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Found 210 results

  1. “Something’s getting in the way, Something’s just about to break, I will try to find my place in the diary of Jane As I burn another page As I look the other way I still try to find my place in the diary of Jane So tell me how it should be.” Karrie paused in mid-eyeliner application. Her iTunes had a very creepy habit of pulling up songs that applied to her life in some way, and a song about a boy trying to work his way into a girl’s life rang close to her own efforts tonight. “Desperate, I will crawl Waiting for so long No love, there is no love Die for anyone What have I become.” “Skip!” she shouted, gripping the sink a little tighter. Her computer obligingly cut off Breaking Benjamin in mid-beat and shuffled to the next song – What If We Could. “Oh, god damn it! Just stop!” iTunes killed the song, but not fast enough. Karrie didn’t believe in omens, but her people did, and she’d been raised with just enough superstition for that doubt to twist around in her brain. “It’s going to be fine. Remember what Rob said? Lots of kinds of awesome. You’ll be fine.” Carefully, she leaned back in and finished her eye, then leaned back to see how she looked. Connor’s last article in Vogue said that he liked it when a woman didn’t wear a lot of makeup. Kitty’s primping lessons on the boat now helped Karrie to still Kitty’s ex away from her – forever! “Oh yeah, when this night is done, I’ll so be Connor’s girl!” Karrie tried to put complete confidence into that statement but it came out a little flat. She just hoped she was dressed right – expecting dancing to be casual, she’d worn a gray denim skirt combined with a turquoise top. The top was too dressy for the skirt, making it look dowdy, and her black sandals were a little too dark for the outfit. Karrie didn’t seem to notice. The ringing door bell made her jump, sending her large silver earrings swinging. “Oh, god. Oh, god, oh, god, ohgod! That’s him!” Karrie took a few deep breathes and fanned herself, then went to open the door. Unfortunately, she was too excited and ended up whacking herself in the forehead with it. “Ow!”
  2. Okay guys, I got my scanner functional, so today... I announce I am taking requests. This is the current order of sketches: 1: Umiwashi (Kei) 2: Coyote 3: Mel 4: Naomi 5: Taehlyri'salatria A sketch may take from a couple days to a week for each. I'm doing this for free, and this is for the fun of it. So please be patient. Once I get them done I may do a group sketch. Place your request with description below. Current Progress In Progress Kei In the Pipe Coyote Mel Naomi Taehlyri'salatria
  3. Sunday of Atlantic Nights, early morning, well before sunrise. Kei was ecstatic. The weather balloon was all tethered up and set to fly. She had all the rigging she needed sitting on the aft helicopter deck of Connor's ship. He watched from the exposed deck of the flying bridge of his yacht, waiting patiently with the other members of his party that decided to watch the event. Kei herself started strapping up, getting everything in place. She waited for Nate to show up as she watched May fill the balloon further. She'd been at it for a little while, making sure it got to the right fill for their weight. Too much and they'll go up to quick and burst at too low an altitude. Too little and they'll not go anywhere. Then all the in-betweens. She knew the right amount, but she was also worried that Nate was a new skydiver. It was a Tandem flight, and subsequent decent, so the chute chosen was picked to slow them to a safe fall velocity at a high altitude for a long, scenic decent. The cloud cover was perfect, and they should start coming down right after sunrise. She also had a spare all set up too, one for each of them to wear on their backs. One pull and they both would open and they would be under two smaller chutes. The choice of life preservers were simple airliner vest models. Kei was already wearing hers, over the sailor outfit she'd been wearing since the trip started Friday night. To be honest it was for ease of retrieval than any safety consideration. Then again knowing Kei she would have herself and Nate fly back to the ship after splashdown. Also knowing Kei she might convince Nate to enjoy some time in the drink for "survival training purposes", and that was what she feared. Not that anything improper might happen, it probably would. Last thing May needed is the paperwork on a sexual harassment complaint from a relatively new DSA agent... that would be Nate, not Kei. "Are you sure you want to wear that particular outfit, Kei?" "Oh May, don't be a buzzkill..." "Okay..." May sighed. "...T-30 minutes to launch." "Great! Come on, Nate! This'll be slower than my usual, but oh so much more fun for the scenery. We'll be using a Tandem chute rig today. You and me will be strapped and geared up together, I'll handle all the parachute controls and stuff though since this is your first time most likely. Leave the hard stuff to me!" Kei says with a laugh. "Also, on your back will be a spare chute, it'll have a connection with my chute with a line, and when I pull that lanyard here, they both will open... hopefully... of course that is if the primary chute fails. It's based off of the designs used on space capsules, but more for our size." She adjusts her life vest around her neck. "Of course if you've been on a commercial plane you recognize the inflatable life vest... more for technicalities since we probably both can swim and can probably breathe water. I'll also have a two person life raft, packed and anchored between us, in case we want to take a breather after the ride. It has our pick-up beacon. To be honest why should we be in a hurry after splash-down, right?" She stretched out and looked up at the balloon. She was getting giddier by the moment. It won't be a filmed flight, but it will be fun. To her, this was her idea of a date. Strapped to a fragile air bladder filled with helium, at altitudes no normal person could survive without more equipment. The quiet of the upper atmosphere... the beauty of the curvature of the earth creating a sunrise like no other... The sudden realization you're falling from 100,000 feet... "Now, we are both adaptive? If not there might be a delay as May grabs the oxygen tanks, pressure suit, and the re-breather rig. I have to ask... DSA liability stuff."
  4. Name- Ryu Hideyoshi Codename- Long Height- 7' Mass- 160 kg Eyes- Blue Hair- Black/White Bloodtype- AB+ Age- 38 Ryu Hideyoshi is one of Tokyo Police Department’s leading officers, A Detective with almost twenty years of experience. He is the sole surviving member of the Hideyoshi family, heir to vast wealth and estates, and yet he prefers life as a cop, more than anything. When asked about it, his answer is simple. “The money is nice, and I want for nothing, but being a cop makes me feel like I’m making a real difference.” He’s known for being incorruptible, a steadfast officer. His eruption came at what could have been the end of his career. He was one stakeout for a Yakuza deal, and it went sour fast. The other group involved, Russians he’d learned, didn’t like the renegotiations, and in a startling turn of events, opened fire. The short brutal fight that followed left the Yakuza dead, ten innocents dead, another dozen critically wounded, including Ryu. He tried to rise, even as the scarred woman looked down the barrel of her gun at him, and pulled the trigger, only to have the bullet disappear in a torrent of quantum. The leader beat a hasty retreat, even as her men covered her, unloading hundreds of rounds into him, but to no avail. Though he no longer looked human, instead he was a large bipedal tiger, he spoke. “You’re all under arrest!” They continued to fire, and in moments he’d subdued all twelve, though three didn’t survive. The Police arrived to find him, and he sat there, until one of the carriers arrived and rode back to the station. The few bystanders who saw and survived corroborated his story, and it was in the news within three hours. Department Zero sent word to keep him there until a representative could arrive to assess the former Detective Captain, and his fitness for duty. Appearance- Ryu physically changed quite abit, and at this time he seems to be stuck this way. He looks to be a a mix of Tiger and human, with a powerful frame, brilliant white and black fur, as well as blue pupiless eyes. His Head is almost totally feline, complete with whiskers and large powerful pointed teeth. Still he has no troubles moving around, and he can speak just as he could before. The change is physical, and he has accepted it with a calm stoicism. "I would suffer far more, if it would have helped keep some of the innocents who died safe." sheet
  5. The Professor almost felt like everything was returning to the Paradigm she was used to. Sarah was now the Empress of the entire Earth in the Brittanian Universe. Mary left back for the Phoenix Universe to find herself again. Yomiko, Sakurako's daughter was taking over Sarah's duties with a deft command of the ship. Even Three was enjoying Yomiko's company. After all they grew up together. Sakurako walked into Chris' quarters. Perhaps this part of her paradigm was the one she enjoyed most. "Chris-sama! I'm home!" Sakurako said, her tone one of anticipation. Of course she was home... the Hikari Maru always is home. No matter what properties she owns in the Phoenix or Brittanian universes. "We've been working our butts off the past year... up for something I promised you?"
