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  1. The Headmaster looked to Kyra and Yuuki, then to Aoi. "You think me cruel don't you?" He looked to Yuuki. "You aren't being used as bait, anymore than the three of us. This group is extremely high profile to attract his attention. If he comes after anyone it will be us. With Aoi and I, we should be able to hold him long enough for you to rally the others." He smiled. "Aside from that, you have a connection to this Shinigami, and you Kyra, have impressive hunting instincts. I plan on using those. Don't think this will be easy, that there's no danger. This Shinigami is a foe that has great power, do not stray too far from either of us. Kyra, you will be with me. Yuuki, Aoi will be your partner in this endeavor."
  2. Katrina DeWitt - Young Nekojin Background and History They never said life for a Nekojin was easy. Doubly so for Katrina. Katrina was born to David and Dana DeWitt. Two people as different as night and day. David is a well known gunsmith, shrimper, former Navy SEAL, and sometimes humanitarian around the streets of New Orleans. On the other hand, Dana lived a life of intrigue as a intelligence expert in the NSA. She traveled the world. Things for her at least were more interesting after 9/11, and for a cat who is naturally curious she fit the part. Dana is the cheetah of the family. In her mid-form she looks most like what Katrina looks like. Cheetah markings on fine fur. Her father though is a Leonid Nekojin. Sporting a proud red mane, muscular frame, and a beard that would rival a viking. Thing is... this never was truely a happy family. David rarely saw his wife, and with a child in Katrina in tow, things were complicated. Particularly with a precocious little girl running about in fits and blurs. But it was Dana who sealed the fate of the marriage, having an affair with a Russian diplomat over the course of a few years. It wasn't above Dana to get in bed with someone to extract vital data for national security, and once David found out this wasn't the only one, the marriage was over. Since Dana traveled too much to take care of little Katrina, sole custody was granted to DAvid. This enraged Dana and she swore to catch Katrina being neglected or put in danger. In 2005 Dana almost got her way when Katrina's father decided to stick it out with New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. David was a bit superstitious, and believed little Katrina was a sign he'd be needed. In the resulting floods, Katrina herself ended up lost in the flooded wards near where the shrimping boat was usually docked her father owned. He desperately searched for her in a small boat he kept with a friend downtown and scoured the outer wards. When Dana arrived on a blackhawk with a wet Katrina in tow, David knew he was in for it. But with the legal system in disarray in New Orleans and no other parish was currently able to handle a custody case, things took a back burner. The last words Dana told David in leaving were... "I no longer want the runt. Either she ends up a ward of the state through your negligence... or six feet under. What happens to her is none of my concern anymore." Now at 15, David decides on doing something for his girl she may or may not be ready for... he's sending her to the Academy. David taught Katrina only really how to live among humanity. But to truely know what she is capable of, she must find the Nekojin within, and only the Academy can do that. In regards to Katrina herself Katrina is a somewhat hyperactive, prone to anxiety 15 year old girl who seems to have a love of high places. In fact she has learned Parkour just to get it out of her system. Another time while on top of a tower in New Orleans, she wanted to learn how to skydive. One month later she was in Juvie for BASE jumping illegally. As a result over the summer David grounded her to the summer family business of shrimping. That too was a learning experience as she learned navigation, piloting a boat, and learning just a taste of how to survive in the ocean on the side from her dad. After her brush with death, Katrina decided on her own that she, when she got out of High School would enlist with the Coast Guard, and right away learned how to rescue distressed swimmers as a lifeguard, and learned all the first aid a civilian could know. As a teenager though she distracts herself with hobbies now, playing strategic tabletop games or working with her computer talking with friends. How much of this could be useful on the academy grounds? Will her obsessive Mother be watching?
  3. Mis Nekomone led her students to the Store, which was like a mini-mall. "Allright, the four of you, stay close to me. Keep your senses sharp. We're searching for the Sigil, I have a good idea where it's going to be, so Kozue and Kozakura you will need to be very careful. Krag, I want you to watch our backs. Rica, I expect you to assist as well here, Be another set of eyes, looking for anything amiss." With that she began leading them into the heart of the store, near the great pure water fountain.
  4. The long black limo pulled up in front of The Morneau Hotel in Paris. Tonight was its grand ball, celebrating its first year of being open, and a great many memebers European high society were present, now including Forbesi Aido, the Entrepeneur and true owner of the hotel, and Lilith Syn, his personal guest for the evening. He wore his slim black tuxedo with red trim, and looked positively ravishing with his devil may care smile, and offered his hand to Lilith to help her from the car. The opulence of the hotel was impressive, very few new hotels were built like this, what with all the economic issues. He smiled to her. "This will be fun Lilith, trust me."
