what can been seen) is covered and golden scales, each scale is high lighted in purple, and each scale is tipped in gray. His eyes are an unnatural color of silver. (On his ship) He has on a flight suite with several stains from an unknown material. (Off of his ship) He is dressed in some kind of military looking uniform there is an attachment going from his uniform to his nose. He is carrying a side arm, but it is apparent to any one who would care there is a piece missing from it. His clothing has strange symbols, covering the breastplate. These same symbols are covering the side of his ship.
  3. Name: Grimm Real Name: Morgan Rand Age: 11 Sex: Male Height: 4'4" Weight: 70lbs Concept: Precocious Sorcerer Nature: Loner Demeanour: Loner Essence: Primordial Background: Morgan was born Awakened, the child of two Asatru-practicing Verbena that had settled on the frontier world of Verdure, a predominantly agricultural and wilderness planet ideal for a coven of the nature-based mages. Always a precocious child marked from an early age with an Avatar so powerful that it manifested in his appearance - for those knowing what to look for - the circle knew he was destined for great things once fully initiated into the Verbena as an adult. The child grew up very different, as happens in the rare instances of Awakened birth. Rather than playing with other children his age, he would sit and listen to the initiates as they talked about and practiced their lessons, then go off somewhere alone and practice himself. Gifted as he was, it was no great feat for him to duplicate what he learned with a little trial and error. This made many uneasy, however, when they saw the boy already exhibiting magical abilities a child should not be 'playing' with. The fact that Morgan didn't play with them, but used them with the judgement and skill of a much older mage, taking the craft-name 'Grimm' at the age of seven, did nothing to allay those worries. In addition, his gift of prophecy and an uncanny tendency to speak inconvenient or unpleasant truths that he should not even be able to understand made him unpopular even amongst other Verbena. Morgan's family left Verdure, deciding to take the boy to visit the other colony circles and the Elders on Earth. But even in these times, 'witches' have enemies. On the visit to Earth, as soon as they landed the small family was attacked by religious extremists with a sinister agenda: to kidnap the boy and twist him into a tool to use against other witches and sorcerers. Well-equipped and trained, they killed Morgan's parents before they even realised what had happened. Morgan only barely escaped, using his innate talents for 'slipping the minds eye' ((Arcane)) to hide in the spaceport before sneaking off-world. Morgan grieved as a child does - possibly the first time in his short life he had acted as a child. Alone and curled up in an empty passenger compartment of a cruiser, the boy sobbed out his sorrow, heartache and fear until there were no tears left. He swore an oath that night to make all involved in his parent's deaths suffer thrice-fold what they had caused. And as the ship's chronometer ticked over to 'morning' and he awoke, with tear-stained eyes he began planning how to bring this about. He considered making his way back to Verdure, but the boy reasoned that would simply draw the hunters to the rest of his parent's circle. For all he knew, they would blame him for what happened - he certainly wasn't popular there. Cursed with insight, he'd seen the looks and heard the whispers: widderslainte, the more ignorant members of the commune called him behind his back, and made signs to keep off ill luck. Wearing his father's cloak, and with his fathers library in his mother's magical pouch, the now truly alone boy decided instead to make his way to the world on the edge of the Universe, to see the Mysts and hide there, growing in power and skill where, he hoped, none would find him. Until he wants them to... Image: Social Stats: Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 3 Grimm appears as a fairly typical eleven year old boy. His thick dark brown hair is tousled and unkempt, his clothes usually look as though he pulled them on in the dark and didn't bother looking into a mirror, and he's skinny enough to be all knees and elbows. A multitude of thin scars cross his hands and the backs of his arms, quite possibly self-inflicted. The ragamuffin only goes skin deep, however. Grimm is a mage-born, and has a quiet air of indefinable knowing about him that unsettles even other willworkers. His grasp of magickal practice and theory is equivalent to a mage three times his age, and his self-sufficient maturity can be daunting - particularly when Fate speaks uncomfortable truths through his child's lips. His mismatched eyes, one pale grey and the other a vibrant blue, are always watching, assessing, and taking in what happens around him, and seldom give anything back in return. Personality: Still grieving his parent's death, the naturally solitary and self-reliant boy is if possible even more withdrawn. He says little and listens much - unless he believes it necessary to do otherwise. Years of discussing magick with older mages have removed the usual shyness and diffidence that a child has in the presence of adults - not that Grimm had much of that to begin with. Precocious and intelligent, he can be unsettling in his direct manner of speech, speaking with the authority of someone much older. Those who entertain even loose ideals about how children should behave are likely to be startled and dismayed.
