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  1. “Sir.” Bates’s tone was harsh enough that he stopped and forced himself to breathe deeply for a second. Shepherd stopped walking and the two men faced each other in the hallway. His expression was terse and stern as he faced the Captain, giving the other man a chance to calm down. They may not have liked one another, but they both respected the ranks each other wore. “Sir,” Bates continued when he had calmed down, “I respectfully request that you not gut my team.” Shepherd’s eyes narrowed. “A move onto my team is usually seen as a promotion, Captain. It’s a sign of how good your team is.” “Yes, sir. But they are my team. We work well together. We have understandings, sir.” Bates didn’t add that he had liked having the super-powered team. Weir had already started to mention some of the missions they’d be going on, and Bates had been really excited by the opportunity. They still had no idea how long these “super-powers” would last; McKay was no closer to a cure, but none of them seemed to be dying yet. “I’ll let you keep Evana and Shane,” Shepherd started, only to stop when Bates caught his arm. Bates didn’t need to touch people get their undivided attention, not since he’d changed. But he still did it, even as he reflexively added that extra oomph from his strange new abilities. “Sir, you give me Ford, or anyone else who isn’t like us, I’ll kill him. It won’t be intentional, but you know how soldiers are. If there’s one person who’s the super-man, then you look up to him. If you’re the one guy who’s not super powered, you’re going to try to keep up or feel less a man. That’s what whomever you replace Yseult is going to feel like.” Shepherd studied him a moment before nodded. “All right. Keep your team, Captain. Anything else?” “No sir.” Bates smiled, a stiff smile of gratitude. “Thank you, sir.” “Don’t mention it, Captain.” Shepherd grinned before sauntering down the hall. Bates went his own way, his head spinning with plans. There was a lot to do.
  2. It was a rare thing, for Someone to walk next to Daniel along the paths between buildings. Still it was cold out, and it so Happened that Curtis had taken refuge within the aura of radiant heat surrounding Daniel to take the bite out of the Cool air and colder wind. Class had gone well today, and while nowhere near the level of intelligence as Curtis, Daniel still did well enough. "So, Curtis how're things going with you?" It wasn't often they really spoke, though hearing his take on Milton, along with Warren's had helped he and Sonja put together another "A" grade report. "Thanks again for your help with the Report on Paradise Lost, between you and Warren, and even Oneca, you all gave me plenty to think about when we wrote the report."
  3. I think it's about time to shake things up. ,, What I propose is fairly simple. ,, The Mexican government has been doing well to purge the corrupt from office, and military command. The major drug and arms cartels do not like this. ,, They decide they're going to strike the head from the snake in a single bold gesture, but one that would allow them to choose the next President and government assembly. ,, The big question is how they go about doing it. ,, Enter Emilio Travio, a Refugee nova of great intellect, who has rebuffed any attempts to recruit him. He is utterly dissatisfied with the way Refugee novas are treated, and refuses to use his gifts to better the world that treats him as a second class citizen. Officially he lives in Argentina as a recluse, living in a mountain estate no one gains entry to. In reality, he is a designer of arms, which he sells to whomever can pay. ,, The cartels come to him, treating the vain nova with great respect, and offer him not money, but a challenge, to make a weapon to take out a large city, without it being biological or nuclear in nature. He was intrigued, but knew he'd need materials. He negotiated hard, and the cartels agreed to his terms and his price. ,, He delivers six months later, a device roughly the size of a septic tank, and nods triumphantly handing the liason an encrypted hard drive with proper deployment procedures, and the signal for detonation. He named the weapon "The Quake" ,, ,, another month passed, and the device is detonated, in a suburb of Mexico City. The entire city is rocked by a 7.9 on the Richter scale earthquake. Kilometers away, a dormant volcano erupts. Nearly the entirety of the Mexican government is slain by crumbling buildings and debris. the major military base is wiped out and the city burns as gas mains burst and pandamonium reigns. ,, Of all the government, the Mexican President does survive, as he was on an impromptu tour of a hospital with a delegation from the DSA. He immediately asks the DSA agents on site for aid and seeing the devastation asks the US officially for aid, specifically from the DSA novas. Nearly all of which will be deployed to help restore order and the recovery efforts. ,, I envision this part to be a chance for any nova involved to be a hero in their own right, in what scale you find appropriate. ,, The second part of this is abit darker ,, The Mexican president suspects but has no evidence of the Cartel's involvement. He asks for the DSA's help in erradicating them once and for all. What would follow is a parallel of how Team Tomorrow stomped out the cartels in the main aberrant world. ,, ,, ,, ,, As this idea is world affecting, and open to any character with reason to participate, I put it all to you to see if you wish to go this route, before I begin it.
  4. ~ Takes place during Learning Curve, after classes ,, Sonja glided out of the school and towards the student parking lot, her open pink long-coat swirling around her legs and a grin on her lips. It had taken a while, but she had finally gotten her BMW X6 adjusted, so she could fit behind the wheel again, though at the cost of most of the backseat room on the driver's side. ,, There had been annoyances, though. Finding out she was a mutant - she didn't have glowing eyes or blue skin, but, well, it hardly took more than a glance to tell she was more than human - the mechanics had dragged their feet on the work. Then when she had picked up her car, they had tried to over-charge her. ,, Which was kinda stupid when the client could benchpress buses. She really hadn't meant to intimidate them so badly, but she had wanted her car back, so she had simply picked it off the lift it had been sitting on. ,, She raised her fob and her silver BMW beeped as the doors unlocked. She slid in behind the wheel, luxuriating in the leather seat for a minute, a faint furrow appearing between her brows as she wondered if she really did smell a faint trace of brimstone or cigarette smoke.It was still a snug fit for her, and she was still adjusting to new sightlines, but it was hers. ,, She put the Sports Activity Coupe in gear, then peeled out of the lot with all the speed and unconcern of a young woman tougher and with reflexes greater than human. She had some running around to do and was simply happy to be driving a stylish vehicle again instead of the lumbering school van. ,, First, she stopped off at Barnes & Noble and picked up a copy of Dante's Inferno. And a copy of the Cliff Notes with only the slightest pang of guilt. ,, Next, was the main reason why she had come out. She had ordered something to gift 'Neca in return for the clothing she had arranged for her, and had gotten the call that it was in this morning from the specialist shop she had found. ,, However, when she was passing the Guiseppe Zanotti store, she couldn't help but stop in and look at the shoes. The sales associate gave her a surprised and not-quite-condescending look. She may have been dressed casually, but her clothes looked top of the line and someone as good looking as her must come from money. ,, On the other hand, she was a seven foot goliath, looming over the sales associate, despite her sky-high heels. Wistful, Sonja wasn't expecting to find anything in a size 17 and she didn't. But she could look, and take some pics with her phone. Maybe her aunts and cousins in Iceland could make something. I'll have to check to see if Zanotti, St-Laurent, or Louboutin take commissions... ,, With that detour over, Sonja finally made it to the specialty sewing machine shop. Idling before the shopfront, Sonja checked the address again on her phone, then frowned. It looked like an inconspicuous store with a very plain, brick facade... Built with a door all the way back when people on average were noticeably shorter than they are now. ,, With a sigh, Sonja climbed out of her car and wondered if they had a loading dock they would be willing to let her use.
  5. Name- Diana Madison Codename- Glacia Nicknames- Ice Maiden, the Snow Queen, Icy, that Cold Bitch(Derogatory) Age- 16 Birthday- 2 -17-1993 Height- 5' 6 Mass- 51 kg (112 lbs) Sex- Female Hair- White, with a touch of blue Eyes- Blue Bloodtype- O- General Appearance This young woman is absolutely beautiful, which, according to her, is something fairly new with her mutant gene's awakening. Her hair is completely white, with a hint of blue to it, which together with her youth makes her age somewhat confusing and hard to isolate. Add into this particular situation her intelligence and general maturity, and unless you know her real age, you might think she's older then she is. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Mutant Origin Diana was an a strong willed and extremely intelligent girl a few years ago, before her family went a cruise ship to Alaska. When they went deep within the mountains of Alaska to enjoy some skiing, they were caught in a terrible snow storm, followed by an avalanche. Everyone except Diana was killed in the accident, and the only reason she was not, was that was the point her mutant gene activated. Even as the avalanche crushed everyone under it, Diana changed, transforming, becoming much colder, and somehow, seemed to be changed. Colder then ice, she reshaped the very ice and snow around her to allow her to survive. Unfortunately, with her family dead, and unable to protect her, the other humans around turned on her, blaming her the disaster, saying that her powers caused it, and they drove her away. They were unable to actually harm her at the time, because she used her powers to defend herself. The school later got in touch with the girl, as she was roaming the wilderness of Alaska and Canada, and asked her to come to them. Incredibly strong-willed and intelligent, she considered their offer for a while, a week in fact, before agreeing and joining them. One of the teachers acts as a mentor, guide and willing ear for the girl to talk to, and is one of the few folks Diana talks too. Personality Diana is cool and distant in her personality, to just about everyone except Daniel(and her Mentor), also known as Hotstreak, the fiery mutant initially got on her nerves, but somehow managed to get though her defenses, and touch her heart, which had felt frozen sense her family died. Despite this, she does care about people, especially her fellow mutants, knowing some of the troubles they have gone through similar to hers. She is also slow and analytical; it takes effort on her part to make quick decisions, but she is very strong willed and almost unyielding once she's made one. Though few folks have discovered this, if a case can be made for some idea logically, she'll often support or allow it, even if it goes against society or cultural norms. Powers She has total control over ice and cold, able to create and shape ice at will, she can even freeze liquid nitrogen out of the air, she's yet to fully explore how strong her power over cold can get. She's also mostly immune to the cold, and can easily just covert her inner energies into cold. In fact, she has a problem not doing so, as she constantly manifests freezing cold around herself, like a aura of it, and her touch is almost painful, like putting one's hand on something so cold it can give you frost burn, those able to keep themselves warm, adapt to temperatures, or immune to cold are the only ones without this problem. She's been trying to control that aspect of her powers, but can't quite manage to, yet. She is also inhumanly tough, adapting to every environment except extremes of heat, and blindingly intelligent, her IQ rates off the charts.