  5. It had seemed like a grand idea at the time. When dating someone from another culture, it seemed only right to embrace their culture. And Skye really wanted to have a fun date with her boyfriend. So their first free weekend, she and Kuromaru made arrangements to spend that Saturday together. They had also each agreed to pick an activity to enjoy as a couple, something that was normal for their culture and that they personally enjoyed to share with each other. Which is how Skye found herself creeping through the woods, trying not to make any noise and generally being the noisier than if she’d just been walking around normally. She didn’t even see Kuromaru anymore; he’d said something about flushing the prey and driving it back to her. He’d acted like it was some gift to her, which from a certain perspective, was probably true. It was probably some kind of super-sweet hengeyokai thing. At least she’d told him that she had never been hunting before. He’d reacted with sympathy and a bit of horror, then insisted he’d teach her. Skye agreed to try it, but she’d been happy getting her steaks from the meat counter. Nervously , she stopped, listening carefully. The blonde half-celestial was confident in her sword skill, but less so about her ability to kill a wild animal with a knife. She still wasn’t sure about this at all, but she was going to try her hardest- The bushes ahead of Skye rustled and she crouched a little further. What would her boyfriend find to hunt? A deer? A rabbit? Something else? Suddenly, an unpleasant thought occurred to her. These were the woods around Monster Academy. Why on earth did she think that there would be deer out here? “Verdammt,” she muttered, digging the balls of her foot into the loose dirt under her feet. The bushes rustled again; Skye lifted her knife a little higher, setting her jaw for a titanic battle. A rabbit hopped out and stopped. Rising on its back feet, the little creature stared at her. Now you kill it. Go on. Annnnnnny second now. Just stab it. You know how to stab. Look at those ficken eyes and adorable nose twitch. Ok, apparently, this stabbing thing isn’t happening. “Shoo. Go on, before my boyfriend comes back and makes dinner of you.” Skye waved at the rabbit. “Go, you dumb thing.”
  6. It was the night before the Festival began. Two weeks had passed with astounding alacrity, especially for the theater and newspaper clubs. Derek had the last of their setting pieces finally in place, mounted as they needed to be, and finally the artwork was done. The fliers had all been passed out, and posters posted around school. The responses were very warm, moreso than Serena figured they would be. She looked at the crew on stage, Everyone either doing a little solo rehearsal, or making sure the marks were properly placed. She was nervous and seemed to vibrate with pent up anxiety and excitement. To her suprise, and that of everyone else, Jiren had shown up,introduced by Miss Nekomone as a new member of the newspaper club. Last anyone knew he was a star on the basketball team, so his joining the club seemed out of place. The way Nekomone explained it, he would write up their sports interest articles. Serena didn't care much, Jiren was a big boy, he could do what he wanted. She'd put him to work with Derek, helping to get the sets done. Now he would be a stage hand, and he didn't seem to mind. They'd made an actual small alcove off the stage, wholly for the show. This would be where Kyra lay in her dragon form, while Kyohei in the garb of a servant narrated the story to her. They'd already tested it for the weight, and overbuilt it so if she wished she could use her actual horde. The fittings had been fun, though Delilah's outfit had to be reworked so she didn't tear it when she moved. In the end Serena'd procured a special fabric that wouldn't tear, and everyone knew not to ask about the cost. Lilith had seen parts of the show, but tonight would be the first time she saw it in her entirety. "Allright everyone, places, please we're going to run through the whole thing as if three thousand pairs of eyes were watching." She had to put some pressure on them, to remind them that they'd sold out the show. Everyone was pleased on that score." For his part Kyohei nodded, clad in a cream-colored tunic, gold bands around his wrists and ankles. Serena had to admit he wore the outfit well, and of the cast, he'd not given her any problems. He looked to Kyra. "Come on, we're up first." He began moving to his place on the small add-on alcove.
  7. Upon leaving Darrik's room Yuuki tuned out virtually everything else as she began to walk. The trek took her through the school, and into the library. No other student was there, and only the Librarian sat behind her desk. Yuuki moved silently towards the back, to a small couch and pair of chairs situated around a low table. There were books upon it, looking out a window. The first of the books was something called "The Lord of the Rings."
  8. Darrik reappeared in his room, thankful he didn't have to deal with the Lords or the inedible sweets Serena had devised in some maddened corner of her mind. Flicker appeared with excitement, and Darrik passed him the cookies. Heck, maybe the imp would like them. In any case, he sat down on his bed and mindful of the fact that his room could be less than secure, he supposed a magical inspection couldn't hurt. He spread his senses and began double-checking and triple-checking. He wanted privacy for the talk with Yuuki. Finding nothing out of the ordinary, he sat down and waited for her to come.
