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Found 495 results

  1. Ozzie shambled down the street, a long trench coat and a large hat pulled low to shadow his face. In the night he looked like so many other citizens of New York, beaten down by the hard turn that the Event had dealt the city. Uptown there were still the wealthy businessmen, and the rich actors or sports stars but the average citizen of the city was lower middle class at best, and many were low income, living for cheap rent in buildings that should have been condemned or that couldn't get more prosperous tenants for simple reason of geography. He carried a sack of groceries and made his way to the small apartment that he shared. He passed by a bum begging for change and a another sauced out of consciousness. He passed an alley where half a dozen kids were passing a glowing joint around and drinking from brown paper wrapped bottles. The smell of trash, and rot, and urine wafted from another alley and the hard odor of ozone and steam rose up from a sidewalk vent. Another night in the Rotten Apple, and no doubt another night that would go by without his "father" coming home. A block from the run down tenement he called home he heard something down an alley. His gait did not falter any more than it had countless times before but he turned his head slightly to see. The flickering light of a street lamp shone off his face as he raised his head slightly. Anybody in the vicinity may have thought him quite ugly but his appearance went beyond that. In better lighting it would have been clear that he was not quite human. Still at night and dressed as he was he seldom had issues. He stopped, down the alley something large, something very large, was mucking about in the garbage cans. At first he assumed it was a homeless man and then he saw the relative ease at which it shoved aside the dumpster to get at something behind it. Passing car gave a moment of illumination, its headlights flooding the alley for a brief second. The thing turned its head and its eyes caught the light. Ozzie saw a hulking form, covered in what looked like brown fur, but coarser than fur would be. It's eyes reflected back the light and it growled, something deep and resonant as it saw Ozzie.
  2. Theresa and Connor Mulvaney had gotten used to hoaxes like this. Someone swears they see Bigfoot, or a large predator and calls wildlife management, who are already overtaxed as it is, who then call the zoo to see if they can spare someone to check the veracity of the claim. Because this claim was pertaining to a large cat it passed over Connor's desk. He almost dismissed it, but it mentioned the predator, whatever it was moving bipedally as well as on all fours. "We have to check this one, besides, some country air will do us good." "Are you sure Con?" Theresa questioned him. "Yeah, will be a good experience, besides it's a working vacation." "Fine we'll go." They both left it unspoken they'd be bringing their "son" along as well. Cole needed more time outside the house and letting him run through the untamed wild of Blauvelt National Park. They quickly packed their things and requisitioned the equipment needed for the "hunt" and returned to their home in the northern part of the city. Cole was nowhere to be seen when they entered, and Connor whistled a certain tune softly. From one of the back bedrooms Cole emerged standing at his full 6'3" height. He easily massed half again what his father did and was covered in radiant white fur with ebony black striping. Even though he wasn't even human, the two proud parents looked on him with pride and only the fondness parents can know. They'd rescued him as a cub when they realized he was truly special and unique. When he spoke it was in perfect english. "Hey Mom, hey Dad, you guys are home early. What's up?" Theresa hugs her son as Connor goes into their room to change. "We're going on a little camping expidition and pending your answer you may be going too." Theresa looked up at him. "You haven't been anywhere but the house and the rooftops for the last few weeks have you?" "No Mom, I promise, I've even stayed away from the park like y'all said." "Okay then, you can come. Get dressed and then get into the van. You'll have to stay in it until nightfall, then you can get out and roam, just be sure you aren't seen." Cole seems to bounce from one foot to the other with excitement. It had been ages since he got to roam in the woods. "Awesome! This i gonna be so much fun, even if I have to wait in the van." Connor reached up and patted the shoulder of his son and smiled. "That's the spirit son." Connor quickly donned his trenchcoat and had over his black shorts and tanktop. He went into the garage and climbed in the van. There were a good number of books on the floor, it was one of the ways he passed time. Each one had gashes in the side where the pages had been turned by Cole, his hands while dextrous in the extreme, lacked true oposable thumbs so reading wasn't particularly easily accomplished. He took it as a challenge though, and persevered in trying to keep reading and learning. It was also a great way to pass time. The Drive to Blauvelt was ineventful and the park was virtually empty. A few hikers were on the trails and They left by sundown. His parents had walked all the trails and seen nothing of real interest, no signs of a large threatening predator. The plan was to spend Saturday going through the untraveled parts of the park looking for tracks and such. Cole's parents smiled as he emerged and took off his coat and nodded, then bolted into the woods. "Take care son, something just feels amiss." Connor and Theresa made Camp there near the vehicle with large dome tent and a fire outside, confident in the kowedge that they need only call for Cole and he would come running, or whenever they finished roasting the chicken over the fire, whichever came first. In the woods, Cole found strange clawlike markings on trees, slightly smaller than his own, but in a similar pattern. He also got the distinct feeling he'd entered into someone else's home without permission. His thoughts wandered back to his parents and he started making his way back towards them, though not at high speed.
