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Found 307 results

  1. Adventure!: Dark Tidings I’m well aware of what you’ve heard kid. Dr. Hammersmith was experimenting with extracting energy from the universe directly, or that he had tapped into a new form of electromagnetic energy, or that he had discovered a massively efficient power generation device… Truth is that’s all bull, Hammersmith was a madman and those people he had gathered to his mansion that day had no idea what they were going to witness. Most of them are dead now, by design or accident nobody knows for sure. Nobody saw Hammermsith die, and frankly that worries me. I wasn’t there but I know what did happen. See sometime after that day I started hearing things… I got the chance to meet Maxwell Mercer a while back, shortly after the accident. With the right questions I was able to steer the conversation back to Hammersmith. Seems that the nature of his experiment was less “Science” and more “occult”. Mercer does believe that the doctor was intending to tap into a new power source. “Ley lines” he called them, invisible rivers of energy crisscrossing the planet. Spiritual energy, the stuff that psychics and magicians allegedly tap into. The stuff of daemons and nightmares. Do I believe that Hammersmith tapped into the psychic or mystical energy of the planet? Well I would be lying if I said no, after the day of his accident I started hearing things, I told you that. What I didn’t tell you was that I was hearing thoughts from other people. Mercer didn’t speak his thoughts to me, I was able to read his mind. I’m scared now. There are people out there that have become empowered by the energies released by the “Incident”. Some are people like you or I, determined to use their powers for the good of mankind, others have touched something dark, daemonic and turned to amassing power or satiating their own dark desires, while out in the darkness beings long dormant have been awakened…The Hammersmith Incident may have ushered in a new tomorrow, or it may have been Dark Tidings of the days ahead, only time will tell. I'm looking for 4-6 total players. As GM I try to post once a day or every other day to keep the games moving. System will be largely unchanged with only a couple of house rules.
  2. I vaguely remember reading a thread about who's who on the picture of the Aeon Society (Adventure rulebook, page 22) but can not find this damn information! So if someone knows, please help!!!
  3. I'm just curious whether or not people prefer more supernatural, occult-ish storylines with their Adventure!, or more sci-fi-ish storylines. Vampires or bizarre flying machines? Mysterious rituals or complicated formulas?
  4. Has anyone ever considered running Adventure! without a distinction in character type? So, a PC can pick any knack from any list that they feel like, mixing and matching. If so, what results came of it?
  5. ...In the "Adventure!: Heroes of Our Time" section. Alex has to step aside for RL reasons and I am going to step up and run a game. Right now discussion is on what kind of game (genre) and the specific ruleset we'll be using (one of the Aeonverse systems) I'll be looking for 5-6 players (I think) and ultimately I hope to be able to do a GM post once or twice a week (probably Wednesdays and Weekends) Everybody is welcome to take a look and do CharGen when we figure out the game specifics, I'll choose characters based on Quality an how well they will fit into the game. Thanks all.
  6. Looks like us pulp fans may finally have the flick we have waited for! :jumping40: :jumping40: :jumping40:
  7. Would anybody like to help me work on a way to bring Mage into the Aeon universe, really just into Adventure. Mage knowledge a must. Adventure knowledge not really needed. Flexible hours. Good pay. EOE
  8. Alright...I am making a Vampire Hunter Alchemist character (for a WoD game). There are a Few questions I have about all this though... 1. You get everything about R&D time and what you can start play having made (at the cost of temp Inspiration). How many plans (something you need per the rules) can you start with though? I dont recall seeing that anywhere. 2. Can you cross-matchs advancements? Lets say I make a Quick Draw/Fire pistol, can I add Init to it (per the chemical rules)? Would it have the same R&D time? I think I already know the answer to this (Yes on all counts), but I wanted to get other peoples opinions on this. 3. What bonus/penalties would apply to an Inspired Daredevil who entered a Staredown with a WoD Werewolf? I know that (because they are inspired) that the normal human Hystaria probably wouldent hit them, but do you think that a daredevil (or a Psychic or Stalwart) would have any penalties to staring down a werewolf in Chrinos form? I am sure that as I get further along the cahracter creation process I will have more questions...but I will cross that when I get there.