  6. Birth name: Naoko Ishikawa Concept: hacker Theme: Mistress of the Wires Nova Name: Noraneko (“Alley Cat”) Allegiance: Japan, Department 0 Nature: Thrill-seeker Height: 5’ 5” Weight: *Shocked* Birthplace: Ukedo, Japan Current Residence: Naomi Minami’s living room DOB: July 15,1992 Age: 19 STR: 2 Might:1 DEX: 3 Athletics: 2 § Drive: 1 § Legerdemain: 2 § Melee 1 § Stealth 1 STA: 3 § Endurance 3 § Resistance 3 PER: 3 Awareness 3 Investigation 3 § INT: 4 Academics 2 § Computer 5 § Engineer 4 § Linguistics 3 § Survival 4 WIT: 4 APP: 3 § MAN: 5 Streetwise: 1 § Subterfuge 2 CHA: 3 Etiquette 1 Language Families Known Native: Japanese Others: English, German, Chinese, French, Spanish, Binary, Assembly Language, Unix, Italian, Russian, Japanese Sign Language, § Backgrounds Attunement 5 Influence: Resources: 5 (once hired by Dept. 0) Contacts: Mentor: Backing: 5 Node: 2 Merits Lightning Calculator 2pts Time Sense 1pt Flaws Addiction (electricity): 2pts Costume Fetish (form-fitting bodysuits) 1pt Aberrations WP: 3 Q: 5, QP: 30 INI: 8 Walk: 5, Run: 15, Sprint: 29 In Theme Powers L3: cyberkinesis 4 8 np L3: elemental mastery 4 (electricity) 8 np L2: transmit 4 4np (over wifi) In Theme Mega Attributes M-Perception: 1 EM Vision M-Stamina 3 Adaptability Regeneration M-Wits 1 Quickness M-Intelligence 3 Mental Prodigy Linguistic Genius M-Manipulation 5 Persuader Trickster Hypnotic Gaze Out Of Theme Powers L2: Armor 3- plastic like skin 6np L2: force field 3 6np Out Of Theme Mega Attributes Out Of Theme Gadgets Nova Points Spent on Attributes 2 1 to dex 1 to stamina 1 to wits 3 to manipulation 1 to charisma Nova Points Spent on Abilities/Specialties (2 Specialties = 1 Ability Dot) 1 1 on street wise 1 on survival 1 on academics 2 on engineering 1 on academics Nova Points Spent on Other Traits 1
  7. The look on the faces of many who came by his office said it all. Most were terriffied of him now, his inhuman appearance had turned respect to fear. Still his The Commander told him the D0 rep would be coming soon, so he waited patiently, filing his reports, and and going over the incident.. This new life would take some getting used to. Hopefully whoever they sent from the department would be able to help. He looked at his shield, and began the blood still on it, and set to cleaning it. He could still remember those Ice blue eyes, and the look of someone enjoying what they were doing, as she pulled the trigger that should have killed him.
  8. There were many things that Karrie despised. A lack of a sense of humor was one thing. A lack of justice was another. And of course, her boss would add a lack of respect for authority to that list. The truth was that Coyote generally didn’t actually hate these things; rather, she loved their opposites too much to tolerate those things. There were forms and procedures and generally a lot of useless work involved in getting to see novas who were currently at the Ramillies Nova Centre. Karrie really didn’t feel like messing with all of that nonsense so in typical Karrie fashion, she didn’t. They would have denied her anyway, so why bother? The Common Tern sailed over the walls of the Ramillies Centre, banking once on three-foot wings. The large white wings twisted in the wing, the bright orange bill catching the sun. Karrie saw that her quarry was alone, her bird-eyes picking out the silver hair and lithe build. Another twist of her wings, and she was settling down in the garden, some distance away from her target. Vysarian was sitting alone still when she approached. She’s never seen him but he’d been described in the article she read. There was no mistaking the androgynous features, pale hair and, of course, the pointed ears. Still, Karrie straightened out her denim skirt and t-shirt. The shirt advertised for Montoya’s School of Fencing and displayed two men with crossed swords on the front. In honor of this visit, Karrie had even added some make up to her face, accenting her eyes and trying to downplay her jaw and nose. “Hi,” she said as she took the bench across from him. Her eyes met his and she paused, startled by his eyes. “Hot damn, but you have pretty eyes.” Then she waved her hands in dismissal. “Sorry, that’s not what I meant to say. Lemme start over. Are you Vysarian Araseal and/or Amaranth Marie?”
  9. For many a Night on a Yacht in the Atlantic was a dream come true. Connor had his Yacht brought up from New Orleans a week before when the Director first told him he'd be tasked with hosting this little party. The food was all catered, the alcohol, for those who wished it was there too. The big thing was the course. They'd head out into international waters, where they'd be largely free of oversight. He'd cut the engines and let them drift and with any luck, they'd get to bond as fellow novas in service to the betterment of everyone. That was the general plan at any rate. There wouldn't be any baselines, the Yacht could easily be piloted by a single person, much of it was automated. The food would be self-serve, they were all adults after all. He sat there in a beige buttondown and black slacks, complete with a pair of sandals. He was actually pretty relaxed, for having not met any of these fellow novas before, in anything more than an offcial, nod, meet and greet. This was the first time a real gettogether was to be had, for as many as could make it. The hundred and fifty foot yacht could accomodate over a dozen people and had a fifteen foot runabout as well, As it was easy to see Connor was a fisherman, it still had his gear within it. The Yanch was immaculately kept, though fairly spartan. There were no great works of art, or fancy antiques, everything aboard was made to be quite comfortable and making the journey a pleasant one. A full complement of televisions in each of eight rooms, with sound systems and stereos throughout gave the appearance of someone who loved music, and the main bridge looked like something from Star Trek. He smiled, it could all be managed from the outer bridge if he chose, which was a simple affair. He stood waiting on the aft deck, seeing who would be the first to arrive for this government mandated party.
  10. Collin Nathan Chatham (Jedi) Strength: 5 Mega Strength: 5 Dexterity: 5 Mega Dex: 5 Athletics: 5 Drive: 1 Martial Arts: 5 Melee: 5 Stealth: 2 Pilot: 5 Stamina: 5 Mega Sta: 5 Endurance: 5 Resistance: 5 Perception: 5 Mega Per: 1 Awareness: 3 Intelligence: 5 Mega Int: 3 Computer: 5 Engineering: 5 Science: 5 Survival: 1 Wits: 5 Mega Wits: 5 Arts: 3 Biz: 2 Rapport: 3 Appearance: 5 Intimidation: 2 Style: 2 Manipulation: 3 Mega Manip: 1 Streetwise: 2 Subterfuge: 2 Charisma: 4 Mega Cha: 1 Command: 1 Etiquette: 2 Perform: 1 Soak Totals: 30/25 min +successes on FF roll. (die pool penalties reduced by 5) 5/2 Sta 5/3 Mega Sta 15/15 Armor [5]+Sta+FF successes x2 soak Force Field Health Levels: +3 bruised from Mega Sta Willpower: 10 Taint: 0 Quantum: 5 Q Pool: 50 Backgrounds: Attunement: 5 Backing: 2 (Just out of prison) Node: 2 Gadgets: 2,2,2 (Comm Unit, Sunglasses, Antenna) Followers: 4 Sanctum: 3 (Airship Hanger) Sanctum: 5 (Space Ship) Resources: 5 Powers: Claws: 5 (AP) Intuition: 1 Psychic Shield: 3 Armor: 5 Forcefield: 5 Quantum Bolt: 5 Telekinesis Suite: 5 Molecular Manipulation: 1 Luck: 5 (in theme - guided by the force) Enhancements: Mega Str: Quantum Leap Precision ? Mega Dex: Fast Tasks Omnidexterity ? Mega Sta: Adaptability Regeneration Hardbody Mega Per: Ultra-peripheral perception EM Vision Mega Int: Eidetic Memory Mental Prodigy: Engineering Mental Prodigy: Scientific Mega Wit: Quickness Quickness Artistic Genius Mega Manip: The Voice Mega Cha: ? Power Notes: Force Field: Forcefield is defined as his ability to dodge, block and deflect incoming attacks though his martial abilities and/or the use of his lightsabers, however, even if he is unable to actively defend he can still call on the 'force' to shield himself. Claws: His 'claws' are his lightsabers, and like the lightsabers in the movies, they cut through nearly anything (armor piercing), and cauterize any wounds as it creates them. Weakness - Must have a lightsaber prop in order to use his claws ability. Sanctum: Nate has purchased an Airship hanger in California to use for constructing his spaceship. Features: Host, Igors, Professional (Inventor's workshop, Computer workshop, Mechanical workshop), Posh Sanctum Sanctorum: (SpaceShip - The Star Gem) Nate has built a second sanctum, his space ship. Han had the Millennium Falcon, Lando had the Lady Luck, Mara Jade Skywalker had the Jade Shadow, which later became Luke's after her death. It only stands to reason that the only Jedi alive ought to have his own ship as well. Since there are no other space ships currently in existence (as least as far as the human race is concerned), he didn't feel it needed to be a warship, in fact he felt more that he needed a place to get away from it all, a place to live and party among the stars. So, rather than copying the Falcon or the Shadow, he looked to Lando's example and decided that a flying luxury yacht would actually be more his style. So the design of the ship is such that the upper half of the vessel is basically a posh luxury setting for great parties and comfortable living. The bottom half is where the business happens. The ship was built larger in scale than Lando's ship, and capable of doing some heavy lifting. Retractable docking clamps have been designed that will allow the Star Gem to connect to large cargo pods for delivering scientific equipment, or even habitat modules to distant planets. His goal is to use the Star Gem on a contract basis to make space deliveries for the Governments of Earth as well as for private individuals and corporations. Despite it's luxury qualities, the ship will have the ability to be upgraded with advanced weapon systems and other gear in the future as the need might arise. In a sense, for Nate it is like an old car that gets constantly tweaked and upgraded as an ongoing project, never to be totally finished. Stats: Posh, Host x3, Igors, Mobile x3, Sensors, Long Range Sensors, Gravity Generators, Shields, Professional x2 (inventor, computer), Well Hidden x2. Enhanced feature: Traveller The ship was finished on March 1st. Gadgets: 2 Lightsabers: (Always has at least 2 spares in case in case his get lost or destroyed.) (These do not actually count as gadgets in terms of point costs since the do not actually have any functional value.) These do nothing in anyone elses hands, they are just props for his Claws power, however they are more than just simple props. They do contain large high quality gemstones that Collin made himself. The tubes are a titanium alloy and in the base is a "power crystal" which is a gemstone that he created