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Found 210 results

  1. Some things are too painful for words; the stigma of those terrible things linger in the mind long after they are gone. This trauma in particular echoes through the subconscious until there’s only a memory of the pain. But even as it fades, the year turns and it has returned, fresh and strong. It was the Annual DSA Science Convention. In theory, gathering scientists from around the world wasn’t so bad. But the people who thought it was a good idea were 1) masochists or 2) not there. The problem was summed up nicely by a Cal Tech professor who formulated a theory that every scientist had a certain level of smug. Most levels of smug were undistinguishable to the human senses, but if you brought them together in a small space, the smug actually increased exponentially. And the Annual Science Convention always had a lot of scientists there. Physicists tried to impress biologists who lorded their knowledge over chemists who snubbed the physicists. The astronomers kept to themselves while the engineers tried to be friendly to everyone and were largely only tolerated. The in-betweeners – the biophysicists, chemical engineers and their ilk – drifted between the islands of people, seeking to find their place among ‘purer’ scientists. Karrie Dineh wove through the room, trying not to openly laugh at people. To her, this ridiculous one-man-up-ship existed solely for her entertainment. She was pondering spiking the punch – that could only improve the party in her point of view – as she eased through the crowd. That was looking more and more like a very real possibility if she remained this bored. Being a mechanical engineer – technically, though she didn’t have a degree even – meant she wasn’t very popular. Well, she was popular in that she was kinda attractive, but no one wanted to talk to her. It was really annoying. Bored and annoyed were two very dangerous combinations for Coyote.
  2. Naomi Minami Department 0 Consulting Detective Status: Deceased Background History Not every Nova on the planet has a average eruption, nor a peaceful one. None exemplify this than Naomi Minami. A former Schoolteacher, 35 years of age and a fan of detective novels. She grew up in the Japanese ocean town of Ukedo, a shipping and fishing port on the northeastern coast of the main island. She wanted to be a schoolteacher like her English father and Japanese mother. And she did well enough to finally achieve that dream. She taught at Ukedo Elementary School for 10 years as a Math Teacher. Two years prior to her eruption, she adopted a cat named Shiro. A Calico kitten who grew to be an inquisitive, intrepid soul. Naomi loved him greatly, and when she could, she took Shiro everywhere. On March 11, 2011 though, everything changed. For her town, and for her. When the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, she was at School, preparing for her lessons. She knew from some of the physics she knew, that a Tsunami could happen, and fast. So unlike everyone who went for a higher level of the school, Naomi rushed to her home to save her Cat. The school wasn't too far of a trip, and most people were heading inland to avoid the coming wave. But Naomi after finding her scared cat stepped outside and saw the rushing water of the Tsunami about to crash into her. She held onto Shiro and said. "I'm sorry... don't hold your breath... it'll just prolong the inevitable." The wave hit and Naomi's world went black. She came to in the ocean, she was swept out to sea with her town's wrecakge. She scampered on to a fishing boat that somehow miraculously got washed out. It was starting to sink from it's hull damage though. But the radio had power. When she tried to speak though she felt her lips were strangely shaped, it was harder to talk. She thought she was injured severely, so she immediately found a mirror and looked... She looked... like herself and Shiro! She ran up to the radio again after grabbing a life vest that was still on board and tried radioing shore again. It was a day before a JMSDF helicopter arrived. The boat had already sunk and she was holding on to a piece of driftwood while floating by the life vest she found. The bewildered look of the crew onboard was muted when a woman peeked from behind the hoist operator. A odd woman with dull pink hair and wearing a white labcoat under her life preserver vest. "I'm Aiko Nakamura. Head of Department 0, and Nippontai, a emergency team currently operating in the area... Are you alright, dear? Although I wish this was on better circumstances, welcome to a new world." Naomi fainted. When she came to the next day she was wearing a comfortable, loose-fitting full-body suit. She looked in the mirror and saw her tail, and wondered what happened. Then the memories came... and she could only think of one thing her father taught. Something in regards to Quantum Physics where two objects cannot be in the same place and time in Time-Space. Whatever happened... violated that rule and now she is here... changed. When she realized that she somehow understood completely what happened she had no choice but to accept Aiko's offer to train in the use of her new gifts, study her body's changes, and to adapt. What she discovered is that she has a natural aptitude and innate understanding of the process of being a Detective. In a matter of a year, she was ready for her first assignment. ,, Cause of Death Death after Child Birth complications.
  3. Personal Information: Identity: Katrina Ralene Price Names: Kitty Occupation: Actress/Humanitarian Legal Status: American National by birth Marital Status: Umarried Known Relatives: Jacob Forester (father), Jenna Price (mother), Harley Price (sister) Allegiance(s): Family, Career Physical Traits: Weight: 121 lbs Height: 5’10” Apparent age: early 20's Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Caucasian (very) Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Blonde Handedness: Ombidextrous Appearance: Gorgeous. Stylish. Sexy. These words and more have been used to describe Kitty Price. Other words include: heart-breakingly beautiful and impossibly perfect. More than one journalist has refused to even try to describe her. Kitty is, in the simplest terms, a blonde bombshell with curves in all the right places and glorious blue eyes. If one isn’t into blondes, this is not a problem; Kitty can look like any woman, so long as that woman is impossibly attractive. Powers, Skills, and Personality: Known Powers: Feline modifications, being gorgeous and a great actress Abilities/Special Skills: Acting is Kitty’s forte, the one skill that she has that sets her above the rest. She’s won awards for her acting that have put her above the rest, making it impossible to claim she only gets jobs for her pretty face. Though she’s not had as much chance to show this off, Kitty is an incredible dance. She was a dancer before her eruption and tried to break into acting. Her desire for this shaped her eruption and gave her many gifts that helped her in Hollywood. Personality: Kitty is nice. There’s no other way to describe her; she’s a gentle-hearted woman who wants to see the world smiling. She can have moments of jealousy or bitterness, but they are generally reserved for mean people. Due to her kind nature, she’s made friends out of women who would otherwise utterly hate her, and can turn men down so tenderly they don’t mind. Background: Kitty was born to a single mother, Jenna Price. Jenna worked as a waitress at a roadside diner in Sitka Alaska. Her father wasn’t around much; he worked as an ice road trucker and was gone often. Her parents never married, feeling it wasn’t necessary. Instead they lived as a common-law couple until their breakup after her sister Harley was born. For a long time, Kitty blamed her sister, though that childlessness passed before Kitty left for Hollywood. The young girl, already a looker, grew up in her little town, learning to boat and fly, as they were the only ways to leave Sitka. She also learned to ski and how to use a dogsled. It was obvious that her first and greatest was acting, and she starred in her high-school play twice. Her sister was the dance-fanatic, but Kitty took classes too. The sisters gained a minor reputation for their dancing in Sitka. At eighteen, Kitty left Sitka for Hollywood. Her sister Harley felt betrayed and didn’t talk to her for two years; the two reconciled when Harley joined her in L.A. In a twist of fate, Harley got a role on a minor cable show and Kitty was making her rent by dancing, mostly backup and in music videos. Though the two wanted to swap, they were stuck. When the Refugees passed through, the sisters were together. Harley could only watch in shock as Kitty underwent an incredible change. When she was done, Kitty was the hottest woman in the world. There was again a period of adjustment for Harley, but gradually Kitty was forgiven. Watching her sister struggle with having a cat’s tail made it even easier for Harley. Despite her tail, Kitty leveraged her new beauty and acting skills into a supporting role in a movie. She utterly stole the production, to the point where the main actress stormed off the set and refused to shoot anymore. Kitty talked her into returning through sheer niceness and did everything she could to make the other actress shine. That reputation made her desired by directors tired of divas. In combination with her beauty, which would have gotten her work anyway, Kitty’s team-player attitude made her highly sought-after. A brief relationship with Connor Fortenot ended with them remaining friends. Kitty has everything she’s ever wanted, save perhaps Connor – in short, her life is perfect.