  4. Name: Tejah Ebadi Personal Information: Public Identity: Tejah Washington Spring Ebadi Nicknames: Tey, Teej Real Name: same Occupation: Junior Engineer Nature: Optimist Demeanor: Architect Concept: Deaf Engineer Legal Status: Texla IX native, member of the United Human Alliance Marital Status: Umarried Known Relatives: Bastion Washington (father), Eliaha Samara Spring Ebadi (mother), Abraham Geremiah Spring Ebadi (brother), Bradan Bastian Spring Ebadi (son) Physical Traits: Weight: 155 lbs Height: 5’ 9”” Apparent age: mid-twenties Gender: Female Ethnic Background: mixed Eye Color: various Hair Color: Pink Handedness: Right Age: 24 Appearance: The exact ethnic background of the base’s newest Junior Engineer is unknown and hard to identify at a glance. What is clear is that something has touched her beyond the normal. Her hair is naturally pink, and her eyes change color with her mood. Tall and skinny, Tejah as a classic exomorph body type – she can eat anything she wants without packing on fat, but she is unable to build muscle either. Common clothing styles are usually comfortable and easily cleaned; Tejah is fond of working on machines and that’s a little hard on clothing. She is almost always wearing custom-made goggles with a head's up display that take sounds and convert them into colors and words. Speakers and a textpad allow her to 'speak' though the same system. A friend of hers made them in college. Powers, Skills, and Personality: Known Powers: As a mortal, Tejah has no powers, but she does seem to have certain tricks. Her hearing is null and void, but her sight seems to be stronger than most. Her eyesight is very keen. She’s been tainted by some kind of magical flux but aside from changing her hair and eye color, it seems to have had no other affect. Abilities/Special Skills: Tejah also has mental prowess: she can do math in her head that would make calculators balk. Her memory is nearly perfect and her IQ is prodigious. Tejah is a good engineer, having gained a Masters in Engineering from Numine University. She’s also received a Bachelors in Computer Science. Personality: Life hasn’t always been kind to Tejah, but her mother raised her to be a optimist. This hopeful, cheerful attitude has sustained her through some very hard times. Tejah smiles quickly and easily. Her temper rises slowly and burns away as slowly; she wouldn’t say she holds grudges, but her eidetic memory makes it impossible to forget the reason she was angered – and the pain that accompanied it (also, she totally holds grudges). She hides sorrow and other negative emotions, a hold-over from a childhood where she gave her mother the face she wanted to see. Other Notes: Take away her goggles and her confidence is removed as well; she depends on them to get around and do her job. While she knows Universal Sign Language, very few people know it in return as deafness is almost unheard of with medical science (and Tejah cannot afford the magical correction). Bradan: Her son is about two years old at the time that they moved out to the base. His father is not in the picture at all. Anyone who does some research knows that there was a custody battle with the father's family, but it was resolved just before she was offered the job. She doesn't like to talk about it and there is the feeling that the father is somewhere but she doesn't want him to be part of her life at all.
  5. Name: Weneg Hatshepsut Long Tradition: Verbena (Moon-Seekers) Nature: Architect Demeanor: Gallant Resonance: Primordial Apparent Age: 23 Age: 29 DOB: 11 FEB 75 POB: Shanghai, China Nationality: Chinese Ethnicity: Afro(Egyptian)-Chinese Height: 5’10” Weight: 165lbs. Eyes: Emerald Green (without contacts) Hair: Black dread locs that reach to the middle of his back. Accent: New England, but there is just something that is foreign about it. Style: Tres Chic Appearance: He is a very nice specimen of the male body, 165lbs. of toned muscles spread across a lithe, almost feline frame. His bearings only added to the physical attributes, for he stands with perfect posture, making him to appear to be around 6’1”, when in actuality he is only 5’10”. This is only the beginning for upon this body is attached a face that blends the qualities of several exotic cultures: the slanting feral eyes and pure skin of the Chinese and complexion and hard angular features of the True Egyptians. As for his apparel, they are sign of his social class. He wears a Goldish Brown Wool Armani Slacks with a Sapphire Blue Armani Turtleneck. A Goldish Brown and Various Blues blend wool V-neck sweater vest brings the two items into harmony, while the matching Sapphire Blue Armani Alligator Skin Belt and Boots further blends the ensemble further, both of with have gold accents. For the purpose of warmth is wears a full-length Blue Leather Trench coat that seems to dusted in gold. His accessories consist of a gold Rolex with sapphires and a gold signet ring on his left hand set with a 2-carat sapphires surrounded by a burst of topazes, and as usual his laptop bag over his left shoulder and his PDA on his side and wireless earpiece in his right ear. Personality: Duty is supreme to him, to a degree that others say he has a warped sense of morality. He simply says all follow the golden rule and he enforces it. If you try to kill him then that meant that you wished to be killed. The bright force of life from his Shapechanger blood and such an essence of yang, battles with the excess and dominant Yin. His gorgeous garden is the expression of this battle. Walking the line between so many worlds has left him out of touch with “normals” and he has a very elitist view of them almost to the level of a vampire.