containing matrix of gold filaments as a power nexus. The inside of the tube is coated with a sheet of solid gold. They are each masterpieces of sci-fi imagineering and beautiful and elegant accessories that he constantly wears on his belt. Comm unit: (2pt Gadget) Unlike the lightsabers, his comm unit is a functional palm-sized computer and cellular device. It's is the equivalent of a high-end server, and has both wireless capabilities and jacks in order to connect via hardwire to other systems. Sunglasses: (2pt Gadget) The sunglasses works as a heads up display with adjustable opacity for his comm unit. There is high-fi surround-sound output and noise cancelation built in. They have full 3D HD capability. Wireless connection to comm unit. Antenna: (2pt Gadget) (1 Q to activate and use) A credit card sized device which contains a hair thin retractable wire that can attach to a port on a computer. When connected to a piece of metal in a building or other structure will cause the building itself to act as a massive antenna for amplifying wireless signal. It can broadcast and receive on any wireless or satellite network. Teleporter Band: (Q Pool: 19, 2 Q to activate and use.) The band is the size of a large watch and upon activation teleports the user to the desired destination. Hull Steel: Hull Steel is a transparent alloy of titanium, tungsten, and several other metals that has strength and durability 30% beyond modern steel and titanium alloys. The new alloy is capable of resisting the negative effects of space as well as surviving reentry. More importantly, because the material is completely transparent it is an ideal substance for everything from ship hulls, to replacing the glass surface of an iphone or ipad or other electronic devices. Because of it's light weight it can also be used for such purposes as replacing bulky and heavy bullet proof glass in automobiles and banks. There are literally thousands of uses for it and Nate has licensed it's manufacture at reasonable rates such that he will get more money through making a few cents off every piece instead of by gouging those who want to buy it. He knows it will be a revolutionary material and wants to share it with the world. This is also the basis of Nate's 5 dots of Resources (Complete) Quantum Capacitor: The Quantum Capacitor was designed to provide power in both quantum energy and electrical for Nate's space ship, but could be used just as easily as a power source for anything else. One Q-Capacitor could provide enough power for several standard homes. A ship like Nate's would require several capacitors to ensure adequate power at all times for all systems. (Complete) 5 Quantum 5 Q-Conversion Can be attached to both quantum powered and standard electrical devices Q-pool of 50 Gravity Engine: Fufills the function of Repulsors from the Star Wars stories. By controling the gravity in and around the ship, it enables it to lift massive loads into space without having to reach escape velocity speeds and perform reentry at slower speeds. It also provides for regular Earth gravity in and around the ship while it is in space. Ironically this means that the ship and it's occupants will be at zero G when launching into space and landing. (Complete) Sublight Drives: Anti-matter engines capable of 80% of Light. However, due to acceleration not being instant it will still take time to move around the Solar System. Engines will be based on this concept: http://www.technolog...lation-toolkit/ It will be a matter creation gadget/device coupled with engine similar to those discussed in the link. The basic idea is that the matter creation device will create a small fixed amount of anti-matter and matter each day, enough to supply the ships drives with fuel. The device will channel the fuel to the engines where it will be stored and used as needed. Because matter created is for a finite duration the fuel will be replaced as needed by the MC device. Shield Generator: Based on the Forcefield power with a fixed output of 17 lethal/bashing soak.
  11. Okay as stated in the CN OOC, this is where "Thread Storytellers" announce their interest and post their "thread initiative". If you need to be skipped also post. When it is your story turn, please post the name of your thread and a non-spoiling synopsis of what you'll run. For now we should keep to one thread for "Mainline" stories. This doesn't stop others from posting their own CN threads, it's just that the storyteller in this order is in control of the plot. Also I am interested in running threads. Thread roll Kamiko *rolls* 1d100: 87: 87
  12. Reputation: Dots in reputation may be die bonuses or penalties in social interactions depending on the Reputation and the interaction. Legend Regardless of the character’s other traits, he has imitators of one kind or another. An Elite gets credit for fights he’s never been in and slapped with lawsuits when baseline kids try to stop a bus while dressed up in their outfit/mask. A brainiac is assumed to have been the mind behind the latest gadgets or ideas in their area of expertise, even if they’ve been vacationing in Nice for the past year; they also get stalked by Japanese high-schoolers trying to figure out how to become them. The charismatic and beautiful hardly every pay for anything and never wait in line, but they’re stalked by would-be lovers and jealous spouses. Everyone – and I do mean everyone – knows who you are and has a story or two about you that just has to be true. You have no anonymity without Cipher, and even then it’s starting to get dicey. As a positive background, Legend gets you what you want from baselines and even impressionable novas with little or no effort. The negative of this background/Enhancement is Media Attention/Front Page Darling. As with Media Attention, you allocate the five points of Reputation before Legend to those that share in your Legend; or the ST does for those that share your notoriety. Resources: Expendable income is 1% of total liquidated assets for each level of Resources and may be saved for a large purchase or “borrowed” forward. Borrowing forward reduces the available Resources rating in future month by one dot or month per multiplier. A character may not reduce their available Resources below 1 through borrowing forward, nor may they borrow more than twelve months in advance; if they require more money immediately it will cost them one permanent dot of Resources. This means that those with Resources 1 or less may not borrow forward; Resources 2 may borrow forward a max of $30,000; Resources 3, $150k; Resources 4, $600k, Resources 5, $6m; WBA $30b. Example: Eurphyosyne needs $100,000 to purchase a blacktech device to protect her from motherhunters; she has resources 4. Her monthly expendable income is $10,000. She needs 10x her monthly expendable income. She has not been setting money aside, so she borrows forward two dots of Resources for five months, reducing her effective resources rating to Resources 2 for those five months – this starts the month she purchases the device. Wealth Beyond Avarice Liquidated assets would garner $5 billion, expendable monthly income is $50m. Expendable income may be saved for a large purchase or “borrowed” forward. Borrowing forward reduces the available Resources rating in future month by one dot or month per multiplier. A character may not reduce their available Resources below 1 through borrowing forward, nor may they borrow more than twelve months in advance; if they require more money immediately it will cost them one permanent dot of Resources. This means that those with Resources 1 or less may not borrow forward; Resources 2 may borrow forward a max of $30,000; Resources 3, $150k; Resources 4, $600k, Resources 5, $6m; WBA $3.6b.Example: Eurphyosyne needs $10 billion to purchase a blacktech device to protect her from motherhunters. She needs 20x her monthly expendable income, she borrows forward for five months, reducing her effective resources rating to Resources 2 (4 points) for those five months – this starts the month she purchases the device. Sanctum: Sanctums are places of refuge and respite for a character. Each dot allows a number of features equal to the dot bought to be purchased to add to the base Sanctum; Sanctum Sanctorum allows one Enhanced Feature. These features are inherent to the Sanctum; more may be added by the purchase of other backgrounds and placed at the Sanctum. Base Sanctum: Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, basic workroom. Cipher rating 1 for the Sanctum itself. Features:Well Hidden (+2 to Cipher, may be bought twice and the effects stack on the base Cipher rating.) Igors (+4 Followers that are bound to the Sanctum, may be bought multiple times but the effects do not stack. Igors are not novas, though they may be altered with bodymods pending ST approval.) Host (May accommodate up to four guests indefinitely or up to 16 guests for one month, with each fewer guest adding a month to the timeframe until only four are left. May be taken multiple times, effects stack. Igors do not count towards this cap.) Posh (Amenities are high class; this confers no mechanical benefits, it just means that the Sanctum is well appointed and has excellent food. The purchases for this high lifestyle are untraceable and always present if procured through Posh instead of the character’s Resources rating.) Professional (Adds the necessary space and tools to practice a profession. For medicine, this means a small hospital set-up (which can accommodate per the Host rating, 0 Host is a one-person facility). For inventors, this is a workshop for their particular type of inventions, for a computer programmer this is a state-of-the art tech set-up. Mechanically, this provides a +2 die bonus to the profession being practiced within the Sanctum. This may be bough multiple times for different professions or to stack on a single profession. Note for Invention: Instead of adding +2 dice for gadgeteering, the character may reduce the time per success to thirty minutes for one die or fifteen for both dice; alternately the character may reduce the time between rolls to twelve or six hours respectively. Any combination of bonus dice, success time reduction, or roll spacing reduction may be used.) Security (Each purchase must be designated Defensive or Offensive, the fluff of what this actually is is up to the player and will affect how the security system may be disabled. All systems must have some manner in which they can be overcome, though that doesn’t mean it should be easy.) Defensive: Imposes penalties on intruders or attacks on the Sanctum. Each purchase imposes a -1 penalty to infiltration rolls (including powers being used to circumnavigate the