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Found 210 results

  1. Date/Time: 11:34 PM, January 29, 2010. Location: Charlie's Condo, Windhoek, Nambia Charlie yanked the lid, covering and all off the beer can. The force used caused some of the amber liquid to splash onto his shirt, but he gave it no notice. His plush floor was littered with several beer cans, but the cleaning lady could take care of that. At the moment, his focus was on the high-definition television screen, and the N! special investigative report around the deceased Colombian nova and Terat El Guardián. Charlie's body was limply spread out over the couch, and it was a sorry sight when considering he normally was an awe-striking elite. Sorrow and regret clouded his features and his mind was only partly present, spreading into the recent past when he had struck down El Guardián. *************************** The bodies of the cartel soldiers were spread about the canopy and jungle floor when El Guardián appeared in flight, a bald but young Latin man, with a costume of what appeared to be exotic bird feathers descending into the canopy. Charlie grinning behind his Air Rat mask and costume, safely concealed in the foliage, of course knew that the Colombian's costume was made of eufiber. Like that would save him though. Charlie tensed his body, then jumped down from the tall tree, landing feet first, in front of the shocked Terat. Let the target show some fear, because he's IN for it.
  2. Time/Space Local: January 18 - 24, 2010, somewhere in the Sahara Desert Reality: Terra One Deep within the Sahara, one of the worlds most inhospitable locations, a woman with skin of burnished gold appears. From a distance, it was almost impossible to tell the difference between her and the sandy desert, but up close it was quite evident. She had chosen this location for a number of reasons, it was distant from any baseline settlements, it was isolated, and sand would be easy for her to use for what she was about to do. Holding out her hand, she reached out to the quantum forces around and began to edit reality, to alter her surroundings to suit her desires. This was going to take some time, as she began to reshape the area around her, to shape a palace of sand, and then, to transform it into a gleaming crystal palace. She chose to make the crystal stained with certain colors, making it something like a living work of art. This was going to take her several days of near constant work, to shape this as she desired. At last, after hours and hours of work, even to the point of almost draining her reserves of quantum, she had the place she wanted, built the way she desired it.. though it still lacked something she was looking for.. she would settle for this for the moment. When she was done, she stepped back to admire her work, then paused in her consideration, it seemed almost like it was showing off a bit, which was all well and good, but wasn't quite the impression she wanted to get across to the first terats she spoke too. She needed to get some feedback on the matter, from someone she trusted to be objective. Click to reveal.. 2 success on her Matter Manipulation roll, 3 successes on her Wits + Arts roll for the artistic look, and 2 success on a Intelligence roll (sense she doesn't have engineering), for the basic structure.
  3. Elspeth Nova Name: Ivory Princess, also known as the 'Uncrowned Queen.' Elspeth was born into luxury. She was raised in comfort. She was indoctrinated into Teras. Her parents were two of the second generation nova children Bounty raised in her compound. Like the ancient god-kings of Egypt they were raised to believe that it was the natural order to rule humanity and be more than mortal. Unlike the ancient Pharaoh's they really were more than human and rulership came naturally, but tragically like their ancient predecessors, they proved to be all too mortal. Her father was Conn, and her mother Aine, and they bonded early and left the compound when they reached maturity. Little is known of their early lives since Bounty's compound was kept a closely guarded secret or of what they did before they arrived in Sierra Leone. Once there the pair made it their mission to correct the mess the monkeys had made. Between them they were extremely successful in putting down the military dictatorship instituted in 1999. Mtumba's iron fist rule and tendency to execute hundreds of dissidents at a time had made him feared but also loathed by the general populace. Despite their foreign origins, Conn and Aine were welcomed as heroes and were installed as King and Queen by a vast majority vote. They became known as the Ivory King and Ivory Queen because of their pale white skin. They were well liked by the people. At the birth of Elspeth the entire kingdom rejoiced and in only a few short years the royal family had turned the country around and it was on its way to being one of the most prosperous of the West African nations. Unfortunately, not all of Mtumba's Lieutenants were eliminated and Jarutu the most senior surviving military officer of the old regime plotted in silence until he felt the time was ripe. With the aid of the DeBeers corporation, Jarutu was able to hire a team of Elites to attack the royal family and help him reestablish the old military dictatorship. The coup partially succeeded and Conn and Aine were killed, but the Ivory Princess was away visiting the