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  1. "A secretary?" he feigned disbelief in a over-acted fashion and peered in mock-disbelief over the round rims of his crimson shades at her, making Victoria laugh again. She was laughing a lot, and even though she'd shifted seating to sit right beside the vampire, she was still not wasting any opportunity to lean in closer and press against his arm or hip. "Corporate assistant." she corrected, propping her chin on his shoulder to breath the words into his ear. "It pays the bills, and the perks are soooo good." "Oh?" Red feigned polite disinterest, always a good way to goad further explanation. Prick the pride, and let the air within escape... "Yes." she told him insistently. "My own car, getting to travel with the boss... and I can get a private room here." she finished with a suggestive air. Red smiled and turned his face towards hers so closely that their lips nearly touched. "That-" he said with a small, wicked smile. "Sounds intimate." "They are." Victoria replied, her gaze half-lidded as she studied his red eyes. "Soundproofed, cozy, and private." "Well, then. Lead the way." the vampire told her. She smiled and rose, tugging him to his feet. "We can order drinks from the room, too." she told him as she looped her arm through his. Red laughed quietly, leaning down to nuzzle his lips against her neck in a gesture she took for playful. "Oh, I don't think that'll be necessary." ,,
  2. >>>>>(Sexually frustrated and in need of a pedicure?)<<<<<
  3. "It's called Crimson Death." Red flashed a charming, razor sharp grin at Victoria as the skimpily-dressed corp secretary leaned in closer, her eyes never leaving his face. "As a production it has everything: nubile teens, a sensual monster, lots of blood and nudity. We're going back to the basics of horror filming pioneered last century: to titillate the audience with scandalous immorality and then apply the heavy-handed morality play. Very retro." ,, "I love retro." Ms Gracia said breathily, her accent and contralto voice calculated to inflame the male loins. She seemed to say a lot of things breathily, Red noted with some amusement. During her day job, she was probably all prim and proper, the latest corp fashions placing their boundaries on her world. At night, Victoria seemed to like to let her hair down and prowl. ,, Red could relate. ,, "So you are an actor in this Crimson Death?" the woman said, her interest piqued. Red nodded. ,, "Don't tell anyone, but..." he leaned close, prompting a similar movement from Victoria, who shivered as his lips grazed her ear. She'd have been shivering more if she'd known that Red was two nano-seconds of self-control away from her carotid. "I'm the monster." he murmured in a low, intimate voice. She shivered again and drew back, then laughed. ,, "You are, are you?" she retorted flirtatiously, laughing again. "And what type of monster are you?" ,, "The kind nobody knows is there, until it's too late." Red smiled again, enjoying himself now that the hunt was on. ,, "Oooh, mysterious, Mister Lucien Hunt." the woman all but purred. "So who is your favorite victim?" ,, "Call me Lucien. And we're not done casting yet." 'Lucien Hunt' shrugged. "We're looking for the right type of girls: pretty, a variety of figure types, metatypes and ethnicities, and of course they have to be able to act afraid. It's harder than many people think, to be truly terrified. And they have to have good screams." ,, "Screams?" Victoria quirked an eyebrow, smiling. Red nodded. ,, "Oh indeed. A good, hair-raising scream is essential for the part." He paused and smiled wickedly at her. "I bet you could scream beautifully, Victoria." ,, "Oh, you are a monster." she giggled. "The way you say such things." ,, "I am." Red affected a mock-shamed expression, then winked at her and raised a hand to order another drink, using the visual distraction of his raised hand to take attention from the fact that his other hand was tipping most of his current drink out onto the carpet under the booth's table. ,, "I really am."
  4. depending on finances, I may be able to visit for the last weekend in August there. ,, It's a big 'IF', but I definitely want to.
  5. >>>>>(Though I am loathe to come between you and your soulmate, perhaps tis best if you wait a little longer. After all, it would be a shame to go and fetch your other half, only to have him re-embark for a trip elsewhere, mm? ,, If it makes you feel better, or at least as though you are not alone in this, consider: I am lounging against a bar talking to a corporate PA clad in what barely constitutes dental floss. Her conversation is, if anything, even more banal than watching our two friends playing chess. Now THAT is truly lacking in elegance. ,, To make it worse, I have a drink in my hand from which I cannot sip, and about 734 drinks around me that I can, if only I could let my hair down. Picturing our large friend's constipated expression as he contemplates Kasparov's Gambit is what keeps me sane. ,, Okay, I lie. The sweet anticipation is killing me.)<<<<<
  6. Private Conversation: ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, >>>>>(Ahhh patience, дорогая охотница, patience. Its hard to be bored, is it not? I'll try to make haste, the better to fly back and relieve you of your tedium. This place is positively Pompeiian. According to a charming little brunette I've been working on, it gets really wild around 1 am. ,, I can hardly wait.)<<<<<
  7. I'm awesome like that. If someone says "Red, paint a picture of epic debauchery with a soupcon of moral bankruptcy", I'm in my element. ,, Also, I used the word soupcon in a sentence. Ten internetz for me. ,, ,, ,, This post was brought to you by the letters R, U, and M.
