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Found 210 results

  1. Yeah, I know, you're wondering why I created The Professor the way I did, well you guys might know since most of you are in chat when I'm on but for new faces and people who weren't around I'll break down how YOU, yes YOU, will love having her around for your birthdays, weddings, or any other social gathering in any universe! Sakurako's ESS was purposely designed to be a plot device for everyone to take advantage of. Even if it's only quickly mentioned in a fiction. Also, I am amicable to letting characters stay with Sakurako on the ESS for extended lengths of time. I don't mind having shipmates. Just be aware that you'll be occasionally visiting Brittania Earth, since that's Sakruako's new home. There is one catch to all this coolness. I brought the ESS with me, but at some point "The Hive" will be knocking on someone's door. It may be mine, yours... anyone's. I do give everyone permission to use "The Hive" as you see fit. I'll be posting a writeup on them next week when I return on Tuesday or so. Now, the other reason why I'm making this post is to take suggestions and ideas for what to do next after "Another Day at Stonehenge".
  2. Sheet Name: Dash Carpenter Nature: Survivor Allegiance: The Directive (pre-meetup) The Professor (post-meetup) Atts Strength (Wiry) 5 Dexterity (Agile) 5 Stamina (Tough) 5 Perception (Alert) 5 Intelligence (Bright) 5 Wits (Iron Nerves) 5 Appearance (Sensual) 5 Manipulation (Cunning) 5 Charisma (Polite) 5 Abilities Might 5 Athletics 5 Martial arts 5 Firearms 5 Melee 5 Stealth 5 Drive 5 Pilot 5 Endurance 3* Resistance 3* Awareness 5 Investigation 5 Academics 3 Bureaucracy 3 Linguistics 3 (English, Japanese, French, Spanish) Computers 5 Intrusion 5 Survival 3 Rapport 5 Intimidation 5 Interrogation 3 Streetwise 5 Subterfuge 5 Backgrounds Cipher 3 Node 2 Eufiber 1 Contacts 3 Willpower 10 Quantum 4 Quantum pool 28 Initiative 17 Taint 5 Aberrations Aberrant Eyes (Pure Gunmetal Gray) Anima Banner (Holographic Man in Black Image) Powers/Mega Atts Armor 2 Intuition 4 Psychic Shield 4 Claws 5 (Lv 2 with Kinetic Discharge and Armor Piercing; Strengths: Free Extra, Weaknesses: Limited to Ranged Weapons) Mega-Intelligence 2 (Tactical Prodigy, Analyze Weakness) Mega-Perception 2 (Hyperenhanced Hearing, Quantum Attunement) Mega-Wits 2 (Quickness, Multitasking) Mega-Stamina 2 (Adaptability, Durability) Mega-Dexterity 5 (Catfooted, Perfect Balance) BP breakdown +1 Background - 1 +7 WP - 14 NP breakdown +15 Attributes - 5 Quantum +3 (All Tainted) - 9 +66 Abilities - 12 +4 Intuition - 4 +10 Mega Attributes - 30 +5 Enhancements - 15 +3 Armor - 6 +4 Psychic Shield - 4 +5 Claws Power - 15 XP Log Current Total as of 8/12/2011: 125 XP. Quantum 5 - Minus 32 XP. Quantum 6 - Minus 40 XP. Mega-Dexterity 3 - Minus 10 XP Mega-Dexterity 4 - Minus 15 XP Mega-Dexterity 5 - Minus 20 XP Balance: 8 XP.
  3. Name- John Connor Fontenot Age-21 Height- 200cm Mass- 110kg Hair- Brown Eyes – Yellow Bloodtype- 0+ Generation- 3rd Connor Fontenot has something a true legacy. He possesses superhuman attributes, and most of the abilities of his late father, Connor “Mech” Fontenot. His father was a popular nova actor and entertainer, garnering worldwide acclaim as an action star, and even going on to win a pair of academy awards. Sadly, Connor died in the evacuation of earth, buying time for his family and the other colonists to leave earth, shooting down a number of nuclear missiles before being caught and shot several times by orbital railguns. Since that time, John has aided in running the colony, though a routine exploratory mission left him in an unfamiliar lunar orbit, alone. The experience left him alone, low on power, and without memories of who he is, or what happened. John is a powerfully built man, while not as attractive as his parents were, he’s still beyond what a human can ever be, in every possible way. When Sakurako found him in lunar orbit, he was almost dead, only her timely arrival saved him. No evidence of the warper who brought him there was every found, and his outfit was found to be a nanopolymer weave similar to eufiber.
  4. This thread is a place holder for a 'story' I am writing using Elspeth. The world described within is a fantasy world that I have been working on for a very long time and I recently decided to get back to writing something in it. What follows is me putting Elspeth within this setting in order to look at the world with fresh eyes. By writing about her within the setting it is forcing me to think more deeply about the setting itself. As I said this is not a real story, as it does not contain all the elements of a story like conflict, etc... it's just me putting her in the setting and seeing what happens and what ideas it gives me. That said, if you just want to read about the setting itself and find it interesting, then more power to you. If you read it for 'story' you'll probably be disappointed. If anyone is interested in reading it, just let me know... I certainly wouldn't mind suggestions and opinions on the setting. It is much like the World Building project, in that a friend and I worked on building the world for several years as a campaign world. Because of that, it has a depth that many fantasy worlds lack, but it's been years since I really did anything with it. As I said above, by putting Elspeth into the setting (a non-fantasy character), it is making me look at the setting from a different perspective and ask questions that I never dug into in the past. Hopefully the result will make the world not only unique, but also give it even greater verisimilitude. (ooh, big word!) As for Elspeth, she has Crosstime travel so from the her perspective she has just traveled to a very far divergent 'Earth'. Because I intend to eventually try to get stories within this fantasy world published, I'm not exactly eager to put it out here on the net where ideas could be stolen. Unfortuneately, it's not possible to make threads Private and restrict access, so instead I will put them in PM. If anyone really wants to read what's being written I'll be happy to shoot it to you in PM provided you agree not to share details with anyone else or use my ideas without permission.
  5. Elspeth had a final task to perform before she finished her vacation, she just hoped it would not take too long. Her clones were hardy and tough, but they wouldn't last forever, in a week or so they would dissipate and Elspeth would need to return before that happened. I'll need to push these kids along fast if I'm going to accomplish anything before I go.... The three kids in question were the ones who had helped her pick up her books that first day when Cindy, aka. Smurfette, had purposefully knocked them out of Elspeth's arms. They had seemed about as typical and average as American teens came and so she'd kept and eye on them to see what their lives were really like. What she found was a steaming pile of angst and borederline neurosis wrapped up in an triangle of unrequited sexual tension and bound by a crippling fear of rejection. The three were about as messed up as teens got and Elspeth was going to do something about it and truth be told, she was looking forward to rattling their cages. ----- Everything goes in cycles... it was no wonder that some cultures viewed time as a Wheel instead of linear. It had taken over twenty years, but Vampires and dark clothing and all things goth were coming back into fashion. Naturally, Steph, Diana, and Jeremy thought they were being different and rebellious by dressing all in black and wishing they were undead. Elspeth supressed a laugh looking at the three of them hanging out at the park across the street from the high school. Unlike Diana and Jeremy, Steph had beautiful natural blue-black hair, but like her companions it was greesy and none to well kept. All three teens could use an afternoon at a salon in Elspeth's opinion, but only after a good long hot shower. That alone would make their self-esteem soar, which wasn't saying much since they didn't appear to have any to begin with. You could see it in their body language and posture. Jeremy constantly slouched with his shoulders slumped and hunched like he was expecting a blow across the back and depsite his nearly six foot height he seemed much smaller and it didn't help that he had the classic geek body, thin arms and legs and no muscle tone at all. She suspected that even if he were not hunched and slumping his shoulders he still would have a nearly concave chest. The other distinctive feature about him was that he hardly moved, as if he was afraid to draw any attention to himself. Diana, on the other hand, couldn't remain still if her life depended on it, she was always in motion and looked like she would flee if someone said 'boo', like a small bird pacing back and forth on it's perch; and like a small bird she was slight and thin and fae looking, but thanks to her nearly flat chest and tom-boy mannerisms she seemed more of a man than Jeremy. Steph was the opposite, she was one of those girls that all the teen movies portray, the 'ugly duckling' that gets the makeover and is suddenly one of the prettiest girls in school. Only this duckling had not had the makeover yet. Her face was her best feature with it's large dark eyes and full shapely lips, but the caked on goth makup did an excellent job of hiding her beauty. The only fault with her body, if it could be called a fault was that she was just a little plump. Elspeth didn't think the weight mattered one bit, but obviously Steph did, she stood with arms folded over her breasts as if hiding them and her body language screamed that she believed she was completely and totally unactrative. With her hearing Elspeth could follow the conversation without approaching too close. Diana who seemed the leader by virtue of the fact that she was active and moving spoke with authority, "I would become a vampire if they were real. Not the Buffy kind or the Twilight kind you know, but the Anne Rice type, or the White-wolf ones would be cool. Get to live forever, and have cool powers and you can even be awake during the day if you want, you just can't go out in direct sun." Jeremy shook his head, "No, not the Anne Rice ones, they're impotent. I mean sure the Thirst is the big thing for Vamps and feeding is supposed to be better than sex, but I'd still want to have it, the sex I mean. I mean really, if you've got all the powers to hypnotize anyone you want and have your way with them then..." He trailed off seeing the look Diana gave and wilted under her stare. Elspeth could read the three like a book, Jeremy had a major thing for Diana and her displeasure at his comment made him instantly retract his opinion. "I mean you know, not like rape, just like the one's that wanted to do it. You know?" He looked like he wished he had never opened his mouth. Diana didn't look too appeased, but Steph spoke up to defend Jeremy, she had a thing for him just as he had one for Di. "It wouldn't be rape, they would be willing, besides, they would never remember it and there wouldn't be any consequences since Vamps are immune to disease." Elspeth wanted to laugh so bad... Diana wouldn't admit it even to herself, but she wanted Steph every bit as much as the other two sides of the trinangle wanted the one that didn't want them back and the result was that the leader of the little group backed down from her own opinion because her object of desire had defended the opposite view. "Ok, I guess that's not really so bad then, but what about virgins, they'd sill lose their cherry and that's a consequence." Jeremy grinned having obviously thought enough about Vampire/mortal sex to have his answer prepared, "Nope, Vamps can heal wounds with a lick." His grin was flush with victory and sexual innuendo. Steph piped up, not to be left out of the conversation and hoping to draw the boy's interest, "I'd willingly let a vampire do that to me even if he didn't lick me when he was done." She blushed at the mental image this brought up. "What if the Vamp was a girl? You wouldn't need to be healed then, she could feed from your thigh and lick you and have both pleasures." Diana was so obvious about her feelings, Elspeth couldn't understand how the other two teens could possibly miss the implication, but miss it they did, wrapped up in their own emotions as they were. Oh for heaven's sake, they are ridiculous! Elspeth thought to herself. It was time to put an end to their silliness. It was a cloudy overcast day so Elspeth faded into view as she walked up to the trio of angst ridden teens. They nearly jumped out of their skins. It was most satisfying. Elspeth smiled a wicked half smile. She had changed her shape to appear a bit older and with darker hair and features, but otherwise had remained the same. "I believe you all wanted to become vampires. Today is your lucky day then, I have need of minions." Her smile grew and showed teeth. Her canines extended into sharp fangs then retracted back to smaller points. The three teens stood speechless and Elspeth could tell that there was very nearly a loss of bladder control from one or two of them. Idle speculation about becoming a vampire was one thing after all, but being confronted by the reality appearing out of thin air was another entirely. "Well, yes or no? If you aren't interested I will find others." The teens were too stunned to speak so Elspeth began to turn as if to go. "No wait! I mean yes, I would like to be like you." Diana was the one to speak but the other two nodded emphatically. Elspeth turned back to face them and narrowed her eyes and let a sense of power and danger leak though her disguise. "I will test you then. You will do everything I say without question or I will reject you and you can continue your miserable little lives. Understand that I could make you into mindless slaves if I chose, but I don't want slaves, I want obedient servants who choose loyalty." Diana again spoke for the trio, "Will we spend immortal lives just as your servants or would be be free to be independant some day? I want to be like you, but I wouldn't want to be a slave." Elspeth laughed, "You have courage, but you are a foolish child. I don't want slaves. For a time you will serve me and you will do all I ask or I will not give you the Embrace. Once Embraced you will be free to stay or go. Now, no more questions. I want to hear your answers, each of you." The teens looked at each other for a moment as if having an unspoken conversation then turned back to Elspeth and answered. Diana stuck her chest out and nodded sharply and decisively, "Yes." Jeremy swallowed hard and noddd. "Yes." He had a bit of a weak chin and a too prominent nose, but neither feature was so pronounced as to make him completely unattractive. Steph was the last to speak and seemed the most hesitant, "Yes." "Then question none of the orders I will give you and do them immediately, I am not one of your teachers at school or your parents who will give you chance after chance. If you fail, then you fail and that will be it. You must prove to me that you are worthy of my trust." Elspeth hid a grin, they had no idea how uncomfortable this was about to get, but it was the only way to fix their pathetic lives in the time she had. Well, that was not exactly true, she could use her telepathy to rewrite their very personalities one memory at a time, but then they would be no better than mindless zombies created by her. In order for their change to mean anything they had to be free to make choices. When she was satisfied that they wouldn't bolt she reached forward and touched Diana on the forehead with her index finger, letting her quantum aura surround the girl and infuse her, "First thing first, that dye job is terrible and makes you look ridiculous. Be yourself and be proud of what nature gave you." Elspeth focused her will on changing the girl's hair just as she would change her own. There was some resistance, but it melted away. After a few seconds the dye in the girl's hair flaked off and the black dust slid off as if being washed away. She did the same with the girl's skin and pores causing all dirt and foreign matter to be push away from her body. From Diana's perspective she felt an intense tingling and it was almost as if her flesh was crawling but then it passed. She wasn't sure what had happened, not being able to see her own hair, but she quickly understood when the beautiful vampire repeated the process on her two friends. Elspeth wouldn't have done it this way except that she was in a hurry and every day counted. She didn't make any actual changes to their bodies since nothing she did would be permanent once she withdrew her quantum aura, but the dye and dirt and makeup and grease on their bodies and in their hair were not part of them so making them go away would last until they got dirty again, or dyed their hair. She smiled at the results. Steph had lustrous naturally blue-black hair that fell almost to her waist and her skin was beautiful. Now that it was free of the dirt and grease it was spectacular, some of the best hair El had ever seen on a baseline. Diana was revealed to have sandy blonde hair short and almost boyish in cut. Jeremy's was a nice auburn and curly, but the big improvement was the lack of pimples and pimple scars thanks to the clensing she had given them. She nodded in appreciation, "That's better. Now, Steph, we're going to your house, lead the way." The girl was full of apprehension, her father was grumpy at the best of times, but he hated when she brought friends over and wouldn't leave them alone but watched and listened to everything. He claimed he was just protecting her, but it creeped her friends out and made them very uncomfortable. She knew it was just that he was afraid of loosing her like he'd lost her mother, but it still sucked. Diana and Jeremy gave her worried looks, but she didn't question... she realized they had not been told the vampire's name. "If you don't mind, what is your name?" It took a good deal of courage for the self-effacing girl to ask. "You may call me Mistress. There is power in names and you do not need to know mine yet. Perhaps after the embrace if you prove worthy..." Elspeth shamelessly played up the mysterious nature of her appearance even though there was nothing wrong with giving these kids her real name. Steph nodded, "Uh, Mistress. Thanks." She led the way to her home.