  9. Just noticed something that the Inspired can do that I don't think the average Nova can match. First max out your dice pool for a specific task. With ability mastery and a specialty, this gives you 12 dice. (Not too shabby.) Make sure it's for a task that you can apply your Intuitive or Reflective facet extra-dice to, raising your die pool for one action to 17 dice. Then drop one point of temporary Inspiration, and double your die pool for a single action. Your die pool is now 34 dice. ::huh Short of Divis-like levels of quantum and matching megas, I don't think novas can compete with this for one die roll. ::laugh I'm really starting to like Adventure more and more.
  10. This'll be the long-term OOC thread. Start using it right away (unless you have anything to finish up in Character Creation), since most the other threads are going to get deleted or relocated relatively soon.
  11. So, one of my players recently asked me if I would allow her to buy a master for her will stat. Now, as this is not expressly in the rules my knee jerk reaction is to say no and be done with it. But, the question did get me thinking. If there were such a thing what effect might it have? In truth I am at a loss. Assuming I can come up with a reasonable effect, I think I'll let her have it. (her character is pretty much all will and nothing else, so it does make a kind of sense.) What do you think? -Slag
  12. I was looking to create a weapon that is designed entirely to knock folks out. Think a Phaser on Stun, a Zat without the second and third shots, or whatever. I just want a stun ray. Since the easiest way to work things is to develop a Knack that it emulates. Has anyone developed a Psychic Knack which accomplishes some sort of Knockout effect? Any help'd be appreciated.
  13. Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad Oblast, the Russian Federation September, 2011 Kaliningrad has been part of Russia since 1945, when the Soviet Belarussian Army stormed the city after four days of carpet-bombing by the RAF, reducing ninety percent of the city to rubble and sending sixty thousand of its civilian residents to their graves (with most the rest sent fleeing the Soviet army in ragged refugee columns). It was formally attached to the Soviet Union later that year, when the Potsdam Conference allowed Stalin to keep it as a year-round, ice-free port. All remaining German residents were expelled to make room for Russian colonists, and the Soviet government set about systematically erasing the remaining traces of German culture. This city, renamed Kaliningrad, is now an exclave of Mother Russia - the westernmost point in the Russian Federation, pocketed in between the Baltic Sea and the European Union. A monumental expression of Soviet ugliness, it stretches out in concrete waves, studded endlessly with war memorials and statues of long-dead cosmonauts. The streets, German cobblestone sealed over with decaying Soviet asphalt, are lined with gray, green, and taupe tenement blocks still plastered with slogans of communism ("bread and motherland" ... "victory to heroic Soviet workers"), these last beginning to be edged out by the competing slogans of Nike, Panasonic, and Coca-Cola. The earth seeps with military slurry, toxins rusting their way into the soil as two pulp mills spew chemicals into the city's only source of water, the Pregolya River. The tap water here is visibly green, so heavily chlorinated that its chemical smell fills the air. The city boasts the highest proportion of drug addicts in the Russian Federation, the most AIDS sufferers, and forty percent of the population is below even Russia's extraordinarily low poverty line. The population is silent, generally alcoholic, often depressed. Oddly, the girls are astonishingly pretty, which - less surprisingly - fuels an endemic spread of prostitution. Kaliningrad is half-forgotten, half-ignored by the rest of the world, remembered only insofar as its corruption acts as a gateway for vast quantities of drugs, sex slaves, armaments, and illegal immigrants into the European Union's free trade market. It possesses