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  1. Though it was early in the year, things had been changed so that the Juniors would take their Field Trip to Kyoto first, and the Seniors would go after Midterms. It took ten bus to get everyone going on the trip Into Kyoto, each bus carried four faculty members, and two more drove vans carrying another eight faculty each. Still less than sixty faculty, only 20 of them teachers, for 540 students, it was roughly one adult per ten students. Miss Nekomone of course was her club's chaperone, and actually sat with them for the bus ride into the Human world. "Now remember, no one is to use their powers, or their true form for any reason." ,, "This field trip is both a fun experience, and a learning and assessment one for all of you, and us. I want you all to have fun, to see all we can, together, but let's try to have abit less of a rowdy time than we did at the hotsprings." ,, (Everyone is seated around each other, and sadly for Kuro, he's in a cat carrier. What it took to get him in there is evident by the scratches on his sister's hands, and his general displeasure at being treated like a pet. It was however necessary, as once she got him inside, she told him there are springs that might help him..I want to let you all talk some on the ride there, then I'll get you to the hotel, to unpack and then go site-seeing. it is right at 8am when you start, and you've been on the bus an hour.)
  2. Time Frame: Day before Classes: Chapter 8:New Beginings Kyradathea moved around the new dorm rooms that she had moved into, ground level, with a opening on one side of the room that lead outside to the gardens, she had selected this room with careful consideration to her new roommate. It was somewhat more open then her old room, she was not entirely happy with that, but it was worth it for the ease of her dryad friend.. and it was good to have one of her friends so close to where she was keeping her horde. Her many treasures, the horde that she had gathered over her youth was carefully piled up in her own bedroom, and it was quite a horde at this point, some of it gathered over the break and some of it from her christmas break, though not as much as it could be if she hadn’t spent so much time negotiating with the dryads. Diplomacy was not something she was good at, but after her discussion with her father, and the fight with her sister, she knew that she had to be a bit more flexible. The Hina clan had reacted to her... proposal with considerable surprise, but the Elders had been thoughtful after a while.. and she had stayed with them quite a while to learn more of Yuuki’s people, even learning a good deal of basic knowledge of plants with the dryads... not to mention, trying to be a bit more controlled. Classes would be starting tomorrow, but for now, she and Yuuki would have time to settle into their new rooms, and she expected to see the dryad at any point.
  3. Personal Information Name: Murakami Natsuko Nicknames: Natsu-chan Occupation: Student Marital Status: N/A Known Relatives: Asano, the Elemental Lord Allegiance(s): TBD Physical Traits Weight: 122 lbs Height: 5'7" Apparent age: Adolescent Age: 17 Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Japanese (human guise) / Elemental Eye Color: Amber Hair Color: Blue-black Handedness: Right Blood Type: A Appearance (human guise): Natsuko in human form is a relatively tall, slim young woman with an earnest smile, sun-kissed skin, and a luxuriant mane of hair so dark it shimmers with a cool blue luster. Her skin, and indeed the very air around her, is always pleasantly warm. She prefers to dress in feminine clothing, often of a very traditional nature and often in bright colors and elaborate patterns. Powers, Skills, and Personality Known Powers: Natsuko is reported to be capable of flight, utilizing brilliant wings that spring forth from her back with a mental command. She also seems to share the affinity of all her kind for her natural element, and is rumored to sleep on a bed of glowing embers as a form of training. Unlike many of her kin, however, the young fire-born "princess" is purportedly a skilled and attentive healer who utilizes the essence of fire to rekindle waning vigor and vitality. Some have wondered openly (and fruitlessly) whether she is a phoenix in truth, or whether the seeming simply strikes her fancy. Abilities/Special Skills: Natsuko expresses very little interest in the brutality of war, preferring instead to pursue cultural and artistic studies. She is a gifted dancer, and loves learning about the exotic customs and quaint manners of non-elemental beings; the latter gives her ample opportunities to practice diplomacy in preparation for the role she might one day hold as her elder brother's successor. Personality: Despite Natsuko's preference for the healing arts over the martial ones (an eccentricity generally viewed by her family as a moderately tiresome adolescent phase), she is not the serene, retiring priestess of traditional lore. She shares with many other fire-born an inherent passion for life, as well as their love of performance and something of a penchant for the dramatic. She is friendly, earnest, and (both literally and figuratively) warm, possessed of a genial and inclusive spontaneity. Background Natsuko, younger sister of Asano and current heir to his position, has somehow managed to avoid the spotlight so far, and thus the scrutiny to which such a public figure is generally subject. Her lineage is unquestionably legitimate, so the need to suppress a scandal was clearly not an issue, but reports of her whereabouts prior to her enrollment in the academy are nebulous, at best. ,, ,, Miscellanea 18 Feb 2013: +1CP (Making Justin laugh in chat room.)
  4. The new Term had begun, with everyone moving on to the next grade. Perhaps most surprisingly, they found They would not all be in the same class again, with Miss Nekomone, who'd been tapped to teach Juniors this next school year as Several teachers had elected not to return after the last incident. There was roughly fifteen minutes before class, and the roster according to the computers had changed alot, with some friends moving to other classes. For the most part, the core group had remained though, with some new additions. The class room was still lightly populated, only a few students there, but chief among them was Kyohei, who no one had heard from or seen in the last month. He was once again without a roommate, as the school's population had decreased to just over nine thousand. He looked trim and fit, moreso than normal, and sat with a calm ease, knowing he'd probably have to answer a slew of questions regarding his disappearance, but he smiled. It was good to be back.