defenses) and provides 1 [2] soak/armor and +2 Health Levels to the sanctum itself. It can only be bought the as many times equal to the total Sanctum rating. Offensive: The Sanctum may attack intruders/attackers with a 6d10B or L (determined when bought) attack with a range of 50 meters outside of the Sanctum (internal security is considered to cover all areas unless specifically noted by the player) and a RoF of 1. One more purchase point adds +1d10 damage or doubles the range or adds one to the Rate of Fire. Two points of purchase add +[1]; automatic damage cannot exceed the number of dice of attack. Note: Damage that actually misses a target “hits” the Sanctum instead if the attack is made inside the Sanctum. It can’t dodge itself. [*]Mobile The Sanctum is mobile. For one purchase this means the Sanctum is either wheeled or a boat; for two the Sanctum is capable of flight, for three it is space (and submersion)-worthy for the number of people per the Host rating. Each movement type must be bought separately. Land speed: 200 kph base, + 50 kph for each additional purchase point in land mobility; Flight speed: 500 kph base, +500 kph for each additional purchase point in flight mobility, Space: 50 million kph base, +50 million kph per each additional purchase point. Space flight works only in microgravity; if the sanctum is planet-side at some point it must have its own way of getting back out into space before it can use the Space mobility speed again. [*]Sensors A sanctum may be outfitted with a number of sensors. Standard cameras (both internal and external) are one purchase. Ultraviolet, Infrared, Sonar, X-Ray, and Quantum scanners each cost another purchase point to be added. The interior of the Sanctum is considered always in range; base range is 200 meters, purchases may also be made to double the range of the sensor system. [*]Remote Access The sanctum has a remote access ability, like the Teleport power. The sanctum creates a number of remote access keys equal to the number of sanctum owners plus one for each additional feature point put into Remote Access. Each Sanctum with Remote Access creates it own particular kind of key, but all keys must be physical and removable. The remotes allow the user to 'port to the Sanctum and returns the user to the location they 'ported from (or the nearest location deemed safe for the user). There is no security on the keys; anyone in possession of one can access the Sanctum if they are in control of a key. Once in the Sanctum, however, they may have security, Igors, and unhappy sanctum owners to deal with. Sanctum Sanctorum Enhanced Features: [*]Tricked Out: +40 Feature points. [*]Unassailable Security: Security cannot be shut down. +10 feature purchases in Security only. Also, three new options are available: [*]Defensive: [*]Self-Healing allows the Sanctum to heal one level of damage per hour. Further purchases may reduce the healing time by half or add another level of health per period. [*]Offensive: [*]Aggravated allows the Sanctum to be outfitted with weapons that do aggravated damage. Remember that attacks that miss targets do damage to the Sanctum itself. [*]Difficulty Levels allows the Sanctum to switch between damage types. If multiple weapons systems have been installed previously to taking this, they are combined into one highly effective single system. It takes the system one turn to switch between damage types, but this may be done room by room or for the system as a whole. [*]Have fun running through the kill zone. [*]Micronation: Legion followers, In Charge backing. The Sanctum may also Host any number of people indefinitely. Per In Charge, the character may “borrow” backgrounds from the Sanctum up to no more than three dots in Allies, Contacts, Gadget (heavily monitored by the ST, should make sense with the kind of Igors running about and the theme of the Sanctum), Followers (only that many of the Legion may leave the Sanctum at any point), Mentor (ditto Gadget), Resources. Only six points of “borrowed” backgrounds may be active at a time. If Mentor is dropped before the skill is learned (max skill level to be mentored is 3), the time is considered lost and must be restarted when Mentor is again activated. [*]Traveller: Space mobility, Warp engine that allows the Sanctum Sanctorum to warp. The warp engine may warp up to one light-year per jump. The Sanctum has 30 qp that recovers at the rate of 1 qp per hour. If a nova is in direct physical contact with the engine they may transfer qp per Quantum Conversion or Quantum Leech. The engine has no resistance. [*]Uknowable: The Sanctum benefits from the effect of the Enigma Enhancement, Psychic Shield (+6 auto successes; as a shell only, Telepathy inside the Sanctum is unaffected), Blank 5, and Invisibility (flat 10 permanent successes; all senses, people instinctively move around the Uknowable Sanctum). [*]Lyceum: The Sanctum contains all the necessary tools, space, and even raw materials for nearly any profession or pursuit imaginable. The Sanctum functions as if it is the teacher, automatically succeeds at “instruction” rolls, and has the Pedagogue Enhancement. The Lyceum is considered to have a 5 in all skills. Any skill check has one automatic success if the roll does not botch and botches are considered simple failures (this includes gadgeteering rolls). [*]Nexus: The Sanctum has the Warp power in a very specialized manner. All warps will either originate from the Sanctum or connect to it if activated by an authorized user of the Nexus system. There are a number of remotes available per the Host rating. Distance from the Sanctum does not matter when activating a warp to the Sanctum, warping from the Nexus requires the Sanctum to have the location available through sensors or logged in the ship’s memory. For security reasons, the ship will not open a warp to a blind location, but authorized users act as always active sensors to record all locations that they have been. [*]The Thousand Eyes: All Sensor options are installed and the range is moved to kilometers instead of meters. Remotes (number determined by the Host rating) act as extra points of origin for the sensors of the Sanctum. If the Sanctum or a remote is in sensory range of a computer system or information stream, the Sanctum may attempt to copy the information on the system or being transmitted with a static 5 successes. If a nova with Cyberkinesis is using the Sanctum’s sensory system, they suffer no distance difficulty to affect any computer or system within the Sanctum’s sensory range. Difficulty appliers accrue from the edge of the Sanctum’s sensory range. Multiple Sanctums: A character may purchase multiple Sanctums. Multiple Sanctum Sanctorums must be approved by the STs and have some great backstory and plot hooks along with it. Improving on a Sanctum Sanctorum: Also requiring ST approval and extensive in-game support, a Sanctum Sanctorum may be improved by buying a second rating of Sanctum, moving up the points just as the original Sanctum points were bought. However, the cost is 3 for the first dot and current rating x3 for each dot after. A second Sanctorum rating costs 18 xp. A third run through would cost 5 and x5, with another Enhance Feature costing 30 xp. You could continue up...but really, you've just got too much xp floating around at that point. Shared Sanctums: Each player in a shared Sanctum buys the points they are contributing separately, including Sanctorum ratings. This does allow for incredibly impressive Sanctorums, but requires players to share. If a character is killed in the course of gameplay, the ST may either require the remaining (or possibly new) players to pay for the “lost” dots or damage the part of the Sanctum that was attributed to the dead player. They may also rule that those points have been bequeathed to the players (usually the result of great gameplay and an awesome death scene). If a player simply wants to "take their dots elsewhere" this is only possible for things that can actually move. Use common sense, please.
  13. "Time to celebrate!" Nate was done with work for the week. Karrie and Rob looked up from her lab bench. They had been working on something that was even beyond Nate's nova brain and for the most part he'd just been killing time for the last few hours. His first three weeks of work at the DSA had been spent in physical tests to see what he was capable of. The last week had been spent in the lab seeing what he was capable of in the mental realm. It had been interesting for sure, but he now had a much greater respect for the serious nova brains. Since his eruption he'd known he was enhanced mentally, but he had never had any way to compare himself to others. Now he had, and it was humbling. Karrie and Rob ran circles around him the same way he ran circles around the baseline scientists that worked for the DSA. It was no wonder those two were such good friends. It was uncanny how she could give attention to him while not breaking concentration on whatever that project was they were working on, "Oh, yeah, what are you celebrating?" Nate blinked in surprise that she didn't guess, or perhaps she did and was just making polite conversation. He'd assume the later, "It's the weekend, but more that that, today is payday. I'm heading to Vegas to see what trouble I can get into." Rob looked up then and there was mischief in his eyes, "You know you can't gamble right?" Grinning back, "Actually that's not entirely true. I can't gamble against the house. Games against other players is perfectly legal, I'm not a telepath after all. I also don't have any specifically gambling related talents so I don't have to declare myself or anything. " He shrugged and spread his hands, "It's ok, though, if I find a card game I might join in, but I'm not going specifically to gamble, mostly I'm going just to celebrate being free and gainfully employed. Time to make my government happy by spending money and contributing to it's tax base." He chuckled. "With a nova appetite, I'll be getting my money's worth at the buffets that's for sure." He felt a little bad for not inviting them, but what he wasn't saying was that he was going to Vegas specifically to have some female companionship. He'd been sent to prison when he was a pimply-faced 17 year old, and here he was 23 almost 24 and he'd never been on a date in his life, worse, he got nervous and didn't know how to talk to women. So he had set up a 'date' with an escort service he had researched online under a false identity. He was hoping that maybe, just maybe, he might learn something. He knew he was good looking now, at least by baseline standards, but that didn't mean he could speak a coherent sentence to a beautiful girl...