  6. Legal Name: Daniel Brandt Codename: Der Golem Residence: Dresden Marital Status: Single Date of Birth: March 23rd, 1907 Date of Eruption: November 10th, 1938 Sex: Male Height: 5'8” (Human) / 11'4" (Golem) Weight: 153 lbs (Human ) / 612 lbs (Golem) Physical Build/Appearance: Daniel Brandt is of middling height and weight, wearing dirty, worn, traveling clothes, blond haired and blue eyed - giving him something of an Aryan look (but for the fact he is a German Jew.) Catalyst of Eruption: Assaulted by the SS while his store and home were ransacked and his family was murdered during the Kristallnacht (the Night of Broken Glass). Personality Profile / Quirks: Daniel Brandt is a peaceable man by nature, kindly, but since the Kristallnacht, and the past couple of years, he has found himself threatened to be consumed by the desire to make the Nazis pay. A devout Jew, at times he wonders if the Golem form is a test more than a gift from God, to see whether he can check the rage that he often allows to come forth as Der Golem. Distinctive Features: Daniel Brandt seems not too distinctive in appearance, save for scars across both of his cheeks. Der Golem on the other hand, is an utterly distinctive mass of a rock man taller and heavier than two or more normal men combined. Known Powers: While remaining Daniel Brandt, he is a normal human and has no Dynamic abilities. When transformed into Der Golem, Daniel possess extreme resistance to injury, in his rocky form and utterly inhuman strength. General History: Daniel Brandt was born to Samuel and Esther Brandt, who ran a local Dresden sweets shop, as had Samuel's papa too. Daniel from an early age had shown kindly and peaceable traits, reinforced during his youth by the terrible tales of the Great War and the long misery on the home front. ,, In time, he married a good Jewish woman named Rebecca, and they took over a sold building on the other side of the square from their parent's shop to open a bakery. They had three young children, and life could not have been more sedate and pleasant. ,, And then the Nazis began to take power. The Brandts observed the growing ranting, the slurs, and Daniel fervently hoped with naive willfulness that this all would pass, the idiots seen for what they were and cast down. ,, And then Dresden exploded with all the other German cities on Krystallnacht, hoodlums broke into the bakery and dragged the Brandts from their beds upstairs as others smashed their livelihoods into debris. Across the street, Daniel paled as he could hear the screams of his parents and the candy store burning. ,, Daniel feebly protested, was beaten heavily, and the world blurred into a haze, but when Rebecca and his children died, Daniel knew it - and he wondered when God would send protection for those Jews, who like he had been too foolish to be ready to save themselves. ,, Then... anger. Power. Stony certainty. Daniel came to when he was out of Dresden, covered with blood and composed of rock... he knew what he was now. A prophesied Golem. Yet Daniel Brandt, and the Golem were not the same form, so Daniel left, realizing he needed to live on his own and fight the Germans as need be - lest the innocent get pulled in worse.
  7. FROM: Doctor William Erving TO: Director Joseph Horst ,, I know my regular report isn't due for several days, but I really think you need to know now what it'll simply confirm among the materials. ,, Naturally, I can't claim to know the details of Mr. Shreveson and Mr. Kensington's... 'relationship issues', but however, Ross has spent a great deal of time training and being tested with us... and I'm concerned by what I'm seeing. Ross was already observed to have a great deal of kinetic-based potential: kinetic energy bolts, telekinesis, defensive uses of telekinesis, self-levitation, etc. ,, This was in addition to low superhuman levels of agility, reactions, social traits and appearance. Those have remained steadily constant. But his powerset is becoming of increasingly alarming potency. ,, As the attached files indicate: first off, his telekinetic lifting capacity has skyrocketed... with some difficulty weeks ago, Ross could lift a few dozen tons... now he regularly is achieving weight loads of tons in the triple digits. Second, though his kinetic blasts are non-lethal even to baselines when controlled - I must place emphasis on 'controlled.' It takes (fortunately simple as he describes it) conscious effort to limit any energy projection... which renders a battle tank into a near if not complete wreck. ,, A normal person would become nothing more than a smear. Consider that for imagery. And speaking of tanks, Ross' practically reflexive use of kinetic and telekinetic force to protect himself most likely - based on our extrapolations - make even the heaviest of weaponry moot. Shy of a nuclear warhead, but that doesn't lend itself to fruitful thoughts. ,, I swear he's going to break the sound barrier in flight. If there's anything he's going to have difficulty with, it would be novas with potent psychic or energy attacks. ,, In short, I don't know what's going on in his head... but the young man is becoming something of a nova super-weapon, possibly some link between hormones, mood and powers, I don't know. I care for him (he's a kindly individual), and I know you do for everyone in this agency. Consider this a warning, since there are those in our government and beyond with less scruples and heart. ,, Sincerely, Dr. William Erving
  8. Birth Name: Curtis Shane Nick Names: None Aliases: None Calling: Tech Expert Known Relatives: Jesse Shane (Parent), Jeff Shane (Parent) Age: 24 Gender: Male Ethnic Background: Caucasian Nationality: American Height: 5’ 8” Weight: 160 lb. Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Dark Blonde Handedness: Right Distinguishing Marks: None. Background Curtis was adopted as an infant by Jesse and Jeff Shane, a gay couple in Omaha, Nebraska. When in 5th grade, anti-gay attention angered Curtis, who drew away from others mostly, and focused on his hobbies of computers and electronics. The only exception was working at Jesse's auto shop, where he got along with the other employees. Arguably, it was because in order to prove wrong the 'sissy-man' insults and similar taunts, he joined the military. With his technical expertise, it was not hard to secure a place in the technical ranks of the Air Force. Unfortunately, his admitted hopes of avoiding direct combat were smashed when he was maneuvered into joining the Air Force Tactical Control Party courses and subsequently posted to Afghanistan. That proved to be a difficult time- nay, near catastrophe when a RPG attack downed his helicopter and the unit was under severe attack by a Taliban force for more than a day. Curtis had to indeed shoot and kill for his life, and the experience felt almost more than he could handle. Thus as soon as he could, he finagled a transfer to Material Command and away from the front lines. Then with his technical expertise in full bloom and demonstration, he was tapped for SGC, and admittedly excited to be dealing with alien technologies. Eventually, he was transferred to Atlantis, the biggest joy yet. When he completed a hookup system that allowed the Expedition to interface Ancient computers with laptops, he knew he was in the right place.
  9. Shortly before the DSA Christmas Party Karrie had code-named it the Margarita. First, she loved the drinks, when she was already drunk. Second, she didn’t want to type its real name in her computer. She knew that Horst did spy on her projects. He considered it to be a preventive measure to the Apocalypse. Karrie considered it to be both an annoyance and a challenge. So “Project Get Connor Back” needed a code name. Nervously, Karrie applied her lip stick; not too much, just an accent. Too much make up would make her look whore-y, and from the text messages Inga was sending her, the whores were thick at the party already. Karrie needed to stand out, to be different. She needed to get Connor to realize that while she had fucked up, she was the better choice than Ms. Mega-Lips and the woman you could actually be allergic to. Besides, she’d done her fucking research on Ms. Mega-Lips, and she knew that girl was the Queen of Whores. She was practically the Whore of Babylon, and only the fact that the Anti-Christ hadn’t arrived saved Ms. Muse from being humped to death by Satan. Karrie had a few opinions about Ms. Muse. Those opinions had formed after learning that the woman was spending a lot of time with Connor; the research she’d done had only backed her opinions. After she had it on, Karrie decided it was too garish. Grumbling to herself, she pulled off some toilet paper and removed it. She did a quick check of her outfit again; the black skirt, silky red blouse and black boots were all clean, unwrinkled and lint-brushed. She could have whored it up; she was taking the high road. She was dressed. That left only The Perfume. Karrie held up the test tube, peering at the amber liquid inside the vial. Months of research, experimentation and resources had gone into making The Perfume. Karrie had fretted and worried that it wouldn’t be ready in time for the party, but the monkeys she’d tested it on had fucked for six hours before collapsing of exhaustion. It was as ready as it got. “This is it.” She looked at her eyes in the mirror. “This is the night I get Connor back.” Her stomach curled in anticipation and delight as she considered that in just a few hours, she could have the man of her dreams. Pulling the cap loose, Karrie used an eyedropper to collect a few drops of the perfume. The smell of her favorite scent, sandalwood, filled the air. It was an unusual choice for perfumes, but she’d needed an oil base and this smell calmed her. The scent masked the super-pheromones that she’d infused into the oil, pheromones that would be activated when warmed to body temperature. Something nagged at her, and Karrie stopped before application, peering at herself in the mirror. Something wasn’t right. Rather than assume that her conscious was warning her against trying to manipulate people by effectively drugging them, Karrie’s mind focused on what if it didn’t work. What if it has the opposite effect? What if it made her sick or she broke out in a rash? She’d have to test it. Karrie dragged the glass rod across both sides of her neck, then dipped it again and applied more of The Perfume to her wrist. She was supposed to meet Rob before the party to plan hijinks; she’d ask his opinion. Feeling as nervous as a girl at prom, Karrie capped the vial and slipped it into her purse. The night was almost electric with anticipation and hope for her, and she went to Rob’s lab with an eager smile. The Perfume Innovation 3 Mega-Appearance[12 xp] 1 Enhancement: Seductive Looks [3 xp] 1 Enhancement: Blind Bewitchment (Scent) [3 xp] Quantum 3, Quantum Pool 21 Die-pool: Perception + Awareness Damage: N/A Cost: 10 NP/18 xp