  3. Mintaka Prime, six months ago … Arzimeth extended his hand over the block of nanites and concentrated. His red irises began to glow until nothing but soft red could be seen in his eye sockets as he extended his will down into the nanites before him. The programming code leapt into his mind as clearly as if he had a screen in front of him. With barely any effort of will he began to add new code. Line by line he added the required data to allow the nanites to access the Omega field. Hours later, Arzimeth lowered his hand as his eyes stopped glowing. He was exhausted and hoped that this experiment would prove successful. He initiated a level 30 containment field and went to rest. Five months ago … Arzimeth waited as his colleague looked over the data. Nervously he chewed on his fingernails, if his colleague agreed with his theory it meant that he might be only steps away from creating a viable self aware nano-colony. The scientist across from him finally set down the datapad, vertically slit yellow eyes looked up at Arzimeth from under a dark scaly face. “My friend I agree with your findings so far. It’s clear that they are adding supplementary data to their base code. Further the increased inter-cellular activity within the colony could indeed be the first steps toward a true joint operation system. But to say that you believe this colony of nanites could achieve consciousness, awareness, and sentience? No, I think you are jumping too far ahead of yourself. Still you should be proud that you have done so much, a mechanism this complex comprised entirely of nano-cells is impressive.” Arzimeth nodded sadly, “Thank you for your time. I can only hope that more time will provide the data I need to prove myself correct.” Two weeks later … Arzimeth stared at the colony. Three-one-four-Omega was massive, tipping the scales at just over fifty kilograms and containing billions of individual cells within a volume half the size of an adult Mintakan male Arzimeth should have been more than happy to have achieved so much. He sighed and reviewed the latest data once more. Everything pointed to signs of an emerging central intelligence. There were already far more cells in that block of nanites than there were in a Mintakan brain and yet it was still little more than an oversize swarm. The computing power was there if only the individuals would work together. “More. More nanites mean more power and with more power perhaps they could forge a proper collective.” Arzimeth activated the programming sequence for further expansion of the colony setting the factor to 210% of current size. He observed as the nanites began to gather resources and process them into new units. The power output from the Omega Matrix at the heart of the colony began to increase at an alarming rate. Arzimeth activated the magnetic stasis field and within moments the nanites were completely inert. “Off world, somewhere secure and uninhabited,” he muttered to himself as he called for a courier ship. He would move the colony to an isolated lab for safety; if the energy output surpassed the colonies ability to harness it the explosion would not harm any innocents. “I’ll also need an armed guard,” he told the courier company, “A category four should be adequate to ensure that the cargo is safe. My competitors might try to steal it from me.” Arzimeth turned back to the experiment, “Three weeks from now Omega. Three weeks and you shall prove me right.” Inside the stasis field, disabled by the electro-magnetic fields disrupting their operation the nano-colony sat inert, its moment of destiny delayed.
