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Found 495 results

  1. Nar-Suraygh - PL 7 Strength-7, Stamina-7, Agility-1, Dexterity-1, Fighting-6, Intellect-1, Awareness-3, Presence-3 Advantages Accurate Attack, Benefit 1 (Wealth), Improved Initiative, Defensive Attack, Quick draw, Fearless, Leadership, Inspire, Take down 1, Connected, Languages 2, Status 1, Equipment 3, *Diehard, Improved Sunder Skills Expertise: Leadership +7, Mercenary+4,Religion+5, Sailing+3, Insight+7, Persuasion+7, Ranged Combat+3, Stealth+2 Powers Ankassim *Dragon Breath(Lightning) 6 (DC21) Cone Area, 60' Cone, Unreliable (5uses), Diminished Range *Growth 2 +2 Strength, +2Stamina, -2 Stealth, -1 Active Defense, Permanent *Winged Flight 4 Speed 30mph, 500'/round, Innate Wings, Activation 2, Standard Action Onxyiron Chainmail Armor (Removable) Impervious +7 (on Stamina) Onxyiron Great Axe (Easily Removable) Strength Based Damage 2 (Penetrating 7, Affect Insubstantial +2) • Slashing, DC The 'kassim Pearl - Sense 4 [Precognition (Uncontrolled)] Both are removable but gain no cost savings for it (since they do not have enough points to gain one Equipment (15points) Crossbow (Damage 3, Piercing, Critical 19-20) Bags(2) Offense [*]Initiative +5 [*]Ranged [*]Crossbow (+4) (DC 18)(19-20) [*]Throw (+1)(DC22) [*]Close [*]Melee: Axe (+6) (DC 24) [*]Unarmed (+6)(DC22) Complications [*]Guilt for the Death of his Father: Nar didn't go to with his father when he went off to the last stand. He stayed true to his contract and his word, but he feels that led to his father's death. The loss of his father haunts him and has led him to put aside his previous career and to seek out an Adventure's path. He doesn't know how many kills it will take, or lives saved, for him to feel whole once more. [*]Sense of Honor: Never reneg on a contract once truthfully taken. As long as an employer is true to you, you are bound by oath to full fill your part of the bargain, even if it should lead to your death. [*]Sense of Loyalty: Lead from the front, cover the retreat. Never leave a comrade behind if there is any hope they are alive. [*]Hatred of Chaos: Never suffer Chaos to live unchallenged. Hunt it were you can, report it and come back to kill it if you can't kill it immediately. [*]Distrust Quaress: Chaotic actions lead others to fall into Chaos. Those who embrace chaotic actions are never to be trusted, and their victims to be defended with all your strength. Languages Thayim (Common), Kassim, a'Fen, Anupu Defense Dodge +0, Parry +5, Fortitude +7, Toughness +7, Will +5 Power Points Stats(50) + Power(18) + Advantages(17) + Skills(14) + Defenses(2) + Race(16) = 115 Background: Nar-Suraygh as born several decades ago in Bib'ney. His clan has lived in the city (near the Temple District) for over a hundred years. They are familiar to the city, and well-known and respected for their craft (they are Warrior-Marines) and their civic contributions. All members of his clan must complete five years in the militia after their 'Becoming' when their wings come into being. After that, most males follow into service with their kinsmen taking coin to protect merchants (both legitimate and illegitimate) from pirates. This brings much coin to the clan's coffers. The females pursue a wider variety of professions (including Marines), but their scribes hold the highest honor. Nar-Suraygh followed in his father's and uncles footsteps. His father had gone inland and may well have died at Peace Pass, escorting pilgrims for the final effort to stop the Horde. Suraygh was away at the time, dealing with other aspects of the Horde's invasion, but still misses his Father and privately wishes he gone with his him instead of staying true to his contract. Since that time, Suraygh has been more careful in the contracts he takes, keeping them short, one passage, or one round trip. Whenever he gets the chance to pursue any remaining signs of Chaos, he takes it as long as he doesn't have to break contract. In the intervening years, he has become more devoted to Tal and Len. He has also become more hostile to the faith of Quaress. Kaer is right out, and he would stop out any cell he was lucky enough to discover. While not a paladin, he doesn't miss an opportunity to speak of religion and the glories of Tal and Len. He feels he's doing someone a favor if he turns them to the 'right' faith. Outside of his two passions (Chaos-hunting and religion), he is beginning to feel a desire to find a mate, so the legacy of his ancestors will be carried on in his blood. He is worried that his responsibility as a father may curtail his Chaos hunting, and this too weighs on his mind. He remains close to his kin (who worry about his seeming Death-wish) and always considers Bib'ney his home. He would aid the city if there was a need, as he would most likely aid any Ankassim in danger. His upbringing in a multi-ethinc city-state means he has no racial bias. Everyone who doesn't follows chaos is welcome. Basics: Chaos hunter Worshiper of Tal and Len Warrior career with minor emphasis in religion and sailing Dislikes Quaress and things "tainted by Chaos/acting chaotic" A big believer of doing what's right, but also a strong sense of Loyalty and Honor. While he could break his word, it would have to be a powerful motivator. After all, he didn't break his word when his Father may have needed him. Strangely, he doesn't look down on thievery, as long as the motive is good. He understands that the world can be a dark and dangerous place. He has no opinion good or bad about magic and magic-users. As long as you don't dabble in chaos, he's fine with you pursuing your vocation. He is adaptable. His opinions of things may change as the game progresses. He's not (much of) a zealot. Power Points 1 - Strange Winds
  2. Prelude Three years earlier ... The sounds of drums and pipes and voices lifted high over the ceremony and carried out over the Plains of Mageddo. The battle was at last won, and the Chaos War was over. The Horde lay deep upon the plain; motionless, their Chaos borne unlife stripped away by the ritual that the Anupan necromancers had enacted. Already great bon fires were lit, warding off the night, and fueled by the corpses of the fallen. Though some took umbrage to the unceremonious cremation of the dead there were far too few who could be given name, and far to many to be given proper burial without name. Those Anupu who remained had taken the lifeless bodies of their own only, and declared that no sorcery short of that of their god Siponak could raise those who had died in this war; such was the potency of the ritual that had cost their people its greatest mystics. A celebration was already planned to commemorate the victory, to laud the heroes and survivors, and honor those who fell defending Iannin, but