  10. August 16th, Morning Indianapolis, Indiana "Come on, Kev! Get your tits in gear! Just 'cause you're a girl now, you take forever to get ready? Bet you Vy and Amy are waiting on your pretty ass, too. Aren't you?" Taeli scowled at her reflection in the bathroom mirror as she deftly twisted her purple hair into intricate braids, binding them to the back of her head with a pair of jeweled hair clips. Long, pointy ears weren't just form, they had function too - through the bathroom door and the door to her and Amaranth's hotel room at the JW Marriott, she could clearly hear the rumbling baritone that belonged to the biokinetically-enhanced-to-near-seven-feet Alan. "Keep your skirt on, Alan, I'm almost ready," she said, opening the bathroom door for a second and pitching her voice to carry, before closing it again. And here I am a stupid, sexy, soprano... It was a tired, resigned thought as she reached down to adjust her breasts inside her bustier, then tugged up at the cups, but it was only a delaying tactic. No amount of fiddling would make her bustier cover more than the little it did. With several months of living as a woman under her belt, Taeli was mostly used to her body now, if still having trouble with all and the type of attention it received. And she certainly wasn't accustomed to dressing like this, regardless of how incongruously comfortable it was - she still preferred loose, unisex clothing that downplayed her taut, stunning curves. Letting her sister talk her into going out to a club in London for her seventeenth birthday at the beginning of August had been a big mistake. But she had been allowed off the Ramillies compound for one of the rare times without a minder and had spent a great weekend with her family, so was in high-spirits and had let herself get lost in the music... Well, suffice to say, at least as far as she was concerned, it definitely was possible to be too sexy for your own good. Really, Kathy hadn't needed to laugh, she might have been used to having some guy grind his hard-on against her ass, but Taeli wasn't! Nor was she used to being propositioned and proposed to so often and so blatantly. Sighing, she studied herself in mirror as she pulled out a small jewelry box out of her invisible Bag of Holding - what her friends annoyingly called her invisible purse. She picked through it, skipping the earrings - which she already wore - adorning fingers with tastefully elegant rings of gold, silver, and mithril, gemmed and not. According to the scientists, it was actually a unique alloy of platinum, osmium, and titanium they couldn't believe was naturally occuring, but to her, it was mithril, the same as the combs studded with sapphires binding her hair. She didn't even consider the circlet - yes, she had a damned tiara! among other things - seeing that as too much. She had to admit, she looked fantastic, if anything, even more attractive than when she had first erupted to her consternation - she could readily believe she had a nymphly heritage. The backless bustier and shoulder-length, fingerless gloves of deep blue leather embossed with arcane patterns of gold contrasted flatteringly with her pale, perfect complexion. Taeli perched easily in the four-inch heels of the matching thigh-high boots, which highlighted her firm, shapely legs and pert behind - at least it gave her something closer to her old, male height. The length of her elegant ears were bedecked with a number of earrings, studs and small hoops and cuffs, and her Luckstone rested snug in the hollow of her throat. In addition to the rings, she had also added a fine gold chain, the gold pendant of a stylized heart - the symbol of Hanali Celanil, the Elven Goddess of love and beauty - resting between her full breasts. She topped it off with a cloak of cloth-of-silver that reached her ankles, trimmed in dark fur and backed with lavender silk. She pulled the final piece of her costume from her bag of holding and clipped it to one of the two belts hanging from her hips. A scabbard of gleaming black shadowtop wood, capped and mounted in mithril, the intricate crossguard and pointed pommel in clear display. She and Vyserian had gotten a special dispensation to wear their moonblades from WotC. She looked sensual without being slutty, fey and exotic, and even a little dangerous, like she could kick-ass and look hot doing it, then would be ready for a ball. She was nervous showing so much skin while not wearing a bathing suit, and had never worn so much jewelry in her life - even if she could picture her PC doing so - but she did look like her character down to virtually the last detail. That had been part of the deal with WotC, that they would all dress in-character while attending GenCon, while they provided the plane tickets and accommodations. She wondered if Liam and Connor were just claiming that to see her strutting around in her fantasy gear. At least they were dressed up too. Then again, she had seen pictures from past cons, they might hardly stand out at all. Okay, that was probably asking too much... Nervous she might be, Taeli was equally, if not more, excited to be here. The compound in Ramillies was beginning to chafe and the gaming group had been talking about attending GenCon since last year. Their eruptions and awakenings had completely disrupted those plans of course. Then Liam and Connor revealed they had gotten in contact with Wizards of the Coast, who, along with their corporate masters at Hasbro, were certainly interested in five young adults who in some ways had become their Dungeon & Dragons characters, especially the two Nova-Elves. There couldn't be better publicity than that, and it would certainly give them a boost to a demographic they were losing to MMOs, as well as attract new gamers to the industry. More importantly - and surprisingly - EuroNet had allowed them to attend, contingent on them being accompanied by minders to keep an eye on their potential assets, one for each nova, and one for the three psiads. Teali blushed, recalling giggling in glee at the news. In her extra-dimensional satchel, she had copies of The Gathering Storm and The Towers of Midnight for the Author Guest of Honor to sign, Brandon Sanderson, as well as a book of artwork for the Artist Guest of Honor, Todd Lockwood, who had been of the artists responsible for the look of third edition of D&D. He had been an influence on her own art style and she had a portfolio of her own artwork too, to show him and some of the other artists attending, as well as the reps at Wizards. She had been interested in being a commercial artist and still was. She had sold a few commissions through her DeviantArt page, but had to close that down after being inundated by requests once it was known she was a nova. This trip was full of firsts for her. Her first convention, her first trip overseas, her first time on a plane. She had been anxious on the plane at first - Thank God that Amaranth's status as a princess meant they had had a charted diplomatic flight all to themselves - enough that she had seriously debated pulling on her boots, since they allowed her to fly, just in case, but refrained the urge. It was silly, she could picture herself flying on the back of a dragon, on giant eagles and griffons, and those had all been exhilarating, yet the plane unnerved her. She'd gotten over it during the last half of the flight though. Mostly. But now she was here and she didn't intend hiding in her hotel room the entire time. Not the least because it was slightly awkward sharing it with Amaranth and Vyserian, even if a few months had made it somewhat easier to deal with her and his predicament. And she was only sharing with them because it would have been even more awkward sharing it with either her minder, or Alan, Connor, or Liam, though all three had been more than eager to do so. Humming lightly, she checked herself in the mirror once more, made sure her cloak was draping properly and leaving her swordhilt clear, then sauntered out of the bathroom and struck a playful pose for Amaranth, that fell somewhere between fashion model and heroic Bladesinger. "So, Ames, think this will do for dressing up as a Moon-elf Bladesinger?" Taeli asked, her exotically accented soprano tinted with hesitant playfulness. Only then did she notice that is wasn't only Amaranth - and Vyserian - in the room. Their minders were there, Kristoff Wyst and Vitalia Rosellini, eyes hidden behind mirrorshades turning in her direction. Alan, Connor, and Liam were there too. Alan McAvoy was seven feet of red-headed barbarian, dressed in a kilt, furred boots, heavy gauntlets, his broad chest criss-crossed with a pair of wide leather bandoleers and an absurdly large - and fake - greataxe on his back. Connor Donovan was dressed in leather armor dyed green, with latex ears giving him mild points and a bow. Liam had dyed his hair white, as well as his sparse, trimmed beard, and was dressed in a white suit, claiming his was the Architect from some movie from about ten years ago. And they were staring at her unabashedly. Taeli's string of vehement curses was in Elven, but was as emphatic as the blush staining her cheeks a pale purple.
  11. City of London Air Raid Precautions Office. December 29th, 1940, 5:45 PM A gentle hand shook Claire Kincaid awake. “Here now, Miss Claire; you’ll ruin your reputation, getting a bit of sleep like that!” The young Scots woman opened her gummy eyes and saw a lumpy grinning face floating over her. “Hullo Graeme.” Grinding her eyes with the heel of her hand, she raised her head up off her cot and peered around the small ARP office set up in an abandoned storefront. “Any other witnesses?” “Nah, your secrets safe with me, miss.” He held out a steaming cup of tea. “Here, I made you a nice cuppa.” Graeme Albertson was the head of Claire’s Rescue Services team; before the Blitz, he’d been a mason, and now he led a team of fellow masons, carpenters and electricians who hit the streets almost every night, helping to drag victims out of the rubble after a raid. To say that she was the oddball would be an understatement; the only female, the only university graduate (and from Oxford, no less!) and the only member of the upper middle class. And at a mere twenty-one, she was clearly the youngest; sometimes she looked like a child playing dress-up in her dark blue coveralls. Claire smiled. “Cheers, Graeme!” Pushing aside the rough woolen blanket, she swung her bare feet down to the floor and eagerly accepted the delightful handful of warmth; the small office was sparsely finished, most of the original furniture having been hauled off. There were two desks, several chairs and of course a radio set, as well as several maps of London pinned to the walls. A handful of electric lamps threw a few bleak pools of light around, but somehow the whole place was oddly homey, at least to Claire; it smelled of pipe tobacco, sawdust and freshly brewed tea. As she sipped her Earl Grey, Claire noticed other members of the team starting to trickle in; Nigel, Alistair, Bob Fuller. The volunteers all fixed themselves tea and murmured to each other. The young Scot frowned at Graeme over her tea. “I don’t like the look of this; are we expecting company tonight?” The big man sighed as he poured himself a cup. “That we are.” He indicated the dull black Bakelite phone on the wall. “The Home Office just gave us a ring; Fighter Command picked up several hostiles on their way across the Channel.” He shook his head. “Bombers, and lots of them.” Claire felt a sinking feeling in her stomach; she took one last sip of tea, and then set her teacup aside. Graeme sucked in a bit of air as he watched her bare feet snake out and fetch her laced-up boots from under the cot, her toes as nimble as fingers, and then slip inside them like they were cozy slippers. Would he ever get used to such sights? Probably not, but the odd young woman had certainly been a godsend these last few months; she could squeeze into the narrowest cracks in the rubble and bring help to the injured the rest of his team might not reach in time. “How long?” Her soft Scottish burr brought the big man out of his reverie. “Oh fifteen, maybe twenty minutes?” He smiled and jerked his head towards the converted basement shelter. “Come along; plenty of room downstairs.”