  4. As the fist streaked toward her face the girl had just long enough to consider all of the elements that had led her to be here. A dash of stupidity, a liberal dose of alcohol and weed, a portion of naiveté, a heavy splash of teenage hormones, and a perfectly normal misunderstanding on the relationship between the girl and a boy. That was more or less the mixture that had led to one wholly inappropriate attempt to cop a feel, one rather heated slap, and the girl, one Katie Bedford, having dashed off into the night crying and embarrassed. That mixture had of course gotten swirled in with the concern of a friend and the unfortunate placement of one gang of seven near-do-wells who happened to also be drinking and toking in Central Park. Then the fist hit her and Katie went down like the proverbial sack of bricks. She’d barely even hit the ground before the hooligan was reaching to undo his pants. He didn’t get very far though as a blur of fair skin and red hair bowled into him with every last ounce of momentum that she could muster. The result was that the young man was bowled over and Penny tripped and stumbled over them into a heap on the ground. “Well well, looks like we gots us two chickies to play wit tonite,” remarked the largest of the gangmembers. “A reddie too, looks like a nice tight un. Boys, we’z got a fun nite.” Penny scrambled to her feet but found that she was surrounded by seven young men who looked to have kept a tattoo and piercing parlor open all on they own for the past few months at least. Denim and leather dotted with chain and spikes made them look like rejects from a Mad Max film. Preoccupied as Penny was with the realization that she had succeeded only in getting herself into a heap of trouble, she was in no position to notice that in bushes nearby a pair of white tigers were crouched, having been prowling through the park when the sounds of commotion had caught their ears. Uncommon in this part of the world there hadn’t been any of their kind seen publically since before the event when the New York Zoo had featured a pair. These were not them, though one was the child of that pair. The Event had made certain to change these two tigers though, both had developed sentience and human like features, and both were currently wearing T-shirts and shorts, which was a rather uncommon sight on normal tigers. Overhead another victim, or perhaps beneficiary, of the Event glided on thermal updrafts. Super acute ears registered the sound of Katie as she ran blindly into the midst of the gang. With ultrasonic echolocation to navigate by and an unerringly accurate sense of hearing the great mutant bat had turned nimbly in midair and dove toward central park. Each new word, the punch and sound of Katie falling unconscious to the earth, the sound of Penny’s impact with the ganger, all of these provided course correction for the creature who’s dark coloration made him nearly imperceptible in the darkened skies.
  5. University of Florida, Harmony City Student Medical Center August 2nd, 2008 1:42pm The mental care ward had several interview rooms, which basically empty rooms in neutral colors with one-way mirrors. They were often gussied up with various accouterments by psyche researchers, but rarely used for the original design specified utility of interviewing potentially dangerous mental health patients while covertly supervised by security staff. Until now. The observation room was a bit crowded. Three doctors and two armed guards. Another pair of armed guards were outside the entrance door to the interview chamber, right down the hall. The room hadn't been in use, so it was austere...a plain chair and a small table. In the chair was the girl. She looked maddeningly ordinary. A college age young woman in a green coat and teal sweater and blue jeans. Glasses. Dirty blonde hair with red colored tips like a dye job growing out. Cute. She was just sitting there unmoving, hands at her side, not on the table. At first she'd looked around, taking the featureless room in. Now she just stared at the door. The five occupants of the observation room watched as that door opened now, and Dr. Jensen walked in. Genevieve Jensen, sometimes called 'Doctor JenJen' by her inner circle, was a lead professor in the psyche department and a prolific researcher, especially in cases of autism. She paused for a moment just inside, then went to sit in the chair opposite the table from the girl. "Hello," Jensen said in a pleasant, neutral tone. "I'm sorry to keep you waiting." The girl tilted her head as she studied JenJen, then gave a tiny shadow of a nod. Acknowledgement, forgiveness...who knew? "Do you mind if I ask a few questions?" the doctor asked. A pause, then what might charitably be called a tiny shaking of her head. Or a small muscle spasm in the neck. "We show that you appeared in the center of the new wing of the High Energy Physics Lab here on campus, apparently out of nowhere." Gen gave every visual cue of reading off a sheet of paper in the manilla folder she had opened before her, then glanced up at the girl. "Do you remember that?" A nod. "Campus security reported some minor damage from flying objects, and a frightened intern. Do you remember that?" Another nod. Dr. Jensen closed the folder and asked, never looking away, "Would you explain what happened? Who you are, where you came from?" The girl hadn't spoken yet. She'd responded to simple questions, but not verbally. There was no sign of an injury that would explain it...or any injury at all in fact. "Accident," she said now...a quiet voice, with the word spoken slowly and deliberately. "What was an accident?" the doctor asked. "You being here? The damage?" "Damage," came the girl's reply. Dr Jensen was visibly working out a new tack when everything changed. The girl leaned forward a bit and said, "I am looking for tran...train... Transcendents. The ones who break rules." (more to come)
  6. So, I had someone ask how raunchy they can get (one guess, guys... don't think about it too hard ). So I'm asking what we want the rating of the game to be. It's a good thing to know, because my idea of 'ok' may not match yours. So vote!