Ptwsan-Wi at her home. Although Jarutu succeeded in placing the kingdom under his control, he did fail in his second objective which was to seize the wealth of the royal family which had recently been moved to swiss accounts from the local banks in order to more readily broker international business ventures. Despite the outrageous human rights violations of the new Jarutu dictatorship Utopia has used it's influence to have the government recognized and avoid media attention to the situation in the kingdom. When asked to comment a Project spokesman said only, "Jarutu is the legitimate successor to the previous government. The so called 'Kingship' of the Teragen terrorists Conn and Aine was never recognized by the United Nations. While there will no doubt be some growing pains as General Jarutu reestablishes order, we wish him well in his efforts and hope that he will re-institute general elections as quickly as possible. Project Utopia will of course be willing to assist in this should he call on us." Other less politically correct commentators note that it must be a great relief to Utopia to have a very successful pair of known Teragen members dethroned, even if it means the killing of thousands in reprisals by the new government against royalist sympathizers. In the two years since the coup, no elections have been called and an estimated eleven thousand have died in internal violence as Gen. Jarutu has consolidated his hold on the nation. The economy has also come to a near standstill and poverty and starvation have resulted in another 32 thousand deaths, yet still Utopia stand aside and refuse to act against the Jarutu dictatorship. The General also spends a large percentage of the wealth he is acquiring from the nations mineral wealth in maintaining a stable of Elites to act as bodyguards and enforcers. Elspeth, the Ivory Princess, has vowed to free the people of Sierra Leone from their bondage to the Jarutu monkey, but has not yet made any visible moves against him. It can be noted however, that many royalist groups still exist within the country and that they are well armed and supplied. Meanwhile, Elspeth continues to live in exile and has not approached the UN, Utopia or any other baseline run organization to press her claim to the throne, nor has she even spoken publicly about the situation. Interestingly, she was recently seen at an event held by the British royal family, and greeted as 'Princess'. Political commentators were quick to point out that how the British Monarchy greets a guest has no political significance and does not indicate the support of the UK, or EU for a deposed Teragen Princess from a third-world nation. ******* Just weeks after her thirteenth birthday, Elspeth infiltrated Jarutu's corrupt government and sowed such discord that he was both embarrassed in front of the world media and had lost his most ardent supporters, (these were the most evil men in his employ who had committed unspeakable crimes on the people of Sierra Leone). Unfortunately, Elspeth was eventually captured by the Elite hired to protect Jarutu. They brought her face to face with the murderer of her parents and stripped her of her power and ability to protect herself. The tyrant had intended to marry her to legitimize his rule, but he made the mistake of letting her speak, and even without her nova charm she was able to humiliate him in front of his followers to the point he attempted to kill her. Her noble defiance swayed the heart of two of the four elites who held her immobile and helpless. The one who was draining her of all quantum released his control and the gunshots that should have ended her life merely wounded her. In the end she used her telekinesis to force Jarutu to turn the gun on himself. Since then Elspeth has struggled to pull her nation together and repair the damages done under the military junta. She has faces several challenges already including an unofficial food embargo encouraged by Project Utopia, an attempt by her military commanders to subvert her authority, and a smear campaign by Utopia suggesting that she has abused her people and forced them into positions of slave labor. Despite these victories there are still a number of challenges on the horizon. The diamond cartels have possession of the two richest diamond bearing mines in the country and international political pressures have prevented her from kicking them out of the country despite the fact that they are using the local residents as slave labor. Utopia is determined to see her fail as leader of a sovereign nation and seem to be willing to go to nearly any lengths to make that happen. Last but not least both her intelligence and prophetic gifts tell her that a war is coming between baselines and novas and that it will have horrible consequences. Despite these terrible responsibilities, the now 15 year old monarch does occasionally find time to experience a little life. As a ruler, even her hobbies tend to support her goals. Over the last two years she has spent a great deal of time (as much as she could afford) mastering her Warp abilities and explores deep space looking for a new world to take her people away to for safety. With her mastery of space has recently come a much deeper understanding of time. She can now move into parallel realities and perform minor manipulations of the flow of time which she is exploring with the eagerness of youth.