  12. Hi, I have a doubt, it is about the power named Shred of Teleportation Mastery. I read the power and I am confuced, the power makes to many damage. "The nova must make a reflexive action to touch the target, then roll [ Manipulation+Teleportation Mastery] where each success does [Quantumx2] + (Successes x4) lethal damage." It means that if I teleported the skin of the target and I got 10 success the target receives 600 lethal damage? This is too much damage There is no way to defend against this power? Like roll willpower or something like that
  13. Sooooo… we’re converting to Aberrant. This thread will first list the house rules that we’ll be using in this version of the game. I think this is all: please ask questions down-thread. Sources Allowed All Core Books Individual powers will be considered from fan-material Custom-created powers will be submitted for public discussion in the Custom Powers thread Character creation Standard creation for the human portion 15 bonus points that must be spent on non-nova things Additional 15 bonus points to be spent on anything 30 NP Quantum 5 max to start Mega-Atties are capped at 3 for now Convert all experience from the Scion version to the Abby version Deviations from the Norm Attributes Improved Attributes – these are in play and can be bought with NP or xp. I will not allow rampant purchases above five; these are meant to be used when you want to be above average but not mega-levels of great. Abilities We are using the full gamut of secondary skills from the Player’s Guide. Science – Please buy a skill for each major discipline; for example, you can buy Science (Biology) and it will cover biochemistry, zoology, botany, genetics, etc. Mega-Attributes These are capped at 3 to start. There’s no need to take it all the way to eleven out the gate. Enhancements I will allow enhancements that do not require rolls involving mega-dice to be bought without the mega die. The base attribute must be at least a 5, and they cost the same as buying an extra enhancement. Powers Cyberkinesis – This is not a house rule but a warning: please don’t take this power and assume you’ll be able to just pwn the Lantan computer. You will have extreme difficulties because the computer is so vast and foreign. I wanted to be up front about that before people drop NP on it. Pretercognition – not a PC power. Gadgets/Devices Devices – built by calculating the cost of each power on the device, then subtracting 1 NP or 3 xp. Ex. Laser sword-gun – Quantum Bolt 3, Claws 3. Q-bolt is 3+3+3-1 for 8 NP plus claws 1+1+1-1 for 2 NP for a total of 10 NP. Merits and Flaws Iron Will is not allowed. Backgrounds Adversarial Backgrounds are allowed. Node can be seen as an analogy to ATA Gene. Node does not grant taint in this game. ,, Taint is real, as are aberrations. There will be a pseudo-science explanation for these at some point in the game. Willpower Willpower can go above 10 after the character creation phase. If you want to pay for more Willpower, go for it. Just don’t go too crazy; I probably won’t allow it to go beyond 13. This rule might be revoked later if it causes problems. If so, you’ll get back all the points you put into it. Strengths/Weakness Not allowed. Notes Please don’t try to convert super-exactly. Scion is not Abby, and though they are kissing cousins, they are still not that much alike. I will not get upset if your god-like zuper power doesn’t have an equivalent in Abby. I will not be upset if it breaks continuity; we’re adults, we know shit happens. If there is something that you must have that does not exist in Aberrant, we can craft something.
  14. Name: Kevin Cooper Nova Name: Taehlyri'salatria Duirsar, Taeli for short Concept: Accidental Elven Bladesinger Nature: Allegiance: Unsure at the moment. Theme: RPG Character for real. HT: 1.65 m/5'5'' WT: 48.2 kg/111 lbs Hair: Long, luxurious, rich purple, often pinned up Eyes: large, canted, almond shaped eyes of intense cyan, ringed by a thin band of shifting, prismatic colours Age: 17 (Born 07/01/1996) Attributes STR: 5 (Well-Built) Mega 1 *DEX: 5(Rhythmic) Mega 5 *STA: 5 (Energetic) Mega 3 *PER: 5 (Keen Eye) Mega 3 INT: 4 (Bright) *WIT: 5 (Creative) Mega 3 *APP: 5 (Exotic) Mega 4 MAN: 3 *CHA: 5 (Fey) Mega 4 Enhancements Witch's Might (M-Str: Precision) Expeditious Retreat (M-Dex: Enhanced Movement) Elven Grace (M-Dex: Cat-footed, Perfect Balance) Bladesinger's Dance (M-Dex: Physical Prodigy) Elven Lifespan (M-Sta: Unaging) Elven Resistance (M-Sta: Health) Elven Sight (M-Per: Electromagnetic Vision) Detect Magic (M-Per: Quantum Attunement) Song of Celerity (M-Wits: Multitasking) Bladesong (M-Wits: Combat Awareness) Arcane Mind (M-Wits: Taint Resistance) Blinding Beauty (M-App: Obscurement) Fey Glamour (M-App: Awe-Inspiring) Regal Hauteur (M-App: Unattainable) Voice of Art (M-Cha: The Voice) Animal Friendship (M-Cha: Bestial Rapport) Swordswoman's Stare (M-Cha: Disconcerting) Abilities: Physical - Archery: 3 Athletics: 5 Martial Arts: 3 Melee: 6 (Bladesong - Variant Fencing x3, Variant T'ai Chi Chuan x2) Ride: 2 Stealth: 3 Channel: 5 Endurance: 3 Resistance: 3 Mental- Awareness: 3 Academics: 2 Computer: 1 Linguistics: 3 Medicine: 1 Science: 1 Survival: 3 Arts: 3 (Drawing) Meditation: 5 Modulate: 5 Rapport: 2 Tactics: 2 Social - Intimidation: 3 Style: 3 Subterfuge: 1 Animal Training: 1 Carousing: 2 Etiquette: 2 Perform: 6 (Dancing, Singing, Moonblade-Flute) Backgrounds: Allies: 2 (the rest of her gaming group - Alan MacAvoy, Connor Donovan, ) Attunement: 5 Gadgets: 5 (Moonblade) Influence: Node: 5 Resources: 2 Reputation: Sanctum: 5 (Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion spell, write-up forthcoming) Adversarial Backgrounds: Fan Club: 1/1 Media Exposure: 1 Suitors: 1 (The other three in her gaming group, Alan MacAvoy, Liam Meath, Connor Donovan) Quantum: 5 Quantum Pool: 75 Temporary Taint: 0 Permanent Taint: 0 Willpower: 10 Initiative: 18 Powers Elven Attributes (2np) Ability Score and Skill Bonuses (Body Mod: Improved Attributes - Dexterity, Perception, Appearance) Resistance to Enchantment Spells and Effects 2 (L1 Psychic Shield) Bladesinger Qualities (2np) Warrior and Sorceress (Body Mod: Improved Attributes - Stamina, Wits, Charisma) Good Hit Points (Body Mod: Extra Health Levels - +2 Bruised Levels, +2 Maimed Levels) ,, Personal Bag of Holding 5 (L2 Extra-Dimensional Pocket w/Deep Pockets) Uncanny Senses 4 (L1 Intuition) ,, Telmiirkara Neshyrr - The Rite of Transformation (Out Of Theme) Mystic Fortitude 3 (L2 Armor) Witch's Might 1 (Mega-Strength) Arcane Flesh (Body Mod: Augmented Blood, Improved Skeletal Muscles) Spells (16.5np) Magic Missile 5 (L2 Quantum Bolt [bashing] w/Homing [Autofire, Strafing]; Weaknesses: -4 range (4pts), Cannot use the Targeting maneuver (1pt); Strength: Reduce Level of Power by 1(5pts)) Haste 5 (L2 Time Acceleration Technique) Bull's Strength 1 (L2 Boost-Strength) Mage Armor 1 (L3 Force Field w/Impervious; Charisma-based) Dimension Door 1 (L1 Teleport w/Combat Teleport; Weaknesses: No long range Teleport (-3pts), Only Auto-Successes for determining Range (-5pts), -2 Auto-Successes for Range (-2pts); Strengths: Reduce Power Level by 2 (10pts)) Greater Invisibility 1 (L3 Invisibility w/Enhanced Effect) Light 1 (L1 Bioluminescence; Can only be used on inanimate objects; no flashlight effect) Mage Hand 1 (L1 Telekinesis w/Reduced Quantum Cost; Weaknesses: Only Auto-Successes to determine Weight (-5pts), -5 Range [range 10m] (-5pts); Strengths: Reduce Power Level by 2 (10pts)) Devices (8.5np) ,, Ithilhyanda en Duirsar (Quantum 3, Quantum Pool: 21; Cost: 8.5np) Sharpness 1 (L2 Claws w/Kinetic Discharge and Armor Piercing; Weaknesses: Only enhances the Moonblade (3pts), Powered only by user's Quantum Pool (2pt), -1 Damage Die (1pt); Strengths: Reduce Level by 1 (5pts), Increase Duration to 1 scene (1pt)) Ancestors in the Blade 5 (L1 Combat Sense; Can only be used in conjunction with Claws (2pts), Powered only by user's Quantum Pool (2pt), Sensory Basis: Sound - user must be able to hear the singing of the blade (2pt); Strengths: Reduce Level by 1 (5pts), Increase Duration to 1 scene (1pt)) Sword of Dancing: Empty Force enhancement Combined with a Gadget (Uses Whipsword as a base, +3 Accuracy [6op], +[3] Damage [9op], Can be used as an instrument - as a type of a flute - by cutting the air [2op], +1 Difficulty to defend against attack made with the blade [3op] Locked to Taehlyri'salatria The Moonblade of the Duirsars is more a singular piece of artwork than a weapon, the double-edged blade long and tapering, the crossguard elegant and deceptively strong, the pommel backed by another, shorter blade. Three runes of arcane Elvish are inscribed artfully on each side of the blade. It is fashioned of the clearest glassteel with a faint, everbright sheen to the surface and permeating it - by some angles and light, the blade is nearly invisible, by others, it's as bright as a mirror reflecting sunlight. Infinitesimal perforations line the edges of the blade, making the Moonblade whisper and sing as it passes through the air, and for those experienced with its use, the weapon may be used as sort of versatile flute. ,, Former Devices Luckstone This luckstone is crafted with a roguestone, a scintillating gemstone unique to Faerun, with nearly infinite facets, whose rainbow colors shift as if in liquid, slowly swirling iridescently, when exposed to sunlight. It is supported by a close-fitting choker made of fine, interwoven chains of sable mithril. Chance seems to favour the possessor of the Luckstone, which also throbs and grows warm to warn of danger Tasmia's Heart Crafted for a vain, self-indulgent, and astonishingly beautiful elf maiden during the height of Myth Drannan decadence, Tasmia's Heart is a revealing, backless bustier of the supplest, softest leather with a pair of matching, fingerless, shoulder length gloves. The set is coloured the deepest blue, with fine, gold filigree. Tasmia desired something that would protect as well as showcase her abundant curves, prompting others to name the outfit, Tasmia's Heart, since it was practically on display. Boots of the Decadent Maiden These stylish thigh-high boots with a pronounced heel match Tasmia's Heart, and were crafted for the same woman. Tasmia never went without her heels, yet so many places in a Elven Realm weren't conducive to the demands of fashion. ,, ,, Merits & Flaws Acute Hearing: 1pt Acute Sight: 1pt Enchanting Voice: 1pt Exceptional Talent (Melee): 5pt Light Sleeper (Elven Meditation): 2pt Quantum Regeneration 3: 3pts Sexy: 1pt Signature Weapon (Longsword): 2pts Minority (1pt): Many people make assumptions about Taehlyri'salatria because she erupted from a man into a female elf. Aberrant Ears (1pt): Long, pointed elf ears. Aberrant Eyes (1pt): Intense electric cyan, ringed with a thin band of scintillating, iridescently shifting prismatic colour Aberrant Hair (1pt): Rich, vibrant purple on head and brows only. Distinctive Looks (1pt): She's a Goddamned bloody Moon Elf! Currently there's only one other, and unlike him, there is no mistaking her gender Quantum Beacon (1pt): Taeli is locked into her Nova form, unable to develop Dormancy or the Ms. Nobody Enhancement, and the seething quantum forces contained inside her makes her more-than-human nature obvious. Sex Object (1pt): The living fantasy of rpg'ers, MMOers, and otaku