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  1. Same here, I was enjoying the game and I did want to see what was lying beneath everything. So I'll wait and see if you choose to do it again.
  2. Cole looked at Ramani and sighed. "Stop that. You're making her uncomfortable Ramani." He walked over and swatted her back. "Get up and go sit back down. Penny's fine." He was irritated, clearly he still had alot of work with Ramani on teaching her proper ettiquette left to do.
  3. Cole Frowned. He held up his pawlike hands. "While I've got natural gloves, the lack of thumbs would be a major hindrance. Besides I have no nexperience welding." "Ramani and I can hold p the grates and bars and such, and wear blindfolds once the welding starts."
  4. Cole nodded. "It would be a good deal of work, but that's probably easier than relocation. Good idea Randy." He knew Ramani's body language enough to know she liked the idea, though she also considered him a friend. "What do you think Wally? Would your rodent friends agree to that?"
  5. "We won't." He reassured Ramani. He looked at Wally. "if she understood those words and concepts it'd be great, sadly I don't really think she does."
  6. "Try to teach it a better way, failing that, Maybe we can relocate it somewhere where it won't be a danger to anyone." Cole said almost dispassionately. "It would be hard to do that, but it's better than other alternatives."
  7. Cole shook his head. "I won't kill a child." He took a slice of pizza and devoured it, though just from the way he ate they could see that idea severely agitated him.
  8. "We will." Cole looked to the others. "Let's meet up with Randy and we can go from there and retrace their route." "Or we can go to the lair. Whatever you all decide, but we need to stop standing here alone in the open. We're vulnerable like this." He started heading back to the car and waited for the others, holding Ramani's hand and Dragging her along, mainly to keep her calm and from runing off alone.
  9. It was bad, they'd split up and Ozzie and Dom had been taken. He moved over to Ramani, to help her maintain her calm,, but spared a brief look to Wally upon hearing that Ozzie'd been captured. "We can't panic, we have to address this rationally."
  10. Cole noticed all the scars now. "Wally, someone else already found this thing. It's also a whole lot bigger than any of us. Nowhere near as advanced, but still. If we weight it down and sink it in the bay, they might not find it. They will however if we leave it here."
  11. Cole backs off from the croc, having read about Deathrolls. "Everyone back off, no need to be close when he rolls." He laid ahand on Ramani guiding her back waiting for the croc to truly die, and trying to assuage the Tigress' rage. "You did good Ramani, it won't be eating anyone ever again." His other claw was still bloody from tearing out the throat of the croc, and he brought it up to show her. "You weren't alone in the attack." He looks to Penny and Wally. "We killed it, now what do we do with him? We can't just leave him here."
  12. Cole watches as Ramani's attacks carved into the croc. He waited for it's thrashing to subside for a moment before attempting to dig his claws into it's side again, hopefully with better results. In the back of his mind he wondered when he'd become okay with killing like this, and another part argued that this monster was responsible for a number of deaths, and could be a danger to everyone. Click to reveal.. 1d20+6(10:53:27) ChatBot: (Cole_Mulvaney) rolls 1d20 and gets 14. +6= 20 Damage is 21
  13. Cole launched into action attacking the other side of the gigantic reptile with his own black curved claws. "Be careful of the tail!" Click to reveal.. 1d20+6(10:34:53) ChatBot: (Cole_Mulvaney) rolls 1d20 and gets 18. 24 Damage is 21
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