  6. A scroll of pink papyrus wrapped in ivy vine with a full bloomed pink rose attached. Is left for Wyrd...would seem she already has another admirer. The bouquet of the correspondence is rich and vibrant.
  7. Name: Dr. Neesa Donovan Nature: Survivor Demeanor: Caregiver Concept: Counselor Character Information: Dr. Neesa Donovan is the head counselor. She is of medium height, long red curls that are generally left mostly loose and falling to her hips with expressive violet eyes. Her age is hard to determine, though it seems to be somewhere in the the late 20's and early 30's. She tends to walk quietly and makes as little noise as possible. She speaks in a gentle sweet tone, very pleasant to hear, but still manages to be authoritative when she needs to be. Neesa rarely raises her voice or in any way lets others see much anger, frustration or negative emotions, choosing to keep those emotions to herself. She is almost always calm and quick to smile and has a friendly air about her that set people at ease. As for her past, she rarely speaks of it and never to those she doesn't know well. Those with the ability to will be able to tell she is a demon, or angel as she sees herself, though shes not open about it with just anyone as it causes unnecessary fear or ridicule. However, she will not deny it when asked unless the knowledge would do more harm then good for the person or creature to know.
  8. Name/Called: Wesely Race: ??? Appearance Height: 5'11" Weight: 145# Hair: Dark, falls to small of back, appears to have a random color reflect in light. Eyes: Slightly glowing, shifting hues of green. Skin: Slightly tan, and seemingly perfect. Build: Light and agile. Wesely has an air of adventure about him, always seeking out anything and everything. The wonders of the universe seem to be in reach no matter how far. He seems to be looking for his origins, and is fascinated by alien life. More to be added as things are found out, or aren't or thought up.
  9. NPCs of note: Base Commander and Vampire Prince: Dove Hawke Dove was the Prince of Atlanta and then the south east United States for centuries. She was an influential planer and a hero of the first War of the Triat. Some say she was only four years a vampire during the first WofT, others that she's much older than that, some that she consumed an antideluvian, and some that she was the first vampire to keep her soul. It is public record that she is a Ravnos, though only Clan Aven knows she is their founder. She was asked to command the Base but only accepted after Sam agreed to join. Lead Researcher and Head Mage: Sam [no last name given] Sam is a mystery to almost everyone. Even Dove, who has been allied with him for centuries, still doesn't know much about Sam's past. Sam was the hub of the first War of the Triat. He never actually fought himself, but he made sure everyone was where they needed to be with everything they needed and kept the different groups in constant contact. They say he is the oldest living person on Earth [or from Earth] and that he is more powerful than anyone outside of Gaia and Osiris. He says 'they' are wrong, but never elaborates. He is rather fascinated by the planet of Incarnum but even so, would only agree to personally come head up the research if Dove was the Base Commander. Teenaged busybody/gossip and sometime Babysitter: Chickadee Looking somewhere between 14 and 16, her sharp green eyes seem to see deeper than her age suggests. She has shoulder length blond hair and seems full of unending energy. A warm blush of health colors her cheeks even as she delivers gossip about everyone on the station. She arrived not long after the construction crews. No one is quite sure why she's here, but she keeps herself busy. She doesn't respond to probes about her name, there are rumors that she's runaway from a terrible situation and found a place for herself here. [Revealed to some as Dove - Base Commander] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please post in this thread when you create minor NPCs. This will give us a good way of keeping track of them and allow us [me ] to easily access them and reuse them. When creating an NPC please include the following in this thread. Name, occupation, relations of note, who they have interacted with, optional: basic personality traits. Thank you.