  7. Open call from the City of Harmony City The City Council of Harmony City is seeking Heroes to serve as City Defenders against the recent increase in criminal activity. The History: In the 1950's, Harmony City (then known as Florida Bay City) was plagued by one Dr. Dread, whose crime spree was ended only through the brave sacrifice of Lady Harmony. The city was renamed in her honor, and harmony reigned until last year, when a woman claiming to be Dr. Dread's grand-daughter appeared and began to wreak havoc. Using the deceased doctor's name, she has steadily destroyed the city's economy. The Offer: The citizens of Harmony City need sanctioned defenders to step forward and aid this fair city. Competitive wages and benefits package offered, as well as a signing bonus for exceptional applicants. Identity security assured for applicants who prefer not to be a public persona. The Area: Harmony City is located in the southern area of Florida, within driving distance of Disneyworld and Busch Gardens. The climate is warm and benign, with sunny days and star-lit nights. Harmony City boasts several lovely white-sand beaches. Despite our proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, we are in the "storm-lee" provided by the Bermuda triangle. Our citizens come from a variety of backgrounds and all love our fair city. We understand and appreciate the wide diversity our citizens bring to our over-all culture; Harmony City does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, gender, sexual orientation and background. Applicants will have to consent to a background check, which will be run by Interpol and with full confidentiality.
  8. Are will still going forward with this or what? It's been a month without any activity. Is there still anyone willing to keep going?
  9. In most cities, the headquarters for the city defenders is a building of light and glass, a monument to the power and influence that the city gave its defenders. Inside these buildings, fantastic computers and labs were manned by the best and the brightest minds that could be convinced to work for the city's defenders. Many had training areas and the kind of equipment that you find only in a spy movie. Some had their own prisons, full of foolish villains. They were clear places of power. The Biscayne Building in downtown Harmony City was none of these things. The City Council was currently working to raise the funds to build the typical building for its heroes, but for now, the renovated Biscayne building on West Flagler Street would have to suffice. It had a laboratory on the top floor, with state of the art equipment. The computer lab on the fourth floor had state of the art machinery. There was no "Danger Room" or "Hazard Area" for training, only a gym on the fifth floor, next to the kitchen. No armory filled with lasers and top-secret equipment were encased in these walls, merely conventional weaponry. There was a solitary force cell in the basement, along with a handful of regular cells. In short, the city had built the headquarters as best they could, with equipment that any 'real' superhero would turn his nose up at. But the city was building from the ground up; it was a work in progress. But it had a bitchin' coffee maker. Or so Samantha thought as she poured a stream of the dark liquid into her 'Employee of the Month - Dade County Emergency Services' mug. She needed the caffeine for her case of first day on the job jitters. As she waited for the first of the heroes to show up, she wondered what they'd be like, and if they'd like her. She was confident in her ability to make a good impression on must humans, but she knew that some heroes weren't human. And she didn't know if everyone here would be human or not. Silently, she agonized, worried and waiting for them to arrive.
  10. For the forseeable future, OC is going to be a support role character only. After seeing how fast OC got left behind, I think that untill I can manage a real connection, OC isn't going to be an active character here.