  6. Time/Space Local: February 10, 2010, Sahara Reality: Terra One The day after her short battle, Revelation looked over the palace of crystal she had made, and decided it was time to move. As she moved though the shattered crystal she picked up some of the broken crystals from the battle, and held them in her hand a moment, before letting them spill back out of her hand. Even as she did, one of the nova's who'd gathered around her spoke up. "So, what now?" "Now, I am going to move, I think Antarctica might work this time." "Your just going to retreat?" "Of course not, I won this round, but I am thinking I prefer any future assaults to be on ground that costs them a bit more to reach. Besides, I never was entirely happy with the work I did here, I have thought it could be better for a while... perhaps something more collective, maybe we should all work together to build it." The other nova cheered up considerably at that particular thought. "That could be cool, so your thinking of somewhere in Antarctica?" "For now at least, someplace harder for enemies to reach, but open to friends."
  7. Time: January 21st and 22nd Location: New York City to New Orleans Their journey south began with promise, the winter sky blue and clear, the white snow bright under the brassy afternoon sunlight. It was still early afternoon, but it was the heart of winter and the days were short. They were on the road only for a few hours before full dark fell over them, broken only by the silvery and golden beams of the headlights. The two of them passed the time distracting themselves talking about inconsequential things, though Daniel was relieved when the conversation moved from clothing to music. The radio played with soft insistence, the music mostly the same. With their demanding mutant metabolisms, Sonja and Daniel soon found their stomachs grumbling. When next the behemoth vehicle demanded fuel, which it did often enough that Daniel was beginning to have second thoughts about his offer to pay for gas, they stopped off at a truck-stop to fill their own needs. Stepping out of the Hummer, Sonja was acutely aware when every pair of eyes turned her way. She was used to being stared at, but never to this degree. She be lying if she said she hated all the attention but crude comments from the truckers were a bit much. She ended those by putting her hand-print in the front grill of a Mack truck and shoving the big-rig back five feet with a single push. The trucker stumbled out of the cab, yanking off his cap and staring at the hand-print in awe, then at tall, young woman. He showed her a gaped-toothed grin. "Holy shit! How much would I need to pay you to get an imprint of those enormous tits, Nova-Barbie?" he crowed, more than half seriously. Sonja glared then stomped inside the diner, Daniel hiding a smile as he followed her. They managed to nab a corner booth, a waitress appearing as if by magic. "Hi! I'm Becky, what can I get for ya, handsome?" she chirped perkily, making goo-goo eyes at the mutant firestarter. In her early twenties and reasonably pretty, Becky only grudgingly turned to Sonja to take her order, the glint in her green eyes cheerfully wishing the over-sized, overly pretty girl to cheerfully die in a fire. The portions were big, the menu standard fare but good, and the service quick, at least for Daniel. Daniel payed, but Sonja thought his tip was way higher than the perky pipsqueak deserved. Soon they were back on the road, driving deep into the night. "Soooo..." Daniel temporized, "do you want to get a motel room for the night or something?" Sonja gave him a side-long glance and a smirk that clearly said she knew what he was thinking. "No, I'm good, not even a little tired. But if you want, you can crash in the back, the seats tilt down and I picked up a blanket when I was clothes shopping just for this. You can spot me in the morning for an hour or two if you want though." Telling himself he wasn't disappointed that he wasn't going to share a room with Sonja, Daniel nodded, then climbed into the back, finding the blanket only after getting a handful of dress and underwear. The thick, soft comforted was obviously made for someone who'd have trouble fitting in a normal sized bed. It covered him completely and then some. It took him a while to fall asleep, not used to the hum of wheels running over asphalt. Driving through the night, Sonja wasn't physically tired but was getting mentally exhausted through sheer boredom. She didn't have Daniel to talk to and she kept the radio barely audible out of politeness and any stretch of highway looked much like another. Inevitably, her mind began to wonder what they were find once they got home, what other changes there would be. What event in the past being changed led to the world being like this? Daniel woke up several states later to dawn light peeking through the windows and the smell of fresh coffee and donuts. He sat up, the blanket sliding down his shoulders, glancing at Sonja. She wasn't wearing her jacket and he was surprised to see the slump in her shoulders as she nibbled on a bearclaw. "Sonja...?" The big blonde gave a surprised start. "Oh, thanks the gods! I didn't reckon on how boring that would be." Sonja pulled over onto the shoulder of the road then replaced Daniel in the back as she shoved him into the front. "Give me an hour or two to get over numb-brain then wake me up after you pull in somewhere for breakfast, 'kay?" Barely waiting for Daniel's assent, Sonja took off her sweater, reached inside her lavender shirt to remove her bra, then slumped down on her back on the reclined seat with the comforter draped over her. In the rearview mirror, Daniel's gaze kept being drawn to the rise and fall of her mountainous chest, hardly concealed by the thick blanket.
  8. February 25th Uptown Seattle, near midnight - 2 am It had only been a couple weeks since Sophie and Asche had officially started their lives together. The weeks it took to set up an income stream than was beginning to feed Asche’s plans for this world; manipulating scientists and buyers for his inventions and ideas, buying property, setting Sophie up in a private schooling program, all that was a whirlwind of days and nights running together. It wasn’t until recently, nineteen days ago to be exact, that Sophie really began to call this place home. She had her own room now, one that was clean and smelled good. She actually wanted to go to school. Between the private tutoring from Asche and the advanced lessons from her teacher, the 13 year old was having a blast. Asche still had made no positive contact with any of his team on this earth and he was, for all practicality, certain now that he was on yet another parallel earth. Most of the once he had seen were mirrors of earth but in some way, vastly different from the ‘true-earth’. This one though, seemed almost identical and as of yet had the only difference of having ever seen him or any of his team or people. This was actually a good thing; it meant that his enemies had no reason to search out this place and if he kept things to a dull roar, he could develop some form of signature masking protocol and hide here indefinitely. In the mean time, he still had to make quite a few more contacts and develop influence the hard way. A lone specter sat amongst the shadows of air conditioners and fire prevention equipment on a 12-story building looking over Western Ave and Myrtle Edwards Park. Asche had heard from his various street contacts that it was here that sometimes one can get their hands on some banned tech, so he has stood silently on various vantages over the past several nights. His plan of being a sentinel was a game of patience, and someone who had seen over a hundred winters without a roof over his head had patience a plenty. The only difference was now he had a cloak that helped him stay hidden and quiet; even one with low levels of nova senses would likely look over him if he was still. Tonight was one of those nights where being still was easy. Nothing was going on. He was beginning to wonder if he had gotten old news and perhaps the meet was never going to happen here. That or perhaps Utopia had gotten wind of it already and flew their teams in to bust the deal all up. At any rate, when he saw pair of men arrive discretely a little past one am, at first he almost didn’t pay attention to them. Then it clicked in, they were running security for the area with the help of a third set of eyes not on site. The first arrived and walked a straight line through the shadows of the trees for the shore of the park and a good view into the dark clear over to Bainbridge Island. At first he looked like no more than a late night walker perhaps a hotel worker getting off a late shift. The second arrived not five minutes later and even from several hundred yards Asche could recognize the bulge in a hidden shoulder holster. He took a point not very far into the park but out if sight from the street and sat on a bench about a hundred feet from a picnic area with several more tables and benches, likely the meet area. The fact that they left a gap in their sight and defenses is the only reason Asche even thought twice. *If they had a left a person about there, this would be a near perfect look out team. Yup, there they are. These must be my men.* The third set of eyes was south of the shadowy roof where Asche was hiding not more that 2 blocks away. Asche was brutally careful that when he spotted the person on the roof he spent no more than a second or two looking at them. Some Novas had a nasty way of knowing when they were spotted and this guy was definitely a nova. The fact that he was simply leaning against the wall 10 stories from ground and NOT sliding down the vertical service was all the tell Asche needed. Number three mist have some means for crossing the few hundred yards between his vantage point and the park to be of any use if things went south. He must also have heightened senses to be able to sense the area well enough from so far away. *Another sentinel. Interesting.* Asche thought. All he had to do now was wait and see what the other side of the party brought. These guys might simply be a disinterested third party hired to secure the area. Only time would tell.
  9. (Formerly Teen Dreams) It was starting to become too much. She was burning herself out with all this ruling business. Over the last year she'd taken back her kingdom, (queendom actually, damned sexist terminology!). She had gained the respect and real loyalty of her army and it's officers. She had exposed an unofficial food embargo imposed by Utopia and gotten it reversed. To keep it from being tried again she had begun to get her people organized, and taken steps to eventually make her people self sufficient by offering strong incentives for people to become farmers, and take up other occupations that the land needed desperately. And that was just the official acts of her reign. Then there was all the behind the scenes stuff that she been doing. She left clones doing the day to day business of the state while she expanded her powers to warp and do other things. She'd gone from warping to the moon and back, out to the edge of the solar system, then eventually to near by stars, and now she could stretch herself and go anywhere in the galaxy or beyond. She still had room for improvement, but her trips weren't limited to nearby stellar destinations now so she could start the real work of finding her people a new home. There was war coming and it didn't take a sphinx to know it. Someday in the not too distant future she would need someplace for her people to retreat to and she would be ready. But not today. Today she was sick of it all. It was one thing to have a metabolism that didn't require sleep and that could keep going at a frantic pace for months on end. It was another to be a teenage girl and never ever have a day off from worrying about a nation of nearly 10,000,000 people. What had been the final straw had been Neese, her steward, bringing her an article in a school newspaper that her niece had written about Elspeth. Last summer when the girl had been visiting on vacation Elspeth had walked into the thrown room to discover the girl looking wide-eyed around at the palace furnishings. The young American school girl had been awed by her, and Elspeth for her own part had seen in the girl a chance to sit and talk for a brief time like a real teen. That had been an interesting experience, but it was impossible to separate herself from her duties and she'd used the girl, knowing that what she wrote would be picked up by other news agencies and reprinted around the world. Elspeth saw a sympathetic writer and used the girl manipulating her into asking the questions that Elspeth wanted the public to know. She wasn't proud of it, in fact it made her feel dirty, especially when the girl thought Elspeth was just being friendly. Now here it was, the article. Neese presented it proudly, both of her niece's work, and of her Queen. In a way Neese had come to be like a mother to her, not that she would ever admit it, nor would Neese ever try to offer even the slightest bit of advice, but despite trying to keep her distance, the woman had grown on her. Elspeth almost refused it, not wanting to be reminded of how she'd manipulated the girl, but seeing the pride on the older woman's face she couldn't do it. She took the paper and began to read as she drank her morning tea. Most of it was what she expected, the questions she had manipulated the girl into asking. What she didn't expect was that the article was surprisingly well written for a baseline teenager, but more than that, the article captured an aspect of her she tried to hide from others. Quote:"Elspeth was all these things and more. It was like sitting and having a conversation with a tornado. She was a force of nature wrapped up in a beautiful human seeming package, but there was a sadness in her so deep I wanted to cry just from feeling it's edges. Storms and forces of nature don't have friends, they have people who fear them, people who respect them, people who envy them; but who loves a tornado? Who is there for Elspeth when she's sad, or hurt, or just needs a hug? I would love to have her powers, I would trade my silly troubles in a heartbeat if I could be like her, but I don't envy her the loneliness of who she is, I think it would crush me like a giant stepping on a ladybug. Elspeth, if you ever just need a friend or a hug, I'm here for you." She took a sip of the tea to give herself a second before responding. When she was sure she could speak without sounding choked up, she said, "Thank you Neese, she's very talented. She will have a brilliant career as a journalist, I've seen it." Without another word she laid the paper on the table and left the room. When she'd closed the door behind her she teleported. The silence and emptiness of space somewhere out between Sol and Alpha Centauri seemed appropriate to her mood. She wanted to cry, but you can't cry in space. A tear formed but turned to ice the moment it left her cheek and the protective aura of her quantum signature. It would float there in the void for all eons lost between the stars. She screamed her frustration and inner pain into the void making not a sound. She wasn't sure how long had passed before her self-pity turned into resolve and a plan formed in her mind. A smile crossed her face and she returned to the palace, a new adventure planned. Back in the palace she created two clones. The three Elspeth's smiled at each other knowingly. One of the clones spoke, "Have fun. We will keep an eye on things while you are gone. We always do." The real Elspeth grinned back, "I have the utmost confidence in you!" The three smiled, each displaying the pain of loneliness in that expression of strange solidarity.