  10. Note: Not all of this information is complete-- it will be updated as other characters learn more details in story. Name: Wyrd She chose this name for herself after awakening. Only someone in personnel or who has hacked her files is going to find out her birth name, as she doesn't use it anymore except for legal purposes. Apparent age: Mid to late 20's. Height: 5'8" Weight: 145 lbs Hair: Light green, usually braided with flowers Eyes: A clear, piercing blue Skin: Fair with a slight tan, completely clear complexion Planet of origin: Caerdoon Build: Lithe, with modest but attractive 'assets' For reference on how to react to the character in game, she has a cha of 3 and app of 4. Other stats aren't as readily apparent, so you'll have to discover them the hard way =P Shows no noticeable signs of attraction to men or women, though that could just be professional demeanor and desensitization to physical presence from being a doctor. Wyrd developed a fascination with the complexities of life at an early age, but it wasn't until she started learning about alien life and spirits that she discovered a true passion and consuming curiosity for life in all of its forms. She awakened as a mage in college, when she had an opportunity to see an alien in person for the first time, as one was giving a lecture at her school. During the lecture, her curiosity about this being was so intense that it was enough to push her into awakening--an awakening realized as she suddenly understood life itself on a level she had never even imagined. She is now an Euthantos Doctor... Well, not really, but occasionally she jokes about it with patients who are a bit too whiny. She is a Verbena mage who is one of the most skilled doctors in known space to have a focus on the incredibly difficult field of xenobiology, not that there are many doctors in this specialty. She used up a fair bit of the wealth she had accumulated as a specialist with the added advantages of a life mage in securing her position on the Moon Base as chief medical officer, leaving her financially comfortable but nowhere near as rich as she could be if she were more concerned about money. She is a believer that there is a time and a place for death--both of those being far away from her. While she has assisted in the death of those who had incurable and painful conditions who sought peace, she would only kill someone otherwise in last defense of her life or that of another, and if she can successfully disable an attacker, she will then work to keep them alive even if they have sworn to kill her. Wyrd is moderately skilled in both life and spirit magics, and very skilled in a wide variety of medical practices. She practices everything from accupressure and reflexology, through invasive surgery and antibiotics, and on into asking the spirits to aid in the recovery of a patient--whichever seems best suited to a given patient, as what they believe will work will generally be the most effective, and she tries to always show respect for the beliefs of others. Her hobbies in the spring are mostly sunbathing and swimming--which she is likely going to get very few opportunities to do on a moon base. She is also an avid horticulturist, personally maintaining most of the plants in the medical section of the base as a pleasant way to relax, and both enjoys and is pretty good at singing, which she often does while tending to her plants. Patients waiting to be seen by a doctor currently on duty will sometimes swear that the plants turn to listen to her sing as she passes by. I hope that is a good character description. If I think of more, I may update it soon, or wait until in game revelations prompt me to add to it later.
  11. Name: Resiak Verdungert Called: Professor V Nature: Visionary Demeanor: Pedagogue Concept: Scatter-brained Scientist Appearance Height: 5ft. 8in. Weight: 132 Age: 29 Gender: Male Hair: light brown Eyes: dark brown Left handed Professor V is easily recognizable. He always has some sort of gadget in his hands that he's fiddling with, he has a custom set of goggles that act as his PDA in which Greg his personal AI assistant is housed. He also wears the same lab coat everywhere which is covered in burns, stains, rips, and holes. Professor V is an inventor and an avid researcher of unknown sciences. As a major voice in the Quantum Physics field he is well respected by his peers. However, there is a rumor that a horrible accident nearly killed him in his lab one day. Prof. V laughs at these remarks and responds with "all in the name of discovery" without really answering the question. Prof. V has come to the station in hopes of studying the planet below, especially the Myst. Having arrived quite recently along with the others rescued from the space pirates he is still disgruntled at having to leave most of his equipment behind and has yet to settle in. Being one of the lucky ones who suffered almost no injuries in the incident he plans on starting his work right away, not that having a broken bone or two has stopped him before.
  12. Experience is as follows: 5xp for starting a character profile thread [one time xp bonus]. 1xp per week [Monday-Sunday]. + 1 xp per week in which the character posts a minimum of 3 times. [max standard xp per month = 8] Additional xp awarded for combat or other special circumstances at ST discretion. If a character does not post at least once every 45 days, that character is considered inactive and does not get the 1xp per week until he/she rejoins the game. Inactive characters must have ST approval to reenter the game. Bonus: Kudos - kudos are awarded for a particularly great post or a very in character action. Kudos are not xp - however - kudos can be accumulated and will have varying uses. Current use: Spend 1 Kudos to add 1 to a dice pool - can not add more than one Kudos per roll.
  13. Concept: Too curious Student now in a fantasy adventure. Grade: Junior. (Was) Age: 17. Virtue: Hope Vice: Pride Appearance: Brown hair with dark brown eyes, of moderate height, and he is fit, strengthened by a rough training regimen. He wears regular clothing whenver possible, simple t-shirts and shorts. Right now, stuck with the Chiderans, he's been wearing furs and armor. In his presence, slightly improbable events occur regularly, such as coin tosses always coming up “heads.” Background: Ray's parents packed him off to Dalton in an sharp effort (as they saw it) to get him to actually make some real friends for once in his life. Not that his interest in learning wasn't good, but his soaking up of facts, and the outdoors and interest in novels, particularly fantasy books, seemed to crowd out a genuiene social life. And to be fair, Ray has indeed made some friends in school, but his nature at heart still very much led him into a misadventure. A year ago at Dalton, he found some odd things investigating the school's odd past, and in the process, he wound up on the other side of the Door. Except they were responsible, not he. He's been missing from Dalton for a year. Personality: Ray is sociable and intelligent, with a few friends, but he has a very strong strain of curiousity and occasional impulsiveness that can get him into trouble, as he tends to want to find out things for the sake of knowing. As such, and for personal preference, he enjoys the night time much more than the day. When problems arise, he will often try to sidestep them when he can. Since the arrival with the Chiderans and being trained by them, he has toughened up somewhat, but that flaw is still there.