  11. NPCs on the PCs side Dennis McCrae Harmony City's Liaison (played by Charles Guite) Samantha Withers Daytime administrative assistant at the headquarters (played by Bryce Howard) Abigail Evening administrative assistant at the headquarters (played by Heather Locklear) Chad Carter Night administrative assistant at the headquarters (played by unknown man) David Vixen's lab assistant and one of the few who knows her secret (played by Akshay Kumar) The Hammer Second in Command of New York City's American Dreamteam (played by Lemar) None of the pictures are used with permission, nor are they used for profit. I am treating them as casting pictures for the visual representation of characters for a role-playing game.
  12. Chosen has graciously allowed me the opportunity to run a Play by Post M&M game here on the site. I need three players to start and will accept up to six (first come, first serve). Any member of the site is welcome to join. The setting will be a created city, and while it's built for a four color setting, that can be adjusted for player preference. It is a standard, book build game. PM me if you're interested; once I have three people saying yes, I'll ask Chosen to put in a place for us to play.
  13. Tim clung to the rail of the boat and wished that he had never agreed to this. Marco, on the other hand, still had that same glint of excitement in his eyes as he leaned forward over the boat's wheel, peering intently through the storm. Doris was wedged between some of the equipment and wall of the cabin; the poor bunette woman looked as through she had dyed her skin a greenish-gray. "Marco!" Tim shouted as the boat tipped and plunged down a blue wall of water, moaning as it fell. "Marco, this is nuts! We have to go back!" "No!" Marco shouted, shaking his head. His thick black hair clung to his forehead as he answered, "We can't! We have to keep going to find the treasure!" "No gold is worth our lives," Doris moaned; Tim wasn't sure Marco even heard her. "Please go back." "This storm isn't natural!" Tim cried as a wave awashed over him. He choked on salt water and his own hot panic. "That's a good sign," Marco said in his South American accent. He nodded to himself before shooting a dark look at Doris. "And we aren't seeking something as empty as gold. We're seeking something much more valuable." His voice was thick with reverence as he said, "We seek knowledge and power." Doris stood shakily to her feet. "You lied!" she screamed. "I'm not here for some stupid trivia! I'm here because my son is sick, and I need that money!" "We'll find enough power to heal your son," Marco said calmly. "You're insane!" Doris declared as she stepped forward with a snarl. Grabbing the wheel, she tried to wrest it from Marco's control. Tim watched helplessly as the two struggled over the boat's controls; he had a vague sense that he should help, but his body wouldn't move. Marco gained the upper hand and grabbed Doris' hair. With a grunt, he thrust her head forward, bouncing it off the center of the steering wheel. The plastic wheel caved in, and Marco stared at it, as if it had personally offended him. "Fine," he muttered, leaving the cabin. He climbed to the roof and clung to the rigging; as Tim watched, disbelieving, Marco began to shout to the waves and wind. "My Lady! I am your good and faithful servant! I have followed your clues, and I have found my way to the heart of your storm. O, let your thousand eyes see my prayer; let your thousand ears hear my cry..." "He's mad," Tim whispered. He crawled to Doris' crumpled form. She was still alive and he snatched the radio off it's cradle. "Mayday, mayday," he begged, hoping he had the right words correct. "I need some help!" "This is the Coast Guard. What is the nature of your problem?" a calm voice came back. "My name is Tim Bolger. I'm on a boat in the Triangle, and we're in a storm," Tim explained. "The boat is damaged, one of us is hurt, and the other is nuts! We need out of here, now!" "You're in the northern edges of a Category 1 storm," the voice replied. "We'll do what we can. Keep your radio on so that we can track you via GPS, and keep talking so we know you're alive. Hang on." "Thank you, thank you!" Tim shouted in joy, almost giddy with relief. Above him, over the storm, Tim could still hear Marco shouting. Pulling Doris to his side and trying to keep her from getting tossed around, Tim began the long wait for rescue. Originally Posted By: Storm conditions-2 to complex aerial manuevers; -2 to all perception checks, with some exceptions (check with me to see if your special sense is affected); -4 to all craft or swimmers on the surface of the water (those underneath are unaffected; -1 to everything due to effects of the Bermuda Triangle
