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Found 1 result

  1. Shane O'Neally Tribe: Ghostwolf Auspice: Rahu Age: 27 Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 3 Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3 Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 2 Mental Skills: Academics 1, Crafts (Automobiles) 3 Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 3 (Boxing), Drive (Off-Road) 2, Firearms 1, Stealth 1, Survival (Foraging) 3, Weaponry 1 Social Skills: Animal Ken 1, Intimidation 2, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 2, Empathy 1 Merits: Fighting Style (Boxing) 1 Willpower: 4 Harmony: 5 Primal Urge:3 Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Wrath Health: 8 Initiative: 4 Defense: 2 Speed: 10 Size: 5 Weapons/Attacks: 5B - Unarmed Strike Armor: -none- Gifts Partial Change, Crushing Blow, Clarity, Wolf Blood's Lure Renown Purity 2, Honor 1 Totem: 6 XP spent CREATION LOG ATTRIBUTES (5/4/3) Primary Physical: 2 Strength, 1 Dexterity, 2 Stamina Secondary Mental: 1 Intelligence, 2 Wits, 1 Resolve Tertiary Social: 1 Presence, 1 Manipulation, 1 Composure SKILLS (11/7/4) Primary Physical: 2 Athletics, 2 Brawl, 2 Drive, 1 Firearms, 1 Stealth, 2 Survival, 1 Weaponry Secondary Social: 1 Animal Ken, 2 Intimidation, 2 Streetwise, 2 Subterfuge Tertiary Mental: 1 Academics, 3 Crafts SPECIALIZATIONS (3) Crafts (Automobiles), Drive (Off-Road), Survival (Foraging) MERITS (7) 2 Primal Urge (cost 6), 1 Fighting Style: Boxing RENOWN (2) BONUS SPECIALIZATION (1) GIFTS (3) XP LOG Date Trait/Exp. Type Rank Gain/Cost Balance 01 Apr 2010 Creation Points: 50 / 50 01 Apr 2010 reduced Harmony 2: +10 / 60 01 Apr 2010 Attribute Resolve 3: -15 / 45 01 Apr 2010 Skill Survival 3: -9 / 36 01 Apr 2010 Skill Empathy 1: -3 / 33 WoDA Reboot 16 Aug 2011 Skill Brawl 3: -9 / 24 16 Aug 2011 Renown Purity 2: -12 / 12 16 Aug 2011 Lvl 1 Gift 1: -5 / 7 16 Aug 2011 Totem Merit 2x 2: -6 / 1 01 Sep 2011 XP-Gains: +8 / 9 Background Shane's entire life was dominated by the importance of his birth. He was the twin brother of Sarah O'Neally who, unlike him, was denied her genetic heritage and would never go through the change. After the disappointment Sarah turned out to be the tribe put all it's focus and attention on the young boy who struggled with emotional outbursts throughout his early childhood. The Elders took those as signs of an unusual early change and some even thought of him as being exceptionally gifted. At the age of 8 he was separated from his sister who had been the only constant factor in his life. She was the only one who could soothe his rage and without her he felt lost and disoriented. The following years were a constant fight and struggle to keep the boy under control. Shane's condition got worse and worse but the Elders kept persisting that those were signs of his change which should come soon. Shane learned the rules and history of the tribe and got some basic school education but unlike other kids he never went to school since it was too dangerous. As he got older his resentment grew and built up to a hot gleaming hatred for his heritage. Everyone expected him to be someone he didn't feel he was, for some goddess in the sky he had no understanding of. All he knew was a life of denial and pain and lots of rage. One fateful day he managed to break free from the tribe seeking his fortune. He was alone and always on the run, never really knowing peace or safety. His rage a constant companion. Shane felt it under his skin. The change was imminent but it didn't come. He prayed that it would give him some kind of release or that it would grant him freedom but instead it only increased his desperation. For a few months he found a way to live: helping out at a interstate gas-station as a mechanic in Tennessee His life was slowly taking a shape that resembled 'normal' and as long as he kept to himself his rage-issues wouldn't surface. Almost a year into his 'freedom' he fell in love with a beautiful young woman who managed to catch his attention in a way that soothed his inner demons. In her presence he almost felt normal and he quickly proposed in an overjoyed moment. She accepted, which seemed like a miracle to him. For once in his life he thought that he was doing the right thing and he was at peace. The terrible tensions which had racked him his entire life were eased. They decided to get married immediately, and to wait to have sex until the wedding. The wedding was small but the happiest day of his life. They didn't have much money, so they went to Vegas. Afterwards, they were planning to drive up to Washington State and camp. They had a wonderful day together, driving north. That night, everyone went wrong. When they consummated the marriage in a tent at their campsite in Colorado, Shane went through his First Change and killed her. But Shane doesn't remember that; he only remembers waking up, the tent soaked in blood, and Lilly dead. In his unending rage he destroyed everything that reminded him of her and ran away like he never ran before. Now his quest was finding his sister Sarah, the only human being he had left in his life.
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