  14. Nate sat staring at the walls of his cell for the last time. There was an inner calm now that he had not had when he first arrived. Despite the restrictions on his movements and access to materials, he had managed to accomplish quite a bit in five years. He glanced down at the floor in front of him, where his comm unit, and it's accessories sat, and at the open hole in the cement wall before him where he usually stored them. That hole would be closed up again come morning, and no one would ever know it had been there. Not that it was empty even now. He smiled seeing the spare lightsabers that lay within. Each one had been the product of months of effort and meditation, but he was getting ahead of himself he thought. He had intended to meditate on his time in the prison to see if there were any last insights he might gain from his time paying for his crime. He let his mind drift back to the beginning as he centered himself and let the world around him fade to the back of his mind. How had it all begun? He had been vain, and insecure despite having many advantages in life that almost any of his fellow inmates would have killed for, quite literally. His parents were THE Chathams, his grandfather had started the gem company back in the fifties after the secret of creating synthetic gemstones had been discovered by one of his collegues at DuPont Chemical. Nathan Chatham, Nate's namesake, had the vision to turn that process into a successful business model. It had flourished over the years to a multi-billion dollar company, and Nate had been the only son in the family and his grandfather's favorite. Everyone knew that Nate would grow up to inherit the business after his own father retired. He'd been given the best education money could buy, and money was something his family had in spades. There was a twinge in his heart as he sat meditating. Nate's grandfather had died shortly before the Refugee's had arrived, and his own parents had all but ignored him after that. He had always been small for his age and seemed frail despite the physical efforts he put into developing his muscles. His face had also been a pimple covered wreck, the classic pizza face, and he was under no illusions that he was not in the least bit attractive. To make matters worse his parents had kept him away from other kids growing up. They were doing it to protect him they said, but Nate thought it was more to do with their prejudices. They were a southern family, and had grown up rich in a South divided with racial tensions. He had heard his father say once, "They forced us to desegregate, and by god, I'll not have my son forced to go to some poor school filled with any old riff-raff! He'll be schooled at home!" There was a flare of anger in his soul that he quashed as he remembered. It wasn’t a matter of maintaining Jedi calm, he didn't believe in any mystical force that had near sentient Light and Dark sides, it was that he knew that maintaining balance was key to not lashing out with his powers and doing damage he couldn't undo. He calmed his breathing, taking several deep breaths and letting them out slowly, before refocusing his thoughts. He had been an awkward 17 year old who looked more like 14 when he had gone to Dragon Con. His arch nemisis, or so he had thought of the boy at the time, had challenged him to defend his statement that Yoda could be the Emperor in a fight. They had sparred over various Star Wars discussions on the forums off and on for years, but the Con was the first time they had ever met in person. The confrontation had begun as expected with arguments back and forth over why each thought that their point was superior. Nate had been schooled by the best teacher's money could hire and he had been taught to think as well as pass tests. His IQ was almost at genius level and he made full use of it when it came to a subject he loved. Unfortunately, his opponent was every bit as smart as he was, and curse him, he was everything Nate wasn't in terms of looks. He was a jock, with a perfect complexion, and where Nate looked like a complete nerd, Joel was built like a brick wall, star of the varsity football team and was a year younger! He had always thought the other boy was bragging and lying when the talked about this girlfriend and that, but here he was in person looking like some young black-haired godling, and he had a beautiful girl in a cosplay outfit on his arm. Despite all of that Nate felt like he was winning the argument, and it was giving him great pleasure, that was until Joel hit below the belt. "Well, of the two of them, I'd rather be the emperor, he was a man, not a little green big-eared troll. The emperor could get laid any time he wanted, "yoda" on the other hand couldn't get a dog to lick his face if you covered it in pepperoni." It was clear to everyone in the crowd that it wasn't the Star Wars characters that were being compared, and the cosplay girl laughed out loud before she could help herself and then blushed and looked pityingly at Nate. PITY! His rage had been like a furnace in his brain and it had erupted out of him in waves of Sith Lightening. He had lashed out not realizing that what he was doing was real at first. He had often had fantasies about blasting people who annoyed him, and with the incredible rage in him it was just another fantasy until he smelled the burning cotton and flesh from Joel's corpse. That was when he realized the lightening was real, and then it registered that the expressions of the crowd were horrified and afraid. The arrest and trial that followed had been a haze that he had barely paid attention to, compared to his self-loathing. He had answered when spoken to, and had dressed as the lawyers had advised and done what they had said, but he had been uncaring of it all. He had snuffed the life from someone decent. They had just been kids arguing over something stupid and so what that Joel had taken a low shot, it had just been words. Now he would never spend his senior year being recruited by college football scouts, or grow up and accomplish who knew what? He just hadn't cared, he knew he was guilty and needed to be punished, and couldn't imagine the jury deciding anything else. It wasn't until the final day of the trial and his lawyers made their final arguments that he realized they might actually win. He couldn't believe it. More importantly, he couldn't allow it. He didn't know how he could ever make up for what he had done, but he knew one thing in the core of his being and that was he should not be released with nothing but a hand-slap. There was no satisfaction in his heart as he remembered the scene. He had stood and addressed the jury over his lawyers objections, and over his parents protests and threats of disowning him. He had declared his guilt and asked to be punished for what he had done. The jury had obliged, but the sentencing had been far more lenient than he had expected. Perhaps it had been due to the charges being manslaughter rather than murder, but he had received 5 years in a medium security detention center. He hadn't realized it at the time, but throughout the trial his body had been undergoing changes, and he had gained almost fifty pounds in the month that the trial had taken, all of it muscle, he had grown at least four inches and his complexion had completely cleared up. He reflected that perhaps the physical changes had had as much to do with the sentence as anything else. At the end of the trial, he simply hadn't looked like the same evil zit covered troll that he had been a month earlier. Or maybe it was the distraction of the Refugees and that some people saw him as a victim of their arrival, not responsible for his own actions. Regardless, he had had five years to grow and learn his new powers in relative peace and solitude away from the media and the tens of thousands of people who had sent him hate mail during the trial. To the media he had been a poster child for the negative side of the Refugee's arrival, but there was a quiet undercurrent of sympathy that built as the trial neared it's conclusion. Some might accuse him of declaring his guilt in order to earn sympathy, but he knew that not to be the case, they had been on the verge of finding him not guilty, he could see it in their eyes. He had chosen this, he had needed it. Nor had it been a walk in the park serving five years in prison. From day one he had faced older harder men who would like nothing more than to kill him or abuse him for the fame it would earn them. He might have gone into prison looking to be punished, but becoming someone's 'bitch' was not what he had in mind…. His first day, he had sat down at an empty table in the dining room minding his own business and looking only to eat the food on his tray. He had only taken a couple bites when he 'saw' a group of men walk up behind him with trays in their hands. Even then he could see 360 degrees. "You're in my seat boy". The man was big and brown, scarred and tattooed and looked every kind of mean. Without looking around Nate gestured to the seat next to him. "Plenty of seats available." He had seen in the movies that you attacked the biggest baddest guy the first day in prison to establish that you wouldn't be easy meat. He didn't want to attack anyone however, he was here because he deserved punishment for what he had done, but he also wasn't going to cave to the first bully that tried to claim him. The scarred man frowned as if he hadn't understood the answer. "Maybe you didn't hear me boy, I said you're in ma seat!" He said it quietly but with menace. "No, I heard you fine. I'm just not moving, there's plenty of room for all of you at the table, no need for me to move." He was starting to get angry and a little frightened and was doing his best to control it knowing how dangerous that could be. Some of the men with the big guy were taking seats around Nate, not wanting the guards to come investigate why they were all standing around. They seemed to be tense to Nate, as if they expected the big guy to get violent. The man reached out and placed a big meaty hand on Nate's shoulder and began to squeeze. "I'm not gonna tell ya again boy, I'm gonna hurt ya good. It won't be here, either, wait till the shower's. You'll be picking up the soap." Nate calmly reached up and touched the man's hand with one finger and sent electricty arching through the big man. His back arched and his muscles jerked spastically sending his tray and it's contents flying across the room. In no more than two seconds the man was on his knees screaming and jerking. Nate calmly brought his hand back down to his food and returned to eating. The eyes of everyman at the table were as huge as plates, and recognition had come into more than one. "You! You're that jedi kid on the news, the one that killed the guy with lightening…." Nate nodded sadly, but still never looked around. The guard's had come rushing up to see what was going on and one of the other men at the table said "Bill just be trippin." Bill was just getting himself under control and was still occasionally jerking in aftershock from the electricity. "Yeah, just slipped and fell. Hurt ma knees when I fell. Somethin wet on the floor, be lucky if I don't sue." One of the guards hrumphed and walked off after saying, "Clean up that mess and then Jones will take you to the infirmary." From that moment on Nate had been both a celebrity and a target. The dumber of the inmates had tried to sneak attack him and catch him off guard many times over the next couple years, but none ever succeeded in doing more than bruising the Jedi with a lucky swing of a tool in the machine shop. In every case he used his abilities to dissuade them from ever trying again in a non-lethal manner. Over time he came to have quite a following among the prisoners. Some attached themselves to his "Jedi Order" out of hopes for protection, some because they had been beaten and like wolves they followed the strongest member of the pack, and some actually wanted to learn philosophy and become real jedi themselves. He did explain to them that the powers he had weren't really from "the force", but were quantum abilities and that it wasn't something that could be taught, it was something in the genes. That didn't seem to matter to most of the jedi wannabes. They soaked up everything he could teach them about his philosophy. The irony was that he didn't really have a philosophy at first. Sure he meditated a lot, and outwardly seemed spiritual because of his desire to find balance, but inwardly he struggled to find his center. He read constantly, checking out books on philosophy, both Christian and Eastern and everything in between. In the end it was Zen that really held him. It seemed to harmonize with the Jedi way in a satisfying way although it was at odds with in in another. Jedi was all light, and Sith was all dark, and even at his young age Nate knew that wasn't how the world worked. He needed a middle ground and Zen was it. It taught balance, it taught calm, it stressed meditation and introspection, but it wasn't something that taught that you should separate yourself from life, it WAS life. Bodhidharma taught "Everything you do is Zen". Dogen said, "When you leave the way to the way, you attain the way. At the time of attaining the way, the way is always left to the way." It was one of those sayings that sound like gibberish until you "got it", but then it made perfect sense and you no longer struggled with it's meaning, because it didn't matter any more.