  5. For Siabhra, the day spent stuck in her natural form only served to reenforce her image as Queen Bitch and Ice Queen. She'd been corraled early on after being caught in an off limits section of the school, and sentenced to the Medical ward, to use what gifts she had to help those injured. There were actually a fair number, though none too seriously injured, mostly bruises, some cuts and bite marks. Whatever crew was out there was doing a good job keeping things under control. After some time though, the injuries worsened, culminating in Arrival of a large snow white wolf, carrying a litter with three younger nekojin, two girls and a boy. They were covered in frost, and frostbite had already looked to be at work. "I need medical assistance now, or these three will not make it." The guttural voice of Kiba, one of the Seniors, and perhaps the most powerful of the school's remaining hengeyokai, wasn't of someone used to being ignored, and his bright yellow eyes zeroed in on Siabhra, imploring her to help these much younger students. He himself was also covered in Frost, thick snow and even some ice hung and melted from his fur. Clearly something was very amiss outside.
  6. Resak didn’t pause as he made his way back out of the girl’s dorm, ignoring the various female demons in various states of disarray. His songbird still rode on his shoulder, and he had one large hand on her ass, holding her in place—while giving her covert squeezes, of course. Resak’s mind was not on anything other than the feel of the female over his shoulder. At the boy’s dorm, Resak took the stairs two at a time, and if any of the others noticed, they were wise enough not to interfere. Resak would have met interference with extreme violence at this point. The goblin prince was beyond wired; he’d passed into a state of mind where if he wasn’t allowed to have sex or violence he was going to snap. Right now, he was choosing sex. Part of him was aware that he wasn’t entirely himself, that while he liked sex and violence, he usually wasn’t pushed into it quite like this. He was cognizant of it—and didn’t care. At his room, he slammed open the door, glaring at the hiding imp. The damn thing watched all the time, and while he didn’t mind so much, it acted like watching him was a victory. Resak didn’t spare long to stare down the demon; he was too eager for what came next. With a smile, the Nibelung slipped his songbird off his shoulder and dropped her lightly on the bed. The young demon reached for the harness that held his weapon and pulled it loose; the heavy axe dropped to the floor as he drew the edge of his shirt over his head. Throughout, he was unaware of the shadow that had followed them from the girl’s dorm.
  7. Aderyn Songbird Personal Information Name: Aderyn Songbird Nicknames: Ade, when male; Ryn, when female. Occupation: Student Marital Status: N/A Known Relatives: Resak Mountain-Killer, formerly Verin (protected), now Verndarin (protector); Laesh, mother (verin of Itakshir Dragon-Bloodied); Korvan, father (verin of Huisak Open-handed); Tornah, younger sibling (verndarin of Shinriki); Jorahn, elder half-sibling by Laesh (verin of Kraeta Sky-Climber); Desann, elder half-sibling by Laesh (verin of Uthvanik Ice-Scarred); Bersah, elder half-sibling by Korvan (verin of Nikshar Storm-Blessed). Allegiance(s): Resak Mountain-Killer Physical Traits Weight: 115 lbs Height: 5'10" Apparent age: Teenager Age: 16 Gender: Most often female, but can become male at will Ethnic Background: Caucasian (human guise) / Songbird Eye Color: Blue-green / Green, blue, and gold Hair Color: Dark blond / Honey hues with blue, green, and gold feathering Handedness: Left Appearance (human guise): Aderyn is beautiful, seeming pure and innocent, in her human guise, whether male or female. Both forms are slender with bright blue-green eyes and fine, soft golden hair. She dresses simply but attractively, favoring shirts and pants that flatter her figure and accentuate lithe curves of her body. Her voice is light and pleasant to listen to. Appearance (true form): As her true self, Aderyn has a crest of beautiful feathers framing her face and her movements are a graceful dance even when only walking or doing mundane tasks like cleaning and cooking. Her skin takes on a golden luster and her eyes become inhumanly intense and flecked with gold. She does not seem to have ears in this form, but doesn't seem to suffer any loss of hearing; her voice becomes even more entrancing, a pleasurable indulgence for anyone in range to hear her. Powers, Skills, and Personality Known Powers: Aderyn can heal with her singing and takes time to help out in the school clinic, especially when arms practice is in full swing or competitions are going on at the school. Although less than a dozen people at the school have ever seen it and so it remains mostly a rumor, she can harm with her voice just as easily as she heals. Abilities/Special Skills: Aderyn is an accomplished performer and cook, both services that she provides to her Verndarin, Resak, and to others if he permits. Personality: Aderyn is usually quiet and congenial, allowing herself to slip into the role of hostess and invisible servant when tending to Resak; when on her own at the Academy, she is still reserved but quite friendly if approached. She is fiercely loyal to her Verndarin and will defend him vehemently against any attack on his reputation or character. She will do the same, though to a lesser extent, for his younger brother, Shinriki. Background When the Wise Woman of the Iron Fangs tribe found she was with child, she and her husband ordered their verin to mate to produce a Songbird child to be their child's verndarin. Songbird pregnancies are shorter by a few months than Nibelung pregnancies, allowing Aderyn to have been born nearly two weeks before Resak, an auspicious sign among both Songbirds and Nibelung for the two infants. Her childhood was fairly typical of a Songbird born to be verndarin to a noble Nibelung child: she had the advantage of living in luxury, but was still Songbird and suffered the whims of her verndarin and his friends. Neither particularly cruel or kind, Resak treated her as a confidante, servant, and personal whipping boy by turns. When Resak's father determined that he would send his son to the Monster Academy, he declared that Aderyn would be left in the Northlands, as Resak would be well-protected at the school and there were questions on how well the Academy would honor the bond between Songbird and Nibelung. Aderyn panicked, well aware of how far her social standing would fall - from near the apex to below the lowest-born Nibelung and Songbirds - if she was left in the Northlands without her Varin. She begged Itakshir to allow her to accompany Resak, and when that proved useless, appealed to Huisak and the close bond the Wise Woman shared with own