  9. Dragons - By Ivan Sovani, Envoy of the Mages to the Dragon Court.. The following essay is a representation of my understanding and comprehension of dragons, to the mage's, to complete our understanding of how to operate within this land of monsters we find ourselves. To the Council of Magi, I great you all with great respect, but I have found that our fears regarding the dragons are correct... they are incredibly powerful, and only a few of their clans objected to our presence, the Lord of Dragons.. who's age and power seems to rival that of the entire council, is a massive red dragon who is both beautiful and frightening.. did not, he seemed to feel if we could claim the valley, it was ours by right of conquest. Estemed Magi.. The following are a few things to take into account while dealing with dragons, at least of the chromatic variety. Dragons are possessive in the extreme, to put into perspective, the mortals of earth would say each demon is linked to a particular sin, if so, Dragons would be creatures of Avarice, or Greed, but far beyond the degree that humans are.. Dragon's break everything down into three categories.. and I capitalize for emphasis: Mine, Not Mine, and Could Be Mine. My Territory, My Friends, My Allies, My Gold, My Horde, My Pets, My People, My Family... furthermore, the difference between these things is not all that great in the dragon's mind. This may be part of why they are so dangerous, anything that isn't theirs, is to be attacked and destroyed without regret if it's necessary to protect what is theirs. Dragons also seem to feel nothing of regret or shame, unless it's failing to protect what they have claimed as their own, or cowardice. They are also very wild, instincts are very close to the surface and dragons have no laws against killing or murder, because their instinctive rage is very easy to provoke.. when a higher ranking dragon is provoked, a lesser dragon will immediately submit and attempt to stay out of the way of the rage if possible.. anything else could draw the dragon's rage to them. On another level, if a dragon sees something (or even someone), they want, they will challenge another for it (or them). This situation even extends to the matter of mates.. They do make exceptions for those they consider equals, and never attempt to claim something from someone who has proved themselves higher ranking.. which means that establishing oneself at least as an equal is very important early on (dragons will almost never consider non-dragons higher ranking, unless they are royals of another type of demon, and even then, the demon must prove superiority). The only ones that seem exempt in dragon culture is their children, but that seems to be due to an almost instinctive knowledge that they need to allow their children a measure of freedom, for the sake of the continued growth and development of their race, and due to a edict from their lord. The children are allowed to fight with each other, however, and it seems to be a testing ground to see where they will rank when full grown. Certain attitudes and behaviors seem to set when in childhood, this is the point of maximum adaptability, depending on how a dragon grows up, tends to shape it's behavior for years to come. Dragon Magic tends to be elemental, and highly focused, red dragons for example, tend to master fire magic, where as blues master air and lightning.. but some dragons branch out into other esoteric studies, and a few dragons even seem to control multiple elements or very esoteric things, like dream magic, or mirror magic.. their Lord seems to touch on many areas, his knowledge is exceptionally deep, even a few words from him on the subject has allowed me new insights into my own field of mystical study. In conclusion, Esteemed Magi.. the Dragons should be dealt with in extreme caution, we should take great care when approaching them collectively and individually.. They can be powerful friends and allies, and terrible enemies.
  10. After Aria had left, Darrik had left Flicker be and went to talk with Ms. Nekomone. Obviously, being born a warlock was what it was in this school, but being so clearly and credibly threatened as to his life being at risk? Trouble with a capital T. Hence, a private chat with Ms. Nekomone, he could have went to see the headmaster, but it was simpler to see her, and she would unlike most of the other teachers, actually care.
  11. The first week of rehearsals had been alot of work. Getting on stage wasn't hard, though Serena knew getting up in front of an empty theater was one thing, getting up in front of three thousand sets of eyes was quite another. Today they'd be taking measurements so the costuming could begin, and she figured, some would resent this, others would relish it. Nobody had come to blows, and today they'd work on the choreography of the fights. Derek was already working on the set design, and as usual, he was making things complicated. The Vampires suprisingly said little about their relatively small parts, probably because they got to be royalty while the two scions of Lords were not. You couldn't buy the animosity that burned beneath the surface with Skye, especially it seemed towards Delilah. She suspected it was far more than how friendly Delilah was with well, everyone. Kyohei and Kyra did well, and in truth, she was thinking about switching them, or at least having them learn both parts. Aria performed well having already memorized her lines, much as She thought the young Yokai would. Darrik and Krag worked well as a team, almost exactly how the duo had been played in the movie. Kurosoroshiimaru took his part in stride, reading the lines he had well enough. Yuuki did the same, and Serena always laughed a little. The young Dryad obviously had different ideas about how things were in the human world. Towards the end of the week, she noticed things seemed to be off, as everyone seemed abit preoccupied. "Okay people take a break and a knee. You guys aren't even trying to perform today, so that leads me to ask "Why?" "What's going on that all of you need to resolve so you can get back to the inspiring performance I've come to expect from all of you?"