a kind of unremitting, hideous brutality that seems ingrained into the very concrete. It is a poor place for a hero to die. * * *Gostinitsa Kaliningrad (Hotel Kaliningrad) The taxi pulls up in front of the hotel - a nicked up black Fiat Panda with no special external markings. It is unregistered, driven by a pinched-looking local man all too willing to cross town from the airport for some USD. It's generally considered an unhealthy idea to take an unregistered taxi in this city, but the passenger (one Mark Cobb) figures he doesn't have much to worry about. Mark steps out and pays the man, turning back to the hotel, an eight or nine story edifice of crumbling concrete, the facade a blank wall punched with holes for the windows. It is definitely Soviet-era ... it has that kind of steely resistance to aesthetic sensibilities that you get in mid-to-late Soviet architecture. Inside it is nicer, though Mark couldn't say if that's a sign of relatively recent renovation, or simply because the party leaders got the good stuff. Once upon a time, this was the best hotel in the city, home away from home for Soviet admirals come to inspect the Union's Baltic port. Now it is a little less impressive. The hotel bar is filled with European Union bureaucrats, come to wring their hands over the oblast's future, drink vodka, and negotiate aid packages with semiprofessional hookers from the technical college. The concierge directs him to the sixth floor, where he finds an aging, grey-faced woman at a desk near the elevator banks, giving painstaking directives to a pair of pretty maids with strikingly peculiar dye-jobs. The woman, who seems to more-or-less run this floor, sends him the rest of the way to his destination. That would be room 652, down the hall and to the right, and it looks like he must be just about the last person to arrive. It's a smallish room, by familiar standards, with the walls covered in slightly peeling yellow wallpaper stenciled with geometric designs. The furniture is solid wood, probably hand-carved by some commune back in the day and now too old and heavy to get dragged away, despite the recurring hammer and sickle motifs worked into the wood. It's crowded, for the room's size. Some of the people here Mark recognizes. Others not. He picks out Raphael Bradford right off, of course ... his cousin, though you wouldn't know it to look at them. Misha Valyenko, Raphael's bodyguard, is here as well (and quite impossible to miss), and Mark recognizes the woman stepping out of the closet of a bathroom as Regan McLachlan, from the Aeon Society. Zorbo is here too, Clay Zorbo, and he is talking to Raphael as Mark opens the door. He's a lean man ... muscular, but lightly-built, with crisp, dynamic movements and strong, regular features, wearing a bomber jacket, paratrooper boots, and much-pocketed pants of some unidentifiable stiff black cloth. Also present are a couple of men Mark has zero familiarity with. One is a pale, grey-haired man in a rather nice suit, the other a long-fingered, mid-twenties man with dishwater blond hair and a jumble of gadgets in hand (unrecognizable to Mark's eye). The sixth person in the room Mark does recognize, though it takes a second. He's a neat, somewhat round-featured man, well-dressed, with very little remaining hair. He has a build that you wouldn't normally look twice at, disguising the leather toughness and whipcord speed of one of the world's greatest pugilists. His name is Whitley Styles, and Mark knows him from occasional bits of family business as one of the top men in the Aeon Society ... more than a hundred years old, though he looks like he could be in his forties. He has a towering reputation: master detective, deadly combatant, and one of the bits of bedrock upon which the Society has stood in the past eighty some-odd years. He is also now dead. He is laying in the middle of the floor with a hole the size of a grapefruit through his chest, and the heavy brown carpet is caked with long-dried blood. The sickly smell of blood is in the air, though (judging by sight and smell) the body has not yet begun to decay.