varin, Laesh. Huisak interceded with her husband and a compromise was reached: Aderyn would attend the school with Resak, so that they were not strangely separated and so that Aderyn could learn what she would need to understand to serve Resak as he grew into his power, but she would declare herself female to school and room in the girl's dorm, so that Resak would have to room with another boy and learn to interact with other monsters. She saw the changes in Resak after the first year, but didn't truly appreciate the new depths of her Varin until the last break from school. Resak and number of other Nibelung noble-borns decided to go hunting in the Little Mountains just south of the Great Glacier. They were hunting wraith beasts, large leonine creatures with pure white fur that made them nearly invisible in the snows - clever and strong prey that would earn the boys a great deal of prestige if they brought one down, and a fine pelt to gift a girl for whoever struck the killing blow - when they awakened an Earth-Child, violent rock elementals that could take an entire tribe to kill if it were an greater Child. The Nibelung children did as they'd always been trained when faced with a foe they could not defeat - they ran and left their Songbirds to die for them. Resak ran until he heard the first Songbird scream, even the snapping of the Songbird's bones sounding like a lyrical accompaniment to the melodic tones of their death-cry. He turned back, unwilling to allow the same fate to fall on Aderyn. It took over an hour and the death of two more Songbirds before he managed to kill the Child, luckily a younger elemental not yet adorned in full mantle but still strong enough to break Resak's arm and leave him with a dozen scars down his side for his efforts. When they returned to the Iron Fangs, the tribe was arming to rescue the son of their chief. Once word spread that Resak had returned - the Earth-Child slain and a half-dozen young Songbirds in tow - he was declared Mountain-Killer and his childhood was officially over. He became the Verndarin and Aderyn his varin, while the other Nibelung were shamed for acting as little children and allowing two Songbirds to die instead of standing with Resak when he turned back. Aderyn had never heard of a Varin ever saving their Songbird verndarin before - sacrifice is what Songbirds are for while Nibelung are still children - and her loyalty to Resak now borders on the fanatical. She works even harder to be a Songbird worthy of a Chief of Chiefs, as she is certain Resak will take that mantle when his father dies and she refuses to ever be a shame to the man that saved her life when all his childhood training should have left her to be crushed and eaten by the Earth-Child.
  8. Personal Information: Name: Resak Mountain-Killer Nicknames: Reese Occupation: Student Marital Status: Umated Known Relatives: Itakshir Dragon-Bloodied (father), Huisak Open-handed (mother), Shinriki (younger brother, at school) Allegiance(s): Nibelung High Chief, Iron Fangs Nibelung Tribe Physical Traits: Weight: 194 lbs Height: 6'5" Apparent age: late teens Age: 16 Gender: Male Ethnic Background: Caucasian (human guise) / Nibelung Tribesman Eye Color: Purple / Yellow-Orange Hair Color: Black / white Handedness: Right Appearance (human guise): Resak is very tall in human guise, though he’s on average for the Nibelung. His human guise is as handsome for a human as his Nibelung appearance is for his people. He is tall and leanly-built, often wearing very casual clothing – when he wears anything at all. His body is marked with the scars and wear of his hard life on the cold northern mountains and seas; each one of them is a story which he will tell if asked. His eyes are a dark purple; they are his best feature and he uses them to effect, distracting, seducing or intimidating in turn. His hair is straight and black, hanging in a simple cut around his face. Appearance (Nibelung guise): In his True Form, Resak is broad and imposing. His skin is a dark green color and his hair stark white, marking him as a higher-level demon. His yellow-orange eyes are as arresting as his human-mask, but they usually only inspire fear. He has pointed ears and a broad, hard face. His Nibelung form represents the faster maturity that his kind reach. Powers, Skills, and Personality Known Powers: Resak is a fighter, like his father and his father’s father, back to the first Higher Nibelung. His hardened skin allows him to strike his opponents with hands that are hard as rock. He has few of the ‘overt’ powers of that other oni possess, but the Nibelung have always focused on fighting. They have long been considered some of Forbesi’s best shock troops. Abilities/Special Skills: Resak can fight in the dark, he’s distressingly fast and he can fight more than one target. He hits hard, pounding his opponents into submission. He runs faster than most animals and is unfazed by the cold. His long years at Monster Academy means that he has quite a bit of knowledge about other demon types. Personality: Resak is the son of the Chief of Chiefs, one of the greatest Nibelung of this era. He was raised with pride in his people and their strength, and he has a definite alpha male mindset. Despite this, he’s been at the Academy since he was ten, and he has learned to adapt to the more 'delicate' environs. Background Resak was born to the Wise Woman of the Iron Fangs tribe. He was birthed on the open snow in the middle of a blizzard, an auspicious sign. His father was the chieftain of the Iron Fangs (and would, by the time Resak was two, would become the Chief of Chiefs) and his mother was the highest status woman. All of this meant that few doubted that Resak would be the next chief. His father, Itakshir, knew that wasn’t guaranteed. Still, he took the chance and arranged for the boy to be sent to the Monster Academy when he was ten. Resak would have the knowledge needed to pass all the tests put before him to be the High Chief. The boy was already battle-worthy at ten, so his physical prowess wasn't in question, and he was Snow-Loved, the unique condition among the Nibelung where cold didn’t hurt him. The boy had the prowess; he just needed the knowledge. Resak hated it at first; it was always too warm and the people were not Nibelung. But when he went home for break, he realized how much he’d grown, just in that time. Resak went back with a more open mind, determined to learn. He wasn't interested in the ‘human schooling’; that he had no need to learn. Instead, he studied the people who he saw - the other monsters. He hid his interest behind a gruff machismo and let people think he was dumb. But there is cunning in his purple eyes, and purpose in what he does. He even made friends, a group of students that he raps with regularly. It seems that Nibelung war chants lend themselves to rap lyrics and rhythms.