  4. New Gadgets Background HERE In this thread discuss any additions or changes to this new version of the background.
  5. This is taken from Dave's Gadgetry Rules in Mutant High... modified for use in Aberrant. I submit this since I wanna use this in IE (and potentially submit this in 200X) with all credit to Dave. (I only tweaked it slightly for Aberrant compatibility). Please refer to the Addenda for further changes from suggestions, and things I've noticed. Background: Gadgetry You possess an invention decades ahead of the current technological curve. A gadget may also be an existing mechanism concealed or altered in some way - an autofire cell phone, a boat capable of short flights. These items are rare as hen's teeth, and you need a good explanation why you have something so esoteric, experimental and/or advanced. A gadget is likely to be the target of thieves and con artists. In the proper circles, the item (and your mastery of it) is nigh legendary, and your enemies will go to considerable lengths to separate you from it. A gadget cannot be destroyed except in the most extreme circumstances, or by killing its owner. Your character having this gadget makes this as much a part of their character as everything else. It becomes part of their overall theme. James Bond and his Astin Martin and Walther PPK, The Doctor and his Sonic Screwdriver and TARDIS, Captain America and his Shield, An Immortal and their sword. The list goes on. Simply put the gadget is a signature of that character. ● Mediocre Gadget with up to 4 options, or an innovation that duplicates a Level 1 power. Quantum 1, Quantum Pool 10. ●● Minor Gadget with up to 8 options, or innovations that duplicate two Level 1 powers. Quantum 1, Quantum Pool 12 ●●● Major Gadget with up to 12 options, or innovations that duplicate a single Level 2 power or three Level 1 powers. Quantum 2, Quantum Pool 15 ●●●● Powerful Gadget with up to 16 options, or innovations that duplicate two Level 2 powers or four Level 1 powers. Quantum 3, Quantum Pool 20 ●●●●● Artifact Gadget with up to 20 options, or innovations that duplicate either a single Level 3 power, three Level 2 powers or five Level 1 Powers. Quantum 5, Quantum Pool 30 ●●●●●● Plot Device - This sort of gadget is beyond one of a kind. It is much of who your character is as your character. You can have one power of any level associated with it, as well as 2 Level 3 powers, or 4 Level 2 powers, or 6 level one powers. It's quantum level is considered as high as necessary for it's highest level power and has a base quantum pool equal to it's quantum level. OR, you can customize with 36 Option Points. This background is broken down into `Options' and `Innovations'. An `option' is when a standard, run of the mill device is enhanced in some way to function far beyond what it was originally designed for. This could include a customized pistol that fire in full-auto and holds far more bullets than it was designed to. It could be a motorcycle that converts into a jet-ski for water travel. So, what's an `Option' exactly? Well, it varies based on the device in question. Weapons, Armor, and Vehicles can all be fitted with options. For each option you may spend `option points' (OP) to increase that objects statistics. Weapons- Accuracy (+1/2OP), Damage (+1/2OP or +[1]/3OP), Strength-Min (-1/1OP), Strength-Max (+1/2OP), Range (+50%/1OP, max x2), Maneuver (+1Mnv/1OP) - It has to make sense for the user or the gadget, Rate of Fire (+1/1OP), Clip (+50%/1OP, max x2), Concealability (-1 step/2OP) Armor- Bashing (+1/2OP), Lethal (+1/2OP), Penalty (-1/2OP), Destruction (+1/1OP) Vehicles- Safe Speed (+50%/1OP), Max Speed (+50%/1OP), Maneuver (+1/1OP), Passangers (+50%/1OP, only once), Armor (+1/1OP or +[1]/2OP) Not on the list or something extreme? Like a laptop that transforms into a sentry gun? Or the afore mentioned motorcycle/jet-ski? These are called `Exotic Options'. Any modification not on the list generally costs 3OP. This cost may be more or less depending on the STs approval. Adding a small dart launcher on a pistol might only cost 1OP since it's a relatively small and not a difficult upgrade. Note: Not all EOs are really too exotic. Something to keep in mind is if the addition isn't usually seen in an item, but it is mundane and would make sense in adding it (Kevlar to a business suit, sealing a car so it's amphibious, incorporating a parachute to a backpack...) then you could add it. It is also possible to add more than one EO. A good rule of thumb is 1 EO to the resource cost of the item being modified into a gadget. An `Innovation' is a technological advancement so great that the powers of the device almost duplicate the effect the effects of a Quantum Power. This could include a harmonizer that generates a `Disorient' effect while it's activated, or a cannon the hits like a Quantum-Bolt. An innovation always functions with a number of dots in a power equal to the gadgets ranking. So a gadget at rank 2 with a Level 2 Armor innovation will function as the Armor power with 2 dots (or +6L/+6B soak in this case). All Innovative Gadgets have their own Quantum Pool and Quantum rating and these are used to determine the effectiveness of the gadget's range, duration, maintenance, etc. when it's activated. If the gadget is an item that requires a skill to use (like a gun, sword, etc.) then the player uses their skill for the dice pool in place of the power's rating. A note: `Suite Powers' - Suite powers are generally considered Level 2 powers, thus a character may purchase a power from a Level 3 suite as if it were Level 2. In the case of a Suite Power being purchased for a Rank 5 `Artifact Gadget' the owner may select 3 powers from the suite that the device may activate as `learned' powers. The rest of the suite powers are activated at double the cost. Why is that? Some might ask. Simply put it's to explain, in a game mechanics sense, that no device can function better than natural power, like those possessed within Novas. Can I mix an Option and an Innovation together? Yes. If you'd like to upgrade an object with powers and options you may do so, but the benefit of one or the other (Option or Innovation) is dropped by two complete ranks. This means that you can mix until at least Rank 3. The Quantum Pool and Quantum of the object are also calculated at the new lower rank. Also all power Levels available options drop by one, so two Level 2 powers available becomes 1 Level 2 power available (making it impossible to make a mixed device with a Level 3 Power). Example: Dave wants to make an artillery cannon that blasts out pure energy for it's attack (Quantum-Bolt), but his dice pool stinks so he wants to increase it's accuracy by adding advanced targeting systems. He creates a Device 4 (1 Level 2 Power (Q-Bolt)) and chooses 8OP worth of options (two ranks lower than 4 on the scale). Once all is said and done he has a cannon that punches like a quantum bolt and has +4 accuracy. Losing/Regaining Gadgets It is possible that a gadget can be lost/broken/destroyed through any number of events. As such, generally a character with Gadget would have the means to repair such a thing (a bit of an explaination of the character point protection). If the character can do it themselves, they need the Abilities and resources (and repair tools) to do such a thing. Or access to someone who has such things. Also generally the higher the number of dots in Gadget someone has, the harder it would be to repair a gadget. A "Plot device" 6 dot gadget would need a whole story possibly just to get the parts needed to repair it while a 1 dot would probably only mean heading to the local hardware store (maybe). A rule of thumb is this: You need 2x the number of dots of the damaged gadget in successes in order to repair your gadget. This would be an extended test, with a check made every day. Destroyed gadgets can either take 3x the number of dots of it's value in successes in order to be repaired wholly, or 2x value in successes and permanently lose a dot in value.
  6. Name: Her Royal Highness Amaranth Helena Silvia Marie, Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Uppland Nova Name: Vysarian Arasael Concept: Accidental Elf Nature: Caregiver Allegiance: Vysarian - Taehlyri'salatria Duirsar. Amaranth - Unsure at the moment. Nominally her family, but things are awkward all around. Evolution: - Theme: RPG Character for real. HT: 1.83 m/6'0" WT: 56.7 kg/125 lbs Hair: Long, fine, silvery-white. Eyes: Sapphire-blue with gold flecks. Age: Born January 17th,1996, currently 17. Attributes STR: ●●● *DEX: ●●●●●(Agile) Mega ● STA: ●●● *PER: ●●●●● (Observant) Mega ● *INT: ●●●●● (Clever) Mega ● *WIT: ●●●●● (Creative) Mega ● *APP: ●●●●● (Exotic) Mega ● MAN: ●●●●● (Diplomatic) CHA: ●●●●● (Elegant) Enhancements Elven Archery (M-Dex: Artimis' Bow) Elven Lifespan (M-Sta: Unaging) Elven Vision (M-Per: Electromagnetic Vision) Gift of Tongues (M-Int: Linguistic Genius) Maker’s Soul (M-Wit: Artistic Genius) Double Life (M-App: Costume) Abilities: Physical - Brawl: Might: Throwing: Archery: ● Athletics: ● Drive: Firearms: Gunnery: Heavy Weapons: Legerdemain: Martial Arts: ● Melee: ●●● Pilot: Ride: ● Stealth: ● Channel: Endurance: ●●● Resistance: ●●● Mental- Artillery: Awareness: ●●●●● Investigation: Navigation: Academics: ●● Analysis: Bureaucracy: ● Computer: ● Demolitions: Engineering: Intrusion: Gambling: Linguistics: ●●●● Medicine: ● Science: Survival: Tradeskill: Arts: ●●●●● Biz: Mediation: Modulate: Rapport: Shadowing: Tactics: ●●● Weave: Social - Disguise: ● Intimidation: Style: ●● Diplomacy: Hypnosis: Interrogation: Seduction: Streetwise: Subterfuge: ●● Animal Training: Carousing: Command: Etiquette: ●●● Instruction: Perform: ● Backgrounds: Allies: ●●●●● (King Carl Gustaf & Queen Silvia) Attunement: ● Backing: ●●●● (Sweden) Cipher: Contacts: Dormancy: ●●●●● Equipment: Eufiber: Favors: Followers: Gadgets: Influence: ● (Gaming/Fantasy communities) Mentor: Node: ● Rank: Resources: ●●●●● Reputation: ● (Royal Prince/ss of Sweden, erupted playing D&D into the moon elf Vyserian Arasael) Sanctum: ●●●●● (Moderkainen's Magnificant Mansion spell, write-up forthcoming) Adversarial Backgrounds: Vyserian Arasael Fan Club: size ● / devotion ● Media Exposure: ●●●●● Suitors: ● Quantum: ● Quantum Pool: 10 Taint: - Temporary, - Permanent Chrysalis: - Temporary, - Permanent Archetype: - Willpower: ●●●●● Initiative: 9 Powers (Level 1: Violet, Level 2: Blue, Level 3: Green, Level 4: Yellow, Level 5: Orange, Level 6: Red - In Theme BOLD) Devices The Stars of Mystra – 14 NP Description: A silver