for now there were bodies to be burned. The music and chanting was part of the process; the funerary rights of the fallen would be honored this night as best they could and all the while the Horde and the fallen heroes alike would be put to cleansing fire. The scent of burning flesh was somehow absent, a minor feat of arcane lore that banished the stench. Drage stood on a hilltop, obscured in the darkness by his color shifting armor, and the small copse of trees. Below the ceremonies continued, commemorating the fallen. There were so very few Murg left, possibly none who would claim true blood. Drage looked down and he could see a handful of Muthay sporting Murg features, but they all showed Thayim blood as well. Some said that there were no true blood Murg left on Iannin, that the price of their transgression for studying chaos had been to be wiped out to the last man. The Fen too were said to be gone, wiped from Iannin forever, the Muthay born of their blood, and the a'Fen were their legacy. The Gods alone knew what would come of the Chaos War, but even mortal eyes could see that two civilizations were no more. Out on the a fields a figure picked over the dead, one of many opportunists who looted the corpses not yet burned. Guards patrolled the fields of the dead, an honor guard for the fallen whose duty it was to drive off looters, but they were few, and the darkness of the night was deep. The figure picked over the dead, a looter taking any item that presented itself, stooping the tangle of corpses and pawing through broke weapons and shattered armor. From below a body came a glow, ruddy in the darkness. The looter shoved a body off the pile revealing a shard of some broken thing, a swirling red glow seeming to emanate from unseen seams or cracks within the metal. The glow revealed a narrow faced muthay, fine scales showing around his deep set eyes, his skin a deep red-brown. The muthay retrieved the glowing fragment, a greedy look in his eyes that immediately became overtaken by terror as the shard burrowed into his hand like a marrow-tick. He cried out, trying to push the shard out of the wound as it burrowed, clutching and grabbing at it as it moved under his skin and up his arm as though it lived. In moments the panicked man ceased his frantic clasping at his body. A malicious glow filled his eyes as the seed of chaos incarnate corrupted the muthay utterly. Present Day Tenth Day of The Cycle of Azath, Third Turn of the Fifth Age of Iannin The summer heat and brutal humidity hung as a visible haze over Bib'ney. The cloying atmosphere was devoid of even an on shore breeze, stifling the city into a muted state. Down at the harbor sailors shuffled about on some half-hearted task, or lazed openly, under the pressure of sun and damp. The smell of the ocean was overpower by the smell of the filth that ran into the harbor from the city and of the fish merchants whose ware were going rancid. Even the cries of seagulls were intermittent, as though the birds were aware of the heat and unwilling to scavenge for food. Deeper into the city the warehouse owners and ship's captains argued over cargo sitting too long in port, the strange lull in the winds had left all but a spare few vessels unable to make sail, and those exceptions relied heavily on magic to do what the others could not. Merchants too fretted, some saw their wares rotting before they ever made it ship-board, and others wrung their hands anxiously hoping that the shipments from the mainland would somehow float in despite the unnatural ocean calm. All around eyes darted to the west were the God Spear rose from the ocean and pieced the heavens. Normally storms orbited the great basalt column like a drunkard around the tap houses, but today the sky was nearly clear around the spire, as it had been for days since the weather had shifted. Further into the city the tap-houses and inns were even subdued, if not quiet, there was little reason to be boisterous, and sailors now drank sullenly with what little coin they still had, or cast eyes either west or north, to the Temple of the Winds. The temples were not quiet, there square was full of people coming and going from the temples, but most to the Temple of the Winds. People demanded answers for the lack of winds that made their trade and livelihood, while others bemoaned the oppressive heatwave that was ruining crops further inland, or preventing a steady stream of freshly paid sailors to their businesses. The temple of the Twins was also busy, with worshipers praying for the twin god Tal and Len to ease their light and stop the weather that seemed ready to kill the port and island.
  3. The Pitch It's thirty years after the day evil won. Humanity is ruled by the Order - a cadre of superhumans which has overseen all human affairs since the Rise three decades ago. They are currently the only superhumans on Earth; no one remembers a sixteen year span of time bridging the millennium so no one can say for sure they are supervillains, but considering that 'hero' is a four letter word now it wouldn't be a stretch. A new superhuman has not shown up in thirty years and it's been at least that long since anyone stood up to the Order. That's all about to change. ----- The World In a word, 'stagnant.' Imagine North Korea with an immortal Kim-Jong Il in charge. Despite being thirty years on, it's pretty much like it is right now in terms of science. Population is controlled by contraceptives in the air; technological innovation is heavily regulated; all religious worship is banned. Each continent sends two representatives to speak on their behalf to the Order. All this is accomplished by somewhat understandable means, but what is truly disturbing are two things; first, no one over the age of thirty can clearly recall life in a sixteen-year space of time, between 1995 and 2011, and secondly, actually innovating - coming up with a new idea, instead of applying merely minor tweaks to an old one - is impossible for anyone. People can be arrested at any time by the enforcement arm, Knight Watchmen - mostly human with a few low-level superhumans. They are watched by Argus, the spy network. Some people know they have a boot on their necks, and take it out on each other in small and not so small ways. Others are part of the system, and are content with the limits put upon them. The Order is composed of several hundred thousand people who oversee the massive planetary bureaucracy. To save time, every country is on a controlled economy and everyone speaks the same language now. The size of the Order's superhuman component is unknown - there are several prominent superhumans, however. The leader of the Order is Archon, a masked and armored man described as "a benevolent dictator whose control over the fundamental force of