  9. Basic information: Name: Haruhi Odorokubeki... ------------------------------------- Alligence(s): Fangs of the Crimson Stone... ------------------------------------- Marital Status: Unmated but possibly being forced into an arranged marriage... Known Releatives: Lord Crimson (Father)... Kyoko Orokubeki (Cousin)... Kyosuke Orokubeki (Uncle)... Kana Orokubeki (Aunt)... ------------------------------------- Phyical Traits and Stats: Phyisical Age: 16... ------------------------------------- Height: 5'5"... ------------------------------------- Gender: Male... ------------------------------------- Race: Supreme Vampire/Psychic Vampire... ------------------------------------- Stats: Body: +5... Mind: +8... Soul: +5... -180 Stats: +150 points... ------------------------------------- HP: +45...Bonus: +150 = +195... EP: +45...Bonus: +150 = +195... ------------------------------------- Body Type: Appears to be petite like a pre-teen girl... ------------------------------------- Feeding mechanisim: Haruhi feeds on both the mental energy (Energy Points) and the life force itself (Health Points) of whomever he touches after fifteen seconds when activating his feeding mechanisim. To activate he only has to think or in desperate cases it happens as reflex, in order to draw power he must be making skin-to-skin contact with his meal and the speed of the drain depends on how much skin on skin contact there is. the signaling of its activation is the ethral glowing of his skin which is more prominate in the dark.... ------------------------------------- Guises: Human Guise and Vampire Guise have no real difference except for the the eyes being dull amber when human, and bright red when vampire, the skin being a soft pale when human and deathly paper white when vampire, the teeth of course being longer and more pointy in the canine area when a vampire... ------------------------------------- Background: Being born into the prestigious Monster Lord family of the Odorokubeki, Haruhi had the chances of being born into many self-righteous mindsets, however he lucked out and even though it wasnt positive it was still better than being a spoiled prick...He grew up sheltered, meek, and quiet for the most part...When he was little his father who had chosen to leave behind his given name and go by the title "Lord Crimson" had always coddled the boy since he was his pride and joy, making the young vampire feel love and secure...this however changed as he received mental abuse from his older cousin...The abuse would range from taking control of his nanny's mind and leaving Haruhi stranded in the middle of town, using her telepathic mind reading abilities to out right pout every little secret from stealing cookies from the kitchen when he wasnt supposed to, to telling a group of visiting dignitaries what times of the day that the boy experimented with his body just to embarrass him...It wasnt until that he was old enough to enter high school did he escape the abuse from his older cousin, in a way people could say that constant torture throughout childhood turned Haruhi into the sweet and innocent boy he is today, its thanks to the cruelty that he became a better person through all irony... ------------------------------------- Attributes: Level: 0... Points: +5... Attribute: Weapon: Vampire's kiss... ------------------------------------- Level: +15... Points: +15... EP Increase: +150... Attribute: Extra Energy... ------------------------------------- Level: +15... Points: +15... HP increase: +150... Attribute: Tough... ------------------------------------- Level: +3... Points: +3... Attribute: Appearance...(Beautiful)... ------------------------------------- Level: +3... Points: +24... Speed: 100kph/62mph... Attribute: Flight...(Psionic levitation)... ------------------------------------- Level: +3 Points: +18... Variables: Air-tight, Blocks Incorporeal, offensive... Armour rating: +12... Attribute: Force Field... ------------------------------------- Level: +2... Points: +16... Damage multiplier: +2... Weight: 2 tonne/4 tons, 409lbs... Attribute: Super-strength... ------------------------------------- Level: +4... points: +8... Resist: +4 to Mind stat rolls... Attribute: Mind Shield... ------------------------------------- Level: +5...(Regional Authority of Vampire Lands)... Points: +10... Attribute: Organizational Ties...(Child of Vampire Monster Lord)... ------------------------------------- Level: +4... Points: +20... Grosses: $10,000,000... Attribute: Wealth... ------------------------------------- Level: +2... Points: +4... Sense: Sight, and sound... Attribute: Sixth sense... ------------------------------------- Level: +4... Points: +32... Weight: 1000kg/2 tons, and 204lbs... Attribute: Telekinesis... ------------------------------------- Level: +6... Points: +36... Attribute: Telepathy... ------------------------------------- Level: +4... Points: +16... Sense: Darkvision/Night vision, Life force sense, Proximity sense... Attribute: Supersense... ------------------------------------- Skills: Level: +4... Points: +4... Skill: Etiquette... ------------------------------------- Cost: +1... Level: +6... Points: +6... Skill: Languages...(12 spoken)... ------------------------------------- Cost: +1... Level: +4... Points: +4... Skill: Performing arts... ------------------------------------- Cost: +1... Level: +4... Points: +4... Skill: Visual Arts... ------------------------------------- Cost: +2... Level: +3... Points: +6... Skill: Disguise.... ------------------------------------- Defects: Point gain: +9... Effect: Loses all Attributes for an hour... Object: Pure water... Defect: Vulnerability... ------------------------------------- Point gain: +2... Marking: Red spires under his eyes and down his cheeks... Defect: Marked... -------------------------------------