  15. For Connor this project was a dream. it was the first movie he did virtually pro-bono, having insisted that what pay reserved for him aside living expenses go to procuring the original cast for the movie where possible. The Producers happily agreed, and when told of his request, all of the cast who were alive agreed to reprise their roles. Years before Michael Bay had made the Transformers trilogy, and while a box office smash, it left a bad taste in the mouths of many die hard fans, Connor included. Using some of his own money, and his free time he pitched this idea to Dreamworks, to get the rights, and they'd remake shot for shot, a live action version of the Original Transformers movie. They'd already shot a number of the less actiony scenes, and today was the day Connor really was excited about. They were going to shoot the big fight with optimus and Megatron, in the ruins of autbot city. He had taken care to Invite Karrie, after their talks on the yacht, knowing she'd get a real kick out of this, and it was his intention to introduce her to the various actors behind the voices. It was surprising that they all wanted to be there for the shooting, Connor guessed that actually seeing real robots do what had been possible in animation brought them out, to see their characters in real life. He'd already spoken with Leonard Nemoy, a man he knew was a cult favorite in many genres, and of course, Frank Welker and Peter Cullen were there. Connor held his own inner fanboy in check, and truly he didn't mind that he wouldn't be giving voice to many of them, he smiled in fact, knowing the fans would love this movie. He was waiting for karrie now, as they were between takes. It took about five hours for connor to recharge after expending his power, something it took minutes to do, or less depending on how much was going on.
  16. Ross "Shove" Shreveson OOC Info Name: Ross Shreveson Birthday: August 2, 1994 Height: 5'10 Weight: 155 lb. Gender: Male Age: 18 Appearance: Personality: Ross is a serious, strong-minded young man who believes that though the world has mainly shades of gray, you should always try to do right by people as much as yourself. Background: In a family of high-profile targets on the NYPD 'find a way to nab' list, Ross Shreveson was the black sheep, a throughly law-abiding young citizen. His father, Brendan Shreveson, is a major organized crime kingpin in the Big Apple. His mother, Belinda, a former fashion model, is similarly the head of the Shreveson activities in prostitution, and other 'sex work'. Growing up a impressionable young man, Ross was exposed in his early youth to the viewpoints in the world presented to children of a young age. The basic 'good guy' viewpoint of popular culture made the young man distinctly at ill ease with the honest, and blatantly emerging truth that he was being brought up in a family of villains, not matter the efforts Brendan made to impress on his son otherwise. This point was driven home by the fact that at the critical stages of junior high and high school, despite his good looks and sociability, he was always stigmatized by the open secret of his family, and there always was a few students in classes whose families had suffered greatly from the Shreveson mob. Added often being stopped and harassed by police officers, and Ross felt sick to his stomach. Despite his father's efforts to indoctrinate Ross and his sister Monica, only Monica gave in to the dark world and temptation that Brendan attempted to submerge his offspring in, agreeing to become the heir to the mob. Ironically, the power that he initially denied, would be shown to him again, but in a different form. After a family argument, 17 year old Ross stormed into his room and slammed the door, or so he heard the sound of. As he realized the next moment, he already was several feet away from the now closed door, making the occurrence impossible. Then, as he stared for a moment in surprise, the door opened itself again. After the course of a shocking half-minute, and a few more opening and closings, Ross recognized what had happened. Thankfully, the yell of his father to stop slamming the door or get additional punishments confirmed this discovery to be secret. However, the Mob had made efforts to somewhat successfully recruit novas, and Ross feared his family would no longer give him any choice if they uncovered his nova abilities. Seeing as the bridges were already smoldering, the youth decided to smash them altogether, acquiring proof of criminal enterprises and fleeing to the feds, who put him in protective custody until Ross was a legal adult and the crackdown well underway. Now, it's a virtual certainty that he'll be pulled into the DSA, and the only thing to be decided is what role he should take on.
  17. Lance Kensington Personal Information Birth Name: Woodrow Lancelot Kensington V Nicknames: Lance Occupation: Wealthy Playboy (It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!) Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record. Marital Status: Single (and loving it!) Known Relatives: Emily Harris-Kensington (Mother), Woodrow Kensington IV (Father) Physical Traits Weight: Height: 6’ 6” Apparent Age: mid 20’s Gender: Male Ethnic Background: Caucasian Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Brown DOB: May 24, 1987 Appearance: Hot, athletic, see picture. Always dressed in the latest fashion, but can make anything look good. Always impeccably groomed but again, looks good even just out of bed, after a 48 hour binge party, or getting covered in mud. Powers & Skills Known Powers: Lance is primarily known for his incredible good looks and his ability to manipulate social situations. He is also super humanly intelligent and quick witted. Rumors in the tabloid persist of his ability “perform” for days and of his flexibility in the bedroom, leading many to believe he has some sort of superhuman physical attributes but so far, he has yet to display such traits publicly. Skills/Special Training: While Lance is best known for his social skills, it has been observed that he has an incredibly broad knowledge base on a very large number of topics; apparently being very well read. It is known that he went to Yale for business and he was an athlete in school. He also speaks multiple languages. Background: Lance grew up in a life of privilege. His family comes from old money and his father is one of those men who does not just run a business, but a financial empire. His family had everything; Penthouse condo in New York, House in the Hamptons, cars, jewels, you name it. They had all the right friends, and attended all the right social events. While Lance did his best to live up to the family expectations, he had several difficulties while growing up. First off he was mouthy. He never let a barb or insult go unanswered. The second was his homosexuality. The two combined to a troubled adolescence and the attendance of several different private schools. Despite his troubles, Lance’s parents tried to remain as supportive as rich, conservative east coast parents could be and eventually Lance was accepted into Yale when he was 18. 2 years later the arrival of the Refugees happened and the world was changed forever. When Lance came home for March break that year, his parents noticed he was different. When he declared that he would not be going back to school they naturally became upset and there was a big fight. Lance decided that it was time from him to walk the world to see what he could see and experience everything he could. At first this mostly consisted of him traveling around the country to various parties and Gay Pride events and naturally he ended up in the tabloid media much to his family’s chagrin. Eventually though, Lance branched out and over the next 5 years he traveled the world several times over. It quickly became evident in the early years of his walkabout that Lance had erupted, although exactly when remains a mystery he has not seen fit to answer. This period has also been very busy for the young man. He’s been seen in the company of a staggering variety of people, from European royalty to criminals and every sort in between which has caused no end of rumors and gossip with those that follow tabloid media. Most recently, Lance has accepted a position the America’s DSA although just what his role will be with the organization is currently unknown.