  12. Name: Jiren Background: Jiren is the son of Forbesi, the Lord of the Greater Demons. As with most of his kind, he was raised in the vast underground caverns that the Greater Demons called home. As a child he was constantly bullied and picked on by his older brother Aion, who saw him as nothing more than someone he would have to split his inheritance with. This was a common enough occurrence amongst demon families, where by tradition siblings would fiercely compete with one other for supremacy and for their share of the family inheritance. In Jiren's case, Aion would beat him up mercilessly almost every single day. It was only after Jiren had grown strong enough to stand up against his brother that the beatings stopped. Aion soon grew anxious over his brother's quickly growing power. Despite being only ten years old, Jiren's strength and prowess in battle had almost surpassed his, and Jiren was quickly shaping up to be their father's favorite. Fearful of getting passed over as successor to their father's throne, Aion quickly hatched a plan to get rid of his brother and secure the eventual succession of the throne for himself. Aion took the Jiren on a trip to the human world under the pretense of teaching his brother how to hunt for what was then his favorite food: Human meat. Once there he led his unsuspecting brother demon hunter ambush before fleeing through the portal back to the Yokai realm. Closing the portal behind him, he trapped Jiren on the other side, leaving his brother to the mercy of the hunters. Jiren barely survived the encounter. Though he managed to flee and give the hunters the slip, he was gravely injured during his escape. Luckily for him however, he wa found by a kindly old farmer named Felix Harwood, who not realizing that the boy was a demon, took Jiren home with him to treat his injuries. The family's selfless acts of kindness touched Jiren deeply. The farmer's wife bandaged his wounds, kept him fed, and nursed him back to health. At the same time, Jiren became fast friends with Lisa, Felix's playful young daughter, with whom Jiren bonded with over the various board games that they played as he recuperated from his injuries. Felix himself on the otherhand, kept himself busy toiling in the fields all day long. Though Jiren rarely ever saw him, he knew that this was because the farmer was working hard to provide for his family... and for the demon child they had as a guest. Jiren's stay with the Harwoods was brief but meaningful. Before his encounter with them, he had always viewed humans simply as prey and nothing more. His experience with the farmer and his family made him realize that they were much more than that, and it left him with a newfound respect for humans and their way of life. When members of Ragos' Royal Guard came to find and retrieve Jiren, and take him back to the Yokai World, he made a promise to himself that he would never feed on human beings again, and that from then on he would treat all humans fairly and with respect. A few years have passed since then, and Jiren has since enrolled at the Yokai Academy where he is currently in his sophomore year. A good athlete, he is a mainstay of the school's basketball team. Personality: Jiren is generally quiet and laid back. Upon meeting him, most people wouldn't even think that he was the son of a Demon Lord. In his past year at the Academy, he has done a good job of staying in his human guise and keeping his true identity secret, to the point that most of the other students are still guessing just what kind of yokai he really is. Though he is the son of one of the Monster Lords, his lineage remains a secret from most of the Yokai at the Academy. This is partly due to his desire to avoid getting special treatment, but also because he believes that it would only cause problems for him, particularly amongst other greater demons who would probably want to try their luck at besting the son of their Lord. An unquestionably very competent fighter (having had to prove it more than once during his stay at the Academy), he nevertheless abhors violence and rarely seeks it out, believing that fighting is a waste of time and energy. He is not one to back down from a challenge however, and when attacked or provoked, he is quick to defend himself using a particularly brutal fighting style. Even-tempered and slow to anger, he usually stays calm and collected under fire, but in the rare instance that he does get angry, most of the other students know it's time to flee and run for cover. Jiren adheres strictly to his own personal code of honor. Though he is not above lying, cheating, and stealing, he refrains from doing so to those he deems worthy of his trust. In social situations he is generally cheerful, polite and respectful to others, traits not often seen amongst other yokai. When asked about his past or ancestry, Jiren politely tries to change the subject. All that he's let on so far is that he was born to a wealthy, and influential Yokai family, but declines to elaborate much further than that. Appearance: Standing at 6'1 with a strong, athletic build, Jiren sports a well chiseled face framed by unruly, medium-length black hair. He is usually seen with his trademark dark blue jacket, which he almost always wears over his outfit. Jiren has been noted to be particularly protective of the garment, and is known to get particularly annoyed if somebody gets it dirty or damages it. His true form closely resembles his human guise with claws, goat-like horns, and black, feathery wings that unfurl behind him. Picture:
  13. Skye had been told she'd be getting a new roommate, but no one could tell her who. There was alot of speculation as to who would be brave enough to room with her, or desperate. Just as she began to unwind for the night, there was a knock at the door. The unmistakable aura of Yokai coming from the door, but this one was at least vaguely familiar. The knock was sharp yet polite, and after the business with Yuuki and Kai sharing a room, Skye could only open the door to see just what the powers that be had in store for her next, her next test of character here at the Monster Academy.