  10. Name: Mystel Myersoul... Nicknames and Allias: Myst, and Mystel the Mysterious... Age: 16... Sex: Female... Species: Shapechanger... Appearance: Mystel doesn't have an actual face of her own, since her kind loses that form after the first transormation, she was born albino from family portirates, having all white hair, skin, and red eyes however she can never switch back so she lives using the barrowed masks of others she sees...Her most preferred form would be described as 5'7" in height, light skinned, pink hair that ties back into a braid that reaches down her back, pericing emerald green eyes and pink lips that match her hair, her breasts are of C-Cup size, and her hips are rounded in a healthy way...This form was not an actual person but features she had taken from other people and mixed to make a unique "base face"...Her body for the most part resmbles that of a human however her canines are slightly shaper yet not vampirc in point' and her skin has an ethreral glow to it giving off the looks she isnt human but looks pretty close... Biography: Mystel is an average class creature, she and her family did not enjoy the perks and territory associated with the Six Monster Lords, or any lower noblity, she could tell from an early age that position based on bloodline alone was a cheap way to gain power...This festered a distancing between her and the normal prerequisit feelings most had of the ruling class...When she reached her seventh year of life, her brother was brought before the council of Monster Lords which was unusual for a commoner like him...It turned out Mystel's brother had been arested for the crime of impersonating a Lord and using that form to userp his title, this had been the final straw, she knew her brother had not commited such a crime, at the time of these alleged events he was out amongest the humans, studying abroad...This is what drove her toward hating the ruling class, she vowed one day that she would avenge her brother's death after hearing of his execution...Her plan was to assassinate the Greater Demon Lord, which did not go well, she had taken an alternate form so she wasn't tied with the crime and barely escaped with her life, she would have to had put her plan on hold...Growing up without her brother to guide her Mystel had faced a number of critisism (One is her race is dwindling in the numbers which had left the Shapechanger society sects with shrinking political influence within Demon Courts, two people tend to not trust shapechangers since they saw no need to respectfully deal with those who pick and choose faces)...Taking this into account she had learned not to get emotionally attached to people outside of her own species, being somewhat distant to most of society...She looks in the mirror to this day not seeing herself but the faces of who she pretends to be, it sickens her that everyone had an identity of her own, while she has to be someone she is not... Personality: Mystel is often a fake everything, she never realy smiles despite her initally cheery face...Her voice is laced with a distasteful amusment in the most innappropriate situations, to hide her true torment, even though she denies it, anyone could tell she is troubled... Family: Older Brother Myeran (Presumed Dead)...Mother Myru (Estranged)...Father: Myaalo (Legal Guardian)....Sister: Myseal (Currently traveling with the father)... Template: Size: Medium... Level: +4... Points: +120... Attribute: Dynamic Powers (Major: Shapechanging)... Level: +5... Points: +10... Arrtibute: Resistance... Level: +5... Points: +8... Distance: 100meters/109yards... Attribute: Illusion... Level: +4... Points: +40... Recover Amount: 20 HP per round... Attribute: Regeneration... Level: +4... Points: +8... Speed: 6kph/37mph... Attribute: Landspeed... Level: +15... Points: +15... EP Increase: 150 Energy Points... Attribute: Energy Bonus... Level: +4... Points: +8... Height and Distance: 300meters/328yards, Airborn: 16 rounds... Attribute: Jumping... Level: +15... Point: +15... HP Increase: 150 Health Points... Attribute: Tough... Level: +3... Points: +3 Features: Appearance...(Beautiful)... Level: +1... Points: +1... Skill: Performing Arts... Level: +1... Points: +3... Skill: Acrobatics... Level: +1... Points: +1... Skill: Seduction... Level: +5... Points: +10... Skill: Occult... +60 Points= Mind: 6... +60 Points= Body: 6... +60 Points= Soul: 6... Total: +430 Points...(Due to bonus)...