  10. Rimrock Lake… It’s funny that such an out-of-the-way place could have turned out to be so pivotal in my life. But I guess it’s always the little things that’ll do it to you, huh? The big stuff you can plan and prepare for – or at least resign yourself to – but the little stuff you never even see coming. Or that’s my opinion, at least. I certainly didn’t see what was coming for me… Rimrock Lake is a long narrow storage reservoir up in the Snoqualmie National Forest and created as part of a reclamation project started back in the last century. Nominally, the project is ongoing, but with the War on and all it’s probably more accurate to say that the US Government is just trying not to lose any ground on it. Or maybe not. I guess I don’t know, since I’m really not sure what they were trying to ‘reclaim’ in the first place – all I know is that water from the lake feeds into Yakima and is a big factor in keeping the land down there fertile and in tip-top condition. Anyway, it’s located – if you hadn’t already guessed – just a few miles outside of Yakima, in the foothills to the east of Mt. Rainier. If Geography’s not really your strong suit, that puts Rimrock in lower Washington State, maybe 50 or 60 miles southeast of Seattle. The thing about Rimrock Lake is that, being artificial in the first place, it can be controlled. In this case, by the Tieton Dam, a fairly impressive piece of engineering built back in the first quarter of the 20th. Since the water from the lake is used for irrigation of the northeast portion of Yakima, whoever controls Rimrock controls a portion of the water supply for that hotbed of DAD and Joey* activity. Not all of the water supply, mind you, but the area that it drains into is some of the best farmland in the area – and ever since Wycoff did his thing over in Hasting nobody takes fertile land for granted anymore. And anyway, we didn’t want to control the dam, really, we just wanted to blow it up. What can I tell you? This is the Greens; there’s barely 2,000 of us fighting against several times as many of the enemy, so we aren’t about to overreach ourselves, you know? We’re just trying to be realistic about these things.
  11. Time/Space Local: February 9, 2010, Sahara Reality: Terra One As she spent time speaking with a few Terat's who had chosen to follow her ideas, or were curious about them over the last few days, after her actions in Tampa, she'd gotten a lot more interest. Enough that some people within Teragen were listening to her a lot closer now, and she made herself available to speak with those within her own faction who were drawn to her philosophy. Including the ones who had more or less embraced it after her speech a few weeks ago, but were easily persuaded one way or another, those she attempted to shore up their confidence and certainty. It was, however, midday when Utopia's particular move against her was finally made, they had taken the time to gather a small group of novas who they thought would be able to bring her in. They planed to charge her with breaking the laws of Tampa, resisting arrest, and endangering the public, as well as charging her for building without a permit. Doing this would allow them to imprison and study her, or at least, they thought it would. Unfortunately for them, they didn't know her full power, and had made several very hasty decisions. So when the five nova's who broke though the glass of her palace made their way into her domain, she was far more prepared for them then expected.
  12. Date/Time: 11:45 AM, February 7, 2010. Location: Greens Restaurant, San Francisco, CA, USA Joe had done everything he could for his students. He had studied all of the Asian martial arts that he could find, and he taught what he had found. He had even created a tropical island where they didn't have any worries except for their studies... ... still it wasn't enough. Late last semester, some of his students that were within a year of graduating had come to him and asked, respectfully, what they were going to do once they left. The lifestyle, living a life of discipline and study, devoted to the art, it really appealed to them. Of course, they weren't really the teaching type. So here he was, again on business for the school that took him far away from it. He'd put out feelers for organizations that would be interested in novas trained in martial arts as well as martial artists that had been trained by a nova. One organization had come to the top of the pile... DeVries. So, he set up an interview with an operative to discuss both future jobs and, possibly, a 'guest teacher'. The meeting was scheduled at 12 noon, but Zhu wanted to be early. He'd gotten there early enough that he had a table next to the big, picture windows and was thinking as he stared across the clear bay at the marvelous sight of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  13. Name-Daniel Oliver Allard Codename- Hostreak Age- 16 Eyes- Red Hair- Black Height- 172 cm mass- 70kg Generation- 3rd Daniel Allard has always known that he was adopted, but in truth that never mattered to him. He's a Native of Southwest Louisiana, speciffically Lake Charles. His Adopted parents, Quintus and Megan Allard treated them as if he were their son. Quintus works for the FBI and as such isn't home all that much, but when he is, he provides a strong hand to guide the young Daniel. His Mother Megan is a school teacher at a local high school and always pushed the more athletically inclined Daniel to also excel at his studies as well. He'd always been excitable and strongwilled, and his father decided that the martial arts would be a good avenue to try and channel his energy down. For eight years Daniel studied Jujustu and TaeKwonDo, exceling in his studies and earning several trophies for his natural ability. As he grew older he began to run track, exceling there due to his fleetness of foot. While he's always been abit brash and hotheaded, he's actually easy to get along with. He's extremely blunt, preferring to air any issues he has with someone or something and resolve them unlike most of his peers. His success in sports has made him popular thorough his life, as he's always been picked first or second. The manifestation of his powers however forced a few changes. There was an electrical short in some of the wires at the "dojo" he studied the martial arts at, and this went unnoticed until it was too late, and it quickly started a fire that grew exponentially. Several students tried to escape out the back, but that went horribly wrong when the burning roof caved in over them. Everyone else was leaving through the front and Daniel stood there, the heat making something click within him. Suddenly he knew he could stop it. "Vanish." At his command the fires diminished, He continued until the fires were gone. The EMT's and Firefighters found him in the back of the building, desperately trying to get to the people who'd been buried. The EMT's hustled him away and told him there was nothing they could do. Crestfallen he was taken home by his parents, and later visited by the police. He gave his own recounting of what happened, which was corroborated by the other students and his sensei, but the fact remained, he was a mutant. Knowing that this would get out, his parents were suprised when the next day A redheaded woman appeared at their doorstep. She introduced herself as Riva Douglas, and like Daniel she too was a mutant. "There is a school for him where he will not be ridiculed for being a mutant, where he can learn to fully control his gifts." She provided a wealth of information on the school, along with her own credentials as a teacher, and thanked them for their time and left. Three days later after three days of scared looks, and at least 3 fights at school that Daniel didn't start, his parens with heavy hearts urged him to consider going with Riva. Knowing that they were right, he nodded and made the call. Riva brought him to the school and showed him around. The next day she tested his abilities. He had complete control of fire, and could generate small amounts. Unknown to him, one of the people trapped under the rubble did survive. Michiru Akatsuki suffered burns to forty percent of her body. She has continued to study the martial arts, all the while plotting her revenge against the mutant that had destroyed her life.She blames him for what happened, believing that the story of the electrical short is just a coverup concoted because his Father is FBI. Four years later, Daniel has matured nicely, easily one of the more handsome young men at the school. He still excels at athletic activity, even moreso than he had before. He's extremely popular, and known for his party animal nature. He's brash, excitable, and impulsive, and he's known to have an explosive temper. He's fairly flirtatious with most of the female students, though that's lessened as of late. His negative qualities aside, everyone knows him to be loyal, with a strong sense of honor and self. No one questions his resolve, and most who have tried have found he's very hard to control. He has since mastered his ability to control and create fire, Thanks in large part to Riva taking him under her wing. He views her as a big sister, and occassionally will call her "Big Sis" to her chagrin. Secretly she's pleased with the progress he's made and proud that he's adapted so well to life at school. He's quick to defend her lack of power, some of the other teachers are much stronger, but Riva has an innate understanding of her abilities, something she's tried to impart to Daniel with little success. The main reason this known ladie's man has "cooled down" as of late is Diana "Glacia" Madison. It's said opposites attract, and it's very hard to find a couple that this is less true for. He controls Fire, she controls cold. They fight like cats and dogs for the most part, but as a team they have an odd almost perfect synergy. She's Cool and calculating. She'd always been fairly isolated due to a quirk of her powers, no one ever wanted to be near her because she chilled the air by being present. With his inherant abilities, he was able to reach a sort of compromise. Even though they're a couple they bicker and fight, but everyone knows that they'll resolve it later, and almost resemble a normal couple, just in time for the next round of arguing to begin. Their friendship began at school but continued to develop into more after a trip to the beach where seeing her difficulties, Daniel used his powers to allow her to enjoy herself too. Daniel is among the few people that have gotten past her icy exterior, and Glacia is among the only people that get past Dan's hot-headedness to see the real Dan beneath it all. His red eyes are generally explained as contacts to normal people, or hidden behind sunglasses in public. They burn brightly when he uses his abilities, easily shining out from behind the glasses, identifying him as a mutant. His body always feels warm to the touch, regardless of the situation, as he radiates an aura of heat. In subzero temperatures he's warm, and usually those around him are too. He wears a costume that was given to him by Riva for Christmas. It serves as a form of light armor and clothing, as it's fairly resilient and can change its shape into other forms of clothing. He didn't dare ask what it cost, but thanked her profusely and told her how much she'd helped him, how he couldn't have done this without her. He's actually a very good cook for someone as young as he is something he credits to his Mother's tutelage when he was younger. He tends to like his food extremely spicy, though he tones it down when cooking for other people. He's proud of his Cajun heritage and specializes in those dishes and cooking game, and when truly upset he's been know to swear profusely in French. His parents have him on an allowance while at the school, and he drives a red 04 Jeep Patriot. The vehicle's solid, despite him not really knowing how to fix it. He's been lucky in that he got it in good condition and doesn't drive it too hard. That was his life, until the day the dreadnaughts attacked. After a short fierce battle they called up the schools' primary warper for a ride home, and Sonja and Daniel were separated, ending up in an entirely different world.