  14. Hands tied behind her back, back pressed up against a steel pole that ran from ceiling to floor. A handsome face, gloating and smarmy all at once, attached to a perfectly pressed black suit. Bare feet pierced by the splinters of rough-finished floorboards, bare flesh pebbled by the air conditioning. Nakedness hardly concealed by two scraps of pale blue satin. Grunts and coughs from the darkness beyond the limelight, the air rank with tobacco, spilt beer and a hint of unwashed humanity. Pedestrian. Rope instead of hand-cuffs, no tying of the feet to constrict movement, villain in easy kicking range. The hardest part was waiting patiently for the right time to move. Mr. Smooth jabbed his finger into Regan's cleavage, a valley that many men dreamt of getting lost in. Her blonde hair was tousled in the latest 'just got out of bed' style that all the porn queens were trying to achieve and her blue-grey eyes smouldered in a face that any supermodel would yearn for. She was perfect material for his latest 'film'. "Obey me and you will not be hurt," he promised in a voice intended to be suave, but Regan found to be slimier than a snake's ass after a slither through the sewer. He was handsome, with the dark eyes, black curls and unshaven cheeks that gave Mediterranean heart-throbs bad names. Pity about the sleaze-bag attitude; she was going to enjoy breaking that pretty face. "And if I don't?" she managed to ask in a breathy, husky voice that sent sex-crazed sadists like this guy into seventh heaven. "I will kill you." The words were stark and raw as he pinched her breast. She gasped for effect, trying not to wrinkle her nose at the bulge in his formerly perfectly creased pants. He was going to kill her anyway. He got his thrills like that. But not after raping her and letting all of his dozen goons have their way with her as well. Pedestrian snuff porn. The Ubiquitous Dragon had more imagination in his day. "Want to know something?" she whispered, muscles subtly tensing. Mr. Smooth smiled evilly. "Sure. What is it?" "I'm a skilled capoeirist." With those words, Regan brought her knee up into that so-prominent erection. As he crumpled, she stepped on his back to propel herself upwards, hanging upside down from the pole as her feet wrapped around it. She was hideously vulnerable for the thirty seconds it took to shred her bonds with a sharpened ring - cheap nylon was awfully unreliable - but no one reacted. They were shocked into silence and inaction, it appeared. Then something fell with a soft thump and the lights came on, revealing a converted warehouse with red brick showing through the dingy plastered walls. Bodies were crumpling to the dirty concrete floor, most of them with wide smiles in their throats or black cords around their necks, throttling them into swollen purple faces. It was so quick, so deadly, that it was either a team effort or an Inspired. Regan finished getting herself loose as a black-swathed shadow appeared out of the darkest corner, only a pair of brown eyes and a slash of pale skin showing. American Ninja! she thought whimsically as she slipped down the pole until her hands touched the ground, and bent forward until she was straight again. Whatever this was... Her telluric radar was working overtime. This guy was an Inspired.
  15. Ok folks, I would like you to vote for who gets to do the back page. "What's the back page?" I hear you ask? Well, it's simple. Consider each story arc in this game like a cheap 20's comic book. The back page is what the artists did to try and draw people in and buy the book. So whoever wins gets an extra 1XP, and gets to do up the back page for the story arc, preferably featuring their character in a leading role. Once the votes are in, I will hand out the rest of the XP. Ties will be decided by me.
  16. This thread plays host to the group's character sheets (see below links). Further, if anyone wants to post any public background information, they may use this thread for that purpose. This can be anything: a concise history, newspaper clippings, and the like. In order to keep things under control, please stop short of posting full blown fictions here. If you would like to do that, make use of N!Prime's Adventure Fiction forum. I'll keep a list of links to any fictions here with the character sheets (and will also award small amounts of experience for such material). Adventure Characters: Raphael Bradford Mark Cobb Regan McLachlan Count Janos Rakozi Graf von Kadar Mikhail Ivanovich Valyenko Adventure Fiction: Caught in the Middle Black Blood / White Snow Intersections Janos in China
  17. Well, I haven't been able to get in touch with Winston's player, so I suppose we'll have to count that as another one out, for the time being. That means there's five of you left. This isn't in and of itself a problem - I can run the game with five, no problem. And, actually, I had a possible player contact me a little while back, so I'll also see if he's still around/interested. However, this looks to be a good time to bring up the more pervasive issue ... the game's been slowing down steadily since the first couple of episodes, and I personally get the impression that we're kind of running on fumes at the moment. I'm sure I'm not the only one with that idea. \c: So, here we are. What's wrong? The game took a displeasing turn at some point? Changing personal situations? My periods of inactivity killed the momentum? Talk to me, and I'll see what I can do. And, with that out, do you all actually want to continue the game? I can do anything from continuing as is, to altering the format of the game, to starting a new game, to calling it done.