  11. The return from Winter break came quickly. For Darrik, It ended his training in the magical Arts, without completion, but at least now, trying to channel both types of mana wouldn't kill him or drain him so badly. For Aria and Eri, they'd found Kiba to be a solid companion, very knowledgable about a variety of topics, and a senior who seemed to be very comfortable around them. Skye and Kuro found that the collar the headmaster fashioned did restore some of his strength and speed, but still left him unable to speak in human tongue. Still They managed to endure the hormone filled nights at the Sokatsu house, and indeed, Kyohei seemed to do what he could to spare them the worst of it. For Katrina, the break was spent with Shizuru, one recovering from mental wounds, the other physical. She trained day and night to strengthen herself as a nekojin at Shizuru's insistence. There were still battles to be fought, and she would be needed. For Yuuki, there was alot of teasing from Haruhana, and of course she and Kyohei still needed to discuss her admission from that night, but at least for now, her aunts and the Elder had agreed to travel to the valley for a stay. Life could go back to what passed for normal. Lumah spent her time becoming acquainted with Ruby, the only witch there powerful enough to truly utilize her, and coming to understand Lumah's truly unique nature Delilah and Kyra spent a great deal of time together, the former educating the latter on many things about city life. More often than not, Kyohei went with them, and while it was plain to see he did favor Delilah, he spent time with Kyra as well. Things had gone remarkably well, all things considered, now, after two weeks, they were heading for finals, and the major crunch time for studying. As everyone waited for class to start, It was intriguing to hear the gossip still coming out of the winter break stories...
  12. *Christmas Eve after midnight, the Sokatsu estate* Hina Yuuki was not an evening person. But after a long day shopping and exploring the human's Tokyo, seeing what they had been taught first hand, she had woken up with a head full of thoughts and no desire to take those thoughts back into her dreams unsettled. So, suitably bundled up, she had padded down the stairs and into the kitchen with the objective of Tea. Opening her mind's ear to help her make her way through the mostly-darkened household had been reflexive, a habitual action more than anything. What was *not* habitual was the distorted fragments of a song no one this side of the Human world-Monster world should know, fragments coming over the sleepy responses from outdoor plants. A song very, very few beings outside of the Hina Valley should know, at least in the last few centuries. The plants were too asleep from cold and darkness to allow Yuuki to determine who was singing, and she had no intention of waking them up now. What she wanted was answers and her Mask fell away in the fires of that desire as she pulled on one of her heavier coats over her robe, green-glowing eyes considering the darkness. The young dryad padded through the grounds towards the voice, unsurprised as she identified the singer as her ever-more-complicated charge Kyohei, frowning a little. The heir had his back to her as she approached, his solo rendition of an ancient version of the Hina Song of Awakening turned into a duet as Yuuki seamlessly joined in once she was close enough to do so without raising her voice.
  13. Christmas Eve Plates clinked as Darrik was setting up the table for the Christmas dinner. The private one, for him and Jezebelle. Wiping his brow, he reflected that this was at least easier than trying those receipts the TVs beamed in from the Human World. And what does that Paula Deen think, trying to make people comatose or something? But with the Herculean effort of setting up an occasion for his succubus love, and preparing the beautiful hand-crafted necklace - he supposed impossible deeds were the order of the time. Flicker popped up, holding a dark box with a lid not dissimilar to the jewelry cases from the Human World too. "Necklace inside." Darrik looked surprised. "You're helping?" Flicker looked affronted. "I do care for you, Master. And before you go running through it again, the four courses are all made, you've changed, the table's set. Now the hard part is waiting for her." "That's what I was afraid of." Darrik admitted. Flicker did know him this iong. And the imp grinned. "You'll get to make baby Darriks with her tonight, trust me." "That's not the point of this! It's cause I love her!" Darrik snapped, but Flicker clicked his tongue. "Hey, Darrik. I know you honestly do, and she does too. But you've also been wanting to get into her panties or lack thereof... I think since things first got reasonable hot and heavy." Darrik sighed and clapped his hand to his face, an admission of surrender. Flicker put down the box on the counter and laid a gentle hand on Darrik, utterly serious for once. "Relax. Don't second-guess yourself or worry too much. Just trust it goes alright." Darrik nodded, gratefully before Flicker gave him the element of surprise. "And, just my thought, but don't over-over do the bed stuff tonight... or... you know, baby Darriks." "Shaddup, you!" Darrik grabbed a spare cloth napkin and began whipping it at Flicker, who chortled and dived into the shadows. OOC The necklace:
  14. For whatever reasons they had, about half the older students of Yokai Academy didn't go home for Winter break. Darrik of course had a Christmas break alone with Jezebelle. Aria had been told to remain on campus by her Mother, and Eri and Lumah had likewise recieved similar instructions. For Eri, the snow blanketing the ground actually wasn't due to her powers, and made the place feel abit more like Home. Lumah had been given special dispensation to go to the School's vast library and read as she liked by the Headmaster himself. Aoi too had signed off on it, telling her to learn what she could and would. For Aria, it was a time to truly take stock. The last month and a half was calm and quiet, yet on alert for the Shinigami threat that had never reared its head again. She had the room to herself, and indeed much of the campus was deserted. Now was the time to do whatever she wished. Darrik of course had gotten a letter from his grandfather telling him to remain at school, The Valley was in turmoil, and would only dispirit him. Instead he had Jezebel there to keep him company, and of course the Ravenwitch, Rubi had agreed to teach him abit of magic he didn't know, since he'd helped so much before.