  14. My first thought after my eruption was, Thank god! My second thought was, I wonder if I’m beautiful now? Yeah… I know. Awful, huh? My name is Lorelai Yevtushenko and I’m a soldier in the Aberrant War. I’ve been fighting with the Greens for more than four years now and my own country calls me a terrorist, a war-criminal and a traitor because of it. I'm not happy about that, but it's like the words from that old PNC* song, We Are Winning - I forget the name of the group who sang it - where the guy's talking about the patriot with the picket sign: "She's ashamed of her birthplace, but retreat is not an option". That pretty much sums it up for me, I think. My older brother – who was a nova – died almost five years ago now, fighting for his right to be called a human being and not an aberrant threat. He wouldn't back down either. I only became a nova – an aberrant – a little over six months ago. Since my eruption, people are always telling me how beautiful I am. In fact, what they usually say is that I’m the most beautiful woman in human space. I wouldn’t know, really. Here’s what I know: I’m 25 years old and I haven’t had a boyfriend since I was 17 and Jared McNeil dumped me so he could take Cindy Galloway to the high school prom. In explanation for my first thought upon erupting, I can only point out that me becoming a nova meant that my immediate and painful death was no longer a foregone conclusion. Instead, it had just become ‘the most likely outcome’. In a war, though, I’ve found that you have to take what you can get, because it’s not very likely that anything better is going to come along, you know? But since I’m not dead, I guess something better did come along. As for that second thought, I have no explanations or excuses. I guess I really am that shallow and selfish. In my more optimistic moments, I see it as evidence that I’m just as flawed (and therefore human) as the next girl. That’s an important belief for a nova to have in this day and age, when most of the world thinks they can sum your whole existence up with the words ‘aberrant threat’. Or ‘menace’. Sometimes, for variety, they say ‘menace’ instead of ‘threat’. In the middle of the night, though, when I’m lying in that reinforced titanium-steel bunk the gearheads* made special just for me, unable to sleep, with images of that day running through my head with the Repeat setting turned very emphatically on – at those times I don’t feel so great about myself. Okay, so yeah, I turned into a nova and then I saved the day. There’re people still alive because of me. And that’s good! It really is. But I didn’t erupt because I wanted to save anyone; I erupted because I was scared and I was hurt and I really, really, really didn’t want to die. And even then, before getting up to go ‘save the day’, I still took a second or two to stop and wonder if maybe now Jared McNeil might regret not taking me to the prom instead of that skank Cindy. Or if any of the boys in the 4th would notice me for something other than my talent with a scope and a rifle. My name is Lorelai Yevtushenko. I’m only 25 years old and I’m a nova and people tell me regularly that I’m the most beautiful woman they’ve ever seen... I’m only 25 years old and I’m a nova, but the only man other than my father or my brother who’s ever held me tightly in his arms was dying from shrapnel wounds and thought I was his mother. People tell me regularly that I’m the most beautiful woman they’ve ever seen, but no one’s ever fallen in love with me. I’ve shot and killed at least seventeen men, but I’ve never slept with even one. And if you tell anyone else I’m still a virgin, I’ll show you why they say I’m one of the strongest novas on the planet too! When I erupted, my body’s density increased something like 800%. That's the main reason I’m so strong and difficult to hurt, but such a huge change didn’t come without consequences. With so much mass packed into such a small space, my normal body temperature shot up twenty degrees, from 98.6 F to 118.6 F. That's not hot enough to burn anyone, but it’s hot enough that touching my skin for more than a few seconds is painful for most people, particularly baselines. “Too hot to touch”, is that what you were going to say? No, it’s fine. I’ve heard it a hundred times before. It does have one advantage, though: when I cry, my tears are so hot they evaporate almost immediately. So long as I keep the tears to a minimum no one can even tell. So I guess that's a plus. The second thing I thought after I erupted was, I wonder if I’m beautiful now? According to just about everyone I’ve met since, the answer to that question is ‘yes’. All I know is, I don’t feel beautiful... All I know is, I'm ashamed of myself, but it's like the song says, "retreat is not an option". Click to reveal.. PNC: Pre-Nova Content. The only kind of media that can be legally broadcast in the US, other than news or propaganda.Gearhead: Nickname for the Engineers; a sub-division of the Infantry Branch of the Greens.
  15. Time/Date: January 20th, 2010 Location: Downtown Manhattan A crimson-edged wound in space tore open in the small alley between the towering buildings of Manhattan, the stillness broken by the whistling wind rushing from the unnatural fissure hanging in the air, rustling old newspapers and Chinese take-out menus along the ground. Suddenly, a young man, still in his teens, was thrown from the rippling surface of the wound, hitting the brick facade of a building with ungentle force. He groaned with aches that didn't seem to be solely from his rough landing and shakily got back to his feet, turning to face Weft's Warp... To find another figure being hurled at him, about his own age, though this one was taller, blonder, and considerably more feminine in appearance. He barely got his hands up in time to cushion the impact, finding his fingers in contact with a pair of very prominent protuberances that possessed an impossible blend of softness and firmness. Unfortunately, said protuberances were backed by the solid mass of a tall and athletic figure and Daniel found himself thrown back into the side of the building again, Sonja sprawled on top of him in a tangle of limbs. Still, it was better than being hit with the hundreds of pounds of steel and silicon that Sonja held in her hand, the torn-off arm of the Dreadnought. Sonja tossed the arm-cannon aside to clang against a dumpster, swept her silvery-white hair from her face with her free hand, then scowled down at Daniel laying beneath her. Daniel hastily removed his hands from where they rested, heeding the warning light in the purple eyes of the woman who could have ripped his arms off is she had a mind to, and at the moment, it seemed she did. The two teens quickly righted themselves then stared at the Warp again, its edges a violently fluctuating vermilion. "What the hell happened?" the stunningly beautiful, stunningly voluptuous young woman asked rhetorically. The handsome boy frowned, still trying to work out the kinks from being slammed into a wall... twice. "Dunno. Looks like Weft's warp-portal-thing messed up and sent us back to where we started." "Then where is 'Neca and Curtis?" "Okaaaay... it only partially messed up." The edges of the tear began to twist and writhe, the colours flashing erractically, the 'surface' roiling violently. "Should we try going through-" Sonja didn't let him finish. "Yes!" she exclaimed, grabbing his shirt and plucking him like a ragdoll, rushing for the Warp with pavement-cracking speed and... nearly crashing into the far side of the alley as the Warp vanished with a bright pulse of red and silver light. "Fuck!" Daniel found himself unceremoniously dumped back on his feet. "Okay, okay... We can deal with this. I'll call 'Neca, Dan, you call Glacia or Curtis or somebody, get them to get Weft to open another portal to the same location." Sonja pulled out her iPhone, hit the speed-dial for her annoying sister and waited for it to connect, and waited and... waited. "What's going on?" Sonja said with disgust, then glanced at Daniel with an inquiring lift of her brow. "Nothing here either. Maybe the Warp fried the circuits?" "Maybe," Sonja grunted with a pout, crushing the useless cellphone on her hand and tossing the remains in the dumpster with the Dreadnought arm-cannon she had no intention of dragging along with her anymore. "Well, we can't stay here, waiting for more of those Dreadnoughts to find us. Let's see if we can sneak out and find a payphone so we call back to LHA and see what's up. This must have been some sort of fluke or something." "Sounds good," Daniel agreed. The two of them crept to the mouth of the alley, hugging the walls on opposite sides, then peeked around the corners for signs of danger - and they didn't forget to look up either. To their surprise, everything seemed... normal. No one was screaming in terror from the giant, destructive, mutant-(and everyone else)-killing robots, the wreckage of Sonja's silver BMW was nowhere in evidence, and traffic was moving smoothly, well... smoothly for downtown Manhattan. People were going about their business without any seeming cares in the world, talking, laughing, on their phones, or in groups walking down the sidewalk, or in their cars. Sonja and Daniel shared a confused glance, then cautiously stepped out of the alley and began warily walking down the sidewalk, looking for a phonebooth, rare in this age of mobile connections. With each step they took however, the sense of surprising normalcy began to erode, bit by bit. The sounds of the city weren't as overwhelming and it took them a moment to realize it was the cars. Their engines didn't roar as loudly, in fact, some barely made a noise at all. Their exhaust was far lighter and less pungent, the air itself was much cleaner, as fine as anything you could find in the country, rather than the downtown core. The stylistic lines of the cars even seemed... off somehow. The buildings looked taller, their facing more elaborate, sharp and pristine. It was almost like they were viewing New York through a comic-book lens. Displays advertised products Sonja and Daniel didn't recall seeing, NovaEyez and Hyper-combustion Engines and the new opPhone 3G with new 3D-Display. Sonja stared up in shock at a movie poster, showcasing someone called Lydia Divine in a new Tomb Raider movie. Sonja didn't like to boast, but she had never seen a woman she considered more attractive than herself before. But whoever this movie star was, she made her feel suddenly... pedestrian, over-sized, and ill-formed. "Who's that, Daniel? I've never seen her before. What's going on?" Sonja said in a soft, bewildered voice. Daniel could only give her a speechless shrug. Sonja was vaguely aware of the comments directed her way, ones that someone built like a Barbie Doll couldn't help but garner. But she didn't hear the other ones, the muttered, sour curses about the mutie flaunting herself, that she would dare show herself in public with so little shame. Instead, there was awe, envy, lust for the girl whose proportions and beauty could only belong to something called... a Nova? "What's going on?" the tall blonde whispered, straightening her shoulders in annoying as a pair of boys across the street, a few years older than her, began to loudly debate if a girl with a rack like hers had to be a Nova or not, and began wondering if they should try to get her autograph.
  16. A Speciall OOC Note The 'War Journal' universe was not created by me. It was created by a member of the former EON game forum who was registered under the name of 'Heritage'. He ran a game using this setting that I played in briefly. Since that time I've often wanted another chance to play in that game world. When Infinite Earth was opened up for the specific purpose of letting writers explore 'alternate realities' and so forth, I saw it as an opportunity to get to 'play' in War Journal yet again (though, really, I'm writing fics not 'playing' in a game, but it's a small point of difference only, and one I can live with ). Regardless, credit for this fantastic game setting does not go to me, but goes instead to Heritage, wherever he may be. Reality Date (Current): 2056 Timeline: Alternate; War Journal (Near Canon) ,, War Journal Timeline War Journal Timeline 2008 – Popular T2M member Jennifer “Slider” Landers is murdered in Calcutta; former T2M member André Corbin flees her funeral and is widely believed to be her murderer. 2009 – Accusations are made that Project Utopia is involved in government infiltration, black ops and a secret nova sterilization program. PU denies all charges, accuses the Teragen of creating a smear campaign. Randall “The Fireman” Portman is narrowly elected President of the U.S. 2010’s – Elite warfare in Sub-Saharan Africa gets increasingly violent; several nations effectively become puppet states ruled by their mercenary forces. Other hotspots in Asia and Latin America fare as bad, if not worse. 2010 – Andre Corbin turns himself in to UN authorities; his highly publicized trial ends in a surprise verdict of not guilty. However, the trial leads to the public exposure of the internal corruption within Project Utopia and the presence of Project Proteus, a secret division within Utopia that was responsible for numerous unethical activities, including the probable murder of “Slider”. Proteus is disbanded, but several of its leaders go into hiding. 2011-2016 - Ongoing UN investigation of Utopia’s operations and its use of donated funds lead to the organization being forced to forgo its not-for-profit status, and to sell off many of its holdings, which become publicly traded corporations. Apparent hoarding of illegal nova technology by Utopia’s S&T division leads to the creation of the United Nations Technology Regulation Authority (UNTRA), which assumes Utopia’s duties. Utopia’s Peacekeeping division is absorbed into the UN. The Aeon Society, seeking to distance itself from its errant child, withdraws all funding from Project Utopia and continues its own philanthropic agenda. 2013 – A clash between known Teragen members and several baselines in the Bay Area quickly flares into the now-infamous San Francisco Riots. After three days of violence and looting, National Guard units and T2M finally bring peace to the streets. 87 people are killed and hundreds more injured – property damage is estimated to be in excess of $145 million. 2015 – A battle between T2M and several Teragen members at the infamous Amp Room leaves much of Ibiza Town leveled – public opinion of T2M reaches an all-time low. 2016 - Crippled by the loss of so many of its sources of revenue, Utopia is forced to reorganize as a for-profit consulting firm, renamed Nova Solutions International, Inc. The various T2M units are now contracted out to various governments and corporations. With the “death” of Project Utopia, Teragen membership swells. Renee ‘Chimera’ Mohamed leaves Team Tomorrow and founds her own Elite mercenary group, known as the Green Machine, which operates primarily in Africa. 2020’s - Rumored internal struggles within the Teragen leads to several nova and baseline deaths, including founding member Count Orzaiz. Cult of Mal gains popularity. Allegations of drug trafficking and fraud lead to the downfall of the XWF and the banning of nova “shootfighting” - former XWF fighters turn to Bollywood, which soon saturates the vid market with poorly-conceived, hyperviolent "shootfilms”. The audience soon tires of these derivative stories, and clamors for a return to “human cinema”. 2020 – Novas proliferate globally. Their activities and depredations increasingly harm normal humans. 2022 – Dr. Soguk Birlesme invents viable hyper-fusion. The new technology is initially too expensive to be used by anyone outside of national governments, and development focuses on space exploration. 2024 – NASA unveils a versatile, fusion-powered orbital craft – within three years, China has success with a similar design. The US accuses China of industrial espionage, but no definitive proof is ever uncovered. 2024 – 2032 – Varioius nations launch orbital defense satellites. By far, the most advanced is the United States’ Orbital Military Network (OMEN) defense system. It is used increasingly to monitor and, when necessary, counteract intensifying nova activities. 