  18. location: Atsugi japan (4 years ago) "You got to me kidding for FREE?” One Japanese business man raised his voice. “Dr. Hitosh you are not going to agreed to this are you?” asked the second Japanese man. “Just wait Nomoto and listen to him,” DR. Hitosh replied. Nomoto was furious. He thought, I traveled from Tokyo to listen and all I find is this trash. “He is not even Japanese he is a gin-jin!” Nomoto declared. At that moment he was distracted by the Stranger that walked toward him. “That is true honorable sir,” Supreme said while bowing to him. Dr. Hitosh Enjoyed the reaction of others meeting Supreme for the first time. “Mr. Nomoto my I introduce Supreme” Spoke DR. Hitosh. it was entertaining as Mr. Nomoto tried to make sure he heard the name correctly. Supreme spoke up “ Sorry sir you must forgive the location but I want to do this outside the boardroom.” “The Agreement is Simple you will provide these machines in the following hospital and qualified doctors to run them” Supreme looked into Nomoto eyes as he said it. “ Yes it will cost Millions” supreme answer before Mr. Nomoto could voice it. “ But in return You will have the sole Rights to produce, Marketed it as you See fit for the next 10 yrs” Supreme told him “ That is all good and nice but what does my good Doctor and Professor here get” Asked Mr. Nomoto trying to clear his head. It sound too good to be true but at the same time it made perfect sense after listening to Supreme. “I get to be the first Doctor to show off the procedure to the media and the board” calmly Reply Dr. Hitosh Mr. Nomoto thought about it. the doctor would become famous overnight. He then turn to look at the Professor. The man sat on the Medical board and Tokyo University. Professor looked at Mr. Nomoto “ all the Doctors will go thru me to learn this Procedure, this will Keep the Procedure with in japan” “ Machine will put a end to most surgery that cuts into the body. Allowing a doctor to preform surgery that would not be possible otherwise. But it will take highly skilled doctors to handle the equipment.As they must deal with dozens of variants at once. So I will train the First Dozen to handle it. Then Prof. Hidero here will screen and train the others “ explained Supreme. Mr. Nomoto looked at the information then back at Supreme “it will take years to build them” Mr. Nomoto Said as the finial obstacle to his agreement. “5 years to be correct” Supreme reply. “ But do not worry I have a working model that the good doctor was taught on,” “ you can use that to show your board and investor. The Good Doctor has agreed to preform all Surgery using it.” Supreme told Mr. Nomoto. Supreme watch as all doubt left Mr. Nomoto. Supreme finish up “ I will leave the Detains to your company to handle” At the end of the golf game. After every one left. Dr. Hitosh stayed back “ you know you gave up a lot of money and fame over this” “ I do not care about that, we have a duty to the human race and I for one will pull us up by the shorts if I have to. The current infrastructure won’t support my designs so I will change it so it will” Supreme told the Dr. with full conviction. “ why not America instead of Japan” inquired Dr. Hitosh. “ Simple America is a great land but the current political climate is not ideal for me.” Supreme said Dr. Hitosh Said goodby to Supreme and drove home. After he arrived home. Dr. Hitosh sat down in his chair and closed his eyes. he was exhausted .Dealing with Supreme was tiring to the Extreme. He laugh at that thought. “ In a good mood Doctor” Said a Pink hair Japanese women who was waiting for him. “ So what is going on in T.C.R.I they contacted you nearly 6 month ago. “ asked the woman. “ You were Right, Director Nishimura there was a Nova involved.” Dr. Hitosh told the Director. Director Nishimura waited as the Doctor gather his thoughts. “ we should be careful dealing with him, with the right influence Japan can be leading in medical technology and more.” responded Dr. Hitosh. “ He just convince the CEO of Kyocera Corporation to fully fund his project” “ What project” inquired Director Nishimura “ It is next generation of operation and therapy. I can not tell you more because he will find out” Dr. Hitosh said as he close his eyes. The Dirctor quietly left the house. Meanwhile outside a young man came up to the Director. “ mam should we put a detail on him or send someone to bring him in” the aide asked. Director read the note that Doctor handed to her as she left “ No we will leave him alone for now. But I want a agent at this place now and it must me a local” “What is the agent assignment mam” the aide asked in confusion. This was not normal policy in handling Nova's. Director Nishimura was lost in though, yes let this Nova build deeper ties to Japan. It will make it easier to deal with him latter. " Find a Girl that can cosply if possible and she will do nothing but give detail report of her daily activity." " See about arranging a Anime expo in the area some place near there." Director Nishimura told her aide. she though there are many ways to handle this, but first she needs more information to go on.
  19. Tokyo, Japan Morning Naomi dressed as best she could. This was a formal occasion, and The Great Cat Detective had to deliver the appearance of Department 0's premiere Nova. Already her action figures were selling like hotcakes, the proceeds for her "S&R Gear Naomi" going to disaster relief and towards improving Japan's Search and Rescue efforts. And the first Manga about her exploits was being penned. She was still considering a call from the BBC, seems that they want her to star in a episode of Doctor Who as one of the cat people they introduced during the 10th Doctor's Run. She looked puzzled as she tried to decide on wearing a navy blazer or a simple brown waistcoat with her signature light tan raincoat with a brown epaulet-like collar and trim on the cuffs. She decides to stick with the vest. "Okay Naomi... calm down... it is just one of the greatest stars of one of the legendary Mecha franchises ever... some days I wish I was a kid again... I would be just... squealing." She meowed in delight as she stepped out of her apartment in Jinbocho down to her electric car plugged into a recharging stand. The stand itself powered by some solar panels on the roof of the converted office building she purchased. When she pulled up to the Hotel, she stood outside her car, waiting for Connor to step out of his Hotel. "Remember, he's American... think American..." She thought as her tail flicked nervously.
  20. September 2, 2011 0300 Hours Somewhere off the Somalia coast in the Arabian Sea... A streak goes across the water, a green phosporous trail behind it's wake like some kind of UFO. The water kicked up behind it a little as it screamed across the water at Mach 2. "Okay K, change heading to 50 degrees, 300 meters. We need a intel sweep of the area, any activity from boats and our own." "Roger that Skippy, going high." The glowing blue orb shoots skyward until it stops at the desired height. The blue orb fades revealing the startling form of a black humanoid form, hovering in place, clad in armor like a modern Knight with wings protruding from the legs. When the form stops glowing it reveals the armor looks just like a person and a jet had a daughter, her flight gear and suit seemingly part of the armor's coverage. She looks about her vision sharper than an eagle. "I see 3 tankers heading from the north, probably from the Aden route, three cargo ships from the west, probably heading east, some fishing vessels. There are 4 JMSDF, 2 Royal Navy, and 3 US ships in typical patrol pattern in this grid location." "Roger that, K. Return to the ship for debriefing and rest." "Inbound, ETA 30 minutes." Kei heads south to one of the US ships in the fleet, generally used for SEAL operations. Her minder, who she called "Skippy" out of a form of friendly banter waited on the deck, clad in what Kei liked to call her "costume", this time protraying a Ensign of the US Navy. "Skippy" is Kei's handler in the DSA, and is pretty much her operation's manager and "operator" on important missions. "So, K, nothing to report?" "Nothing of importance except what was reported over coms." "They're being too quiet. I talked with my contact among the Marines and the Navy here. They all agree the pirates that operate here are up to something." "Well at least I can get a few ours sleep and some food. When is breakfast?" "0500 hours." Kei deactivates her armor, revealing a black flight suit with olive drab flight gear in the form of a tactical vest and holster for a side arm and a PFD in a collar around the neck. "Well time for a cat-nap." "Don't let any of the officers catch you up to no good. I might have a rank equivalency from my time in the Navy, but you're nothing more than a fancy civilian here." "I got a spot. Over behind the island on deck." The ship was a small helicopter carrier designed to also carry assault craft under the deck. It was perfect for SEAL operations and just what was needed for the mission. "To be honest, Skippy, today was a good change from the mission in Japan for the last few months. I've seen enough dead bodies to last me several lifetimes." Skippy puts her hand on her shoulder. "I know... all you've had is nothing but training and you've not had to use any of your skills int he field. I'm sorry it was all recovery... I should have moved you to helpign assess damage over recovering corpses." "That... that's alright May. Those families needed closure." She starts walking over to the island to lean on the bulkhead and catch some shut-eye under the stars. "Remember! 0500!" May says. "Don't be late." May adjusts her glasses as she heads back in. =To Be Continued
  21. Sometime last summer… The buzzing of her phone interrupted Karrie’s writing. “Damn it,” she growled, shoving the laptop further down the couch and kicking her feet over it. She’d really been in the grove; Shadows of the Endless Night, the latest installment of her Endless Night fanfiction series, was just reaching its emotional climax. The glance at the caller id didn’t help her mood: Mom. With a groan, the girl rolled her eyes. “‘Karen, do you have a boyfriend yet?’” she squeaked in a high falsetto. “‘Karen, are you still collecting that stupid anime?’” She punched the connect button with a sharp tap of her thumb. “Hi, Mom.” “Karen?” The sound of her mother’s voice wiped away all her anger. “Something’s happened. We need you to come home.” “What’s wrong Mom?” Karrie asked, her fingers tightening around the phone. “Is Dad okay?” Oh, please… not his heart… “Karen… Sami’s dead.” -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- “You can’t catch me!” The girl scurried up the rock face, her nut-brown skin scraped and dirty. She wore ragged jean-shorts and a thread-bare hand-me-down Power Puff Girls t-shirt. “Samantha, wait!” the other girl called. She was just as dirty and brown as Sami, but where the older girl moved with grace and confidence, young Karen moved less certainly. Still, she gamely followed her cousin up the rock face, pulling herself up as rapidly as she dared. Her own t-shirt was an oversized tee that proclaimed her a diva. Like Sami, her shirt had come from the local mission. The two girls went higher and higher, the world falling away behind them. It was only twenty feet, but to two children less than four feet tall, it was as high as the world. Karen was panting by the time she’d pulled herself up onto the top, but even she had to admit that it was worth the climb. Being on top filled her with an exaltation and sense of success rare in her life. Her house was below them; other buildings dotted the area. Sami was sitting on the edge, looking out over the sparse beauty of their ancestral land. “You can see all the way to New York,” she told Karen, who believed her because Sami’s eyesight was better than hers and she had no idea how far away New York was from the Four Corners. “What’s it look like?” young Karen asked. “It shines in the sun and everyone’s smiling,” Sami said, her gaze faraway. “No one’s hungry, and everyone’s happy. The children play all the time, and adults laugh at least once a day.” Karen knew that wasn’t true, but even at that age, she understood the necessity of dreams. They were free, and that was all most on the Rez could afford.