  4. Date: January 19, 2010 Location: Tampa, Florida, United States Time: 11:57 AM Tampa City Hall, the street of East John F. Kennedy Boulevard and the surrounding area was packed with swarms of people. The area closed off and cordoned from normal traffic, amongst the packed crowds there were several kinds of people. The mayor-elect, and all the politicians and officials required to be present for one reason or another. There was the onlookers and watchers. More than normal, as well as two groups very much inflated for a rather unfortunate reason. Geryon's threat had drawn the natural massive influx of nova event aware photographers, reporters, cameramen, etc. The fact that history might well repeat itself had added onto the normal dramatic and rating significance associated with the Teragen and their actions. On the other hand, to prevent such an occurrence, the Tampa Police Department,- which indeed had received additional advanced weaponry and special training from Utopia in lieu of actual T2M or other associated presence- had turned out in force to protect their new mayor. And, as he tended to think of himself of a sort of entirely separate category, there was Charlie. Hidden in a side street off the JFK Boulevard, completely hidden from normal sight by a special invisibility suit, equipped and ready, he waited. Composed, yet tense, a slight smile formed out of excitment, as he waited for the likely appearance of the Teragen. Considering the oath of office was being taken at 12:00 sharp, it would probably be now or never. Click to reveal.. Fox is ST'ing this for the part of Geryon, et al, etc. Though I don't think Revelation or Joe would be here directly, you may feel free to have them post if they're watching, or seeing through say, TV or the OpNet.
  5. Name: Joe Smith Nova Name: Zhu Age: 27 Gender: Male Concept: Avatar Spin-off Height: 5'11" Weight: 170 Hair: Black Eyes: Green Nature: Paragon Background: Joe was born to two fairly insignificant novas. His Chinese mother could create and control light, and his American father could create and control darkness/shadow. Early on he took a strong interest in his mother's Chinese heritage and quickly rose through the ranks at his local martial arts academy. His more overt powers manifested during high school, but his parents convinced him to keep them under wraps until he graduated. After high school Joe joined Project Utopia, honed his skills, saved his money and took a few college level classes. Once he felt his skill level was high enough, and his bank account was fat enough, he went out into the middle of the Atlantic and literally created his own island. The island was big enough for him to build his own private Martial Arts Academy as well as a small accompanying town (bar, hospital, dock, grocery store, etc.) After he built his island, he took the nova name Zhu (master in Chinese) and went on a world tour, advertising 'you can be taught martial arts by a nova master!' Needless to say, there was a large response, and he now has a waiting list a couple of years long. During his touring, he happened to come across four special students. They were special for two reasons: first, each could create/control one of the four elements, and second, each wanted to learn. These four students became Zhu's best, most loyal and most trusted students. In fact, now they actually are in charge of all of the day to day activities and the non-delegated teaching duties. ,,Status: Zhu has no official standing in any organization except Project Utopia, where he is a former member. Powers: Zhu can create and control all four of the historic elements: earth, air, fire and water. He is also superhumanly strong, dexterous, tough and perceptive. Plus, when he wants, he is able to inflict slashing/cutting damage with his bare hands (as opposed to simply bruising people). Personality: Joe Smith is a fairly strong-minded individual. He knows what he wants and he goes after it. Zhu is very similar, except that he's used to having people follow him on his way to getting what he wants to get or doing what he wants to do.