2027 – Finland, Norway and Sweden form the Northern Collective. 2030’s - Nova entertainers find it increasingly hard to get work – many are forced to turn to the dark corners of the OpNet, where an increased interest in quantum-powered pornography and deadly combat fills the coffers of the Heaven Thunder Triad and the Nakato Gumi. Michaelite communes begin to dot the American West and rural France in increasing numbers as anti-nova sentiment continues to grow. Meanwhile, humanity’s exploration of space continues as colonies bloom on alien soil. 2031 – Lorelai Yevtushenko is born in Tacoma, WA. The US establishes the Olympus Lunar base – England and Russia soon follow suit with bases of their own during the next decade. 2033 – Now a member of the Teragen, Anna DeVries declares herself “Warrior Queen” of Namibia; her son, an influential anti-nova politician in South Africa, denounces his mother’s actions. He rapidly rises through the ranks and eventually becomes Vice President. 2034 – Selene Olympia Miller is the first child born on the Moon. 2036 – Alejandra, once the most popular entertainer in the world, retreats from public life to focus on her charitable foundation. Her fan club grows increasingly obsessive, with members being arrested for all sorts of fanatical behavior; many nations outlaw the club altogether, and possession of ‘Alejandrabilia’ is frequently considered a misdemeanor. 2040’s - Hostility towards novas continues to rise, as novas themselves become increasingly aggressive. The UN asks for the Directive’s help in dealing with the ‘aberrant novas’; the Directive agrees, and is soon working with the UN and military forces around the globe to ferret out “the Aberrant threat”. NSI and the few remaining elite agencies work almost exclusively for governments or large corporations. 2040 – By this time, Turkey has become the world’s leading producer of microelectronics and is well on its way to becoming a major economic superpower. 2041 – Roger Delacroix, the 52nd President of the United States, is assassinated by a nova named Harlan ‘Achilles’ Johnson. VP Elspeth Yeager assumes the Presidency. The first Mars colony is founded by China. 2042 – Caestus Pax, the last original member of the T2M still on active duty, disappears during an assult on Teragen forces in Sub-Saharan Africa. 2043 – Invention of superconducting batteries revolutionizes portable electronics. Anna DeVries declares Namibia to be the first trans-human free state; the human population is forced to flee into neighboring countries, most of which are already harboring thousands of refugees. The UN sends aid and peacekeeping forces to the area, which along with Kashmir is declared an ‘Aberrant Conflict Zone’. The nova known as Feathered Serpent attempts to raise the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan from under Mexico City. The resulting earthquake destroys the city and results in the deaths of over a million people. Shortly after, the national government collapses due to corruption and crushing national debt. 2044 – In the wake of Anna DeVries’ announcement and the escalating conflicts between novas and baselines in Africa, Renee ‘Chimera’ Mohamed takes her Green Machine company out of Africa and establishes a new base at Stevens Pass, WA. There she and her group become publicly active proponents of a ‘cohabitationist’ philosophy, stating that novas and baselines can and should live and work together as equals. Chimera, a former T2Mer and a highly charismatic nova, is a large contributing factor to the Movement’s success with the younger generation within Washington and the surrounding states as the Greens’ ranks swell over the next several years. 2045 – The United Nations holds hearing on using genetically-tailored viruses to fight Aberrants. Unfortunately, due to mutation, the Human Genome Catalog’s information on Aberrant DNA is out-of-date and effectively useless. The Camelot Moon base is declared completed; three weeks later, the unfinished Yeltsingrad base is claimed as finished. 2046 – The Aberrant group calling itself Allah’s Legion seizes control of the island nation of Bahrain, occupying the former Project Utopia facility. The event reignites debate over increased UN intervention in Africa and other ACZs (note that this is canon, included because of its relevance to this timeline). The Green Machine opens its ranks to all, officially becoming the Green Movement. 2047 – Japan closes its borders but continues with worldwide commerce. 2049 – The United Nations declares war on Aberrants. The Space Brigade seizes control of Olympus and destroys 75% of the OMEN satellites. Over the next twelve years, various major cities (largely in North America and Europe) suffer destruction because of the War. 2050’s - The Aberrant War rages across the face of the globe. The US withdraws its support from the other five nations of the Directive; the American Division becomes an official part of the US intelligence community. The DAD works with the US armed forces to fight domestic Aberrant threats. The Free World Army, a radical survivalist branch of the Michaelites, is founded in Minnesota; in time, the FWA has strong support in Wisconsin and Michigan in the Midwest and in the northern Rocky Mountain States in the West. 2050 – The Balkans erupt into “The Shatter”, an intense, ceaseless conflict. Borsov takes presidency of Russia, directs the nation’s aggression toward Aberrants and throws down “the Gauntlet”; Yeltsingrad is closed to humans. 2052 – Aberrants destroy Jerusalem. Due to ongoing fighting, reconstruction is delayed until the end of the Aberrant War. 2054 – Wycoff explodes over Hasting, Nebraska after a raid on his compound by the FBI. Shortly after this event, South America closes its borders, erecting the “Necessary Wall”. 2055 - Wycoff’s detonation is discovered as being the cause behind a Taint virus that destroys the North American grain belt. U.S. Federal Intelligence agencies begin consolidating operations. A small force of Greens attacks the Columbia River Bridge near the Blue (FWA) enclave of Kettle Falls, Washington. What begins as a simple sabotage mission evolves into a two-day battle that leaves 230 Greens dead and nearly twice as many injured; losses among the Blues are unknown, but estimated to be twice as high. The Battle at Kettle Falls produces more heroes and martyrs within the Greens than all previous battles combined, and serves to officially introduce the Green Movement as major players in the American portion of the Aberrant War. Later in this same year, the Green’s Warpstation Charlie is decimated by US bombardment and ultimately atomized by an OMEN sky-strike that levels Tieton Peak. The resulting wasteland becomes known as the ‘Charlie Badlands’. Green Warpstations Alpha and Bravo remain in operation, as do the nearly 30 Green enclaves in operation throughout Washington. 2056 – The Omaha Declaration is passed granting the American military sovereignty in the US to deal with the Aberrant menace, putting all major population and industrial centers under martial law. A special task force reorganizes the US into eight Emergency Management Districts. The result is a new fascist regime. The Aberrant War within the US is now in full swing. Personal Information Birth Name: Lorelai Yevtushenko Nova Name: ‘Brick House’ (often referred to simply as ‘House’) Concept: reluctant Cobra Nature: Caretaker Allegiance(s): the Greens Physical Traits Weight: 1,056 lbs. Height: 5’6” Age (apparent age): 25 (mid-twenties) Gender: female Ethnic Background: Caucasian Nationality (place of origin): American (Belarussian descent) Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Dark Brown, almost black Handedness: Right General Appearance: Drop dead gorgeous. Background: Lorelai Yevtushenko was a still a baseline when she first joined the Green Movement and became a combatant in the Aberrant War. The Greens are a cohabitationist group based out of the Stevens Pass area of Washington State that got its start – through a strange and circuitous series of events – as a mercenary team from Africa comprised of both novas and baselines and lead by a former member of Team Tomorrow. Eventually, they moved to America and became a movement, rather than just a simple paramilitary machine, that espoused the belief that novas and baselines could live together successfully. Unfortunately, the United States government most emphatically did not agree, having already banned the airing of any ‘post-nova’ media (media that was created by or starred novas) and instituted the required registration with the US government of all ‘aberrants’ living within American borders. Once a nova had registered, they were effectively required to become ‘paid supermen’ working for the very same government that would not let them live freely. Those who resist such policies are branded terrorists and are eliminated with extreme prejudice by the fascist military regime that has been effectively running the country since before 2050. As a baseline, most of this did not directly impact Lori – except that her older brother had erupted as a nova a few years previously, allowing her to witness first-hand that the ‘Aberrant Menace’ was mostly comprised of normal people with extraordinary abilities who were faced with a world that was slowly stripping away their very right to be human. When her older brother was killed fighting for his belief that novas and baselines could live together as equals, Lori officially joined the Greens in his honor and took up the fight in his stead. For four years she served within the Green Movement’s paramilitary structure as a Scout, until a routine recon operation turned into a bloodbath as her unit ran into a DAD Tac-Suit squad*. Many of Lori’s fellow Greens died almost immediately and Lori herself was seriously injured, sparking her own eruption as a nova. Using her newfound abilities, Lori was able to help the remainder of her unit escape. Afterwards, it was discovered that her powers made her entirely unsuitable for service with the stealthy Scouts, but made her completely ideal for service with any of the frontline combat units. And so Lori found herself transferred into the all-nova Special Operations branch of the Greens - lovingly known as the 'Cobras' - where the fight for nova freedom was all too real and never happened anywhere but on the front lines of the conflict. Suddenly, Lori found that she was no longer an anonymous baseline sympathizer in the Aberrant War, but was now the very ‘Menace’ it was being fought over. Name: Yevtushenko, Lorelai J. Serial No: 26-441-688 Grade: Sergeant Branch: Special Operations Division: Warp Station Bravo Organization: 3rd Battalion D.O.B: 22-July-31 Place of Birth: Tacoma, WA Color Eyes: Brown Height: 5’6” Weight: 1,056 lbs. No. Depend: 0 Race: Caucasian Marital Status: Single U.S. Citizen: Yes Nova: Yes D.O.E: 16-Mar-56 Military History: Date of Enlistment: 05-Feb-52 Date of Entry into Active Service: 19-Mar-52 Place of Entry into Service: Colville Occupational Specialty and No: Designated Marksman 332 Qualifications: Pistol & Knife Expert, Rifle & Carbine Expert, Heavy Weapons Expert, Scout Certification, Demolitions Badge, Sharpshooter Badge, Combat Infantryman Badge, R/I Badge, SOC Badge Battles: Cle Elum, Snoqualmie Pass, Rimrock Lake, Evans, Marblemount Wounds Received in Action: Rimrock Lake Mar 16, Evans Jul 8 Service Record: Prior to the events leading to her eruption as a nova, Sgt. Yevtushenko successfully completed training as a Scout and was assigned to 4th Scout Battalion, attached to 7th and 8th Infantry, where she was eventually promoted to the rank of Master Scout. She served in this capacity from 19th March, 2052 through 16th March, 2056, on which day the Sgt. experienced her eruption. Sgt. Yevtushenko’s nova condition rendered her ineffective as a Scout and she was subsequently transferred to Infantry and allowed to go through SOC training, which she successfully passed on 21st April, 2056, granting her the rank of Sergeant, Special Operations 3rd Battalion. Skill Assessment: Due to the Sgt.’s somewhat unique service record she possesses an above-average degree of training, skill and certifications. The Sergeant is expert in the use of nearly all firearms currently in use by the Green’s, whether light, medium or heavy, and has extensive experience in the use of hand-to-hand and melee combat as well. Of particular note are the Sergeant’s sharpshooting skill, recon and survival skill, and her proficiency at hand-to-hand fighting techniques, all of which are appreciably superior to those of most within Special Operations. Additionally, as a former Scout, Sergeant Yevtushenko has had advanced training in combat medicine. She currently serves as her team’s Designated Marksman. Psychological Evaluation: Sergeant Yevtushenko’s eruption, and subsequent transfer to Special Operations, has left her isolated on several levels. Her gender and her status as a former Scout suddenly thrust amongst Cobras has left her with few allies and she has had to fight for every ounce of respect she's gotten since then. The Sergeant’s excessive weight of more than half a ton, combined with her ability to generate and control nuclear radiation, has caused many to view her as unsafe to be around, further isolating her. Lastly, and not a little ironically, her extreme physical beauty has left her isolated as well. Sergeant Yevtushenko’s beauty is considered by most within the Greens to be unequalled, except perhaps by such novas as Alejandra or General Chimera. But unlike Alejandra or the General, Sergeant Yevtushenko’s presence and personal charisma still operate at baseline levels and this leaves her without the necessary social skills to wield her beauty effectively or to deal with the stereotypes, assumptions, and expectations that come as a result of her appearance. This has caused her to put up barriers between herself and those around her as a means of protection, and she rarely opens herself up to others since becoming a nova. Despite this, Sergeant Yevtushenko is a very caring and compassionate woman, and though her social skills are not nova-level, she is quite charming, sensitive, and likeable in person. She tries very hard to be a support and a helper to those around her, and she has been a fervent believer in the Greens' cause since before her own eruption. This is also a potential concern, as Sergeant Yevtushenko’s compassionate nature can make it difficult for her to process and cope with the stresses and traumas of combat, especially nova-level combat. It is recommended that she be observed closely and that she be scheduled for regular psychological evaluations going forward in order to track her mental state so that any mental imbalances that do arise can be dealt with immediately, as and when necessary. ,, End Personnel File.. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* From the Files of the Directive, American Division: Individual Threat Assessment of Green Terrorist, Designation: “Lead Thistle” File Date: 09/25/2056 Name: Yevtushenko, Lorelai J. Record#: 00-21YL8-8829 Occupation: Sergeant, Special Operations (3rd Battalion) of the so-called “Green Movement” D.O.B: 07/22/2031 Aberrancy: Verified Legal Status: Wanted for numerous terrorist crimes against the Government of the United States of America and its people Known Aberrant Mutations: Damage Resistance: Subject designated “Lead Thistle”, aka Sgt. Lorelai Yevtushenko, has been verified as having an extremely high level of inherent resistance to injury, as well as being able to project some sort of aberrant “force field” which further protects her from physical harm. Resistance to kinetic and explosive damage is high enough to easily survive 105mm mortar impacts. Resistance to thermal damage is high enough to ignore the effects of continued exposure to white phosphorus (resistance to heat-subtraction effects are not known at this time). Resistance to all forms of radiation-based damage, including microwave, x-ray and gamma, appears to be complete. Class: Olympian Threat Rating: Very High Development: Extremely Comprehensive Strength, Endurance and Reflexes: The subject is known to possess extreme levels of both physical endurance and strength. It is not known what the source of the subject’s physical resilience is, but Lead Thistle has shown the capacity to ignore the effects of even large doses of combat-grade Moxinoquantamene, in addition to other performance-degrading agents. Lead Thistle’s strength levels are estimated to be within the top one percent of all aberrants active in the world today. This excessive physical strength is theorized to be tied in some fashion to the subject’s ability to increase her mass exponentially. It is unknown at this time what the upper levels of subject Lead Thistle’s strength or relative mass are, but estimates indicate a lifting capacity in excess of half a million tons and a personal mass-limit of approximately 550 tons (note that these numbers assume the subject is operating in Earth-standard gravity (see “Gravity/Mass Control” below). The subject’s reflexes are estimated to be in the post-human range, but this is not confirmed. Class: Titan Threat Rating: Very High Development: Very Comprehensive Mobility: Subject Lead Thistle’s mobility over and through various terrain types has been shown to be significantly greater than an average human’s, but is only average at best when compared to most combat-grade aberrants. Lead Thistle’s ground speed has been observed and estimated at approximately 28mph, which is only slightly greater than recorded human maximum speeds. However, the subject has also been observed making leaps of dozens of meters horizontally and of more than three stories vertically, which exponentially increases the subject’s overall ground mobility. Furthermore, Lead Thistle has been known to hover in place and reports indicate that the subject can project herself through the air under her own power as well, likely as a result of the subject’s “Gravity/Mass Control” mutation (see below). The subject’s speed or proficiency using this method of propulsion is currently unknown, but reports suggest a speed of approximately 50mph as a conservative estimate. Even if this last is true and the subject is capable of self-propulsion through the air, a top speed of 50mph is significantly below average when compared to the flight-speeds of most flight-capable aberrants. Class: Demigod Threat Rating: Considerable Development: Above Average Taint-Enhanced Physical/Social Traits: Lead Thistle possesses a “taint-enhanced” physical form, meaning that her features are perceived as being superhumanly pleasing to the eye. The subjective nature of the human perception of physical attractiveness makes it difficult to accurately assess the potential impact of this aspect of the subject’s aberrant mutations. However, it has been shown conclusively in the past that high levels of taint-derived physical aesthetic enhancement can seriously compromise the judgment and faculties of those upon subjected to its effects. Class: Olympian Threat Rating: High Development: Good Gravity/Mass Control: Lead Thistle has demonstrated the ability to exert significant control over both the relative mass of, and the relative effect of local gravitational fields on, herself and objects in her vicinity (more commonly known as “gravity control”). The subject’s currently recorded maximum range when using this ability against targets other than herself is in excess of seventy yards. Lead Thistle has been recorded using this ability in the field to reduce and increase a target’s mass by as much as 100%, possibly more. It should be noted that the subject’s ability to lower the relative mass of any object, when used in tandem with her already overwhelming physical strength, would theoretically remove any upper cap on what she can lift, essentially granting Lead Thistle limitless lifting capacity, with some limitations. Class: Olympian Threat Rating: High Development: Average Radiation Control: Lead Thistle has been confirmed as possessing the ability to both control and generate high-energy radiation in the form of x-rays and gamma rays, with the effect of bombarding the nearby environment with both soft and hard radiation. Recorded range has been shown to be similar, if not identical, to the subject’s “gravity control” ability. Unconfirmed reports indicate the subject may be capable of generating “micro-nuclear detonations” as well. This mutation, more than any of the subject’s other aberrant qualities, makes Lead Thistle a major threat to all US military and Directive personnel currently engaging the so-called “Green Movement” within the state of Washington. Fortunately, there is much evidence to support the theory that this ability is very poorly developed within the Subject. Class: Titan Threat Rating: Extremely High Development: Below Average Overall Aberrant Class Rating: Olympian Overall Aberrant Threat Rating: High Overall Development Rating: Above Average Final Recommendation: Capture and registration or termination at soonest opportunity. Subject Lead Thistle’s ability to generate nuclear radiation – and possibly controlled nuclear reactions – poses a serious health and security risk to all operations in the areas surrounding Seattle and Yakima, if not all of Washington State. Legend: Class: Myrmidon, Demigod, Olympian, Titan Threat Rating: Extremely Low, Very Low, Low, Moderate, Considerable, High, Very High, Extremely High Development: Extremely Poor, Poor, Fair, Below Average, Average, Above Average, Good, Comprehensive, Very Comprehensive, Extremely Comprehensive
  17. Earth-31/45, 2010 AD. January 18th. A small winter storm had just blown over Southern California and a hundred miles offshore the residual waves were still lapping rhythmically against the steel hull of the ship. Designed originally for sale to a paramilitary defense contractor, the behemoth-carrier now resembled more of a behemoth-yacht. In spite of its size, life boats were staffed only to accommodate 100 people. This was enough to seat everyone stationed on the ship as well as 40 of their friends, if any were allowed on board. The owner ran a tight ship, in more than just the prohibiting of non company personnel to come aboard. The winds were dying down but the few flags above the bridge were moving steadily. This early mid-January morning had the storm moving to the east and nothing but clear skies were seen to the west. Juntha II was not moving at all, the ship had settled precisely on these coordinates for 2 days ago. Advanced maneuvering thrusters had prevented drift of more than a yard over the last 25 hours. Presently there were seven men below the surface as well as three large unmanned lifter subs. They were all involved in extracting a certain type of ore that had fallen thousands of years ago in the form of a meteorite. It was this ore that fueled some of the prime technology that powered the new Pax Concordat and it was now a race for this material. The U.S. government had recently developed a high demand for Crynadium as well. Since there was less than 10 tons of the material on the planet acquiring all he could was top priority right now. The team aboard Juntha II was bound and determined to prevent the loss of any more of the material to competitors. One of the seven men, Lance, was down there today simply to act in a defensive matter should things go awry. As head of the Combat department, Lance was accustomed to conflict and tension. He was not however, accustomed to silence and inactivity which he was getting in spades today. Over 300 feet below the water’s surface and encased in a thin Gortex suit, he stood nearby the matter converter that used an encased beam of energy to extricate the material in such high demand. “Where do we stand up top? Anything on the scope yet?” Lance asked in a slightly tired sounding monotone. He secretly hoped for an invasion, a missile attack or something to break up the monotony. Having been a company man for over 100 years now led to more self-discipline than he was displaying. “Threat level zero in all quadrants.” A computerized voice replied without further comment. The rest of the retrieval exercise went without incident and in a total of 4 hours the men were entering together into a luxurious meeting room around a table set for 18 chairs. The ‘captain’; of the ship was already in the room awaiting them along with the android Eve, the Prime Keeper of the ship. “Asche, for the love of all that is good, tell me the next retrieval is in Fort Knox and we need to break in without nothing more than a few light hand tools.” Lance was the first to speak in an almost patronizing tone and a stern unsatisfied look on his face. Asche stood almost a head shorter than Lance and was nowhere nearly as muscular as the black monster that was Lance, but the pair had a deep history between them. Asche’s cloud grey eyes simply made contact with each of the seven men as if he was measuring their moods. The captain was a very versed leader of men and was not intimidated by much. “You know better than anyone on this ship that if we must, we will run an assault into the world governments to get the materials we need. Fortunately for everyone involved we will not be needing to do that anytime soon.” Asche spoke with a controlled and firm tone. “We still have over 30 percent of all the Crynadium on the planet. According to current reports, were only in competition with the US and they only have just over 4 percent. Add to that fact that we have access to all of the known sites where more can be found but offer higher difficulty in extraction; if anyone starts to mine it, were going to move in and take over. It is also serendipitous that there are no nova’s or enlightened on this earth to compete with. For now, gathering more Crynadium is a non-issue.” Crynadium was needed to power the entire heightened tech line that Pax Con had claim over, from their plasma pistols to their scanners and communication devices. The silver oily substance was the only element Asche knew of that could act as an anchor for the primal energies he used to power some the reality breaking technology Pax Con developed under his lead. The US had no idea what it was used for but mined some it by accident in other under water expeditions, where it was refined and wasted. Now speaking as leader and ultimate commander did not come easily to Asche, at least not to these men and women. It was not that long ago in his perception of time that he acted only as a consultant to such men. It was only after a many great catastrophes that Asche was asked to lead in the manner that he now did. The situation now however was light and did not require a heavy dose of firepower or due import; things were business as usual for the most part and the world looked like it was going to be fine tomorrow with or without the Company that these men represented. This offered Asche no small comfort and peace of mind. Lance broke the short silence. “What then is our next course of action, are we all just s’posed to sit here and wait for the stinkin’ sky to open up and drop another paradox? You know I don’t do well with idle time.” The rest of the seven team members looked almost nonplussed that Asche did not immediately return with the beginning details of the next mission. Instead they were greeted with a very few short seconds of silence as Asche feigned to look over a few pages of notes on the table in front of him. He made effort to make sure that the papers made noise as they moved. Then he slightly smiled and answered with words that most in this room despised. “Honestly, there is nothing pressing at the moment and you all have earned some away time. Except for a few rotating shifts, all of you have leave. Let’s call it twelve days. Why not go out and explore this new world and see what makes it different from the last three we were on.” There were some groans of displeasure in the seven. Most were so attuned to Company life that not having a direction to go literally meant they sat in their apartments and did nothing. Literally. Life without having to plan an assault or extraction or kidnapping or some kind of sabotage or espionage was one of the most grueling pains a lifer op had to endure. Knowing this, Asche made it sound like they were only on a furlow for 12 days; if he had told them the truth their might well be a fight. “I am going to go ashore myself for a few days and prospect some things I detected recently. I will for the most part be in the Northwest, Seattle in specific, after a short visit to New York. Gwen will be acting in my stead until I return. Having no pending projects however, I expect that the days will be long and event-free. Why don’t you all go ashoe right now, you can make it for a great Southern California Sunset and enjoy breakfast from a real cook.” As Asche began to stride out of the room, he said; “You all try to have some fun and actually go somewhere without carrying a weapon for a change.” He was met with heckles and friendly threats but they all knew he meant well. All members of this current team aboard Juntha II were handpicked by Asche and all of them were familiar with his methods and his history. That meant that all were in some manner spared the death that the rest of mankind on their earth had suffered. Most here even felt somehow deeply indebted to Asche and had a deep measure of respect for what he must be enduring in being the last of his people. It only took a few moments for Asche to be ready after he left Lances team. He walked the steel-lined hall ways and stair-wells for just under two-minutes and entered his quarters. His mind was not racing even though he knew there was a chance this was the last time he would see these people, at least for some time. It had been a long time since he had a level of uncertainty about anything. It used to make him uneasy and in the past, forced him into days of meditation and planning to try and see through the temporal wall of uncertainty that formed his doubts. He had seen this day now for several weeks and had already spent all the time he was willing in anticipations and planning. Now was time to act and see exactly where the actions of the day brought him. Fate and Destiny were not something he or any of his men subscribed to however. They all had a confidence bred from a quiet, determined acceptance that they had done everything they could. Come be what may, if he was not ready for what came next, he would learn from this experience to be better equipped for the next time. The energy readings he was detecting, and had been detecting for the past weeks, were odd but not entirely unknown. Asche was happy that he was able to see the energies at all; it assured him that the upcoming changes in the local cosmology were not the life ending Rend. That galaxy covering plague killed countless systems and came without warning or symptom. This time, whatever was coming, was not death causing, at least not on anywhere near the same levels. His cabin was Spartan but functional; a bed was on the window wall. Next to it was a small desk and a chair with a computer terminal; at the end of his bed was a foot locker where some small-arms and equipment were stored beneath his most often worn light clothing. A small, one-door closet held half-dozen suits identical to the one he was wearing now and a small shower was in the corner next to the toilet. The room was originally intended as a holding cell for prisoners and Asche declined to take one of the premier rooms for himself; he never needed to sleep anyhow and this room was more of a formality anyhow. It was simply a place he had in order to be able to say; “I’ll meet you at my quarters later,” or “Lets meet up at my room in an hour.” His free social time usually spent with Gwen in her room anyhow. She had a much nicer room. Gwen had been with him now for over 60 years and the pair of them were largely inseparable. She had been his first terran human to be conditioned a hundred percent with what came to be called ‘Lonn-Tech’ by the Company. She had received the full suite; anti-agathics, nerve and muscle augmentation, hyper-regenerative conditioning and metafaculty training. Gwen was now still human, and she was much more than human. It was for her that Asche was here on this planet in the first place; he wanted with all of his will to give her some peace. They had been here now for 13 months now and things were indeed peaceful. If things went sour in the next 2 weeks, this planet would be a nice place for her to call home.