  18. Work out character concepts/history here. If you have something you absolutely must keep close to your chest, PM me, but generally keep everything in the open. Crossing histories would be good, and reasonable. Most of you are going to be either survivors of the original Age of Inspiration, or you will be the descendants of such survivors. Many of you have probably met before. I'll be throwing up a game thumbnail and some notes on the setting in a little while, but I'm putting this up now so that you can start getting your ideas out there. I tend to do character-driven plots, so what you write right now might guide what I end up doing with that thumbnail, etc.
  19. Adventure! fans might want to check out Sci Fi's The Amazing Screw-On Head, a new cartoon series based on Mike Mignola's comic book. It's overflowing with witty dialogue, wicked plots, a sunken tomb, a demi-god, Emperor Zombie, a vampiress, and Abraham Lincoln, above and beyond Screw-On Head himself!
  20. Maxwell Anderson Mercer, Dr. Primoris, and That Which Followed Max Mercer was born to wealth and exploration. His parents were anthropologists at the University of Chicago, and Mercer accompanied them on their expeditions as soon as he learned to walk. Later, as he reached adulthood, he sought to make himself as exceptional as his life up until that point, attending Harvard and earning two PhD's in as many years. It was at Harvard that Mercer met and befriended a young prodigy named Michael Donighal, who would later become the formidable Dr. Primoris. After graduation, Mercer returned home to Chicago to manage his family's fortune, using profits from investments to finance municipal projects, scientific study, and research expeditions. His social circle gradually expanded to include extraordinary individuals of all stripes, including the slightly mad physicist Dr. Calvin Hammersmith. In 1922, Mercer answered an invitation to a scientific demonstration held by Hammersmith, traveling to the doctor's home in London in the company of his long-time friend, Michael Donighal. The experiment - intended to demonstrate Hammersmith's discovery of a strange new energy source - went horribly awry. The Telluric Engine, intended to harness this energy, exploded, killing many of the gathered observers, along with Hammersmith himself. The survivors, including Mercer and Donighal, went home to find themselves changed by the experience ... these changes would later become known of as Inspiration, for the recipients were granted abilities and skills far beyond that of mundane men. While the survivors of the Hammersmith experiment were the first to feel the effects, the wave of telluric energy propagated outward, changing a rare number of men and women, as well as wreaking bizarre changes on the world itself. Extraordinary people began to appear, heroes and villains alike, and strange myths and fictions began to emerge as truth. It was during this time that Mercer gathered together many of the best, most inquisitive minds of his generation, creating the Aeon Society for Gentlemen. This was to be an effort to uncover the great truths of this strange new world, and a means to bring forth the best for (and in) humanity. After his Inspiration, Mercer appeared to be much as he had been before - which, admittedly, was a master of many, many fields and an extraordinary, experienced adventurer. However, Donighal had become something more ... a prodigy from the beginning, his Inspiration led him to surpass human perfection in all ways, mind and body. In the years to follow, Donighal gradually grew isolated from the rest of humanity, paying respect to very few individuals. The chief of these was Mercer, whom he idolized and (as some of their contemporaries believe) loved. He hoped that Mercer would make the most of the Hammersmith effect, using the changes wrought to craft mankind's salvation. He hoped this, but he slowly found himself disillusioned. Even in the early years, they disagreed on the basic means of bringing about the best for humanity: Mercer believed in staying hands off, leaving mankind to grow and learn as it would. Thanks to him, the Aeon Society was dedicated to two tasks ... negating the influence of other, less moral Inspired and making available the knowledge humanity might find useful in its future course. Donighal disagreed. He felt that letting humanity forge its own path would lead to disaster, at worst, and needless pain, at best. His vision involved the Inspired taking an active role in the world, guiding and nurturing humanity in order to insure that the species would achieve its potential. This disagreement first resulted in Donighal remaining separate from the Society, adopting the name Dr. Primoris mostly as an ironic commentary on his colleagues' tendency toward showmanship. However, in the thirties and forties, the rift between Donighal and Mercer's ways of seeing the world became far more serious and divisive. This peaked shortly before WWII, when Dr. Primoris more-or-less allied himself with the Axis powers, thinking to use the war (which both Mercer and Dr. Primoris had foreseen, but Mercer thought necessary for humanity's growth) as a demonstration of the flaws inherent in Mercer's view. His choice in this matter was mostly likely influenced by his ever-increasing isolation from humanity, but many others followed him simply out of allegiance