  14. The storm was the last remenants of the beast that had caused the boating accident yesterday, and the citizens of Harmony City sadly accepted that their sun was washed away in a flood of gray clouds and gusting winds. The storm had dropped in power overnight, losing energy as more of its bulk slid outside of the Triangle. The waves smashed against the pier outside, singing a horrible caphonany of water against wood and stone. The wind formed an eerie high-pitched melody to compliment the ocean's dirge, and the thunder was an occasional bass punctuation to nature's orchestra. Inside the warehouse, the natural sound of the weather was muted by walls. There were other sounds in here; a computer whirred softly, a soft whimper was lost in a dark corner, and rats scurried on their silent missions. The computer was hooked to a massive metal box in a cleared section of the room. Its screen was dark, but occasionally, it made a soft sound of computation. The sky in the high windows flashed once, a silent herald of what was to come. The thunder rumbled seconds after, and the world started to hold its breath. The next flash of light brought the lightening with it as it struck the warehouse. The building shook and someone in the dark corner cried out. But the computer was the real casualty; its screen flared, blindinly bright, and then popped loudly. The case flashed as well, then began to smoke. The lights on the metal box went out, leaving the small area in darkness. A red light flashed on the box; a soft hiss echoed through the dark. The metal box was open, and a soft blue glow emanated from the interior. A new series of whirrs and whines began to sound, signalling the start of something new. SYSTEM STARTUP . . . LOADING PROGRAMMING . . . . . . . ERROR FILE C:\\GEORGE\EXPLAIN.WMA CORRUPTED UNABLE TO OPEN . . . RUNNING SYSTEM ANALYSIS SYSTEM OPERATING WITHIN ESTABLISHED PARAMATERS BOOT UP COMPLETE HELLO, GEORGE. DO YOU KNOW YOUR PRIMARY COMMANDS? ENTER Y/N
  15. The motorcycles roared viciously, angry that they were being edged off the interstate and forced down to the more sedate city roads. Big Ben's bike was in the lead, and the old rider wove an expert path through the city traffic. The fresh tang of the ocean was just the next deep breath away, and the air was soft and warm. Soon the gentle curves of the Art Deco District rise on one side of Ocean Drive, while the ocean grumbled on the other. Big Ben turned off onto a drive that pointed toward the ocean, and his tail of bikers followed him. Parking on the thin strip of asphalt masquerading as a parking lot, the bikers emptied out their saddlebags, revealing the beers that they had picked up on their way into Harmony City. Strolling to a nearby bench, the biker gang settled down, waiting for their contact to show up. Beers were cracked open, and male voices rose in good-natured banter as women were spotted strolling the sand. Spartan found his ribs being nudged. "Hey," Spoke said, pointing at a tanned beauty walking along a wooden boardwalk. "Ain't she something?" Spartan duly looked, but before he could say much, another set of young women caught his eyes. These women were not like the others; they weren't wearing bikinis that looked like they came off the same designer rack. Their clothes weren't even all beach wear, but a mixture of shorts, shirts, bathing suits and bikinis. Their appearance spoke of poverty or maybe just a desire to stand out and seem thrown-together. Some of them had piercings, and more than the standard belly-button. There was a distinct sense of individuality. And that was when Spartan noticed that they all had some fur trimmings. "That looks like... cat fur," Big Ben muttered, leaning forward around his beer gut. The woman walked like predators, and the other people responded, clearing a path for them. One of the women glanced their way, her expression curious and slightly contemptuous. Silvo grinned, running his fingers through his blonde goatee. "I think she likes me," he chuckled. Immediately, a round of jeers and taunts rose from the other men, daring Silvo to go get her. With a tug on his pants, Silvo began to strut after the girls. But things didn't go as expected; when he reached the women, they didn't bunch up like a herd. They spread out, surrounding Silvo in a rough circle. Silvo was shamelessly flirting, and it only took a moment of observation for the other bikers to realize that the girl he was talking to was only fooling around. "Figures," Spoke muttered. "She's a tease." Silvo seemed to figure that out, too. His body language changed to a more aggressive stance, and he caught the woman by the arm. Without hesitation, she slapped him - but after his head had rocked to the side, the bikers saw the arc of blood flying away from his face. There was a moment of silence; then the cruel laughter of the women reached the bikers' ears. Originally Posted By: Hard factsThere are 12 bikers and eight women. The bikers are clearly going to initiate combat and hurry to Silvo's aid. You are on sand, so drop one from your speed when you run.