necklace with a delicate woven chain connecting seven stars. Quantum: 25 Enhancement: Health, Quantum Attunement Mega-Attributes: Perception 2, Intelligence 2 Powers: Teleport 1, Invulnerability w/Broad – Physical 1, Invulnerability w/Broad – Energy 1, Invulnerability w/Broad – Mental/Psychic 1 Locked to Vysarian: The Stars of Mystra was given to Vysarian by Mystra herself, created uniquely for him as a reward for his dedication to Her and the magic of Toril. Ithilhyanda en Arasael (Moonblade of the Line of Arasael) – 8 NP Description: An ornate sword inscribed with runes. The scabbard and belt are decorated in similar style with runic inscriptions and embedded with precious gems. Quantum: 3 Quantum Pool: 21 (3 pts are permanently dedicated to Combat Awareness, which is always active) Enhancements: Combat Awareness Mega-Attributes: Dexterity 2, Wits 2 Powers:Quantum Weapon 1 (Weakness: Limited - Only augments the Moonblade; Linked w/Accelerate Time. Strengths: Level dropped to 1) Accelerate Time 2 (Weakness: Range - self only; Limited - Can only be activated as the linked power of Quantum Weapon or Mental Blast, not independently. Strength: Level dropped to 1.) Mental Blast 1 (Weakness: Target Restriction - Only targets that have resistance to or cannot be harmed by physical damage when attacked (such as Density Decrease 3 or above); Range - Sword attack; Linked w/Accelerate Time. Strengths: Level dropped to 1, Aggravated Extra) Locked to Vysarian: The blade is mystically bound to Vyserian's family. In the hands of anyone else it is only a normal ornate longsword. When Vysarian dies the blade will pick one of his family members to pass to (this now includes Amaranth's family). However, the blade must pass to an elf or half-elf, so more than likely only one of his children (should he sire any) would be able to claim it. Should he die without and elven (or half-elven) heir, another elf may attempt to awaken the blade to their bloodline by performing a ritual and attuning the blade to themself. For this particular blade, the ritual involves holding a vigil in the name of Mystra in a place sanctified to Her, swearing an oath to the service of the goddess and the preservation and advancement of magic and arcane knowledge. Merits & Flaws Acute Hearing: 1 Acute Sight: 1 Light Sleeper (Elven Meditation): 2 Photographic Memory: 3 Quantum Sensitivite: 2 Sexy: 1 Signature Weapon (Longsword): 2 Taint Resistance: 5 Minority: 1 Many people make assumptions about Vyserian because he erupted from a girl into a male elf. Of Two Hearts: 5 Vysarian finds himself unable to access the power he once had. His spellbook is lost to him in this new world and between his removal from the universe that Mystra holds power in (including his separation from the Weave) and Amaranth's utter lack of of faith that his goddess is even real, he finds himself almost entirely powerless. Only the fact that his ancestral blade and the gift from Mystra Herself still function at all (though Her gift is no where near as potent) gives him any hope that he will one day regain his own abilities and perhaps find his way home. Until he can reconnect with his goddess and recreate his spellbook, though, he is unable to cast spells, which this world calls "inherent quantum capabilities". Aberrations (Low: Violet, Medium: Blue, Severe: Green) Aberrant Ears: Pointed elf ears. Aberrant Eyes: Sapphire blue with gold flecks. Aberrant Hair: Silvery-white and only on brows/head. Distinctive Looks: After the media coverage, Vyserian is only ever mistaken for one other person: Kevin, but only when someone mistakes his gender. Sex Object: The living fantasy of rpg'ers, MMOers, and otaku world-wide, Vyserian is often a hot elf first and a person second. Surreality: Much the same as Sex Object, most people find a "real life elf" just too interesting; those that don't care about the elf bit are usually caught by the gender change or the royal pedigree. Fragile: Vyserian's constitution is much weaker as an elf. Known Languages Native: Elven Others: Fearun Language Family, Romance, Deus Vox (as the language of magic) Movements Walk: 5m, Run: 11m, Sprint: 38m Soaks Base Soak: 3B/1L Healing Rate: x2 Health Levels: Unhurt Hurt Injured Wounded Maimed Crippled Incapacitated Dead Creation/Apotheosis Log Baseline - Attributes: Strength 1, Dexterity 4, Stamina 1, Perception 3, Intelligence 4, Wits 3, Appearance 2, Manipulation 3, Charisma 3 Abilities: Archery 1, Martial Arts 1, Ride 1, Stealth 1, Endurance 3, Resistance 3, Awareness 3, Academics 1, Bureaucracy 1, Computer 1, Linguistics 1, Medicine 1, Arts 3, Disguise 1, Style 2, Diplomacy 1, Subterfuge 2, Etiquette 3, Perform 1 Backgrounds: Allies 5, Backing 2 NP Expenditures Available while Dormed: All skills. Resources 5 -Note: Dormed Appearance Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark Brown Height: 5 ft. 2 in. Weight: 110 lbs. Picture to be added. Nova - 44 of 100 NP Spent 5 NP Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 5, Stamina 3, Perception 4 & 5, Intelligence 5, Wits 4 & 5, Appearance 3 - 5, Charisma 4 & 5 10 NP Megas: Dexterity 1, Wits 1, Perception 1, Intelligence 1, Appearance 1 2 NP Enhancements: Artimis' Bow (free), Artistic Genius (free), Electromagnetic Vision(free), Linguistic Genius (free), Unaging 3 NP Abilities: Athletics 1, Melee 1-3, Awareness 4 & 5, Academics 2, Linguistics 2-4, Survival 1, Arts 2-5, Tactics 3 26 NP Backgrounds: Attunement 1, Dormancy 5, Node 1, Resources 3 - 5, Sanctum 5, Gadgets 23 NP 0 NP Powers: None 0 NP Willpower: 0 NP Quantum: 0 NP Quantum Pool: Freebie Points - 15 + 8 + 14 + 1 = 38 pts Adversarial Backgrounds: Fanclub (1/1) -2 Media Exposure -5 Suitors -1 Aberrations:Aberrant Ears - Pointed -1 Aberrant Eyes - Sapphire blue with gold flecks -1 Aberrant Hair - Silver-white and brows/head only -1 Androgynous -1 Distinctive Looks -1 Sex Object -1 Surreality -1 Fragile -3 Flaws: [*]Minority - He's a elf, used to be a she, is still Eurpean royalty, and doesn't know if he's straight, bi, or gay now. -1 [*]Of Two Hearts - Vysarian finds himself unable to access the power he once had. His spellbook is lost to him in this new world and between his removal from the universe that Mystra holds power in (including his separation from the Weave) and Amaranth's utter lack of of faith that his goddess is even real, he finds himself almost entirely powerless. Only the tokens that his ancestral blade and the gift from Mystra Herself still function at all (though Her gift is no where near as potent) gives him any hope that he will one day regain his own abilities and perhaps find his way home. Until he can reconnect with his goddess and recreate his spellbook, though, he is unable to cast spells, which this world calls "inherent quantum capabilities". -5 Merits: [*]Acute Hearing +1 [*]Acute Sight +1 [*]Concentration +1 [*]Devotion: As a cleric of Mystra, it is Vysarian's imperative to preserve knowledge of magic, spread it's use and understanding, and create magical items. He loves his goddess deeply and cannot be swayed from his belief in Her - and the truth of his own past and universe. +2 [*]Light Sleeper (Elven Meditation) +2 [*]Photographic Memory +3 [*]Quantum Integrity +5 [*]Quantum Recovery 3 +3 [*]Quantum Sensitivity +2 [*]Sexy +1 [*]Signature Weapon (Longsword) +2 [*]Taint Resistance +5 Backgounds: Backing 3 - 5, Resources 1 & 2 +5 Willpower 4 - 6 +6 XP Log 05/01/2012 +25 (25), May XP 06/01/2012 +25 (50), June XP 07/01/2012 +50 (100) July XP and Anniversary XP
  7. Nova name: Supreme birth name: James t Cross Nature: survivor Demeanor: visionary Theme: Perfect man. Str:(well built) 5 Dex:(catlike) 5 Sta ( resilient) 5 Per:(insightful) 5 Int:(bright) 5 Wits:(creative) 5 App:(alluring) 5 Man:(persuasive) 5 Chr:(polite) 5 Athletics:1 Martial arts: 1 Melee:4 Stealth 1 Endurance 5 Resistance 5 Awareness 1 Academics 3 Bureaucracy 3 Computers 5 Engineering 5 Linguistics:1 Medicine: 5 Advance Medicine: 5 Science: 5 Arts:1 Biz:5 Rapport:1 Intimidation:1 Style:1 Subterfuge:1 Command:1 Etiquette:1 Perform:3 Background: Node 5 , N-stage node 1(7th star), Resources:5, Cipher:3, Backing 5(T.C.R.I) contacts 5( business), allies:1 (department 0), allies 2(anime company) gadgets 5( wrist comp ), influence 3 ( anime ), influence 5 (medical),Gadgets: 5( "kitten" computer agent"), Allies 3 ( local Town folks- japan), influence 2( board of education ) Allies 1 (Us black ops) followers 2 (maids), influence 3 (japanse gov't) Gadget 5( epic masterwork katana) contacts 2 ( chairities) Willpower:3 Taint 0 Quantum:5 Quantum Pool: 50( spend 25/turn) Mstr: 4 lifter, unbreakable Mdex: 4 Fast task,enhances movement Msta: 5 Fertility,regen,Resiliencex2,adaptability,bio-energy buffer,convalescence,Health,unaging,Vitality Mper: 4 Electromagnetic vision,holographic awareness Mint: 4 taint resistance, Fast learner, mental prodigy(medicine,administration, finanicial,computer), inventive Genius, Providencex4,Project Coordination,editic memory, speed reading Mwit: 4 artistic genius,synergy,Hypercognition, Unpredictable Mapp: 4 seductive looks, almost alive Mman: 4 the voice,subtle Mchr: 4 seductive, pedagogue, Drill Sergeant Powers: Time manipulation 1(age alteration) Molecular manipulation 1( molecular alteration) Gravity control 1( flight) Healing 5 Invunerablity 3 (physical) Invunerablity 3 (energy) Warp 2 Body modification: Augmented Blood Combat Style:Kenjutsu 3 rd specialty: +2 acc. +1 damage Syle Maneuvers: Dodge, sweep weapon form(Katana), disarm, weapon bind Advance Technique: Iaijutsu( +3 int, +1dmg), Kiaijutsu(+1auto sux), Merits: taint resistance , Flaws: Obsession( mastering his Mega attributes and the nature of what is quantum energy) Intolerance( Priests )-due to being called spawn of satin in front of hundreds of people Obsession( anime collector) now as a nova he is thousand times worst. but no one cares He can not develop dormancy due to his dislike of his old self. height 6'6 ( James 5'9) weight 250 lbs (James 245 not muscle) hair: silver long flowing ( short uncombed) eyes: deep green ( blue) Age:20ish (40ish) break down Attributes (7 np) abilities(4 np) mega attributes( theme 27x2=54. 3 enhancement 2x3= 6) powers ( out of theme 3 level3 3x5=15, theme 1 level 3 1x2= 2) background(7 nova=35) Freebie points( . backgrounds+15 =15fp) Quantum 5 ( started with 5 free) Theme ( all mega. healing( due to death of his family)) Experience xp: earned:280 5/1/2012 - 25xp - Month of April Participation 6/1/2012 - 25xp - Month of May Participation 6/28/2012 -5xp- prequal 6/30/2012-25xp CN 2nd birthday 7/1/2012 - 25xp - Month of june Participation 8/1/2012 - 25xp - Month of july Participation 9/1/2012 - 25xp - Month of aug Participation 10/1/2012-25xp- month of Sept participation 11/1/2012-25xp- month of Oct participation 12/1/2012-25xp- month of nov participation 01/1/2013-25xp- month of dec participation 12/23/2013-25xp -xmis xp: spend:Theme 3xp Heath enhancement 2 xp BM: Augmented Blood 12 xp Providence x4 3 xp Fast learner 11xp Advanced medicine 5 3 xp project coordination 3 xp Hypercognition 5 xp healing to 2 3 xp Drill Sergeant 6 xp Invulnerablity to physical and energy 4 xp combat style: Kenjutsu 2 xp Allies ( US black ops) 1 4 xp Followers ( maids) 2 3 xp eidetic memory 3 xp Speed reading 3 xp mp: financial 3 xp unaging 3 xp Vitality 6 xp adv tech 3 xp Computer 3 xp unpredictable 6 xp N-stage Node 1 2 xp conection 1=2 2 xp influence 1=2 72 xp mega 3 to 4( all) 9 xp out of theme WARP 1 45xp healing to 3 to 4 to 5 30xp invul(both) to 2 to 3 7xp warp to 2 2xp acad to 3 2xp bur to 3 4xp biz to 5 6xp influl to 3 XP spent 269 Initiative: 16 Movement: walk: 7m Run: 21m (x5=105m enhanced movement-125 kph) Sprint: 95m (x5=475m enhanced movement-565 kph) Soak: Bashing: 38 (5 for stamina, 5 from mega, x2 resilient(both), invulnerablity) Lethal: 28 (2 for stamina, 3 from mega, x2 resilient(both) , invulnerablity) Health levels Bruised x4 Hurt x1 Injured x1 Wounded x1 Maimed x1 Crippled x1 Incapacitated Dead