  14. More than the others, Yuuki's reaction worried him. They had to share a room, and she'd suspected him from the start. Gradually, she'd warmed to him, and he didn't want to ruin that. The nightmares had gotten worse, the memories more intense. He awoke a number of times to find her in his doorway, wondering why he'd called out.. He waved off her concerns, nightmares were normal after all, and privately her concern hurt him more, knowing she might not forgive him when he told her. He cooked the meal she'd enjoyed most so far, and had it waiting for her when she came home. He'd tell her honestly, but that didn't mean he couldn't share at least one last good meal with her.
  15. After having talked with Skye, Kyohei knew he had to tell Delilah. It was hard though, it felt like he lied to her all this time. He just hoped it didn't sour things with her, as he'd truly come to enjoy being around her. He walked across the campus, heading for the girl's dorm. Everyone gave him a wider berth than normal. He couldn't figure out what had happened now, but he put it from his mind. He got to Delilah and Aria's room, and sighed, this wasn't going to be easy. With that thought in mind, he knocked on the door.
  16. She was careless. That was the only excuse that Skye could offer herself later as consolation. She’d been here for three weeks, and though she’d had to put up with petty comments and stares, she really hadn’t had to deal with any attacks. She’d spent the first week ready for them; the second week she’d been hoping for one; the third she finally started to think that it wasn’t coming at all. So when it did finally happen, she wasn’t ready for it. Someone grabbed her hair and jerked her to the side. Skye slammed into the shoe locker hard enough to send shoes rattling. A couple of doors even popped open and spit out their footware, but Skye didn’t have time to notice that. She was getting her ass kicked. Skye’s head rang as she impacted the lockers, but all the half-celestial could think was, Finally! One of the Schwanzlutschers has started something! And I get to finish it! She was all smiles as she shoved herself off the locker, fighting against her opponent. She still wasn’t sure who had grabbed her, but she heard a feline growl and felt claws scrape at her scalp. Ficken Hengeyokai! Claws raked at her back, tearing her uniform and skin alike. Twisting, Skye pushed herself off the lockers and swung her elbow around, aiming for the head she barely saw. The head covered with bone-white hair ducked, and then the lithe, feminine body behind those claws side-stepped the foot that Skye aimed at her abdomen. “What the ficken Holle is wrong with you!” Skye snarled as she brought her hands up to protect her face. A crowd was gathering; there had been much speculation about the mysterious blonde student. No one really knew what she was, among the student body. Many of those gathered were watching intently for a sign as to her identity (which was mostly agreed to be succubus, after the ease with which she had bewitched the cold Kurosoroshiimaru). Most of what was known was that she was very good at holding her human guise. Priti on the other hand was not good at playing human. Her red cat-ears lay back against her hair and her fangs were apparent as she snarled angrily. Pale claws tipped her slim, delicate fingers, dripping with Skye’s blood. A red tail lashed the air behind her. “Stay away from the Hengeyokai Prince!” she snapped and jumped at Skye. The nekojin was insanely fast. Skye found herself with twin claw strikes down her arms, skin and muscle shredded. Skye’s counterstrikes were just not enough; her hand-to-hand training had always lagged behind her swordsmanship because no demon-hunter in their right mind went hand-to-hand with a demon. Priti came in for another strike and Skye braced herself for it. Even with the knowledge that it was going to hurt, she flinched as more of her uniform was destroyed and more skin cut into meaty strips. But this time Skye repaid Priti, hitting her in the sternum with a closed fist. The nekojin was thrown into the window on the other side of the hall, bouncing off the tough glass. Through a trickle of blood leaked from the cat-girl’s mouth, she was back on her feet and dashing forward to deliver another blow. Skye threw up her guard again, but this time, Priti wasn’t alone. Two human-looking boys, identical in appearance, stepped out from the watching crowd and flanked Priti. Drugon and Ennon were warlocks in one of Skye’s classes; she knew nothing more about them than that. Together, they drew their hands back and thrust them forward, each sending a jet of fire at her. Skye dodged Drugon’s easily, but Ennon’s caught her in the stomach, burning a small hole in the shirt and painfully darkening her skin. Priti didn’t relent; her first claw swipe caught Skye in the thigh, slicing her skirt along with her flesh. The next strike from the nekojin was desperately blocked; Skye got both of her arms up to send the overhead strike sliding away to the side. Outnumbered… even the odds. First though, the blonde teen needed to regain some ground. Skye touched her crispy stomach and sent a flow of power through her skin. The cool touch of Tsukuyomi, her patron god, filled her with hope