world-wide, Taeli is often a hot elf babe first and a person second. Surreality (1pt): Much the same as Sex Object, most people find a "real life elf" just too interesting; those that don't care about the elf bit are usually caught by the gender change or gorgeous looks. Bladesinger (3pt): To activate most of her powers and many Enhancements, Taeli must be able to speak and gesture freely, though the gestures can also be done with a sword in hand. This is a variant of the Compulsion Flaw and the Dumbo Effect Aberration. Known Languages Native: Elven Others: English, Gaelic, Deus Vox (as Language of Magic) Movements Walk: 5m, Run: 8m, Sprint: 32m Soaks Base Soak: 8B/4L Armor: +9B/+9L Total: 17B/13L Healing Rate: Health Levels: Bruised x4 Unhurt Hurt Injured Wounded Maimed x3 Crippled Incapacitated Dead Creation Log Attributes: 6np Mega-Atts: 36np Elven Attributes: 2np Bladesinger Qualities: 2np Personal Bag of Holding: 5np Uncanny Dodge: 2np Telmiirkara Neshyrr: Spells: 16.5np Devices: 8.5np Skills: 10np Skill Mastery x2: 2np Backgrounds: 3np +25 Quantum Pool: 5np Total: 98np Bonus Points Merits: 16bp Willpower +7: 14bp Flaws: -11bp Adversarial Backgrounds: -4bp Total: 15bp XP Log Earned XP XP earned for April: 25xp XP earned for May: 25xp XP earned for June: 25xp 2nd Anniversary of IE: 25xp XP earned for July: 25xp XP earned for August: 25xp XP earned for December: 25xp XP earned for January: 25xp XP earned for February Birthday: 25xp XP earned for Two Elves: 5xp XP earned for Convention Crawl: 15xp Spent XP Mega-Appearance 4: -9xp Mega-Charisma 4: -9xp Mystic Fortitude 1-3: -21xp Witch's Might 1: -6xp Mega-Stamina 2-3: -9xp Resources 1-2: -4xp Fey Flesh: -10xp 4 Enhancements: -12xp XP Balance: 165xp XP Total: 245xp
  15. Hello. If you're seeing this, well, then your computer is working, for I am about to tell you about the greatest adventure you can go on! The Multiversal Exploratory Fleet is looking for brave Novas to man their newest ship, the USS Noble Endeavor to explore the vast reaches of the Multiverse. We're looking for NP 50 level Novas with 0 taint. That means no tainted powers. Luckily you will be able to take up to Node 5 and Quantum 5 without incurring taint. Thanks to our medical programs. Also, You will start off with a 40 Quantum pool. Unfortunately no thematic power costs will be used. Also this will be a first as this will be a very much plot-driven adventure game. Also each character will fill a duty position on ship. The positions are Captain - Taken by Dawn OOC Away Mission Officer/Chief of Security - Taken By Justin Chief Science Officer - Taken by Krul Chief Medical Officer - Open Engineer - Open We hope to see your applications to the MXF soon!
  16. Gossip spread like wildfire on Atlantis normally; this news spread faster than light. Two massive storms had combined into one, covering twenty percent of the planet and bearing down on them. It would sweep over the mainland first before pounding on Atlantis. The command team swept into action quickly, but even they couldn’t outpace the wagging tongues of bored personnel. Manaria reluctantly agreed to take the Earth refuges. The planet wasn’t exactly friendly, but they seemed willing to gain favors. There was a problem with staying with them; the Manarians were only willing to take two hundred of Atlantis’s two hundred forty-nine refuges. Five were staying behind, which left forty-four people who needed to go somewhere else. People were getting legitimately worried about the remaining forty-four souls when Sheppard called a meeting with a group of people. They met in one of the larger room, on a lower level of the main tower. There were about fifty people there – those who bothered to count noted that there were exactly forty-four people in the room, not counting Sheppard. “Thank you for coming,” Major Sheppard said without preamble when everyone was seated. “I’m sure you’ve all heard about the storm and our problems finding enough space for everyone. The good news is that of twenty minutes ago, we found a solution. A planet called Nixar is willing to allow us to put the rest of our people there. You are all smart folks, so I’m sure you’ve figured out that you are the lucky forty-four we’re going to send to Nixar. We’ve been told that we’ll need to camp in their bazaar, so it won’t be very hospitable, but it will be off Atlantis. Everyone is to pack light, essentials only. You’ll be issued tents and other survival gear, as well as some food and trade goods. Remember this will only be for a couple of days, but plan for the possibility that this might be permament. Atlantis might not survive the storm.” “And if that happens?” Dr. Kavanagh asked, his voice tense and nasal. “In that case, find a place to survive and try to find a way home,” Sheppard said before adding firmly, “but that isn’t going to happen. No way McKay’s letting this city sink.”
  17. Professor Fallon rounded into the laboratory, with a sudden pause as he observed the bespectacled blond youth attaching pads with wires running into a boxy device that he hadn't exactly seen before. "What are you doing, Curtis?" The teen super-genius looked up to see the science teacher and his mentor with an anticipatory smile. "Professor! You know I've been trying to study the basis for how my cyberkinetic abilities function?" The professor couldn't help but allow a sly quirk in response, this being the lab used for much of his and Curtis' work, and as such was festooned with various scientific machines and advanced computer programs. "Considering how you've monopolized the MRI and other sensors, of course. Is this a new sensor of yours being applied to the quest?" "No," Curtis, generally cheery when absorbed in his geeky, scientific, advanced, worldshaking, awesome work, sat down in a chair. "I've already figured it out roughly. It's a latent capacity to sense and interact with electromagnetic waves. Extremely low level, in the brain... and with the neural stimulator, I'm going to see about amplifying its capacities." George Fallon immediately remembered once again that Curtis was a teen, and in particular was intellectually self-assured to where the risks of experimenting so directly on one's self might be ignored. Until it was too late. "Curtis-" Too late, Curtis mentally sent a command for the stimulator to begin. Almost immediately, he felt a warm feeling in his head, but then it jerked into a sudden sharp wrenching pain that made him cry out... and a visible crackling jolt of electricity blasted into the neural stimulator. Professor Fallon had already moved and yanked the wires away... Curtis shuddered, and then looked at the ruined neural stimulator, then at Fallon's highly worried yet somewhat angry face. "Uh.... called it?" --------- Dragged off sternly to the nurse, given a few tests and examinations, and banned from the lab for a bit, worst of all! Curtis would say that it had been worth it. Except getting banned from the lab. All his work was going to be thrown totally off schedule! In the meantime, he'd been directed to practice his powers, in a place where no one would be at risk for now. This barn qualified... but Curtis couldn't get it. He focused trying to recapture that moment of power, but with all the gritting of teeth, he couldn't get more than a few sparks that faded away. "This should be easy! Like calculus."
  18. Student Dossier: Caitlin Kieran Birth Name: Caitlin Aislinn Kieran Aliases: None Concept: Feral Nature: Bravo Allegiance: The Lawrence Hunt Academy Identity: Public Nicknames: None Occupation: Student Legal Status: Caitlin is a legal citizen of the United States with no criminal record. Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Eileen and Michael Kieran (parents). Group Affiliation: None Age: 17 Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Caitlin is a second-generation Irish-American. Nationality: American Height: 5’7” Weight: 145lbs Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Red Handedness: Right Distinguishing Marks: None. Caitlin possesses no visible scars, piercings, or tattoos. General Appearance: Caitlin is a well-built, athletic young woman with freckles, bright green eyes and a thick mane of coppery hair. Her style of dress is invariably casual, tending toward t-shirts, sneakers, and jeans for both comfort and practicality. Both her appearance and mannerisms illustrate an almost preternatural vibrancy, a nearly palpable aura of liveliness and energy found only in the wildest and most verdant corners of the world. Abilities/Special Skills: Caitlin has a natural aptitude for physical activities ranging from organized sport to self-defense. Personality: Although by no means a recluse, Caitlin seems to have some measure of difficulty empathizing with other students and lacks the more refined abilities of tact and diplomacy, preferring instead to deal with social situations in a very direct and forthright manner. Her temper is well-documented, and though joking references to her hair or heritage are often made, it seems to be an unfortunate side-effect of her genetic mutations. Any disciplinary infractions related to this tendency will need to be closely monitored. Interests: Her school records indicate that she is a very diligent student, though she lacks any enhanced intellect or mental faculties. She states that before coming to the academy, she intended to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine. She has some botanical leanings, as well, perhaps due to the influence of her mother, and has already collected an assortment of houseplants; tending them may prove therapeutic, given her susceptibility to emotional stimuli. She has also expressed an appreciation for a wide range of physical activities, particularly those geared toward the outdoors. Background: Born in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Caitlin’s childhood was a comfortable one, if not ideal. Her mother is a noted botanical pharmacologist who has long researched the effects of naturally-occurring organic compounds in neurological studies, and her father is a retired Army Ranger currently contracted by a private security firm. It remains unclear which carries the genetic predisposition toward mutation. She had few friends, and the one external, non-familial relationship she works to maintain since her arrival on campus is one with her childhood companion, a young man named Devin Kincaid. He appears to have been something of a constant in her life, and she describes their wanderings around Central Park and Manhattan over the years with great fondness. She was very involved in a number of athletic activities while attending high school, including soccer, volleyball, and track, and volunteered at the Central Park Zoo. It was an incident there, in which she allegedly attacked an ailing tiger, that seems to have triggered her dormant mutant gene into activity, perhaps as a result of the combination of the so-called “survival instinct” and the neurochemicals flooding her system in a time of emotional and physical duress. This is the official explanation, though such an abrupt activation of dormant portions of her DNA seems somewhat implausible. There is a slim possibility, bearing further study, that the incident simply elicited a reflexive response to a threat which brought her previously-unknown abilities to the forefront.