  8. MK-III Devilion Suit with combined Cormorant MK-II vest Kei Nakano Codename/Callisgn: "Sea Eagle" Other Codenames: Umiwashi (海ワシ) DOB: January 8th, 1992 Age: 20 Height: 4'11"/150cm Weight: 105pds/47.6kg Hair: Short Black (Dormed), Long Black (Active) Eyes: Dark Brown (Dormed), Sky Blue (Active) Armored form: F-35-like plating with DSA markings. Attack Manifestation: hand-fired blue laserbeam Legal Status: Native Nova, US Natural-Born Citizen, Single, Department of Metahuman Affairs Operative. Birthplace: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America Early History Kei always dreamed of flight. At an early age she gave no end to stress by jumping from her bed or hopping from trees (and promptly breaking an arm) or other dangerous and costly behavior. As she got older she stopped the craziness, and started learning how to fly... as in airplanes. At Fourteen she started her lessons and by 16 she was about ready to get her licence. One day while flying with her instructor, out over the waters of Lake Superior, their Cessna had an engine failure. Now this wasn't much of a problem since the Cessna itself was fitted with a Ballistic Recovery System, but a plane mounted parachute did no good in the cold, late october waters of Superior. Once they hit water it was a mad dash to ditch the plane. Made harder with the fact that the Instructor broke her leg. They managed to ditch and get their single-person rafts deployed, and they both were sure rescue would arrive. What complicated matters though was Kei's raft got pricked and was slowly losing air. The one thing that could save her from a quick death was betraying her. Then Kei's Instructor did the unthinkable, she falls out of her raft and starts to swim away with whatever stregnth she could muster. She was damn set in seeing Kei survive and use her raft. The stress was too much for Kei. At that moment something snapped in her mind and within moments she had dashed out of her raft, flying under her own power, grabbed her instructor, and made it to shore. After setting her instructor down safely, she collapsed, with blood dripping from her nose. Within 20 minutes a US Coast Guard helicopter was overhead and rescued the two pilots. Kei had her beacon with her and it was a bit of confusion as to how they survived getting there. Until they found out Kei was a Nova. The next day some men in suits showed up. "So... another Native Nova... We're with the Department of Superhuman Affairs. We would like to offer you an opportunity to join our organization. I can understand this is all sudden, but your country needs you, and the world as a whole. Are you ready yet? You will be trained, of course, to your ability set." Kei thought only for a few moments before she stated her answer. "Just no spandex." Personality, Appearance, and Quirks Kei Nakano is 20 years old, with dark brown to near black hair, with brown eyes. She tends to wear her usual flight gear when doing her flight work. When not doing so she generally is wearing nothing more than Jeans and a T-Shirt of some meme that is popular at the time. She seems to still be having a bit of a childhood, living her dream of being able to fly, and would rather not hurt anyone unless it was necessary. Then again, if made necessary... she will bring hell. Ask some pirates in Somalia and the Japanese cargo crew she saved.
  9. Connor Fontenot was an American Voice Actor working for Funimation of some acclaim before becoming a nova. Gifted with a voice that people loved to hear, and an innate talent for oration and acting, He was on his way to becoming a media Icon before, already branching out into true acting as well. Then The refugees came, and this Triggered his own powerful erruption. In an instant he was transformed, going from simple actor, to THE Actor upon the stage of the world. Handsome beyond all reason, his potential as an actor was like that of a nuclear bomb. His first role made the movie World War III into one that reiceved acclaim beyond its merit, and one of the highest grossing films ever. Even greater than that though, Bandai entertainment saw immediately that his gifts of shapeshifting could prove useful. They approached him with an idea for a live action gundam series, set against CGI. He went one better, and showed them the truth as he transformed into a 50 foot high completely accurate rendition of the Strike Freedom Gundam. Starstruck, a deal was made, and Gundam Superior was born. With two seasons of the show under his belt, in addition to 4 other movies, Connor, dubbed "Mech" by his fans, was still a generally humble man. He made appearances at conventions, even ate in smaller restaraunts. The US government had given him a long enough leash, and now, they came knocking. Lucrative contracts were arranged, and provisos built into it, allowing for him to continue the work he loved. Still, now the Government had special access to him, and any new project of his would be subject to a special clause in the contract stating that his removal for government purposes was allowed and legal. Now, Connor is a full member of the Department of Superhuman Affairs, lending his talents to generate goodwill. Twice he's been decorated for service to the country, and he continues with many humanitarian projects, in addition his government work and acting career.
  10. The Professor paced on the bridge, the dark bluish smoke of trans-dimensional warp moving past in a spiral before her on the view screen. It was going to take a bit to get to Brittania. The D-Drive was still recovering and The Professor didn't want to go over half-power. "Three... status report." "We are approximately 3 hours out from Brittania, Professor." The Professor was dressed in her familiar outfit that Brittania was used to seeing. It looked like the girl's uniform for when she was teaching her children, except she had a normal white shirt and a red tie, also she wore black slacks and wore her labcoat over it all. Yomiko walks in wearing something similar, but kept the uniform blouse with the white sailor collar and bow and the skirt. She had Martin's overcoat on. "Something wrong, Professor?" Sakurako scratched her chin. "Just that signal... the nobles on Brittania agreed to name Sarah the new Empress... Something smells... it was over a year since Sarah started her overtures, but this is... too easy." "So I and Chris are going in to investigate?" Sakurako adjusts her brown vest. "No... the best show to put on with Sarah's arrival, is to have her back. Chris alone is a intimidating factor. This is gunboat diplomacy, unfortunately." Yomiko grumbled. "I don't like it." "I know... not my style." "No... this smells like a trap." The Professor turns, and hugs Yomiko with a smile. "That's why it's fun. you've learned well enough to have my sixth sense in regards to such things." Yomiko grinned. "I've read your diaries enough."
  11. 21 Days after their birth... Sakurako was tired. But happy. Every hungry mouth required her attention. She was perpared. She had a schedule where two at a time could be fed by her over the course of an hour. She believed in a natural feeding, so she faithfully scheduled her day around the new lives under her care. In between she had everyone on deck. Chris handled the heavy lifting in regards to getting food and supplies. Mary helped with caring for their health, and Sarah loved cleaning and caring for them with The Professor's help. Three monitored their every heartbeat and cry as a digital Nanny. And Sakurako knew it wouldn't last. She sensed it, their Quantum was starting to surge upward. She felt their movements. She knew Yomi was already talking and some of the other babies were already expressing powers, although in very subtle ways. As she fed Kamina, it happened. He started to glow at his last feed, and he grew. The others grew one at a time soon afterward. Yomi being the last to have a growth spurt. Sakurako sighed as she noticed they were starting to grow teeth and were starting to seem they wanted semi-solid food. She wondered why their growth was like this, but she realized that their childhood wouldn't be long as she surmised. They will only be toddlers for a few months. Adolescents in the same way. It would be a year before they were full adults. She sat in her office and cried after taking a break. "I'm... going to have to enjoy every moment... aren't I?" She picks up her communication unit that looks like a antique phone on her desk. "Tokyo command, yes this is Sakurako. I'm going to have to take a year's time away... right... Yes the younglings. Oh good everything is in order? I've seen my Mother is handling her duties as the Chancellor very well. She's already dropped martial law and has started the mechanical things required for Democracy across the planet. She's more suited for it..." She sits back. "I'm... okay... Just I gotta enjoy every moment of my children now. Tell Mother when she is able thank you for everything." She hangs up and sighs. Before standing back up and stepping out. Her children are starting to figure out how to walk. And somehow with her perception... it seems even for it's evanescence it was... just right.