  6. Time/Space Local: January 10, 2010.. three days after Terra's Apothesis, Unknown Location in Europe Reality: Terra One, Divergence One Reality, in the last decade or so, it had come to mean something quite different then it had the last century. Though it had never really been what people had thought it was, for there had always been a number of beings who were beyond humanity among them, those who had begun human and now were no longer bound by human limits. At the moment, somewhere in Europe, though exactly where was difficult to say, a young woman with skin of gold, wearing only her skin, and some jewelry, mainly golden bracers around her wrists and a circlet set with rubies, appears with a flash. A moment later, two other individuals, a tall and majestic figure and one with a glowing halo and blazing eyes appear as well. Then they look at one another for a moment. “Your were right, Jeremiah, she has blossomed quite marvelously after her last leap forward, in fact, it appears she has finally settled into her adult strength and power.” She acknowledges both of them with a slightly bow of the head. “Teacher, thank you for being here.” he nodes to Jeremiah Scripture, with considerable respect, then she turns to the other nova present, in a certain measure of awe. “Sir.. I am honored by your presence as well.” “There is no need to call me sir, Terra, you have my permission to address me by name.” She considered that a moment before responding. “Between you, you two have been father and mother to me and I find it difficult to consider a direct address at this time, especially toward one who exemplifies all that it means to seek transcendence, perhaps when I have passed though my first Chrysalis I will find it easier.” Divis Mal laughed and reached out to mess up her hair a moment, in a manner of a father or a uncle, which made her respond with a giggle of her own. It was a moment of honest affection between the two that would have made some of the other members of the pantheon stare, in a measure of envy and jealousy, if they had been there. In some ways, Terra was more of an equal to Divis Mal, in both power and viewpoint, then some of the other members of the pantheon were. “Call me Divis then, it’s more of a title then a name anyway.” She smiled at that point, and with a soft teasing voice, and incredibly beautiful voice. “It still seems somewhat disrespectful, Divis…. Sir.” Her words and response got a laugh from both of them, then all three of them became rather serious, by sudden mutual agreement. So sudden was the change of all three of them, that a baseline human would find the sudden transition almost startling. “So, are you prepared to go forward with your plans, Terra?” She nodded. “The present groups, movements and cliques within Teragen need something more, some guiding light to what we are meant to be, a better view of what it means to transcend humanity. Additionally, some of the more self-absorbed members of the One Race need to be shaken out of their limited viewpoints, to a much broader view of what it means to be the One Race.” “Have you considered a name for this group?” “I have a few ideas, but it’s premature, at this time, a name or title gives the matter a form or shape it doesn’t need quite yet. This is the forming stage, it doesn’t quite need a Nul Manifesto… yet.. Sir.” she winks at Divis Mal as she says the last, indicating how much she understood what the Nul Manifesto had done for Teragen. “So be it, go ahead with your plans, Terra, you have our blessing and guidance, should you need it.” And with that, both Divis Mal and Scripture vanished with a flash of light. A moment later, looking thoughtful, Terra herself vanished, preparing to make her initial mark on the world as a whole.
  7. Date/Time: January 14, 2010 Location: The DeVries National Tactical Solutions Base, Windhoek, Namibia. The sands of the Namib Desert were serene for the moment, in a quiet heated way, before this particular patch of sand was blown about by the wind. Only, a difficult but good inspection could recognize that this was not natural, nor even any sort of wind at all. It was a speeding blur of motion, circling a distance in a couple of minutes that a baseline traveler would take an hour to make the heated circuit. The blur, if viewed just in front of him, was a black-haired man with nut-brown eyes. He was dressed in combat boots that were sharp and eye-catching, and he wore a quite well-maintained set of combat fatigues that any good soldier would be proud of. Looping around once more, he shot off out of the desert heading for the large-scale chain-link fence that he knew so well. ,,As he approached the NO TRESPASSING signs located just below, he could sight the fence in the distance from the great heights that surrounded what was the penultimate symbol of one of the mightiest corporations and driving forces of Earth in this Nova Age. And it was well prepared for any threat that could possibly appear. Which was why he picked out his mini-radio attached to his utility belt and immediately took the time to contact the air control tower inside the fortified base to clear his way in without undue complication. That only took a short period of time, and soon, he was touching down, feet resting firmly upon solid ground. He breathed out a sign of relaxation and amusement, one shared by the well-exercised, common to baselines and novas alike. The crunch of combat boots pressing extremely hard into the ground caught his ears, and he turned about, eyes meeting another set of eyes, although these were blue, cold and emotionless. These amazingly matched the solid and icily angular blond man possessing them with a precision that horrified and unnerved anyone who happened to face them, even behind a mask. "Cole. The Vice President wanted to see to in his office as soon as you got here." Charlie Cole inclined his head in acknowledgment of the delivery and nodded. "Thanks Klaus." The casual statement was respectful and quietly acknowledged by Klaus in turn. Most people would have fainted at the seemingly audacious respect and... well not easy- natural perhaps, action. That was assuming they knew who Klaus Kleisner was, though a certain skull mask would send them into a shrieking shock before they fainted to blackness. Charlie Cole, known to the world as the famous and feared elite Air Rat, nodded once more and walked away from the man who was the even more famous and feared Totentanz. He slipped through the new trainees on a run on a track using his amazing superhuman dexterity to dart like a fish through rocks, off to the HQ.