  19. Name: Hikialani Mizuki Nature: Hedonist Gender: Female Age: 16 ,, Appearance: Kia is gorgeously beautiful, as one might expect from someone who can consciously tweak their body into shape every day. With the sleek, bronzed physique of her Hawaiian mother's side, and just a touch of her father's Japanese around her face, she somehow manages to pull off being both inexpressibly cute AND sexy, heightened by the sheer unselfconsciousness with which she expresses herself in her face and body language. Psychology: Hikialani is irrepressibly sunny and optimistic in outlook. She recognizes the limitations of herself and others, but rarely lets setbacks get her down and never for very long. Kia is highly empathic towards others and tries to consider their viewpoints before judging them. She can sometimes seem 'overly' nice, or indecisive because of this. Her demeanor is usually either calm and pleasant, or excited and exuberant. The reality is that Kia hasn't had to deal with much adversity, or serious consequences, and so a good deal of her overall demeanor is straight-up naivete. The rest of it is just a desire to 'make up' for her mutation...raised with this great big secret, she's always felt inherently separate from people, and wants to be everyone's bestest friend ever to try to make up for that gulf she feels. Background: The daughter of a Japanese vulcanologist and an indigenous Hawaiian microbiologist, Kia has spent her entire life on one island of the chain or another. Her parents were often working in different areas, leaving Kia in the care of her maternal grandmother, who kept discipline but otherwise gave Kia a free hand to do as she liked so long as her responsibilities were met. Hikialani learned to be relatively self-sufficient, but was also secure in feeling that loved ones had her back should she need it. Even so, the day that her mutation first came into full expression was a troubling one for her. She'd always been exceedingly healthy and fit, but one day while swimming she ventured out too far from the protection of a cove and was caught in an undertow that dragged her away from shore and under the surface. No matter how she struggled, she couldn't break away...and after almost three minutes, she finally succumbed and breathed out her last breath of air. Then she breathed in water, thrashed for a second or two, and realized she was -breathing water-. What's more, her body had changed...bony fins had grown out of her arms and calves. Webs between her fingers and toes. For awhile Kia merely believed herself to be atlantean or some other strange thing like that. It wasn't until she'd had time to experiment that she found her body was able to change in other ways as well. She realized she was a mutant, and was immediately worried not only about her own standing on the island and with her friends, but about what might happen to her parents. She resolved to keep it secret...but some promises are just too hard to keep. Finally her parents caught her one day, and it all came out. Kia's mother was actually rather excited...her scientific curiosity piqued...but both of them were very concerned about Kia's safety and future. Fortunately, her mother still corresponded with an old friend from college who was now working at a most extraordinary school. A school for children just like Kia. Attributes: Strength ****/* (athletic) Dexterity **** (flexible) Stamina *****/**** (tenacious) Charisma *** Manipulation ** Appearance **** (fit) Intelligence **** (Bright) Perception *** Wits *** Skills: Academics *** Athletics (Swimming) *** Awareness ** Brawl *** Endurance *** Linguistics ** - English (Native) - Hawaiian - Japanese Perform (Dance) *** Rapport *** Resistance *** Style * Subterfuge * Survival * Willpower: ***** *** Quantum: * Quantum Pool: 22/22 Taint: 0 Initiative: 7 Soak: 9 bashing / 6 lethal Move: Walk 7 Run 16 Sprint 32 Backgrounds: 13 Geonome ** Mentor *** Uniform - Nanofluidic - Armor ** (+2b/2l) - Customizable Form ***** (imitate any clothing or appearance, shrink to 10% surface area) Powers: Shapeshift **** Bioluminescence * MegaStamina **** - Regeneration - Adaptation MegaStrength * - Quantum Leap Body Modifications: - +2 Bruised health levels - Chromatophores ,, Power Max: Speed Splicing - Kia's form becomes almost amorphous, as she assumes full control of her genetic potential, altering her body's configuration freely at the speed of her imagination. Rippling from claws to armored hides to wings to spines and then back again, Kia can adapt herself moment by moment to any attack, and retaliate with whatever force and technique her whims can come up with. Bonus Points: 15 Willpower +4 8 Perception +1 5 Specialties +2 2 Nova Points: 30/30 - Shapeshift 3 15np - Bioluminescence 1 1np - Mega Strength 1 3np - Mega Stamina 2 6 np - Body Modification: Extra Health Levels (+2 Bruised) 2np - Body Modification: Chromatophores 1np - Attributes +6 2np Experience Points: 20/108 +2 Brawling, 6xp +1 Academics, 4xp +1 Rapport, 4xp +1 Stamina, 16xp +2 Mega-Stamina, 25xp +1 Shapeshifting, 21xp +1 Willpower, 7xp Adaptation, 5xp ------- Mentor: Dr. Lucia Chase, School Physician -- Dr. Chase got her first PhD from the University of Hawaii, and was the roommate of Kia's mother for several years. Though Kia's mother was aiming at microbiology, not medicine, the two women became good friends and kept up with each other over the years. It was Dr. Chase who suggested sending Kia to the school when the girl's mutant powers started kicking in to high gear, and she's now seen fit to take Kia under her wing and help her through this difficult transition.
  20. Early History ,, Seth's existence was not planned for by his teenaged parents, and they were ill-prepared to face the physical and social realities of raising a child, let alone one who was born albino and frail of constitution. Putting their son up for adoption, his parents faded from view and Seth was raised a ward of the state. It seemed most of the well-to-do families seeking a new little one through legal means were equally put off by his strange appearance and special needs. ,, Inner-city Catholic orphanages in the Bronx are no picnic even if you're a tough kid. Strange looking, small, asthmatic, autistic (albeit high functioning)...these things did not engender the compassionate acceptance they would in a more enlightened environment. Often picked on, Seth mostly kept to himself, hidden away in a corner of the library, his nose in a book, feeding his imagination. It was one of these books that began to change the way Seth thought of himself: Tir na Nog: Land of the Young. ,, Always shy about his appearance, Seth marveled at the description of the Sidhe; The Fair Folk, with alabaster skin and violet eyes...just like him. He began to fantasize that he was a Changeling, cast out from Faerie to live amongst the cruel and dark natures of mortals. In his mind he was a prodigal prince, destined to return one day to a family that loved him. Alas it would not be so. ,, Things came to a head for Seth at the age of 12, when he was transferred from St. Mary's to a private group home. The older children there were far more insidious in their cruelty, and the staff either did not notice or did not care. Seth never talks about what happened there but after only a month he ran away. ,, A quick study, Seth learned all too quickly what survival on the mean streets meant...staying out of sight, dumpster diving behind restaurants and grocers for perfectly good food that had been tossed aside, and the occasional petty larceny. He also managed to get in good with a group of local taggers and bombers, using his artistic talents to beauty the bleak ghetto landscape. It was while creating one such masterpiece in a subway tunnel that things took a turn for the decidedly weird... ,, Sounds of a scuffle swiftly sent Seth scurrying into the shadows. Peeking out from his alcove he saw a curious sight indeed...a group of thugs from the West Side putting the beatdown on a...giant lobster? No...a man, with the carapace of a crustacean, and the face and claws to match. Seth was frightened but couldn't turn away from the sight. Despite putting up a good fight, there were too many of the attackers. A sickening crack echoed through the tunnel chamber as a wrench punctured the lobster-man's touch shell. "Where's some melted butter when you need it?" one of the gangbangers laughed. "Never had me a seafood dinner before. Surf and Turf huh fellas?" His laughter echoed into the distance and was almost seamlessly matched by the rhythmic sounds of an approaching train. "Let's beat it!" the leader called off his soldiers. "Crawdad here's going to take the Night Owl home." In a few moments they were all gone, their victim collapsed across one of the tracks. ,, Seth remained paralyzed for several moments...unsure if he should run or help the monster laying huddled. Suddenly the creature's antennae twitched and it looked directly to where Seth's alcove. "H-h-h-elp me." it said surprising Seth with all-too-human syllables from it's mandibled mouth. Something in him softened in that moment, recognizing in the creature a person not so different from himself. The tunnel began to brighten as the train's headlight caught the curve in the tunnel, the sound of it's passage growing steadily louder, closer. There was no way Seth could reach him in time. A tingle behind his eyes, subtle at first which sent a icy chill through his body. Time seemed to slow down as the lead car barreled around the corner... ,, Seth's vision exploded with light, like a spike being driven into his skull right between the eyes. Even as he cried out a heavy object crashed into him from behind, knocking him down and the wind from his chest. Hard nodules scraped and dug into his skin. Crawling to his feet Seth saw what had hit him...the wounded lobster-man. "W-w-what happened?" he managed to blurt out. The lobster-man looked up at him. "One-of-us." it clacked out in it's strange voice. "C-c-come. Help-me. Ta-ayk you to see..." Putting one of it's claws around his shoulders Seth awkwardly helped the creature to it's feet. "Me-Shrimp" it said, clutching at it's cracked shell. "Y-ou-ou Elf." it added pointing one of it's feelers at Seth. Seth wondered what it meant, but said nothing as they journeyed deeper into the Underworld. ,, Shrimp lead the two of them into the bowels of the city, where Seth was introduced to the Morlocks...mutants by the surface dweller's definitions, albeit those too inhuman or too ashamed to live above ground. Shrimp was taken in by the resident healer, relaying the tale of his rescue. Seth was shocked when a sooty mirror was held up to his features for staring back at him was an image from his books. The prodigal prince had returned... ,, Seth stayed with the Morlocks for another couple of years, taken under the wing of the Bronx tribe of the greater Morlock Network. Honeybee...an otherwise beautiful black woman if it wasn't for her multiple segmented arms became something of a big sister to Seth. She was the one who learned about the Lawrence Hunt Academy, and who encouraged and finally convinced Seth he should go. He was still young, she had argued, and needed a place where he could get an education. More than any of them, he had a shot at being accepted in the topside world. Besides, with his ability to Gate, his Morlock family was only a word away... ,, Description ,, Small and slender, Seth's latent mutation followed along the lines of his imagination. His stark-white albino skin has taken on the luster of alabaster, nearly translucent and with no blemish, pore, or vein visible. His pale violet albino eyes are now a bright shimmering opalescent amethyst, and have become both slanted, larger, and slightly further apart than a normal human's should be. Combined with his small nose, perfect lips and pointed elongated ears, his appearance is distinctly alien if not entirely unattractive. ,, Not many people are able to see or appreciate his otherworldy appearance however. Aside from his own inherent insecurity over his appearance due to years of teasing and bullying, Seth's mutations have left him very sensitive to light. His pale skin will burn in a matter of minutes if exposed to the sun, and his large pale eyes are more vulnerable to glare. Due to a congenital defect, Seth was born with environmentally triggered asthma, and so usually wears a respirator and keeps an inhaler handy at all time, although in a clean environment like the Academy, he may be able to go without more than usual. ,, Seth's mutant expression and time among the Morlocks has taught him to be more social than before, though he remains shy and often quiet. The world is an oyster of sensations that used to overwhelm him, but his newfound perceptions have been both honed, and moderated, allowing him to process information more quickly and keep it well sorted for processing or action. His rich inner world is hinted at in his books (of which he carries but a few dirty and well-worn copies) but made manifest in his sketchbook. ,, A brilliant artist, Seth's style has been colored by his urban upbringing. Intricate graffiti, words drawn as geometric interlocking shapes of breathtaking complexity, characters and tableaus that combine mythological concepts with a hip-hop sensibility. Despite the street stylings, his work would be at home in any museum of modern art; however lacking the ability to see his talent for what it is, Seth remains shy about his art, keeping his sketchbook to himself and preferring the anonymity of the illegal street artist. ,, At his core, underneath his autistic reticence towards the world, Seth does contain a kernal of heroic greatness. In his mind he rides through tales of legend, but has not yet developed the sense of self-esteem required to embody his own ideals. Years of abuse have made him afraid of the horrors of the world, and so he retreats into his books, convinced that there is little he can do to change things.