  15. A short letter had arrived by courier for Kurosoroshimaru, summoning him home on his next break. He was instructed to bring Skye for "Testing" and His sister would be a required presence as well. Noting that Katrina hadn't been to the homelands of the Hengeyokai, Shizuru had gotten permission for her to go as well, her Father signing off on it. The bus that would bring them to the Homelands was waiting patiently, with Shizuka already aboard. Her Father never summoned the children home, except in dire circumstances, and to even permit Skye's presence, well that meant they'd have to be on their toes. Already she was wondering if getting Katrina involved was a bad thing. Still it was done now, and she awaited her students arrival, so that this Christmas Break trip could begin. She'd informed them to pack warmly, though She and her little brother would have little need of it, if it came to it.
  16. *House Rules* 6,6 always hits and does double damage for PC's 6,6 is auto hit for anything attacking 6,6 auto defense for anything defending 1,1 always misses for attacks 1,1 always fails for power activation 1,1 always hit when rolled for defense Defender always wins reduced to negative HP characters with regeneration regenerate all negative HP in one turn, regardless of how deep they go, so long as they do not die. The use of a healing power on somone in negative heal will always bring them up to at least 0 hp, regardless of how deep into the negatives they are. There is no limit on Tough, or Energy bonus. I am changing their costs to 1 cp per rank. Each rank gives you 10 hp or 10 ep. Regeneration can be used for EP or HP, but must be decided at Character creation, You may have both kinds.
  17. Profile: Lumah Hanash <Note: this topic will be updated with relevant information as time goes on.> Height: 5'4" (165 cm) Skin color: Cafe-au-lait (light brown) Eye color: gold Hair color: gold First impressions, Human form: Lumah is strikingly athletic and strong for her size, capable of swift movements, tumbling and feats of acrobatics. Her wavy black hair and unflinching eyes accentuate her light brown skin, her posture and grace carrying with them the mystery of the Arabian Nights. Along her neck and back golden markings of various kinds - delicate like filligree - make her skin a canvas. Some are lines of text in Arabic, Latin, Russian and Chinese; others are sigils and glyphs like those found in mystical texts; others again make no sense at all, as if written in a language long forgotten. Her only jewellery is a thin gold ring on her left hand, engraved with the image of a sleeping snake. While first impressions would make her out to be a studious and passive girl, reality paints a different picture. Two fine lines at her left temple, white in contrast to her dark skin, indicate fine scars from a fight. She sports a similar scar across the bridge of her nose, usually hidden by the glasses. These can be seen only upon close inspection. She would have little difficulty passing for a Human, albeit a bit excentric one. Of course, when the location at hand is a monstrous school for monsters, who knows what hides beneath her skin? On a closer look: Hidden among the glyphson her back is the imagery of chains, locks, and manacles, as if these form a ritual imprisonment. Clothing style: Lumah's clothing style is relatively formal, depending on the occasion. A light shirt and a dark. mid-length pleated skirt are her favorite two-piece, covered with either a dark jacket or a spencer depending on the weather. She's not found without a necktie and long banded socks and simple black shoes, as well as a pair of simple frameless glasses - which she only wears for the effect, since they have no prescription to them. When she's on magical business, she covers her normal clothes with a heavy black robe with a black hood and a shawl, used to cover her eyes or the lower part of her face. The hood is decorated with the imagery of three golden eyes in a pillar. In all cases, she prefers a simple backpack to keep her things and a business-like suiitcase for her "props". Personality: Calmly cheerful, she seems like the kind of girl that could shoulder any burden. But any who observe her longer finds her to have a brooding side, pondering secrets or dark emotions which she hasn't learned how to handle yet. She is quick to offer assistance where it may prove useful, and continuously devours knowledge, facts and tid-bits.
  18. It’s said that the Show must go on. This is true., painfully, inexorably true.......... The Headmaster awoke with a Start. Beside his Pillow, a single feather, two small piles of Ash, and a stone of unique striation rest on his pillow. He immediately called out. “Shizuka, Ruby! To me.” Beside them was a note, with his name upon it. In the living room, Shizuka’s eyes snapped open, and she rose up, almost stepping on Eri, who while not asleep, was between Shizuka and where the headmaster was. “Sorry.” He ears and tail were plainly visible, something was decidedly up. --------------------------------------------------- Across the campus, Ruby’s eyes snapped open, beholding her shredded clothing, and the closed doors, and the hengeyokai and Angel asleep on the couch, leaned against each other. She flicked her wrist, crafting a spell to wake them and inform them on where to go, then vanished in a whirlwind of raven feathers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The commotion in the room easily served to wake Yuuki and Kyra, and even a drowsy Lady Aoi rose to the sound of it. “What on earth?” ----------------------------------------------------------------------- In The Guest room that was given to Asano, he nodded looking at the sleeping forms of Jiren, serena, Darrik, and Aria. “Wake up all of you, It is time to start today’s festivities.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Katrina, arrival on Campus was interesting, in that there were literally thousands of other people with her. Bus after bus arrived, dropping off people of all ages, each and every one, a yokai in disguise. Still she’d been told to present herself to the headmaster’s office by her father, and that everything else would be taken care of afterwards. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ruby's spell went off, The alarm at a decibel guaranteed to wake virtually everyone, and even hurt slightly. Kyohei awoke, finding Delilah in her true form nestled against him, neither of them wearing a shred of clothing. The alarm didn't seem to wake her. This did actually make him blush, since they were in Ruby's home, and likely she and Kuro and Skye were outside. still whatever had happened had healed him, and the dreams he remembered, well, he'd have so see if she was up for that in the real world. He reached out to rub her back and kissed her nose. "Wake up, sleeping beauty. I think we need to get dressed and get back to work." ------------------------------------------------- In shizuka’s apartment, they all felt a massive influx of magical power as Ruby appeared, and then went through the door as though it wasn’t there. Within moments they could hear her gasp, and then the sounds of the door opening, and stifled sobs. The headmaster held the ash in one hand, the feather and the rock in another. Shizuka held the note. “They’re gone.”