  14. Name: Jimmy D Nature: Survivor Demeanor: Outsider Personal Information: Concept: Best Acrobatic-thief in the biz Legal Status: Reformed Criminal Marital Status: Unmarried Known Relatives: None Physical Traits: Weight: 145 lbs Height: 5'5" Apparent age: mid-twenties Gender: Male Ethnic Background: Mixed Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Handedness: Right Age: 25 Appearance: Jim has a very non-descript appearance, being on the short side of average height, but he does have slightly buck teeth, and his ears are rather large for his size. However he moves with the grace of an acrobat. Growing up, Jimmy had always felt different than the other kids. He was always hiding and watching, gathering information, and practicing prestidigitation to up his manual dexterity. When he started reading true crime stories about cat burglars and second-story men, he realized he'd found his true calling. Unfortunately, soon after his criminal career started, he was subjected to the Birthing Plague. However, even this did not stop Jimmy from his goal of being one of the best criminals in all of known space. After the plague broke, and his new nature revealed itself, with some training with several other ratkin Jimmy was unleashed upon the banks and treasuries of the known universe. Jimmy came to the attention of several groups, including the United Planets. After several daring robberies, Jimmy was captured by the United Planets law enforcement. They offered him a job, instead of sending him to jail. The job looked like a suicide mission but Jimmy agreed. Jimmy was to search out any faults in several high-security institutions. He was going to put his criminal skills to use as a "lab-rat" and try to escape from the seemingly escape-proof. For these missions he'd need all his guile and skill. And if he escaped from all the facilities, he'd be let go. If not, well, he'd be stuck there anyway. After several escapes, the UP let him go, expunging his record, as per the agreement. After a few months, his old friend contacted him to enjoy his "retirement" at the frontier base where he was to become the Security Chief. Jimmy decided to follow the chance to explore a new place.
  15. Name: Glitch Real Name: Thomas Froit Age: 20 Height: 5'7 Weight: 172 lb. Nature: Architect Demeanor: Thrill-Seeker Essence: Dynamic Tradition: Virtual Adept On the Base Job Title: Head Information Technician, Chief of Computers & Communication Background Born on the high-tech world of New Detroit, Thomas Froit was surrounded by the advanced. Unfortunately, this world was one dominated heavily by the influence of the Technocratic Union. The Union held much of the planet under their direct control, and mages were scourged as Reality Deviants and natural terrorists the world over. His parents were people of rank and influence, and so they both, especially his Technocrat mother Marianne, held no truck with the idea of magic. Thomas loved technology, but could not suppress the idea of magic as a creative spark, one that could be melded with technology. In time, he came to associate with a group of traveling indigents, who he knew to be mages in disguise, helping others. One of them, a devotee of Hermes, was powerful enough to not require foci, and it was a private show for Thomas that broke down the remnants of his parent's teachings- and awoke his Avatar. The price of this rebirth was officially being disowned and a purge conducted by the Technocracy against the band, boy and all. Thomas fought as long as he could, but when Marianne killed his to-be mentor, the son retaliated and shot her fatally. He then fled, tears streaming down his face. Years later, the Virtual Adept Glitch has emerged, careening through life with a certain abandon, looking for new challenges and experiences. Currently staffing the computer systems at the United Planetary base, he searches for the way to create new advances and other things- such as the way to truly forget what he did on New Detroit. Click to reveal.. XP Log6/22/11- +12 XP, Balance: 12 XP 06/22 - 06/26 1 XP 06/27 - 07/03 1 XP 07/04 - 07/10 0 XP 07/11 - 07/17 1 XP 07/18 - 07/24 1 XP 07/25 - 07/30 1 XP = 17 XP
  16. Name: Mik MacGowan Age: 35 Nationality: Irish Height: 5'7" Weight: 157 lbs. Important Info: Mechanical/Cybernetic device around neck to help him talk due to destroyed larynx. Cybernetic left hand due to missing arm/hand just below elbow. Character Info: Mik is in charge of Engineering/Maintenance/Repair of the station. He tends to be quiet and reserved, speaking mostly when directly addressed. Mik tends to be a man of action, blunt, direct, and honest. He is often seen with a stogy cigar clenched in between his teeth lit. Occasionally he has been seen telling stories when inebriated in the recreation dome. Even though he speaks through the electronic device around his neck, his "voice" still seems to carry and Irish accent. Mik seems the "grumpy" type, not showing much a sense of humor other than slapstick. He does not avoid people, and tends to show up in the most odd ways and times. Often greasy/grimy he tends to leave marks on what he touches though does not seem to have an odor other than a slight grease smell. While quiet and odd Mik is dependable, reliable, and can be counted on to be the first in line when trouble rises. Not shunning from a fight or a challenge he keeps his word and holds to some sort of archaic code. He knows how to work on/fix Mechanical, electrical, and cybernetic devices of all types. Seeming to have a sort of second nature with this work, it almost as if it bends to his will.