  12. "The Professor" - Sakurako Hino Sakurako Hino was born on January 8th, 1985 to a Middle-Class Japanese family. They were a modest, kind, and decent family for the era, and loved their only daughter dearly. While she was on a middle-school trip using one of Tokyo's mag-lev trains, it malfunctioned, and sped out of control. Sakurako was a genius with machines, but her speed of typing and her knowledge of code just wasn't enough! Seeing a series of bends in the track fast approaching, she said a prayer knowing her life was over... but the Kami answered differently. The train seemingly listened to her request to spare the lives of those on board. There was no AI... no nothing. Sakurako had been feeling headaches happening more frequently before that day, and on the day of the train incident, she had a massive nose bleed for a few moments. When she stepped out of the train, Denshi, head of Japan's Technology and Safety board saw in her what was in him long ago. Many questions and few answers. She was one of the few. She was a Nova. Over the intervening time, she trained with Denshi in how to properly use her powers in the development of technology and the upholding of the fragile world peace earned by the advent of the Nova when the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Things would not be peaceful for long. On July 4, 1999, a group of Novas appeared on the scene from practically nowhere. Calling themselves "The Hive", they began causing mysterious murders by seemingly taking the very quantum makeup of the atoms of the victim, literally making them dissapear. Sakurako was hired on by Interpol to help research and investigate the attacks. Meanwhile a coverup from deep within Project Utopia was hiding a far more dire threat. The stars in the sky were dying. Fast. As the killings continued, they increased in frequency, and in scope. Then even landmarks and other life forms were caught up in the Hive's insatiable appetite. The thing is, the Hive didn't come from this universe... they came from the Stonehenge rift, and by other means from throughout the universe. They were alien Novas, and they were consuming the universe's very makeup. Utopia knew they were doomed from the start. So they commissioned Sakurako and many genius novas from around Earth to make a vehicle. A vehicle that can traverse time, and take a crew, while small enough to thread the needle on the outside. The development of the Emergency Escape System taxed Sakurako's talent to the limit She herself felt she lost some of her humanity in the device. But it was done. But it was too late to save more than herself. On October 1st, 2001, The Hive launched it's final plan. It sucked the very energy out of the Sun and then started to consume every planet in the solar system systematically. It came for Earth as it started to cool from having no sun to heat it. Only Sakurako managed to get in the vehicle and launch through the Stonehenge gate as Utopia, The Teragen, and eery Nova fought valiantly to ensure at least one Nova escaped. On her main viewscreen were these words, transmitted seemingly from the center of the humanoid locust swarm... YOU CANNOT ESCAPE FROM DEATH. ZERO IS INEVITABLE! For days Sakurako wandered aimlessly through space and time, almost committing suicide by slamming into a star or a black hole. But something inside her told her "don't give up... you are the last of our kind... don't give in!" Eventually Sakurako came across a universe where the British Empire ruled the world. Their N-Day had just happened only a few years ago, and the Ministry of Powers ran the training, deployment, and use of Novas around the world. Sakurako called this world "Brittania", and this is where she met her human companion, Sarah Hideyoshi. Sarah was from the Japanese Archipelago, called British Nippon when the Japanese Empire was brought into the British Empire through use of the American fleet. A former member of the Japanese royal family, Sarah is a kind-hearted, devoted, and intelligent schoolgirl. She was quite inquisitive of Sakurako who moonlighted as a substitute teacher at her academy. In truth, the educational system was a proving ground to find and recruit Novas into a conspiracy to purge the world of humankind. Sakurako tracked down the leader of this terrorist cult, with some help from Sarah, and saved the planet from a potential mass extinction. The Ministry of Powers granted Sakurako citizenship in the empire, and allowed Sarah to travel with Sakurako as her mentor. Sakurako puzzled as to why, but was not one to challenge authority. Particularly ones she has had no dealings with as of yet. Sakurako took on the codename "The Professor" and on her first journeys with Sarah explored many interesting earths. One particular earth damaged the E.E.S' variable dimension outer hull, causing it to be stuck in the form of a life raft when The Professor and Sarah were exploring a water world, looking for clues about a potential survivor from The Professor's universe. The hunt proved fruitless. Now The Professor prepares for another jump... what's on the other side of the Stonehenge rift this time? Status The Professor operates independently from the Ministry of Powers, but stays in contact with their "Section T" Special Operations, who handle affairs of temporal and trans-universal incursions. Operating from her E.E.S, she is Brittania's eyes and ears, looking for threats to the existence of Earth. Personality The Professor is hectic. But she is also kind, reasonable, and generally who would be considered someone nice to know. When wronged though, she gets clever in her quest for justice. Goals The Professor has many aspirations, but the ones that stand out are to defeat The Hive to the last swarm, and to try to make a new home for herself in her new universe of Brittania. Universe Information Universe: Brittania Earth Date: 2011 Timeline: Elseworld Adventure!/Aberrant/Trinity Universe The Teragen only have the Marvel and Portents, lead by Orzaiz from Mal's notes after his death. Project Utopia does not exist at all, nor does Proteus or the UN for that matter. The world government is the British Empire. The Ministry of Powers is the most world-spanning organization on Brittania Earth. It's 20,000 strong Nova cadre handles everything from citizen security to massive engineering projects. Important Events Currently in her Third incarnation, appearing as a pink-haired apparently 26 year-old woman. Sakurako assisted a group of ragtag novas in escaping a facist nova supremacist society. - "Just Another Day at Stonehenge" Was attacked by her arch nemesis "The Headmistress" and regenerated. Blown The Headmistress' cover - "Episode 1: Brittania"
  13. Personal Information: Identity: Karen Nascha Dineh Names: Karrie, Coyote Occupation: Engineer/Inventor for Department of Superhuman Affairs Legal Status: American National by birth, Navajo National Marital Status: Umarried Known Relatives: Joseph Dineh (father), Tonya Dineh (mother), Michael Dineh (brother), Hana Dineh (sister), Ruth Dineh (sister), Simon Dineh (brother), dozens of aunts and cousins [father's sister, Ally Dineh and mother's brother Nathan] Allegiance(s): Family, DSA Physical Traits: Weight: 134 lbs Height: 5’6” Apparent age: early 20's Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Native American Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Handedness: Left DOB: 16MAY1990 Appearance: Coyote is best described as “cute”, a word which she has come to hate. Why do so many call her cute? Yeah, she’s not beautiful, and her hips are sometimes called 'birthing hips', and there’s that tendency to nerd out at the drop of the hat, but why do people have to call her cute!? Surely there’s a better word than cute! She can do sultry, but it does take a lot of work to put on all that makeup. And there’s sexy, but she can’t really wear lingerie – it doesn’t go with grease stains very well. So maybe there’s no great word – but she knows she’s not cute! Powers, Skills, and Personality: Known Powers: Being Really Effing Smart Abilities/Special Skills: Coyote, in addition to being a killer at ME3 and being able to tell you the differences between the RX-77-3 and the RX-77-4, can build a car engine out of legos, or so her file claims. While these may be an exaggeration, there is no doubt that the girl is almost insanely smart and has a definite quantum-knack for building things. She’s not bad at doing it on the fly, either, as she’s demonstrated before. Personality: Coyote is a massive extrovert. Worse, there are few thoughts that enter her head that don’t get said. She’s maniac and loud and generally quite likeable, for those who enjoy those kind of people. She is a classic ENTP personality. Some people do find her abrasive and annoying. To those she counts as friends, there’s no task too big or anything too much to ask. Part of this is seen in her finances; she makes quite a bit of money every year, but there are a lot of poor relatives on the reservation, and there’s always someone needing a new car or bail money. Coyote never begrudges them a ‘loan’, even knowing that it’s unlikely to be repaid. Growing up in a large family means that she can share and she as an altruistic streak that surprises many. The darker side of this is a cruel condemnation for those who ‘cross the line’. This might not be so bad, but for Coyote, the line is only generally defined and can change. Her trickster nature makes her justice particularly harsh, and she doesn’t forgive or forget. She’s willing to wait for vengeance, nursing a grudge with dark patience. Her relationship with the Navajo Nation is interesting; she’s taken the name of a Trickster god, but she’s female. There are some who believe she is Coyote, but most prefer to only pretend as a joke on the White Man. It seems like something Coyote would approve of. Coyote doesn’t see herself as Coyote, but rather as a source of hope for her people. If nothing, it’s a funny joke. What she finds really funny is that she hasn’t disclosed her powers to DSA. She’ll get around to it – at some point. Background: Karrie was born to a large Navajo family. Her father worked as a mechanic, but like many on the Four Corners Reservation, he scrapped by. Her mother waited tables when she could, supplementing their income enough to feed their children. ‘Their children’ didn’t mean just their five, but any number of cousins and relatives who needed food as much as their children. No one in the extended Dineh family ever went hungry. It was this ‘open door’ policy which led to Nevada’s Division of Child and Family Services to remove the Dineh children from the home. The social worker who made the call deemed that the environment was unhealthy to the children. Her brothers were kept together, but the girl each went to a different foster family. Karrie was placed with a very nice family who treated her well. Her foster brother Baxter became a close friend to her and he introduced her to something wonderful: anime. Anime became the gateway to other types of nerd-dom, and by the time the Dineh’s got their children back after seven months, Karrie was thoroughly hooked. This obsession would remain with her for life. Her father attempted to offset this weird ‘white-man’ stuff. He assumed her interest in these ‘Gundams’ was because she was interested in engineering. He was close and she began to help him in the garage, working on cars with him. Unfortunately, Karrie had learned another obsession with her foster family: high-fructose corn syrup. She’d had it before, but in moderation; after hanging out with Baxter, that moderation was gone. She’d gained twenty pounds, and would add to her weight until she was about fifty pounds overweight at sixteen. At a medicine man’s urging, she went on a spirit journey into the desert. And shit got weird. Karrie was fasting, and at some point, she knows that she collapsed. Like many Native Americans, she was less tolerant of sugar than white people, and the sudden change resulted a drop in blood sugar. She passed out, only to wake up surrounded by coyotes. At first she was afraid; then she realized that she was coyote. Figuring it was part of the vision quest, she rose to her feet and made friends with them. Together, they went foraging for food and Karrie was sure that was going to