  19. Katrina DeWitt - Young Nekojin Background and History They never said life for a Nekojin was easy. Doubly so for Katrina. Katrina was born to David and Dana DeWitt. Two people as different as night and day. David is a well known gunsmith, shrimper, former Navy SEAL, and sometimes humanitarian around the streets of New Orleans. On the other hand, Dana lived a life of intrigue as a intelligence expert in the NSA. She traveled the world. Things for her at least were more interesting after 9/11, and for a cat who is naturally curious she fit the part. Dana is the cheetah of the family. In her mid-form she looks most like what Katrina looks like. Cheetah markings on fine fur. Her father though is a Leonid Nekojin. Sporting a proud red mane, muscular frame, and a beard that would rival a viking. Thing is... this never was truely a happy family. David rarely saw his wife, and with a child in Katrina in tow, things were complicated. Particularly with a precocious little girl running about in fits and blurs. But it was Dana who sealed the fate of the marriage, having an affair with a Russian diplomat over the course of a few years. It wasn't above Dana to get in bed with someone to extract vital data for national security, and once David found out this wasn't the only one, the marriage was over. Since Dana traveled too much to take care of little Katrina, sole custody was granted to DAvid. This enraged Dana and she swore to catch Katrina being neglected or put in danger. In 2005 Dana almost got her way when Katrina's father decided to stick it out with New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. David was a bit superstitious, and believed little Katrina was a sign he'd be needed. In the resulting floods, Katrina herself ended up lost in the flooded wards near where the shrimping boat was usually docked her father owned. He desperately searched for her in a small boat he kept with a friend downtown and scoured the outer wards. When Dana arrived on a blackhawk with a wet Katrina in tow, David knew he was in for it. But with the legal system in disarray in New Orleans and no other parish was currently able to handle a custody case, things took a back burner. The last words Dana told David in leaving were... "I no longer want the runt. Either she ends up a ward of the state through your negligence... or six feet under. What happens to her is none of my concern anymore." Now at 15, David decides on doing something for his girl she may or may not be ready for... he's sending her to the Academy. David taught Katrina only really how to live among humanity. But to truely know what she is capable of, she must find the Nekojin within, and only the Academy can do that. In regards to Katrina herself Katrina is a somewhat hyperactive, prone to anxiety 15 year old girl who seems to have a love of high places. In fact she has learned Parkour just to get it out of her system. Another time while on top of a tower in New Orleans, she wanted to learn how to skydive. One month later she was in Juvie for BASE jumping illegally. As a result over the summer David grounded her to the summer family business of shrimping. That too was a learning experience as she learned navigation, piloting a boat, and learning just a taste of how to survive in the ocean on the side from her dad. After her brush with death, Katrina decided on her own that she, when she got out of High School would enlist with the Coast Guard, and right away learned how to rescue distressed swimmers as a lifeguard, and learned all the first aid a civilian could know. As a teenager though she distracts herself with hobbies now, playing strategic tabletop games or working with her computer talking with friends. How much of this could be useful on the academy grounds? Will her obsessive Mother be watching?
  20. The long black limo pulled up in front of The Morneau Hotel in Paris. Tonight was its grand ball, celebrating its first year of being open, and a great many memebers European high society were present, now including Forbesi Aido, the Entrepeneur and true owner of the hotel, and Lilith Syn, his personal guest for the evening. He wore his slim black tuxedo with red trim, and looked positively ravishing with his devil may care smile, and offered his hand to Lilith to help her from the car. The opulence of the hotel was impressive, very few new hotels were built like this, what with all the economic issues. He smiled to her. "This will be fun Lilith, trust me."
  21. The Headmaster looked to Kyra and Yuuki, then to Aoi. "You think me cruel don't you?" He looked to Yuuki. "You aren't being used as bait, anymore than the three of us. This group is extremely high profile to attract his attention. If he comes after anyone it will be us. With Aoi and I, we should be able to hold him long enough for you to rally the others." He smiled. "Aside from that, you have a connection to this Shinigami, and you Kyra, have impressive hunting instincts. I plan on using those. Don't think this will be easy, that there's no danger. This Shinigami is a foe that has great power, do not stray too far from either of us. Kyra, you will be with me. Yuuki, Aoi will be your partner in this endeavor."
  22. Mis Nekomone led her students to the Store, which was like a mini-mall. "Allright, the four of you, stay close to me. Keep your senses sharp. We're searching for the Sigil, I have a good idea where it's going to be, so Kozue and Kozakura you will need to be very careful. Krag, I want you to watch our backs. Rica, I expect you to assist as well here, Be another set of eyes, looking for anything amiss." With that she began leading them into the heart of the store, near the great pure water fountain.
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