as it banished the pain from the fire and reduced the bleeding from the cuts on her body. Then she lashed out at Ennon, trying to take him out of the fight – and missed. She slipped on her own blood, the soles of her dress shoes providing no purchase. And once more, the warlock brothers threw fire at her. Her school uniform was trashed but she didn’t care so much about that as damage to herself. The burns were less dangerous than the attrition from the claws but they hurt worse. Yowling with growing excitement, Priti struck again, but Skye was ready for her. She’d seen the flaw in the nekojin’s attack; her movements were a pattern. It was a successful pattern but it only worked for so long. Skye ducked the first swipe and blocked the second with a palm strike to the girl’s arm. Then she spun away from the nekojin, her leg coming up in the air. More than a few demons hooted when they caught that flash of panty, but Skye didn’t care. Her foot was aimed at the warlock twins’ heads. Drugon was caught by her heel and dropped to the ground, blood flying from his nose. Ennon ducked the arching kick, snarling, “Drugon!” and drawing his hands back for another gout of flame. He never even saw that Skye had kept her momentum going and had come back around, picking up her other foot and lashing out again. Her heel caught him in the side of the head and smashed him into the ground. Skye finished her spin facing Priti, wondering where the damned teachers were. If she dared to pull the Crescent Moon Shard, this would be over in a heartbeat. But that was a celestial weapon, and Skye could think of few things worse than pulling a holy weapon at demon school. I can do this, the young half-human thought, setting her jaw and lifting her fists higher. I can kick her ass. Arms wrapped around Priti’s shoulders from behind; Skye’s jaw dropped as Jaqi’s face appeared over the nekojin’s head. “Leave Skye alone!” she shrieked before biting at the girl, her small fangs latching onto her ear. Priti yowled again, but this time with pain as Jaqi tore at her tender ear. Skye started to move forward and take advantage, but Sofia dashed forward, her head low. She rammed her skull into Priti’s side, making her stagger. The Hengeyokai danced backwards, her large eyes even larger with fear – but she didn’t run away. Natsumi wasn’t far behind; an orange shape leapt at the stumbling Priti and bore her down to the ground. Jaqi was knocked away from the fighting girls, who weren’t fighting like girls anymore. They were caught up in a ball of motion, locked together in a tussle that looked a lot more like cats fighting than teenagers. Skye moved forward to help only to have Sofia catch her arm. “I wouldn’t,” the brunette Hengeyokai warned. “Natsumi will get caught up in the moment; she might lash out at you before she realizes it’s you. It’s not an uncommon problem with our predatory people.” Skye looked sharply at Sofia, trying to see if the Hengeyokai was delivering a sly warning. But her brown eyes were focused on the tussling women. A groan drew her attention back to Jaqi and Skye knelt beside the young yokai. “You okay?” she asked, concern in expression. “Yeah…” Jaqi drawled softly. “I just hit the wall.” She rubbed her head, grimacing. Skye rose and offered a hand to the girl, pulling her up. “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?” Coach Thud’s booming voice didn’t break up the fight, but the bucket of water she upended over the girls did. The two of them jumped apart, squalling protest and shaking off the water. For a second, nothing was clear as both of them tried to talk at once. Skye raised her hand and Thud shouted, “You two! Shut up! Blondie, what did you want to say!” “She’s lying!” Priti barked. “I haven’t said anything!” Skye protested angrily. “You going to tell her I started it!” Priti howled. “You did!” Skye snapped. “You slammed me into the lockers and clawed up my back! Then you told me to stay away from Kurosoroshiimaru!” Silently, she added, Gottverdammt, but that boy needs a shorter name! Thud rolled her eyes, grumbling, “Knew that boy was trouble. The cat-princes are always trouble.” She leveled a finger at Natsumi. “What are you doing in this?” “I attacked to help Skye,” the tiger Hengeyokai admitted, daintily licking blood off her fingers. Thud frowned. “You’re helping a non-hengeyokai fight over your prince?” “I was defending my prince’s… hand-holding friend.” “Girlfriend.” Skye muttered quickly. “My prince’s girlfriend.” Natsumi stated the comment without fanfare, but Thud and most of the students looked at Skye, clearly surprised. The half-angel felt her cheeks flush, but she said nothing as she watched Thud coolly. When the blonde student said nothing, the coach just shook her head. “Fighting over boys? What’s gotten into you girls!” “I wasn’t fighting over what I already have,” Skye said imperiously; her poise would have made Kuromaro proud. “I was defending myself from this wack-job.” No one seemed to understand her slang, which was probably just as well. “Fine, I don’t care. All five of you find mops and clean up this mess. Then report to the Headmaster.” She paused, seeing the twin warlocks. “And wake those two up, too, and same for them. All seven of you - to the Headmaster for fighting!”