  16. Roxanne couldn't believe the email she had gotten; it was just incredible. But even better than the email was the reality. "Wow," she breathed, leaning down to see into the cage better. "Awesome, ain't it?" David asked, leaning against the doorframe and smiling. Vixen smiled back at the manager of the Harmony City lab. He smiled as he talked, but there was a hint of propietary worry in his eyes. "Are you taking it back to Seattle?" "Maybe," Roxanne admitted, not wanting to commit further. She turned away from David and looked again at the unique fox. It was a vibrant red, even moreso than most foxes. Bright, eeriely intelligent eyes watched Roxanne from behind a barricade of tails - three red and white tails, to be exact. "It is entralling, isn't it?" David asked, and Vixen heard the unspoken statement in his voice: please don't take her away. "It sure is," Roxanne agreed again. Straightening, she moved to the thick file on the table. "Is this all the information about her so far?" "Yes." Roxanne gave him a big smile and said, "Would you go through it with me? You are the expert." Maybe some ego-stroking will calm him down... She slid the file toward him with a smile.
  17. 2-02-2007 "Are you sure this is what you want Michael?" Chief Sanchez watched the face of his best detective for any sign that the man would change his mind about transfer. The younger man nodded once and smiled. "You know me Chief, this is something I'm set to do, it's something I gotta do. These guys over in Harmony City sound like they could use a good cop to help bring these freaks down. I doubt anyone else is going to go from here, so don't worry, Los Angeles is still gonna be nice and safe. Besides, you've got plenty of good cops here." It's a self-deppreciating tone that he knows Sanchez won't buy, but old habits die hard. "Yeah, I've got a whole precinct of them, but none of them could walk through a hail of bullets unscathed." Michael "Lucky" Guitierrez laughed slightly. "What can I say, some men are just born luckier than others." It was an issue that had been discussed before. Truth be told, he did get hit, but he simply didn't get hurt. Sanchez knew it too, but they still played the game. When one had a good cop who also happened to be someone with extraordinary talents, you didn't needle them about it. God knows they could always make a killling as a superhero, but Michael had simply wanted to be a cop. As such Sanchez had gone along, backing the young detective up on his "just luck" stories. Now his Ace cop was transferring out to a city across the counry to help theim with their problems. Sanchez extended a hand to Michael and smiled. "Show them what real law enforcement is Lucky. I'm counting on you to do well." Michael shook the offered hand and gave his best devil-may-care grin. "You got it boss man. I'll make you proud." That had been 4 days and one very long flight from LA to Harmony City ago. He'd found a nice little single bedroom apartment and had managed to get a good deal on an Jeep Wrangler. The condo he'd found had just been vacated, and was on the beach. Granted it wasn't cheap, butit would definitely serve as a nice home, reminiscent of his old one back in LA. He'd really lucked out on both of those fronts, the Jeep's previous owner had needed money more than the vehicle and he got it for a good price in cash. The Condo, the owner had kicked out the previous tenants for all the complaints and the damamge they'd done. The place was a mess, but after three days of work and some paint and other small jobs, he had things looking pretty decent again. His things all arrived on the fourth day, which he spent getting everything unpacked and put away. The fifth day, the day before he was actually due to report he made his way to the Department building downtown. He wore a simple khaki coat over a light grey buttondown and khaki slacks, standard office attire everywhere but LA. He asked the young officer at the desk where he could find Chief Brahe. "He's upstairs straight down the hallway last door on the left. Be careful though, all these gangs and the return of Dr. Dread has him under alot of stress." Mike nodded. "I can understand that, gang wars are bad enough, but throw in a supervillian and things get real dicey for the Police." She speared him with a quizzical look and he smiled. "Oh I'm sorry, I'm Michael Guitierrez, Transferring