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  1. Omega shrugs and lifts the two blobs up and begins to head back toward the base. "This seems to be of undeniably questionable intelligence. We do not know the nature of these creatures, or their regenerative capacity. Would it not make more sense to bring Ms. Vixen here where we can contain them with minimal further interaction with the city and citizenry?"
  2. Omega lashes out with a foot at the blob before him attempting to find some part of it that is sensitive to his blunt impact. Click to reveal.. (20:59:55) (11:12:16) (Omega): Strike +5(11:12:20) ChatBot: (Omega) rolls 1d20 and gets 17. result = 22 Damage = +7 (DC 22)
  3. The blast of water washed over Omega with little effect. "And yet they are no longer what they were and may yet cause more harm." Still Omega maintained his current form and attempted to hit the creature again. Click to reveal.. (20:59:55) (Omega): Toughness +10 vs DC 25(21:00:01) ChatBot: (Omega) rolls 1d20 and gets 17. (21:01:27) (Omega): punch +5 (21:01:32) ChatBot: (Omega) rolls 1d20 and gets 5. (21:01:36) (Omega): fudge
  4. Omega took a pair of long stride forward and stomped down on the fallen creature hoping to burst it and be able to move on to the next target. As he did he inquired to Primax, "Are we authorized to exercise full lethal force?" Click to reveal.. (08:22:26) (Omega): Strike +5 (08:22:30) ChatBot: (Omega) rolls 1d20 and gets 8. Result = 13 Damage +7 = DC 22 (if I hit)
  5. The blast of water shot through the air with the force of a hammer but at the last moment Omega twisted and the jet flew by without impacting him. Click to reveal.. OOC: Omega's Defense is 15 (10 base +5) so 14 is a miss
  6. Omega's fist caused the blobby creature to ripple but there seemed to be no other effect. Seeing Primax toss another creature out to sea Omega side stepped and delivered an aimed kick at the creature with the goal of sending it flying into the sea. Click to reveal.. (08:23:27) (Omega): Strike +5 (08:23:31) ChatBot: (Omega) rolls 1d20 and gets 12. Result = 17 Damage +7 = DC 22
  7. With all the precision of a computer Omega pivoted on one leg and altered his momentum changing his direction of travel to bring him toward the next nearest active creature. He closed distance and rammed a fist into the thing with pile driver force. Click to reveal.. (20:28:01) (Omega): Strike +5 (20:28:07) ChatBot: (Omega) rolls 1d20 and gets 18. Result = 23 Damage +7 = DC 22
  8. Omegas Defense is +5 so he has a DC to be hit of 15. Both attacks hit him. Remember: Defense is not a rolled stat. DC to hit is 10+defense, flat. What is the damage of the attacks (15+ damage mods)?
  9. Still moving at near maximum velocity Omega plotted a course that would allow him to most effectively aid the group. As he closed the last few yards he slowed from nearly two hundred and fifty miles per hour to a more reasonable speed and hit the first creature with a devastating kick, transferring his remaining momentum to the impact. Click to reveal.. (07:54:18) (Omega): Strike +5 (07:54:21) ChatBot: (Omega) rolls 1d20 and gets 10. Result = 15 Damage +7 = DC 22 (if I hit)
  10. Omega nodded and led the way outside. As soon as they were at the street he took off running, rapidly accelerating to over two hundred miles per hour as he led the team to the beach, and the current emergency.
  11. Omega tilts his head and looks at Primax, "What is a GPS thingie?" At a look from Brightstar he nodded, "What is your maximum velocity? I have a maximum velocity of two hundred and fifty miles per hour. If you both can keep up you need simply follow me, I have already mapped out the optimal route."
  12. Omega touched the desktop computer, though in truth contact was not required as the connection was established via radio. Still he found that even as alien as it was to see him plug into a USB port people were less surprised than when he simply accessed data wirelessly. It took no special effort to search through the computer and locate the call logs. He committed them to his memory and disengaged. Click to reveal.. Datalink (no roll needed) Computers +15 (15:23:38) ChatBot: (Omega) rolls 1d20 and gets 4. Result = 19 Click to reveal.. (Call log) Abigail: Harmony City Defense, please state your emergency.Caller: There’s something in the water and it’s attacking my boyfriend! I don’t know what it is! He said it wasn’t a shark! A: Your caller ID indicates that you are at 5005 Collins Ave in Harmony City Beach. Is this correct? C: I don’t know! This is Chet’s house! A: Who are you? What is your name? C: I’m Chardonnay Walton! Please hurry! A: I am not authorized to send the Harmony City Defense Team unless it is a situation that requires their specialized expertise. C: Fucking get them out here! There’s something in the water, and it burnt my boyfriend’s le- Oh, God! He just went under! I don’t see him! Tyler! TYLER!! Oh God! [sound of splashing water] I can’t see anything in the water! Please hurry! A: Ms. Walton, please vacate the area and remove yourself to a safe location. I am sending the team to aid you. C: About fucking time! My dad pays your- Someone else is in the water… I think they’re trying to rescue Tyler! A: We are so advised. Please exit the area and allow us to perform the rescue operation. [Call terminated]
  13. Omega appeared in the lobby and waited. After a moment he appeared to gain an irritated expression. He moved directly to the desk. "If you will allow it Ms. Abigail I will interface with your computer and download the call log." He extended his hand his finger extended into a silvery metallic tendril.
  14. Originally Posted By: BrightstarThe actual emotion in his voice suprised her. "No, you weren't. My own failings have me agitated Omega. I guess neither of us is as ready for this as we thought we were." Omega simply nods and stares off toward the scene of the earlier fight. "Should we rejoin our compatriots or stay here and await an investigative team?"
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