electricity attunes him with the universe and makes him the wisest of all of history's leaders." Others include Spartan, the super-tough leader of the Knights Watchmen; the Druid, who administers environmental concerns with her control over nature; Aqua, a gigantic creature made of salt water; AEGIS-1, a ruby-colored sphere that serves as the indestructible bodyguard of VIPs; the Mathemagician, who controls the massive economic and political machine of the Order; and several others who work in the background, cloaked in shadows. Movies and books and video games are made about their heroic efforts in the Sixteen Year Gap, bringing peace to the world and ending in the Rise. The Order's base of operations is not on the planet Earth at all, but on a space station so huge that it's visible from the ground, displaying the Order's symbol to nearly everyone as it orbits the earth. Every orbit of this station reminds humanity who is in charge of its fate. ----- The Game This is a superheroic game set in a future so stagnant it may as well be the present, pitting a small group of unsteady heroes against an empire that spans the globe and runs on superpower. You can have just about any origin, from technological suits of powered armor to magical spells; from psychically expanded consciousness to mutant powers; from an accident with weird science to just working out and having a grudge. The only restriction I an think of at this stage is that you must start out human; this is very much a story about the human race. My other restriction is that you must be on the side of the angels, however unsteadily. Addendum 2: Many people have asked me how technological origins and the like work in a world where no one can have new ideas. Without giving much away, something happens in the game itself to each of you that afterwards, causes you to be able to do these things where you could not before. You can suddenly figure out that super-scientific formula, or master the perfect fighting move, or whatnot. The prelude will basically be (Normal) (Event) (More Than Normal) in that order. The system is Mutants & Masterminds, 2nd Edition. The power level is 10; the points, 150. You will start out normal, so please be sure to define what skills, feats, and attributes you gained from whatever event unleashes your superhuman abilities. Addendum 2: Just to be clear, mind control and related powers are NOT permitted; this is for Plot Purposes. I already have some players; I am looking for a few more (six or seven total) so don't be disheartened if I don't pick you. If you're interested in joining or have any questions, please post in this thread. Addendum 1 (added May 19th 2009) Additional Stuffs The Tone Essentially the world, by default, is 'realistic' for a given value of realism. However, the game itself is very much about the bright and shiny superheroes returning to save the world, which is obviously not realistic at all. So think of the world as realistic, and yourselves as realistic-plus - yes, you can have the flaws and fobiles of human beings but deep down you are gonna do incredible things. Also, since you are the only superheroes out there, I'd like to keep things somewhat archtypical - a mage will be THE mage, a battlesuit wearer THE battlesuit wearer, a psychic THE psychic superhero to go to. You can double up on a concept, but it would be a very good idea to discuss it with whomever you're going to be sharing space with as well as with me - and I reserve, as always, the right to say 'no.' Along these lines, I don't plan on running an everyone-is-scattered-everywhere narrative a la Heroes, so you are gonna be grouped up; consequently you should put some thought into how you are going to get along with your teammates. (Ideally, well enough to hold together no matter what bumps in the road you encounter.) Important: Since you are not on the rulers of society's good side, it might be a really, really fantastic idea to have a normal human form of some type, or some kind of ability to look normal if your default body is something decidedly abnormal. History I'm keeping post-Rise history somewhat loose, because I want to shape it to fit character backgrounds. Most people are ignorant of history because people who dig around a bit too much - especially into the Sixteen Year Gap - tend to disappear. Order Structure Due to stagnation, things can be much like they are today - or better, or worse, depending on what sort of Order attention a given area receives. Things are run entirely by appointee. Your town is run by a mayor, who reports to the regional authority, who in turn reports to the appointees for the continent. The lines of power can shift slowly, or very quickly indeed. Favor trading and back-stabbing is common in the Order's bureacracy. Economy is a controlled one, with allowances for citizen-owned buisnesses as long as the citizens understand that the Order is only lending them the privilege and can revoke it at any time. Game Mechanics I am going to try to keep posting rates high; consequently if I don't hear back from you within three day's time on any group thread, I will forge on ahead without you. This is also why I want to keep the number of players small, so the chances of us landing a slow poster are decreased. We'll be using Invisible Castle (http://invisiblecastle.com) to roll. By default, any attack can be lethal or nonlethal as the PC deems it, even if you're attacking with a weapon. Dramatis Personae The Order's insignia Knight Watchmen (male & female) Spartan The Mathemagician The Druid AEGIS-1 protecting a male subject Archon, leader of the Order and ruler of the Earth
  4. The door opened on a back alleyway in a dying Chicago neighborhood. After finalizing contact instructions, Norman and Sharatur stepped through. It wasn't too far from there, to the funeral home - or, if the home was gone, wherever the home had been. It was approaching dusk, the sun rapidly setting.
  5. I'm looking to beef up and round out the roster a little for the Fifth Age of Iannin game. Characters need to be able to start on Ki'nin'ay Island, preferably in Bib'ney itself, without having just walked off the boat (since there have been no winds for over a week and no ship in to port during that time). Characters are PL 7 and the group is strongly looking for rogue or mage type characters (we have a fighter and a paladin-archer already). As far as a player requirement. At least some knowledge or willingness to read up on the Iannin setting is desired. The ability to make regular posts roughly once daily Monday through Friday is desired/required. We three have thus far kept the game moving along and I'd like to maintain our pace where possible. A working knowledge of M&M 3e is useful, but I'm willing to go slow and explain rules where needed.