  8. Name: Charlie Cole Nova Name: Air Rat Age: 25 Gender: Male Concept: Former gang member turned Elite, young success Height: 6'0 Weight: 200 lb. Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Nature: Survivor Background: Pre-Eruption, Charlie was a teenager in the low-income neighborhoods of Kansas City. As with a fair amount of young men stuck in bad circumstances of area, he joined a gang, and had little umbrage with the decision. Then, his gang, the Firerats, ran into more than they could handle in a shootout. All but Charlie and his remaining comrade and friend, Carl Henderson died. By luck the two pals were not conclusively identified by witnesses or police, and so escaped legal troubles. Of course, Charlie was a emotional wreck for the next few days. For the next six months, he worked a few jobs, depressed and sour. Then the pain got to him, and during one guilty moment, he erupted. In truth, this did not solve his issues, but fighting was all he had, and for one moment, feeling the wind whirl around him in his apartment, he was contented and resolved to acknowledge that the guys were watching him from afar from then on. Charlie signed up with DeVries, and once 18, he became a trained Elite. The next several years showed he was a powerful soldier and a hit on and off the field as 'Air Rat.' He has developed his own celebrity status to a limited extent, and the various enemies he has faced off against fear him. Lately though, given the Teragen's increasing strength... Charlie is worried. Rumor has it that Utopia is going to contract out to Elites to finish off the Terats once and for all. Charlie disagrees with the Teragen, and he wouldn't mind if indiscriminate and ruthless ones of their ilk (Geryon and co.) would perish painfully in battle. But taking a major target sign onto his check can get a tad excessive, even for Elites. Status: Charlie is known to the world as the DeVries elite (and N! ranked #19) Air Rat. Though the normal use of masks and elite identities insulate Charlie Cole from the full impact of his own significant stardom, he has the full backing given by DeVries to only its best, plus a well invested and licensing-infused paycheck. Charlie often utilizes this impossible wealth on low-key trips to soothing locales to recover after the strain of missions, as well as some charitable donations. He does also ensure that Carl Henderson has well enough to live on. Powers: Charlie is super-humanly quick witted to a high extent and so dexterous to a level that most novas can never match. He also can fly extremely fast and has complete mastery over air and wibd itself. Supported by superhuman toughness and impossibly impressive training in the arts of war, it's rare an opponent that can survive facing him, let alone match his level of power. He also goes equipped with the best DeVries has, usually including a maser gun, whip sword, and carbon-wire garrote. Personality: Charlie is a caring person to those associated with him, and follows the elite culture as much as he appropriately can. On the other hand, the battlefield is a rough place, and he can be ruthless and willing to go all-out should the situation call for it. He hates getting innocents killed, but has come to terms with the fact sometimes it can't be avoided. He respects baselines as much as novas, and he finds the concept of novas being able to build a society without baselines a crock. In general, the Teragen he finds either repulsive in their monstrosity, unrealistic, or simply not what he agrees with. Goals: Other than maintaining the life he's currently leading, not much is in Charlie's plans. However, unbeknown to him, Project Utopia has highlighted him as an excellent independent agent of Terat elimination. Things will get more interesting after that... Date: 2010 Timeline: Alternate Events: Click to reveal.. - 2010 - January 19, Geyron is killed in battle with Air Rat, as the Elite protects Tampa mayor-elect John Simmons. - 2010 - January 27, Air Rat kills Terat El Guardián on contract for the Colombian government, he regrets it after evidence surfaces that El Guardián was a very decent man, targeted only for Teragen beliefs. - 2010 - Febuary 1, Terra and Air Rat meet and speak with one another
  9. The Dilemma: Ok, so after recent discussions it has come to my attention that there is no uncapped setting on the site. In fact I believe currently there is no game allowing characters to exceed Q6 and even those games are rare. Personally I feel there ought to be at least one setting/game on the site where there is no artificial cap. The rules of the game exist to allow characters to develop world shattering powers, but no game here allows the characters to get them. That's a shame. The Disclaimer: I know right off the bat that this idea will not be for everyone, if it is not for you please ignore this post. If it piques your interest then keep reading. The Proposal: So what I'm proposing is this. If there is interest, I will open up the Long March setting as being uncapped and open to everyone. In other words if you want to reach Q8 and write for a character with Global powers like Geologic Supremacy, then you can do it. The nice thing about the Long March setting is that it is a multi-verse setting in which just about anything is possible. You want to write in a world where the Aberrant War is in full swing, no problem. You want to write in a world where it is N-Day and everyone has just erupted? No problem. The setting will allow just about anything. Even in games that don't have an explicitly stated cap, there is an unstated cap by means of low rate of xp awards and realistic expectations of how long the game will last. What game ever goes long enough at normal xp rates to reach the higher quantum ratings? Most games on this site and even TT games rarely go longer than 3 years and so even if they 'allowed' you to buy higher quantum ratings you'd never get enough xp in the time the game is active to actually get the higher quantum ratings and associated powers. The Rules: The rules are simple. 