  8. The club was... well, it was eye-opening. ,, Seattle was known for having a cutting-edge club scene, of which Shae was perhaps the most knowledgable of the three. The California Free State was likewise a hopping place to see and be seen, especially of one was into simsense stars or hoping to become one. But Potencia de la Sangre combined the latest dance tracks and lighting effects with a markedly older, more primal sensibility. The interior of the club was decorated in theme similar to that of an Aztec temple, the passageway leading into the club proper lined with stonework showing intricately-carved figures engaged in... revelry. The main floor opened up before them, dominated by a step-pyramid that added a many-tiered aspect to the place. Clubgoers undulated and bounced on the tiers and across the dance floor around the short pyramid, and atop it was a sacrificial altar upon which 'danced' two dark-haired, dusky women who looked identical right down to the glowing, shifting tattoos that ran down the sides of their bodies, their colours shifting from red to orange to yellow in a flame effect. Whether natural twins or a bodysculpt job, it was hard to tell, though the way they writhed against one another in a blatantly sensuous way was certainly distracting, especially if they did happen to be related. A pale golden snake was draped around and between the two girls, it's coils shifting tantalisingly to give glimpses of flesh, and it was fairly obvious that the pair were wearing little except the snake. ,, Arched niches set high on the walls of the cavernous main room contained dancers also, male and female. Elven and human for the most part, through some orcs and dwarves were also present, they were the priests and priestesses leading the hedonistic celebrations, looking out from their niches as they danced for the masses, either unabashedly nude or mostly-so. Along one wall was a bar, crowded and busy, and at the far end of the room a VJ dressed like a half-naked Aztec priest, complete with headdress, mixed tracks for the pleasure and abandon of the crowd. ,, Saori became aware of of Red's laughter through the vibration, and turned to see the vampire, dressed in tight red leather pants, and a matching leather jacket open over his white chest, chuckling to himself as he peered over his shades at the sights. He caught her glance and leaned close so she and SeTeheron could hear him. ,, "Oh, don't mind me. This reminds me of a place I've been before." he told them, his deep voice sliding under the clamor. "Good times..." He grinned like a razor blade and straightened. "So, shall we start with a drink?" he asked, his smile as evil as it was compelling. As always, the enticing facade never fully managed to mask what was underneath. As Saori had said earlier: the Red Man was a predator, and sapient metahumanity was his prey. And the pretty camoflage was just a lure. ,,
  9. "So I'm not going hunting with Saori as my judas goat?" Red asked mildly. Method glanced at him. The vampire smiled back, all innocence. "I can change into something that isn't black or red." ,, "Your thing ain't covert intel gathering." ,, "I can be covert. I'm good at covert. And I could be her bodyguard, as the lady herself suggested. I don't know..." The vampire tapped his chin distractedly, and his smile became sharklike. "I'm getting the distinct impression that I'm an embarrassment to some people around here." He shrugged. "Maybe I'll take the night off... Go for a walk."
  10. >>>>>(You don't know that I'd kill the cast, crew and fan base. That's just stereotyping. After all, I haven't killed any of you yet, and none of you even write me fan mail. ,, Well, apart from Otter. But with her, it's hard to tell fan mail from trolling. Might even be both at once.)<<<<<
  11. >>>>>(I'd just like to say that, though I usually consider murdering mortals for reasons other than business or food to be beneath me, I really, really, really hate Dash Juarez. Though perhaps it's fairer to say I hate what he represents: teen-appeal vampires. I'm not sure if I more despise that show he stars in for pandering such a watered-down image of vampires, or the brainless twatwaffles who lap it up and write him fan mail. ,, We need a vampire trid show with a real fucking vampire as the star!)<<<<<
  12. "Here's your access code to the room." the concierge chirped happily, her perky demeanour fitting the equally perky breasts currently playing peekaboo behind the moving images on her semi-transparant blouse. "A fine double." ,, "A double?" 'Lucien Hunt' raised an eyebrow, his manner going from amused to condescending. "No-no-no. A double won't do. I want the penthouse." ,, "I'm sorry, sir, I really am. But the penthouse is occupied by..." she looked both ways and leaned conspiratorially over the counter. "... Dash Juarez." ,, "Who?" Red blinked, then looked the name up on his commlink. It sounded familiar... "Oh, him. The guy who plays the brooding vampire in that godawful show?" ,, "Yes, isn't he wonderful?" the concierge squeaked happily. Red wondered if her neck would squeak like that if he unscrewed her head, and pursued an idle fantasy of doing just that, then kicking it through the door. ,, "Hardly. Nevertheless, I want the penthouse." he sighed, abandoning fancies of mayhem for the moment. ,, "Quite impossible sir, you see..." she stopped as a pale finger reached out and hovered in front of her eyes. She looked up into the red irises that now peered from behind the shades, and all of a sudden all she could see was red eyes. ,, "You want to give me the penthouse." Red intoned, a curious timbre to his voice. ,, "I... Want to give you the penthouse." the girl agreed semi-mechanically. Red grinned a thin white grin, his teeth gleaming though he was, as always, careful not to show fang. ,, "You also want to kick Dash Juarez out because he's a total douche who couldn't out-act a second-rate porn extra, and there have been complaints about bestiality." ,, "I... also want to kick Dash Juarez out because he's a total douche who couldn't out-act a second-rate porn extra, and there have been complaints about bestiality." the girl said, then blinked as Red lowered his finger, her eyes losing the dreamy look they'd had. Her fingers started working on the AR display in front of her. ,, "Just one moment, Mr Hunt. I'll have your penthouse for you soon. I need to remove the previous occupant due to some... irregularities. Please, enjoy our lounge while you wait." she smiled at him, and Red bowed his head. ,, "Who wouldn't wait for such a woman as you, senorita?" he said extravagantly, kissing the woman's hand before he turned moved off to the lounge. As he left, the other could hear him muttering a few choice vulgarities about Dash Juarez. ,,
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