  6. So, since it's worth discussing as a group... here we should talk about the headquarters that cometh to fruition. Key questions: Where do we want it? What do we want in it? How do we hide it, if we do? Some of this is as simple as putting up the Feature expenditures and then giving IC flavor later. We do have 35 HQ EP combined. So I will start by listing what I consider essentials: Communications, Computer, Defense System, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Power System, Security System. This does not include the proper size and Toughness increases too, but I fling the hot potato to another person now. The Prophets HQ Cost so far: 18 EP Size: Large Toughness: 20 Features: Infirmary, Concealed 2, Laboratory, Gym, Communications, Computer, Library, Workshop 2 (Tech & Magic), Power System, Power: Teleport 10 (Portal +2, Medium: Doors -1, Long Range -1), Defense System --People's Point Contributions Bodhie: Gym, Size 1, Toughness 3 Necronaut: Size 1, Concealed 2, Laboratory, Infirmary Glitch: Communications, Computer, Library, Workshop, Power System Hex: Workshop, Power: Teleport, Defense System
  7. After the mostly restful night at the Pink Dragon, the group rose early, with the three moons just sinking below the horizon. Their minds were full of the adventure that lie ahead. They gathered their gear, knowing a return to S'ur would likely be months away. A quick meal downstairs of had their bellies full of fruits and oatmeal. Soon, the enormity of the quest finally began to set in and both anxiety and excitment were running strong. Wa'ne took out some powdered lucenite from a small satchel that was now hung from his side and dropped a fair sum into his morning ale, giving it an odd shimmer as he downed it. At the odd looks he received, he shrugged, "It was an ancient custom of the Fen, they believed it protected them from Chaos." The group went about their business and agreed to meet at the city gates by the end of the hour, each attending to last minute preparations of their voyage. As the Temple bells, rang the beginning of the day, all were present at the gates. As they calmly walked the paved road, the occasional farmer just coming to his fields would stop and wave. Indentured servants, their collars glowing with Pattern Magic, would occasionally glance up, or even stop and lean on their tool for a moment as the group passed. One Takrok farmer near the harbor, his hair covered with a layer of dusty soil, and his crop already reaped, was driving a magically-yoked Tar'rak across the fields. The beast was plowing up the soil, and it appeared the farmer was hoping to get the land ready for a winter crop before the turn of the season. The morning was already warm, the humidity uncomfortable, promising a heat with the Twins rise that would make the questers glad to be on the water and in the wind of the Great River canyons. The harbor was just waking up as sailors and dockworkers alike stumbled about, rubbing eyes and stretching sore muscles. Two more ships had come in since the group had been here, both large trading vessels, nearly as large as the dock could handle. One was riding low, having yet to release its cargo, the other high, looking ready to take on a shipment. Both bore standards of A'va'lan and the more observant could see Skrofan runes engraved along the hulls. The slip that had held the Wake the day before had already been repaired, the dock's planking replaced and the crane was rebuilt. Within the waters of the slip was a ship that was hardly recognizable as Wulkyn's Wake. Gone was the tub-clunker, and in its place was a streamlined vessel that would live up to its name. The one mast remained, but the rest of the ship was new. Like the other ships, parts of the hull were decorated, but not with Skrofan runes, but engraved in the style of the Fen. It was not overly done, so as to attract attention, but done with a style like that of a fairly well-to-do merchant. The stylings that kept leaks and barnacles at bay were obvious, though there were many others that were not easily recognizable. There were two masts, with all cloth secured, including what appeared to be a topsail. On deck, Quidel, the Sen who had escorted them yesterday, was waiting.
  8. Drage: Hero Points: 2 Conditions: None Notes: 1 luck point Nar-Suragygh: Hero Points: 1 Conditions: None Notes: 1 luck point
  9. Originally Posted By: jim Jameson here ... Forge and I have discussed a potential Fantasy game. I've spoken to the rest of you to one degree or another about the same thing. Forge suggested around robin approach to GMing, basically we all create a game world together in the style that Titan spoke of here were we work from the ground up, first as Gods, then as monarchs, and then we begin the game in an organically created world that we all participated in building with each player taking a turn at GMing for the others so that the burden is not on any one of use all of the time. I believe that the intent is to use M&M 3e as the base system once the world is created. The world creation will follow some guidelines and allow for us all to put our own touches on the world. In addition Forge has a planned set of random chaotic events and such to help balance out our own influence over the setting as it forms. This PM thread is to secure interest on your parts, and to open up suggestions for others we may want to invite in based on the criteria of quality of posts and frequency/reliability of postage. Personally I'd be fine with the 5 of us alone if it meant a regular posting rate of good quality posts. Regular posting being roughly once per 48 hours barring sickness, vacation, etc. I think we all know what we consider a quality post. Once we know who is participating I think the plan is to create a god or two each and then start with a very basic map and go to town carving the world. Then move onto populating the world by having our gods create servant/worshiper races, and then move into controlling the major races/nations, until such time as the world has the depth we want to begin with. So ... step one: Are you with us? Questions and comments welcome.
  10. NAME: Volt (secretly Jason Garman) ORIGIN: Alien (technologically evolved ancient humans, he keeps this secret) POWERS: Space Time Folding via Evolved Bio-Energy Metabolism THEME: High Energy, hence VOLT. His powers tend to look a bit electrical, even if they are not – and given their exotic origins going with the ‘look’ as an explanation works for him. TITLE: Defender? Guardian? GENDER: Male AGE: 18 (looks 20-ish, but he still gets carded once in a while) PERSONALITY: He has gotten by on looks and athletc talent, but has a good heart. He is not ready to be a leader, and is still a bit overwhelmed by who he has become POWER LEVEL: 8 APPEARANCE: https://sites.google...inetemplar/volt COMPLICATIONS: - Motivation: Responsibility – Trying to live up to the people who have inspired / raised him – those people who are gone, those who still watch over him, and those that someday he will watch over and hopefully inspire. - Motivation: Doing Good – This is the moral code that his adoptive parents and uncle Uri have impressed into him. - Identity: Secret Identity as Jason Garman, Orthi Corp ‘researcher’ - Lost Culture: He has a strong desire to uncover the history of his people, of his ancient family ABILITIES: 52 PP STRENGTH 9 (18 PP) [10 