  21. Pulse A single disturbance that moves through a medium from one point to the next point Assistant Director Senjiro Takashi was out of his league, and knew it. His glossy black car, standard issue to high ranking executive staff of Department Zero, cruised through the back roads of Tokyo, sticking out like a sore thumb but avoiding the snarls of traffic that congested the main thoroughfares. He watched neon signs and streetlights and salarymen scurrying along the sidewalks, all overlaid with the ghostly, pallid image of his own face. This was the city he loved, the people he wanted to protect. Was he doing the right thing? ,, When Senjiro had been a kid, he’d loved spy movies and stories…dangerous men, seductive women, intrigue and high power weaponry. It was part of what led him to campaign so vigorously for the D0 posting. He was mostly an administrator though; he'd never been a spook himself. The job of the Assistant Director was to keep the office and bureaucracy going, not oversee the spies or the 'talent.' Normally he wouldn't be the one to be doing this. It had landed in his lap though, and he saw the potential for himself if it went well. There would be blowback if it didn't though, and that idea was making him increasingly nervous. ,, The GPS on the dashboard beeped, then calmly told his driver to make a turn. Senjiro jumped at it, as if he’d been goosed. It was as if the woman he was going to meet was sitting in the car with him, even if that almost assuredly wasn’t how her voice sounded. About three blocks out from D0’s main building, the GPS had started issuing directions, even though no address or destination had been entered. She was controlling it…via wireless, he supposed. Her instructions to leave it on had been clear about leaving that function on as well. It still tickled the superstitious streak that hid deep within Senjiro. Could she see him? Was there a dash cam in these cars? Could she see him? What did she know? ,, Superhumans. Novas. Gifted. Freaks. A book could be filled with names for them, the accidental offspring of an interdimensional rift and the people who came through it. Something about them had been…contagious, in some way. The science crew had names and theories, and bandied about words like ‘quantum’ and ‘brane fatigue’ and ‘telluric radiation,’ but Senjiro dealt with facts on the ground. The first novas had come from another universe…and their presence in his universe had catalyzed other superhumans here. And now things were becoming…messy. Oh, they weren’t all bad, not even most. But even a well-meaning nova could do damage unwittingly. And a so-called ‘supervillain’ was a nightmare; the kind of nightmare Department Zero had been dreamed up to try to wake up from. Japan had a small number of novas on payroll, and was always angling for more because China had more…but sometimes things came up where the ‘in-house’ novas just weren’t suitable. Their time for any one project was limited, for one…and the spectra of powers available to them wasn’t comprehensive. And, Senjiro had noted, many of them were themselves potential security hazards. There was really just no way to make a telepath ‘safe’ in a spy agency. Better to make them friends than foe, but some things even friends should not know. That’s when Senjiro realized the car had stopped. His heart nearly followed suit. The GPS said, “Exit vehicle and walk three blocks north. Turn west and sit by the Shinobazu pond.” There was a pause, and it added in its bright female voice, “Come alone.” ,, Then it beeped, and the map reset. She had left the vehicle. “Wait here,” Senjiro told his driver. He considered adding an ‘if I don’t come back’ clause, but decided against it. If he didn’t come back, he didn’t give a damn what happened next. Coming back was #1 on his personal agenda now. ,, He walked alone the three blocks to the Ueno Koen park. Off a little ways was the tiered, flared roof of the park’s shrine, and not far away from that was the pond, surrounded by meticulously maintained lawn, and neatly manicured gardens. Cherry trees, in summer green, ringed the walkways around the pond. ,, Senjiro chose the nearest bench out of the many that lined the pond’s edge. She hadn’t specified which, but he figured the route she chose would lead him more or less directly to the one she wanted. The bench was warm, and comfortable, and he began to wish she’d told him where to meet directly so he could have brought seed for the birds and squirrels. It would have been a nice distraction. ,, He roved his eyes on the other people nearby. Lots of joggers, of course. A few couples strolling along the path. A young woman was standing near her little girl as she threw stones into the pond to scare the fish. Bicyclists. One of the joggers paused nearby to take his heart rate, and Senjiro tensed. Not a woman, but might she use a proxy? After a minute the jogger took off again, and Senjiro relaxed. Slightly. ,, That’s when he realized the little girl had come over to him, and was beaming up at him; her face adorable and open and innocent. Absolutely heartwarming. He smiled back and leaned a little down to say, “Hello little one. What can I do for you?” in the indulgent voice people use to speak to children. ,, Smile never fading, she said, “You can give me what we agreed on, and then keep out of my way,” in a flawless ‘little girl voice’ spoiled only slightly by the adult intonation. ,, Senjiro felt as if he’d been suddenly plunged into ice cold water. What was happening here? Had she been a child all along, pretending to be older? Had she adopted the form of one? Was she mind controlling a poor little girl to do this? He’d never actually seen or met her, but this seemed a bizarre twist even considering that. ,, “Echo?” he whispered. ,, The girl’s bright smile turned scowly, and she swatted his leg in a perfect ‘angry little girl’ slap. ,, “Aiko, come here and leave the nice man alone,” the girl’s mother called, patting her thighs. She gave Senjiro an embarrassed bow. “Please forgive my daughter!” ,, The chill deepened in the Assistant Director, even as he smiled mechanically and waved. “It’s fine,” he called. “Everything’s fine!” ,, “Tell me it’s not in the briefcase,” the little girl pleaded in a long-suffering sigh. “At least there’s no handcuffs, right?” ,, A little stung, Senjiro pulled out of his breast pocket a little plastic knob with a USB port on one end; a thumbdrive. “Your advance. As we discussed.” ,, Echo, or the little girl she was puppeting, took the thumbdrive and closed her hand around it. After a moment she nodded. “Not to belabor the point, but it would not be a wise thing to welch on the rest of my fee after it’s done.” ,, Senjiro bobbed his head, plastic smile still showing, and glanced towards the mother again. Only for a moment though. “This is as much as I could requisition without approval from above, as you required,” he said quietly. “Once that restriction is eased, getting more won’t be a problem.” He hesitated and then added, “I trust my superiors. If you trust me, you can trust them.” ,, She shook her head, with a distracted expression. “I don’t have time to do due diligence on everyone north of you on the chain of command,” the little girl replied gruffly…or as gruffly as a little Japanese girl can sound. Then she handed him the thumbdrive back. ,, “All right. I’ll contact you when it’s done. If there’s a problem on your end email the account you’ve been using, or tweet hashtag dolphinslayer any message with the numbers 1133 in that order. I’ll get in touch.” ,, Senjiro stared. “Dolphin slayer?” He let that go though, shaking his head and repeating something he'd told her before, when they'd corresponded online. "You realize I won't be able to give you any logistic support for this. There can be no hint of involvement from Department Zero." ,, The little girl rolled her eyes and dropped the thumbdrive in his lap. He hadn’t taken it. He looked at it, then back up at her. She shrugged. “I’m done with it. Transfer cleared. And I don't need logistic support in the field. Intel maybe, but since this is all about gathering intel in the first place..." She shrugged. "Goodbye, Senji-kun.” ,, “Wait,” he said suddenly…perhaps spurred by the mocking honorific, or the increasing realization he was a twig on a river right now…”What is your plan? I need something to brief the director with.” ,, “My plan,” she replied, “is to keep my plans to myself. We’ve been over this. You pay me, I get you results. I don’t need to know why you want this…though it’s not hard to guess…and you don’t need to know how I get the results. If that’s a problem with the Director, it’s your problem.” ,, She turned and ran back to her mom, arms raised happily. Her mom caught her and hugged her, then smiled warmly at Senjiro and waved at him. ,, His heart caught a little. She was a pretty woman. It was hard not to be touched by her obvious love for her child. ,, Did she know, he wondered, who she really was? ,, But then again, did anyone? ,, Senjiro got to his feet with a groan. When he started thinking things like that, it was time to get some sake before heading back. Just a little. For the nerves. ,, As he left, the girl and her mother walked off the other way, along the path following the bank of the pond. Very quickly, they were lost among the press of people, and the stands of trimmed shrubs and cherry trees.