  18. Elspeth was flush with success from her recent victory in the world media over the food embargo situation. Nothing could be pinned on Utopia, but it was obvious that there was shady activity going on preventing Sierra Leone from getting any shipments of food. Even though there was no proof many people would draw the right conclusion. After all who else had the kind of pull necessary to create that kind of unofficial embargo? Given the uncertain situation it would be reasonable for some shipments to have been delayed or withheld, 20 or 30 wouldn't be out of the range of believability. But when only a handful out of dozens actually made it through, that was just stretching credibility to the breaking point. It would never see a court of law, but what mattered to Elspeth had been accomplished, she'd given Utopia a black eye over it and after the media storm it had created companies and organizations would be far less likely in the future to try double dealing against her. That was the good news. The bad news was that despite all her efforts in the UN, the foreign companies that were operating inside Sierra Leone's borders, mining diamonds were not being told to leave. If anything the UN was being antagonistic against Elspeth for trying to get them removed. It was obvious to her that people within the UN were getting pay offs from the companies. She had even presented video of the living and working conditions of her citizens that were being forced to work the mines. The committee was unmoved stating in their report, "The companies involved in this activity are breaking no laws. In fact they have a legal agreement with the former government. While the new regime in Sierra Leone might not recognize the legitimacy of those who were in power at the time the contracts were signed, they are legally binding. It is this committee's conclusion that should it be brought into an international court that their rights would be upheld. We strongly encourage Elspeth to work with these companies within the law and come to an agreement that would benefit her people. Any attack upon them would be deemed aggressive action and bring down sanction upon Sierra Leone that would cause all of her people to suffer. It should also be known that while we do find the conditions under which the employees of these companies are treated to be less than ideal, it is within their rights under the agreement and those employees signed contracts and are thus obligated to perform their duties or be found in breach of contract with the legal consequences that would result. It is unfortunate perhaps, but we are unable to recommend anything other than that Elspeth and the government of Sierra Leone attempt to renegotiate the contracts." Which was a long winded way of saying 'piss off we're not on your side.' The problem was that the companies had no desire to renegotiate. They were using what amounted to slave labor to rape the country of it's most valuable natural resource and had only been obligated to provide Jarutu with the services of a number of elites in return, the equivalent of several million dollars a year. Estimates were that they were making around a half billion dollars a year on the diamond sales and their total operating costs (not counting pay offs to UN officials) were less than 20 million. It had to be one of the most profitable corporate ventures on the planet, and most of it was off the books and it had strong international backing. That was one hard nut to crack even for Elspeth. She had been in power for over two months now and had not been allowed to speak with corporate representatives from any of the companies. Utopia insisted on supervising any talks to prevent 'undo pressures' from being applied to the negotiations by way of nova powers. In other words they didn't want to see her succeed. Elspeth had tried appealing to world opinion by showing footage of the condition of the workers and the abuse they were forced to suffer. The world responded with quiet outrage, but when any thing was attempted lawyers were quick to step forward and defend the corporations saying that they were within their legal rights. Unfortunately, unlike the outcry against the sale of Blood Diamonds in the 90s these corporations were very smart about concealing the sale of their diamonds and so the vast majority ended up on the market appearing to come from Canada or Russia. Elspeth was at a loss on how to resolve it.
  19. Time/Space Local: February 7, 2010, Tampa Reality: Terra One It had been about a week sense her discussion with Air Rat, and Terra felt it was time to make her point, and to make it a very public one. She wasn't going to hurt anyone while making her point, though who knew what the rest of the world would make of it, she wasn't interested in how the baseline humans reacted to it, but more the point that was being made to novas. With a flash, she appeared on the docks of Tampa and began to walk straight toward city hall, moving at a steady pace, not too fast or too slow. Of course, between being astronomically beautiful, and no paying any attention to being dressed, she made quite a disruption as she moved forward. She found herself regarding the baseline humans and their reactions to her, with a measure of pity that they were so limited. It was, in her own mind, perhaps a touch arrogant, but she hadn't had anything to really measure herself by up to this point, and the humans seemed so... frail and slow to her eyes. Of course, eventually the local police showed up, apprantly to arrest her for public indecency, she simply waved her hand, turning their guns into chocolate, and sealing the doors and wheels of their vehicles. She gave them a wink, a smile, and wave, as she teleported about two blocks closer, leaving them a ways behind her, knowing her alterations would return to normal in a few hours.
  20. Time/Date: February 1, 2010 Location: Terra's Palace, somewhere in the Sahara Desert. It seemed his contracts would be done a lot earlier than he thought. Of course, the downside, Air Rat reflected, was that he was going to have to figure out how to spend that free time. Perhaps... though his more mature mind wasn't sure about this, cutting loose for once and enjoying life. Considering he was shedding a lot of blood, perhaps respecting life could pay off for his tired and bruised soul. Then again, where would I go to? The Amp Room? Vance may be there, but I don't know if the Terats there would take my presence easy. Dumbo, you ARE NOT supposed to have a public identity, so they can't connect Air Rat to their grandmothers. This was the third mission in a month, and he hoped it wasn't bringing him against another Terat. Some nova had gone and created a major structure, palace-like in the desert. And it was in enough international boundary lines to make the governments bicker and argue. They didn't know who did it. But DeVries, Anna herself, had asked Charlie for a quick favor and snooping around the place. If the nova was there and looked friendly, pin-point her out for a recruiting team later. That was something. But his 340+ MPH flight made this a quick investigation, and he could do it. A massive wind trailed Charlie as he burst around the sands in the Sahara, and closed in on the palace. It was damn gaudy, but good looking. The whipping winds made a major sandstorm outside as he circled the building before closing in towards a door for a landing on the desert. He was fully costumed and masked, though he supposed he could take it off inside.
  21. Name: Asche Lonn Nova Name: N/A Age: N/A. Apparent: mid to late 30’s Gender: Male Concept: Alien Benefactor / Exiled Power turned CEO bent on changing the world by influencing others. Height: 6'10” Weight: 260# Athletic Build, like a very tall Quarterback. Hair: Dark Blonde/Light Brown. Worn short Eyes: Gray Nature: Visionary Demeanor: Judge When he is travelling casually he is usually wearing something akin to the avatar pic; light slacks or jeans, button up shirt and a vest or light coat. He rarely is seen to be carrying any items or weapons. Background: Asche comes from a time where Nova’s never existed. Where mankind in general had grown and populated not just the neighboring planets, but had colonized millions of worlds and systems. This galaxy and a few others had seen the determination of the terran empire and the ingenuity of the human race. He is not human himself but had always claimed a dear kinship with them. The last several centuries on this planet has made him closer to man and the rock called Earth than he ever had with his own people. He originally come back to ancient earth for reasons unknown and lost to all save those he holds closest. At one time and on an alternate earth he led an organization toward protection of the earth and the timeline. Something went wrong long ago causing Asche to wander the parallel earths in search of answers. Some say he wishes to die and others say he is just wishing to pass time until his native era arrives. Then he will be returned to his people. Status: Asche is largely an unknown, even on his native earth. He always sets others up as the front man and seeks no glory himself. He tries hard to make sure that only true natives of earth and the residents of the timeline he is in get credit and recognition. He rarely if ever does something simply because he wants to and instead ties his interests to the interests of stability for the timeline. Perhaps this is his way of justifying the making uneasy decisions that seem to favor no one. Where ever he goes, he seems to find three to five individuals in which to place his trust. In them he motivates change and implants desires for improving and protecting their fellow man. Powers: Asche’s species is more than human on several levels. Having to stand on his own for over a millennia, he has channeled energies into improving himself to become a prime example of his species. He has exhibited examples of all physical attributes being on par respectably with many novas. Asche takes much pride in his intellect being able to solve most of his problems and where that fails and people are involved, charm and manipulation are not beneath him; all of which are again on par with respectable nova levels. . His Perception so far has been without equal. Asche has no need to eat or sleep but still engages in these activities for purely social interaction. He possesses metafaculties or psionic abilities, mimicking telepathy, psychokinesis, and teleportation. He also is believed to have regeneration or some similar ability to heal himself In combat he favors his swiftness and martial arts over ranged weapons. Rarely is he found without the precise item he might need for a given situation, as if he saw ahead that he was going to need that micro-destabilizer. {{OOC}}If node-pinged, Asche will reflect the illusion, or false signature of having a node and a quantum signature rating of near 7 dots. Personality: Mr. Lonn considers himself more of a thinker and plotter than most and as such had developed ties with Dr. Rachel Alinsky of Deviries and had pooled information with his own company, Lonn Medical and Securities, on many occasions. They parted ways when she began to head up development in harmful nanotechnologies against his fair warning. He rarely will use his powers and abilities when he does not have to; he will not use powers out of convenience or for showy displays. Asche lives by a strict code that prohibits him from using unfair advantages against his adversaries to benefit himself. In all, he gets joy from the simple things and not really needing anything (Food, money, sleep, shelter), will follow the most direct path to a goal without compromising his principles. Goals: In this apparent new world, Asche will do what he can to establish a notable respectable income. Having lost centuries of development with his companies and Pax Con, not to mention that account numbers are changed and financial institutions are non-existant, he needs to find a means. He will likely decend upon the typical lowlifes and drug cartels/gunrunners/etc. He cant build an organization and help people to grow without at least an apparent means of life. Ultimately he simply wants to determine if the energies he detected were indeed the Rend and if this world is safe and not in the path of the disease. If this timeline seems stable, he will seek to remedy the malady and one day return to his native time. Of course, discovering that Divis Mal and other malcontents are alive and well in this reality might alter his goals. The only problem then will be that Asche is without the backing of Pax Con. Date: 2010 Timeline: Alternate (for now) Events: Irrelevant as he is a new comer to this flow of time and space. Anything stated here could be taken as boasts or signs of weakness.
  22. Hello to all you Infinite Earth players. I am writing this short note to request permission of you all. I wrote Fox asking to play a character over the start value of the basic guideline here. After discussion Fox asked if I would be interested in offering plots and hooks for all those involved. So my question... Would you all shirk the rules and allow me to enter IE here with you into a character/characters that are beyond the starting points with the understanding that it's in the interest of storytelling and narrative? I would not mind being on one of the worlds none of you are in. Thanks in advance for your candor and honesty.