enchanced] - 25 tons AGILITY 4 (8 PP) [5 enchanced] FIGHTING 5 (10 PP) [6 enchanced] AWARENESS 0 (0 PP) [5 enchanced] STAMINA 9 (18 PP) [10 enchanced] DEXTERITY 0 (0 PP) [0] INTELLECT -1 (-2 PP) [-1] PRESENCE 0 (0 PP) [1 enchanced] DEFENCE: Dodge 5 Parry 5 Toughness 10 [impervious 5] Fortitude 10 Will 7 OFFENCE: Unarmed +8 Damage +10 TRADEOFFS: AGI -2 / STA +2; FGT -2 / STR +2 SKILLS: 7 PP <59> - Acrobatics 1 (+6) - Athletics 5 (+10) - Insight 1 (+6) - Perception 1 (+6) - Stealth 3 (+8) - Unarmed Combat 2 (+8) - Vehicles 1 (+1) Not very experienced, Jason was not eligible for a more central Alliance team – even with eight months of extensive training. He is secretly relieved, since he feels that being a guardian in Lake City is a better starting point for him. This feels like a way he can learn more about the role everyone expects him to fulfill. ADVANTAGES: 10 PP <69> - Uncle Uri – Benefit 2 (status related to the Orthi, reflecting the fact that Uncle Uri is family, and the Orthi have a vested interest in him) - Improved Grab 1 (tentacle training) - Luck 2 - Uncanny Dodge 2 (a subtle manipulation of time for self defence) - Hide in Plain Sight 1 (a slight bending of time affecting perceptions) - Attractive 2 Lucky, very attractive, in large part raised by Uncle Uri, and trained by him in some ways of using his powers over the last 8 months … but again just 18 and not very accomplished in too many ways. POWERS: 51 PP <120> - Enhanced Traits (4 PP <4>) - STRENGTH (1 rank) - STAMINA (1 rank) - Extra Limbs (Extras: Projection, Affects Insubstantial 2) (1 ranks / 4 PP <8>) - long tentacle(s) with 'suction points', all made of dynamic looking electric-blue energy that originate from the small of the back and extends in roughly the same sphere as his arm reach, usually 'resting' in body cavities just behind the upper glutious maximus. In lab conditions at Orthi corp he has been able to produce two extra tentacles by 'pushing' more energy into the tendril cavities (extra effort). - Elongation 2 ranks (Limited - Tentacles only) (2 ranks / 1 PP <9>) - when he wills it, the tentacle(s) can really stretch out to about 30 feet ... In lab conditions, extra energy devoted to his tentacles(s) can allow for longer extension (extra effort). - Features (Temporal Inertia) (ranked 1 / 1 PP <10>) - His people were masters of time, and it is part of their bio-energetic essence to be unchanged by timeline shifts. - Immunity (Life Support, Aging, Critcal Hits) (ranked 10. 1, 2 / 13 PP <23>) - His people, while human, have a Bio-energetic physical form ... a step along the line toward evolving into beings of energy that lay dormant during his childhood until released by his mental contact with parents ‘orbs’ from the distant past - this also completed his apparent biological development so he looks more early 20s than the 18 he really is (Yes they had much cooler orbs, having been ancient and wise before they sacrificed themselves). - Impervious Toughness (5 ranks – 5 PP <28>) – he is tough due his bio-energy ‘aura’ which infuses his human biology and tends to operate like a sort of natural always on force-field. This field is an Impervious Defence – as a cosmetic effect, it also protects clothes and personal items like his teleport does. - Regeneration (1 Rank / 1 PP <29>) – From his demi-human Bio-energetic nature. - Power Array: Time-Space Folding (6 PP <35>) Primary Power - Flight (3 ranks) – bending the fabric of space, but not folding - Teleport (AP - 1 rank - Extras: Extended +1, Safe +1, Easy +1, Change Velocity 1) – 3-D Space Folding - Dimension Travel* (AP - 3 ranks – Portal +2, Selective +1, Feature 1 – Distracting -1, Increased Action -2, Inaccurate (Quirk) 1 – Linked with 1 pt appropriate Dimensional Sense) – N-Dimensional Space Folding to open a portal that looks into other dimensions. - Time Travel* (AP - 3 ranks – Portal +2, Selective +1, Feature 1 – Distracting -1, Increased Action -2, Inaccurate (Quirk) 1, – Linked with 1 pt appropriate Temporal Sense) – Folding Time to open a portal that looks into other times. - Summoning** (AP - 6 ranks – Increased Action -1) – Drawing in orb(s) from the myriad unrealized timelines … where they are potentially present and reality is merely lending temporal energy to make them temporarily real. Folding other time-spaces into this one. * His temporal and dimensional travel powers are very dangerous to use because he has no experience with them … not only are the senses in these areas very undeveloped but his control over the powers themselves needs a lot of work. The one use they do have is that he can instinctively sense how to get ‘home’ (the Feature extra). The senses 'bundled' into the power are embryonic right now, but will expand over time - they are linked as they are part of the same AP. In the case of these portal powers, the inaccurate is a quirk that means these powers lead to places the plots wants to go, not so much the character. Extra effort thus far has served to sharpen the associated senses. The IC explanation that Uri has offered is that the powers are largely being directed by Jason's subconscious ... a tricky thing indeed. ** See Orb descriptions for more, but as he is beginning his career as a public guardian he can only summon the orb which holds the ‘shadows’ of his ancient mother and father. The orbs are living technology, tied to him and growing with him – providing ever increasing variants as his control over time-space folding increases. Much of the 'research' that Jason ostensibly does at Orthi corp as an 'intern' (which is not much, he is far from being a scientist) involves the use of this power, and having Uncle Uri analyse it. Sending probes to other dimensions, usually at random - and scanning through the portals. Jason and Uri speculate that many of his people did not use some of these powers due to the difficulty of their use, though the issue could also be a lack of proper training methodologies from that age. - Power Amplifier Side Pack (16 PP <51>) Remvoable Ehnanced Traits - AWARENESS (5 ranks / 10 PP) - PRESENCE (1 rank / 2 PP) - AGILITY (1 rank / 2 PP) - FIGHTING (1 rank / 2 PP) Senses (2 ranks - 2 PP) - Ultra Vision - Ultra Hearing Will Defence +2 (2 PP) Savings From REMOVABLE side-pack item (4 PP) This item which was developed by his people millennia ago during the invasion. Because not everyone develops the same abilities but military team work benefits from some uniformity ... this is a prosthetic that works with the body and mind to provide any missing capabilities and round out the individual. The belt and left side pack are just for carrying things ... and to provide important / realistic looking decoys in case items are targeted … an idea from Uri. This is actually 'living' technology made of blue crystal alloys (about as tough as 'super-alloy'), ‘seeded’ for him by the orbs he first summoned and then nurtured by own his bio-energy over weeks … he even gave one to Uncle Uri and seeded a new one just to see how it works. This is the way that all of the ancient technology of his people was made once their culture matured … and the same technology that is used in the orbs. ORBS: Stats Coming Soon …The only orb he can reliably draw in at the moment (without more training) is that imprinted with the shadow intelligence of his ancient mother - an AI created by the same super scientist who saved him as an infant.