  22. The early morning sun welcomed Sasha to her private Bohemian home. She had taken the red eye flight just to get there. There was much weighing on her mind that sh wished to forget under the cleansing rays and warm water of her private beach. It had been a little less than a month since the Amanda event. While she didn't like to think about it much, it lingered in her mind, almost like it was taunting her. ,, Sasha didn't waste any time when she got to her destination. She wanted to have some sun fun time today. When she got to her home, she shed her clothing pretty quickly, took a shower and then headed to her beach, with only a towel in hand. She swam, she sunbathed. She was alone with her thoughts. Or so she though she was.
  23. Mitchell Smythe was born to working class parents in a suburb of London. His father was an electrician working long hours as a small business owner. His mother was a housewife, who had dreams when younger of being an actress. Unfortunately for his mother, she got into the family way and had three children. The first, Timothy, was a studious young man. He went to Oxford on scholarship, and studied electrical engineering. The second of the children was Lily, a beautiful and talented stage actress. The third and final child was Mitchell. His father saw that Mitchell was talented with his hands, but didn't have the effortless grasp of higher math that his brother Tim had. He introduced him to a local mechanic, and Mitchell got along famously with the mechanic, Michael. Michael convinced Mitch to study harder in school, in return for teaching him how to fix cars and trucks. Mitch began to study more and applied his studies to a degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on combustion engines. Michael and Mitchell went into business together, taking care of some of the cars belonging to the upper class elite in London itself. However, war was soon to break out in Europe. About a year and a half ago, the shop was closed, as Michael joined the British Army and was sent to help with repair duties in the African Front. Mitchell chose to focus on something else while his friend was deployed overseas. He also joined the Army, but this time, the Army commanders put his skills to work in a British repair depot for Aircraft. However, the germans decided to take out that depot to make it harder for aircraft to get back off the ground. The bombs fell, and shook the bunker where Mitchell and others had taken refuge. After the raid, which razed most of the buildings, mitchell and the others made their way out. But about 20 feet in front of the bunker was a bomb that hadn't exploded. Mitchell looked back at the rest of the small group and motioned for them to stand back. He began making his way towards the bomb, wishing his brother was here to help. When he got within 2 feet, he heard a soft noise from the bomb itself. He flung himself over the bomb, attempting to "aim" the explosion away from the bunker. But as the seconds seemed to stretch out, he felt himself drop about 10 feet, and landed with the bomb in a large body of water. The bomb exploded, and left Mitchell with a ringing sound in his ears, and shredded his clothes. The explosion caused several small craft from the Home Guard to come out and investigate. It turned out that Mitchel had landed off the coast of England on the North Sea. It was lucky that Mitchell wasn't in the water long, since he would have died from the cold water. After being brought back to the base where he was stationed, the commander gave him a tongue lashing that would forever alter the fabric of Mitchell Smythe's world. He was told that if he was that suicidal that he would knowingly walk up to unexploded bombs, he would be more useful in the Royal Engineers as a bomb disposal technician than repairing aircraft engines. Mitchell agreed with his commander and he was transferred. His new line of work was dangerous, but it seemed that something had changed within Mitchell, along with the physical changes of becoming a new Dynamic. He was more foolhardy than he had been in the past. When not on duty he was always tinkering with new methods of bomb making and disposing. He threw himself into the work with a passion. However, when on duty, Mitchell is as solid as a rock, and twice as taciturn. ,, Mitchell Smythe ,, Ht- 6'0" Wt- 225 Lbs Hair - Red Eyes - Blue Skin - Fair Distinguishing features - Mitchell has a large mustache and can commonly be found smoking cigars and wearing a bowler hat. He also is a drinker of epic proportions, preferring Guinness and other Stouts over lager and ale. ,, ,, ,, Sheet Name – Mitchell Smythe Codename – UXB Nature – Thrillseeker Str – 3 Mega-Str 0 Brawl – 4 Might – 3 Dex – 4(Steady hands) Mega- Dex 0 Drive – 2 Firearms – 2 Melee – 2 Sta – 5(Patient) Mega-Sta 0 Resistance – 3 Endurance – 3 Per – 3 Mega-Per 1 Awareness – 3 Investigation – 1 Int – 3 Mega-Int 0 Bureaucracy – 1 Engineering – 3[Explosives Disposal] Intrusion – 1 Linguistics – 1(Chinese) Science – 2 Survival – 1 Wits – 4 Mega-Wits 0 Rapport – 2 App – 3 Mega-App 0 Intimidation – 2 Style – 1 Man – 2 Mega-Man 0 Cha – 3 Mega-Cha 0 Command – 2 Etiquette – 1 Attunement 3 Backing (British Army) 2 Contacts (British Army) 1 Node 3 Resources 2 Armor 5 Warp 3 Bioluminescence 1 EM Vision Quantum – 3 Willpower – 6 Initiative – 1d10+8 Quantum Pool – 26 Soak – 20(B)/17(L) Freebie Points – Specialization (Explosives Disposal) 1(1pt), Backing 2(2pts), Attunement 1(1pt), Contacts 1(1pt), Brawl 1(2 pts), Drive 1(2pts), Firearms 1(2pts), Melee 1(2pts), Investigation 1(2 pts) Nova Points – Armor 5(15 pts), Warp 3(15 Pts), Bioluminescence 1(1pt), willpower 3(3pts), Mega-Per 1(3pts), +6 attributes (2 pts), +6 abilities (1 pt) XP 0
  24. ,, Dynamic Name: Slither Birthname: Claire Kinkaid Allegiance: Allies Nature: Rebel ,, Attributes & Abilities: Strength: 3 Brawl: 1 [4] Might (Climb): 2 [5] ,, Dexterity: 5 Athletics: 3 [8] Legerdemain: 3 [8] Stealth: 5 [10] Stamina: 4 Endurance: 3 [7] Resistance: 3 [7] Perception: 3 Awareness: 3 [6] Intelligence: 3 Academics (Classics): 2 [5] Aetherlabe: 1 [4] Bureaucracy: 1 [4] Linguistics: 3 [6] [French, Greek, Latin] Medicine: 1 [4] Science (Zoology): 1 [4] ,, Wits: 3 Arts: 2 [5] Rapport: 3 [6] ,, Appearance: 4 Style: 3 [7] Manipulation: 3 Subterfuge: 2 [6] Charisma: 4 Etiquette: 2 [6] Perform: 3 [7] Backgrounds: ,, Aetherweave: 2 Allies: 2 Backing: 1 Contacts: 2 Dormancy: 2 Resources: 3 Mega-Attributes: ,, Mega-Dexterity: 2 Catfooted Flexibility Omnidexterity Perfect Balance Mega-Stamina: 2 Durability Regeneration Powers: Body Modification (Adhesive Grip, Chromatophores): 2 Poison (Stun): 1 Willpower: 5 Quantum: 3 Quantum Pool: 40 Initiative: 10 Soak: 6 [8] Bashing/ 3 [5] Lethal Walk: 7m Run: 19m Sprint: 41m Strike: 5 Bashing Kick: 6 Bashing ,, Background: ,, Claire was born in Edinburgh to Edward and Marie Kinkaid; her father was a manager at the Bank of Scotland, and the family moved to London when he was transfered there. Her mother was a French nurse that Edward met while recovering from a leg amputation at a BEF aid station after the Battle of the Somme. Claire was brought up bilingual, and speaks fluent French. From a young age, Claire was interested in a wide variety of subjects, and took to study eagerly, throwing herself into reading Greek history and mythology, botany, zoology as well as sketching, dance and piano lessons. The young girl was in particular fascinated by all kinds of reptiles, and had amassed a a large collection of snakes and lizards who lived in special crates in her parents' basement. ,, After attending a public boarding school, Claire studied the Classics at Oxford, graduating with honors in the summer of 1940. She then returned home to her family in Chelsea, where she and her mother joined the Women's Voluntary Service to help out with the war effort in the midst of the Blitz. It was at this time that tragedy struck, for on October 9th 1940 the Kinkaid's home was struck by a high explosive bomb, killing both her parents outright and trapping Claire beneath tons of rubble; if not for her dynamic transformation, she would surely have joined her mother and father in the afterlife. Instead, she seems to have unconciously drawn inspiration from her scaly pets and developed a strange set of powers that allowed her to escape her confinement. ,, She immediately requested transfer to Rescue Services, where she felt she could do the most good; this led to a lot of battling until she proved her worth during a night raid by entering a collapsed building no normal human could have entered and helped save a family. The government eventually issued her a suit of aetherweave after she threatened to rescue people in the nude if she didn't get a proper set of adaptive clothing! ,, Appearance: ,, An attractive young woman of twenty-one, Claire is rather slender by the standards of the time, with short brown hair and brown eyes. When she's working, she wears her aetherweave suit, typically configured to look like a much more fetching version of the standard Rescue Services blue coveralls; her boots, helmet and gas mask however are all standard issue, and frequently ditched when she has to squeeze a tight space. ,, Personality: ,, Claire is very bright and inquistive by nature, though the war and the loss of her parents have obviously taken a toll. She's found some comfort in channelling her energy and powers into helping out the war effort in anyway she can; however in the wee hours, alone in her bed, she has frequent nightmares and weeping fits. When she isn't asleep or working, she does her best to fill her idle time with copious reading, doing a bit of light sketching or watercolours or writing in her journal. ,, Her temperment is rather willfull, and her father did much to encourage this, perhaps in part because he always longed to have a son; her mother, a deeply pious French Catholic, did her best to temper this fiery rebellious spirit with profound empathy and compassion, and a great deal of it took. She's not a madcap thrillseeker by any stretch, but she is still loyal, courageous and determined to show the world what she can do. ,, In the romance depatment, she's had a few boyfriends in her life, but few that lasted more than a few months or got really serious; she's still holding out for the strong yet learned man who will sweep her off her feet, like a hero out of her favorite Greek myths.
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