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Found 307 results

  1. In the Adventure! book, it gives lip service to two particular pieces of machinery - Z-wave image resonators, and Telluric capture inventions. Now, while I can easily make up a Z-wave image resonator using the super-science rules (it's just a Telluric Resonance Innovation), but the capture device I can't find any details for building. So, how long do you think it would take in R&D to make such a capture device? Also, do you think it's possible to create a Z-wave image resonator without having to go into Innovation territory? ------------------ Lee Davis-Thalbourne/Kirby1024 - kirby1024@hotmail.com Creator of the XA-1037. Ask me about my special rates for special customers!
  2. This is for all of those who are just dying to get those Knacks you thought up on public display. I start the procedings with a Knack that frankly should have been in the book: Percussive Maintenance "Just whack the damn thing!" FWHACK! "Right, there we go." You may not have any mechanical knowledge (then again, you might), but you seem to have the unerring ability to use violence to get machines to obey you. System: This Knack allows you to, when any mechanical object fails, to get it working once more. The daredevil rolls Brawl on a standard difficulty. If he succeeds, the machine works a number of extra times equal to the amount of successes on the roll. This may be used on Super-Science Devices, as well as mundane machinery. This works as long as the machine in question has not more than 2 health levels of damage. Also, If a player fails a roll when trying to use an Innovation, The player may roll Brawl in a second attempt to get the machine operating. This Knack may only be used once per machine per scene. Prerequisites: Help? I can't think of an appropriate Prerequisite.
  3. 1. when a normal with the latency is expossed to a large amount of z-waves he becomes an inspired, what happens if sometime later he is expossed to the same amount or greater amount of z-waves than that which inspired him/her? does he gain new abilities, or nothing at all. 2. a z-wave promethus tank, say someone took hammmersmiths designs and modifed them to create a tank sphereical or cyclinderical, that collected z-waves and then , discharged them at the person in the tank, to turn them inspired, is shielded from outside, and has safetys. How powerful would the individuals be since they are at point zero.? would they get more transforming points then those given in the book. ------------------ call me a kitty cat will you, grrrrrrrrr see my claws, and watch them rip your heart out human.
  4. Have read the adventure book and love it, and its explanations for the existance of lost worlds being the result of the z-wave from hammersmiths accident is good to. I saw one mention in the back in the timeline area, that mentions ufo's, from 1938+ I think. So the point in the aeon triligy plot, you only seem to have aliens in trinity (doyon, chromatics, coalition, qin, and those primitives the coalition raped). In aberrant none are mentioned at all, yet in adventure they mention the ufo's observed and such, the ufos=grays in my mind. So if they are mentioned why arn't they in aberrant or at least trinity?. And if they aren't aliens but people of one of the lost worlds, with maybe some influx of ww2 scientist and soldiers from germany after the war, then they wouldnt just go silent they would continue their plans, yet in the aberrant world its like they dont exist or never had, what the ufo's all went home and never came back?. From what i have in my rpg collection from white-wolf, they seem to avoid any mention of aliens at all, they have either abductions blaimed on the changlings, or its a project of the technocracy, or the nephandi, using high tech gizmo's. where they afraid of hooking in the mythos of the ufo's and aliens(grays, silvers, nordics, reptoids /reptilians) into their stories, thinking it might take away from what they wanted to put forward. I dont see anything wrong with psi-manipulating greys play cat and mouse with novas, or helping and manipulating the human race from behind the scene, maybe being resposible for the creation of psiads. Hell it would really confuse the novas having grey/psiad hybrids running around shutting them down or doing their own projects ------------------ call me a kitty cat will you, grrrrrrrrr see my claws, and watch them rip your heart out human.
  5. Whilst trolling in a much darker venue than this one I ran across an interesting tidbit of information. The question concerned why character abilities in Adventure were limited to 3 dots and couldn't be raised without transformation points. The general response was that you should raise them first with bonus points and again later with transformation points. In answer the original poster drew attention to the example that's printed in that section and reads: "...Ellen wants to raise Racheals Brawl score, but she must wait until the next step in character creation. [because she already had a Brawl 3]" The developer answered with the following: Quote:Montano - 08/29/2001 01:37:42 - bruce-baugh@spiretech.com I think we screwed up on the bonus points description, that's what I think. Disregard that ability cap, raise abilities to five dots with bonus points, carry on. Yeah, I'm shooting for keeper of the Adventure! FAQ position when Chosen decides he wants one. ------------------ Tuesday Childe having far to go... [This message has been edited by Tuesday Childe (edited 08-30-2001).]
  6. I thought of this from looking at all Three forums. Divis Mal will obviously be starring in Adventure (or at least have some sort of role). Considering that he will likely be a Nova, is it possible that other members of Aeon (ie founder Mercer) could be Novas/Psychomorphs/Whatever?
  7. PRESS RELEASE White Wolf Publishing, Inc. For Immediate Release March 7, 2001 WARREN ELLIS JOINS WHITE WOLF FOR 'ADVENTURE!' ATLANTA, Ga. -- White Wolf announced today the addition of author Warren Ellis to the cast of writers for its Summer 2001 pulp-genre roleplaying game, Adventure!. Ellis is best known for writing the comic books The Authority, Planetary and Transmetropolitan. "We're pleased that Mr. Ellis has come onboard Adventure!," said White Wolf Marketing Director Tim Avers. "The fiction he is contributing makes a fine addition to the most elaborate exploration of the pulp genre for a roleplaying game." Veteran developers Andrew Bates and Bruce Baugh provided the creative direction for Adventure!. "Adventure! explores many different aspects of pulp æ from hard-boiled noir to over-the-top adventure -- all within a single setting," said Bates. "As a result, it appeals to a wider audience than past pulp games have. Fans of The Shadow, Indiana Jones, The Rocketeer, Planetary, even The Maltese Falcon, will find Adventure! equally enjoyable." Adventure! is the third in a trilogy of games that began with 1997's Trinity, and continued in 1999's Aberrant. It is slated for release in August of 2001.
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