  11. Name: Arak Noak Personal Information: Birth Name: Arak Noak Nicknames: none as yet Occupation: woodsman, adventurer, Country of Origin: A'va'laan; Ka'chuun is nominally part of the nation of A'va'laan, Arak fancies himself a true wanderer however Marital Status: Unbound Known Relatives: Bai'larr (father), Na'toth (mother) Allegiance(s): none as yet Physical Traits: Weight: 156 lbs Height: 6' 1" Apparent age: late teens Gender: Male Ethnic Background: Skrofan Eye Color: golden Hair Color: rusty orange brown Handedness: Right Actual Age: 17 Distinguishing Marks: none at this time Appearance: Average height for a Skrofan with a bit leaner build compared to most males, even at his age. Arak has a shaggy head of reddish brown hair and golden eyes that contrast with the deep mahogany brown of his skin. Arak dresses in dark colors, primarily deep greens and browns with swatches of black. He possesses an innate grace that shows in his movements. Powers, Skills, and Personality: Known Powers: Like all Skrofan Arak is stronger and tougher than a human, both physically and mentally. Arak has been taught the magic art of Xylemic Runes by his father and makes use of those limited magics to bolster his formidable skills as a hunter. Abilities/Special Skills: Arak possesses a natural talent for navigation and woodworking as all Skrofan do. In addition he is a trained woodsman and hunter. Adept at surviving off of the land, moving quietly, tracking, and trained in the use of the Skrofan Vine-Stave, a unique and difficult weapon to master. Personality: forthcoming upon start of play Interests: New people, new places, new things, and new adventures. Having grown up in the tiny farming town of Ka'chuun, Arak is eager to see the world and do things that he never had the chance to experience before. Background: Arak was born and raised in the tiny town of Ka'chuun (see below). As a child Arak was precocious, curious, and full of the spirit of adventure. Though Arak was smart and capable, he was also restless and always looking outside of the limits of his life. Arak's father was a woodsman and a trapper, and Arak learned from him the techniques to move quietly, to track prey, and the simple combination of nature and rune magic that the common folk in his village practiced as part of their daily lives. Despite having a good, albeit poor, life Arak wanted more; he wished to see more of the world, to have adventures, and to see the things that he heard about from the trade caravans. Six months ago Arak decided to leave home with the next caravan that came through Ka'chuun. Though his parents were at first reluctant they ultimately saw that Arak would not be happy if he never got to live his life as he saw fit. When the the next trading caravan came back through the tiny village on the path south Arak left with them. Zheng's Caravan Company was returning from its annual visit to Thull and headed south, through Peace Pass, to Nay'fen before it would return to its home city of Nisoi. Arak tagged along for the journey, trading on his ability to trap animals an forage for food from the countryside. A few weeks ago, the caravan lay camped across the river from S'ur during a local festival. As part of the celebration an area had been set up for tests of fighting prowess. Arak made a wager with a young woman from the caravan on one of the fights, taking the little money he had available and putting it on the tattoo covered long shot competitor. Despite the long odds the man defeated the caravan drover he was paired against easily and Arak won a large sum, only to find that the young woman could not pay, and had been in fact somewhat intoxicated when she made the wager. The following day Tora attempted to gain the money to pay Arak from her father, the leader of the Caravan, but was rebuked for her indiscretion. Arak tried to forgive the outstanding debt that she could not pay but neither Tora nor her father would hear of it, instead she would travel with him until she could pay off her remaining debt. Complications Motivation - Adventure! - Arak left home to see the world and have adventures, he's more prone than most to do something "because it's there" or "because I've never done that before", finding it hard to resist the offer of a new experience.Rube - Arak is from a tiny farming town. It shows.Power Loss - Most Arak's Xylemic Rune magic requires pre-created runes that are consumed by the energies that power the spells. He loses access to his magic if his runes are taken from him or if he is unable to prepare replacements.Combat Initiative +3CloseUnarmed +1 Damage +1Vine-Stave: whip +8 Damage +1Vine-Stave: staff +6 Damage +4 Note: +3 to ParryRangedThorn +4 Damage +4Tanglefoot – Ranged Burst Area Affliction 5 (Resisted by Dodge, Hindered, Immobile)SavesDodge +3 Parry +3 [+6 when using Gnarled Staff]Fortitude +2Will +3Toughness +5 [+2 w/o armor]
  12. This thread is open to anyone to post pictures of what you think stuff in Iannin looks like, or inspiration for the world. I don't want to clutter the Encyclopedia with pictures, but I will link back to this thread if you want me to. Also, it is perfectly acceptable to post your interpretation of someone else's creature/race/whatever...brainstorming is a good thing.