  17. Personal Information: Public Identity: Professor Ebonardo La’Kindy Nicknames: Old Man Real Name: same Occupation: Former Professor of Antiquities, Former Archeologist, Living Primary Source Nature: Martyr Demeanor: Loner Concept: Man Out of Time Legal Status: Earth native, member of the United Human Alliance Marital Status: Widower Known Relatives: All Deceased. Physical Traits: Weight: 170 lbs Height: 6’ Apparent age: Late Thirties Gender: Male Ethnic Background: Caucasian Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Silver Handedness: Right Age: Thousands of years old. He stopped keeping track at around year 500 or so. Appearance: Ebonardo is a walking anachronism. Having lived since Earth’s twentieth century, he has long since passed caring about the “frivolities of fashion.” He usually wears a simple, black hooded tabard with many pockets, (to hold his tea and various effects), utility pants, and a pair of practical boots. His tabard has a white St. John’s Cross on the front, serving as his life magic focus. He also wears an ancient relic on his wrist known as a watch (his time focus) and carries a wooden cane with a silver head (his prime focus). His silver hair and beard are kept cropped and clean. He looks to be in his late thirties, but his blue eyes hold a depth of age and experience that indicates he is much older than he appears. Powers, Skills, and Personality: Known Powers: Ebonardo is a skilled mage, versed in Time, Prime, and Life magic. He often uses his magic in historical and archeological research, as well as to speed up mundane tasks he finds tedious or boring. Abilities/Special Skills: Ebonardo has an incredible storage of knowledge, having been an accomplished academic. His years of study of Earth’s history and culture have also granted him great insight into occult lore. He is also a skilled diplomat, and a somewhat capable fighter. Being alive during Earth’s occupation and rebellion exposed him to the horrors of war firsthand, forcing him to learn both how to fight and how to negotiate. Personality: Ebonardo was once a somewhat awkward and polite academic, who genuinely cared about others, whether they be mundane or supernatural. The discovery of his true love’s identity, the reawakening of the knowledge of his past life, and his immortality, have made him distant and reluctant to form relationships. However, at his core, he is still a kind-hearted seeker of knowledge, and cannot resist the urge to help others, Other Notes: Ebonardo is convinced that tea is a gift from God, and thus will always drink a sip or two before performing a feat of magic. He also suffers from nightmares from the numerous tragedies and horrors he has witnessed over his multiple lifetimes. Background:Ebonardo La’Kindy was born on Earth, in a time before space travel and aliens. His awakening occurred one day as an undergraduate in a nearly-forgotten earth library while attempting to read a manuscript written in Ancient Greek, an accidentally sped up time, coming back into sync after the library closed down for the weekend. One best-forgotten adventure later, and Ebonardo was free and on his way to becoming a mage. He was recruited by a member of the Celestial Chorus during his undergraduate studies, and pursued a career in archeology in order to have free reign amongst ancient lore that would otherwise have been closed off to him. For years, he lived a life of quite study and research, slowly growing in knowledge and arcane power. It would not be until his time as a tenured professor that he would be drawn into the great games of the supernatural forces vying for control of Earth. The sheltered academic swiftly found himself embroiled in one scheme or another, usually against his will and to his great annoyance. One such misadventure led to the discovery of his true love, and the revelation that Ebonardo had once lived as the famous pirate Calico Jack (much to his utter horror). Since then, he has regained many of his memories of his former life, giving him greater confidence in himself and his capabilities. It was not his adventures that would mark what he considers the greatest tragedy in his life. It was his arcane research. In attempting to combine life, time, and prime magic, Ebonardo accidentally made himself immortal. This was not a desired outcome, and the mage has tried to find a way to reverse this on many occasions, each time ending in failure. Suicide is not an option, given the mage’s steadfast beliefs against such action. Having lost all his family and friends due to time and entropy, and finding little comfort in life, the mage withdrew from society, living alone on Earth as a hermit. How long he lived this way, the ancient mage cannot remember. However, destiny was not done with Professor La’Kindy. A knock on the door to his hidden cabin surprised him, jolting him out of yet another brooding session. Curious and a little irritated, he opened the door to discover a note, and a picture of one of the few beings alive who would remember him. It was an invitation to come the United Planets Base, and visit an old friend. Included in the invitation was passage booked on a starship that would take him there. The ancient mage almost tore it up, but something made him pause. He felt that old pull, the desire to learn and grow. Besides, it might be nice to talk to someone as old as he was…