to him, or to his ideas. Along with Hitler's own cadre of superscientists and supernaturalists, Dr. Primoris' faction forced the Aeon Society to gather its allies and attempt to put a stop to the collusion. The resulting tensions, skirmishes, and - finally - climactic battle in the early forties essentially marked an end to the so-called Age of Inspiration. The Age had been dwindling for some time, as the fading of the Hammersmith Effect resulted in a rarity of new Inspirations, but that final battle ended it for good. There was no clear resolution to the showdown. It ground on in an obvious stalemate (with Inspired on both sides falling in battle) before Mercer and Dr. Primoris both agreed to withdraw and strike a sort of détente between their opposing sides. The Aeon Society continues to exist to this day, but it has adopted a strict policy of inaction, relegating itself to an organization of observers - nothing more. This has resulted in some discontent in the ranks, as well as a gradual loss of membership. Many view the Society's current attitude as stagnation, rather than the responsible noninterference it claims. Dr. Primoris' faction has more-or-less dissolved. There are still many Inspired who consider themselves loyal to him and his formerly espoused ideas, but they form no coherent whole in the absence of Dr. Primoris' leadership. Some think that in the end Dr. Primoris was fighting only out of principle, rather than actual concern for the future of humanity ... now, at least, he certainly seems disinterested in his youthful ideals, allowing his so-called followers to take their own lead. Between the loss of life on both sides, in the forties, and the inactivity on both sides afterward, the Age of Inspiration effectively came to an end. There were still Inspired out there, and a rare few new Inspired continued to appear, but there were no more grand thinkers guiding these individuals to collect their efforts. In the face of the end of WWII and the Cold War to follow, these few extraordinary individuals came to seem small indeed. Many found employ in various governments during the Cold War (the Soviets, in particular, managed to recover a large number of Hitler's pet superscientists from Berlin), but the Inspired essentially ceased to become a force for change ... they became subsumed in the larger structures of corporations and governments, growing to become tools of the status quo. That is beginning to change, as Inspiration comes back into the world. The children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of the original Inspired are better suited to the mysterious mechanic of Inspiration, and more and more of them are erupting despite the faintness of the long-past Hammersmith Effect ... some even being Inspired from birth. This new generation is rediscovering some of the passion that their parents (and etc) once had, and they are beginning to form a new faction - taking from, yet being independent of the old. Right or not, they are taking the world into their hands, thinking to change and better it. It may just be the hubris of youth ... that remains to be seen.
  21. This is for the folks with a copy of the book in front of them ... I'll break it down further for poppalee, via PM. I'll be selecting the final group this coming weekend, using whatever I have at that point to decide. I do not require a character sheet by then, though you are free to send me one. Phase One Step One: I'm not bothering with Origin. Pick Virtue, Vice, and Allegiance as normal, and take a dot in Backing for whatever your primary Allegiance is. 'The Movement' is a legitimate Allegiance. Step Two: No changes in Attributes. Step Three: Add Computer to the Intelligence Abilities, and add Business to the Wits Abilities. I'm using a rule from (I think) Trinity: You can take a breather in combat to roll Stamina+Resistance. If you succeed, your wound penalties are reduced by your Resistance for a number of turns equal to your number of successes. Step Four: Take each Ally as a separate background - the number of dots you invest determines the power of that Ally (two dots produces an equal, as per the Adventure rules). This makes more sense in terms of xp costs ... in the normal rules, your second Ally is more expensive to purchase than your first, which doesn't follow. Gadgets should mostly be superscience, with only extraordinary exceptions - telluric energy is faint in this era, so it is rare for an object to become Inspired without a superscientist at work. Normal objects which an Inspired simply has a particular connection to may also be Gadgets (for instance, a gun that you've used so much it's practically an extension of your hand). Janos' sword is still legal (grandfathered in, so to speak), and I'll allow Regan's bag (but the contents should be largely superscientific in nature, and some special rules will be necessary). You can purchase Nemesis if you don't know who your enemy is, or if you otherwise would be unable to gain the Reputation bonus. However, you get no price break or special benefits. Step Five: No changes here. Phase Two Step One: You do not have to choose an Inspiration type. If you are of the new generation, you have evolved beyond those limitations. If you're older, you simply worked your way around them over the years. Do keep a them running through your Knacks, though. Also, your starting Inspiration should go up to 1 now. This should be in the Character Creation Table, but is not ... check page 120, paragraph two for the real skinny (I find that people miss this a lot, so I'm pointing it out). Step Two: Neither do you have to define a primary facet - your current primary facet is simply the highest one, or the highest ones (if there's a tie). It can change if one facet overtakes another. Step Three: Spend thirty (that's 30) transformation points. The costs are all as written. Permanent Inspiration may go as high as 10, if you wish. You can buy any Knack you want, regardless of type. You may use the superscience rules to create supertech and pay for it in advance by spending temporary Inspiration, as per the rules in the book. Phase Three No changes.