  17. Although this is an OOC matter, I'm starting a separate thread for it because I suspect it has the potential to run on for awhile. This way the OOC thread is clear for other out-of-game messages. I'd like it people would cool down on the number of fics in this (and honestly in others too) game. Don't get me wrong; I like fics. I think they serve a valuable function in letting people get RP time in without diluting or delaying primary plot threads, especially when that RP only involves one or two PC's. When used in that way, I'm all for fics, and wouldn't mind seeing dozens pop up. What I'm staring to see however is plot threads masquerading as fics. I give an example: Darrik's fic where he's investigating the mysterious force behind the disappearing items. That's a plot thread! We ALL should be involved in that. That's not one PC's personal quest, it's a major plot development that's now been subverted. If someone wants to get involved now, it's at Darrik's leisure to say yay or nay. Another example: The sudden explosion of fics revolving around Kyohei's background. In genral, I think, if a development is so important that you need three or four fics spread out between different PCs to cover it...it's probably more of a plot thread that should be open to all. I'm open to discussion on all this, mind. It just seems to me that it's useful to have a distinction between 'fic' (a relatively closed thread for in-character scenes that only involve a very limited number of PC's that would otherwise 'clutter' IC threads) and 'plot thread' (an in-character thread that is open to all PC's and constitutes one or more major plolines of the game's narrative). Thus, I'm skeptical of appeals that "anyone can join fics," because that seems to me to negate the entire premise that gives fics their unique value. Simultaneously, I don't think it's fair for fairly major plot questions to be resolved entirely in a fic, or even pursued in a fic, since by definition a major plot thread is for -everyone-. Thoughts?
  18. Everyone arrived in the large ampitheater that also served as the awards and assembly hall for the school. It was larger than a great number of it's human world counterparts, capable of seating over three thousand including the balcony. The entire club was present, seated in the first and second row, as the Theater club moved about the stage. There were only six of them in total. A seventh showed up and immediately everything stopped. Serena Aida was the president of the club, and One of the most eclectic personalities on campus. She was the youngest daughter of the Demonlord Forbesi, and one of the only females who wasn't a succubus who could compete with them. "Good day everyone!" Her voice wasn't what one would expect, being quite happy and cheerful, and upbeat. They all responded in kind. "Listen up. With the issues and reversals we suffered, I took it upon myself to ask our new Sponsor, Miss Nekomone to recruit, or at least politely ask her main club to help us out. They have graciously agreed." This got a variety of smiles from the six members of the club. She looked out to the Newspaper club and smiled. "First off I'd like to thank you all for agreeing to do this, and I'd like to have everyone introduce themselves please. I know who each of you are, but I don't think you know all of us." "I'm Serena Aido, president of the club, and generally the director of our productions." Serene had a pale complexion, brilliant emerald green eyes and long blonde hair. The next person to come forward was slight woman who's clothing was covered in paint splotches. Her black hair was bulled back and tied up at the back of her hair. "I'm Yukari Sugai, I paint everything for the club." The only male was next. He stood roughly 5'7 and was fairly normal looking. "I'm Derek Cain, I build the sets." Next came a girl wearing large glasses. Her long brown hair was braided, and reached the back of her thighs. "I'm Lucy Aden, I working on writing the script and dialog for the production." She was quite shy in her posture and demeanor. The next girl was tall, as Tall as Kyohei easily if not abit more. "I'm Haruka Senda, I am one of the seamstresses in charge of making the costumes." She was attractive, but not overly so. The last woman was petite and set off a number of warnings for Kyra. "I'm Kana Shirayuki. I handle special effects for our shows." Kana, Kyra could tell, was another dragon. Their introductions done, they waited for the Newspaper club. Miss Nekomone nodded to them indicating they should introduce themselves.