  18. Name- Miu Koetsuji Apparent age- 22 Actual Age- 6 Height 5'8 Eyes- Blue Hair- Black ,,Miu appears to be an athletic and exotic young woman of Japanese descent, with long silky black hair and perfect flawless skin. Not a Particularly vain woman, she dresses casually for the most part. She is a simple traveler, with some medical skill. She is at the base because she was told to go. What's been observed is that she is religious about staying fit, excercising often, and she seems most comfortable alone, or in small groups. A little research, and access to the main database reveals she is actually from an extremely affluent and powerful family in the East, though she represents something of a conundrum to that family, as she's unlike most of them. They're very close-lipped about her at any rate, and though she's somewhat private, she is at least courteous and polite when spoken too. Click to reveal.. Charisma 2 Appearance 4 (exotic) EXP Click to reveal.. Profile - +5 / 5 5/16 - +1 / 6 5/23 (3 posts) - +2 / 8 6/6 (3 posts)- +2 / 10 6/13 - +1 / 11 6/20 –(3 posts) +2 / 13 6/27 - +1/ 14 7/4 – (3 posts)+2 / 16 7/11- (3 posts) +2/ 18 7/18- (3 posts) +2/ 20
  19. He'd made it about halfway through cleaning the mess of the ransacking before he was interrupted. He smelled her first - because of his current mood his senses were on high alert. As always, the faint scent of paint and charcoals accompanied her, though her underlying scent was still the simple and clean scent of a young woman who didn't bother too much with perfumes or too many cosmetics. He could also smell fear - not the overwhelming stench of of prey, but the heightened caution of one who'd been recently attacked, and was hesitant to expose themselves to more danger. He smelled it all a few moments before she reached his door and knocked lightly, so as not to disturb anyone nearby. Her voice was a hushed whisper through the door. "Ravi?"
  20. Experience 1a/b - 2 2a/b/c/d - 3 3a/b - 5 Home Again - 2 4 - 3 Pulling it Together - 5 -Ravi and Ryan get 2 each for partial participation Tearing it Apart - 3 5 - 5 6 - 10 7 - 7 8a/b/c/d - 5 a - 3 9 - 7 10 - 7 ,, 11 - 5 ,, 12 - 5 Fictions 8/24 Unexplained Mysteries - 1 8/23 The Sitting - 1 8/22 Angels and Devils - 1 (?) Missing Person - inc Reach Out and Touch Someone - 1 8/21 Meeting Goals - 1 8/20 Suspicions at Work - inc Artistic Intrigue - 1 Stylistic Preferences - inc, PC gone Martial Cuisine - 2 Uneasy in Slumber - inc Dining on Baked Awkward - 1 8/17 Tearing Apart - 3 Pulling It Together - 5 -Ravi and Ryan get 2 each for partial participation 8/16 Off to Mother's We Go - 1 If You Want It Done Right… - inc Hot Gate - inc How do you work this crazy thing? - inc Walking - 2 Pre-game Last Down And A Lifetime To Go - 1 Catching Up - inc Enter the Grind - inc [Open Fic] Summer at Dalton - 1
  21. It really sucked that no one wanted to come with him, Ryan reflected as he eased around the corner of the Admin Building. He really could have used some backup or a lookout guy; maybe put Ravi's eyes to good use for something other than getting into trouble with the girls. Outside the building, Ryan paused to consider his options. There were four entrances, three of which were on the 'ground' level and one on the first floor. The Admin building had been built on a slope, like most of the buildings in this region, and it's lowest level was accessible only from the sides and the back. The ground level held the small game room - a pool table and a couple of ancient video games - as well as a tiny snack bar. The school sold candy and pre-packaged snacks there as well as fountain sodas - just a place to grab a bit between meals and give the school a little more of Mom and Dad's money. A small TV lounge and quiet room completed the 'rec area' with the rest of the floor being taken up with a larger classroom and the Student Services Center. SSC was the place to find information about extra-curricular activities as well as the student counselors. Most of the students were familiar with the ground floor. The first floor was largely administrative offices – the places where the secretaries did their work. Some of the faculty had offices here as well – mostly those who weren’t dorm mothers or fathers and lived off-campus. There was also the teacher’s lounge on this floor. Second floor was where he wanted to be. All of the high-ranking administrative staff were up there. He hadn’t been up there before; few students saw those hallowed halls unless in serious trouble. Ryan’s antics hadn’t garnered him that kind of attention yet; that was reserved for fighting between students or dealing with ‘nine-month problems’. He grinned as he wondered if Ravi would get called up there for eating a security guard or knocking a girl up – at this point, either was possible. Getting up there wouldn’t be an issue; there were elevators and stairs in the building. He could probably scale the outside, but he wasn’t sure which was hers, either. He needed a plan.