be end of it. Only it wasn’t; it was the start of a very long week. During that time, she struggled to figure out what had happened to her, but the struggle to survive was all-consuming. Karrie found herself hungry all the time, and had to work nearly constantly to find food. Sometimes, she scrounged in human garbage; other times she ran down rabbits. Once, she realized that a group of people walking the desert were looking for her. She tried to approach, only to get shot at by one of the searchers. After a week, she woke up in the coyote den, only to find them milling nervously outside. She followed, only to realize she was human again. The coyotes ran from her, leaving her behind. Unsure which way to go, she began to walk in a random direction and ran into the Old Man. He told her that the last week had been real; that she was one of the special people. At the moment that Karrie had been on her quest, the refugees had arrived. He advised her to hide her secret for a time, coming out only when she was ready. Then he told her how to get home. She walked away, only to look back and see he was gone. Karrie walked home, where the entire community turned out to stare. She claimed not to remember what had happened in the desert, and most people assumed she didn’t want to talk about her quest, which was respected. There had been some unmistakable changes in her. She was deeply tanned after a week living ‘wild’ and had lost all of her excess weight. No one was quite sure what to make of her, but she was welcomed home. That night, she couldn’t sleep so she went out to the garage and began to tinker on her father’s broken Jeep. By morning, she’d completely rebuilt the engine, improving its mileage and nailing down the oil leaks that had plagued the old vehicle. When her father came out, she had a long talk with him about what had happened. By noon, they had a plan. Karrie was too young to join the Army, but she and her father went to talk to them anyway. The plan was simple: Karrie would present herself as a savant who wanted to serve her country as a consultant; Joseph would facilitate this, if the army was willing, by being the consultant on paper. The recruiter was doubtful, but he had been told to watch out for things like this, so he sent the request on up. Three days later, Karrie and Joseph were visited by a government official, and the next day, Karrie quit high school. Over the next two years, she got her GED while doing high level work for the military. AT this time, DSA approached her. At first, Karrie turned them down, content to continue her work. When they came back the second time, it was her father who urged her to accept their job and make herself a career rather than creating a fake one for him. Though sad to leave her family, Karrie took their offer and moved to Washington DC to their research lab. While some of the new people became known as national heroes or stars, Karrie worked in relative obscurity. She’d taken to calling herself Coyote, just to mess with the white people. They were all picking ridiculous codenames – why shouldn’t she?
  14. The Professor was a flurry of activity. This was the end of her first week of gestation and her new-found awareness of her body is causing her nothing but problems when she finds out that her body when she reaches near her 7th week, she is really going to be waddling. So she was modifying one of her heat-resistant models of her suit so that instead of filling with gel, it used it's expansive mode to accommodate her growing body. Of course she kept the heat-resistant function intact so that she can use the gel in an emergency... although she calculated her already limited mobility the longer it goes, the percentage drops drastically. She wagers a week 9 deployment would only allow a very slow waddle indeed. She sighs, resigning to the fact her safety was more important. She'd been working on it and now was trying it on for the first time. She tests it with a bio-foam buoy that slowly expands to a size roughly near where her stomach should be when it is at maximum size. When she looks in the mirror and sees a preview of her future, she sighs. She opens her suit and sets the buoy next to the mirror and closes her suit, letting it tighten back up to her current frame. "Well, no avoiding it... I am going to have... to just deal. She makes sure the life support features of her suit are functional, and puts a helmet on that has a slide-back visor. She thinks that she should use as little quantum during this time as possible as a safety consideration. She cannot "dorm" because she might cause internal damage to herself and her children, particularly later in the pregnancy. She does a quick check of her inventories on ship via her computer to make sure it was properly stocked with safety equipment. Other than the lack of one escape pod, the whole ship was suitably safe and sound. She decided a while ago to park in the Pacific, and let the ship float for a while. She wasn't going to stay in space where a power failure could mean doom. She steps out of her quarters and leans against a bulkhead and sighs. "here we go."
  15. I just thought of a new body modification for aquatic novas or for Novas who specialize in nautical operations. Swim Bladders (1np/3xp) The Nova has an internal set of air bladders similar to a fish that can regulate buoyancy when in water or to fully keep the Nova afloat. Their position allows the nova the ability to normally swim, and when floating on the surface to keep an attitude where the head has freeboard from the water. They fill with waste air from the Nova (Usually Carbon Dioxide) and are vented through the mouth or nose in a standard exhalation. While they may function like a fish's swim bladder, it could be some sort of external air sac on the body of the Nova.
  16. Kei was uncomfortable. She was comfortable with flying, with flight suits and parachutes with gear and goggles. But now... in this three-piece business suit she felt... out of uniform. The navy blue sailor-collared blazer, similarly colored slacks, white blouse underneath with a red bow and the long black stockings and shoes made her feel more like a schoolgirl than a member of one of the most powerful agencies in one of the most powerful countries in the world. Then again, she had poor fashion sense, but at least it looked presentable. This was, at least prescribed by her superiors in the DSA, as a team-building exercise. To get to know her team-mates, at least the ones not at the Science Conference, and to start getting to know their International allies. She brushed her long hair, deciding not to be "offline" during the meetings. She liked her longer hair in this mode. One of the few fashion considerations she'd make with some certainty today. She tests activating her armor and switching it off. She was already attuned, so she made sure the armor adapted to the outfit. Just in case her services were necessary for a security issue. She knew the star of the US team, Connor, was going to be there, and to her, he was a mentor. She was also curious about seeing if the team's Psi was going to be there. She's never met a psychic yet and was intrigued more than intimidated. She hovered over to where she kept her usual flight gear and grabbed the load-bearing vest that had a PFD attached to it, and her parachute she slips on over it, making sure all her gear would deploy properly. Having the straps between her legs was slightly awkward, but she liked being prepared. She armored up once to test out how her gear sat with the armor active. "Not bad... the clear portions seem to move fine too... meh, let's fly over armored." she thinks, the now seeming half-jet woman looking Nova said as she grabbed a sandwich to eat along the way. She stepped out of her loft in Uptown, locked the patio door, then flew off to the Hotel. She hovered over once she got in sight of the Bloomington hotel about 15 miles or so away and she noticed that they weren't alone. No wonder they had a discount... there was a small science fiction convention meeting. Of course this group was more of a geeky type of convention where all fandoms were welcomed, but this... was an annoyance. Of course with all the costumes then suddenly her arrival made for a... interesting show for the geeks there. She nodded as some even took pictures at the living, breathing superheroine walking into the Hotel. She walked to the main desk. "Are you here for Scicon?" The person at the main desk asked. "No I'm here for the DSA meeting." "I'll take this." Someone in a black suit said, walking up behind her. "Miss Nakano is with us." "Ah, you guys have the Vista meeting rooms on the top floor." He nods and guides Kei to the elevators. "I'm suprised you've come in your full gear." "Well, never know if I'll be called away on a search and rescue job or something." She says, turning off her armor. He nods as they go to the 23rd floor, and smiles. "The others hopefully have either arrived or will be arriving. Thank you for coming." After Kei steps out she nods and returns the courtesy with a simple "Thank you" and stands there with her arms in front and her hands clasped as the doors close. He holds the doors for a moment. "By the way, you are the person in charge of the agenda, good luck!" He waves before the doors close... and Kei is mortified. She looked at the very well designed and laid out meeting rooms and wondered just exactly what to do... She grabbed some water and took a huge drink. "I am so out of my league..."
  17. 3 Days from Zero Hour... The Professor woke on the Hikari Maru in her quarters. They were already in transit back to Brittania and she knew it would be wise to rest up as much as she could. She looked in the mirror, and noticed almost immediately the changes in her figure since her tryst with Chris and at first she was embarassed. "Bloody hell... I'll have to reconfigure my suit for these." She says, pushing in her bust a bit and watching it sway. After she brushes her teeth she felt odd... she was keenly aware that something about her was wrong... actually not wrong... but definately different. "Odd, my blood sugar is off slightly... and my hormonal levels have reached... They've reached some new levels..." She was never aware of herself until now. Perhaps her body had to adapt to a virus present at the Sanctuary Earth. Perhaps it was fatigue. But when she noticed, out of the corner of her eye the change of dimensions of her stomach, she runs to Sickbay after putting her suit on and setting it to readjust to her frame. She runs in and immediately sticks a needle-like contrivance into her finger after taking her right glove off, and places a sample of blood in a blood analyzer. As she does so she runs her Ionic Screwdriver over her stomach and sends the information to her computer there. But when her blood analyzer's light flashed a bright blue and she saw the Six shadows in the scan she made... "I'm gonna be..." Her eyes tear up, then she punches a screen in rage. "Dammit... not now." Indeed not now. If she is pregnant, she may become a liability when Brittania and even the continuum needs her most. But... she had to tell the truth. She applies some liquid bandage to the cuts on her right knuckles and activates the comlink. "All hands... this is The Professor. I want everyone in my Ready Room in 5 minutes. There is a change of strategy I want everyone to be aware of." She adjusts her suit, but before she steps out, Endeavor appears behind her. "Just as I calculated... you will return to oblivion and you will die." "I don't intend to die." "Are you sure Mech will stand by you? The Council has already forsaken your universe." The Professor walks up and backhands Endeavor across the face. "How dare you. You have the powers of a God yet you won't life a finger to our aid?" Endeavor seems to snap back like a rubber band from the hit and she puffs up like a puffer fish in frustration. "Not all of us have given up. Long and I are about to arrive at their gate point in the Orion Nebula. But you intend to flank them... don't you?" The Professor nods. "Then for your sake, hope that Chris is by your side." Endeavor disappears as quick as she appears. "Damn meddler..." The Professor snipes after she left and then walks to the ready room to meet with Mech and the others.