  22. Thread for key information about events, people, and organizations from the Roaring Twenties game. Mostly of use to those players carrying characters through from that game or creating descendants of said characters. Feel free to step in and comment, or add your own notes on what a former (or current) character would've done.
  23. (late May, 1924 - somewhere in Texas) A hot, dry summer wind blows in off the desert and through town, serving out no relief from the burning Texas sun. The train station is sitting just on the outskirts of town, trailing a comet's tail of saloons, stores, and flophouses for anyone laying over here on their way to bigger places. The station itself is a crude affair - really just a couple of shacks built off the platform. One houses the ticket station, the post depot, and the telegraph office, and the other is little more than a water reservoir to top off the engines' tanks. Deep eaves hang out from these perfunctory structures, providing some measure of shade for the handful of people waiting on the coming train. The platform is built from peeled logs, split in half and laid side by side along perhaps a dozen meters of track. The two hot rails rest nearby, running off toward both empty horizons in the company of a long, drooping telegraph wire suspended from an endless row of wooden posts. The station master and a couple of his friends (all getting on in age) sit in front of the ticket window, shuffling a greasy old deck of cards and halfheartedly slapping at the sluggish flies lured in by the scent of their sweat. A handful of passengers wait under the office's eaves alongside the old men - farmers mostly, grizzled and tanned by too many years of wind and sun. A group of a half dozen is on the other side of the station, gathered in the shade of the water reservoir. They look like accountants or engineers, small men dressed in business suits entirely unsuited to the summer heat. Surveyors perhaps - they are surrounded by pieces of heavy luggage that look as if they could be transporting some kind of specialist equipment. However, the most immediately obtrusive of the waiting passengers would be a woman standing a little to the side of anyone else. Pretty, serious, and quiet, she is dressed in sensible leather shoes and a simple skirt and blouse - all rather worn, with marks from the removal of embroidery or lace visible on the clothes. A miner's duffel bag sits on the platform to her left, and a smaller valise sits to her right. She is also Indian. Eastern Indian, that is - not one of the Red Indians that occasionally wander through town. The locals don't seem to have seen many like her, and she is the subject of quite a bit of subtle and not-so-subtle observation. Nobody bothers her, though she does have to put up with the weight of too many eyes. The surveyors pay her little attention, instead fidgeting quietly as they wait for the train. Said train shows up pretty much on schedule, steaming into the station with a protracted hiss and clatter, it's whistle emphatically declaring it's arrival. The engine sighs and ticks in the heat as the station grudgingly comes to life. The farmers cut across the platform (shouldering past the handful of unloading passengers), and a gaggle of porters pours out to help the surveyors manhandle their luggage into the train. As all this goes on, a thin, sharp featured man strolls onto the platform - an Arab, from the look of him. He is dressed in a somewhat shabby suit, and his only luggage seems to be the small briefcase at his side. Catching a stare from the station master and his cronies, the newcomer flashes a ticket (a passenger, then) and begins to wait for the surveyors and their equipment to finish loading onto the train. He surveys the platform and spots the young woman, glances around once more, then wanders in her direction. The woman in question is growing somewhat worried, and somewhat irritated. She was supposed to be met here by her prospective teammates (with none such to be seen), and the porters are pretty obviously going to ignore her presence on the platform. Distracted as she is, she doesn't notice the approaching man until he is almost at her side. He flashes a wry, but polite smile as he gives her a brief bow and asks, "Excuse me, but I couldn't help but to notice. D'you need a hand with your bags? I don't have much to carry, and I'm afraid the staff here is unlikely to be of much help, so ..." He finishes with a 'what can you do?' shrug and raises his eyebrows at her inquisitively. He speaks with a British accent - perhaps he immigrated from one of the colonies.