90np max and you may start with Q6. Every month you participate you are awarded 20xp. Each year of participation within the setting will earn you the right to raise your Q by one dot. (If porting a character from MCoH or another recognized setting you will come into the game at the point at which the character is currently with no banked xp. If you are recognized as having enough participation in that setting to gain the 7th dot in Quantum you still won't be able to buy it until you have enough xp to purchase it which would mean a minimum of 3 months. No participation beyond 7th dot will be recognized no matter how much you might have been involved in the game you are porting from. Q8 will have to be earned by participation in this game directly, meaning no one will be allowed Q8 for at least a year. Q9 in 2 years, and Q10 in 3 years. That's assuming you go straight up the quantum ladder so to speak. Just because you can buy the dots doesn't mean you have to. This won't be an 'arms race'. Remember the golden rule is that you are not allowed to effect another character without their permission. Rushing to Q10 serves no purpose. I want an uncapped setting to tell stories in not to flex and say 'look how buff my sheet is'. There aren't going to be any nerd girls (or guys) swooning at the sight of your Quantum Rating. It's about telling stories, I can't emphasize that enough. If you want to rush to Q10 because that's what you want to do and that's what gives you your jollies then that's fine. Just remember that people aren't likely to read your stories or want to interact with you if you don't participate in and tell interesting stories. The Golden Rule: I will Mod the game and the one Golden Rule is that what your character does cannot effect another player's character without their permission. I will be around to arbitrate if there is ever a conflict, but it shouldn't be necessary. Porting: I will allow characters to be ported over from MCoH as is, and participation there will count as participation in LM. I will consider allowing characters to be ported over from other settings, and will consider allowing participation in those to be counted, but from other settings it is not a guarantee. I'll decide on those on a case by case basis since I'm not as familiar with other settings. Even counting participation from other settings, no character will be allowed to come in starting higher than Q6. A second more important disclaimer: Don't read this as me trying to steal players from MCoH. That is not at all my intention and I would hope that anyone interested in porting a character over would continue playing in MCoH, as I intend to do with Elspeth. I'll just consider my LM version an uncapped Alternate Universe version not to be confused with the MCoH Elspeth. This proposal isn't really about MCoH, it's about there not being a game on the site where it's possible to explore the upper limits of the power ranges in the books. It was merely the recent discussion in that setting that brought this all to my attention and spurred me to make this proposal. Clarification: The idea for using the LM universe is because I am the ST for that game and it allows for a great diversity in the setting. I could just as easily set it in a newly created universe if folks would rather do that. My main thought here is to have that ONE game in which there is no upper limit and the only thing stopping you from hitting Q10 and creating your own universes is time and participation. Finally, just to be clear, what I am offering to provide is a setting in which any interested player can write stories. It will be a moderated setting, and if it is desired I will try and provide plot for you individually or in groups, but I will expect the players to be mostly self guided and directed. Think of me in my Mod capacity more as a resource to call on when you are stuck or getting writers block or need clarification on something in the setting. I will provide necessary meta plot to bring characters together if requested, but by and large you will be allowed to govern your own affairs and write your own stories. For those unfamiliar with the Long March setting here is a basic summary: The game was one in which the characters discovered that their universe was only one among an infinite number of parallel universes. On their particular branch of the tree so to speak there was a group of massively powerful Novas called the Watchers. They played with the fates of entire universes for no reason other than to keep terminal boredom at bay. They weren't 'evil' they were simply beyond the realm of normal morals and ethics. This setting I am offering does not necessarily exist on that branch of the universal tree, it can include them or not as the players choose. The main thing is that they players will have the choice to determine their setting and as play progresses will have the opportunity to move between universes if they wish to interact with other characters, or may all exist in the same universe. The choice is up to you. I've already spoke with Chosen and he's willing to put Long March back on the main page if anyone is interested, otherwise we can create a brand new game thread if folks would rather do that. Questions? Suggestions?
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