  13. Ki'ninay Island Westernmost of the continental shelf islands Ki'ninay is covered in rolling hills that gently rise from the eastern shore gaining elevation before terminating on the western shore in a cliff face that plummets two hundred feet into the rocky water below. The island is covered in a mix of grasslands (on the eastern half) and woodland (to the west) and recent expansion has created many new farming villages as Bib'ney expands with refugees from the mainland. The only major city on the island is the harbor of Bib'ney, located within the shelter of the harbor on the south of the island. The Free Port of Bib'ney Bib'ney is located on the southern end of Ki'ninay Island on the shore of the large Ki'ninay Bay. The harbor itself is made up of the southern cup of the island as well as extensive coral reefs which lie just beneath the waters. There is only one safe entrance to the harbor which is marked with buoys. During most of the day the reefs lie only a few feet below the water, and only at the low tide can they be seen peeking above the waves. Even at high tide only ships with the shallowest of draughts can float over the reef. Bib'ney itself is a chaotic jumble of buildings that sprawls outward onto the island haphazardly. Due to the size of the harbor the city is huge, and as a result is run by nearly autonomous districts. Bib'ney itself is located almost dead center along the Ki'ninay Bay and at the extreme east and west are a pair of smaller harbors. On the west side is the shipbuilding town of Drydock, and in the east is the settlement of Haven, where many of the islands fishermen make their homes. Bib'ney's most sprawling district is the Harbor itself which includes the docks and the warehouses that run for nearly ten miles along the shore. Before the war Bib'ney was the major port of trade on the World Ocean for sailors from Rakonu, Ignum, and the archipelagos of the Z'ights and A'lough. Since the war many warehouses sit empty or have become refugee infested tenements of a sort as their occupants await their chance to move inland. Further inland from the warehouses is the colloquially named "Comfort Rows", which is primarily made up of inns, brothels, and tap-houses, and the Market District, whose purpose is clear to all. Beyond the inns and markets lie the many streets of local homes. Captains, merchants, and others all make their homes here. Many a sailor who seeks to someday retire hold apartments in this part of the city where they can keep from the tap-houses and try to save their coin for their later years. Roughly two miles from shore buffered from the chaos of the markets and comfort houses by local housing a grand tiered spire rising some 300 feet into the sky. The Temple of the Winds was built and is maintained by Ankassim. It operates as a lighthouse for the harbor and collects operating fees directly from the city, most specifically the Harbor District, but also smaller dues from the Markets and Comfort Row, both of whom rely on the continued trade to survive. The temple also accepts donations for blessings of fair winds, as well as having priests of Ankassar who can be hired to act as arbiters and judges. Priestly judges of Ankassar take their duty seriously enough that none doubt that their ruling will be impartial and fair. Other temples cluster in the shadow the Temple of the Winds, around a large cleared and stone paved space to form the tiny district known simply as Sacred Square. Still more housing continues to sprawl out, around and behind Sacred Square and into the wild of the island. Ki'ninay Government Ki'ninay Island has a very loose decentralized government. Its history as a Free Port means that the original citizens of the island tend to look down on people bossing others around, especially themselves. As a result, the the districts of Bib'ney and the other towns all are free to run themselves as they please. For larger concerns each district or settlement sends 1 or more members to a ruling council. How the council members are appointed is dependent upon the districts themselves as follows: Haven is small enough that they all just get together and vote democratically Drydock sends one of the shipbuilders, voted by the owners Sacred Square always sends the head of the Temple of the Winds Dockside sends 1 warehouse owner and 1 captain Comfort Row sends the most wealthy innkeeper, tap-house owner, or brothel owner. The Market District, sends one merchant, supposedly determined by who is willing to front the most money into the district's coffers. One representative is sent to represent the logging camps and the farming villages combined The council meets quarterly for one week and hammers out issues for the island as a whole among themselves. Despite there being 8 council members there has never been an issue with ties during votes; how this is accomplished is unknown. At this point there is a strong streak of independence among the various districts that have prevented the island from forming a more permanent and lasting government. Eventually some influence, be it external or internal, may finally gather the support to force Ki'ninay to become a nation united. Maps of Ki'ninay Island
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  16. Blitz Personal Information: Public Identity: Valentine Adoree Malach Nicknames: Val, Valentine Real Name: Vala Adolpha Megele Occupation: Lake City muni-def Legal Status: American National (forged documents) Marital Status: Umarried Known Relatives: None Allegiance(s): None &amp;amp;nbsp; Physical Traits: Weight: 135 lbs Height: 5'6" Apparent age: mid teens Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Caucasian Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Blonde Handedness: Left Age: 18* Appearance: Val is a cute teen, not overly so but definitely not ugly. She's slim and athletic, the former being due to her high metabolism. While on-duty, she dresses in red leather pants and top; the shirt has a logo of a missile firing from right to left across her chest. Off-duty, she dresses like most teen girls; clothing that is way too mature for her. Powers, Skills, and Personality: Known Powers: As a speedster, Val's been clocked at 1,000 mph. Her body is in overdrive and metabolizes everything, from poisons to food, incredibly fast. She also can move faster than anyone else and her body heals rapidly on its own. Her defenses revolve around being tough. While she can dodge with the best of them, she's also pretty tough. Various eggheads have seen tougher, but not in someone who is also as fast as she is. Offensively, she has small blasts that she can emit from her hands. The eggheads are not sure what these blasts are; Val calls them her missiles. Using them, she has developed three signature moves: The Jericho - named after a imaginary missile she saw in a movie, the Jericho sends out a flurry of small missiles from her outstretched hands. Rock'em Sock'em - this movement involves Val running in a straight line and hitting anyone who gets in her way. Simple and brutal. The Hammer - easily her most damaging attack. Val plants her hand in the victim's chest and releases a "missile". Abilities/Special Skills: Due to her associations as a younger woman, Val has a wide variety of skills, most of which involve her being somewhere she shouldn't be and getting there without being seen. Even her skill at climbing, jumping and other acrobatic talents comes from her days of remorseless breaking and entering. Personality: Val is a teen girl and acts it. She's a little more hardened than most girls her age, having seen the high price of villainy first-hand. While she can be silly and impulsive - and likes the Twilight books - she also can become serious when it is needed. Background (OOC - Part of her Secret Identity): This background is waiting on further information to update it for LCU; though pulled from the ECS game, this is still basically her history. Complications Secret Identity: Valentine isn't her true name, and should the truth come out, it's likely to be bad for her. Even worse would be the truth about her origins; while not something she chose for herself, what else could be hidden in her genetics? Power Loss: Val has to eat enough to fuel her body's prodigious metabolism. Without a high calorie diet, her powers rapidly fade. *Teenager: Teenagers are all a little crazy from their hormones. Additionally, it's hard for teens to make money without awkward questions arising. There are a number of difficulties related to being a minor without guardians. Blitz has gotten around these by providing paperwork (Benefit 1) that "proves" she's 18 but she still suffers from the issues that arise from being a teenager. Misconceptions and Misunderstandings: Val may have decided that villains suck but one doesn't overcome one's childhood indoctrination overnight. Secret Identity: Val would rather people not tie her to Blitz. The Razers are bound to recognize Blitz as their former Blitzkrieg and Val doesn't want to be harassed "off-duty". Motivation - Villains Suck: Losing her BFF made Val reassess her life as a villain. What had happened to Christina had hurt her and it had sucked. So she wants to make sure that no one else has to lose their BFF like she did.