  22. We should to establish some details about the CN world, about the organizations we work in, how the international cooperation that allows us to write globe spanning stories works, etc. As has been suggested in chat - a thread is the best place for that. ----------------------- The UK - I have already made some minor changes to the EU - namely that the UK is a firmer member than in RL. I also posited the UK as a grittier place, with more surveillance and very advanced infrastructure for using all that CCTV. Britain in particular is one step closer to Bladerunner or Shadowrun. Germany - is still the economic heart of the EU, but in this world it is re-industrializing instead of going super-green. Its not dirty industry, but its not as much solar panels and such. German Nova geniuses are setting up very large apartment blocks with very cost efficient automated systems - not arcologies, but massive structures resulting in very low cost accommodations that are still livable - and the same companies that own the blocks are offering these tiny apartments as part of compensation packages. This helped industry to flow back into Germany, becuase it is once again economical to support an economical workforce in a highly educated European population. The reality of this is somewhat more sinister in many ways - like the fact that workers earn less actual currency means it is more difficult to move away from their current jobs ... but overall things are rosier in Germany than they have been for decades. The boom time is back on, even if it is a bit dystopic. The EU - some places in the EU are still facing problems, but even in places like Greece or Portugal there are Nova economists who are alleviating the burden not only with austerity measures but with new ideas. Innovations such as 'volunteer' programs for the elderly that give them free meals, uniforms, and even extra medical coverage in return for coming out and doing useful but light duty roles in government offices and hospitals. This is not seen as derogatory, but has been popularized as combating agism and highlighting the vital role that seniors still play in society. Another successful program has been revolutionizing the already well developed public transit networks with carefully calculated measures such as electronic privacy screens, pleasing and stimulating aromatic ventilation systems, and soothing lights that make European trains, buses and ferries pleasurable to ride. These and many other programs make public expenditures more efficient, and have reduced or eliminated public deficits across Europe - and addressed the pensioner support issues that were looming. On the downside in the EU, there are less freebies. The web is locked down, and you have to pay to play. Access to government, some news and certain educational sites is still free but governments and corporations split a great new revenue source - controlled entertainment content. Driving your own vehicle now costs much more in tax unless you are operating a business conveyance - personal autos are now closer to being luxuries than necessities. These small but significant changes have been rolled out underneath positive new programs like an improved public internet backbone and increased road safety programs. Clever misdirection on the part of Nova spokes people that has the average European not thinking about sacrifices they have made for the good of society. The media plays this game too, again with a subtle dystopic leaning in a new era of prosperity and safety. Asia - In progress. Highlights will be a China that is much closer to RL, a North Korean evil empire with Nova's as the latest master plan of the glorious leader (who all the NK's swear is the most powerful Nova in the world, who trasncends time, and has the power to raise the dead if they are worthy), a few Japanese tidbits that will be 100% compatible with Kami's stuff (mostly how the politics of the region plays out), and an India with lots of rich, tech saavy people (as in RL) convinced the gods have been reborn (which would happen, but the two together will be neat). Middle East - Factions of Islam and Coptic Christianity that both hate and love Novas for complex reasons (with the net result being that some factions of Islam are forced to employ the Novas they revile in order to face up to the Novas of the opposing factions, and a treatment of Refugee Novas being demonic and many native Islamic Novas generally being considered angels). The Arab spring, tourism, big oil, and unstable politics will all be treated - as will relations with western powers.
  23. Infinite Earth Setting Premise: On every alternate Earth there is a permanent gateway where anyone can step through to one of the infinite possible versions of Earth. Baselines can only move through to Earth's so very nearly exact that the traveler cannot tell the difference. Through concentration and an effort of will Nova's and Psions can move to more distant alternate realities. These realities are still very similar to the one they originated from but with some noticeable differences. Nova's with Cross Time Travel will find that their ability is greatly amplified allowing them to travel to very distant possible Earth's where vast changes have occurred even to the point of seeming to be fantasy worlds. This gateway is located in Stonehenge. The gateway itself isn't physical, Stonehenge was simply created in the spot where the gateway exists because the ancient people recognized it as a special place. Those with CTT can also (with enough successes) open a warp to the alternate Earth's instead of merely shifting themselves and what they can attune. Some nova travellers have begun to realize that at some time (or times) in the past the gateway must have opened to allow traffic through more easily. Every Earth has stories, legends and myths about gods, wizards, monsters, elves, dwarves, magic, etc. These beings exist on the alternate Earths and the stories bear a striking resemblence to the reality leading the travellers to believe there must have been an exchange of peoples at some time. It is even possible that the gateway opens periodically at intervals of approximately every 1000 years.
  24. Alright as a favor to potential new players I will compile all the pertinent information in regards to character creation. This will include the base IE rules and the CN variances. Main Rules for Infinite Earth Gadget Rules CN World Information (Constantly Under Construction) Backgrounds over 5 Backgrounds over 5 Clarification + Sanctum Sanctorum CN Modifications for the main rules... Cosmos Nova: All rules for IE not overridden by the custom CN rules are still in play.No nova built for CN can go over Q6.Q6 cannot be "unlocked" until One RL Year after the start of the game.Novas start at Q5 with no taint and 50 base QPNo Mastery at startNo Q Supremacy everCharacters are built/advanced with the "In Theme/Out of Theme" NP/XP cost rules from CoQF (Out of Theme Powers/Mega-Attributes are allowed).Only original or inactive characters allowed(no active copies from other games or versions from other IE universes)(Mech is cleared since his character was established before this rule was placed in effect, and is starting to look like an integral plot hook.)No backgrounds over 5 at creationNo gadgets over 5 at creationAberrant Companion Heavily Regulated.All core books and the three mega attribute books are fine.No Starting Terats or Qi Meng, both philosophies are incredibly difficult to find in game.Same for EufiberAny irregular power from another source need approval.Custom Powers/Enhancements/etc allowed only through CN Group collaboration first.Free enhancement with every odd Mega Att dot (1,3,5)Generation Modifications (Thanks to Quantum Fire(Modded for IE:CN))The below costs for In theme. Quantum Pool: 1 NP per 5 (Max 100 at start) Mega-Attributes and Enhancements – 2 NP per dot/enhancement You get a free Mega Attribute enhancement at every odd (1, 3, 5) dot of Mega-Attribute Powers 1st Level - Cost: 1 NP per 2 dots 2nd Level - Cost: 1 NP per dot 3rd Level - Cost: 2 NP per dot In Theme Body Modifications – 1/3 normal cost. XP Cost Modification In Theme Trait Increase Cost Mega-Attribute CR x3 Quantum Power (Level 1) current rating x 2 Quantum Power (Level 2) current rating x 3 Quantum Power (Level 3) current rating x 5 Quantum Power (Level 4) current rating x 7 Quantum Power (Level 5) current rating x 9 Quantum Power (Level 6) current rating x 12 New Trait Cost Background 1 [Attunment and Node Only] Body Modifications (1/2 cost) Enhancement 3 Mega-Attribute 3 Quantum Power (Level 1) 2 Quantum Power (Level 2) 3 Quantum Power (Level 3) 5 Quantum Power (Level 4) 7 Quantum Power (Level 5) 9 Quantum Power (Level 6) 12 Out of Theme Attribute current rating x 4 Ability current rating x 2 Background current rating x 2 Mega-Attribute current rating x 5 Quantum Power (Level 1) current rating x 3 Quantum Power (Level 2) current rating x 5 Quantum Power (Level 3) current rating x 7 Quantum Power (Level 4) current rating x 9 Quantum Power (Level 5) current rating x 12 Quantum Power (Level 6) current rating x 15 Willpower current rating Initiative current rating New Trait Cost Ability 3 Specialty (max. 3 per Ability) 1 Body Modifications (Normal) Background 2 Enhancement 5 Mega-Attribute 6 Quantum Power (Level 1) 3 Quantum Power (Level 2) 6 Quantum Power (Level 3) 9 Quantum Power (Level 4) 12 Quantum Power (Level 5) 15 Quantum Power (Level 6) 18 Quantum Costs Quantum Pool 2 per dot Note regarding Quantum: All novas start @ Q5 with no taint (You get taint for tainted powers or node over 2 at start as normal)
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