  22. High School Junior Always seems to have some sort of illness (runny nose, coughing fits, etc.) Will not generally talk about his illnesses though, most commonly attributing them to a weak immune system (while in fact he has a very strong one that is slowly being overwhelmed by leukemia). Isaac is a bit of a stoic, and doesn't like to show people that his life is quite difficult, though those closest to him could probably figure it out quickly. He will persevere through just about anything, often giving more than he can afford to. He has forced himself through his life thus far, and is determined to make every day count for something. He will generally not ask for help, but will offer help where he can. This can lead to him getting a bit overwhelmed by everything he takes on. School wise, he has a knack for all sciences, and especially chemistry. He is also a gifted investigator, loving to solve puzzles, fancying himself as a young Sherlock Holmes. On the rare days that he is not feeling the pain of his maladies in his joints, he is a capable athlete, running on the track team. He often seems to be a font of unending useless knowledge, although from time to time his mind will make a useful connection to the situation. Physical Appearance: Tall (6'3") skinny (155 lbs) light tan skin (though he has rather severe farmer's tanlines) can have a sickly appearance from time to time depending on his current illness, brown hair and bright green eyes Mental (Secondary) Int 2 Wit 2 Res 3 Physical (Tertiary) Str 2 Dex 2 Sta 2 Social (Primary) Pre 2 Man 2 Com 4 Mental Skills (Primary) Academics 2 Computer 1 Investigation 3 (Puzzles) Occult 2 Science 3 (Chemistry) Physical Skills (Secondary) Athletics 2 Brawl 1 Larceny 2 Stealth 2 Social Skills (Tertiary) Empathy 1 (Lies) Persuasion 1 Subterfuge 2 Merits Encyclopedic Knowledge (4) Natural Immunity (1) Iron Stamina (2) Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Pride Health 7 Will 7/7 Speed 9 Size 5 Morality 7
  23. The library was quiet. It was early in the semester and a Saturday morning; even the single librarian looked like he was trying to find work to do. The magazine room was off to the left as one entered, while the stairs to the upper level – and all the books – were to the right. The librarian’s desk was a massive square that occupied most of the first floor. The restricted books were in a locked room behind the desk. The librarian waved absently at the kids as they walked in; Swan slipped to the far side of Sean and tried to blend with the others. Marcos didn’t seem to notice her because he was looking at Mari. “Hey, Mari,” he said, giving her a smile. He was older and balding, but in decent shape for his age. He also loved showing off pictures of his grandkids to anyone who’d pay attention and one of those people was Mari. “We got a new book in about female saints. It has a great chapter on Saint Barbara. I held it back for you, if you’re interested.” Somehow, it wasn’t surprising that Mari knew everyone.
  24. Lucia followed Yasu, who took the lead once they were in the woods. The thin being of indeterminate gender seemed to know where he or she was going, blazing down one of the riding trails. The double image was still clear to Lucia, so she stopped watching him directly and watched where she was walking. A rustle to the side caught her attention and Lucia glanced to see a flicker of movement. She wasn’t sure it was Ahvia, but it could have been. She didn’t want to draw attention to it in case she was, but the thought cheered her more than a little. Yasu stalked into a clearing, peering around before turning to face the two young women. “First,” he or she said in that odd voice, “we must craft the contract.” Rosa straightened up a little, facing him fully. “What is your full name, child?” “Rosalie Maria Guerra,” Rosa replied without hesitation. “Then, here are the terms, Rosalie Maria Guerra,” Yasu replied. “You will speak of this to no one of this world who does not already know of the secret. If you speak to others, you will be struck dumb and unable to tell another of any secrets you possess.” The strange person extended a hand and said, “Agreed?” Rosa took it and nodded. “Agre-re-red…” Lucia frowned as her roomie stuttered and looked a little dazed. “Wow, that… what was that?”
  25. Those who had agreed to go braid the lioness in her den were left in the Art Building. Frida’s terribly beautiful painting watched them with two-dimensional eyes, alternately white-dead or green-primal. There was a quiet moment as everyone got used to the sudden, oppressive silence. It wasn’t hard to imagine they were being watched with the eyes of that mural boring into them. It was also occurring to them that they weren’t sure where Pritchard was. The most obvious place would be at her office; thankfully, Ryan had agreed not to go there. Was she even there? They needed some intel.
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