  24. I was thinking about this earlier today. In earlier times (meaning more along the lines of the early Renasaince and Industrial ages) people who spoke more than one language usually spoke several languages fluently - sometimes a dozen or more! So I noticed the optional rule in the Trinity Player's Guide that higher levels of Linguistics allow the player to learn more than one extra language (page 113) maxing out at 12 languages. So would you folks like to use that optional rule (with Linguistic Mastery being 16 languages) rather than the base? It'll work the same as in the TPG - you'll have to use up an extra language 'slot' for anything beyond just speaking and reading the language, and the language slots will be bought separately with experience, making it different from other abilities.
  25. While looking through the Adventure! stuff I have, I noticed that not all of the backgrounds have specific enhancements for them. So, I wrote a few. (Hey, I had to sit in a cubicle and check security badges for five hours. I had to do something. ::laugh ) Kryptonite (Nemesis) - Your enemy is the yin to your yang, the heads to your tails, the Moriarty to your Holmes. When you have definate proof that your Nemesis is behind the current plot, roll your Nemesis rating, and gain two temporary Inspiration for each success. In addition, when you and your Nemesis face off directly (minions and indirect traps do not count), treat your Destructive facet as one higher than usual. If this raises it to six, treat Knack bonuses (such as for Untouchable) based on your Destructive facet as +5. Protege (Mentor) - Your character isn't just liked by their mentor, they've been hand picked to succeed them. He can assign his five dots in Mentor to boost his ratings in Backing, Contacts, Influence, Resources, and Sanctum, to no higher than 4 dots. Alternately, they can assign dots to lower the experience costs for upgrading Abilities on a 2:1 basis. (That means pick two Abilities that the PC has at least one dot in, and lower the cost by one XP per dot assigned. This cannot lower the experience cost below one point.) Example - Whitley Styles has Backing 3, Resources 2, Sanctum 0, and buys the Protege enhancement. He ressigns his Mentors dots as follows: one to Backing (raising it to 4), two to Resources (raising it to 4), one to Sanctum (raising it to 1), and one to lower the XP costs for raising Engineering and Firearms (making their costs current ratingx2 -1). The Man, The Legend (Reputation) - Even the aborigines in the Lost World have heard of your character. You can add six dice to any Intimidation, Interrogation, Subterfuge, or Command roll. Rapport rolls used on your character are always made at a +2 difficulty. People opposing you in non-combat situations (witty reparte at a party, arm-wrestling competitions, scientific debates) lose two dice from their relevant dice pools. Zoo (Menagerie) - Your character is gifted with a veritable army of animals at his fingertips. For almost any occasion, your character can call upon a trained regular animal (dog, horse, messenger pigeon, etc). In addition, your character can tame any kind of non-hostile animal with a successful Animal Handling roll. Alternately, if the character's five-dot Menagerie is an Inspired creature, then the character gains a second Inspired creature. Treta both animals sa their base cousins, with 24 Transformation Points total between them. This second option may only be purchased with XP, lest a starting character be overshadowed by his pets.
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