  19. In the days following His and Delilah's consummation of their status, Kyohei found himself remembering more and more of what his life had been. The good memories he'd told Yuuki of were there, as were those of his intensive martial arts training. Those weren't an issue in the slightest. It was the others though that made him edgy. He remembered running through the woods, chasing down an evil spirit, cornering it and dispersing it with the techniques his grandfather taught him. He remembered chasing a feline looking demon over the rooftops, with Karona running at his side. The two of them coursed the feline like hounds, finally herding it into Haruka's trap, and watching as it was removed from the human world. He remembered Aoi, her white resplendent wings unfurled as she slew the renegade draon that had been terrorizing a small town north of Tokyo, as he and his siblings watched. He remembered the hunts against many demons, oni, trolls, virtually every sort of monster he now called a member of a friend. He sought out the only other person with human blood he knew of on Campus, finding his way to Skye's room and Knocking politely. "Skye, It's Kyohei, I need to talk to you."
  20. Ok, here we go vote for your choice, you've got 3 days The one with the most votes wins
  21. Okay here's the deal. We've had a massive influx of characters, and have had a large number of Player created NPC's. What I would like is for each of you to do a writeup on some or all of the NPC's you have created, a little about their personality and such and what sort of monster they are. I'd prefer that these writeups be about 200 words minimum, and for each one I'll give you 1 cp. (The max you can get in a month is 3 to keep this from getting out of hand.) This will help me and the other players keep track of the various NPC's. Those I have created are exempt from this this is only for NPC's you guys have created. If you think there might be an issue with the NPC, PM me first, or talk to me in chat. Have fun and I look forward to seeing what you all come up with for fellow attendees of Monster Academy.
  22. It was late in the afternoon of Yuuki's second full day at the Academy when, with the jiggle of the door unlocking and the turning of a doorknob, Yuuki entered her dormroom. She was dressed in dirt-stained gardening clothes, hair in a ponytail high on the back of her head. Her expression shifted from the polite, reflexive half-smile she could fake with ease to an honest grin when she shut and locked the door behind her. Truth be told, she wasn't enjoying her accomidations as much as she had hoped she might. The other male monsters in the building were... brutish as a rule, a few going so far as to try and corner her physically. She had been *this close* to unMasking a few times and showing them how the Hina had earned their peace, but Kyohei-San had stepped in and then the overt threats had stopped. Somehow. The leers that followed, while uncomfortable, were not *much* worse than the cliqueishness of some of the more-unpleasant girls, still... Thank goodness for Kyohei-San and the Gardening Club. The former for being so understanding, and the latter for being, well... As close to home as she had any reason to hope to find here. They had welcomed her imediately, and the resulting two afternoons of working with her fellow young Elementals in couching the ground and water to meet the needs of the plants on the grounds and in the vegetable garden were... Well, if she didn't have studies to attend to, she'd still be there. The young dryad stripped off her gloves and called out, "Kyohei-San, I'm back."
  23. Kyohei had spent the entire morning preparing for this. He'd founded a nice secluded spot near the lake, well away from the beaten path the day before. He'd gathered up everything he would need, and set to work. His skill at cooking was passable, having learned most of it from his elder sisters. Aoi in particularly would smile as she taught him, as if it were simply how things were supposed to be. He'd fixed eggrolls, rice, and both chicken and shrimp tempura, all foods he'd seen Delilah eat from the cafeteria, as well as some special sausages that he'd asked Miss Nekomone to get when she went to the human world the previous day prepared by hand. It had taken the better part of the day. He had lain out and pressed some of his better clothes, and had the basket ready to go. He smiled and set out into the woods. Strange enough there were no animals in the area he'd chosen so he felt safe leaving things set up there. He returned to his room and got cleaned up, dressing as he planned, in clothes that looked good, yet he didn't care overmuch about, and wearing a cologne that His Sisters had given him for Christmas last year. Thus prepared he made his way to Delilah and Aria's room, ready to settle things with Delilah. He knocked on the door and waited, ready he figured for pretty much anything.
  24. Okay guys here's another chance for bonus points What I want is a play with at least 8 distinct parts for various PC's to fill. I'm not asking for 10 pages, but a general outline is all. You don't need to write dialogue, though you can if you want. Keep in mind these plays can be anything, though it should have no more than a PG-13 rating everyone may submit once. A submission is worth 5 points at the end we will have a vote. the play that wins, the player who submitted it will get an extra 10 cp Sound good? You don't need to worry about casting, just create the play and the parts themselves. This contest goes from today, through next saturday.
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