  23. Reality: Date: 2010 (For now) Timeline: -Native: Ultimate Aberrant Universe -Initial Incursion: Alternate, Terra One (Near Canon) - 2005 - Terra sent back in time by a nova with Time Travel power - Matures physically at an increadible rate, is fully adult in 5 years. - Scripture & Divis look upon her as a student, and somewhat, Adopted Daughter - 2008 - Terra was present for the Teragen meeting in 2008 - 2010 - Jan 7th, Matures fully. - 2010 - Jan 10-13, Speaks with Anteaus - 2010 - January, After speaking with Divis and Scripture, Terra makes her move in Teragen - 2010 - January 19, Geyron is killed in battle with Air Rat. - 2010 - January 26, Terra begins gathering others to her faction of Teragen - 2010 - Febuary 1, Terra and Air Rat meet and speak with one another Personal Information: Birth Name: Sonja Saffira Sigrún Bahaar Identity: Valkyrie, Super-Barbie, She-Hulk Barbie Occupation: Athlete and High School Student/Unintentional Dimensional Traveler, Leader of Teen Tomorrow Europe Legal Status: Nothing that merits mentioning, it's LA and celebrities and all... Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Oneca Bahaar (sister), Rahim Bahaar (father), Asa Yngveldurdottir-Bahaar (mother) Concept: Super-Powered Amazon/Skjalmo Nature: Explorer liberally sprinkled with Thrillseeker Allegiance(s): Lawrence High Academy (for now), her family Eruption: None, born a mutant, descended from several generations of mutants (roughly equivalent to a 3rd Generation Nova) Physical Traits: Height: 7'10'' Weight: 376 lbs Age (apparent age): 18 Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Scandinavian (and a tiny bit of Iranian thrown in) Nationality (place of origin): American/Icelandic Eye Color: Vivid Purple flecked with Gold Hair Color: Metallic Silvery-white Handedness: Left Appearance: A genetically-blessed bombshell! Sonja is a towering, young woman with a tautly curvaceous, powerful, heroically muscled figure, incredibly long, strong legs, and firm ass. Her heart-shaped face is absolutely stunning; large majestic, purple eyes, pearly teeth, sculpted cheekbones, and lush, naturally red lips perfectly framed by a thick, silky mass of metallic silvery-white hair that falls short her impressively broad shoulders. Her creamy, tanned skin is flawless and her very abundant, yet firm, breasts are spectacular, emphasized by her tight, slender waist and rippling abdominals. She moves with preternatural smoothness and fluidity, her enticing grace and beauty drawing all eyes. Her voice is a sexy, slightly accented, alto. Prefers casual and athletic clothing, though she does dress up at times, always of the best quality and usually tailored - it's so hard to find stuff that properly fits a figure like hers. Her size, beauty, and obvious strength combine to give her a dominating presence. Powers, Skills, and Personality: Known Powers: All of Sonja's physical capabilities, including raw attractiveness, are far beyond human limits. Her endurance is astonishing, grace and agility amazing, strong enough to bench press over 16,000kg and able to sprint up to 1000kph. And her limits are increasing. To date, no mutation other than purely physical enhancement has been detected. Abilities/Special Skills: Despite her youth, Sonja is an Olympic caliber athlete, mastering all kinds of sports, track and field, and physical fitness. This has trickled down into more than competent skill in martial arts (notably Jeet Kun Do, with a smattering of others). She's pretty decent with a bow and a competent outdoorswoman. Personality: A high-spirited, competitive girl, very physically oriented, but a gracious loser, as long as you weren't cheating. She's popular and rich, and enjoys being so without rubbing it in anyone's face. She's aware she's pretty - if not to the fullest extent - and is proud of it, but is still annoyed by all the crass attention she garners, and is starting to lose her teenaged interest in boys - it's always sex and boobs with them. She's a nice person, if perhaps a little too quick to defend someone, whether they want her to or not, and tries with failing success to curtail her 'big sister knows best' vibe. As the leader of Teen Tomorrow Europe, she had matured greatly, grown decisive and confident, with a commanding presence. Background: Sonja was always a tomboy, taller and stronger than nearly anyone in her class, who excelled at sports. Whereas her younger sister Oneca dwelled on the death of their youngest sister, Saja, Sonja grieved and moved on, pushing herself even harder. When she was thirteen, during a championship junior football game - which she was in as the star receiver, despite the protest of the boys - she seriously injured one of the opposing defensive players. Now, she had always been one of the tallest, in not the tallest, person in her class, stronger than any of the boys and more developed than any of girls, but still, when the guy tried to tackle her, Sonja knocked him back twenty yards into the uprights, breaking his back. After that incident, there were inquiries and it was found that Sonja had an active X-gene. Well, there was a moderate uproar, and Sonja had most of her sports awards taken away as well as getting expelled from the exclusive private school. Surprising, the boy whose back she broke never held a grudge against her, though his parents did. This was when Sonja's mother decided to explain some things, which she hadn't expected she'd have to. Asa Yngveldurdottir-Bahaar revealed that she was one of the Skjalmo, a small group of mutants native to Iceland, "Think of us as Scandinavian Amazons" she explained. The Skjalmo generally possessed high physical attributes, just above human limits, but a rare few possessed even greater capabilities, like it seemed Sonja did. Most of the Skjalmo stayed in a remote area of Iceland, but some, like herself, preferred to live out in the world. And that was where she met her father. She hadn't mentioned any of this earlier, because frankly, the X-gene expression did not always pass to the daughters, and appeared even less frequently when the mate wasn't a native or if the Skjalmo was far from her native territory. Now, Asa didn't want to send her daughter to the ass end of Iceland, after all, she had left that place herself, so looking around with the considerable resources her husband, Rahim, possessed, she contacted the Lawrence Hunt Academy. Sonja has been enrolled there since she was fourteen. Now she's sixteen and a sophomore. She's still a tomboy, but has developed into a popular young woman as well, with typical teenaged girl pursuits... mostly. However, despite all the boasts to the contrary, no guy can honestly claim to have been her boyfriend - though that doesn't stop them from trying. There always seems to be one hovering around her, in the hopes that she'll finally give in. There are two pools betting on her - one on which boy with finally get to second base with her, and the other on when she's going to grow another cup size. ~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~ Things were going well enough for the gorgeous girl frequently called Super-Barbie, despite Oneca attending LHA with her, until one winter night, when the Dreadnought Program was initiated. The Giant Mutant-Killing Robot blew up her silver BMW before turning its massive arm-cannon on her, her sister, and two friends. Together, they brought it down, and contacting Weft back LHA, they prevailed upon her to open a warp for them, so they could bring back the arm as evidence, avoid leading any other Dreadnoughts to the Academy, and tell Director Drumm what happened. But for Sonja and her friend Daniel, the Warp took them much further than anyone had ever expected... Statistics: Strength: 8 (Athletic, Well-Built) Might: 5 Dexterity: 8 (Fast, Graceful) Athletics: 5 Archery: 2 Drive: 1 Martial Arts: 5 Melee: 2 Ride: 1 Stealth: 1 Stamina: 8 (Energetic, Stubborn) Endurance: 5 Resistance: 5 Perception: 8 (Gut Feeling, Intuitive) Awareness: 3 Investigation: 3 Intelligence: 8 (Bright, Excellent Memory) Academics: 2 Engineering: 2 Linguistics: 2 Medicine: 2 Science: 2 Survival: 2 Wits: 8 (Iron Nerves, Unfazeable) Arts: 1 Rapport: 3 Tactics: 4 Appearance: 8 (Imposing, Statuesque) Intimidation: 3 Style: 3 Manipulation: 8 (Inspiring, Persuasive) Diplomacy: 3 Subterfuge: 3 Charisma: 8 (Charming, Magnetic) Command: 4 Etiquette: 3 Perform: 3 Backgrounds: Allies: 1 (Daniel 'Hotstreak' Allard) Attunement: 1 Genome/Node: 5 Backing 3 (Teen Tomorrow) Resources 3 Quantum: 8 Quantum Pool: 36 Taint: 0 (and not capable of gaining any) Temporary Taint: 0 Willpower: 10 Health: Bruised: OOOOO OO Hurt: OOOOO OOO Injured: OOOOO OOO Wounded: OOOOO OOO Maimed: OOOOO OOO Crippled: O Incapacitated: O Dead Soak Stamina: 16/8 Mega-Stamina: 14/10 Armor: 60/60 Base Total: 90/78 (+12 versus Crushing Attacks) Initiative: +31 Movement: run: sprint: Flaws: Distinctive Looks - Very tall, almost impossible figure that is both Barbie-like and very athletic, intensely purple eyes, and metallic silver-white hair (-1bp; As Aberration) Large (Unusually tall and large, effectively like the Huge merit, without the bonuses) Eufiber Rejection (-2bp) No Node (Cannot detect other sources of Quantum, nor absorb Quantum points from large sources of Quantum energy, nor attempt Rapid Recovery; solely determines how much Quantum per turn can be spent, and Quantum Recovery) Minority-Lesbian Merits: Sexy (+2 Dice to seduce or influence another through sexuality) Enchanting Voice Natural Leader Taint Resistance (Free as a True 3rd Gen, sort of) Mega-Attributes: Mega-Strength: 7 - Powerful Legs (Each dot of Mega-Strength double Jumping Distance; add dots of Mega-Strength to Dexterity to determine speed), Precision, Stunning Fist Mega-Dexterity: 7 - Physical Prodigy, Enhanced Movement, Silent Running (Reduces Difficulties to Stealth due to movement by 1/dot of Mega-Dex and adds 1 die to Stealth rolls per dot; can choose whether to cause sonic-booms or not with Hyper-Running), Rapid Strike, Fast Tasks Mega-Stamina: 7 - Convalescence, Healing Factor x1 (Automatically heal one health level per rank, prerequisites: Convalescence, Regeneration), Regeneration, Resilience x2, Robust x4 (Adds a number of Maimed Health Levels equal to M-Sta, each additional rank adds the same to the preceding level of Health Levels, up to Hurt) Mega-Appearance: 7 - Awe-Inspiring, Divine Visage Mega-Perception: 3 - That Creepy Feeling, Electromagnetic Vision, Parabolic Hearing Mega-Wits: 3 - Multitasking Mega-Intelligence: 3 - Linguistic Genius, Discerning Mind, Tactical Prodigy Mega-Manipulation: 4 - Clarity Mega-Charisma: 4 - Commanding Presence Powers: Skadi's Swiftness 2 (Level 3 Hyperrunning; Reduced Quantum Cost, Mastery I) Effect/Description: When Sonja tries, she can really move, a veritable blur of female flesh, like snow blowing in the wind across the frozen North. [increases Multiplier for calculating movement by 12/dot, 1000kph/dot out of combat; when moving at speed, difficulty to hit Sonja increases by +2/dot] Jötunn's Might Armor 4 (Level 4; Impervious, Mastery I, Mastery II) Body Modifications (Hyperstrong Skeleton x2) Effect/Description: Beneath silky skin stronger than steel, Sonja's muscles coil with the power of the primordial giants of Norse Legend, anchored to bones that possess the strength of mountains, that even Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, had trouble breaking. (+15/+15 Soak per dot, +12 soak versus crushing attacks, +6 Dice of damage in hand-to-hand) Vidar's Vengeful Strike 1 (Level 2 Claws; Armor Piercing, Mastery I) Effect/Description: Like the God of Vengeance himself, none can resist Sonja's mighty blows, which can crumple the strongest materials and toughest novas. In The Goddess' Image Ecological Supremacy 1 (Level 5) Quantum Supremacy 1 (Level 5) Effect/Description: A veritable goddess, Sonja can bestow divine gifts on her followers and those around her, even to remaking them into a shadow of her image.
  24. It may have been Zhu's on private island, and it most definitely was his own school... but he still found it helpful to divide the year into three semesters that roughly mirrored a college or public education calendar. As such, most new students started in the 'fall' (or spring, seeing as how he was below the equator), with a smaller number starting at the beginning of the second semester, and only select (approved by Zhu himself) students allowed to start during the third semester. And it was now that time: New Student Orientation. Sifu Zhu hated it as much as his four disciples, but it was a necessary evil if they were to keep new students coming in as the old students graduated or quit. Besides, his students loved it. It was pretty much the one time of year that most of them actually got to see Sifu Zhu in action (much less vs. his four disciples... which though not true were rumored to be, alternately his children though the elements (ala greek mythology) or portions of his soul/body that had taken on a life of their own because he'd simply gotten too powerful/practiced/in-tune). Most students didn't last long enough to be taught directly by one of the disciples, much less Zhu himself, so to see Him vs. Them was a thing that the students would be talking about for the next couple of months. Their exhibition would be taped, analyzed, and used for instruction... one of the main reasons he only did this once per year. He knew this was necessary for his dream, but that didn't mean that he had to like all of the details. Each of his disciples had suggested a 'new' and 'unique' way that he enter this year; everything from descending from the top of a pillar of fire to rising up out of the ground. But so far as Joe Smith was concerned, those types of theatrics were best left for the road (or Broadway). So he entered this year just as he had every year previously, simply by walking down the steps into the center of his large, open air amphitheater. He made sure, as he walked slowly and purposefully down the stairs, that every part of his outfit was perfect. He wasn’t entirely sure what this eufiber was, but he knew that it provided a little bit of protection and that it could form itself to whatever shape he wanted. Of course, Zhu only really had three outfits, his ceremonial robes (which he was wearing now), his training/sparing gi (which he would change/morph into later), and his casual/leisure gi (once he got back to his apartment). The more steps he took, the more they could be heard, because the more the noise died down. By the time he finally reached the stage, the only sound was the light tropical breeze blowing down across the amphitheater. Not even a stray cough marred the beautiful silence. Zhu walked up the stairs and onto the stage, and then turned to face his students. The looks of awe and wonder, and the crackle of the excitement were to be expected. He liked to make a grand entrance. In the silence, his voice didn’t need any help to carry, even to the back row, but he still manipulated the air currents, ever so slightly, so that his voice carried even better. “Yingjie xuesheng, greetings students. I am Sifu Zhu, and you are all now students here, at my Academy. You may have heard a great many things about me and this place; you may not have. You may have seen my disciples and I perform an exhibition; you may not have. You may have had previous martial arts training; you may not have any… None of that matters now. You are all first day students, not even yi duan or blue eagles yet. You are each equal, starting now. You will each be assigned a room, a roommate, a training schedule and duties to perform. Your standing in my academy will be determined by how you handle each of these responsibilities, how quickly you learn, and how well you represent the core values and ethics of my institution.” Joe Smith paused for a moment to let everything that he had said sink in. The fact that everybody started out on equal footing would be disturbing to some and a relief to others; the same could be said for the fact that the only standing a student would have would be based on both their feats, accomplishments and adherence to what they learned here. He had sent one of his richest students home because of a handful of minor discipline infractions because his heart wasn’t into his study; he was here simply for pride’s sake. In the same way, one of his disciples, though willful in temperament, fluid with some of the rules, and attending the academy on the grace of Zhu, dedicated himself completely to the art and Zhu’s teaching, and so rose to one of the four highest ranks in the school. Money wasn’t a factor here, if Joe Smith needed more money, he could simply create a tropical island and sell it for pure profit aside from the time and energy required, or he could rip a portion of a vein of gold or diamonds from the bowels of the earth. He hadn’t created this school for the money; he’d created it so that it could be the largest assembly of martial arts students and teachers, in a setting where they could focus completely on their craft and not have to worry about anything else. A place of complete devotion and study, that’s what this island was about, and those were the students that were allowed to stay.
  25. Creation Rules: Q6 max starting Quantum. Higher quantum can be purchased as experience is earned. Starting Nova Points: 100 Characters may be considered for higher than 100NP starting, but will require Mod approval, and if it significantly goes over 100NPs it will require approval of a majority of the current players. Second and Third Gen novas are permitted without restriction. You may use the Strengths and weakness, however, as with all characters submissions, I do reserve the right to veto anything that I do not feel works. It is not necessary to post your characters publicly, but you must submit characters to me for approval before you are allowed to join the game.
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