  17. Travis smiled briefly, enjoying the view Felicienne gave him. She did have a very nice body but there were more important matters to attend to. He could already see 2 of the BlackOps slowly working their way towards the balcony. Teargas was billowing to the sides and slightly upwards granting the heavily armored and weaponed soldiers some cover. As Travis came closer he could hear how the men radioed their status to each other and by the way this went he expected at least another 3 men inside the appartment. Something about their accent..., the men were speaking french and he had the odd sensation of knowing roughly where they came from. One of them had just reached the balcony when Travis decided to swoop around him and with a precise telekinetic burst he made him slip against one of the supportive pillars knocking the man out. His friend was just a step behind him and opened fire but missed Travis by several yards. The BlackOps requested for reinforcement as he moved carefully under the cover from the balcony and teargas to get a better angle at Travis who waited patiently for his next window of opportunity. Just when he thought the soldier had made a wrong step he heard a very angry and female hiss right behind the man. Felicienne had managed to climb to the other side getting behind the soldier who had obviously forgotten about her and didn’t expect an attack coming from behind him. Her strong legs were wrapped around his upper body and with a violent jerk she sent the man flying over the railing of the balcony and down into his death. From inside the BlackOps opened suppressive fire and Travis quickly swooped back to pick up Felicienne. „Hang on tight!“, he yelled at her and she gladly wrapped herself around his body. Her eyes were still blindfolded and he could only imagine how badly the teargas had inflicted her. Knowing that time was running out he looked up to fly straight to the roof of the Wynn and then decide their next move. He heard the telltale noise of a handgrenade rolling over the floor and as it reached the balcony he quickly flicked it back using his power before he lifted off. Once he reached the roof he could feel the building shaking briefly under him just as the grenade exploded. Felicienne had obviously kept some secret from him... these weren’t ordinary burglars. „Feli? You ok?“, he slowly removed the blindfold seeing how she was still shedding tears. She seemed ok aside from that, though. Click to reveal.. Roll: [19 +5 Modifier +2 Circumstance B...SS.Travis has a hunch that these guys may be AMSU. Maybe if you found the time to search one of their bodies he could make sure if he’s right or wrong. Felicienne will recover from the gas quickly, no penalties aside from hurt pride.
  18. Realm of Nay'fen, Third Coil of the Enlightened, Blessed of the Twins, Reign of His Holiness, Tal'may S'ur, 5th day of Talen ...And like a great wave from the Mire, the Horde advanced, and the once noble Fen passed from the lands of their birth, leaving naught but memories. ~Tugak More, Treatise on the Lost In the distance the clang of the bells atop the Temple of the Twins announced the midday meal. They called out across the city that it was time to escape the heat of the suns and, for at least a moment, find reprieve. T'riss' eyes slowly opened, one at a time, and then blinked a couple times as she gradually woke up. A quick glance around the room put her in a familiar room of the Blooming Rose. She sat up slowly, fearing the effects of too much drink, but fortunately she must have exercised some amount of self restraint, as the room didn't spin. The lack of clothing covering her though, did give some clue that last night wasn't a complete waste. The bells rung again, cuing in the time to T'riss and she rapidly dressed, knowing that if she didn't get out quickly, they'd likely charge her for the day, frequent guest or not. She stumbled out the door and into the alley that called itself a street down here in the harbor, a couple lazy 'goodbye, see you soons' following her in her wake. T'riss idly brushed her hat before donning it as her eyes adjusted to the harsh light of midday. The searing light having waned in strength, she looked up under her brim and saw someone she hadn't seen in years. There was no mistaking her, it was Tora. She was walking with a Skrofan, or was that behind? Just as the girls' eyes met, another bell tolled, but this was not lengthy and deep like the one in tribute to the Twins. No, this was the alarming klaxon of a multitude of small bells in rapid succession that took the breath from anyone that had ever served on a water-going vessel...fire. The first hints of the smokey smell was just now reaching them as the alarms continued to sound, and with the wind coming in off the river, there was only one place it could be coming from.
  19. The streets were illuminated with the fires caused by the skirmishes between the police and the mutants who were fighting for their survival. It was difficult to determine when and especially why everything had gone so out of control. Remus was used unexpected twists and turns but this was somewhere beyond the realm of imaginable although deep down most mutants feared that something like this could happen. It supposedly already happened in Germany, if the rumors were right. But here in the U.S. of A? If someone had told him he was in Beirut now, he wouldn’t have questioned it. Now that night has come those who had been in hiding started to crawl out of their holes and take advantage of the general situation. Even though the military had virtually sealed the city there were ways for the Mutant Underground to move freely through the street. Raze, a tall, handsome man with greyish lines running through his normally black hair was the leader of the MU Faction Remus got ‘recruited’. Under different circumstances he might have tried to avoid dealing with them but since he was trying to dodge several other unpleasant ‘organisations’ it seemed a good idea having ‘friends’... just in case. As long his duties were not requiring him to do things he morally was opposed to he had no problems with the MU, but now that war has been declared Raze seemed too eager to retaliate... fully. The Fraternity were a rather aggressive faction of the MU and Raze always argued that they should take action and strike first. What happened in LV gave him enough support, even from those who always opposed him or tried to argue that his path was wrong and not desirable for the MU as a whole. But Raze didn’t care. He had his war now and he would take it back to those who started it.
  20. Ankassar, God of Justice, Order and Virtue - Aspect of Fire, judicator and arbiter. Ankassar is the God of Justice and Order. He is often represented as a majestical giant red dragon with lidless eyes. His gaze pierces the entire realm and recognises truth and justice where ever he settles his eyes. Ankassar is a cruel and unforgiving God and knows no compromise, his followers are fanatical zealots and often settle arguments in Duels which not seldom end in death of one or the other. Ankassar doesn’t care as long as justice has been served.
  21. Zahan-Thaya, Goddess of Life, Growth and Abundance - Aspect of Earth, creator and shepard of all life and living beings. Zahan-Thaya permeates everything living that is not an object. She is Siponak’s spouse and in her darker aspects represents Fury and Ferocity (as in uncontrolled growth of life). She is reverred and honored not only by farmers but also by everyone who respect life and Growth. The Goddess of Life is often depicted with her husband Siponak God of Death especially in context of his Vitality aspect.
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