  18. George Ray "The image of who I am that is in your head is indistinguishable - to you - to who I really am. The moment you realize I am more (or less) than that image, you update it subconsciously. This process of gaining trust and understanding - to let more of the other person into who you are usually takes years. I just work a little faster than most." Concept/Nature/Alliegance Concept: Diplomat (steps into people's concepts) Nature: Visionary Alliegance: Australian Govt (pick a name) Attributes Attributes - (4 nova point) Appearance 4 (Wholesome) Manipulation 4 (Inspiring) Charisma 5 (charming) Perception 4 (Intuitive) Intelligence 4 (clearheaded) Wits 5 (graceful) Strength 2 Dexterity 3 Stamina 5 (healthy) Abilities and Backgrounds Abilities - (8 nova point) Str Dex Athletics 4 Drive 2 Firearms 2 Martial Arts 4 Stamina Endurance 5(megastam) Resistance 5(megastam) Perception Awareness 4 Invesitgation 2 Inteligence Academics 2 Bureaucracy 5 Computer 1 Linguistics 3 (Japanese, Germanic, Spannish) Wits Arts 3 Biz 2 Rapport 5 Meditation 3 Tactics 2 Appearance Intimidation 1 Style 2 +3 (mega app) Manipulation Interrogation 1 Streetwise 1 Subterfuge 5 Diplomacy 5 Charisma Command 3 Etiquitte 3 Perform 3 Instruction 3 Backgrounds (4 nova point) Attunement 5 Cipher 3 Contacts 3 Backing (Aussie Govt) 3 Node (12 quantum/turn) 3 Resources 4 Influence 5 Followers 1 Other Willpower 10 (4 nova point) Quantum 5 Quantum Pool 50 Initiative (dex+wits)6 Walk 7m 7m Run dex+12m 14m Sprint (dex*3)+20m 26m Soak (B/L) 5/2+10/6+3/3+0/2 = 18/13 Health Bruised (x4), Hurt, Injured, Wounded, Maimed (x3), Crippled, Incapacitated, "Dead" Gear Gear Re-inforced Clothing (2 resources) Lots More Bonus Points, Merits, Flaws Bonus Points 15 Willpower +3 Merits/Flaws (9) Devotion - peace and goodwill among mankind Overconfidence Pacifist Natural Leader Eufibre Attuned (3) Taint Resistance Mega Attributes and Enhancements Mega Attributes: (43) Mega Charisma 5 (10) Natural agitator Soothe Endearing Mega Stamina 5 Adaptability Hardbody Resiliency Mega Perception 1 (not in theme) Quantum Attunement Mega Manipulation 3 Conflicting Accounts Persuader Mega Wits 3 Human Nature Group Awareness Mega Appearance 3 First Impression Awe Inspiring Mega Intelligence 1 Taint Resistance Powers Powers (37) 1st level (4) *Psychic Shield 5 *Psychic Link 1 Body Modification (Extra Health Levels - 2 maimed) (not in theme) 2nd level (10) *Disorient 5 *Mental Blast 1 *Teleport 5 Only to people He's met (3 levels of weakness) +Combat Teleport (three extra nova points to buy extra without raising power level) 3rd level (23) *Telepathy (extra, surreptitious) 2 *Information Manipulation 5 Disinformation Information Void Steganography Translation Transposition Clone 1 (not in theme)
  19. This will be the OOC for Episode 3. The initial part of the story shall take place on a beach on a earth without any human life on it (natively). It's called "Resort Earth" by those that have visited. For some strange reason though, the Stonehenge gate exists where it should, alligned with other Stonehenge gates throughout the continuum. Other than that, This is a Earth without people.
  20. The Hikari Maru had come to rest on a beach near where Yokohama harbor would be, but all that was here was trees, warm beaches, and sand, and crabs. The orange and black body of the Hikari Maru rested comfortably on the beach as the front flap is unzipped all by itself, and a door behind it opens. Out stepping from the odd contraption was The Professor, wearing a yellow sundress, a wide-brimmed hat, and a beach umbrella under one arm and a innertube under the other. She also had a very large backpack on, one you would suspect for some sort of multi-day hike. Although The Professor was using it for carrying the gear for the base camp. She sets the pack down once she sees a nice flat stretch of beach and starts to unpack, after setting her umbrella into the sand and deploying it. It had sewed-in solar panels on the portion facing the sun, and she attached a battery to the umbrella shaft, after hooking up a device that looked like a surge protector into the shaft. She then pulled out a white packet that looked like it took up a third of the pack. She hooked a cord form the packet to the surge protector and hit a switch on the packet. The sound of a motor was heard as the packet expanded slowly. She playfully takes her pink innertube, and wears it around her waist and kicks her shoes off. Playfully, she runs up to the shorline and lets the water rush over her feet. "Well, the shelter should be fully deployed in ten minutes, and the battery should be charged for a night's worth of use by sunset." She turns to the ship disguised as a life raft and waves to it. "C'mon you guys! I owe you this little vacation! It looks safe to me!"
  21. Name: Telluris Alias: Robert Lehnsherr Real Name: Robert Mitchell Nature: Caretaker Demeanour: Jester Theme: Master of telluric forces: the forces that run through the earth itself - Electromagnetism, Gravity and Tectonics. Date of Birth: 08/13/1992 Sex: Male Apparent Age: Early twenties. Height: 5'11" Weight: 170lbs Known Appearance: Slim (though not skinny) and handsome, with intense dark eyes and youthful features. When on assignment, he wears a sleek black-and-gold suit designed to resist the sort of wear and tear his powers can put on it, with some baggy dark combat pants over the top (superpants not being great for pockets). When not wearing his superpants, he tends to dress like he threw clothes on in the dark. It's common for him to slob around DSA HQ barefoot, wearing jeans or pyjamas and a t-shirt with some borderline-offensive (sometimes over the border) or nerd-chic slogan on it. Known Powers: In addition to electromagnetism, Rob can manipulate the foundation forces of the earth itself, tapping into gravitic and geomagnetic fields to perform a truly impressive array of effects. In terms of raw destructive power his scope is quite broad, but he is also capable of astonishing delicacy and fine detail work as well. His intelligence is well off any human charts, and his mental processing speed is in the top percentile even for novas, letting him run intricate, complex physics calculations in his head whilst holding up a building and keeping up an unending stream of annoying chatter. A mixed blessing, from his superiors POV at least. Visible Aberrations: History: Born in the sweltering August of 1992 in Manhattan, New York, Robert Mitchell was the apple of his parents eye and the proof of their love for one another. Five years later his mother, having tired of his father’s constant working late at the office and weekend business trips, had filed for divorce and moved back to her native Kentucky. Ironically enough Rob’s father, Kelvin Mitchell, was as loyal a husband as any woman could wish for. But loneliness makes for bitter imaginings and spiteful words, and it does not take much of a woman’s perceived ingratitude and coldness to push a man away for real. Robert’s mother re-married two years later. Ben Crenthorn was a good Christian man who ran a small diner in a sleepy town. Life was good until the day the refugees secretly arrived, upping the quantum count to much higher levels and sparking off eruptions amongst the susceptible. In the Crenthorne home, small objects would move about randomly. The phone lines would unaccountably go haywire. In his fifteenth year, Robert was taken to the hospital after every knife, fork and spoon in the school had, before everyone in the room’s eyes, flown across the room and stuck to, and in some cases into him. Tests were run, but the agitated boy was doing something to every instrument that was brought near him. Eventually the Crenthorns had to take him home in addition to paying for a lot of expensive medical electronics. Therapy was tried, then medicating. The incidents got worse. Rob’s stepfather tried exorcism. Shortly before Rob’s sixteenth birthday, Ben Crenthorn lost his temper after Rob, experimenting in secret, was caught on camera making the teller machine give him all it’s cash. He had never lifted a hand to the boy before, and never would again. The blow sent Robert crashing into the kitchen cabinets and from there to the floor. With an angry yell of his own, Robert flung out his hand towards his stepfather... And every knife in the diner’s kitchen knife rack launched itself at Ben with the speed and force of a bullet from a gun. Just like that, Ben was dead. Rob was horrified and sickened. Ben hadn’t been a bad guy: just at his wits end. He hadn’t meant to kill him... but the man was dead nonetheless. He, Rob, was a murderer. He fled there and then, taking only the money he’d stolen from the ATM. Panicked, he went to the only other home he knew: New York. He didn't get far before the U.S. government scooped him up, having been alerted to the unusual nature of Ben Crenthorne's death. Faced with the option of entering a program to understand and control his powers, or imprisonment for the foreseeable future, Rob decided that getting a handle on his abilities was probably the smarter choice. He joined the newly-formed Department of Superhuman Affairs as one of it's first and brightest stars, the government changing his identity and erasing his paper trail in order to make his life easier. They arranged for his mother to live close to the DSA HQ and be taken care of out of Rob's pay packet. Whilst she was grief-stricken over the death of her husband, Rob's mom still loves her son and has managed, with counselling, to come to terms with the terrible accident. Rob made the best of it. In a few short years, his powers have blossomed to incredible heights. His studies of the hard sciences, especially physics, supplements his devastating control over telluric forces. With a thought he can cause earthquakes, rip skyscrapers from their foundations or even restructure minerals at the atomic level. He likes using these gifts to help others, seeing them as a vehicle for his true life goals: Atonement. A sense of worth. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that his mom is proud of what he does, either. Public Image: Telluris is a visible symbol of the DSA and well-loved in his homeland, having performed a large number of high-profile emergency, humanitarian and disaster relief missions over the last few years and having saved countless lives during such events as Hurricane Katrina. Worldwide, he is well-known to be no uniformed soldier, somewhat irreverent of authority, and always putting saving lives ahead of any other consideration. His hot-boy-next-door looks, high intelligence, and approachably goofy charm in rare interviews with the press have won him a lot of popular support with the college crowd. In publicity shots and when working, he gels well with the DSA's other high-profile star, Mech. Rob's constant goofing off and banter (and Mech's good-humored tolerance of being referred to as 'the pretty one') do much to humanise the DSA's public image. He's been known to date a string of pretty, single women ranging from college girls to models and actresses, but has to date had no lasting relationships. Despite this, those women who have dated Telluris and spoken about it have mostly had nothing bad to say about him, most of them expressing regret that things did not develop further. A few have expressed disgruntlement, though, claiming that it was very hard to reach behind the joker facade. Personality: Highly intelligent and easily bored, Rob is also a massive smartass. It's not so much an ego thing as it is just a natural desire to see the funny in any situation. It's partly a defence mechanism, of course, and he'll be the first to admit it. The more under pressure he feels, the more he cracks wise. Even in relaxed circumstances, Rob never lets the chance of a zinger slip past if he can possibly help it. It's the primary complaint for those who have to work with him, many government servants being fundamentally humorless.. at least in his view. Under the jocular facade, of course, Rob cares. Deeply and passionately. His guilt over his stepfather's death is mostly dealt with, but the experience left him with a deep and abiding sense of the value of human life - as well as a deep and abiding sense of disgust for people who regard it as expendable. In the field, Rob is professional and focused whilst at the same time keeping up an unending patter of one-liners, insults and commentary. He thinks he's funny... hell, sometimes he is funny. But he seldom fails to get the job done right, and so he gets a lot of leeway from his superiors. They even authorised his fake name request, figuring that if it kept him happy, what was the harm? (100NP build) ATTRIBUTES Physical (Tertiary) STR: ●●● DEX: ●●●●● (Nimble) STA: ●●●●●(Enduring) Mental (Secondary) PER: ●●●●● (Intuitive) INT: ●●●●● (Bright) WIT: ●●●●● (Quick) Social (Primary) APP: ●●●● (Appealing) MAN: ●●●● (Witty) CHA: ●●●● (Charming) - ( 5 NP spent) Abilities Brawl: Might: Athletics: ●●● Drive: Firearms: Legerdemain: Martial Arts: ●●● Melee: Pilot: Stealth: ●● Endurance: ●●●● Resistance: ●●●● Awareness: ●●● Investigation: ●●● Navigation: ●● Academics: ●●● Bureaucracy: ● Computer: ●● Engineering: ●● Intrusion: ●● Linguistics: ●●●● (Romance languages, Japanese. Chinese, Arabic) Medicine: ●●● Science: ●●●●● Survival: ●● Arts: Biz: ● Rapport: ●● Tactics: ●●● Intimidation: ●● Style: Diplomacy: ● Interrogation: ● Streetwise: ●● Subterfuge: ●● Carousing: ● Command: ●● Etiquette: ●● Perform: (5NPs spent) Backgrounds: Node ●●●●● Attunement ●●●●● Cipher ●●●● Backing ●●●● Resources ●●●● Fame ●●●● Sanctum ●●●●●● x2 (Sanctum Sanctorum: this is a doubled-up Sanctum Sanctorum, as per the Background clarifications thread. Details to follow below) (11 BPs spent, 2 NP spent) Merits: Quantum Recovery 3 pt Quantum Integrity 5 pt Speed Reading 2 pt Flaws: +2 pts - Obsession: Lifesaver. (When given the choice between helping someone in danger or completing an assignment or goal and letting them suffer injury or death, Rob needs to roll or spend WP in order to make the hard choice.) +3 pts - Combat Paralysis +3 pts - Secret: Robert Mitchell killed his stepfather. Whilst technically the government have done what they can to muddy those waters, the fact still remains that the DSA's 'top gun' would have to be arrested and tried if his true identity got out. +2 pts - Debt: Telluris owes the U.S government big for keeping him out of jail and taking care of his mother. Whilst he doesn't chafe at that debt, if push came to shove the DSA has leverage over him and can complicate his life in short order. Quantum: ●●●●● Quantum Pool: 75 (5 NP spent) Willpower: ●●●●● ● (6 BP spent) Taint: ●●● Chrysalis: Resonance: - Aberrations: -Taint based: Minor: Moderate: Note: All mega attributes and powers marked with # are considered 'in-theme'. Mega-Attributes - Mega-Strength ●●●(Lifter, Precision) # Mega-Dexterity ●●●●● (Enhanced Movement, Physical Prodigy, Fine Manipulation, Fast Tasks) # Mega-Stamina ●●●●● (Tireless, Hardbody, Convalescence, Resiliency x2; ) # Mega-Perception ●●●●● (Hyperenhanced Hearing, E-M Vision Enhancement, High-End EM Scan) # Mega-Intelligence ●●●● (Scientific Prodigy, Mathematical Genius) # Mega-Wits ●●●●● (Multitasking, Razor Wit, Hypercognition) - Mega-Appearance - Mega-Manipulation - Mega-Charisma - (28 NP spent ) Quantum Powers #Magnetic Mastery - Lvl 3 ●●●●● - (EMP, Magnetic Field, Magnetokinesis, Magnetic Shield, Magnetic Storm) #Gravity Mastery - Lvl 3 ●●●●● - (Gravitic Blast, Gravitational Field, Gravitic Shield, Gravitokinesis, Gravity Storm) #Elemental Mastery: Earth - Lvl3 ●●●●● - (Crush, Imprison, Shaping, Storm, Wall) #Molecular Manipulation- Lvl 3 ●●● (3pt Weakness: Only works against Metal or Minerals, including compounds of such; 3pt Strength - Can buy an Extra for 3NP without raising power's level. Extra: Reduced Quantum cost) - (Animation, Destruction, Molecular Alteration) #Density Increase (Extreme Density) - Lvl 3 - ●●●●● (Telluris can draw on gravitic fields to increase his strength and mass many times over) #Forcefield (Superheavy) - Lvl 3 - ●●●●● (Rob can use a refinement of his magnetic and gravitic abilities to defend against a wide variety of attacks. This defense can be temporarily strengthened in order to greatly increase it's effectiveness.) #Flight - Lvl 2 ● (Telluris flies by gravitic impulsion) #Hyperflight - Lvl 2 ●●●●● ,, #Warp - Lvl 3 ●●● (An outgrowth of Rob's gravity powers. He can link two points in space through creating a stable gravitic anomaly) ,, ,, Body Modifications: Hypersleep ●●● - (55 NP spent) Combat Stats Base Soak: 20 Bashing / 10 Lethal Forcefield: Varies. (Superheavy also adds [Power Rating] to soak, [Power Rating] to attack difficulties against the nova, deducts 1 from Dex dice pools, 3 from Initiative and -2/-5 from walking/ running speed) Gravitic Shield: + 5 Soak vs projectiles, - 5 succs from Projectile attacks, -3 succs from physical melee attacks. Magnetic Shield: - 5 succs from Metal-based attacks. Health Levels: Bruised x2, Hurt x1, Wounded x1, Injured x1, Crippled x1, Incapacitated x1 Initiative: 18 (15)
  22. Mel Grimson Personal Information: Birth Name: Mel Grimson Occupation: EuroNet Special Agent - UK/EU Legal Status: [Redacted] Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Matthew & Melicia Grimson (parents) Concept: Irish version of the Gran Turino lead Nature: Survivor Physical Traits: Weight: 160 lb. Height: 5'8 Age (apparent age): 40 Gender: Male Ethnic Background: Caucasian Nationality (place of origin): Born American, Irish all his life Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Red Handedness: Right Appearance/Personality: Mel's ruddy skin, short red hair and menacing brown eyes combine to inspire unease and spell trouble for people. He comes off as a crass, stony old man, fighting Irish and everything. Background: Mel Grimson was born in Chicago, but his Irish-American parents split, Matthew Grimson taking Mel back to Ulster, and it could be said that Mel never really left there. Growing up in an angry and tense era, he was a youthful member of the IRA before he realized that it wasn't getting their lot anywhere in Northern Ireland. Sin Feinn's slow acceptance in public life convinced him to put down the gun- sorta. Perhaps war had never really left his blood, but he joined the Foreign Legion and went through the expendable life for France. Such a life is never easy on the soul, and when Mel returned after nearly three decades of experience, he couldn't really get on well with the neighbors, a now largely ethnic Asian neighborhood, nor with his mother and half-siblings from Melicia's remarriage. Even an romance with a woman he thought could understand him, Cecilia, failed when she tragically died from Lyme disease she never knew she had. Mel just was lonely in a peacetime place, and life was nothing like he could deal with. Then, the arrival of powered refugees from another dimension led to trouble, when a Terat nova began causing havoc across the neighborhood. Even uneasy with his neighbors as he was, Mel dared to go out with his old rifle to shoot the bastard. Two in the head, glowing blue-fire rounds that punched through Goldsphere's force fields, and to Mel's amazement, he'd recovered a decade of his life. The UK hopped onto him immediately, giving him a re-forged opportunity to do good in the way he knew best. Currently, Mel serves as one of the elite special agents of EuroNet, easily capable of going toe to toe with whatever nova threat there is to Great Britain or elsewhere in the Union.
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