over from Los Angeles Central PD." Recognition flashed across her face. "OH! Well yes the Chief definitely will make some time for you, If you want to head on up I'll buzz ahead and let him know." Mike nodded and smiled. "Thanks alot Ms. Rand." "Jeanette please Detective Guitierrez." He nodded. "Michael or Mike then, I'm not big on formality either." With that He took the stairs up and made his way to the office of Chief Damon Brahe, the man who was his new boss, and probably the only other soul who'd know his secret for some time to come. "Come in Detective." the words boomed out just as he arrived in front of the door. He entered and saluted the man seated at the desk. "Enough of that, sit down let's have a little chat." Michael took a seat and then Chief Brahe began. "First off, you're a day early. You that eager to start? " Well welcome to the Harmony City PD. I don't know why a Veteran Detective from one of the best Departments in the States felt the need to transfer down here, but I'm not going to give you too much hell. Frankly, I need someone who's got experience dealing with gangs and we all know LA is where they invented gangs." Michael nodded and chuckled. "I can't say disagree about the origin of gang warfare." The Chief continued. "What I want to know though is can you do two jobs at once?" "Sir?" "I need a man to help train our people in anti-gang tactics, but I'm told I also ned someone to be our official liason to this new supers team the Council is trying to get started. What are your feelings on the Supers?" From the tone of his voice the Chief seemed to be of mixed opinion on the matter, and he knew more about Michael than he was letting on. "The supers serve a function that unfortunately we regular officers can't. I think of it like this. You send regular officers to deal with most crimes. For the really bad stuff you send in SWAT. For a bomb, you send in Bomb Squad. For these Super-powered villians you send a Super. I mean if a criminal can cast beams of death from his eyes, do you send in regular cops? No way you send in a Super that can deal with him." "You're both though aren't you?" The urge to play it off as luck was strong, but lying here wouldn't bode well for his prospects. Back home it was only because he was an established officer when his powers manifested that he got away with it. Best to play it straight. "Yes sir. I do have abilities beyond that of a normal human." "Such as?" "As yu may suspect, I am incredibly resilient to damage and a have limited flying capability. I also project bursts of energy to take down my opponents." "Is that all?" "Not quite, but those are the main ones. They're the ones that see the most use." "I see. So will you be joinging the team openly, or can you just let it go and be a cop?" "With all respect sir, I transferred here to be a Detective and to help the people of Harmony City. I didn't come here to be a Super, I came here to be a good cop." The Chief slammed his fist on the desk and smiled. "Damn good to hear it son. Because that's what you're going to be. Once they form their little team, You are going to be the official Liason to the Department form this team. I will clear a benefits package and higher pay for the positiion, I can't match the monetary side, but in addition to the pay from that you'll still collect your detective pay. I can get you some priority codes to that will allow you to take over things in the field once the Supers arrive so that my boys know to let the team do their job." He tossed a badge on the desk and nodded to Mike. "Welcome to the Haromny City PD, Detective. Let's get out there and take these punks down." Mike snatched up the badge and pinned it to his jacket. He then saluted the Chief who returned the salute and then dismissed him. "Good luck Detective, for all our sakes."
  18. I need to ask questions about the game and what we want to see it. First (and thus far, only) question - do we want to use the Wealth rules? Just give me a yes or no, and of course, only if you intend to play.
  19. Here is a thread for any helpful tools you'd care to share. Excel Character Generator: http://www.geocities.com/pryzmkess/hc-mm/m-mCharGen.xls The Game's Homepage: http://www.mutantsandmasterminds.com/ The M&M Forum: http://www.atomicthinktank.com/ Feel free to add as needed!
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